do us a flavor contest

So I’ve been feeling down about my art in general, and this happens a lot thanks to social media and the whole reblog vs like system in place.

My dad spoke to me about how to try and not take it so personally. 

He compared art to ice cream. It’s a matter of taste. Everyone else might be loving that popular artist who is chocolate, but there are people who do enjoy vanilla, your stuff. 

Say there’s only 1000 people who like vanilla out of 100, 000. If vanilla disappeared, those 1000 people would be sad. Not everyone has tried or even seen vanilla, so that number might increase one day.

In essence, he was saying that just because the numbers are low on notes doesn’t mean you aren’t wanted or enjoyed. There are billions of people out there on the world wide web who haven’t even seen you yet. 

The audience you already have will appreciate what you do, so think about that instead of thinking about douchey old chocolate that just makes you feel like crap for posting a half assed drawing and getting much more notes than you do on a well done piece. There are people who would miss what you do. 

Everyone has a unique flavor that not everyone will appreciate. Enjoy and be happy with those who do. Those who don’t shouldn’t matter as much.