do u want to see me cry

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@ any arab boys that aren’t doing so great rn: i see you and your struggle is valid and i love you even though our society wants you to be tough all the time. it’s okay for you to be sad or unhappy. its okay for you to cry. it’s okay for you to show your excitement and happiness. its okay for you to be soft and kind. and if anyone tells you otherwise call me at 1-800-slapping-punk-ass-bitches so i can fight them for u

Mbti Reacting To A Crying Friend ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

INTP: … “look at that weather” … “its nice” 

INFP: “DONT WORRY ITS OK. HERE LOOK ITS THE PIC OF THAT VIRTUAL CHARACTER U LOVE SO MUCH” … “Hey but … you’ll be fine. The world is…” *goes on and on ends up having an existential crisis themselves*


INFJ: if you want to talk I’m here to listen … Really just take your time. You are fine really really. I’m here to listen.

ENFP: “OMG YOU ARE CRYING!! (/゚Д゚)/  OMG TEARS !! ARE YOU OK ?? Wait !!!! What am I saying?? You are crying of course you are not ok” *BIG HUGE HUG* “lets go out for a drink or something” :)

ENTP: *unconsciously cracks a joke* … *shows Memes* … *Puns* … *Cute animal pics* … … … “If you wanna talk I really don’t mind” … *more memes* … “I KNOW LETS GO GET DRUNK!!!”…. “ oh you need a hug???” … … … … … … “Fiiiine” *gives them a hug until they stop crying* … unconsciously cracks a joke again*

ENFJ : “WHO THE FUCK MADE U CRY????” (╯°□°)╯︵   “I’LL KILL THEM FOR YOU I SWEAR” … “Oh oh no no wait you’re alright”  *gives them a hug* *cracks a joke at the end*.

ESTP : “Hey don’t worry it’ll be fiiine like seriously. Please. Stop crying. Look memes. Want to join me in on a prank?? … no? WHAT DO I DO IN THIS SITUATION???”

ESFP : “YOU ARE CRYYYYING (ʘ_ʘ) . LOOK SHE’S CRYING  (/゚Д゚)/. EVERYONE SHE IS CRYING  \(*Д* \) . What to dooo???? X_X” *acts like some clown to cheer them up*

ENTJ : “well, life’s a bitch” -_-

ISFJ : “oooh dear don’t worry. You are ok. I’m here. Its fine”  *a big hug. gets them some food* (idk why don’t ask)

ISTJ: “U can always solve the problem its not the end of the world. want me to help u put out a plan??”

ISFP: (the clumsy one): “oh daamn. uuuuuh hey! i know! wanna go with me see some flowers?? its in this rly nice calm place. And um they r rly beautiful too” *gives a hug* “hey hey hey! don’t worry u can tell me whats wrong! rly … WE CAN EAT SOMETHIN’ TOO …. MUSIC IS GOOD TOO…” *ends up crying with them*  ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

ISTP: “oh well. wanna go out for a drink?”

ESTJ: “oh…. crying…. uuh…. ok….. welp?…. want me to kick someone’s ass for you? or nah?”

ESFJ: “ TEARS! oh damn. WHO DID THIS???  oh dear. Don’t worry I’m here if you need anything”

anonymous asked:

In the game MC always needs saving by the RFA, which kind of annoys me because I'm not the sort of person who relies on other people's help. What if the tables were turned and MC was the one saving the RFA (and maybe the minor trio if ya want) from something, whether it's something really small like an insect or something really big, like a house fire? Btw your headcanons are great - and so are you!

This is a great idea!! I personally hate this kind of stereotype in games, so I loved writing this!! I hope it’s what you wanted??Also, thank you so much anon!!! you’re great too ! (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄) -Green


-so, we’re going tame for this guy

-because like.

-he LITERALLY CALLS YOU and does his sappy I love you and sCREAM s because of a cockroach . He SCrEAMS

-so this will be that kind of scenario

-you two are just chilling at your apartment, on the couch and cuddling. Lots of cute kisses

-ily Yoosung

-and suddenly.,,,,

-A SPIYDER crawls right along your shoulder

-Yoosung is. Dead. He screams in your ear and practically THROWS you off of him

-once you see why ur like “ew gross” and just squash it. With your bear hands.

-Yoosung can’t process it because for One: it’s so great you can kill bugs without crying how do you do that


-you chase him around the house with your gross hands

-he hates you he loves u tho


-you’re being hunted by people who want to get seven (cheesy I know, bear with me)

-ok. Okooookookk. Ok.


-you just want to protect Mc, I know. But like. mc can do perfectly fine on their own thank you

-when he straight up ignores you and says it’s for your safety and shit??? AGAIN??? You thought you solved this??

-you’re not okay with that.

-you’ve told him several times you can protect yourself, and he won’t listen!!!! He just keeps working!!!! What’s he working on anyway???!

-you are. Anger.

-so one morning you find Saeyoung asleep and you go into his computer

-you feel terrible for it but you can’t take it anymore ok

-you find out where his enemies are. And you just leave. You left only a note saying you could take care of yourself, packed a bag and took his car.

-by the time Saeyoung wakes up, he’s hella confused because it’s around night

-“ I slept in oh no ” dance ensues

-rushes to his computer, is about to HACK AWAY before he finds your note

-lol he’s crying

-he’s freaking out and calling your name, searching the whole house

-he can’t find you a n y w h e r e

-right when he’s about to leave and look for you, you come in through the door

-you look hella beat up but you’re

-you’re smiling???

-he runs to you and just cries in your shoulder. You have to calm him down and after that you take care of the injuries

-after this FINE little incident, Saeyoung tries to be less protective and so insistent to do things on his own.

-lots of cuddles afterwards



-you two were going out for dinner, just a normal night for insanely rich people and you were laughing, having fun

-you’re at an obscenely expensive restaurant ( because you deserve the best of the best )

-when there’s a gunshot suddenly

-someone shouts to get on the ground and you all hide under tables

-Jumin is. Not okay. You are in DANGEr. He has to DO SOMETHING

-before he can call his guards your on your feet



-you throw the gun out of reach and just start

-mauling this dude

-you’ve never been more attractive in Jumins eyes oh my Goodness

-someone was smart enough to call the police, and you have him knocked up and ready to go like a little present by the time the police get there

-both you and jumin don’t want to be invaded by reporters so you leave ASAP and jumin

-this little boy doesn’t know what to do because GOD YOU WERE HOT but also YOU COULD HAVE DIED

-he won’t let you out of his sights for the rest of the week



-She does not underestimate you at all. you both practice your butt kicking stuff together

-whenever a guy does something inappropriate to either of you, the two of you just laugh and then KICK HIS ASS TOGETHER

-You save each other from everything all the time.

-everything is mutual. Jaehee is literally the only one in the group that backs off and let’s you fight your own fights, just lets you know she’s got your BACK BABY

-i love my wife…


-gah…. b r o ,,…

-this guy  i n h a l e s  stereotypes

-smokes them every morning before work

-”Honey, cook me dinner!!!” “Babe, I’ll do the heavy lifting”

- A  G  H

-you are prepared. the next chance you get, you’re going to SHOW HIM

-Show him you’re more than his little s/o. you have the p o w e r to kick his ass. just know every time he says a stereotype, you decided to let him live.

-so one day you two are out on a date, right?

-he takes you to a store you like and the two of you split up.

-Zen comes back, wanting to show you an item he think you would like, when he sees a guy stalking up on you


-as soon as he sees this guy grope you, he’s about to ROCKET.

-but then you just. do a 180 turn and slap that dick across the face, making him fall on the floor.


-he is honestly. so impressed.

-never will he under estimate you again. that was amazing


-so, we all know how V feels the responsibility to take everything in his own hands and have lots and lotsa secrets

-you don’t get too mad when he does this to you, because you’re trying to understand

-but when you learn he’s putting himself in danger to ‘protect’ you, you have a hard time.

-I think instead of saving him from something, because really his only threat was rika and lol she gone now

-you would bring it up with him

-you both would have a very very long chat. I don’t think V wouldn’t not believe you if you said you could easily protect yourself

-he trusts everything that comes out of your mouth 1000%

-oh V oh precious V,,, falls for the pranks too easily you don’t even know if it counts as fun

-It’s just hard for him to accept that he isn’t alone. He doesn’t need to do everything himself.

-Oh V.


-oh BOY was this fun to write

-it was the worst thing ever don’t make me do this ever again I cried


-after the Mint Eye, it took Saeran a long. long time to even think about a relationship. which is completely reasonable.

-And let’s face it, Saeran is obviously not the perfect partner.

-none of the RFA members are, they all need help please help them

-The only thing that threatened you in your relationship was Saeran.

-he would randomly get triggered and start screaming and throwing items

-you both had been together long enough to learn how to deal with these situations, but he had caught you off guard one day.

-you were coming into the living room with some healthy snacks, for both Saeyoung and Saeran because. These kids need a mom

-When you walked in Saeran was pinning Saeyoung to the ground and choking him

-and of course Saeyoung wasn’t fighting back. he was most likely thinking he deserved this somehow.

-you quickly dropped everything in your hands and dashed towards him

-you threw him off of Saeyoung, and you tried to get Saeyoung to run out of the room because he wasn’t a good help during these moments of PTSD for Saeran

-but he was just. frozen on the ground.

-Saeran tried to attack him again and you had to smack the vase he somehow got out of his hand, making it shatter on the floor.

-he decides to attack you after that and suddenly the both of you are rolling around on the floor, scratching and biting

-finally you muster up your strength and push him off of you, running to the next room

-he follows you

-you’re in Saeran’s room now and you throw him onto the bed

-you’re manhandling him into a blanket burrito, throwing his limbs where you want them to be as he tries to hit and bite you

-you get him trapped in the blanket and you make him lie down, and you throw yourself on top of him

-it takes him hours to calm down, but eventually he does

-it takes him days to get near you again. he feels disgusting. he feels wrong. he feels like d y i n g. every time he sees you he thinks how he hurt you

-you have to convince him as the days go by you weren’t severally hurt and you would always be there. you can protect yourself, even if it was from him. you can save yourself and you can save him.

-you can save him.

Insecurities (Remus Lupin x plus size reader)

Prompt; Remus needs help overcoming his insecurities, so you help him.

Warnings; I don’t think any.

Originally posted by nellaey

You were sitting in the great hall with your friends, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. But your boyfriend, Remus Lupin was no where to be seen. You continually checked  to see if he was walking in, but he never. It was probably your hundredth time checking but there was still no luck.

“Y/n?” Sirius waved his hand in front of my face “Watching the wall continually won’t make it move.” Sirius laughed, and you turned to him ignoring what he said.

“Where is Remus? Is he ok?” James and Sirius looked at each other.

“Y/n, you know full moon was a couple days ago, he needs rest.”

“But usually after two days, he’ll be fine.”

“Y/n, the moon was really rough.”

“So just more I reason why I should go help him.”

“No, y/n he told us he didn’t want anyone to see him.”

“Non sense, I’m going to your dorm room.” You got up from the table and headed for the exit of the great hall. You got to the common room and went up to the boy’s dorm room. You reached the boy’s dorm and knocked on the door you didn’t hear a reply, so you opened the door.

You walked in and looked over at Remus’s bed, which he wasn’t in. You walked over to it, and sat down deciding to  wait for Remus to come back to where ever he went.

“Y/n-n? What-what are you doing here.” Remus said shocked as he came in from the door.

“To see my boyfriend, duh.” You laughed “Come here.” Remus reluctantly walked over to you and sat down.

“Y/n this isn’t a good time.” He looked over at you, his eyes tearing up. Your furrowed your eyebrows “You-u don’t want to see-e me like this.” He began to cry.


“I look like crap, I have scratches all down my back, scratches that prove I am a monster.”

“Oh, Remus I don’t care about your scars, I have stretch marks, they’re basically the same thing.” You wrapped your arms around his body.

“No it’s not the same thing, your stretch marks remind me of how beautiful you are, my-my scars remind me of how I’m a monster-r.” He nuzzled his face into your neck, beginning to cry more.

“Oh please, Remus my stretch marks are anything but beautiful.” He just shook his head. “Here you know what we are going to do, help each other with our insecurities.” You laid down on the bed and moved Remus so he was hovering above you. You started to take off his sweater, slowly.

“Y/n……” Remus whispered.

“Shh.” You whispered back. You finished pulling the sweater of his head. “Now take something of mine off.” He nodded and also started to pull off your sweater. After he fully pulled off, you started to button his shirt but he stopped you bringing his hands down to his pants for you to take off.

You rolled your eyes, but still unzipped his pants, and he helped dragging them off of his legs. He looked into your eyes for a minute uncertain of what he should do. “Take another thing off, Remus.” He nodded and started undoing your shirt and pulled it over your arms.

He bit your lip, and leaned down to your chubby stomach. He started placing kisses all down your stomach. You lifted his chin so he was eyes level with him. You passionately kiss him, and started to unbutton his shirt. He then broke the kiss and moved your hand down to his boxers.

You laughed and rolled your eyes “Remus, I’m not taking off your boxers. Stop stalling.” He huffed and brought you hands back to the buttons of his uniform. You finished unbuttoning the last button, and slipped the shirt off of his body.

His chest had many old faded scars, while it also had new fresh red scars. He looked into your eyes, your almost naked bodies touching each other. “You aren’t disgusted, scared?” You shook your head.

“I love you Remus all of you. Now stand up.” He did what you told him and you grabbed his hands dragging him to the mirror that was in the corner of the room. Remus wrapped his arms around your chest, while he looked in the mirror.

“Look see, Remus we’re both not perfect.”

“You’re perfect.” He whispered in your ear his grip on you getting tighter “But me, y/n I’m a monster, you know that.”

“No Remus, you aren’t.” You turned him so he was in front of the mirror looking at himself. You stood behind him, starting to trace his scars with your hands “These scars these aren’t flaws, they remind me of how strong you are, how brave you are. Listen Remus I know it sucks having these things that make us insecure, but those things make us who we are.” You walked in front to where he was and kissed him passionately.

 He broke the kiss “Thank you.”

“Do you feel better?” He nodded. “I love you, Remus.”

“I love you too y/n,” He kissed your forehead “so much.”


 I’ll live where I live, I’ll work when I need money, and I’ll see where I end up. You could do more. Oh, here come the pompoms. No, no pompoms. just me saying that you could do more.

I    c o u l d n ’ t    h a v e    d o n e    i t    w i t h o u t    y o u .

bokuaka; when akaashi needs it, bokuto stays.

Akaashi is quiet today.

Well, Akaashi is usually quiet—at least, that’s what he likes people to believe. To be honest, Koutarou thinks Akaashi is quite loud: the way he yells plays across the court, the way he walks with sure footsteps, the way he demands seconds after every meal especially if it’s Koutarou’s treat, the way he laughs with his mouth open and eyes squeezed shut and his whole body tipping over sideways. Akaashi is a cacophony of sounds, and Koutarou loves listening to him.

But today, Akaashi is quiet. He hasn’t said much since his morning greeting, even though today is their day off, even though Koutarou has made a point to stay in the same room. Akaashi sits on the couch by himself, mug of tea rapidly cooling on the coffee table, staring out the window blankly. He looks small.

“Akaashi,” Koutarou says eventually. “Are you okay?”

Akaashi blinks at him. His gaze doesn’t really make it up far enough to meet Koutarou’s. “I’m fine,” he says.

Koutarou doesn’t believe him. He sits down next to Akaashi on the couch. “You’ve been lost in your head all day. Did something happen? Do you want to talk about it?”

Akaashi shakes his head no. His bangs fall limply over his eyes.

“Akaashi,” Koutarou says, softer this time, “Can I hold you?”

For a second, Akaashi doesn’t respond. Then, the slightest of nods.

Koutarou slips his arms around Akaashi. It’s a familiar action, and they both sink into each other with a small sigh. Akaashi’s hair tickles Koutarou’s chin. He pats the other boy on the back.

“It’s okay if you need to cry.”

“I can’t.” 


“No,” says Akaashi, voice muffled against Koutarou’s shirt. “It’s—I think I want to, but I—I can’t. The tears aren’t coming. It’s—it’s annoying.”

Koutarou shifts, pulling Akaashi further into his lap. Akaashi goes along wordlessly, resting his head against Koutarou’s shoulder.

“You should leave me alone,” says Akaashi. “My bad mood’s going to affect you, and then we’ll both be feeling bad.”

Koutarou hums. “Do you really want me to leave?”

There’s a small pause. Koutarou traces slow circles into Akaashi’s back. It’s raining outside, but all he can see is the grey clouds lazily moving along.

“No,” Akaashi whispers.

“Okay,” Koutarou says back. “It’s okay.”

They’re both quiet, then, curled up on the couch together. Outside, it keeps raining.

Reasons to love Wonho other than his abs
  • his eyes crinkle up when he laughs or smiles really big
  • he always has a smile (or a smirk??) on his face
  • his fanservice is a++++++++
  • he is super affectionate and its extremely cute
  • his voice has matured a lot in the few months between no.mercy and debut and that is amazing
  • he is a literal angel
  • he can go from being super sexy to extremely cute in a matter of minutes and that is something many idols have yet to learn
  • he started crying when he was telling the cameramen why he had to debut on no.mercy and his reason is heartbreaking imo
  • this picture:
BTS in a Classroom

Teacher: Yoongi, wake up! Class started 30 minutes ago!

Teacher: Namjoon, stop showing off your rapping skills! This is a C L A S S R O O M not your studio!!

Teacher: Seokjin, stop eating! Don’t give me that look, I saw you hide that bag of cookies in your desk!

Teacher: Taehyung, stop pulling poor Jimin’s hair! He might turn bald at the end of this class period!

Teacher: Hoseok OHMYGOODNESS sit down in your seat!! And don’t move for the rest of the period!! I’M WATCHING Y O U STAY VERY STILL

Teacher: Jimin, stop crying! Jin accidentally bumped into you, he wasn’t planning on attacking you in the middle of class!!

Teacher: Jungkook, stop flirting with the girls! No! They DO NOT want to see your biceps!! Nor your abs!! YOU’RE TOO YOUNG SIT BACK DOWN

Teacher: *at the end of the day* I’M EXHAUSTED PLEASE LET ME SWITCH CLASSES WITH ANOTHER TEACHER PLEASE my lifespan has shortened by twenty years lord save me

when bill wurtz says that hre is essentially germany


NCT Taeyong| Boyfriend AU



  • So soft. The ultimate soft boyfriend.
  • I cannot comprehend in words just how soft he is.
  • Loves you so freaking much, his world would probably stop spinning on its axis if something would happen to you, and he lets you know it.
  • Tells you he loves you every morning when you wake up and kisses your nose. He tells you while you’re eating breakfast, off to work, through random texts throughout the day, when you get home, during dinner, in the bath, as you’re falling asleep. Taeyong tells you he loves you what seems like one hundred times a day, but to him that will never be enough. 
  • Constantly needs reassurance that your feelings toward him are the same feelings he’s feeling towards you because he can just get so insecure.
  • Strawberries and snapdragons.
  • Roses on anniversaries.
  • Cherry flavored lollipops.
  • Idk why, probably because of his pink hair, but I just see Taeyong as someone who loves strawberries, the taste, the scent of them. His favorite scent on you is cheap strawberry perfume.
  • Blushes when you do….,, then becomes embarrassed.
  • Taeyong is the kind of boyfriend who will buy you random gifts because when he saw it in the store it reminded him of you.
  • You have so many random things in your drawers, all from Taeyong.
  • There’s tiny bears and ribbons, phone cases and heart shaped hair brushes. Book ends and newspaper clippings, tiny paintings and mugs, you keep the mugs in the kitchen though.
  • Chronic hair sniffer. It’s the most safe smell in the world to him.
  • Taeyong loves nothing more than to hold you tight with his face in your hair after a long day of work.
  • He’s such a snuggle whore. It’s his absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world.
  • Sometimes the world just feels like it is coming down all on Taeyong and he falls into a depression and wants nothing more than to hide in your hair, your love and kisses. 
  • … it makes him smile even on the worst of days.
  • In the cold of winter, Taeyong takes you out for hot chocolate.
  • In the summer he takes you out for bubble tea and shaved ice.
  • Sometimes he becomes really childish and wants to do something like play board games with you when it’s raining outside.
  • Your parents absolutely adore him. Think he’s beautiful and well mannered, they know he treats you right and that you’re happy.
  • …, they think he’s such husband material lmao.
  • Taeyong loves coming to all over your family events, dinners and reunions alike.
  • Knows all of your aunts, uncles, cousins by name.
  • One time at your family reunion you caught Taeyong playing around with some of your tiny cousins. It melted your heart and soul and you couldn’t help but imagine Taeyong being the father of your children, playing with them in the yard.
  • Matching ugly holiday sweaters couple.
  • Like seriously, you probably made them yourselves. They’re full of holes and stitched improperly, the designs are just plain odd.
  • Cheek and neck kisses in public are fine for Taeyong, but he thinks that kisses on the lips are for goodbyes or otherwise should be private.
  • He likes to backhug you while he presses soft kisses on your neck.
  • When you first begin to be intimate with Taeyong, he can come across as a very timid lover.
  • It can be a little hard for him to show his most vulnerable self to someone else.
  • He takes his time with you, making sure that you are enjoying what he’s doing as he explores your body.
  • Boobs >>>>> Butt
  • In the beginning he took his time with you, learning what you do and don’t like. Running his tongue and hands up and down the sides of your body.
  • But after you two become comfortable with each other, he turns into a different kind of lover. Taeyong becomes more raw and primal, he becomes more dominant and more eager to try new things.
  • Surprisingly kinky boy.
  • Lowkey has a daddy/mommy kink, and even though he is much more confident when it comes to sex, there’s something about this specific kink of his that makes him insecure about sharing it.
  • Probably something about all the negative connotations about it in society.
  • He’s into almost every and anything. Not so much being a sub, but would be willing to try if he knew it was something you liked or if you wanted him to call you mommy then boi would he jump on that opportunity
  • Really into using toys on you. Especially vibrators.
  • He wants to make you beg for him, and definitely into orgasm torture. He’ll go down on you for as long as he possibly can, switching between his mouth and vibrators.
  • Loves making you go down on him.
  • It’s kind of funny though just how fast the normal, shy and loving Taeyong can come back after sex. Basically as soon as the act is done he softens up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and wants needs to cuddle.
  • He kisses behind your ear and spoons you like his life depends on it.
  •  tbh it might.
  • I swear, if he ever sees you in only one of his white undershirts he may roar, that’s literally the hottest thing for him.
  • As for your future together… Taeyong wants a family, he wants a family with you and for you to never leave his side.
  • He wants to raise your kids right and see them going off into the world being truly good people. He doesn’t want to have to worry that they’ll make the same mistakes he did when he was young.
  • He will sob cry on your wedding day, and doesn’t care what people say about it.

<><> do not edit/remove anything from the original post <><> this AU belongs to me <><>

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think about James crying over Thomas at night because he thought Miranda was asleep and wouldn't hear but she wasn't and did

anon, i think about that near constantly 

however, if u want a slight variation on this, imagine thomas waking up in the night after the reunion and hearing james crying. hearing james say ‘i hate him’ and thomas is like 'who?’ and trying desperately to quash his sudden fear - and then imagine his heartbreak when james whimpers 'flint’

anonymous asked:

Peter catches Tony and cap kissing but it's a big misunderstanding cause cap kissed him and Tony pushed him away.

It hurts.

It feels like is heart is being ripped out. But he can’t look away. And then he turns around and slams the door shut. He can hear Tonys terrified shriek.

Peter always knew that Tony like Steve Rogers. It was his childhood hero and his best friend. And even after everything Steve did to him, Tony still forgave him.

So yeah he’d known that Steve was special to Tony.

But he didn’t know he would lose Tony because of him. But there in the kitchen he saw it. His boyfriend kissing Captain America. It hurts.

“Peter?” asks Gamora who sits in the main living room. Peter sits down next to her. His vision already going glassy.

“He kissed Cap.” says Peter and in the next moment his voice breaks and the tears are coming without another warning.

“Oh Peter.” says Gamora and hugs him really close. Peter lays his forehead on her shoulder and squeezes his eyes shut.

“How could he do this?” whispers Peter and his whole body is shaking now. Gamora pats his back.

“Maybe it was an accident.” says Gamora but even Peter can hear that she doesn’t believe that herself.

“No i a-always knew that if he would cheat on me i-it would be with Cap.” cries Peter and Gamora holds him trough it. But Peter can’t stop crying.

He loves Tony. He was his starlight. His everything and now…

“Maybe you should talk to him.” says Gamora half an hour later when Peter finally stopped crying. She gives him a tissue and Peter wipes his nose and eyes.

“Talk? About what?” says Peter angrily but Gamora shrugs.

“Tony is a good man.” is her only answer and Peter is silent after that. He watches TV with her, but he can’t concentrate at all. He had thought that Tony would’ve ran after him. But he didn’t.

Did he care about Peter at all?

Its another hour later when Peter decides he really needs to talk with Tony about that. And he also … has to get his things.

For the last month he lived in Tonys section of the tower. Even in his bed and now he had to get there and take everything back.

It’s quiet in their apartment and Peter sighs. Maybe Tony is still with Steve. He shudders at that and tries not to cry again.

Tony isn’t worth that.

Except that he is! Tony is his everything. His sunshine on a good and a bad day. His best friend and first boyfriend and… he thought he would be the only one.

When he gets to the bedroom he hears it.

A quiet whimper. Peter looks around and doesn’t see anything. He stays silent and there is it again.

He goes over to their living room and… there sits Tony on the ground. His back is against the wall, his legs cocked and he has his arms around his knees.

He is crying and that pretty bad. But he tries to be silent.

“Tony?” says Peter and Tony whimpers again.

If there is one thing that can’t Peter see, than it is Tony crying. (or kissing Steve)

“D-do yo-u want t-o b-break up w-with me?” cries Tony then and Peter sighs. Yes that was his intention. Tony rubs over his eyes but he can’t stop crying.

“You cheated on me!” says Peter and Tony flinches really bad at that. Peter hadn’t mean to be so loud.

Tony shakes his head and starts to cry even harder.

“W-would never!” screams Tony then and now he starts to hiccup, too.

“I saw you Tony.” says Peter and he comes a bit closer. If Tony will continue to cry this bad he would get sick, really fast.

“N-no! Y-you saw…h-he kissed m-me! I d-didn’t d-do anything!” bawls Tony then and Peter sits down in front of him.

“Really?” asks Peter and Tony cries even more, but he nods. And then Peter can’t take it anymore. He pulls Tony in his arms and hugs him, just like Gamora did with him before.

Peter lays his hand on Tonys chest and waits. It takes a long time but eventually Tony calms down.

But Peter has to know.

“If… if he kissed you then why…didn’t you tell me right away.” asks Peter and Tony sits back.

“I wanted to.” whispers he and his eyes are so so red. He looks like hell.

Peter frowns.

“Y-you were with Gamora and… y-you said you knew i would cheat and.. w-why? I would never d-do that! But you thought i would a-and i…” says Tony and before Peter can do anything Tony cries again. Not as bad as before. But still pretty hard.

“Tony.” says Peter and he hates himself.

“I p-pushed him away a-and i only want y-you!” says Tony and a part of Peter is really proud. It had taken a long time but Tony can now talk about his feelings.

Another part of him feels so sorry. How could he have so little trust in Tony. Peter leans forward and kisses Tonys tears away.

“I’m sorry darling. I’m sorry i didn’t let you explain and i’m sorry i thought you would cheat on me. I know you would never do that. You are way to pure to do that! I just thought he is your… well hero and i said if you would ever cheat i knew it would be him.” says Peter, which isn’t a good apology but an attempt.

“I would never cheat on you.” says Tony again and Peter kisses him on the mouth. He can taste Tonys tears.

“I’m sorry.” whispers Peter again and kisses Tony a bit deeper. Tony kisses slowly back and whimpers.

“I’m sorry, too. I love you.” says Tony against Peter lips and Peter smiles.

“I love you, too.” He would deal with Steve and all that later. Now he had to make his boyfriend smile again.

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taakitz 9 or 12, whichever u like more :o

ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aight my dude you get BOTH but the first is just a list

9) things you said when I was crying


“Oh fuck my dude, do you want to see uhhhhh a magic trick? I can do a magic trick? Fuck! Okay, this isn’t helping.”
“Shit my guy can I offer you a macaroon in this trying time?”
“Fuck if you’re coming to me for emotional reassurance, kemosabe, Taako is not qualified for this. Oh. Oh no, you’re crying harder.”
“Uh…….do you want a hug?”
“I still like you when you’re a skeleton, stop crying you dweeb, you’re drunk.”
“God damn they grow up so fast, don’t they?”
“Guess what asshole? You’re stuck with me now. Oh no, don’t start crying—” (Taako proceeded to also start crying. 10/10 wedding)
“Hey babe, I’ll see you on the other side? Aw, no, don’t look at me like that, you’re like, the grim reaper. There’s gotta be benefits for dating you, right? Death benefits. Oh, I’m sorry, no, seriously, stop crying. It’s my death, c'mon. I’ll see you —”  

12) things you said when you thought I was asleep
((post eleventh hour, pre wonderland))

Taako wakes up first, because he doesn’t really sleep anyway, and because Kravitz’s body in his bed was an unfamiliar weight, a cool sprawl of limbs that tangled with Taako’s. Taako couldn’t remember the last time he had woken up to another person in his bed. He likes his personal time — hookups were usually a screw and shoo situation. But Taako lets himself lie there with his eyes shut, muscles lax. It was strangely pleasant, to feel another person’s skin against his, to hear another person breathing softly. Taako lets himself drift.

Eventually Kravitz stirs, and Taako also stirs, paying half-hearted attention even as he pretends to be asleep. He doesn’t want to say bye. After all, morning-afters are awkward. What do you say? “Thanks for the great sex, see you again maybe?” “I really enjoyed our night and hopefully you liked me enough to do this again?” “Can you leave so I can decompress and figure out how I feel about you?” Taako’s not a great liar. Best to pretend slumber.

“Mm…What time is it?” Kravitz says to himself, quiet enough that Taako nearly doesn’t hear him. “Oh. Ah, shit.”

Kravitz disentangles himself gently, precisely. This is something Taako has learned about Kravitz, that he tries to live up to his reputation, to the slick-sharp slice of his suit and his scythe in his movements. This is something he learned from last night, as well.

Kravitz’s absence leaves an empty space in the bed. Fortunately, Kravitz sits down again, and Taako curls up to where he is sitting, all the while pretending to still be sleeping. Taako hears the distinctive noise of a stone of farspeech dialing up.

“Kravitz, where are you? You’ve got assignments — don’t tell me you’ve gone rogue?”
“I overslept, Julia. Don’t tell the Raven Queen, please?”
“Ugh, fine, but you owe — Wait. Krav, is that a man behind you? Krav, are you late because you were hooking up with somebody?”
Taako suppresses laughter. Julia does not, and her laughter rings tinny across the connection.
“That’s fucking amazing. Who’s the booty call?”
“Taako’s not — he’s not a booty call. Not just a booty call.”
“I hope so,” Kravitz said. “We haven’t talked about it.”

Taako is not sure if he wants to talk about it. Taako is not sure if he wants to see Kravitz again. He does like Kravitz, he likes the way he smiles and his garbage pottery skills and the dumb accents Kravitz does. Taako likes the way Kravitz’s eyes crinkle at the edges when Taako makes Kravitz laugh, he likes Kravitz’s impressed “Wow, that’s amazing, Taako” when Taako makes a particularly good cookie or piece of magic. He likes the way Kravitz’s hands feel against his skin, cool and smooth and grounding. Taako isn’t sure whether he gets to keep this, whether maybe it wouldn’t be better to leave things here with a great night and no goodbye.

“Alright,” Julia says, “I’ll cover for you, but get your butt over here.”
She hangs up before Kravitz can say anything back. He sighs. Taako thinks its probably in relief.

Kravitz cards a hand tentatively through Taako’s hair. The action is familiar, and he can’t remember why. He leans in unconsciously toward it. “I wish I could stay until you wake up,” Kravitz says. Taako, against his better judgment, wishes Kravitz could, too.

[ENG] Kris Wu - “Lullaby” (New)

Lullaby - Kris Wu/Kevin Shin
Written and Produced by:Kris Wu/Kevin Shin

Boy we made it now we on it
Think about that time we grindin uh
Nothing’s changed since that night we pieced up lullaby
06 now add a 1 to that
Ten years deep and we still on it
Like we figured look who left on top the two of us
Could you imagine otherwise
All that talk about that life we made it come alive
No regrets or doubts
Once we say we say we do
Now the world behind our views
Seeing the bigger picture man
I knew the end it be the two

End will be the two
You know we got the views
I need some real reviews
Tell me the truth what else I gotta do
Don’t wanna be stayin in the shadow rear mirror view
Don’t tell me what you want, what you wanna do, what you wanna say
I only care about what I want, what I wanna do, what I wanna get
I only live to see the sky’s limit
Cause we got the sauce and we started from the bottom
Right about now
I’ll smile don’t wanna see u cry
Just sing me a lullaby
I’ll cry for u to see ur smile
This will be my lullaby
I’ll smile don’t wanna see u cry
Just sing me a lullaby
I’ll cry for u to see ur smile
This will be my lullaby
They said we’re all the same
We’re all rebellious towards family
Only when I genuinely understood
Everything you sacrificed was for my future
其实我一直都想成为一个good boy
Actually I’ve always wanted to be a good boy
At times I didn’t go home because I was afraid
That our fights would prolong, worsen
I’m also afraid that one day I’ll see you, white-haired
Smiling at me, no

Didn’t think a chimney would get me so deep run and chasin’
What seem to be fantasies ain’t wasted
Look at time fly by tick the clock counter-wise
Now is just a moment caught picture perfect god
Man patience u said was a virtue
Maybe that’s why the fire never dimmed and pursued
Into something even God himself couldn’t presume
But thanks to you I stand here the dream continues

I’ll smile don’t wanna see u cry
Just sing me a lullaby
I’ll cry for u to see ur smile
This will be my lullaby
I’ll smile don’t wanna see u cry
Just sing me a lullaby
I’ll cry for u to see ur smile
This will be my lullaby
I’ll smile don’t wanna see u cry
Just sing me a lullaby
I’ll cry for u to see ur smile
This will be my lullaby
I’ll smile don’t wanna see u cry
Just sing me a lullaby
I’ll cry for u to see ur smile
This will be my lullaby

translation: @wu_yi_fan

The Joker x Reader- “Grandpa”

The Joker just had a heart attack at 55; he was ordered to rest and not do anything for a while. Of course he’s not the one to accommodate the doctor’s recommendations but you are there to make sure he complies. And the adorable grandson visiting all the time makes things better no matter what.

Related to LOST saga:

The Joker is in bed, flipping through the TV channels, bored as hell and beyond.

“Baby, look who’s here to see you again!” you announce and open the door, letting your 5 year old grandchild in the bedroom.

“Grandpaaa!!!” Alexis charges at the bed, jumping on it to sit by J.

“Hello, Pumpkin,” he kisses the kid on the top of the head, then feels the need to add: “…and don’t call me grandpa, I told you before, yes?” he tickles the little one. “I’m not that old, I just turned 55.”

“That’s pretty old,” you mutter and J grabs the drawing handed over by his grandson, huffing:

“I heard that, Princess!”

“You can call him grandpa, honey, don’t mind him,” you ignore your husband’s nonsense.”Don’t confuse Alexis, ok?”

“Whatever! You guys always plot against me,” The Joker complains (what else is new?), bringing the paper closer to his face. “HA!HA!HA!HA!” he cracks up, seeing the  five sticks and a circle with a bunch of green lines around it representing him. “The kid nailed it, he has talent!” he kisses the child’s forehead, smitten with the masterpiece. “You absolutely captured how handsome I am,” he winks, amused on a whole different level.

“You like it grandpa?” Alexis smiles, excited to see J is so happy.

“Oh, I absolutely love it!” and he begins to laugh with all his heart noticing the stick figure laying down at his feet, wearing a black cape, representing Batsy. “Oh my God, this is great!” The Joker proudly states, not bored anymore. “This is going on the fridge, Kitten! Actually no, I’m gonna frame it! Great job, give me a kiss.”

Your grandson reaches over to peck J’s cheek and the inevitable question arises again ( he asks this at least twice a week):

“Why are you so pale, grandpa?”

You snicker, going through your clothes in the walk-in closet, but eavesdropping on them like you always do. The Joker always tells the same story and Alexis listens with his mouth opened every single time:

“When grandma fell from heaven right in front of me, she was so beautiful that I died for a few minutes, but then she kissed me and brought me back to life. Ain’t that right, Doll?”

“Suuureeeee,” you peek out of your spot, amazed how J’s baloney sounds so interesting to your grandchild, even if he heard it a million times.

“I was dead for a while, that’s why I look so pale.”

“Waaaahhhh,” the kid gasps, fascinated, kissing The Joker’s cheek again.

“Isn’t grandma beautiful? How was I supposed not to die when I saw her?” he devilishly smirks.

“Yesssss,” Alexis meows when his grandpa squeezes his face together.

“She doesn’t look a day over 50, am I right?”

“Yessss,” the child agrees again, squeaking under J’s embrace.

“That’s because I am 50!” you shout, irritated.

You certainly didn’t marry him for his flattery skills.

“What did I tell you, hm?” The Joker purrs. “Your grandma’s a fox! Hey,” he whispers, ”you got a girlfriend since last time I saw you?” (which was… 2 days ago), your husband teases the little one, elbowing him and he giggles like crazy.

“N-no, nooooo!” he struggles to respond, trying to catch his breath, even if he doesn’t really understands the meaning.

“You’re not missing anything,” The Joker continues to whisper, accomplice with his grandson. “She starts out as your girl, then she wants to get married, then she wants to have kids and she keeps on telling you what to do. Princess! Nobody tells me what to do!!!” he yells, addressing the issue and you would answer if you would give a damn.  He just hears your heavy sigh from the closet so he lowers his voice again:

“What did I tell you? Probably she’s rolling her eyes right now.” He’s right, you are because you can still distinguish their “man to man” conversation. “Don’t get a sassy girl like grandma, alright? She’s very feisty! Pinky promise?” J gets deeply secretive and Alexis agrees to it, sealing the pact with his tiny finger. It feels really important so he kisses J’s cheek once more, thrilled they have another secret together.

“Grandpa, are you going to die?” the sudden question unexpectedly comes and it makes you sad. It was a child’s innocent curiosity but it really pulls at your heartstrings.

“Nooo, I’m not going to die: grandma would kill me and never speak to me again.”

“Exactly!” you take a step out of your sanctuary, then turn around and go back in so they won’t see your teary eyes.

“What did I tell you, hm? She’s so feisty, don’t get a feisty woman. Actually, I take it back: get one, they’re awesome.”

Alexis repeatedly nods a yes, not having a clue about what The Joker is rambling about, but signs he’s going to keep his lips sealed. Him and J are great ones for secrets nobody knows about.

You finally get fed up sorting out all your dresses so you come out, joining the guys’ club on the bed. The kid screams and jumps up and down until your catch him in your arms and cover him in kisses. He absolutely loves it since you two spoil him rotten.

“You look like your dad when he was your age,” you get sentimental, remembering when Kase was a baby.” Alexis hugs you and laughs in your ear, wanting to play some more.

“You know what that means, Y/N: Kase resembles me so well and when this kiddo grows up, he will probably look like me too. I have such amazing, strong genes!” The Joker concludes, flaring his arms around.

“Yeah, baby, it’s all you, you didn’t get any help,” you scoff, lifting your grandchild up in the air and he snickers, urging you to lift him higher.” I wish I could but you’re heavyyyyy!!!” you grunt, still making an effort and he screams up a storm, delighted and laughing.

“I really think we should have a granddaughter,” J brings up the subject again. “ I need a tiny Princess to play with; she’ll have to have my charm and your attitude.”
“Shut up, J!” you snarl at him and he kicks you with his leg.

“I’m going to put in an order with our kid and his girlfriend, we waited enough.”

“It’s not a McDonald’s drive-thru where you just go and order a granddaughter,” you shake your head, wishing this one was actually true.

“Yes it is. I am The Joker and if I want something I get it.”

He’s overconfident on this one.

“Can I go play in my room?” Alexis jumps from the bed on the floor, hyper and energetic after he warn you out. He has his own room at the Penthouse since he sleeps over so often.

“Yes, you can go,” you agree, falling on your back on the soft pillows, drained. “Goodness, he has so much stamina,” you inhale, watching him storm out of the bedroom.

“Just like me, I told you I have good genes,” J really makes it a point of reminding you.

You crawl in bed by him and tuck a rebel strand of green hair behind his ear, smiling, letting him have it:

“You do, you really do.”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice your red eyes. Were you crying in the closet?” J frowns, tracing your lips with his thumb.

You avert your gaze, gulping, and he forces you to look at him:

“I just had a stupid heart attack, I’m not dying or anything, got it?”

“U-hum,” you sniffle, cuddling to him.

“I mean, come on, you would probably drag me out of the coffin so you can send me to get you a diamond necklace you want or something. Am I right?” he caresses your back and you chuckle:

“Yes, I would.”

“See? I can’t disgracefully embarrass myself like that at my own funeral, it would be a disaster. So I have to postpone the moment.”

“Wow, you and your scenarios,” you actually laugh even if you are not in the mood to.

“Hey, Y/N, wanna fool around later on?” The Joker kisses you, covering both of you with the blanket.

“No, the doctor said you can’t strain yourself.”

“Huh??!!! Since when having sex means I’m straining myself?” he mutters, annoyed.

“You’ll have to ask the doctor, baby,” you nonchalantly reply, entertained on how stubborn he is all the time.

“What?! I’m not gonna ask the doctor if I can sleep with my wife. No way!“

“I wouldn’t risk it,” you try to reason with him.

I’m a natural, ok?! Pfftttt, straining myself,” J mocks, insulted, squeezing you in his arms.

“Oh,” you suddenly remember, “time to take your med,” and you get out of bed, searching for it on the coffee table.

“I’m not taking that stupid pill, I don’t need it!” he whines, unhappy.

“You’re worse than Alexis, you know that?” you scold him, taking one tablet out of the foil.

“You can’t make me take it!” he pouts.

Well, I guess there is only one thing left to do.

“If you take your medication we can full around later tonight,” you wink at him, biting on your lip.

“This is sabotage, Kitten!” he squints his blue eyes, sulking. “But you have good negotiation skills. Deal!” he reaches his hand for the tablet and you give it to him. “And I want you to wear that red outfit I like,” he grins, anticipating all the fun.

“Which one? I have about 50 red ones.”

“The red, lacy one.”

“Which one? That narrows it down to about 15.”

“Jesus, Doll, the strapless one.”

“Two piece or one piece?”

“The two piece, woman!!!!” he raises his voice, impatient.

“Oh, that one,” you pretend you finally got it even if you knew all along. You just love to tease him. “Wanna have another heart attack, old man? That’s a very indecent outfit,” you smile and he takes his pill, lifting his shoulders.

“Not the worse way to die,” he grinds his teeth, rightfully concluding it’s worth the risk.

“Alright, you asked for it,” you pucker your lips, realizing it’s so quiet. “I think I will go check on our grandson, I don’t like this calm before the storm,” you let J know, certain the kid is definitely up to something.

“I’ll be waiting, Princess,” The Joker purrs as you head towards the door.

“Fine, get ready; you’re in for a treat,” you tease him before closing the door behind you.

“I don’t have to get ready, you know I’m a natural!” he shouts and hears you giggle as you walk away.

Definitely worth having a sassy woman in your life, The Clown Prince Of Crime decides, wanting to take a nap before the grand finale tonight.


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Miraculous … Ladbug?? Beetleboy?? ( Has anyone in the fandom figured this out yet? Send help)

Anyways, here’s Ladybug Adrien w/ armor ……….I never draw armor so this was a trip…tell me it looks good or i’ll cry
I wanted to do something different and I love all the Miraculous swap / outfit redesigns I see * U* I gave him red tips like Mari had in some concept art/early promos. He was gonna have a funky mask but in the end I thought the original worked best :’)

In other news,  I’m hosting the Miraculous Ladybug Valentine’s Day ExchangeThis is essentially a ‘Secret Santa’ exchange - but for Valentine’s Day, with an optional White Day follow up. Sign up now through January 2nd and make this lady happy ;) Go here to find out the details~