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12. “Stop judging me”
20.  “Open up, I got McDonald’s.”

A/N: I wanted to try this text message thing and this is my first ever written like this sooo tell me your opinion about this one & if I should do more text message imagines. Sorry it took so long ily

Warnings: uh none? Just fluff and McDonald’s is mentioned. Gif is not mine, credits to the owner.

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Where r u


Are u still mad at me?
read 9:48pm

Oh c'mon, your ignoring me now?


shut up


Don’t be mad

Um, I am going to be mad for a while, you idiot

Idek why ur mad at me because I didn’t do anything?

What the hell

You ditched me at the bar where I never even wanted to go and I tried to find you and then I found u talking to a group of girls and then some jerk spilled his drink and then I smelled like beer and u didn’t even notice

Then why did u came if u didn’t want to

I wanted to hang out with u

wait, are u jealous
read 9:56pm

Do you LIKE me???
delivered 9:56pm

Do not close your phone
delivered 9:57pm

Come back
Come back  
Come back
Come back
delivered 9:57pm

Ok I’m coming over
delivered 9:59pm

I’m outside
read 10:20pm


Open the door please



Go away I’m going to sleep

Open up, I got McDonald’s


Dylan sent a picture  

Y/N went to open her door and streched her hand out. 

“Give me my food.” 

“I’m not going to give you these if you don’t let me in”, Dylan answered. Y/N snorted and let him in. She grabbed the brown paperback with McDonald’s logo on the side and went to the kitchen without saying anything to him. Dylan followed and sat across her staring her as her eyes brightened when she saw her favorites inside.  She put the foods on the table and Dylan reached his arm in order to steal couple of french fries but his hand got slapped away.

“Dude”, she said with a cautionary tone.

“Sharing is caring”, he said and tried again.

“Do not steal my food or I’ll dye your hair pink while you’re asleep.” Dylan looked at her smirking a little. “Somebody’s being overprotective over their food.”

“Don’t judge me, I’ll consider forgiving you after I’m done with these.” There was a moment of silence until Dylan spoke again.

“So, about last night..”  

Y/N interrupted. “Please, don’t.”

“We need to talk, I’ll forget it after we’ve talked, okay?” Y/N thought about it and eventually she nodded.

“I am extremely sorry about ditching you. The girl group kind of  surrounded me and I had no idea you felt like that and you know I would never do anything to upset you, right?” He looked like a sad puppy and you tried your best to not go over and wrap your arms around him.  

“Yeah, that’s okay”, Y/N said smiling softly.  

“No, it’s not okay. I promised myself I would do everything to protect you from stuff like this and it hurts like hell because, well, I like you a lot.” Y/N looked at him like she had just seen a ghost.

“You what?”

“I like you more than I should.” Y/N grabbed rest of her french fries and slide them over the table to Dylan.

“Feelings are mutual”, she smiled and blushed. They stared at each other for a while until Dylan stood up and pulled Y/N from her chair.

“Since both of us just confessed our feelings, do you think it’s okay if I kiss you now?” He whispered hand still on her hand.

“I think it’s more than okay”, she whispered back and pulled him closer so she could reach kiss him. The kiss got pretty intense and a moment later you pulled away to catch your breath.

“You taste like french fries”, Dylan said and tried to hold his laughter.  

“Oh shut up”, Y/N laughed and kissed him again.

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Uh, Juno and Peter 1A? Idk your ships, but I do know that's something I need.

two important observations to be made here –firstly: smol! tol! and secondly: more hugs for junebugs????

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Hey there; I just wanted to let you know that I adore your mafia AU and just stumbled across it recently. The attention and effort you put into the comics can be seen and I love the art style; you're a fantastic artist. I do hope to see more of you fantastic AU in the future. I hope this message finds you well.

That’s just so nice of you to say ;u;
I do love it lots, so I try to make the pages good ^^

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If it's okay, a scenario with Kuroo wanting to marry his foreigner gf but his parents are totally against it, threatening to disown him and stuff, looking down on his gf. And no happy ending. Idk how to make this even more angsty but I love your angsty posts so much so feel free to do whatever you want with it. <3~

This is some good angst request, thanks ;u;

“Tetsurou, I don’t think we should do this..” You say pulling the sleeve of your shirt to cover your engagement ring. “I know how against they are with you marrying me, it’s probably for the best.” 

Kuroo holds your hand tightly in his as he stands outside his parent’s home, giving you a reassuring smile. “It doesn’t matter, we’re already engaged.” He gives you a quick peck on the lips before knocking on the door.

Squeezing his hand tightly, you try to ease your breathing as you waited for the door to open. Kuroo notices this and he brushes his thumb against the back of your hand to comfort you.

“Oh, Tetsurou! Come in,” His mother says with a forced smile as Kuroo thanks her, entering with your hand intertwined with his. You smile and nod in acknowledgement as you quickly enter behind Kuroo, sticking close to his side as you watch his father sitting down at the dining table.

Kuroo stands patiently in front of the table with you practically clinging on to him as he waits for his mother to join in at the table. Your heart is racing but you try to stay strong for Kuroo’s sake.

“Mom, dad, this is (Name), the girl I’ve been telling you about.” He says using his free hand to gesture towards you. “Hello,” You say quietly with a polite bow before standing up straight again to look at them.

His mom and dad do not look pleased and it scares you because you didn’t want to be separated from him, you love him, you’re going to get married to him!

As you were too busy in your own thoughts, his mother speaks up. “Oh, is that your engagement ring?” Jumping slightly at the sudden question, you look down at your hand before nodding. “Let me see it,” 

Looking up at Kuroo, he gives you a nod and you gently release his hand before walking over towards his parents, sticking your left hand out for his mother to observe the ring. “Very beautiful,”

“Thank you, I love it a lot too.” You respond pulling your hand back. 

“Tetsurou, we talked about this. You will not be marrying her.” His dad states firmly and you quickly head back over towards Kuroo. Kuroo wastes no time and interlocks your hand with his again.

“Dad, as much as I love you and mom, (Name) and I are going to get married,” Kuroo says looking over at his father who shakes his head in frustration. “She’s not Japanese Kuroo, she’s a foreigner. Foreigners are going to ruin the Japan culture!”

“She is not going to! She’s always wanting to explore with me about the culture and she always wants to know more.” Kuroo responds back and you squeeze his hand.

His dad scoffs, “You don’t know anything Tetsurou. You are not getting married with that woman and that’s final!” Kuroo’s dad slams his hand on the table as he finishes that sentence and you can feel your body shaking as you hold in the tears that are threatning to fall.

“Tetsurou..” Looking up at him, you can see his bottom lip shaking as he stands his ground looking over at his father. Your mouth opens to say something, but before you can let it out, Kuroo wraps his arms around you tightly, pressing your body to his.

“I can’t let you go..” He says quietly into your ear. A tear drops from your eye as you listen to how broken and desperate he was to be together with you. He was hurting so much becasue of you.

You press gently on his chest as you pull away from the hug, pressing a kiss onto his cheek as you look up at him, “It’s for the best Tetsurou..” He shakes his head at you as a tear falls from his face, landing on the floor between the two of you.

“No, we can still make this work.” You frown up at him, you want to agree but nothing good was going to come out of it. 

Looking down at your hands, you gently slip the ring off your left hand, holding it for a bit before you place it in his. “I can’t see you be hurt anymore.” You wipe the tears on his face before you quickly press a kiss on his lips. 

“I’m sorry.”

Kuroo’s eyes widen and his grip on you tightens as you try to leave, “Don’t,” His voice is desperate and you want to stay, but you can’t. “Tetsurou, it’s not going to work. I know how much you love your parents and as for me, you could always find another girl to replace me,” you say with a small smile as another tear slips from your eyes.

“No, I can’t! I love you! It can’t be anyone else..” You close the space between him with a warm hug before you pull away, your hand slipping from his, “I’m sorry..” 

Not bothering to look at his parents as you leave, you turn and head out the door as Kuroo stands in his place trembling with your engaement ring in his hand.

“I can’t replace you.”

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Did u already finish shingen route????? If you do, then could I ask for a What if... Yukimura being a father to little baby Takeda. IDK if it's a boy, girl or twins I was sad with Shingen death but I cry a river with the line "the wars take Lord Yukimura from us" rlly I can't get over it, so I want an altern universe when Yukinn stays safe nd sound and horseride bby Takeda in his shoulders taking mc as a bride like shingen's plan was (extra: Sasuke nd Saizo) thnk u nd congrats for 400 followrs

Oops, sorry, I totally forgot about Sasuke lol. Then again the epilogue did too. God, I’m still so upset about Shingen’s divine ending. WHAT EVEN HAPPENED TO THAT BABY will we ever know

follow you into the light

Summary: Survivors have it harder. They have to move on. [Shingen/MC, Yukimura/MC, SFW, 1015 words, warnings for canon death and self-neglect, title from Sara Bareilles’ The Light

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I'm afab and identify as a genderfluid demiboy. I struggle a lot because part of me wants to transition and present more as male, but I also like presenting as female from time to time. I feel like I'll never pass, which I know isn't super important but also I hate being misgendered. I don't know if I'm asking for advice or what, but I just feel like I'll never be who I truly am and I struggle with that daily.

hey there!!

oh man i know the transition feels. ur right about passing but also if it makes u feel more comfortable to pass then that’s ur decision, especially as thanks to ~society~ it does tend to mean less misgendering. 

have u considered only partially transitioning? from my knowledge of ftm transitioning, going on T might be a good idea as it can make u more masculine (lower voice, facial hair, squarer jaw) but it doesn’t do everything. like if u wanted to present female u would still have breasts if u were only on T. also some effects of T are irreversible so u don’t even have to be on it forever!! u could just be on it until u get ur desired amount of Man™ n then stop!!

i hope this is somewhat helpful, feel free to vent to us whenever

 - mod daria

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Hey! So I'm sort of a beginner at makeup/not really. I don't want to watch any more beginner videos, but if you have some (for any part of makeup)would you post them and/or the person who made the video? And do you have any intermediate videos you could give me? Thank u!

I love to watch iluvsarahii, nikki tutorials, Nicol concilio, desi, Kathleen lights, jeffree star 💕

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Can you not make any more "triggered" jokes please? I know this is your blog and you're allowed to do whatever, but that is a real medical term and individuals with PTSD, like myself, actually do get triggered and that joke can be very insensitive. I really do enjoy your art and I don't want to unfollow your blog over this. Thank you!! (P.s. I hope this doesn't come off as aggressive! That's not my intention, I'm just genuinely upset over this)

Omg, im really sorry, i really didnt mean to hurt or offend u or anyone. I dont know what it feels like to have PTSD, and i have no right to make fun or joke about anyone that has it (i wasnt teasing anyone with it). I did do some research on *triggered* and there is apparently two meaning, one being offended and two being the ‘flash back’. Im not English so i didnt know wht the second meaning was only that it meant offended. Thank u for pointing it out, im sorry again -hug-👌❤❤❤

BUT, this is the internet and there will always be things that u will disagree with and even hurt u, ❤❤❤😘 please take care, (im not angry btw ppft, it did make me go into a bit of a panic tho (T▽T)

Question for my readers!!!

I know all y'all ain’t in the U.S. lol not to mention, even those who are in the U.S. aren’t all night owls like me. So…

Lately I’ve been getting questions or DM’s on where certain updates of my fics are.

What can I do to make this easier for y'all? Just give me feedback.

My Masterlists get updated as soon as I post the newest chapters. I’m really good on doing that! And all my ML can be found up in my bio! 💙

Aside from that, what would help???? I know y'all want me to make a taglist, but I’ll be honest….I’m shit at that and will more often than not forget to do it. lol I’m sorry!!! 🙊

So what else would be helpful? So you don’t miss updates???

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i love ur lapidot fusion soooooo much omg shes so beautiful and interesting!!!!!! id rly love it if u posted more abt her (only if u want ofc!) also all of ur art is super great and inspiring!!!! i hope u have a great week!

Ahhh im really glad u like her so much! 🙈🙈 ill deff do more of her! 😊👍🏻 i have some other fun comics with her in mind!

I watched Atlantis for the first time since I was little last night and I’m not the type to rewatch movies ? I don’t rlly like it I haven’t figured out why yet… my sister mentioned the other day how she feels a huge disconnect w non-immigrant kids who watchd movies when they were younger BC when we were little we didn’t know english. And I know the same goes for me but I just hadn’t gotten to that conscious realization yet … (the topic was the never-ending catching up we have to do w American pop culture bc we were not born here) but I’ll tell u a secret… Lizzie McGuire ? Never watch it never got the hype, even Stevens ? Nope, the one w the Cory guy n topanga gorl? I never watched it ! They’re not secrets they’re just things I don’t acknowledge ? Hmm I’ll tell u an actual secret about me tho - i wanted to be white more than my sister did bc in my eyes she lucked out coming here younger. She has all /alternative/ knowledge of American culture esp black culture n latino that I do not and it’s bc I stuck to the “whiter” side of it all just for the sake of seeming more “American” which is funny bc we live in Miami ? The white culture “standard” here is not the same as the rest of the country ….

I have all these memories of when I was younger and I always cry retelling them bc I’m reliving them as I speak n my childhood is sad but not for the reasons you’d think ?? I was a lonely kid I was quiet n had hard times making friends n I’ve always felt like I am hard to love or accept ? Maybe that’s why I cry bc how does a 8 yr old know they have to conform to all these things in order to Belong? I had the opportunity to talk about being undocumented for this storytelling video series my internship organized and they had this filming crew n it was the first time I had told ANYONE about my inner thoughts as a little immigrant girl - my first day at school in a diff country - the scent of our first apartment - the warmth of hugging my mom for the first time in two yrs …. there was so much I Let out and I’m crying just as much now as I did when I was telling these two girls from New York who didn’t know of my pain didn’t know Me but were filming me and asking me questions ! I think I’m more like my mom than I realize sometimes- “I need to raise strong daughters bc the world is a tough place” she says whenever we get sad about certain things, and I think of how she doesn’t cry at anything rlly and doesn’t speak of past memories often and if I ask her she says things nonchalantly n fast almost like she doesn’t want to visit that memory for too long… maybe she Knows it’ll make her emotional to talk about things Maybe she has unresolved issues too but knows she has no time to relive and rehurt again… I don’t think I Neglect my past emotions but I just don’t go Looking for them bc I know what I’ll find … I guess it’s part of being self-aware ?

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I'm still dying a little (a lot) over ASF and crave more content so do u have like. A 'soundtrack' lol ?

Because of this ask I just posted it to my Patreon for like a dollar, haha. I’d planned on it forever, but I decided to just do it right now. I kind of wanted to pay for accompanying art, but it’s chill. <3

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so many people are trying to hate on you it's ridiculous. why is everyone so quick to be hateful like you're fucking hot and a queen. who cares if you smoke weed or if you dont. who cares if you want to tell us or not like its your life. idk i just love you and hate seeing people hating on you or really anyone who doesn't deserve it. 💖

than u x100000000 rlly appreciate people like you. guess i just put a lot online so it gives people to talk about

its all goooood i get way more love than i do hate & am so grateful for that💕💕💕