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Do u think the anime will do something more explicitly romantic with NaLu @ the end than Mashima did?

Anything like that probably has to be approved by Mashima. So I would say there’s plenty that Mashima wants to add to the ending since he had to rush it. I wouldn’t want anything too mushy in terms of traditional romance (since that’s not Natsu tbh). I would much prefer scenes like these: 

These are the moments I love with nalu. I wouldn’t mind some tender scene’s but not any exuberant proclamations of love. 

An added scene of Natsu holding Lucy when he thought she had died when he went demon at the notion of losing her. He forgot about himself and even the guild. He saw no point in living without her, a tender hug wouldn’t go amiss after he wakes up lol. 

I just think some of the scenes need more emotional embellishment that Mashima wasn’t able to give us because of time constraints. That goes for many of the events (not just nalu ones). 

Telltale Batman s2 ep 1

Telltale: Hey u thot, u want some Riddler??

Me: Oh god yes. I love this Eddie. A good boy. A jaded soul. Smart and sadistic. 10/10. When do I get more

Telltale: You don’t. He’s dead now.

Me: ……well fuck. Are we at least gonna see Harvey Dent again?


Me: Are you gonna make John a dateable character?


Me: Am I gonna hate you by the end of this season?

Telltale: Most likely.

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NEW CEO @ttbro1

Co-CEO’s myself, @xlusci0usx and @dollyxplayhouse have decided to step down. Life has been busy and we can not give this company the time it deserves to be led the proper way. We want to thank u all for the love and support u gave us while we were ur CEO’s. @dollyxplayhouse will be retiring from the porn scenes but u will still see her do scenes from time to time. @xlusci0usx is not completely retiring but will still put work out every so often and as a member of IX. We want to wish u all of the best of luck.

With that being said as our last act as CEO’s we have promoted @ttbro1 as the new ceo of IX. No one has more passion when it comes to this company than this man. We know he will continue the great tradition that started before we became CEO’s. Show him the love and respect u gave us. We know this company will continue to be great under him.

Thank u all,

@xlusci0usx and @dollyxplayhouse

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I saw ppl discussing that what Ji said to Ks (love u the most) was because Ji was feeling guilty about something he did or for neglecting him. He expressed himself in this obvious way for everyone to see in order to atone himself and ask for forgiveness. What do u think ?

you guys watch too many drama u___u if ji wants to ask forgiveness, he would say ‘I am sorry, hyung’ instead. hhhhh.

Anyway, ji is being honest. Idk how you guys went from i love you to i am sorry. Altho we all know ks is the one busy with filming, it is more likely that he doesn’t have the time to spend with the members. But don’t worry. Ji got that part clear out. 

D.O. hyung, while preparing for the concert, you’re also working on filming, it must be tough. However, you still always find time for the members and do your best, it’s really amazing. No matter what, I’ll always love you, hyung. You know that I love you the most right? (x)  

Ji put the sentence in the softest way. It sounds so soft and tender when you read it. It’s more like a confession or proposing honestly.

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R u getting enough sleep? I see those bags under ur eyes and..

Few become assassins simply because they want to. Many of us do it simply because we do not fit in anywhere else. We would be resigned to a life of crime either way.

Keep in mind I am wanted in nearly every kingdom. Therefore, I must spend a considerable amount of time making sure my own tracks are covered. Then I must spend more time tracking my targets’ movements, memorizing their schedules, keeping mind of any body guards they have, finding a time and place to do the job, having an escape route, and of course, making sure no one else is around to identify me as the culprit.

So yes, I am a bit tired.

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beth today i accidentally hit my crush in the face with a hat and idk if he heard me say sorry and i feel bad and embarrassed

ok first of all, i need the full picture ok. why was there a hat? who’s hat was it? did you throw the hat, or were you swinging it, or playing like throw-the-hat-at-the-cutie???? also do u think it hurt them????? were they pissed? did hey laugh it off? i need details friend i want to immerse myself in this situation as though i was actually there!!!!

honestly don’t worry b i have done FAR more embarrassing things u ain’t gotta worry 💕

500 words today, bringing this section of prison AU to a close – there’s more, but it takes a drastic swerve genre-wise, and I should really go back to Backbone instead of writing “Kanan and Hera go to a casino.”  Wait to post that part till after Thanksgiving/Black Friday, or do those who aren’t in the U.S., aren’t home for Thanksgiving, or desperately need a distraction from family drama want it tomorrow?  (It’s about 1500 words shorter than the previous two parts.)

Snippet from prison AU concept 3.

For the second time in as many days, Cham went looking for his wife and found her in the hangar bay. This time she wasn’t working on anything, just sitting on a crate next to a half-dissembled starfighter and staring blankly out the magnetic shield.  The orange-painted astromech droid beside her was equally silent, like he knew better than to disturb her peace.

She looked up at the sound of his footsteps on the deck.  When she saw him approaching, her eyes went wide and she scrambled upright, saying, “No – Cham, no, no, no –”

He reached her in three quick strides. “It isn’t that,” he said, catching her shoulders in his hands. “Alecto, my love, it isn’t that.”

She gripped his wrists, not looking away from him. “Cham –”

“She’s alive.  They haven’t killed her.  She’s alive.”

“Don’t lie to me, Cham –”

“I wouldn’t,” Cham said. “I swear to you she’s alive.  Will you come with me?”

“Tell me now,” she said, her voice strangled. “Whatever it is, Cham, however bad it is, tell me now.”

On a more serious note, I’m not going to argue with anyone because it won’t DO anything. I’m not going to convince these people to not be or do something they obviously believe in whole heartedly and likewise with me. Fighting with some 20-something on the internet won’t change the things I want to change.

But I’m allowed to be pissy and irritated and make short-tempered, unexplained posts on my actual now personal blog (lol check out my art blog u nerds) without have to deal out my life story as to why I made it. Just like I REALLY don’t need or want to hear theirs.

If they think I’m going to bother, that’s on them. I’m going to have turkey for dinner now 👌🏻

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if she doesn't make you happy don't talk to her, do what'll make you feel better. someone who threatens suicide to keep you around is selfish beyond belief and that isn't good for you

idk, i guess that’s what sucks, u know? i want her to be happy, i love her, but i’ve been in so many shitty relationships and i’ve rubbed myself raw trying to make shit work so many times that i just can’t do it anymore and it sucks

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I’m 5”4 and 113lbs (??? I think). My sw was 128lbs and then I reached my ugw which was 95lbs but then I binged my way back up to 113lbs because I’m a fucking failure lmao. Anywaysss I was wondering if u had any tips or stuff that you do to stop binging? Love ur blog btw!

um maybe think about how do you look like and about the fact that you messed up so many times and you fucking can’t let yourself to be more fat than now, think about how much you want to be skinnier, for sure more than some piece of calories. think abou the fact that you are stronger than this fucking craving. also drink a lots of water or green tea, chew some gum, scroll tumblr and keep yourself busy idk what else I could say AND REMEMBER TO KEEP YOURSELF SAFE.

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re tarantions interview u posted it all literally boils down to all these mostly white men who got to make films they wanted for decades realizing (or maybe subconsciously knowing) that they are getting a bit less relevant, that their work isnt eliciting quite the response as before, that its getting a bit easier for others who have been shut out to make (and watch) films. maybe that they are held to changing standards. change, definitely. bc all of these ppl who're complaining have been doing

continued: …the same shit, with varying success, and now when you have so many options, much more different filmakers with fresher perspectives, with new ways of bringing their ideas to life, now its all “oh no this new context where im not as superior is not good at all its just demeaning film as an art” or whatever bs ive been reading for years now. i havent seen a single woc for example, or lgbt person complaining abt streaming lmao. i dont think its a coincidence that its mostly white men complaining.


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another weird thing Older Generations like to do when they come into the salon is make negative comments about doing hair for a living and ask me if I really want to keep doing this forever

like, listen b, if you give me a sudden realization that there’s a better career out there 4 me I hope u know I’ll be leaving 4 it immediately and your perm isn’t getting finished


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