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So I might have become quickly obsessed with a certain ink demon

With some zoom ins if you click! 
(I only used the highest quality pens I have, for Bendy. And per usual ink standards, I couldn’t fix any mistakes once they were made, so if you see any, I probably already know)

Wow drawing a 1930 style isn’t easy and I’m sure I’m not doing it right in 500 places, but I enjoy the simplistic face bendy has as it’s more fun to, well, bend.

uhhh i have well over 500 followers now so i guess ill do a follow forever bc i love u guys!! 

im not sure if these are still a thing or what, or if im doing this right but

if ur on here im love u so much and tbh even if u arent then i love u too!!!! tbh im bad at lists so i prob just forgot u.

there are a few nonmutuals on here so if ur uncomfy w that just lmk and ill take u off! same with if weve never talked before..if u arent comfy w this then just lmk 💕

definitely check out all these cool friends if u want some quality, rlly cool ppl to follow!! these ppl have gotten me through a lot and are just great tbh

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music? more like mmm u suck just kidding you’re wonderful and i want you to share your gifts with the world including your music if that’s what you like to do!! only a small joke sorry!

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So I'm in love with your headcanons. How would UT and UF bros react to a crush who knocks on their door like "is your brother home? I want to ask him if I can date u because I feel like that's a thing I should do before I ask you out"



yeah sure he’s just… wait… what?
He goes slack-jawed, blinking rapidly trying to discern if he heard things correctly. Did… he just get asked out? On his doorstep? Super casually?! By the person he likes?!? He asks for clarification about what they said and absolutely soars. The fact that they want to ask his brother first makes them even more perfect in his eyes. He stands aside silently and lets them do their thing, fidgeting excitedly and gleefully the entire time.


GASP!! A POTENTIAL DATEMATE!!! OF COURSE THEY CAN ASK HIS BROTHER even though Sans isn’t responsible for his entire life and they really don’t have to he can make his own decisions thanks. He immediately takes off to his bedroom to get ready for their immediately effective date, giving them Sans’ location so they can do what they need to.


He sputters at their sudden and casual confession before the words sink in. 
Hell no. Why do they have to talk to Pap about this? It’s his life. He tries to bring them out for a date right there and then. His brother doesn’t dictate or control his life… Then again… Pap is gonna pull his overprotective bullshit again anyways might as well get it over and done with.


He’ll tell his brother about the date if it was successful. But the date must happen before he can tell. He tells them to lead the way if they already had something planned. Dating start effective immediately now. Shut up he’s not blushing. He’s really excited, basically squeeing.

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ur asking for smut prompts so: have u written a sex pollen one yet hearts thank friend u rock

oops I meant to get more of these done but I was v distracted and now it’s bed time so I’ll put this up on AO3 tomorrow and ideally do some more of these

standard sex pollen fic disclaimer: Bellamy is under the influence of a logistically and evolutionarily incoherent plant and needs to have sex with someone and everyone is having trouble communicating about what they want and why they want it. Spoilers they are in love but don’t have sex with people who are under the influence of mind-altering substances irl

“From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes no sense,” Clarke mutters.

Bellamy is on his back on his bed with one arm over his face, breathing in and out, trying to focus on anything but his dick. He assumes Clarke is also trying not to focus on his dick, which is why she’s talking about the logic behind it. The less everyone is thinking about his dick, the better.

“Why does a plant care if you’re getting laid?” she goes on.

“I don’t think it cares about me personally.”

“You know what I mean. What’s the plant getting out of this?”

“The satisfaction of a job well done.” He huffs. He’s so fucking hard. “Did you have a plan or are you just here to commiserate? I was just going to quarantine myself until it wore off.”

There’s a pause, and he thinks about opening his eyes, but then he’d see Clarke. And just the thought of Clarke is overwhelming right now, let alone the sight of her.

As stupid decisions in his life go, this one shouldn’t have been a big deal. He was out gathering herbs, and he’s not great with herbs, but Clarke draws him what he’s looking for, and he generally finds it in the end. And he found it this time too, he just stumbled through another plant first, and got covered in some weird–plant shit. Pollen of some kind. And he started feeling hot and gross and assumed he was allergic to it, so he went back to camp, took a shower, and when he still wasn’t feeling better, went to consult Clarke, because she’d be pissed if he didn’t mention it.

It was sheer luck that Luna was around, and that when he described the plant, she recognized it.

It was the opposite of luck that she said it would cause intense, painful arousal, and if he didn’t get laid in a few hours, he’d maybe die. He’s not totally clear on the logistics of that, but apparently uncontrollable lust is supposed to get involved at some point, and Luna seemed to think he needed to fuck someone, not just jerk off, which–Clarke might have had a point about evolutionary necessity here. Why the fuck does a radioactive plant care if he ejaculates in someone? That doesn’t seem like any of his business.

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Have u all missed me? Aw. There u go, more fam quotes

‘‘im a leprechaun’’

‘‘is it a methapor where the sneks are diccs which means that u have to keep the bois outta ya yard?’’

‘‘I just wanted y’all to be happy and have legal jobs orz’’


‘‘on an unrelated note, do you happen to know what kind of place sells tanks of liquid nitrogen?’’

‘‘also idk how yall will feel but im drawin santa in lingerie’’

‘‘stacatto dots’’


-What are y’all on about

‘‘It looks like Satan’s ribcage’’

‘‘My nails and my gender hate me’’


-Kill the religious guy
+Kill religion

‘‘i fell in a kazoo hole’’

‘‘So we have an old lady in church clothes sprinting across the street holding a leash, a middle aged woman in running clothes on the sidewalk, and a teenager in a bikini holding a huge ass plank of wood in the middle of the road all because of this satanic pipsqueak of a dog and my life feels like the opening of a bad joke’’

‘‘I’ll tell that story to my cats when I’m older (bc there’s no way in hell im having children)’’

‘‘Ryan why is your name ‘would you like some eggs’ ‘’

‘‘im in the middle of a pizza war’’

‘‘Caldo is international’’


‘‘i have gay furries and gays crawling all over my screen’’


‘‘Oh great now im going through a bot crisis gonna go write shitty fics’’

‘‘neVER TOO muCH to EAT’’


‘‘BuT U Can’t jUst tAke AN enTIRE PIanO in THE ASS AN lIVE’’

‘‘My wife trying to make sense of my 1am self is my aesthetic’’

‘‘has ptsd war flashbacks to when I took my phone in the shower’’


‘‘You got me at lesbians’’


‘‘I would bang mother gothel’’

‘‘dont kill eachother in the meantime’’


‘‘Baba accept my lice

‘‘Youre leaving me for a cave with wifi’’

‘‘Hell is calling me’’

‘‘What is that satanic son of peas and popcorn’’

‘‘The best line is ‘‘wants a papaya up in their ass’’ ’’

‘‘Im a licc owo’’

‘‘We’re like the emo side of Europe or something’’

‘‘Death with benefits’’

‘‘Why are you discussing the technicalities of masturbating’’

‘‘um you are gay so it doesn’t matter’’

‘‘Is it called being kinky or suicidal’’

‘‘stop it I’m trying to be confusing’’

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i need some rly tasty and good fluff, any recommendations? ive read dirty laundry, call me beep me, the florists and tennis shoes, and the bonds we build, please help me out😂💓

Okay so no shocker,,,, but I usually read angst so let’s see what I can find

Core Relationship by agok

Every four years the Alteans host a giant party called the Core Alliance Celebration in honor of their alliance with the Galra. Prince Lance is ready to meet some new people and relax from his responsibilities for a week, until he meets Keith, a Galra soldier who isn’t interested in anything the festivities have to offer. 

uh that’s it folks i was tryna find more fluff fics,,, but i went through like 5 pages of my history and there was like none bc im emo af :’) TBH THE BEST THING U CAN DO IS GO TO KLANCE/COMPLETE ONLY/AND FLUFF


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Aja and Sasha are getting unnecessary hate I honestly don't understand they're the two best queens?!?

ikr?? ppl are okay with ongina being a bald queen just because she doesn’t like to wear wigs but if sasha doesn’t bc her mom had cancer and she was supporting her it’s suddenly a crime…. and the whole aja’s skin thing pisses me off…. like yeah…. we know she has acne scars,, what you want her to do abt it??!! she can’t control the lighting and angles on every single photograph taken of her to make her skin more appealing to u?? “just an opinion tho”

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It’s been a really long time since I’ve taken prompts AND I AM IN THE MOOD.

thor/loki, yuuri/viktor, yuri/otabek, general thor or YOI stuff, smut, fluff, angst … I’LL WRITE pretty much ANY SORTA SHIT YOU WANT just be a little specific maybe don’t just send me a word or something


and a pointless gif to make this post more attention grab-y

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Little mini physique update ish video? 🤣

If you follow my YouTube channel, you know I was cutting and documenting it a little bit. It hasn’t gone the way I wanted it to & my body wasn’t responding at all. I legit stayed the same weight, even gained, and kept fluctuating within the same 10 lbs despite hitting macros & cutting them, doing all my workouts and cardio and even increasing my sessions. To say that has been frustrating is an understatement, BUT it happens. My body is still prob like “F U BETCH” from last prep since I had to get extremely low calorie for a long period of time.
I’m still in the same weight range, but finally seeing it on the lower number range more consistently before and most importantly feeling leaner. Just remember that progress is never linear, you just want a downward trend over time (or upward if you’re trying to build).
If I don’t continue this downward trend next step will likely be a diet break which I have utilized all throughout my past preps/cuts and my clients cuts. It can be extremely beneficial if you’ve been going hardcore for a while and not seeing progress.
Anywhoooo. I have a bomb leg day video coming up, shoulder day, and then maaaaybe will film another full day of eating soon since y'all seem to love them! Anything else you want to see? Comment below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 (at Fitness System)

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I don't know what to do bc this guy likes me but I don't like him back :( I told him I wanted to be friends and I do, but he's super clingy and I don't know how to approach him about this bc I don't wanna hurt his feelings or freak him out when I say I want him to just leave me alone sometimes- I want to be his friend, I really do, I just really need him to stop being so clingy it makes me really uncomfortable :( any advice?

clingy guys are The Worst and i know that it sucks and that u dont wanna hurt his feelings but these guys literally dont get what ur trying to say unless ur super clear abt it. so like…be 100% straight forward, even if u feel like that could hurt his feelings bc that shouldnt be ur priority rn. he will get over his hurt feelings. its more important to be honest than to let him live in his fantasy


swoons tbh

aina what can i even say you’re like????? the sweetest angel i’ve ever met i’m so happy that i actually know you???? can call you a friend???? I NEED TO LIKE ACTUALLY TALK TO YOU MORE THOUGH JE SU S @ ME get urself together. my graphics are nothing in comparison to yours but like???? i still wanted to do something for you so here u go ur problematic son looking nice at least i hope he looks nice

yO omg so idk if intro posts are a thing here…. sweats like judas at the last supper… but i’m gna Go For It anyhow n hope for the best. i’m nai n it’s rly nice to meet u all!! below u can find some bullet points n shit about thea so u get more of an idea for her and u can either throw me an IM or like this if u want to plot!! throws roses everywhere Bless

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Hey! Idk if this is weird but lately I've been more comfortable not wearing makeup, like I went a whole week without wearing makeup to college woo! (Omg it's so easy to get ready lol) but I'm thinking I want to not wear makeup to my next therapy app that is sometime in April. I kinda want to show my t that I'm comfortable without makeup and she if she'll comment on it. I like to dress up and look good for t but this time I think I'm gonna look natural lol what do u think

Hi there, I think this is fantastic! You should definitely give the au natural look in therapy a go (: Congrats on becoming more comfortable with your appearance - that can be quite difficult to do so you rock!