do u think this is ok

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Im a muslim and it's very hard for me to decide how i feel abt gay ppl since it's forbidden and the biggest sin in islam. Do u think its ok for me to not care abt it and to leave the judgment to allah ?! SORRY FOR THIS LONGASS ASK THNX

first off, let me correct you. it isn’t the biggest sin in islam. shirk is.
second off, wym “do you think it’s ok for me to not care abt it” it ain’t ur business anyway just don’t be homophobic and let them live? i don’t rly understand why ppl care about someone’s sexuality. yea it might be a sin (from the religious perspective ofc) but it’s between them and god.
it doesn’t make them any less human.

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I was wondering what Killer's ideal partner would be like for both genders? Also absolutely love your blog!

Thank u so much angel!


  • somebody who is both smart and sweet and patient
  • He would love it if his partner was on the teasing side, but like in pretty subtle not that obvious way
  • huge bright smiles are good in his book
  • He would love it if his partner and him would share the same interests, be it the cooking, training and working out together or even making fun together over Kid or Killer’s hair
  • I do think that they also should be on good terms with Kid, that would probs be important to Killer

physical appearance

  • ok so I don’t really think Killer would make that much of a difference between genders
  • likes them smol, because he is pretty tall himself, its just cute
  • but still muscular and athletic and all
  • should be wearing glasses
  • short hair in a light hair color (preferably brown or blonde)

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if i were famous and jeongguk did a cover of my song i would full on release a cover of a bts song as well as a five minute video of me crying while listening to his cover one of this jungkook shit

ok hear me out sis. whn u get with the big labels nd jungkook does a cover do th unexpected. cover his cover of your cover. catch him by surprise keep him on his toes we cnt have him thinking hes got th world wrapped around his vocal cords 

right now we’re all talking abt organising, taking action, n like, for those of us who can, great – that’s exactly what we should be doing. but anyone who can’t, for whatever reason that may be, let me remind u: you are not failing anyone.

at the end of the day, the most important thing for all of us is that as many of us as possible survive. the biggest threat to the systems that oppress us is our continued survival. and so we therefore have 2 look after ourselves as well as after others. i promise u, ur not failing anyone. we can all only do what we can, and sometimes that’s simply being around to support our friends

bts brainstorming for their mama stage
  • rapmon: ok im thinking the dance line should do something each
  • jhope: me and jimin could do like a duo performance
  • jimin: can i be blindfolded
  • bts: why
  • jimin: :)
  • bts: ???
  • jimin: :))
  • rapmon: ANYWAYS
  • rapmon: jin and v why don't u guys show off ur acting skills
  • jin: ok yea, im on board
  • v: same, yes, ok, im thinking, like, really intense bedroom vibes with me revealing my shoulders for like 2 seconds then me and jin hyung breathing really heavily in close proxmity, with a very slight but very subtle grin at the end that MIGHT or might not be sexually suggestive depending on how u take it
  • bts: what
  • jin: what
  • v: what

11 p.m. is for single mothers
who cradle a glass of wine in their fingers
and wait for the sound of a child crying
they hope will never come—
it always does.

12 a.m. is for high school students
to do homework they didn’t have time to do
after lacrosse practice and dance rehearsal—
they yearn to rest their tired eyes
but cannot.

1 a.m. is for sneaking into your bedroom
on a school night at seventeen,
reminding yourself how tired
you will be in the morning,
convincing yourself it was worth it.

2 a.m. is for star-crossed lovers
rolling in bed sheets smelling of
alcohol and tragic dreams that
ironically lull them to sleep.

3 a.m. is for hopeless romantics
wishing under late-night skies
for someone to talk to,
for someone who gets it.

And all of those people think
they’ve got it bad, but
when 4 a.m. rolls around the corner,
the past sinks into your veins—

4 a.m. is too late for anyone to save you,
for when 4 a.m. tells you,
“You can’t do this anymore,”
you believe it.

—  4 a.m.
glitch pokemon ratings

h POKé

a very very tall boy and a good friend!!! likes to sing a lot! they have many different songs! has crashed my game trying to sing before but THATS OK IM PROUD OF THEM ANYWAY!!!! 10/10

ゥL ゥM 4

ANOTHER GREAT AND VERY TALENTED SINGER!! only has one song but seems very excited to share it with you!! keeps singing for u even when u close the menu! i love them. 10/10


I Feel Like They Are Threatening Me. they are VERY bright red they look angry. I think they have a superglitch move. Still a great pal tho im sure they are doing their best. 8/10

♀ .

a great and talented friend! her favorite color is dark purple so she covers ur whole screen with it! she wants to sing for u but sometimes she sings infinitely and u cant do anything about it. i am still proud of her. 10/10

ゥ .4

very small? what are u doing all the way up there. please come down. 8/10


a very special and VERY hard to obtain friend! looks like a magnemite! can evolve into 6 different pokemon!!! i would love to meet one someday!! 10/10


they do not want to see u they dont like battles. i would appreciate if they just asked me to leave instead of crashing the game. 7/10

’M (FF variant)

a mischievous and cool boy! they look like a charizard! likes to pretend to be ur cancel button and HATES pokemon centers. 10/10

4 4

YELLS. very LOUD. gets too excited for ur battle they bring too many friends and fill ur screen with them and crash ur game. i have never had a successful battle with them. sometimes makes pikachu noises? 9/10


the classic! a wonderful friend!! always so happy to see u that they give u items as a thanks!! 10/10


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]

“punching nazis is wrong!!” you shout, wearing a captain america t-shirt and star wars sweatpants. “it solves nothing!” you cry as you begin to watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. “hate breeds hate!” you hold your X-men and Hellboy action figures closer to you and sob into your embroidered Wonder Woman pillow

list of things girls do that make me 10xs gayer:

  • when you do something silly and you laugh it off but they r also laughing and i just… thank u for cleansing my soul with ur beautiful laugh
  • when they genuinely smile at you and ur just thinking “what good deed did i do to deserve this blessing”
  • when theyre talking about something they like and they get excited and tell you everything about it and its so pure
  • did i mention their laughs? girls laughs are all pure and amazing
  • when they do literally anything
  • girls are all so wonderful
  • i love girls
  • you are all literally so beautiful ok
  • all of you
  • i love girls so much
  • this post 100% includes trans girls you are all wonderful
  • and excludes t//e//r//f//s / t//w//e//r//f//s and s//w//e//r//f//s yall can choke

you know i keep seeing young jack morrison portrayed one of two ways in the fandom and it’s either “uwu innocent bb who doesn’t do anything wrong” or “grade A insufferable asshole” but i prefer to think of him more as the equivalent of “stressed out college student the week before finals who’s running low on sleep and cranked up on caffeine and is one step away from a breakdown because this is too much responsibility he clearly wasn’t ready for and now he’s just winging it i guess”

idk I just wanted 2 thank @shametv b4 the season ends for going out of her way to translate every clip and episode for us and like I think I speak for at least 75% of the non-Norwegian fandom when I say that we would not be able to watch it or even be here at all without you so like… thank u seriously thank you so So much for doing this I am so eternally grateful sorry if this is weird but thanks


fdkjfh ok so my friend @homo-in-disguise wanted me to do that thing where u talk abt characters u dont know a damn thing abt bc those are always fun sO here’s 2 hours worth of me talking abt transformers
ze gave me the names & i just guessed everything else

some doodle-y warmups of @cat-pun‘s Ophelia (drawn with minimal reference forgive me)