do u think this is a game son


We f i g h t every night for s o m e t h i n g —
but when the sun sets, we’re both the same . (x)

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dekusquad vs bakusquad in games

they’re all so d u m b it gives me life

  • so competitive ;;;;;
    • you can smell it in the air. it’s terrifying.
    • it’s mostly tense between bakugou and midoriya tho ksdfjlksadaj
  • see, midoriya is hard to dislike so bakusquad is relatively calm around him and his team
    • they want to win tho. so they’re not 100% nice
      • kaminari has this evil glint in his eye like. he’s absolutely about to fuck shit up
      • kirishima has this smirk on his face and ashido looks coy, like she knows something that everyone else doesn’t
      • sero’s ready to kick tdrki’s ass in revenge for the sports fes
      • …they’re actually a p scary group now that i think about it
    • “Are you sure, Kacchan.”
    • “M A D  F U C K I N G  C A L M  D E K U.”
    • “Sure.”
  • on the other hand dekusquad is No Chill
    • uraraka looks uh. terrifying
      • see bakusquad thought she’d be like this since it’s just a game and all 
        • except bakugou, since he actually fought her before and Knows
      • but in reality she was like this
        • which, honestly, they should’ve expected
    • todoroki has his typical Resting Bitch Face but like. you can tell he’s itching to win and iida. iida my boy. my son. he’s serious. he’s so ready for this. oh my god 
    • deku has his confident face on and ohhh boy he’s about to Do Something Big
      • also a v scary group now that i think about it
  • they’re ready. they’re gonna kick each other’s asses…
    • …in monopoly

Kevin W. Day

He and Wymack are never gonna have a normal dad & son relationship, they aren’t going to start acting like that because it would feel forced. And honestly, they don’t need that tension between them. More than a dad, David is his coach. It isn’t until a week before graduation, he realises that from now own, he is not going to see coach everyday, he is not going to bicker around with him about the new foxes, he won’t be able to run to his house if Riko haunts him again.

He is going to lose him. He is going to be left alone again. That’s what Kevin thinks at least. He gets anxious. He realises that for the past years he hasn’t done enough. He hasn’t proved that he cares, that he loves him, that the day he found out about David being his dad, was the best day of his life. He hasn’t call him dad, since the match against the ravens. He is scared. He doesn’t want this.

He needs to show him how much having him in his life means.

So he thinks what to do, he even writes a list with ideas, speeches, something good enough to prove his feelings, just once, just to make sure Coach knows.

He finds a way. The only way he thinks it’s suitable to do it.

Graduation day comes and David, Abby, Bee, the foxes and Thea come to see him graduate. His name is about to get called, but he isn’t nervous, he is ready, he realises, he is ready to hear it, for the first time. For the rest of his life.

“Kevin Wymack Day.”

He stands and takes his diploma, he smiles, but it’s not one of his fake-for-the-press smiles. It’s a genuine smile. He catches with his peripheral vision the foxes reaction, they are shocked, no, surprised, it takes a few moments for them to react but when they do they start cheering and clapping for two minutes before they can stop. But Kevin doesn’t mind, he has his full attention on his father’s face, he stares at him, as if he was challenging him, with “Problem?” Written all over his face. David just smiles and nods, then he lowers his head and for the fucking first time the foxes are going to see something unbelievable, something they would have never expected, their Coach is crying. For Kevin, seeing that feels like happiness, it feels right. It feels like he would always have him.

That is enough. They both understand. They would never have a normal dad & son relationship, so what? They are dad and son. That is enough. They love each other. That is enough. No words needed, just actions.

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i really wanted to thank you so much for the gay lon'qu art. we really need it. i also wanted to ask you what do you think of lon'qu/basilio? it can be a good father/son relationship, but i think there's more to that. i mean c'mon lon'qu is definitely crushing on basilio hard during the games

he definitely has a huge puppy crush on basilio!! also i dug up some doodles i never posted here


So, this has probably been done before, but… The Last Unicorn AU?? I’ve got so many ideas guys and it’s semi egobang and barry/ross (screw me i dont know the name aksdjngkadjg) so you know it’s the good stuff.


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who do you think is the most attractive guy in all the shows u watch?

Y'lan Noel in Insecure

Gong Yoo in anything

Aldis Hodge in Underground

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

Adam Rodriguez in Jane The Virgin/Empire

Andy Whitfield (RIP) in Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries

Kofi Siriboe in Queen Sugar

Alfred Enoch in How To Get Away With Murder

Alexander Skargsgard in True Blood

Iwan Rheon/Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in Misfits

Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones

Idris Elba in The Wire

Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead

Chris Wood in The Vampire Diaries

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

that’s all I can think of right now.

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I'm so ready to punch Yoshihime oh my god pls let me fight this woman or take away her status just something pls

okay u don’t wanna get me into this fam like i have So Much Salt about the way this damn game handles the yoshihime situation

not only do you have terumune telling his son in his dying words to take care of his wife even though yoshihime has been canon emotionally abusing (and I think implied physical–don’t quote me on that, but I also wouldn’t be surprised lmfao) masamune his whole life, you then have MC who keeps encouraging him to “reconcile” with his mother. why are we writing a story about forgiving/accepting/going back to your abusers??? fuck off I don’t want to see anymore yoshihime unless it’s masamune denouncing her somehow I’m done lmfao

tl;dr stop making masamune go back to his abuser he doesn’t owe yoshihime shit

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You mentioned how there's a lot of yellowface and white washing in this community, could you elaborate on this at all? Not trying to start drama, I just want to be culturally sensitive and not piss anyone off

5000% sure im gonna get some shit anons after this but o well lmao…these are just a couple examples. like say for instance someone does a townie makeover on like hm penny pizzazz and instead of keeping her true 2 her canonical form (vis a vis townie makeover), they lighten her skin and alter her features 2 be of a eurocentric standard which is totallllllllll bulllshittttttttttt lMAO “makeover” my ass. this is the most common kinda shit u see on simblr. and then the yellowface example was derived from when some sim youtuber literally changed their face tone to match one of the asian dads from that daddies game like um hunny u can’t do that shit. u see a lot of this bullshit on a lot of parts of simblr/yt sim channels and i don’t keep track of every instance bc it’s fucking tiring to see as a poc like nah son im just gonna continue minding my own business. and im gonna prep for some anons who think they know everything What a Fun Time!

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wymack, deep long suffering sigh: "wheres matt and neil", silence then "matt do u think i could piggy back you?" and thats the story of how the foxes found neil running to the court with matt on his back, "if i run into matts arms he will surely catch me", someone: "why do always hang off each other?" neil, literally in matts lap: "idk what u mean", neil: (makes joke) matt, throwing himself at dan: "our son, hes growing up so fast" "matthew why"


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If I didn't know any better I'd think Batman 34 was partly King's response to Tynion writing Dick as this future loser who'd actually ditch Damian when it was convenient for him. Like, King loves the younger Dynamic Duo and I bet he did not appreciate Tynion devaluing Dick's character or his extreme love for Damian. Makes me wonder how other writers, like Seeley, Tomasi, or Lobdell, took Tynion's vision of the main universe for their main bat characters. Xp

I mean, I’ve this personal conviction that comic writers don’t actually read any other current comics unless they’re forced to, but I like the idea of King or Seeley or Lobdlell (to mention only the current writers) to read up Tynion’s idea of their character and be like, you know what? fuck u, and just revenge-writing against his bullshit (’cause that alternative future is bullshit, I think we all agree on this. Oh yeah, Dick abandoning his family to go on a do what? Selling ice cream? And Jason becoming some old, depressed junkie? You come to my house to insult my son like that?? And honestly, when are we going to drop the Damian’s gonna be evil thing? It’s been 10 years. Pls stop).  

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Gaster What do u think about your son? You think your son are your experience?

“I-If you’re trying to ask OLDER me, then he’s not here. He went out with Miandra. Who knows why though.” - Gaster

“But my “sons” are fun to be around! I never had that much friends at school. But here is a nice place to play games and stuff” - Gaster

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*kicks down door* well well well, if it isnt me again?! lol sorry im weird. can you pleaaaaase do a reaction post of the rfa+v+saeren reacting to this crazy japanese sim game called 'uma no prince sama'? search it up, and you'll see. >:D have fun~!

okay…so…i actually searched up the thing you asked me for. and…WHAT THE FREAK MY DUDE?! Ladies and gents, behold the odd case of Uma No Prince Sama, aka, Horse Prince.’ Or as I like to call it: Jumin’s Face Photoshopped onto a Horse Prince.

i………….dont………know if proper words can express my intrigue and horror. I mean, LOOK AT THAT THING. that’s some @sixpenceee​ shit right there lololololololol. (sixpencee if you actually see this, i apologize for tagging you with a post containing an out-of-context horse abomination and mystic-hell trash.) ANYWAY this is gonna be one hell of a crack post.


  • he saw you glue-eyed on your phone screen, your face completely red from both blushing and failing to contain uncontrollable giggling
  • tip-toeing, he sneaks up behind you to take a glimpse at the screen to see what’s making you so flustered
  • and BAM. he sees a picture of some…horse…man…thing 
  • it has a pretty attractive face
  • and it looks like jumin?
  • he stands there, frozen, trying to comprehend what he’s seeing
  • all that’s going through his mind is:
  • ???????
  • kinda tip-toes backwards back to whence he came from, red-faced himself, and decides it best not to dwell on the matter


  • he comes home early from rehearsal one day, greeted by an adorable sight of you sleeping on the couch
  • seeing a chance to wake you up with a kiss, he leans in, and….
  • your phone’s screen lights up. zen’s not one for intruding on your privacy, so he would’ve left it alone
  • but…
  • wait - is that a picture of a guy?
  • instead of being woken up to a kiss, you find zen sitting on the edge of the couch, hunched over your phone, just staring at the screen whispering and repeating to himself, ‘what the fuck?’
  • i mean, same zenny-boy


  • you decided to show the game to jaehee because you wanted to get a reaction out of her 
  • cuz she’s just an adorable lil’ nugget when she’s caught off guard
  • so when you got a cutscene pic with yuuma, you showed it to her in the middle of this report she was typing up
  • she tries dismissing you, saying, “MC, please, i’m trying -”
  • she pauses
  • she squints real close at ur phone screen
  • she squints real close back at you
  • jaehee takes something of her pocket
  • it’s a rosary bracelet 
  • and dead-ass she looks at you in the eyes and she says, “you know, it’s never too late to convert”
  • lololololol the power of crack imagines


  • you didn’t realize he was watching you play the game over your shoulder for a good fifteen minutes
  • god he can be such a creeper
  • he asks you what you were playing, and you say with as much dignity you could muster, “a horse dating sim”
  • but what he does next really surprises you
  • “may i play it?”
  • uhm. what?
  • flabbergasted, you hand your phone over
  • the next half hour, this man plays a freaking horse dating simulator, with a complete straight face
  • he even tells you strategies he’s planning to use for the game so he can win more affection with yuuma
  • omg
  • he’s actually serious
  • he’s taking this weird fucking little game seriously
  • @mrjuminhan what the fuck
  • you leave him to his devices as he plays the rest of the game
  • that evening, he returns your phone, announcing he finished the game
  • “say MC, that horse’s face looks an awful lot like mine. what do you think?”
  • you blush and dive way, because MAYBE that’s why you downloaded the trash game in the first place


  • this meme loser finds the game before you do
  • in fact, both of you downloaded the app so you can laugh your asses off together
  • relationship goals smh
  • once you two find out you both own the game it becomes a competition of: who can swoon the man-horse faster?
  • saeyoung legits spends money to buy more in-game currency to speed up gameplay
  • same here saeyoung *glances at mystic messenger*
  • like omg wat are u doing my son why are u throwing ur money at it
  • you two do over-the-top soap-opera voice acting for the heroine and yuuma, adding snogging and kissing noises to top off your stellar performance
  • saeren is disgusted
  • why does he live with you two. why does he have to live with this bullshit
  • w h y 
  • release saeren from tomfoolery 2k16
  • once you point out to saeyoung the horse’s face looks like jumin, he drops all his shit screeching, “I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO DO”
  • and something important it is indeed
  • the next day, he spams the messaging app with photoshopped pictures of the RFA
  • these pictures being the RFA’s members faces cropped and edited onto horses. 
  • saeyoung: horse memes
  • messaging app: chaos
  • saeyoung is forcibly removed from the app
  • his work here is done


  • joke’s on all y’all he’s blind
  • LMAO im terrible


  • “MC. MC, i’m worried”
  • this poor stale cinnamon roll seriously questions the relationship he has with you for a good three minutes when he finds out about the game
  • he just - 
  • he doesnt understand
  • this child cant wrap his mind around it
  • why would you want…to…date horses????
  • hush, hush sweet prince, dont mind ur strawberry head over it
  • kinda just accepts it (he went through the stages of grief all in ten minutes lolololol) but asks you not to show the freaky horse-dude again
  • gives him the heebie-jeebies. eugh.

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do u have any jon hcs

  • he isn’t 100% straight
  • when he and arya were younger and she’d have nightmares he’d stay in her room and hold her till she fell asleep
  • he’s so “proud” of his hair partially because it’s one of the only things that makes him feel like a real stark; he has the northern features even robb doesn’t 
  • he’s never sung in front of anyone (not on purpose anyway except maybe to his younger siblings when they were too young to remember) but he actually has a nice voice
  • if they had been together for longer, he would’ve given arya lessons in fighting

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What's ur favorite color and movie/tv/book/game??? Do u think they have anything to do with eachother??

fave color: pink (duh)
movie: Seven Samurai
TV: Gilmore Girls
Book: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
Game: Infamous: Second Son

omg idk if they have anything to do with each other??? i mean, to me, pink means being in touch with my sensitive and feminine side so it makes sense that i like books and shows like mentioned above??? other than that idk

thanks for the ask!!! 💝💝💝

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Hey Alphys! Still remember when Sans played Lion King game and told you about heir? So... what if he only wanted a son? But what if baby is girl and he would abandon ya for that?

Alphys: ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) !!


Alphys:   ‘`( ꒪Д꒪),、 W-Wha-?

-anxiety intensifying-

Alphys: … V-Very funny, anon…  ..・ヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ   Don’t think he’d ever do that…

Alphys: …. But….  (^ω^ ≡ °д°)   Gosh… W-What if it’s true?! SANS!

/// (look at what u did to Alphys :P)