do u remember when this show was good i do

who dares me to spend $100+ on makeup (i dont even wear makeup)

Y’all remember how in the very first season, Chris helped Alicia when crossing the fence and she punched him in the face? and NEVER apologized? we had a scene between Travis treating Chris’ bruise and talking him about accepting his new family

From the moment 1, Chris rejected the idea of a new family and Travis has forced this idea on him

Travis even sacrificed himself when Alicia came to rescue him, telling her to go by herself

The Manawas have ALWAYS been up for the Clarks, but they (SPECIALLY MADISON) have NEVER ever regarded them as part of their family. (exception of pretty little Nick u too good for this world)

Rememer how Madison blamed Liza when they took Nick away? REMEMBER THAT?

Remember how Liza asked Maddison to end her life, not letting Travis do it, and she didn’t fucking do it?

Remember fucking *everyone* risking their lives to save Nick in the first season? Remember that?

Madison Clark has always demanded everyone’s full devotion and loyalty but she’s given very little (to nothing) back to the Manawa’s. Daniel Salazar knows this too well and I think we are all being fooled cause we only see her point of view.

This entire show gives us the premise of the project of a family with obstacles. And maybe the answer is that blood always wins.

              ❝ good day , this is the pink ranger speaking . IN CASE OF AN ALIEN ENCOUNTER , we want you to : 1 . stop what you’re doing and no matter how important it is , 2 . lower your head real fast , 3 . run like something’s after you because that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you’re there , 4 watch out for the MEGAZORDS , but especially the black ranger’s one , 6 . watch out for the red ranger slapping ALIENS AND THINGS . thank you . ❞