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Prompt: one where everyone thinks punk!Dan is top cause Phil is all soft and stuff and then people r like "Dan's a top" or whatever and Dan goes along with it and then Phil ends up showing Dan who is the real top (this can be as kinky as u desire) (but daddy kink please) :)

thank you, for this, I love this


Dan had always been the more protective boyfriend. He was grumpy, and glared at anyone who looked his and Phil’s way. He was a punk for heaven’s sake! In every meaning of the word. He beat others up if they deserved it, his fringe was died red, his lip was pierced, his ears covered in metal, eyes lined with liner, tattoos covered his arms, and he had some badass clothes to go along with his badass lifestyle.

And Phil? Well, Phil was the total opposite. He dressed in light blue jeans, sometimes midnight blue if he was feeling it, and a pastel green shirt to match. He wore flower crowns and white shoes and giggled while cherry blossoms floated down peacefully around him. But, Phil definitely showed his protectiveness in a different way.


Phil was currently held under Dan’s arm around his shoulder, the couple eating at a picnic table outside of the school for lunch. Dan’s friends surrounded them, all yelling and throwing food. When a crisp landed atop Phil’s head, Dan growled, his friend staring in shock with his mouth agape.


A chorus of ‘oh’s echoed around the table, and Dan looked at his boyfriend, carefully taking the crisp from his hair, fixing his flower crown, and then promptly looking at his friend who was profusely apologizing.

“Keep your nasty, chemically produced, wheat, away from my boyfriend.” Dan warned.

“Don’t get your boyfriend’s panties in a twist, Dan, or is it too late for that?” His friend, Jess, joked, the table erupting in laughs as Phil’s cheeks flushed at the assumption.

“Do they not know you have your own panties?” Phil whispered quietly into Dan’s ear, a small smirk playing at his lips. Dan choked on his drink, eyes looking wildly around the table to see if anyone had heard.

“Phil!” He scolded.

“Oh, it looks like Phil’s ass is in for it tonight!” Another friend, Al, said. “Don’t worry, Phil, I’m sure Dan will take good care of you.”

“I’m sure he will.” Phil said quietly enough that only Dan heard him, the younger’s heart beating a little faster.

“Maybe we should get ready for class.” Dan said, taking Phil’s hand, who giggled as all his friends implied that Phil was getting fucked.


“Well, that was something.” Phil said as he and Dan made it to his room. Dan plopped down on Phil’s pale blue sheets, toeing off his black boots.

“If you’re referring to lunch, then agreed.” Dan sighed. “I didn’t tell them anything, just so you know. I don’t care what they think.”

“As long as it’s not you getting fucked, right?” Phil smirked, crawling onto the bed and straddling Dan’s waist.

“I mean,” Dan shrugged, “It keeps up my rep.”

“Oh, and what about mine, Mr. ‘Top’”? Phil teased, fingers already digging into the top of Dan’s pants, resting there tauntingly.

“But you’re so cute, I don’t think anyone could think about you explicitly without feeling like they’re sinning and need to cleansed.” Dan said, his own thumbs coming to his pants to push them down his hips, underwear sliding down too. Phil pulled them the rest of the way off, taking Dan’s socks with them.

“Oh yeah? What about you, silly boy?” Phil presses, taking his shirt off, flower crown already on his dresses.

“God, you make me sin, Phil, of course I need to be cleansed.” Dan said, crawling on top of Phil, bottom half bare.

“Now, now, baby boy, use your words.” Phil reprimanded, hands on Dan’s naked hips, fingers crawling up his shirt. Dan chuckled, a small blush coming to his cheeks. God, if his friends could see him now. He bit his lip ring, the words on his tongue making him hesitate.

“Sorry, Daddy, been desperate to be on you.” He said, his own fingers on Phil’s chest as he leaned down to kiss him.

Phil nipped at Dan’s lip, the piercing cool against his warm mouth. When he pulled away, Dan chased him, a laugh leaving Phil’s mouth.

“You’ve been a little naughty, Dan.” Phil said, grabbing handfuls of Dan’s plump bottom. Dan groaned, pushing back into Phil’s hands.

“Just been needy, Daddy, sorry.” Dan explained.

“Then you won’t mind that pretty mouth be put to better use, huh?” Phil asked, his fingers pulling Dan’s chin up so he looked at him, Phil’s finger tugging on Dan’s lip.

“Uh-uh, Daddy, I don’t mind. Love your cock.” Dan responded, slowly crawling down Phil’s body, placing small kisses on his torso.

Phil admired the tattoos on Dan’s skin, the pale contrast to the dark symbols and figures a beautiful sight. He looked at Dan’s ass in the air as the latter worked on getting his pants down, and his cock twitched.

“So pretty for Daddy, aren’t you, baby boy?” Phil cooed, his hand running through Dan’s hair.

Dan hummed distractedly as he took Phil’s cock in hand, lips opening up to suck on the tip, trying to get his Daddy to full hardness.

“So good, Dan, so good.” Phil praised and Dan moaned, taking Phil further. He pulled off and ran his tongue all around Phil’s length to get him wet, and then took Phil in his mouth almost completely. “Give me your fingers.” Phil ordered, and Dan did as he was told, his hand coming up to Phil as the older sucked them in his mouth, his spit coating three of Dan’s digits, before taking them out “Finger yourself, baby boy.”

Dan panted around Phil’s cock at the order, his hand going to his entrance and easing a finger into his hole as Phil watched, his fingers laced in Dan’s hair, eyes firmly on his lips taking Phil’s cock and Dan’s ass taking his fingers.

“So full, aren’t you, Dan? What would your friends say? Seeing you choke on my cock? Seeing you take your own fingers so…desperately. You look so good, Dan, feel so good.” Phil tipped his head back as Dan sucked him deeper, and moaned when he looked back at Dan slipping his fingers in and out of himself.

Dan moaned when he added his third finger into himself, the feeling of fullness coming over him and he all but drooled on Phil’s cock, making wet noises as he slurped and sucked around him. He caught Phil’s eyes and didn’t look away as he opened his throat and sunk down on Phil’s length, making him moan and clutch his head as he dragged himself in and out of Dan’s mouth slowly, sensuously.

“Gonna cum, baby boy, you can come, too.” Dan quickened his pace with his fingers and mouth, shoving his digits in himself so that he hit his prostate. He licked around Phil’s cockhead, collecting the ever-growing precum and Phil’s hips stuttered before Dan sped up, going down to the hilt of Phil’s cock and then back up to lick the slit.

Phil felt his abdomen tighten as heat gathered in his groin, and with a moan of Dan’s name he was coming down his throat. Dan sucked him through it, licking the slit one last time to get all his cum before he pulled off, panting.

Dan stood on his knees, fingers still thrusting into himself, and his hand, no longer holding him up, went around to tug and pull at his needy cock.

Phil watched with a smile and still-lusty eyes as Dan whimpered. He sat up on his own knees, going to Dan. He replaced Dan’s hand with his own and smeared precum along his cock. He kissed up Dan’s neck and the latter moaned, his fingers speeding up inside him.

“I’m gonna cum, Daddy, oh, feels so good!” He whined, and Phil kissed him right on the lips as he moaned and whined, his orgasm splitting through him, Dan’s cum spilling over Phil’s hand. “Fuck, Daddy.” He moaned as Phil kept tugging in his spent cock. “I’m-I’m, it hurts, Daddy.”

Phil laughed, finally removing his hand from Dan. “You were so good for me, Dan, made me feel so good.” He praised.

Dan smiled happily, hands reaching up to tug Phil’s hair to bring him into a lazy, sleepy kiss.

“God, if my friends knew what a babe you are, I think they’d cum in their pants.”

“Shut up!” Phil blushed, giggling into the kiss.

“Although, I think I came in my pants when–”


“Okay, okay, sorry.”

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You've seen Wonder Woman right? Could you do some Klance headcanon with the dance scene in the village where Keith and Lance dance together as the snow starts falling around them and they kiss? (You can change it up of course like they are on another planet and it's possibly galra!keith and atlean!lance or whatever up to you).

 ((I’ll try my best! Imma add some of my brotp too and slight plot. also warning there is a very slight shallura thing but its basically invisible))

- so basically this is all canon verse right? (taking place somewhere in season two, after the blade of balmera kind of, allura is not in “i hate keith” mode)

- Team Voltron want to take a break but can’t really decide on what to pick

    * pidge wants forest planet, hunk wants ground stuff etc.

- then our boy Lance was like, “DUDE, SNOW PLANET AND ICE”

     * “Can we make snowmen??” “Yes of course Hunk.”

     * Allura and Coran are like “boi wtquiznak is snow”

     * “Oh yes, we had something like that on Altea, although it wasn’t white or cold, more like hard, warm, and yellow looking trapezoids that fell from the sky!” 

     * “…what…”

- they go to a planet called “Noelle” (get it? it mean Noel lmao) and Lance is super freaking excited because he is cuban boy and has never seen snow except for on TV

     * keith, pidge, and shiro are all “0_o?!” (hunk is in the background explaining what snow is)

      * whats weird is that for the rest of the day keith begins to stare at lance for some odd reason, always just in the corner of his eye with an unreadable expression

- once they landed, all of them were disappointed to see that there was no snow (the planet is covered with some trees that have no leaves or branches, also all the paladin wear jackets and warm jeans with the symbols and color of their normal paladin armor)

     * “It must be that this planets star is to close for precipitation” allura said

     * everyone is sad but all eager to explore the planet and its people

- shiro, coran, allura greet the peoples leaders and started to walk with them, leaving the rest of the paladins to do what they want (the people of this planet kind of look like Balamerain only more Golem looking)

    * “Don’t follow any strangers, don’t take any weird substances, don’t start any trouble, stay hydrated, spend your money wisely, and if you need help just call me okay?” “Yes space dad, Shiro.” “And make sure lance doesn’t loose his lion again.” “HEY!”

- pidge and hunk go off together to look at some interesting stone looking robots and check out some hot chocolate like drink

- this leaves keith and lance to explore because coran made sure that they could be in groups

      * lance is of course annoyed by this and keith was indifferent (although he totally thinking of the many ways they could bond)

       * “Why do I have to stick with you?” “You don’t. *walking away” “Hey get back here!”

- they walk into the town and many people greet them their, always cooing over how short and cute they were (b/c these ppl r tall)

        * one of them actually picks keith up and lance is dying of laughter, even though seconds after wards he gets picked up as well 

      * “well i knew chicks would try to pick me up but this isn’t what i had in mind.” “*jealous glare from keith*” “what you jealous?” “no…”

- they both actually have a good time with each other, even though they teased each other over interests (”You actually want to look at knives?” “What’s the big deal over skin care products?”)

- the day also features some blushing lance because, since these people wear armor literally all the time, they are interested in their squishy skin

      * some alien lift ups keith shirt, who just gets really confused and awkward like that time that Arusain hugged him him (”man, u r cuddly.” “thank you.”)

     * lance just turned around and chokes a little and helplessly stares at him for a while (he gets redder when keith actually starts to giggle for being poked in the stomach) and lowkey a little jealous

        * “lance you have been glaring at the ground for ten minutes, whats wrong?” “n-nothing shut up mullet!” “??!?!”

- soon the day is over and its almost time to go (the planets day is shorter than earths) and before they leave, the queens (yes plural) of Noelle in insist a party underneath the purple, cloudy sky

- so everyone begins dancing and stuff (still hasn’t snowed yet, tho it looks like it) and the hot chocolate, which actually tastes like cherries, is going around for free

      * lol so it turns out its alcoholic and shiro has to take care of a drunken coran and allura

      * “Heyyyy daddy, you wanna *hic* use t-that Galrrraaa hand fer somethin’ else?,?” “Princesssssss nuuuu.” “Shuushhh, orange face, daddy is mine.”

     * shiro is so embarrassed and pidge is taking blackmail pictures while lance and keith are having trouble breathing over it

     * “Shiro I don’t think you should be drinking that.” “hunk, my son, this is the only way i can stay sane” 

- cue the slow dance (which kind of sounds like this, play it when reading bruh, but the instruments are huge lamp looking things) its not really that slow but the aliens around them all act like it is sooo (this is all taking place in the middle of a town, like the one in wonder women, only without threes and humans of course)

- Lance taps Keith’s arm and when he turns to him, he immediately forgets what he was going to say and gets a little flustered 

          * “Do you– uhM…like…wanna move feet with me?” “* concerned voice* Lance, did you have anything to drink?” “Hhhhhh nevermind, j-just stop being so annoying god Keith.” 

- But before Lance can stalk away to sulk in his failure, two aliens push them to the center of the dance ring thing.

       * they both are stunned but before lance could make a joke, keith put his hand in lances, not looking at him. lances heart gave a jump and put his other hand in keiths hand so now they are holding hands (the red paladin is blushing so hard rn cause he did not accept this cute boy to do that)

      * since their both just holding hands they kind of sway for a while before keith becomes bold it up and starts to swing them around

- Lance laughs at Keith and spins as well, soon they’re just swirling in time with the music and kicking legs with the beat slowly (occasionally one tires to dip the other, which was a hilarious and sweet sight for hunk and pidge to see)

      * When Lance tries to dip Keith, it actually works and lance brags about it with a grin (”Ha told you I could do it!” “Whatever Lance, bring me up now.”) and keith is kind of loving it

     * When Keith tries to dip Lance, it works but lances face was in pure shock and fear, he wasn’t excepting it, (”Warn me next time jesus!) and keith just snorts and spins him back up to cradle (XD) him in his arms (”Shut up, you’re just a baby” he teases)

- And then suddenly, its starts to snow, but the snow is purple, but its snow. Lance and Keith stop dancing to look up at the sky, panting from dancing, the air was suddenly cold so it made puffs. (crowd is in awe and even allura and coran sober up a little to watching)

- Lance breathes out a gasp as it flutters around them and one their faces, and Keith sticks out his tongue to catch some. (its adorable, so lance does so as well) And now the Golem people and their queen are humming a tune like this only maybe lower pitched, their eyes and chest glowing purple now to match the snow (even the kid Noelles are doing it lol)

- It just keeps going over and over again and Keith and Lance are glancing around themselves and both look at each other and are about to say something with big grins, but they fade away in the background.

       * Lance gets distracted by the snow in Keith’s dark hair, his flushing red cheeks, and what really takes his breath away is his violent eyes that were glowing with the light surrounding them.

       * Keith gets distracted by the warmth he suddenly feels in Lance’s hands, the way the others face looked softer with snow danced across it, and what really takes his breath away is his blue eyes seemed to be soaking in the light around them just to put it there.

- As the tune starts over again and again, they moved a little closer (they swore later it was only because of the cold) and before they knew it, the noses brushed against each other, Lance gulped down some butterflies, Keith’s drew in a sharp inhale.

         * and that is literally all they did for a couple of moments, just brushing noses like they were giving each other Eskimo kisses while their hands were stuck between their bodies

- Keith and Lance were obviously getting nervous, so nervous that Keith actually began aggressively nuzzle Lance’s face in panic (the aliens around them were still humming, although they shot some confused looks to the pair, like, “what are they doing to their face parts?”) 

- Lance laughed nervously and breathlessly and finally spoke, “Hahahh, uhm, t-thank you?” to which Keith replies as natural as possible, “Just uhh, keeping your face warm?”

- The blue and red paladin stare at each other. Then they both make the decision to warm each other even more, they kiss.

       * Keith tilts he head and kisses deeper, while Lance kisses back lightly

      * They don’t exactly kiss more after the first one so much as smooch each others lips multiple times in little tingles and brushes

- They’re faces are so red when they stop for the first time and both let out breathes of laughter, the music has stopped and their is chatting going on around them. So they step back from each other. Lance laughed harder but Keith was the first one to speak again, “Did you like the snow?” he mumbled. In reply Lance said, “Yeah, its pretty cool.”

- They didn’t kiss or talk about the kiss for the rest of the night but stick close to each other and softly just joked around and teased one another

      * btw pidge, hunk, and shiro got so mad because pidge’s camera died before it culd capture them kissing, but they never tell keith and lance that they saw. at least they caught them dancing (the two blush everytime the mention it)

- At the end though, Keith turned to Lance and just stared at him, beaming. Lance beamed back, because now they had an unspoken secret between them. And they loved it.

        * side note: coran and allura got major hangovers, the paladin had to take care of them and make some kind of weird Altean medicine that lance dumped over keith’s head and laughed. keith promptly punched him in the face. don’t worry though, they both still are in major like/love territory 

((WELP I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THAT! This took me like two hours, also i lowkey never watched Wonder Woman and had to look up what you were talking about. i’m 99% sure this was the most fluffiest thing I have ever wrote))      

All the Book Covers | Book Design

Hey People of Earth!

I feel really awful because I’ve been MIA on here, so I wanted to give you a bit of an update + show you a few covers I made. I’ll keep the update short but to get to it, I’m still a little sick (throat has stopped hurting THANK GOD), but I’ve not been on here because I’ve been so busy. I know, tired excuse, but jeez, did not expect to be doing so much this last week! School starts so soon (I actually cry tears of utter despair), so there’s been a lot of running around for that, changing of hair colour (it’s still blue but a couple shades lighter with lots of grey and silver undertones), and last minute family stuff.

Here’s the new hair colour:

best part of this hair colour over the electric blue shit I do all the time is that I CAN WEAR RED LIPSTICKS WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE SPIDERMAN YESSSSSS. not that I do anything other than apply the lipsticks then remove them BUT STILL.

(I’m going to write right after I finish this tho lol even though it’s still a struggle ™.)


A couple nights ago, I couldn’t sleep, so I took advantage of my insomnia and made a book cover for @sarahkelsiwrites’ novel SHRINK. It’s more of a mockup, and I’d like to handwrite the title rather than keep it as the font, but for now:


The butterfly life.

wither will probably have moths on the cover.

the a novel placement is my greatest accomplishment.

If I use this for the new printed copies, I’ll be less lazy with the spacing on the full name, LOL. But that’s that! I’ve never used lace as a texture before for a cover, so I’m digging that. If I can add a graphite overlay onto the butterfly that could be cool too, but for a 2AM cover, I call this a win.

I have two videos on book design coming up soon so look out for those. I love cover design with all my heart, so I thought I’d share.

This is the design featured in one of the videos:

(I cropped it kinda badly out of the full spread which I’m saving for the video so there’s no awkward black line on the left btw thank you lit stock images and the lit photographer who took it who I credit in the vid cuz even tho it’s stock photography does not mean it didn’t take effort [just look at how great this pic is honestly yes] and photographers gotta support fellow photographers, so ALL THE SHOUT OUTS to the fellows dudes. :))

I made this cover in like 20 mins and have no regrets.

And the final spread for I’M DISAPPOINTED:


Of which I did NOT make in 20 minutes and still have no regrets. (I think this took me 6 hours total? Spanning the entire summer LOL)

So that’s what I’ve been occupying myself with. Pretty happy with this right here. Also so *stoked* cuz I actually put Clifford’s hand the right way around this time. :) His hand is still my hand.

^^^ That would be the infamous hand

#amazing photo creds go to the #talented @sarahkelsiwrites #that composition tho # that backlight tho # the metal bar shooting out of my wrist is # art

(Sydney gave me way less of a problem dammit Clifford.)

(Also that synopsis is outdated af lol but I haven’t written a new one recently and need to put something on the back so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

SO I guess that’s it for this weird little update… OH one last thing… I’ve been coming up with the concept cover art for FOSTERED #5 (which I finally have a couple name ideas for lol), and the main focal point of the cover is supposed to be a bird cage. (I wonder for who.)

NOT HIM. nope lol.

guyz lonan means blackbird so I mean if u didn’t know that I was really happy when I found that out lol so interesting fact of the day

(the beatles fan in me did not know this fact when she named him this name but the symbolism junkie in me about died when I found out)

Well I found a birdcage-like candle holder at Value Village (Value LIT) for 99 cents (the only store I will shop at without feeling nauseos ™), (also got a lit, super good quality backpack for 12 bucks yaaaaas ethical shopping yaaaas), which just = YES. I’ve been looking for a birdcage at Value Lit for the past couple times I’ve been there (maybe 4-5 times over a couple different locations?), and I FINALLY FOUND ONEEEEE + a really cute candle + handmade candle holder that has these realllllyyyyy cute moon and sun sculptures all over it because when it’s like 4 dollars you just can’t say no my dude.

The cage is literally the colour of Pepto Bismol, lol, but some white spray paint should fix that. The only issue I have with it is the built in tea-light holder in the centre. If I can figure out how to remove that physically (rather than in post cuz always do things before post it’ll save you a lot of hassle if you do as much as you can), that’ll be great! SO that’s great! Also a FOSTERED #6 is probably going to have to happen and I’m just going to also cry tears of utter despair because *no*.

(At this point it’s gotten to be so much of an issue, I keep referring to it like it’s going to happen. Like when brainstorming titles for #5, found one and was like oh no that’s perfect for #6 BUT IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AND THIS BOOK WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE A STANDALONE NOT A 6 BOOK HARRY POTTER OH NO. If I write a seventh book and this really does turn into Harry Potter I’m going to just.)

(It’s going to happen, I’m just heavily denying it because #denial)

Just leaving this here.


Nice chat guys.


BTS Theory - (WINGS) Solving the mysteries behind the short films ~ Intro (concept explanation) + Begin.

[Before reading this theory please read my hyyh theory because as you expect it, it’s all linked and some things won’t make sense unless you read it. Thank you!]

In Hyyh we saw through V’s pov, a glimpse of what their youth was like. We learned that they were delinquent and their lives were pretty unstable. Their way of living influenced V to eventually kill his father somewhere along the road. But then we also saw how that made him miserable when we went deeper into the analysis of the Prologue, I Need U, and Run and what they really meant. This new series was inspired by the novel Demian which was hinted to us by Rap Monster narrating some parts of the novel in the beginning of every short film. Demian is a psychoanalysis oriented novel chronicling the intellectual and emotional development of the main character : Emil Sinclair. (Even though the book is called Demian, it is important to know that the main character is Sinclair). A boy who grew up in a catholic household and was always taught to be a good citizen and follow the path to a normal life. The thing is, he was really overwhelmed by the amount of different thoughts and questions he couldn’t help but have. He was different from the other. By narrating (from a 1st point of view) several episodes of his childhood, adolescence, and young adult life, we witness his growth as a person as he meets different mentors during his journey, including Demian. A boy, slightly older than him who’s totally different from what he’s used to. Demian is going to teach him how to think differently, to discover himself and his desires. He is going to help him realize the importance of living for himself and breaking free of societal constraints.

To the people who’re saying « I thought hyyh was over ? Why are they still doing emo stuff ? ». By putting references of old songs into their short films (no more dream, tomorrow, path etc..), bighit is trying to tell us that this isn’t just a follow up to hyyh. This isn’t just the hyyh concept. This is the BTS Concept. This is the story they’re going to tell through different forms and shapes at every come back. And for this comeback, they tried a new approach. The BTS concept, « Demian » version. A rendition of the novel, made in order to suit the BTS concept. This is why it is important to remember that the Wings series is indeed INSPIRED by Demian, but in no way just an adaptation of the novel.

Now the real question… What the f is BTS concept about? Well it’s kind of easy to understand if you read my theory on Hyyh, cause i explain it there, BTS’s concept is about young people lost between childhood and adulthood, on a quest for finding the right way, on a quest for finding themselves. What differs WINGS from Hyyh is that Hyyh sets up the plot. We know it’s V killing his father that triggered the whole reminiscing of what happened during his life that lead him to act this way. But it barely touched the root of each member’s internal struggle, as the narration was made through V’s (unstable) point of view. With Wings however, we’re really going in depth of the matter by sneaking into each member’s mind. Just like reading Sinclair narrating the inside of his thoughts, we’re watching on film the inside of the members thoughts. This is why I’m really insisting on the fact that those short films are really figurative and suggestive. It is not the real world, it is the inside of their minds so it is undeniable that not everything is logical and tends to be more on the metaphorical side.

The main theme of the novel and WINGS is the contrast between the bright realm and the dark realm. What is the bright realm and the dark realm ?

The bright realm is Sinclair’s first home. It’s his parents, his teachers, school, church. It’s society. It’s everything « good », straight and Christian. In the bright realm, everyone is well-mannered, polite and safe. The bright realm rejects those who aren’t « normal », those who commit sins. Only obedient, happy and civil people live in it. But the thing is, the bright realm is in fact an illusion, because no one can live a life without making any mistakes or succumbing to temptations. But little Sinclair doesn’t know that, and he thinks the bright realm is the best thing ever and he wants to stay in it forever. He’s afraid of the dark realm.

Sinclair first describes the dark realm as being the home of the sinners and rebels. The world of scandal and mystery, drunkenness and murder, deceit and illegal activity. But he’ll discover later that it is not just that. The dark realm is the « real » world. Yes, it has bad sides but it’s also freedom, liberty of speech, knowledge and self-developpement. In the dark realm they’re not afraid of changes, they’re not afraid of questionning the rules, they’re not afraid of people’s opinion. Though being afraid of it, Sinclair’s going to get more and more attracted to this world.

In this WINGS series, inspired by the novel Demian, all the members represent Sinclair. Yes, all. This is not a literal adaptation of Demian so each member doesn’t need to be associated with a character from the novel. They’re all the main character. We’ll see later that some of them are the « Demian » to other members, meaning they’re the one who led them into the dark realm. But in the long run, all of their goals is to eventually become a Demian. Meaning becoming a free and mature person.


The first scene starts with the shadow of the head of the bed casting on a dirty ground. This is the first image that appears in short film and first images are always really important. Floors represents your base, your support, the thing that supports you so you can walk through your house.

Dreaming of a floor can symbolize the foundation you stand upon. The condition of the floor shows whether or not it is stable. Here it looks very dark and soiled. This instantly suggest and illustrate the fact that Jungkook as a very poor support system of friends and family (As we saw in my hyyh theory, he always was different from his other hyungs and seemed personnaly a lot more mature, but it only made him feel more lonely, as he knew his hyungs were too blindly consumed by this « neverland » they created. We also never heard of his parents). We have this dark and bold tilted shadow casting on the ground, giving us this sensation of uneasiness (also hints us that the source of light is coming from the left side but we’ll get the lighting meaning in this video later).

This first image immediately sets us up for a gloomy and dark ambiance so we know what to expect for this video.

The camera zooms out and displays a clean looking Jungkook, quietly sleeping on a white bed.This is the first sign of the theme of opposition. A theme that is going to become reccurent. This move was made to fake-reassure us from the first dark impression we got in the beginning. They want us to think «Oh everything is fine, it’s just Jungkook and he’s sleeping. »

But we can’t ignore the fact that the scary shadow (that looks more like prison bars than a head of a bed) is still here under Jungkook’s bed. Which already makes us doubt the feeling of safety the white bed provides. When Sinclair talks about his childhood, he always mentions the two different worlds he was exposed to. The world of darkness and the world of light = world of Sinclair’s parents and sisters. A world of « warm glow, clarity, and cleaniness ; gentle,friendly speech, washed hands, clean clothes and proper behavior » . Sinclair used to conclusively belong to that world, since the other world was really looked down on by his parents which made Sinclair think that the other was really bad and it was a sin to live in it (their family was really religious).

The bed Jungkook is sleeping on is a metaphor for the bright realm. But there’s a visible dark shadow casting on the ground as a contrast to the white clean bed. This first scene is like foreshadowing that everything is not what it seems. It looks like the bed is safe but it actually imprison him so he can’t escape the bright realm. He can’t experience the foreign wonders and knowledge the real world/realm of darkness can provide him.

Breaking the silence and the quietness of the scene, a burning piano playing in a wrong key suddenly appears on the screen. Jungkook seems to be having nightmares. The piano is a symbol. Suga’s symbol. It is really emphazise through the short films and even other non-related videos (*cough* the puma add * cough*) (*cough*which also stars yoonkook for some reason *cough*) that Yoongi can play the piano (It is also shown in the I need U mv where he also plays the piano with guess who ? Jungkook). So we could say the piano represents suga, or sugakook’s relationship. But Jungkook dreams about the piano burning. Depending on the context, fire can symbolize destruction in a dream. So we can assume that Jungkook is having nightmares about his relationship with his hyung… Or is he ? It is maybe not what it seems…

After this jumpscare-like cut, we’re back with the camera placed above Jungkook, slowly moving in a circular motion with him in the center. This particular technique, with the camera on top of him, is used to demonstrate that he’s dreaming. And then we get another glimpse of his nightmare in the form of a jumpscare once again. This time it is an image of a bird flying with the sound of a car crashing and glass breaking. This particuliar scene is really symbolic. The bird here, (as we’re going to see later) represents eternal freedom.

Sinclair used to have a coat-of-arm hanging above the treshold of his childhood house. The coat-of-arm represented a bird breaking out of an egg, and Demian told Sinclair that he was really fascinated by it and Sinclair never understood why. Demian was so fascinated by it that one day he sat in front of Sinclair’s house for hours and drew the bird. «The bird fights his way out of the egg, the egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.» is what Demian would say later in the novel. Demian had a really different education from Sinclair. Rather than following blindly what the bible, or the society told him to do, he always asked himself questions about the human kind, religion, the world, that Sinclair didn’t even dare to questioned. He was an outcast from society. This is why it is understandable that he was immediately attracted to that image of a bird breaking out of « society ». However, the fact that this image of a bird was hanging above Sinclair’s house during all of his childhood, represents the fact that Sinclair’s yearning of breaking free of the bright realm has been actually with him from the very beginning, unconsciously. And this is what Sinclair is going to realize, later in the novel. He’s going to keep having dreams about this bird and he’s going to understand that it represents his desire to break free.

Jungkook is dreaming about this same bird, but he knows very well that this bird represent freedom. He craved for freedom since a long time ago. But the glass breaking tears his dream apart. The glass breaking immediately throw us back to Suga breaking the mirror with a chair before the eyes of a frightened Jungkook in the RUN music video. It’s like Suga shattering Jungkook’s dream of being free. Shattered glass also represent a broken heart or a relationship that has ended, broken promises and disappointement. Jungkook escaped the barriers the bright realm was caging him in when he met Suga (who we can consider like his Demian), but he soon realized that this lifestyle and behaviour was only going to led him to his undoing, or the undoing of his dream. Just like what I said in my Hyyh theory : «their behaviours were dangerous and just self-destructive. Their « freedom » was working against them. They thought it was youth vs adults but it’s not the case. They CAN be adults and be free at the same time, they just need to find the right way» (yes I quoted myself). We also hear a car crashing sound. Cars, like our bodies, take us where we need to go in the world. They’re a representative of our ability to move through life and the environment we live in. He wants to break free but he’s afraid to crash before he can. He’s afraid he can’t be fully himself and grow up because of Suga.

Jungkook suddenly wakes up.

The camera is steady and films Jungkook in a middle shot, at the same height level. This camera shot is used in order to give us the impression of coming back to earth, to reality, it’s not a dream anymore. But they take us by surprise again with this second shot were Jungkook is filmed from the top again, for like a second. He’s still dreaming, and we’re still not in reality. Jungkook slowly lowers his head and everything is calm again. We’re back into slow mode.

There’s a black bird printed on his white shirt. I think it’s a symbol representing Cain’s mark. Cain’s mark is a reccurent motif in the novel. It all started when the teacher told the biblical story of Cain and Abel during class. It presents another traditional contrast between good (Abel) and evil (Cain). When the class ended, Demian went to see Sinclair and told him about his own alternative explanation of the story. According to Demian, Cain isn’t the bad guy in the story. The original story was that Cain killed his brother (Abel) and then got scared afterwards and climbed down a peg. And for that, he got rewarded for his cowardice with a medal of distinction. A mark, that protects him and frightens everyone else. Demian stressed that the story was pretty odd and unlogical. His theory was that it was actually the story of a man who had a mark or something on his face that frightened the others. They didn’t dare to touch him. But maybe it wasn’t really a mark, like a scar, but more like something strange that was barely noticeable, « a little more intelligence and daring in his eyes than people were used to ». He was different. So they made up a story and explained the mark not for what it was, as a distinction, but as the opposite. « And ‘they’ always want what’s convenient for them and puts them in the right. » « They said that fellows with that mark were weird, and so they were. People with courage and character always seem weird to other people ». Demian’s interpretation attacks the traditional order of things, the traditional views of good and evil, and it captures Sinclair’s attention. Cain’s mark is going to become their symbol helping them distinct who’s different and more open minded than the others. In this case, every member of BTS has the « mark » including Jungkook. We’ll encounter this in the other theories too.

A sentence appears on the screen : « Because the dawn is the darkestbefore the sunrises ». This sentence contains a antithesis. An antithesis is when two opposites ideas, words or clauses are introduced together for a contrasting effect. Again, another appearence of the theme of opposition.

« Because the dawn is the darkest before the sun rises » :

Jungkook is currently living one of the darkest moments of his life. Not only because of their super unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. But also because his eternal fear/worry is becoming more true everyday → the worry/fear of losing his hyungs (hyyh theory).

The next scene is Jungkook sitting on his bed. The bed is placed on the right side of the screen and is the only lighted thing. The right and the left actually have a really important role in this short film. As we know, right usually symbolizes the good side. But in the Bible it also symbolizes those who are spiritually awaken and enlightened. Junkook was indeed a good boy during his childhood (bed on the right side of the screen) but the fact that he’s there sitting on the right side can also mean that, unlike his hyungs, he’s already in the progress of enlightement, of self-developpement.

Suddenly, we hear jungkook’s voice singing the words « The 15 year old me who had nothing » and just after that he notices Suga’s picture on the ground, laying on the left side of the screen.

Jungkook was 15 when he first met Yoongi (Suga) in real life during their trainee days. As soon as he sings those words « the 15 year old me who had nothing » he notices Suga’s picture on the ground. What I interprate from that is that Jungkook, just like Sinclair, was lost and misunderstand during his childhood. He was trapped inside the bright realm and he never understood why he was different from his family. He had different thoughts but he contained them. But then, at 15 years old -just like in real life- he met Suga. Suga from the left side, the bad side. Even though he was considered like a bad influence, he rescued him from the bright realm. He showed him the real world. (Notice that Jungkook leaves his bed (symbolizing the bright realm) in order to pick up Suga’s picture) . Another word for the « bright realm » is « realm of illusion » like Sinclair likes to call it. Because they rather be blind about the real issues in life and they’re also afraid of thinking, afraid of knowledge. They’re creating an illusion that everything is fine, they don’t want to question things.

The picture of Suga is not just an image, it’s a drawing. Sinclair used to draw a lot. Sometimes it was Demian, sometimes it was just random faces. He just drew things that touched him, that marked him. The fact that the paper that jungkook picks up is a drawing of Suga, proves that Suga immediately entered his heart as soon as they met. Which reminds me a lot of Sinclair and Demian’s first encounter. Sinclair immediately became infatuated with Demian since the first day they met.

But Suga’s eye is bleeding in the picture. This is what I found on bleeding from the eyes dreams: « the dream signifies some very deep pain or internal conflict within your soul. Although you may not feel any physical pain, you are hurting inside. » Suga was also hurting when Jungkook found him. One thing bothered me though. Why did they use some weird CG to make suga’s eye bleed, instead of just painting it in red ? Well that just made me realize that this is the only moment where his eye is actually bleeding.

As you can see in this scene, Suga’s eye is perfectly fine. I think this shows us that Jungkook is the only one who can see suga’s pain. When he looks away, the pain isn’t there anymore. But when we look at the drawing from Jungkook’s point of view, it appears. (Everything is here for a reason, even some weird ass cg).

After he looks at the drawing, (aka after the 15 year old Jungkook meets Suga), the bed suddenly slides towards the right and disappears out of the frame. The white familiar and safe bed isn’t part of his world anymore, the bed is part of the bright realm. And he’s no longer in it since he met Suga. A passage in the book really reminds me of that. It was at a time where Sinclair had his first taste of the darkness of the oustide world. When he committed his first «sin». “It was as if the wall clock and the table, the Bible and the mirror, the bookshelf and the pictures on the wall were saying good-bye to me ; with a heart growing cold I had to watch my world, my good, happy life, becoming the past and detaching itself from me ; I had to perceive that I was anchored and held fast outside in the unfamiliar darkness by thirsty new roots.» The bed sliding to the right and the painting appearing from the left really symbolize this in my opinion. We get that left/side opposition once again. Just like when Jungkook woke up from his nightmare, we see a shot of his right eye and his pupil was divided in half, the left side was completely black but the right side had some light reflecting on it. I did some research and I found something really interesting about the meaning of eyes. «The eye is an etheral symbol in which consciousness enters a gateway of infinite expanse. This journey is traversed through the pitch-black channel of being-ness. Once the threshold is crossed, one is said to obtain higher knowledge, a glimpse of heightenened epiphany, comparable to enlightenement.» I think this proves that Jungkook is halfway there. He almost reached the enlightenement. But he’s stuck between two worlds.

Once the bed disappears and the painting appears, the whole set changes. The setting seem to represent a house. Houses usually portray ourselves in a dream. The room is now filled with drawings of Suga. Suga became the only thing in Jungkook’s mind. This reminds me how fast Sinclair became obsessed with Demian after meeting him. Demian started appearing in his dreams, and soon or later, Demian was the only thing he was thinking about and everything reminded him Demian. He started to see Demian as almost divine.

There’s also a destroyed couch in the house which instantly reminded me of Jungkook’s cover of a song called Sofa. I don’t think they put this particular item here without a reason. Since they kept throwing old references, I decided to check out the lyrics of Sofa, the song Jungkook covered (I really recommend it, it’s a great song). And it matches with Sugakook story so well. Jungkook sings about waiting for someone everyday on a sofa, hoping this person will come back home but this person never does. This shows that Jungkook puts way more effort into the well-being of their relationship than Suga. Jungkook is waiting, everyday, that Suga would stop acting so badly, that he would somehow join Jungkook into his journey of growing up. The destroyed sofa represents how much waiting for Suga destroyed Jungkook inside. But Jungkook doesn’t give up on his hyung, or any of his hyungs. «I’m still not over you, only just remains» (lyrics from Sofa).

The barren tree and the horned skull don’t actually symbolize death, as a lot of people think. A horned skull was a symbol of any sort of major change in ancient time. It was not meant to represent death or fear directly. Trees symbolize the stages, cycles, and seasons of life. A tree with bare branches invoke the cold and darkness of winter. It represent the fact that it’s a dark time in Jungkook’s life. Both of the items symbolize a change, a transformation. They’re a metaphor of Jungkook’s current self-developpement. However, by digging deeper I found a really interesting story about barren trees. Some of you may be familiar with the Parable of the barren fig tree. It is a bible story :

“A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard, and he went to look for fruit on it but did not find any. So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, ‘For three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?’

 ‘Sir,’ the man replied, ‘leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilize it. If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’ ”

The story is about giving something or someone another chance. The tree is located on the same side as Jungkook. I see this as Jungkook, cold and weak, just like the tree, is waiting for fruits to come out. He’s waiting again for Yoongi to come to him, to understand him and grow up. Horns can also evoke a feeling of power, dominance and assertion. The horned skull is situated on the left part of the frame, behind the painting. This can show that it’s Yoongi who’s in command and Jungkook is unable to control him.

It suddenly begins to rain and Jungkook ends up with a paintbrush in his hand. He’s about to continue his painting.

This particular scene is indeed in the book. It’s from Sinclair’s young adult days. Sinclair had started a new hobby = painting. He realized painting faces was really hard so he practiced everyday, he painted a lot of different faces until one day finally : « almost unconcsciously, I completed a face that spoke to me more urgently than the earlier ones had ». Sinclair said that the painting lodoked like a young man. But also « It seemed to me like a sort of divine image […] half-male, half-female, ageless, equally strong-willed and dreamy, rigid yet secrectly alive. That face had something to say to me, it belonged to me, it made demands on me. And it resembled somebody, I didn’t know whom. »

We again find this motif of « opposition ». Even the painting Jungkook is drawing reflects the fact that he’s between two worlds. It is said that even the one who painted it doesn’t quite get who this picture is supposed to represent as it looks like kind of everything at the same time. This is the reason why, us fans, were divided about who’s the painting is supposed to represent because it seemed to resemble several different members. Well it was made on purpose. Sinclair’s painting doesn’t resemble Demian either but rather a mixture of a lot of different people and things.

Jungkook is about to continue his painting. But he suddenly stops, in shock. We can see that he sees a burning piano in his eye.

This is when ladies and gentlement, the plot splits in two. Yep. Two storylines.

In one hand we have Jungkook looking at the painting burning, and the other hand Jungkook is crying while the colors of the painting are melting. Well this actually represent two different moments in the novel. And technically, the burning one took place before the melting one. But they decided to do both at the same time for a specific reason.

Jungkook watching the painting burning =

Jungkook suddenly stops what he was about to do and he seems really surprised. There’s a piano burning in his eye. He realizes that this nightmare he was having about Suga, wasn’t actually about Suga. It was about himself. Fire has several symbolism in dreams.

« If you are not afraid of the fire and it is under control or contained in one area, then it is a symbol of your own internal fire and inner transformation. Something old is passing and something new is entering into your life. Your thoughts and views are changing. » ;

In the book, Sinclair has this same revelation while watching the painting. « And gradually I got the  feeling that it wasn’t Beatrice or Demian, but- myself. […] it depicted that which constituted my life, it was my inner self, my fate, or my beloved would look if I ever won her. That’s how my life and death would be, this was the sound and rhythm of my fate. »

Jungkook watches the painting burning, which symbolizes his inner transformation, without intervening. The rain stopped, it is only him, calmly accepting the truth. Note that the light source is coming from the right side during the scene. He’s closer to enlightenment.

The painting colors melting =

« it was the middle of the night, and I heard the rain coming into the room. I got up to shut the window […] [the painting] was lying on the wet floor and had curled up. […] When I went to look at it the next following day, it was dry. But it had changed. The red mouth had become paler and a little narrower. Now it was altogether Demian’s mouth. »

The rain starts to melt the colors of the painting and Jungkook now only sees Suga in his painting. The more it melts, the more Jungkook panics. Blood drips on it. The painting is starting to lose its shape and become messy + blood splashes on it. It portrays Suga’s descent into hell, his life is crumbling down and Jungkook is witnessing his downfall.  He’s crying, he can’t do anything to save his hyung(s). The fact that he yells « hyung » but we can’t hear anything symbolizes how they’re ignoring Jungkook. It symbolizes how they turn a deaf ear when Jungkook is trying to resonate with them. Also, note that the light source is coming from the left during this scene.When the painting appears on the screen, instead of hearing rain sounds we hear fire sounds, even though it’s raining. « To dream of incoherency, usually denotes extreme nervousness and excitement through the oppression of changing events ».

« Dreaming about fire and water together symbolizes a polarizing issue in your waking life. You are going through an emotional conflict and it is pulling you in two directions. »

The last cut is the painting burning. And then we hear birds flying off. To see flying birds, is a symbol of prosperity to the dreamer. All disagreeable environments will vanish before the wave of prospective good. Jungkook finally broke free.

We see a bird flying through a red sky. Dreaming of red skies mean being overwhelmed or threatened by a powerful, possibly self-destructive forces within their ownself.

The bird represents jungkook and he’s flying through the red sky until he goes out of frame. This portrays Jungkook leaving their bad lifestyle once and for all. The next shot is a close up of the painting’s eyes, and the right eye is crying black shiny tears. Is it crying because Jungkook left him ? I think it does. He’s only crying from his right eye which symbolizes the enlightened, awakened side. Except it’s not enlightened anymore, the tears are black. What was supposed to be bright became dark. Actually it looks more like his right eye is melting. The bright side of him is decomposing. Jungkook had reached a higher level of spirituality that his hyung didn’t attain yet.

Earlier, when the painting started burning and Jungkook realized it was symbolizing him changing. He dropped the picture of Suga he was so dearly holding on to. This is such a symbolic move. In order to achieve his inner transformation and grow up, he has to give up on Suga. He has to leave him. Because he’s in a place where Suga isn’t yet.

BUT, Jungkook doesn’t leave the drawing on the ground (MY BABY WOULDN’T ABANDON HIS HYUNGS HE’S TOO NICE FOR THATIm Sorry). When the burning painting extinguished, Jungkook picks up the drawing again. A bird breaking out of a giant egg is drawn on it instead of Suga’s picture.

This throw us to another part of the novel. Which also takes place after the painting scene. Sinclair, tired of being away from Demian (their last encounter didn’t go very well) and tired of only having Demian in his head, decides to draw the image of the bird breaking out of the egg. They both know what it means, it’s their little thing.

« I wouln’t have been able to write a letter to Demian even if i had known where to send it. But with that same dreamlike presentiment that was guiding all my actions at the time, I decided to send him the picture of the sparrowhawk […]. I wrote no message on it, not even my name;[ …] bought a large enveloppe, and wrote my friend’s former address on it. Then I mailed it. »

Jungkook puts the picture of the bird inside an enveloppe and the next shot is just him, but his shadow has wings, just like an angel. Usually, angels are symbolic of communication between higher energies and lower energies, they’re like messengers. 

Jungkook doesn’t want to give up on his hyungs, this is why he sends them the picture of the bird coming out of the egg. As a symbolism of his inner-transformation, he wants his hyungs to have that same realisation. After that we see him with wings : he became a messenger. He’s enlightened from the right side.

The novel Demian was inspired by Jung’s theory of the unconscious. He said that the mind consisted of three layers. The ego, the shadow and the Self. The ego represents the conscious mind as it comprises the thoughts, memories, and emotions a person is aware of. The shadow often represents one’s dark side, those aspects of oneself that exist, but which one does not acknowledge or with which one does not identify. Because one tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of one’s personality, the shadow is largely negative.

The Self is the center of the total personality, which includes the shadow and the ego. The Self is both the whole and the center. It expresses the unity of the personality as a whole. Carl Jung stated that “the Self is the total, timeless man…who stands for the mutual integration of conscious and unconscious”.

Jungkook embraced his shadow and this is how he became one with his Self.

The fact that the set and the way it was directed resembled a theater play (moving set, spotlight, etc…) wasn’t a random choice. In dreams, a stage is a representation of our own life play. We are able to observe and be objective about what is going on. If we are not involved in the action, it indicates we are able to stand back and take an objective viewpoint. You may have noticed that Jungkook doesn’t move a lot in this video, if not at all. He doesn’t reach for the things, the things come to him. This represents him being able to stand back and observe his life from an objective point of view and this is how he grows up and accept his shadow. V, for example, gets involved a lot in the action during his short film, but we’ll see that later.

I don’t know if any of you noticed but, in the beginning of the video, the whistle we heard during the intro was coming from the left side. And if you were wearing earphones, the sound was only coming out from the left one. Why is that ? And what does the whistle represent?

In the novel, during his childhood, Sinclair started to get bullied by a certain Kromer. This was Sinclair’s first taste of the dark realm. Whenever Kromer needed him for some foolish task, he would whistle and Sinclair had to come right away. That whistle became a trauma for him.

« Even today, I think, Kromer’s whistle would give me a start if I heard it again suddenly. […] There was no place, no game, no task, no thought that that whistle didn’t pierce through ; it robbed me of my independance, it was now my fate. »

What we have to remember is that that whistle is a symbol for the bad side of the « outside » world. That world that Sinclair is going to understand(thanks to Demian) that is not that bad. The whistle is coming from the left side because it’s a bad memory. The left part of the brain is the hemisphere used when you need to retrieve a fact, your left brain pulls it from your memory.

The whistle, who symbolize the bad side of the outside world, is heard in the beginning of the video in order to let us know that this was a bad time in Jungkook’s life. A time he would rather forget. He freed himself from the bright realm with the help of Suga but that new realm he entered, which is supposed to be the realm of freedom and having the right to think with no boundaries, well Jungkook tasted the bad side of it.  

This oppositions (left/right ; good/evil) appears a LOT in this video. I made a list :

- Jungkook’s clothes (white shirt and black shorts. Just like Jin in I Need U. This outfit is symbolic. Jin and Jungkook are the ones stuck between those two worlds, they’re the most mature. However Jin already grew up)

- Dark and Light (there’s a lot of contrast in this video. A lot of lights and a lot of shadows.)

- Left and Right

- Fire and Water (water sounds when we see fire and fire sounds when we see water)

- «The dawn is the darkest before the sun rises»

- Loud noise and silence. This one is really emphasized. For example in the beginning when Jungkook is sleeping calmy and we suddenly hear the piano burning or the crashing sound. Also the sound of the bed creak echoes in the empty silence. The rain sounds is also very loud all of the sudden. The birds flying off is almost like a jumpscare. They keep altering loud noises and silence in order to emphasize what Jungkook is feeling by being stuck between two different state of mind.

- The change in atmosphere. (animated and calm. Emphasized by the number of actions and cuts in one moment and a long cut for several seconds in slow motion for another).

Those are all symbolic for Jungkook’s current condition and emotional state. It was actually hinted to us from the beginning, with Rap Monster’s narration : « The realms of day and night, two opposite worlds coming from two opposite poles, mingled during this time ».

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May I just say a couple of things about what's wrong with harassing Tohru Adachi Fans for liking the character?

I am not posting this into the tags, because I don’t wanna get involved into flame wars with complete strangers, but still. feel free to reblog this. I am just getting sick of seeing friends and people I follow getting bombarded with Anon hate just for having a favorite character to talk about.

Careful, contains the topic of rape. 

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tfa thoughts, finally

I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS and im finally writing them down, and this is really incoherent and i meant to finish this ages ago but whoops, the point is: here goes

I’m deliberately sticking with all of the GOOD, because I’ve seen so many criticisms and while criticisms can be and are valid, they’re all grinding my gears because they completely seem to dismiss the revolutionary nature of this film and


This is really incoherent, kind of unstructured, and full of loud yelling, but

Let’s roll

(NOTE: THIS IS FULL OF TFA SPOILERS. MAJOR SPOILERS. DON’T READ IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN THE FILM. Tagging @cogito-ergo-dumb  and @mlder bc i explicitly remember them yelling at me to let them know when I post this, and rn I’m in a lot of pain and don’t have the energy to scour through my inbox to find everyone else who requested they be tagged. I’m so, so sorry. I’ll come back and add u to this later, peeps. anyway, here goes:)

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