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What are your feelings towards The Amazing World Of Gumball now after that SJW callout episode?

i still love it, the episode was fuckin dead on and good lmao. its not “anti-sjw” their whole fuckin point of the episode was that being a good person is good, but using sj topics as cannon fodder to tear down ur opponents in an argument by making them sound like terrible people is a shit thing to do that genuinely does harm the actual causes.

i know directly calling it by name turns a lot of ppl off because they assume the show targeting sjws on tumblr = being anti-sjw (in the ‘racism isnt real!’ and ‘feminism is cancer!’ sense), but like … watch the full episode and tell me theyre not right, tell me u havent seen people acting like that before. its an issue especially with younger kids on tumblr between like 13-15, they dont know why theyre using certain arguments they just recite what they hear other people say and they weaponize it. its like, a genuine lack of actual thought & it does diminish the fights against discrimination by not taking it seriously.

that cactus character may have been snobby and annoying, but she wasnt a bad person, so it was wrong of gumball to try to frame her as one just to tear her down for being a bit stuck up. and the scene where he went “looking for receipts” by finding out she used to be a bad person and then wanting to show the whole school (fuckin … literally call outs do i even need to clarify) was wrong of him because clearly she wasnt like that anymore and she wasnt trying to hide it, just trying to move on. it was a good episode i didnt get any bad vibes from it

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how r u so sure kaisoo is real? dont get me wrong i like kaisoo too but like how do u know for sure sure? is it cause ****_**** confirmed it? but even then is that source reliable? im a skeptical person... also keep this private unless you know what im talking about

Hi anon ! I’m sorry i answered late. Mmmmmm if i explain why i think they are real and how i’m sure they are in a relationship, it will be so long because there are too many evidences :/ . Bu i can show u a sneak peak hihihi ;) Here anon :

Let’s begin with this ^^.This pic is so sweet and i love it <3 :

Predebut Kaisoo :

I don’t know u but i don’t give a pose like this even with my close friend.Because i feel awkward and this looks so intimate(i think they are in bed and jingo touches soo’s face???) :

Their predebut selcas :

Their date :

Jongin’s Stares !! :

Uhhh i can feel the sexual tension !! :

One of my favourite moments anon here : 

Soo gives a massage to Jongin’s finger :

Jongin’s reaction ( Is he aroused or sth? Ooopsss!!!(Sorry for minor kadi fam hahaha) ) :

(Come on! There is no hetero explanation for this :D)

Just kiss already !! :

Jingo loves what he sees ;) :

Mmm he loves Soobooty ;) :

One of my faves again.I don’t generally look at my friend’s lips like i wanna devour in them :/ :

Jagi moment :

Wo Ai Ni moment :

Oh i love this, too :

mmmmmm ??!! :

I see u Soo :

We know he is pretty Soo :)))))) :

Are u jealous Jongin ? :

Soo is hugging to Vixx’s Hongbin :

Someone is not happy :

Mmmmmmmmmm ( Gay-Gay-Gay-Gay !!! ) ;)))) :

Jongin is biting his lips. I wonder what Soo says to him :

I will end it here anon. There are so many moments and evidences that u can be 100% sure they are a real couple. If u are still not sure about Kaisoo, I can recommend u some well known kaisoo blogs like : @cckaisoo , @soofection@jongsooyah, @toomanyfeelsexogdi, @faakeid, @kadiseuldy, @chinashio16 etc. These friends have good analysis and evidences about kaisoo ^_^ And also they give good answers to anons :) There are another Kaisoo blogs too, u can find them on tumblr.

And also i can add some ig pages:

cuddlekaisoo, kaiso.o, kaisoo_latte, alvabear94 etc. They also make analysis and posts about Kaisoo.

That’s it anon. And i wanna give u an advice : Don’t be suspicious anymore and please look at the pages i’ve shared ^^. And also, of course please love and support real couple aka Kaisoo. Bye bye ^^

Ik theres this big cringe trend lately, but if its just kids having harmless fun and arent doing any damage ( harrassing, stealing, overbearing strangers, etc) just let them be
Nothing sucks more than having a good time, that isnt distressing anyone, and to be ridiculed for it. Remember that while it isn’t your place to babysit anyone it’s also not your place to ruin a good experience

Dating Taehyung (V) includes

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  • he’s such a child omfg i love him 
  • he’d be so confused regarding his feelings towards you 
  • end up confiding in jimin about the girl he makes an extra effort to make laugh and be around 
  • “I think you like her, V" 
  • “should i ask her out?“ 
  • “definitely" 
  • and when he does its just the purest thing y'all i c an t 
  • taehyung is romantic af dont lie 
  • he’ll get you a flower when confessing
  • and you’d wouldn’t be able to stop smiling cause hes just so sw E E T
  • speaking of smiles 
  • box smiles for d a y s
  • you’d do what ever you could to make him smile cause it just makes you weak asf 
  • along with his puppy eyes you’re just completely under his spell
  • and he knows this 
  • “hey Y/N can we get this, please”
  • “no, thats expensive”
  • *insert puppy eyes and box smile* 
  • please?
  • “urgh fine" 
  • speaking of expensive 
  • G U C C I 
  • gucci everything hoe 
  • he’d buy you gucci toothpaste if he could 
  • he’s so into skinship 
  • he’ll hold your hand in public
  • and kiss you 
  • but only on the cheek
  • cause lips kisses are reserved specially for your alone time 
  • V doesnt strike me as the jealous type 
  • but if he’s feeling insecure about a guy he’ll straight up ask you about it 
  • no beating around the bush 
  • Tae is not one for getting angry 
  • but when he does
  •  ooohhh boi is it hot asf
  •  his voice drops like 3 octaves 
  • you once got into an argument with him and his voice dro P P ED and you just had to take a fucking moment cause 
  • d a m n 
  • I feel like he can switch from big spoon to little spoon
  • but mostly big spoon 
  • dates to places like the park
  • or the zoo 
  • y'all dont even have to go out 
  • building forts out of pillows and duvets on a quiet sunday when it’s drizzling outside 
  • Tae will always buy you cute jewellery if he sees it 
  • you have like 4 necklaces, 6 rings and like 184738 bracelets 
  • you make V weak asf when you’re in his clothes
  •  you once wore a hoodie that was even big on him
  •  he saw you and could not stop smiling and laughing to himself
  •  "wow my honey is so cute”
  • he’s rapping like all the time
  • he’ll do it subconciously while washing dishes or something
  • he’ll rap about anything tbh
  • when will he feature on cypher im waiting
  •  he wants like 5 kids
  •  and maybe 10 dogs aswell idk
  •  hella family oriented
  •  lots and lots of backhugs 
  • he rests his chin either on your head or shoulder when he hugs you from behind 
  • LMAO you cant rest your chin on either cause mans tall asf
  • so you just end up with your arms wrapped around him and your face buried in his back
  • inside jokes for d a y s that leave you guys a giggling mess
  • lowkey annoys the other members when you suddenly burst out laughing about something
  • probably salty that they don’t have a significant other to have inside jokes with lmao 
  • i heard someone sAY TICKLE FIGHTS
  • always end up with you pinned on the floor a laughing mess cause V is way stronger than you and you’re ticklish everywhere
  • his hands just tickling you on your neck and stomach 
  • he blows raspberrys on your stomach cause it makes you laugh even harder
  • sometimes they can lead into small kisses leading up slowly to your neck then eventually your mouth
  • slow and long kisses leave you all soft and loved
  • but sometimes depending on his mood his kisses are fast and teasing asf
  • leaving you begging him for more
  • and then there are his o t h e r type of kisses that leave your lips a swollen and bruised mess 
  • those kisses always end up travelling down your neck, leaving hickeys behind
  • lowkey your favourite type of kiss tho
  • right y'all 
  • time for s I N
  • we all know tae doesnt even bother keeping his tongue in his mouth on a normal basis 
  • so when times like this come his WILL use it
  • and use it extremely well
  • sometimes he doesn’t have to get his dick involved to make you come 
  • V’s into foreplay pass it on 
  • dont get V twisted
  • he can be rough as hell if he wants to be
  • and that deep voice of his
  • whispering impure thoughts and desires
  • him calling you baby with that deep voice of his 
  • “come on baby, grind for me”
  • okay wO W 
  • moving on 
  • afterwards he’ll cuddle you so tight and tell you how much he loves you, his beautiful hands playing with your hair
  • hands down a relationship with V will make you feel like a child again
  • so youthful
  • so hopeful

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ciara!!! can you draw hunk? you probably know who it is ahdjjfjdjfj I love you girl! do u have a paypal or smthn I could send money to? I feel bad just asking u to draw stuff, could I like too u $10 or smthn? idk what currency you use down there, hopefully the conversion isn't too bad. ily friend 💛

heres a badass hunk for you!! i realised halfway through colouring that i forgot to draw his bayard so now its just an awkward hand lol

i dont have paypal sadly (soon ill get it set up ahh) but it doesnt matter cause this is a request! thank you for sending me one and helping me avoid a depressive spell for another day 💚💚💚

(bonus transparent shieldless version cause why not)

no offense but i feel like the worst month of the year is pride month. its hot and i get to hear people scream about the Filthy Gays and Transgenderedededs eight times as much as they already do meanwhile the cishet aceys sit at their laptops debating what day of their “pride calendar” xumsexual aquoixumromantics should go on as if it even matters because theres always 80 of them and theyre just full of bullshit. u know ive seen a pride calendar already with a day for polyamory? like… please end my life. i dont have ac and my dad hates me cause im gay and i have short hair

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you should honestly try harder with your english it's quite shitty

Honestly english is my third language, I also draw, sing, am an actor, I’ve also won a free college cause Im so damn smart that I didnt need to pay for it, I am also VERY successful in every fucking thing I do. 

 So I need to ask for you, AMAZING PERSON THAT CAN WRITE ON ENGLISH RIGHT to fuck yourself :D Come here and talk to me in my three languages and I may take you seriously.

 I SHIT to english. It is not the most amazing-perfect-beautiful language in the world. Is not my obligation to know it perfectly. I DONT CARE :D I only speak english here cause most of the guys here speak english cause it is MORE EASY (you can read my language is harder for you to learn).

 You ppl are really arrogant, u really think non natives should not just speak your language but also do it perfectly. Guess what, GO YOU AND LEARN SOME LANGUAGES LAZY ARROGANT ASS :D

 You should honestly try harder with yourself, you are not half of me, its quite shitty. 

  • “we’re both in this boring as hell class and out of boredom I accidentally stumbled into your thoughts of you thinking up this masterpiece of a story and holy shit is this like a movie”
    • “additionally, wow are you really getting into this sex scene man how do u not have a boner”
  • “I get chronic headaches from everyone’s thoughts being so loud all the time and sometimes I don’t know, I get angry. is yelling to Stewart across the room to “shut up and go get dick if he wants it so bad” over the top? maybe.”
  • “as if it wasn’t bad enough that I constantly worried what people thought of me, I can actually hear what everyone thinks of me and the fact that it’s unedited and 100% legit makes me real sad to hear people think I’m annoying”
    • “although, it’s really reassuring to also hear how much my friends love me and think I’m funny and woah man…those are some pretty…erotic thoughts of me there…”
  • “okay who fucking let out that I can read minds huh? what do you WANT me to get kidnapped and used for evil? cause i swear i will come back for your ass once im super juiced with their evil government serum alright? i will go winter soldier on ur ass dont test me”
    • “although all these lovesick kids offering to pay for my services on their crushes may be worth it. hey I know you, you’re cute. your crush you say? oh they totally don’t like u, nah man, your barking up the wrong tree right there”
  • “hold the fuck up. hold. up. I can read any mind that I can see, anyone and everyone’s, why can’t I read yours? and why the hell are you smirking at me like that U LIL SHIT THIS MAKES NO DAMN SENSE WHO ARE YOU”
  • “I think you’re cute and I know for a FACT you think I’m cute too so why won’t you just admit it? cmon cmon baby don’t play this charade. you know you can’t win at this game ;)”
  • “as it turns out by my super mind reading powers you plan to string me out high and dry until I’m practically begging for a date and u know what. that is so terrible and so demeaning honestly like who does that. who does that. can you please just kiss me already like-”
  • “I know you can read minds and I really like you so I’m constantly filtering my thoughts whenever I’m with you and it’s super hard so quit making fun of how I think about fighting giraffes okay it’s my go-to thought whenever I imagine you shirtless”
  • “you know I can read your thoughts so we have these little one sided conversations in class as I listen to your cute angered rants and I reply with a snarky side eye”
  • “OR we BOTH can read minds and all the while during class we have casual conversations that sometimes turn REALLY FUNNY AND WE BOTH CRACK UP IN DEAD SILENCE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EXAM OH SHIT”
  • “i know its pretty invasive but i honestly tune into your thoughts every day on the way to work like its the morning paper cause really we have so much in common its ridiculous and ur super cute and we like all the same things and ugh pls date me”
    • “and oops one day you thought of something funny and we both laughed simultaneously and now ur weirdly suspicious, as i can tell because i can hear you wondering if i can read your thoughts and now ur testing me and idk if i should play along”

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Your favorite character is the crying dictator who keeps up a human zoo and wanted to shatter ruby?.... please elaborate

i dont like your attitude. but u gave me an option to talk about my fav, so don’t say u didn’t ask for it.

i’m not gonna defend anything she did, cause i think bd suffers a great deal of ignorance. and i dont mean it as ‘she doesnt know what she’s doing’ kind of ignorance. it’s more of a ‘doesn’t really care’ kind of ignorance. here’s what bd cares about (deeply): Pink diamond and her legacy, yellow diamond and herself. she’s still a villain.

what makes her interesting as a villain is why i like her:

1. her emotions are genuine- she doesnt fake being emotional as a part of conning the hero or anything, which is what you usually see with villains in children’s media- especially when showing ‘sympathetic’ emotions such as sadness and mercy.

2. that still doesnt make her a very noble person. some parts of tumblr, the part that sees black and white, might choose to ignore it, but at no point BD does anything that shows she actually cares for anyone other than Pink diamond (and yellow diamond). 

3. she’s not the type of character that usually is given the title villain. and yet she is. and it’s interesting to me.

4. the sharp contrast between her actual personality and the face she’s putting in front of her subjects is amusing to me. 

5. she made me go back full force into the show, and the fandom, after slowly losing interest in it since the ‘In Too Deep’ event.

6. aesthetically speaking- her design, her voice, and everything surrounding her scenes are pleasing to me.

7. she inspires me to make fanart and is the reason im back to uploading art almost consistently now. 

8. i love the dynamic she and YD share.

9. This face: 

10. even if i didnt have all these reasons, im allowed to like whatever character i want.

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I read ur response to that anon about Rio ur parrot and it's not that he's a chaos demon, all birds are like that!! They associate noise/uproar with happiness and fun bc that's how their socialization works!! So he's trying to play w u & have fun,& doesn't realize it is a hurtful thing he is doing!! As a fellow bird owner, a good way to get ur bird to stop doing things that hurt u (like excessive biting or screaming in ur ear) is to not respond to it which is a lot harder than it sounds (pt. 1)

Anonymous said: (pt. 2) like it takes a lot of willpower to not instinctively yell or scream aka react to what ur bird did!! But p much just disengaging with them, and putting them back on their cage or perch & leaving the immediate area when they do something bad is a great way to teach them that the certain action is not going to get favorable results of you making noise & having fun!! They repeat what they find works to make u have fun w them w/o realizing you’re not having fun!!

Anonymous said: (Pt. 3 I guess?? Just a sidenote) that’s why when I can tell my green cheek conure is getting stir crazy or is in a silly mood, I engage with her and start being loud!! That way she doesn’t start causing trouble or making a fuss!! The bird behavior thing I mentioned isn’t full-proof bc birds r chaotic deep down like u said but it works for the most part to teach them what is right and what is wrong to do to get ur attention!!

yea i know that, its just a lot easier & funnier to describe him as a chaotic screamin demon. i dont bother training him cuz i think its a fun part of his Pet Personality. like: [SCREECH] “YOURE GONNA MAKE ME DEAF, YOU ASS!” “WRAWKA WRAWKA BRAKA WRAAAAK REEEEEAAAA!!!!” “NO, FUCK YOU!its fun i like rio he’s a hell raiser

Pentagon reaction to meeting a cute girl but she doesn't speak korean

Jinho: He would just stare at you like you are an art or something. It would be so awkward for him because he would want to talk to you, but he couldn’t.

Hui: He wouldn’t know what to do so he would juts laugh nervously. He would try to talk to you in english but he would probably fail.

Hongseok: Hongseok would start to talk to you in english since he’s good at it. If you would speak to him in english back he would be so proud of himself, but if not he would just smile at you.

E’dawn: Hyojong would be similar to Hwitaek. He wouldn’t know what to do. Maybe he should talk to you in korean with a big hope you’ll understand??? Or maybe he would just smile at you??? 

Shinwon: He would tell you in Korean you are so cute with a hope you will understand him. 

Yeo One: Changgu would take your hands in his and he would be smiling at you so mUCH CAN u imagine?? He would think you are the cutest person on this world.

Yanan: This boy would be so confused. He would be so shy and he wouldn’t know what to do so he would be just smiling like an idiot at you cause you are so pretty. 

Yuto: He would ask Hyunggu for help since hes much better in english than him. 

Kino: I think Hyunggu would be like Hongseok, he would try to talk to you in english with a hope you’ll understand him. 

Wooseok: I think he would be goofing around to just make you laugh or smile. 


send me some requests here, dont be shy!!

Reactions - OPEN

Most To Least (MTL) - OPEN

Blurbs - OPEN

// zoey xoxo

cool so bc kai and nya have basically adopted lloyd as a younger brother here’s some shitty sibling headcannons based off True Actual bullshit my 2 younger siblings and i do (tag as green/flame and i’ll fucking maul you):

  • the Most Absurd sibling deals fucking. ever. kai asks nya to take out the trash for him and nya brings up when she ran his patrol 3 months ago and when she bought him a sprite so kai ends up taking out the trash and doing the dishes for her
  • nya steals food from both of them near nonstop and half the time they dont even notice. mfer is stealthy
    • if u try to steal food from her tho? ur fucked say goodbye to ur hand
  • all of them r needlessly dramatic abt small injuries (esp lloyd) but nonchalant abt big injuries (SUPER esp lloyd). the rest of the team is gonna kill them
  • Conflict Escalation
    • kai: nya fuck off or i’ll kick you in the shins!
    • nya, dead fucking serious: try it and i’ll kill you
  • the endless contest to stack things on lloyd while he’s sleeping (usually goldfish) and its twin, stick things in kai’s hood while ur walking behind him
  • once fr christmas nya gave lloyd a nerf gun and accidentaly started the Great Nerf War on the bounty
    • lloyd shot everyone non fucking stop til kai snapped and got a nerf gun of his own to combat him
    • eventually it spread and all six of them got nerf guns. no one was safe. the whole bounty became a war zone for weeks
    • (finally zane stole and hid all the nerf guns to end it)
  • dead dad jokes like you would not fucking believe (at least between s4 and s7), which lloyd is so fucking grateful for cause kai and nya basically teach him tht coping w grief is 10% emotional shit and 90% jokes (zane and cole get in on it all the time too cause jays the only one that actually has 2 living parents)
  • kai listens to. the worst music and nya and lloyd will never let him live it down
    • lloyd: kai we are not letting you pick the music all you listen to is mumford and sons and that weird punk band
    • kai: what! no! just this morning i was listening to johnny cash!
    • nya: kai thats even worse
  • nya will do anything you dare her to do, no matter how gross. the most famous instant of this is when kai dared lloyd to drink lemon juice and while they were arguing about how much kai would pay lloyd if he did it, nya walked by and fucking downed the whole thing without even making a face. this is when everyone on the bounty realized just how fucking powerful Nya Goddamn Smith is
  • lloyd is The Baby Sibling and always will be. this is a blessing and a curse
    • on one hand he can get away with just about anything
    • on the other hand nya and kai do not give one fuck that he is the green ninja they can boss him around as much as they want and they dont have to do one (1) thing he says cause You’re the Baby, Lloyd
  • god the fucking. ultimate sibling attack where u karate chop ur sib in the stomach while they’re lying down and it’s instant death? yeah. thats fucking brutal with these three. none of them ever lie down w/ out their arms covering their stomach they know what’ll fucking happen
  • acting like a pretty tame insult was the saddest thing you ever heard (lloyd does this so much)
    • kai: lloyd you’re a dumbass
    • lloyd, sounding heartbroken: what about it??
  • in the same vein, the classic compliment/insult pair
    • kai: lloyd, i love you and you are very kind, but youre dumb as rocks
  • these three would literally kill for each other but also nya started throwing almonds at lloyd when he fell asleep on the couch during lego cake boss and threatened to knock him out herself if he didnt go up to sleep immediately and kai responded by throwing grapes at lloyd from the other side of the room
How the guys and their s/o became interested in eachother

Apologies for not posting for a few days, im gonna start doing the requests now :’)

Kaito Momota

- U and Kaito started to already like eachother because u guys like the same music

- U were wearing the shirt of ur fav band/artist and when Kaito saw u he even needed to calm his shit down before talking to you

- he walked up to u and asked if u listen to them too??/?

- Honestly his smile was so adorable when he asked u that

- U nodded and he started to ask u a bunch of questions like why u like them and what ur fav song is and hes really happy to talk about them with u

- And eventually u saw that most of the music u listen to is also in his playlist

- Talking about your fav band/artist or just music in general with him is so much fun!!!

- And it doesnt matter if ur good nor bad at singing, in the end of the day u sing almost every song of ur fav band/artist with him wich makes u both laugh till u got tears in ur eyes

- Also he shows u maaany more music artists and groups ud be interested in!

- Even if u guys dont have anything to say to eachother u can always talk about music, that’s for sure :)

Kokichi Ouma

U were in this guy class and honestly u decided not to talk to him, like at all

- He gave u odd feelings

- When School ended and u were about to go home u saw the purple hitler Ouma at the locker room

- Ofcourse, u were like ‘shit’

- But when u saw Ouma’s face-

- He s blushing??????? 

- Like?????? Why is this guy looking like that?????? why he so cute????

- He walked up to u while u were obviously looking like u were about to run

- When he started talking it felt like there was 20 years added to ur lifespan like this guy his voice is straight up cute

- U legit forgot why u were avoiding him

- He said really nice stuff to u, and was lowkey trying to impress u tho 

- U guys started to talk more and u really enjoy the conversations!!

- Whenever he sees u he automatically smiles, like its his thing now

- Though he does goes from adorbs to evil time to time, u were able to accept that side of him, even though it was a little hard at first 

- But its not a problem anymore because now u guys are really happy with eachother!!


- U swear to god u saw him flying around once 

- It made u think like: ‘’whoaaa i wanna meet this robot guy wowie wow wow’’’and since then u started looking for him evERYWHERE

- But on ur first day of highschool u saw this guy and he was also in ur class and-

- S/O.EXE stopped working

- Though u decided not to go to him like a crazy fangirl or anything, u kept it cool and went home (cause it was the end of the schoolday at that moment)

- But when u turned around to look at him for one last time the guy was standing in front of u and u stopped working again

- When he talked he talked so formal like he used some words u never heard of

- It was actually really cute because he was stuttering the whole way true it, and u could see he was actually quite nervous to talk to u

- And when he asked u to introduce urself, instead of freaking doing it, U asked if he could fly

- Wich made ur school / classmates giving u a weird look but kiibo was happy to answer that question!

- He explained that it was one of his rlly dope robot functions and he ended up talking about all the other functions he has– yet he still spoke very formal to u wich is adorable 

- In the end of the conversation, u could see he actually had a nice time meeting u, and after talking more to eachother, he became to really like u (yet he doesnt know what that feeling means)

- U guys always have stuff to learn from eachother, u explain stuff about humans and society, and kiibo about robots and the way theyre created

- So its a win win for u both!!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

- I legit have no idea to write this one sorry v.v

- Let’s say u found eachother at club penguin and ended up falling in luv

Rantarou Amami

- U always thought this guy was suspicious as hell

- Once ur bike was stolen and the next day u saw this guy with a bike really similair to urs

- Though he told u multiple times he had this bike for a long time

- Whatever he does u always have a something to say about it, like u still dont forgive him for sort of stealing ur beautiful green bike

- U don’t hate this guy, u just dislike it when he makes an appearance

- Even when ure a complete ass to him it doesnt look like he has any problems with it?? he is still really chill to u??

- He even once asked u to eat lunch with him and his friends

- U are confused like why is he still being nice to u?? U swear u saw him a little irritated at someone at least once

- Though u didnt want to admit it, it did made u more interested in him at some point

- So the next time he asked u to eat lunch with his friends u said yes

- U know, maybe he is a very nice person

- And yes! he is actually very nice!! U guys have a lot in common!

- Also Amami is a very chill person, and u can talk about kinda anything with him, hes very understandable + is good at listening 

- And u probably confused the irritaded guy with him, u can’t image this guy loosing his chill to be honest

- But u do need to survive his bad dad jokes

- Though it did took some time for u two to actually become lovers because u were STILL salty about the bike thing

Shuuichi Saihara

- U love to read!! But when u were in the local libary near ur house, u always saw the name ‘Suuichi Saihara’ in the back

- It acc annoyed u and ofcourse u needed to make a competition out of it

- U started reading all the books that has his name on the back, like u even ended up pulling an all nighter to finish one of those books

- Though u do admit this Saihara does have a good taste in books

- One day u were reading in the libary, and ended up falling asleep cause u obviously have an lack of sleep

- When u woke up the libary was closed while u were still IN THE LIBARY AND UR LIKE NOOoh

- But u also woke up with a really dope hoodie buT UR BUSY PANICkING

- Hours later when u decided to have a sleep over at ur favorite place u started wondering where the hoodie came from

- The next day u tried to fake sleep because u. wanna. know. who it was

- Then a hour(s) later u felt someone putting an scarf around ur neck lmao

- U turned around and saw a guy with a cap and ur like oh and u dont know what to say because u didnt expect to acc come this far

- He started blushing like crazy and u were suprised, he looked so mysterious but instead hes really cute and shy 

- U both introduced urselfs and Saihara is like ooh!! i always wanted to meet u cause u love reading as much as i do! i see ure name in the back of books a lot too

- And ur like bruh i see ur name on a lot of books too, but then he explained that he did that just for u to notice him and like how adorable even is that lol

- Since then u guys started to hang out in the libary a lot !!

Gonta Gokuhara

- He was acc the one starting to talk to u

- He once saw u taking care of a spider, instead of killing it u carefully took it and put the spider outside the school back to the nature

- He was very thankfull!! Because insects for this guys are like his own children

- Aside deadly ones, u were never really scared nor disgusted by insects

- But when this guy was talking about them, it makes u feel like theyre more than insects tbh

- He shows u how to take care of diffrent kinds of insects, and it made u actually interested

- Whenever ure asking questions, he s glad to answer! Cause it makes him not only feel at ease, but really happy too!

- Whenever he talks about insects with you, hes always smiling and he has that excitment in his eyes

- Even though u guys know eachother for months and are dating now, he still talks formal to u + has the same excitment in his eyes whenever the subject is about insects

Ryouma Hoshi

- U guys already knew eachother since elementary school

- So u can say u guys were childhood friends, though, he moved so u didnt talk to eachother since six grade

- U remember when u both were like 5 he once kicked u and u ended up with ur head in the sandpit

- And u guys always put sand in eachothers hair + pants/skirt or just straight up underwear

- But it made both of u laugh and yes u guys became friends because of it

- Many years later u were about to go to the police for an school project; u needed to interview one of these police offiecers about how they do their work–

- But then u saw this very little guy walking out of the front door like yes btches im finally free after all these years 

- And u recognice this guy like immediately and when he looked at u U SAW HIS SMILE SLOWLY DISSAPEAR LIKE

-  ‘’Oh… Hey Y/N looong time no see huh? ahah…ahahah..ha’’

- Let’s say his laugh was so awkward it made u cringe inside

- But the fact that it was ur friend from sooo many years ago made u very excited and idk he thought it was adorable

- After talking alot he started explaining the reason why he was in prison and u were shook at first but u saw despite his actions he was still like the same nice guy from elementary school

- And u both decided to hang out with eachother more 

- After some time u guys ended up having feelings for eachother too!! :)

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lmao henrik is trending all night and not one tarjei post from last night in sight. fuck this fandom tbh

henrik holm: talks about how much he has learned in the past year, about how he didn’t want to portray a stereotypically mentally ill person cause he knows you must show respect for the ones you portray, talks about how comfortable he was portraying an lgbt+ character together with tarjei because they trust each other completely, shows nothing but love and respect and gratefulness for the makers of the show, his co-stars AND us, the viewers

you: honestly FUCK yall for talking about henrik!!!! why dont u just admit you’re tarjeiphobic :) u monster 

. I know I can shit post a lot and I may scream about my love for JB to the point that it gets annoying, but thank you for sticking with me anyways! I would like to thank you all for following me and for befriending me! I love each and everyone of you and I only wish for your unending happiness. I’ve met so many people on here who made my life more colorful and who i want to keep dear to my heart for my whole entire life. Thank you so much, I can never thank y’all enough. <3

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So im here about the bee ask u answered!the thing is when u said that beekepers treat the bees well,it doesnt rlly matter to vegans bc veganism is about not exploiting animals,basically they are their own so we dont have the right to use them even if we"treat them well"so about my question do u have any reliable source about honey?cause vegans are rlly passionate about it but as a vegan myself&a rlly passionate one ive never found any reliable info&i just want the good info to do whats right !

I understand veganism as not using any animal products and that’s fine. My issue is the word “exploiting.” Mainly because it really reveals how little vegans know about animal production industries and how important and beneficial they are both to humans and animals.

Domesticated animals have been changed by humans due to humans and something called artificial selection. Human’s have purposely bred animals for certain characteristics we want to see in these animals and therefore are GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). For example sheep producing that extent of wool that doesn’t shed. Or bees that can make large quantities of honey or polled cows, or every dog breed. This is also true for pretty much every vegetable and fruit we eat today. Carrots never used to be orange, banana’s had seeds and tasted completely different, it goes on and on.  

Because of this, domesticated animals like bees, cows, dogs, cats cannot just simply 

we can’t stop shearing sheep because a bunch of people think we’re “exploiting” them. The sheep will die or end up looking like this: 

Shrek the sheep that escaped his paddock and went missing for 6 years. 

The environment that we know it today has been shaped by us and by the animals we’ve domesticated (in both good and bad ways). 

Vegan’s fail to see the bigger picture. They focus on individual animals or species instead of acknowledging or thinking about the impacts it would have if meat stopped being produced, or wool, or honey or diary products. Without all these processes the environment and biodiversity would be drastically changed for the worse. We’d lose important native and wild key species for a few domesticated animals. And that’s not even going onto the cultural or health effects on humans, especially those in poorer exploited countries. 

Okay so now with my little rant over my advice for finding good information: 

  • First don’t use any vegan websites. They are bias. They are unscientific.
  • Use scientific based information (for this you can use something called google scholar  it works like google for scientific articles / journals (though alot of them you’ll need to buy which is bullshit. Scientific information should be free for all) 
  • Websites that end in .org are usually reliable
  • information from the source itself is good aka. asking farmers, bee keepers, biologists first hand experience is always good. They are experts after all (and alot of them have youtube or websites)
  • books are also a good way to go, but check who the author is and who is publishing the book. (you can find alot of books of bee keeping / bees by biologists + bee keepers) 

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hi x so i have this friend that i always go back and fourth with, with fighting then becoming best friends again but i feel like i am kind of getting hurt with everything. we've been really good friends for four years now but i'm scared because i don't want to leave him. any advice for it? and today was going to be the day i was going to tell him i'm bi but i'm too scared since now him and i are having these problems.

I have the exact same kind of friend, or at least it used to be like this until one day i was like u kno what im sick of getting hurt and I just stopped talking to him. It hurt for a while and i missed him but then after a couple of months i just didnt care anymore! And it felt so great to know that I wasnt bothered by what he thought of me and i never felt more free!! We are still friends now because he contacted me again and now we just have this kinda chill friendship where we dont talk often but when we do everything’s good. Im not saying this would happen for sure if u just blocked ur friend out but u gotta think… is he causing you more pain than happiness? is it worth going through all that fighting? Is what he thinks of you on your mind more than you’d like it to be? if so it might be worth just giving the friendship a break for a while. U dont need to say anything about it like u dont gotta break up with him just straight up stop talking. Eventually u will stop caring and if he decides to rekindle that friendship then great and if not then u just wont care anymore. Thats just my experience and advice i guess. Best of luck