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I've think to travel to Japan to improve my japanese but I dont know nothing about Japan. Do people understand eng? Whats the most popular sport? Where do people go to have fun? Since u're japanese I thought u coul help. Ty for Snk and for ur time ;)

People do understand English, but they probably won’t be able answer properly. However that shouldn’t get you down. People in Japan are very eager to help and will try everything to make sure you get your problem solved. If that means communicating with hand and feet that’s fine!

People love Tennis here in Japan. Also baseball and golfing, but Japanese traditional sports are still very popular, like judo and kendo. 

To have fun people love to go to arcades and cafes (maid cafes, karaoke and so on).

I hope you have a great time when you come here! And please look around a lot and don’t just enjoy the cities, but also the beautiful nature that Japan has to offer :)

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you know what i love about that post with the punk version of aero? girl bulge. which is something that should totally be normalized, cause like some girls like myself got a bulge going on!! so seeing it in that post made me super happy!! thank you so much for that and continuily making awesome art and being one of the (sadly) few trans mlp artists with a consistent-ish ask blog!! do you plan to expland your art pathways and creative outlets anytime soon? or r u just going to focus on mlp 4 now?

Ah!!Glad you liked it hun it means alot to me

Oh! I forgot to mention I do original stuff on my main art blog on @senseidezzy ! I want to do comics with my original/none mlp characters but I haven’t quite thought of any solid plot to work off of them. For now they’re eye candy and occasional silly stuff

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twitter*com/gominniee/status/769756184920195072 so yeah, idk what to say but what do u think about this kaistal evidence?

Anonymous said: Have you seen the pics on ka_istal roaming around on ig. I don’t know what to think, but it’s questioning to me. Im in between at the moment of real and fake.


(Since they’re about the same thing I’ll answer them together)

I think they’re real but “fake” and I’ll explain why I think they are “fake”. First off, by fake I mean I think it’s fake kxk proof and here’s why: People have been throwing dates around (especially kxk shippers in an attempt to make them more real) but there’s a problem with that. The pictures are supposedly dated somewhere in July. Jongin’s leg was injured IN July. How can he be standing if his leg is hurt?

Now, the actual pictures are real, they don’t appear photoshopped to me and I don’t believe they are. People have also been saying that these pictures are either extra, never released photos of the Kai x tae_min x Krys photoshoot. This really makes sense because jongin’s hair is the same as the time of the photoshoot and the photos fit the theme/setting of the photoshoot they all did.

im less than 10 followwers away from 1.4k what the fuck this is insane, thank you for following me and sticking by all the drama i’ve been in recently i really appreciate it. like i know im not the most likeable person ever n i do have my moments but it means a lot to me. 

this is fucking gay, anyway.

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Hi! I'm sorry, I've been searching for an answer to this but haven't found much, so I'm trying to ask around for input. I'm a white person who has been gifted a fake eagle feather by another white person, who claimed it was a sign of their esteem in me because of the feather's meaning. I know I have no right to that honor or to display an eagle feather in that context. Now I don't know what to do with the feather - how do I respectfully dispose of this symbol? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

If you have an actual eagle feather, then you are in possession of an illegal gifted item.

Such restrictions help ensure the future viability of eagles in the wild. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, however, has long recognized the religious and cultural significance of eagles to Native Americans and works to accommodate these special needs.

Penalties under the MBTA include a maximum of 2 years imprisonment and $250,000 fine for a felony conviction and 6 months imprisonment or $5,000 fine for a misdemenor conviction. Fines double if the violator is an organization rather than an individual.

With regards to bald and golden eagles: all carcasses, parts, and feathers of bald and golden eagles must be sent to the National Eagle Repository after you have satisfied the requirements of your state regulations:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Eagle Repository
Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Building 128
Commerce City, Colorado 80022
PHONE: (303) 287-2110
FAX: (303) 287-1570

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question, what do you use to draw

I don’t know why you mean, exactly.. Bit…

Pencil: A $3 SumoGrip mechanical pencil lead: 0.9 mm

Paper: ..Paper… (The one I used to draw lapiz was in my sketch pad.. Sooo.. Art1st.. The brand is Pacon)

Is that what you meant?? Because if not.. Then…. More specific, please?? ;u;

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Hi are u i hope u do well ^^ i just have a question about the new patch 3.4 of ffxiv .. am sorry 4 annoying you :( but dose finishing bahamut will make different in main quests story i mean with alisae ... what the differents if u know. ty❤

I am doing well! And don’t think its a bother or annoying me for I rarely get asks that arn’t from prompts. To answer your question about 3.4 MSQ it is stated the script will change based on if you cleared the Coils of Bahamut or not, for it will be released on Sept. 27th. (Came from this article -> FFXIV Live Letter 31 Summary from

I can give you a guess however for what the difference may be. For example if a 1.0 WoL returns in ARR some npcs will react differently in the beginning of the game. Minfillia going, “OMG your alive <player name> we thought you were dead!!!” and whichever starter city you choose the leader will kinda remember you. Also the opening to the game was totally different too, no Alisaie and Alphinaud across from you with a random merchant asking you questions. (1.0 intro -> Here …. I can’t find the dialog I mentioned >u<)

I am guessing the same will be for this too. I don’t want to spoil anything but I’m sure she will reference the events from coil and have a friendship with the character. Because she never really talked to the player, ever, until she asks for the WoL to help with her exploring the Coils. So if you don’t clear coil the player will then introduce themselves again in case she doesn’t remember you, since Alphinaud introduced both him and her after the Lominsian remembrance ceremony and she didn’t talk to the player, only to her brother as they poked at Eorzea between themselves.

Sorry if I kept going off topic but I hope this helps! :) Since I cleared Coil back in 2.0 I can post the dialog when we get to see her for you!

There is also a Alisaie blog, @alisaie-leveilleur . Since I’m not so educated when it comes to Alisaie, what do you think of this? How do you think Alisaie will do differently based on knowing the character more? :)

I was tagged by @genderfluid-smoky (sorry for responding so late)

Names/nicknames: Rae, Chimes

Gender: Agender? I’m still not too sure how I feel on the whole gender thing oops

Height: last I checked it was 5 feet and somethin but it’s been a while

Hogwarts house: I’ve take those online quizzes so many times and I’m usually in between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and I’m even occasionally Gryffindor so I don’t know what to tell you tbh

Favorite color: yellow

Time: 6:22 pm

Last thing I googled: Cats eye gemstone

Fictional character id like as a sibling: not sure… peridot? or maybe eleven from stranger things

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

Favorite bands/artists: Do u mean band and artists like music only? Idk but Twenty one pilots, Panic! at the disco, red hot chili peppers, and gorillaz I guess

Dream Vacation: either to Italy in Florence and stuff or just like a quiet peaceful forest in a cabin (with Internet of course •_•;)

When I made this blog: a few years ago I think, but I still don’t have a lot of followers ;-; but I made a few before that I never used cause I wasn’t able to get into it until I made this one

How many blogs I follow: I think it’s in the hundreds by now •_•; at first I tried to keep it to 22 blogs at a time but that didn’t work out

What I post about: I usually just post about twenty one pilots and The X files and Steven universe and stuff, if you’ve been with me for a while you’ll remember when I posted a lot of undertale, I suppose I occasionally do still (as long as it not yet another picture of sans crying his eye sockets out :/ ) I also post stuff that’s pretty or cool or whatever (which I tag with #pretty or #cool …) and animal stuff of course :3 (which I tag with #animals … …..) but yeah I post a lot of stuff

Do I get asks on a regular basis?: I’ve actually never received an ask before oooppss

Aesthetics: I actually don’t have an aesthetic tag cause I used to think that was a pretty lame idea so I just tagged everything with pretty or cool or whatever, I’m not sure if I should change it tho cause I already have so many things tagged under them, also for some bizarre reason I follow a LOT of cacti and succulent blogs, which I suppose is part of my aesthetic and my friends have teased me about it before, but ya know what there pretty heckin cute plants if ya ask me (who grew up in Az surrounded by cacti oops)

I tag: @candied-spectres
@dunwithdunpuns @disorderedtrashhider @fuck-it-all-to-hell @homesick-turnerstone @wishmaker7 @fulcrumpng @phandango-trashe (most of these tags are people who show up in my notifications a lot sorry to bother you guys! you don’t have to answer these questions tho)

suho: we can’t let them take her away!

chanyeol: we have to distract them!

baekhyun: dw i got this *pops shirt buttons open*

kyungsoo: we already tried that and it just made chanyeol drool a lot

lay: *hands chanyeol another tissue to wipe his drool* i feel u bro

chanyeol: thanks…wait what’s that supposed to mean are you checking out b-

suho: focus please

jongdae: what we need is a hero…

kai: *steps out from the shadows*…i know what we need.

xiumin: what is that? also stop acting all dark and brooding i just saw you wearing teddy bear print undies earlier

kai: excuse you they were a gift from my mother…and someone has to harness the power of dance

chanyeol: but only you have done that before-

sehun: wait…let me do this.

suho: *reaches out to stop him* b-but are you sure? sehun you’re still so young..why not let lay-

lay: *grabs suho’s shoulder* it’s okay he can handle it

suho: damn ur right look at him go..that’s my boy :’)