do u kno how hard i am

reasons y i luv sharp zero:

  • “wow that sure was gay”
  • madina matar
  • the fact that its like xmen but also not and also the underworld is involved
  • theres an agender filipinx character do u kno how hard it is to find representation like that (not anymore thx sharp zero)
  • tall x tiny person trope
  • except the tiny person is the smug fuck and the tall ones the flustered fuck!!!!!!!!!!
  • madina matar

anonymous asked:

I feel like I'm not allowed to consider myself a member of the bi community. Every time i talk about racism and biphobia i face in the lgbt/bi community and how they intertwine white bi ppl tell me this community is supposed to be a safe place

(cont) and basically say “ok we are letting u call urself bi so now u gotta thank us for letting u into our community” and i just wanna know if this is normal? If i really am being biphobic 2 my peers for wanting to discuss racism and if I'm (cont) making them look bad? I dont wanna create more reasons for ppl to hate us. I also feel like i havent proved my bi-ness enough and that no matter how hard i try white bi and lgbt ppl wont believe me. Idk if i deserve to call myself bi anymore

(cont) i do like more than 2 genders but i feel like im not bi enough so ive started to call myself str8 again. Am i invading bi spaces?? Im sorry if u find these questions offensive i just. Idk what 2 do and u kno a lot more than me about this

yeah that is definitely a legit criticism of the bi community

edit: sorry i didn’t realize this was a multi ask question. it’s not biphobic to want to talk about racism in the bi community, esp. because bi people are disproportionately poc. fuck anyone that acts like you’re being “divisive” or whatev. it is your right to speak out against racism, and it’s our responsibility to listen to you when you do and get our shit together.