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Spring Day Theory 🌼

As the Spring Day teaser was released today I thought I’d create a study for you guys putting forward my observations as a Creative Writing and literature graduate, please enjoy… *puts smart hat on*


A plotless work by Ursula K. Le Guin based solely on description and allowing the reader his own interpretation of morality and philosophy. The only chronological event in the piece is the first day of summer in a euphoric utopian city named Omelas, an extended metaphor for youth, with a vibrant festival atmosphere which we see in the teaser within the Omelas motel in bright rich colours as they all live communally just like the people within the text.

The reader is intended to remain unsure about the reasoning behind this ambiguous world which is left completely up to interpretation, confirmed by the writer in their own words: “Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairytale, long ago and far away. Perhaps it would be best if you imagined as your own fancy bids.”

The central point which makes the story real is its single atrocity, the suffering of one child in filth, darkness, and perpetual misery.

Once old enough to know the weight of this suffering, a group of young and old individuals walk away silently seen in one of the scenes as each member walks together into a new environment, evident due to the drained hue of the cinematography as it becomes more wintery, seen too in the opening shot in which the members have frosty blue tinged lips juxtaposing the background of bright childhood sights like the merry go round reading “you never walk alone” as well as the beach which show a stylized divide between them and their surroundings. 

Jimin’s scenes are most notable with the most enduring being his connection to the sea, a theme which sets forth a contradictory metaphor as old as classical literature itself, of the ocean as a serene, beautiful yet dangerous and hostile environment. This idea is supported by Jimin holding another persons shoes in his hands, typically the first thing to wash up after a death by drowning at sea.

It is arguable that Jimin later walking alone in an apparent wilderness is symbolic of the book endings ambiguity and potential as a blank canvas on which the personal meaning from the readers imagination can be applied. Once again the writer confirms this: “The place they go is even less imaginable to us than the city of happiness. It is possible it does not exist.”

This could hint that the characters have no further plot line, they are without a continuing story arc, supported by the imagery within the teaser of each member repeating his own theme as oppose to developing.

The notion of the scapegoat is central to the understanding of the text, the writer being heavily influenced by psychomyths alluded to by Dostoyevsky and William James. In a nutshell that no matter the happiness we felt in a society that hinged on the suffering of one, our happiness would be so monstrous to us that we would be forced to leave it by our own conscience.

No Vacancy

About 7 friends on a road trip staying at a motel, encountering a seemingly helpful group and being trapped, waking up to a gruesome and bloody terror they must work together to escape and survive.

There is a huge possibility that the other group is a mirror image of the 7 friends whose own actions put them in danger, causing them to have to work together to overcome the consequences, it can also be used to explain some of the dark and bloody themes seen in Wings, Epilogue and I Need U era.

Owl Service

A supernatural fantasy written by Alan Garner set in modern Wales and based on a mythical Welsh woman named Blodeuwedd who was created by flowers for a man cursed to take no human wife. She betrays the husband for another man and is turned into an owl as punishment, a future theme eerily hinted at in the sign at the bus shelter (which oddly has no exit roads) at the destination aptly named ‘Affair’.

In Garners tale 3 teenagers find themselves re-enacting this story, whose bird imagery relates directly to Taehyung’s portrayal in Wings and the mythology and classical themes set forth in the previous era.


It is imperative we ask ourselves the forbidden question, what if none of this is real? What if what we are seeing is just a narrative device created to obscure the real story? What facts would this leave us with?


The central fact is the reflected suffering of a young person – escaping into his books and movies to distract himself from the truth, a truth so all-encompassing that it bleeds through into every single thing he reads and watches. An individual who was well versed in classicism and philosophy, of high intelligence to keep noticing these themes and applying parts of his own life to generate meaning. 

The ‘hyung’ Tae calls for yet never gets through to after the fact, doomed to repeat and suffer that which he cannot change, the events of his youth refracted in what he reads, so many variations of books and films all mixed together and all in English, overlapping and still somehow alien from each other, yet in each he sees his friends as well as himself as the protagonists, that child would be the central theme, the scapegoat, the utopia, the one individual which knits it all together. 

The view of this one man would perceive all the events, know the suffering of each character as only an omniscient narrator would, how else would he know both the suffering and the joy simultaneously unless the characters were all a part of him, each one a strength and a weakness.

With this view, only the events during I Need U could have been real, the rest simply memories, reflections and glimpses into his imagination as he goes about his life, revisiting a now distant, traumatic yet halcyon past.

Who do you think he is? I hope you enjoyed my mini case study of the new teaser! If you would like any more theories I welcome asks! 💖

Written by Laura Cathrine. 🎀

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for creating portfolios to get into art/animation programs?? Like I rly rly want to be able to go to art school but it stresses me out when I read about portfolios cause I have no idea where to start and I feel like I won't be good enough in time cause I'm in grade ten and have like never done any life drawing??? So I need any advice you can give sorry if I'm bothering you

I can’t speak for animation programs since i only applied to a fine arts program (i can imagine applying for animation would be totally different), but i’ll give u some tips based on what worked for me:

1. dont overload ur portfolio. i would pick ur 10 best pieces, 15 tops. u wanna show em that ur decisive

1. people are interested in variety!!!! in medium AND in subject matter. Try to include all the different materials u are proficient in, even if its not the specific area u want to major in (this applied for me, anyway– i was applying to my school’s fine arts program which included ALL the art majors, so even though i wanted to major in graphic design i still put a bunch of traditional media pieces and sculpture in my portfolio).

As far as subject matter, i would suggest including a mix of observational and experimental pieces, but make it overall more observational-heavy. So that’d be still life, figure drawing, landscape, self portrait, et cetera. u can still include a few experimental pieces to show them u know how to be creative, but i think observational drawing skills and principles are really important to admissions people. u want to show them that u know how to draw more than one thing and that u dont rely on artistic crutches

2. I took a “portfolio boot camp” class at one of the schools i was interested in the summer before I applied. It was basically a course where u made a different piece each week – all observational stuff, to help pad out ur portfolio. This was SUPER useful bc it gave me an opportunity to do things i wouldnt have gotten a chance to do on my own, like a long-pose figure drawing. If u are able to, i’d check and see if there are any portfolio prep classes near u, in case u wanna feel Extra Prepared

3. even if u cant take a portfolio class, it’s still totally doable to build a varied portfolio all on ur own. if u want a figure drawing, see if u can convince a friend to model for u for a few hours (or bribe them with food). u can even model for urself in the mirror. go into ur backyard and draw a landscape or ur neighbors’ houses. arrange some random objects in a pile and throw some nice lighting on it. Go Nuts™

4. u have SO MUCH time do not worry. i didnt even start purposefully building my portfolio until a few months before i applied places. dont worry u got this

sorry i cant give more advice im in the middle of something BUT!!! i believe in u anon. lmk if u have any more specific questions

Stefan & Klaus (ft Kol) Imagine

Anon - prompt 22 please with stefan like the reader have turn her humanity off

 #22 “Who’s going to stop me, you?”  

Anon - Hi, can u do an imagine where the reader turn off her humanity and klaus help her because he love her please?  

*Instead of making two imagines of this I’m mixing them up hope you don’t mind*

(Warning: Mentions of death, Long as heck)

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ginaisinthediner  asked:

how would a person know if they're FE function is well developed (im an ENFP just lettin u know)

That depends on what you think Fe is.

I had a discussion this morning at breakfast over why some people, of any type, seem to be totally oblivious to what is culturally or socially appropriate, and the inevitable theory was that some people are simply not tuned in to other people, regardless of type.

You can be TUNED IN (paying attention to their cues, their comfort, their needs, and their feelings) to other people regardless of type.

I have seen not-tuned-in high Fe’s:

  • Bring up inappropriate things in public for discussion, in a mixed group
  • Assert their political opinions without being aware of or considerate about the opinions of the other people at the table
  • Over-share and make others deeply uncomfortable
  • Say whatever they feel, regardless of whether this is the time or place
  • Bore everyone at the table to death with a long, self-involved speech, monologue, or story
  • Be demanding and inconsiderate of service people, and expect them to ‘change’ to suit what THEY want
  • Refuse to suppress their opinions for group comfort, change their behavior to be more appropriate, or cater to anyone’s demands

I bring this up because Fi’s are often accused of this type of behavior, with the implication that Fe’s can never be that socially inappropriate, and I want you to know it has nothing to do with type, and everything to do with an immature ego and lack of tuning in to other people and the outer world. You can be a total Fe and still be oblivious to other people’s feelings (Norma Bates in Bates Motel).

Fe is about social harmony and attentiveness to other people, right?

Nope. That is not what Fe is.

It’s a mindset. You and me becomes WE. It’s about the free, easy expression of emotions, and the ability to handle them in the moment, as they happen. It enables the Fe to fake feelings to accomplish a task, and to build a sense of camaraderie with and among others, in order to get that task done; it “mirrors” people’s feelings back at them, which helps the Fe feel connected to the other person; and because of this, the Fe is most comfortable with others who share their values. Some Fe’s become skilled enough with it to know what to say to make people feel better (”you always know just what to say…”), and how to deliver criticisms without hurting the other person’s feelings too much.

It is the act of using other people to accomplish things; often by rallying them around a goal. Thus, the natural dialogue of Fe is often “us.”

  • “WE will do the subscriptions this afternoon…” (even though the person speaking won’t be doing them)
  • “WE can accomplish this if we work together!” (the mantra of every Fe politician who ever lived)
  • “WE can get through this!” (even if it’s really just you who is struggling)

Fe wants group harmony in order to accomplish its goals.

Fe is Mr. Selfridge giving rah-rah speeches to his department store employees, to rally them around the store’s new promotional program and help them all feel like they belong and are family, even though he’s really the boss.

Fe is Margaery Tyrell slapping a fake smile on her face and being whatever she needs to be, in order to survive.

Fe is Rory Gilmore going on and on about her feelings to her mother.

So, how do you tell how developed your Fe is?

You tell me.

  • Being polite and appropriate is not Fe.
  • Self-censoring to avoid conflict is not Fe.
  • Being annoyed that someone brought up an inappropriate topic is not Fe.
  • Catering your behavior to fit in with a group is not Fe.
  • Wanting to impact people’s emotions is not Fe (but how you go about doing it differs based on whether you use Fe or Fi).

It’s a method of communication.

It’s a mental mindset.

It’s a framework that influences how you communicate.

I thought I had Fe for a long time, because social appropriateness matters to me. I tune in to other people. I notice if they are bored and avoid going on and on about things they have no interest in. I don’t talk about things with them that I know would make them too uncomfortable, or offend them. I know there is a time and a place for certain kinds of behaviors and ideas. I frown on people who do not observe social conventions, in that manner, because it feels wrong to me to be insensitive or inappropriate. I used to get praise in social settings as a child from adults (which was humiliating for me; unlike a Fe, it did not uplift me or make me feel good about myself, because I can’t be any other way and live with myself) on my behavior. I was never rowdy. I never caused trouble. I never offended anyone. I never drew attention to myself.

I value politeness. I don’t like selfishness. I do not wish to offend (except when I am angry or passionate enough about something that I can’t keep my mouth shut), and often as a writer, I am very aware of my core audience, I try and write something thought-provoking that is not offensive, and I fret a great deal about how my book will be received. (Will this offend this group? Will that offend that group? How can I keep both sides happy?) I do care what others think of me – just not enough to alter my strong ethical opinions to suit them.

Just because everyone is doing it is not a valid argument with me, and if you try and push me to do something I think is wrong, you’re going to get a strong refusal accompanied by an enormous heaping of Fi-judgment on your behavior.

I remember, in particular, one incident from my early teen years, that one might mistake as Fe, but it wasn’t. It went thus:

Teenage Girl: “We should totally do ______.”

Me: “No. It would upset my mother.“

Teenage Girl: “All the better reason to do it then!”

Me: *strong whiff of disapproval, accompanied by a glacial glare* “And why would I want to upset her?” *insinuation: you’re a bad person to suggest it, and we’re done after this*

On the surface, this might seem like Fe, right? I’m choosing my behavior based on my mother’s feelings. Except, it’s not Fe. It’s Fi. My motive was: “I love my parents. I saw someone close to me put them through hell with that kind of behavior, and I will never act like that.”

So really, my motive was: it is beneath ME (Fi) to act like that (Fi judgment); screw this “all teenagers act out” apologetic bullshit, that isn’t me (Fi).

I have no idea if that answered your question or not. But, there it is.

- ENFP Mod

PS: Cue the anxiety of hitting ‘post,’ for fear I might offend someone, and then have to deal with their feelings with my clumsy tert-Te. ;)

a flower tattoo & jasmine perfume | two

In which Spencer has a huge crush on a bartender, Cassidy, who works at the bar/restaurant down the street from his apartment. On his free weeknights when she’s working, he heads over to keep her company. An unexpected face from his past just may unknowingly give him the push he needs to tell Cass how he feels.

a/n: this is part TWO of my piece for Hannah’s OC/trope challenge. only one more part after this! read part one here. gif credit: @babyspencerreid

Spencer was laying on his bed with a book in hand, eyes darting from page to page at an almost alarming speed. His phone sounded indicating that he’d gotten a text, so he sighed with dread that it could be from his team. As much as he loved them, he wasn’t looking forward to going away on a case at 11 am on a Saturday.

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #5

My Boyfriend Was Here And Then He Wasn’t

My boyfriend works about 5 minutes away so he comes home on his lunch break at 11:30 and then again at 4:00 when he gets off work to get ready to go to his second job.

Today, when he came home from lunch he asked me if I would be home when he got back at 4 and I said no, because I planned on going to my mom’s house for a little bit.

So then, my mom decided she wanted me to visit a little later this evening, so I was sitting on the enclosed porch a few minutes ago and I see my boyfriend’s car pull into the driveway. I thought “Oh! He doesn’t know I’m still here! I can surprise him!” I look down the driveway and see his car again, so I go back in the house to the side door that we use and open it to surprise him before he gets a chance to open it.

He’s not there. The car isn’t there. So I texted him “Did you just come home a second ago?” Thinking maybe he forgot something at work and had to come back. He texts back “No, I’m still at work but I’m about to come home. Why?”

I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt know that was my boyfriend’s car in the driveway. He has a somewhat unique car so it’s not like I mistook it for another car. And I was on the patio long enough to see it wasn’t just someone turning around in our driveway. Not the craziest glitch in the world, I know. But it did freak me out a little bit!

Credits to: GetItTogether

My Whole Class Heard A Voice That Wasn’t There

This happened about a year ago in my music class at school, it’s pretty small but I remember it really well.

Our teacher had to leave the room to talk to someone, so she left us doing an old test paper, where you listen to a recording of a bit of classical music 3 times and tick boxes that describe what you hear. No one was paying a massive amount of attention because the teacher was out of the room but on the first playing there was a high female singing voice above an instrumental piece, and me and my friend next to me ticked “descant” which means a high female singing voice. 

When the second recording played, it was identical to the first minus the female voice from before. I looked up confused and most of the class had exactly the same look, and we all started saying how we swore there was a female singing on the first playing. One boy went over to the computer and put the mp3 back to the first playing, all of us expecting to hear the voice again but no, it was now the same as the second with no female voices at all. 

I would have put it down to hearing things if it was just me, but more than half the class had ticked the same “descant” box. After checking again, everyone started kidding around saying it was a ghost but I think we were all pretty freaked out. We told the teacher about ‘the voice’ as we called it when she came back but she didn’t believe us.

Credits to: californiaenglishpt2

Cousin Has Weird Memory Of Me

My cousin swears up and down that during high school, I did some weird lemonade diet and I was very skinny and fit. She said that she was jealous of how skinny I got and how everyone thought I was so sexy, she stopped talking to me during that time period. 

But in my reality, I never went on a diet, I was never super skinny and fit, but I did date various people, her and I talked all the way up into graduation. I am her only cousin, so there is no way she could mix me up with another cousin, what would that be considered? A glitch or her perception of reality being completely different then mine? Or some form of quantum immortality were she fazed into another universe.

Credits to: BabiHoles

My Dog Just Glitched

First, a little background. I live with my girlfriend, our dog and two cats in an apartment at ground floor. Simplified, the apartment is sort of formed like a “U”, with the kitchen at one end and the back door to the garden in the other. We keep the dog’s leash next to the front door, which is next to the kitchen. We also have a little fence closing in the garden, so that we can let the dog wander in and out without the leash when the back door i open.

Anyway, here’s the fucked up event yesterday. My girlfriend was at work, I was working from home and the cat’s were asleep. It was raining heavily, so I was hesitant to go out for a walk with the dog. He was jumping up and down by the door so I understood that he really wanted to go outside. I thought that we could go for a very short walk outside the garden fence and when coming back, he could be in the garden by himself if he wanted to.

I picked up the leash by the front door, connected it to the collar on the dog, picked up my shoes and headed for the back door (The dog happily wagging along next to me). When we got to the door, I stopped to put my shoes on, and I suddenly heard a clinking noise from the kitchen (the usual sound when the dog eats or drinks, and the metallic name tag on his collar touches the metallic bowls). I reacted to it since I could see all the animals from the spot I was standing. The cats sleeping on the couch, the dog next to me, on a leash nonetheless. It was just the one second of “clink-clink” and then nothing, so I think I just decided it was my imagination, and I opened the door.

Just as I swung open the door, I heard the same sound again, but this time it persisted, and I heard slurping sounds as well! I blinked a couple of times and looked at the dog, who was just happily looking back at me, eager to go outside. I was sure I was hearing the noise now, and I was sure that if the dog had heard it, he would be rushing towards the kitchen. In a moment of not having any idea of what it could be, and ready to accept any possibility, I thought it best not to confront the dog with whatever was in the kitchen. So I let go of the leash, letting him run into the garden, and I closed the door.

I slowly started walking back to the kitchen, and at this point I was really frightened. I was almost at the kitchen opening when the sound stopped. I stopped walking and heard paws against the floor, and suddenly he came around the corner, happily wagging along.

It was my dog! My dog that I had just put on a leash, my dog that I had seen running into the garden.

I hesitated, but eventually started petting him, confusedly trying to 1: Confirm that he was real and 2: Figure out what had just happened. He was exactly the same dog, with the same collar, same name tag, and freaking dry, so he had not just jumped into the rain!

I realised that the same dog should now be in the garden, with the leash, so I looked at the handle next to me, where the leash should be, and indeed it was gone. At this point I was freaking out, so I ran to the back door, swung it open and ran outside into the rain. There was no dog, except for the one running behind me, who was now very happy to be jumping around in the rain. He was the one who now found the leash, and I was the one to sort of understand the implication.

The leash was at the far end of the garden, lying in a pile next to the fence. I picked it up, it was the same one I had held just a minute earlier, except it wasn’t attached to the collar it came with. I connected it to the collar of the dog that was now with me, and we went inside.

From there on everything was as normal as it had ever been. I told my girlfriend, and she was a bit perplexed at first. Now she merely believes I’m either tricking her, or that I imagined it. I’m honestly not sure if it was real or not, but it freaked me out beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

Credits to: Unprod

Aaa u guys r so cool!! Can I ask for the boys with an S/O who gets obsessed with things but it’s shortlived? Such as liking one thing for a week, collecting a bunch of stuff to do with it then moving onto a new obsession? Ty!

I actually kinda do this myself… it was more when I was younger but I can’t help myself.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Of course, he supports you.
  • Some of your obsessions are strange and require a lot of many, sure, but it’s still a fun way to live life.
  • He just hopes that nothing extremely expensive will come up.
  • He can still never get over the look on your face when you’re outbid on an online auction.
  • You just look so depressed.
  • “S/O, there are probably others available-”
  • Nope, you’re not having that.
  • You wanted THAT one.
  • After some affection and possibly a new gift from your boyfriend, you seem to be all healed.
  • It’s just an endless cycle.
  • He suggests maybe you get a part-time job in order to be able to pay for your obsessions.
  • But you could miss an auction??
  • No WAY is that happening.
  • So that option’s gone.
  • He keeps trying to tame your obsessions to a reasonably cheap degree.
  • It doesn’t always work, though.

Rantarou Amami

  • At first, he just thought it was cute.
  • At one point, it was pusheen merchandise you were hoarding.
  • Just pusheen in general.
  • He thought it was cute, all the tiny cat plushies and posters strewn around your room!
  • Then, one day they were gone.
  • It was all replaced with anime merchandise.
  • “Aww, where’d the cute cats go?”
  • You tell him you got bored of that and they’re all packed away in the closet.
  • Well, okay, he’s willing to embrace this too.
  • He liked the cats better.
  • He likes to occasionally surprise you with a gift coming from your newest obsession but…
  • More often than not you already have it.
  • How do you still have space in your room, though?
  • And, if you find your pusheen merchandise… missing, let’s just say, it definitely wasn’t him.

Kokichi Ouma

  • He tries to get into your obsessions as much as possible.
  • Since he’s into some underground things himself, he knows the struggles of not being able to fangirl/boy with anyone.
  • Except, he finds it hard to catch up with your obsessions.
  • And once, it got to him but he didn’t let you find out.
  • He had started crying because he was overwhelmed but he had made out that he stubbed his toe.
  • He likes to sit down and watch your TV Series with you since you really like them!
  • He tries to act very headstrongly, saying things like ‘I won’t cry!’ and such.
  • But more than often, he’s a snivelling baby when it gets emotional.
  • You often have to hug the hell out of him to get him to stop crying.
  • Except, sometimes he falls asleep during the shows.
  • So you quietly move him onto your lap and get distracted.
  • Later on, you blame him for missing out on the show just to mess with him.
  • He doesn’t remember any of this??
  • Why are you so mean to your small boyfriend-

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He’s so confused…
  • He’s super into his detective shows sometimes but… this is so strange.
  • You seem absorbed in these things like your life revolves around them…
  • Sometimes, you get into these rather… raunchy looking series.
  • Once, he accidentally walked in on a fanservice moment and…
  • Oh boy.
  • He literally ran out of the room and hid behind any suitable piece of furniture.
  • “Why a-are you watching those things?! Is it because I’m not l-like that or-”
  • You cut him off by saying that no, it’s the plot.
  • That’s what they all say…
  • He JUST puts up with the more adult-oriented series but he rather likes watching the fluffier ones.
  • Or the angsty ones.
  • Yeah, angsty wins.

Kaito Momota

  • He gets super into it!
  • If you love it, it must be good!
  • He’s just relying on you for interest ideas now.
  • He loves space but obsessing over space isn’t always easy and fun.
  • So, whenever he wants to do something simple and quick, he’s always asking you for ideas!
  • Once, you were obsessed with rhythm games.
  • It entertained him for ages and long after you stopped liking them, he kept playing them!
  • Once, you caught him playing them.
  • “That… that’s so dead! Why the hell are you playing that?”
  • He quickly stopped after that.
  • “I’m only playing it for the irony! Just to laugh at it, see! I’m not even doing good!”
  • He says as he beats your high score which is nearly impossible to do.
  • He is such a bad liar.


  • Wh-
  • What.
  • How do you… how does one simply lose interest like that?
  • You literally told him that you’d die for this specific video game cast recently!
  • And now, you never talk about it.
  • You show NO interest!!!
  • How?!
  • You then explain that these things are called fads.
  • Whatever’s cool at the time is cool to you and then when it’s not, you move on.
  • You can almost hear the “???” emitting from him.
  • He doesn’t get it.
  • He tries to roll with it and can’t really be bothered getting into these things with you.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Similar to Kiibo, he doesn’t really get it.
  • It confuses him as to why you don’t like some things anymore.
  • Like, once you had an obsession with horse riding.
  • Gonta found it cute, so he rolled along with it!
  • At that point, he didn’t know that it was short-lived.
  • So he was REALLY into it.
  • And you can imagine how devastated he was when he found that all of that effort was for nothing.
  • He spends days pestering you on why you don’t like horses anymore!
  • You two even developed a list of breed-hybrids!
  • He spent so long on that and now it’s all for nothing?!
  • Yeah, pretty much, you tell him.
  • You explain that you don’t really get into things for a long period of time.
  • He grumbles for an hour but can’t really stay mad at you.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He doesn’t really care.
  • He actually finds it kind of funny.
  • He just lets you do whatever, he finds it easier to listen than to take part.
  • He’ll probably get it wrong anyways.
  • He’ll offend you somehow by mixing up some facts about your obsessions.
  • Then you’ll leave him and he’ll be alone and nobody will ever care about him-
  • Let’s just say that it’s easier to observe.
Teardrops on My Guitar

Originally posted by mendesgif

Requested by anonymous: can u do an imagine where’s accidentally break his guitar and he gets mad and kicks u out but then realized that he overreacted?? I love ur writing btw it makes my day


Shawn had been working all day and had been cooped up in the studio with Andrew and Geoff.

Shawn decided he could take a break and take you out for lunch, needing some one-on-one time with you, plus a break.

Shawn pushes his shades back up his nose, looking to the side before taking a sip of his water.

You bite your lip, not wanting to tell him that you noticed something was off - but something needed to be said.

“What’s wrong, love?” You ask, reaching out to touch his face, but he shrugged you off.

Something was obviously wrong if he was not wanting to be touched by you.

“Just having a hard time with this one song and it’s pissing me off.” He mutters.

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anonymous asked:

Any evak fanfics you recommend checking out

oh pal, you have come to the right place! all i do is read evak fic. i willl try to reduce this down but honestly its gonna get long strap urself in. (if there are any i have missed i’m so sorry! i only went through the last few pages of my ao3 history, i’m so bad at bookmarking fics so there could be easily ones that i’ve missed and it doesn’t mean i didn’t love your fic if its not here!)

wips that i’m currently reading:

you’re the only light i ever saw by kaleidxscope (so much tensionnnnnn but so well written and i personally love anything that has childhood best friends so this fic is gr9)

twice by intothewind (ok this isn’t just evak, its also josak and a strange mix of the three, which i previously never entertained the idea of. this fic is worth it though, it p much converted me cos its so brilliantly written and the whole fake relationship trope just gets me every time)

boom! by imsosupernova (my pal zoe is writing this fic! and its so adorable, despite being only on the first chapter, i have high hopes for what is to come!)

looking up and looking forward (there’s nothing back there for you or me) by evenbec (the future evak fic that everyone needs. it has evak with kids and its so good and i cry a lot (of happiness) when i read it)

are you lost? by nnooorraa (max is the BEST writer ok? the best. and this whole fic is just ahhhhh so perfect)

i didn’t mean to kiss you (you didn’t mean to fall in love) by tarjeiandhenrik (if youre like me and you can’t get enough of hate to love fics then u gotta read this, please, i implore you. read it. now.)

won’t stop running till we reach the sun by boos (a kikis delivery service au is something i never knew i needed until i read this fic, and its so good! and jonas as a cat is everything i’ve ever wanted tbh)

making new cliches by strangetowns (childhood friends! childhood friends! also is breaking my heart, but in the best possible way)

half blade and half silk by smokeshop (cause of death: this fic. my heart does a lil jump every time i see theres a new chapter, its so fluffyyyyy (even tho it can be a lil angsty at times) the interactions between isak and even are so perfect and healing and peaceful and warm. read this fic pls i beg of u)

oneshots/completed fics:

i kept running for a soft place to fall by grinsekaetzchen (listen, i don’t know shit about inception, but this fic was perfect and lovely and ahhhhh)

yeah, thats my love by eeyoreneedsahug, safficwriter, and boxesofflowers (actually a series of 5 works, but all 5 are the most fluffiest perfect things ive ever laid eyes on)

please know that i’m yours to keep by pressurerin (hogwarts au! hogwarts au! i love it so much! isak is just so cute in it and the bit at the end ahhhhh)

a transference of feeling by rumpelsnorcack (is this fic everything i’ve ever wanted? i think so. its just so well written, and perfectly combines the scenes that we know and love from s3 into this fic, and all the characters are so spot on. i am in awe, quite honestly)

love and condoms by evenbakkas (this fic is just… ahhhhhhh, isak is so perfectly isak and kassie’s writing is just not real okay? its just not humanly possible for her to be this good. i bow to u kassie. i bow to u.)

authors whose work u should just read all of (at least their evak fics, but honestly, i could probs be converted to other fandoms if i did read their other stuff because DAMN all of these writers/murderers are so good):

my awesome pal isi schedazzle who also does hcs on the tumbz and never fails to make me WEEP with them. all of her hcs are just so sOFT.

bellakitse (has the cutest meet cute series eVER i cry always, and also science buddies fic, SCIENCE BUDDIES FIC. so good so pure.)

cosetties (writing half of wlfa which, as everyone knows, is murdering everyone rn. also wrote the most perfect fake relationship au ever i cant handle how great it is and also telling u how many times ive reread it would be embarassing)

iriswests (is writing the other half of wlfa, also wrote true or false, and as we all know, childhood besst friend aus are the cause of my repeated death. everything that ceecee writes is the cause of my death actually.)

allyasavedtheday (i guess that is destiny doing it right is genuinely the most cutest most adorable most fluffiest thing ive ever read, the ending waas just… AAAAA perfect. also cut us out into little stars killed me. also just read everything that ciara writes. it is necessary for ur life)

also, cos i gotta keep on top of that self promo, here’s a cheeky plug for myself: my hcs | my ao3 ;)

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Hey!! Don't know if you'll read this, but, well...I really, really love your blog, and I just read one of your asks about Jungkook being a boyfriend (it got me so interested) and I was wandering if you can do one for Taehyung as well? Pretty please? Thank u, and please, continue with the amazing work!!! (brazilian kisses lol)

Heeey, you adorable brazilian person! So sorry it took me this long to get back to you. :( Thanks so much for loving the blog and I hope you forgive me. lol Taehyung is very hard to read without the birth time because he doesn’t act characteriscally Capricorn most of the time. That means his Capricorn placements are probably in a house that change the meanings of that sign greatly, so I’ll speculate a lot here!

Moon in Aries can make one eager to have many, many hook ups - but since Capricorn and Aquarius are more on the cold and lonely side I’d say he might act like it but not often. Like, Taehyung probably has flings but an actual relationship? Maybe he only had just one or two, if any. So. I’m explaining all this so you’ll get what I’m trying to say about how he’ll actually act when in love: it will be intense because it took him long to decide that he was actually going to invest in said relationship. He’ll do his best for it to work in the most efficient way possible as if it were a goal (he’s quite competitive and a perfeccionist, so his standards of what he perceives as good are high), will try his best to change if necessary (which might be ‘cause boy can be childish and stubborn af). However, when it does… It’ll be serious and focused on the long run. 

So it’s safe to say he’ll be very serious about it and will work hard to be a great partner. Basically he’s a guy that when in love will always put the relationship first and will be very loyal.

Originally posted by kimthwriter

However, as mature as he can be regarding trying his best and everything… Because of his Moon in Aries, he will definitely want to be spoiled. The partner will have to meet his needs or else he won’t feel like it’s worth it, you know? Tae is definitely a guy that needs to know he’s being nicely taken care of and will be very charming while asking for it to happen but can also get kind of annoying if you’re not into that. Like, he truly needs someone that likes spoiling their loved ones because he’ll do the same for the person but won’t feel ok if it’s not reciprocated. Will also love to constantly provoke the partner (much like he does to… almost everyone, really lol) as so to get a reaction just because.

Capricorn is a sign that talks about fidelity, marriage, responsibility and even family. Aquarius mixed together can make one eager to mate for life - but the person will have to be first and foremost someone that is a friend before being a partner, you know? The relationship part is important but Taehyung has to know that the partner is also a friend, someone he can rely on and confide in. Someone he can share his ideas and not feel judged, etc. He’s definitely the kind of boyfriend that talks a lot about the things he’s interested in at that moment (like taking you to dinner but rambling constantly about a show that he’s watching or wanting to show you a song of a new artist that he met, stuff like that). And he’s definitely someone that likes to try different things since he can get easily bored (he’s very agitated because of his Moon). So emotionally he’d be stable but the actual relationship would involve loads of different kinds of dates, conversation topics, etc. Taehyung probably likes to understand absolutely everything about the person he’s in love with so dating him definitely includes many deep conversations about the meaning of the universe, etc. And it will be out of nowhere, like he’d take you to have dinner at a fancy restaurant in a relaxed manner but then would suddenly go all serious and BUT ARE WE LIVING OR JUST EXISTING?… Absolutely not a boring boyfriend. lol I think he’s very hard to convince to actually be in a serious relationship but it’s worth the effort because Tae is quite a nice guy to have around.

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FE7 lord squad for the meme if you're still at it?

Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve written any of them. I’ll try not to ramble…


THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. She was completely isolated for so long after the Lorca were killed, and though I know she goes back at the end of the game unless she marries Eliwood or Hector, I seriously doubt she returns alone. Rath and Kent both go with her in their endings. (Do she and Florina get an ending? I can’t remember but you CAN’T tell me Florina wouldn’t go with Lyn.) Anyway, Lyn’s friends are like family to her and she’s always eager to make new ones. They are such a huge part of her character motivations. 

She’s from a different race and culture. After Marquess Araphen making some racist comment about Sacaeans at the beginning of the game, that whole thing is like…never brought up again, even though it’s something Lyn will have to deal with her entire life. I want her cultural and ethnic differences to be brought up more. And exploring her mixed heritage and balancing the two halves and oh gosh. I think it’s so important to her character. I don’t think this happened enough in my old writing for her.

Kindhearted. I feel like this part of Lyn is often overlooked because it’s so easy to latch onto her fierceness and her hot temper and just jump on that train like “YASS GURL YAAASS”, but she really can be quite soft. Nils barely even had to bat his eyelashes to make her abandon her own quest and help him save Ninian. She’s an extremely thoughtful person. 


@julystorms used to ask me “how do u write such a good hector” and I told her the same thing every time: remove the filter.

Remove the filter. Hector is unfettered by manners and decorum. He talks first and thinks later. Honestly when I write Hector I just write down the first thing that comes to mind, as bluntly as I can. It made me realize that in our daily lives, there is always a split-second of thinking over how you say something before you say it. He doesn’t do that.

Responsibility. Hector never gets respect for this! He’s always brash, hotheaded, reckless, dumb ol’ hector. This guy finds out his brother’s death was hidden from him and that he’ll have to take a throne he’s not prepared for the second he gets home from war, in addition to taking up an axe that guarantees he’ll die in battle (and since they’re in a war, he’s probably thinking SOON). So what does he do? He grieves alone and keeps Uther’s death a secret so as to not add any burdens to Eliwood, he swears himself privately to Uther’s spirit on the Ostian throne to do the best job he can do, and then he comes home and takes the job with zero complaints. He doesn’t hesitate about Armads. He doesn’t hesitate about anything. He just does what needs to be done. Maybe he’s not the best man for the job, but damn, he tries with everything he has. Credit where credit is due.

Protectiveness/Worth in Service: Nobody thinks super highly of Hector, Hector included. What he’s good at is smashing things and loving his friends, and that’s about it, as far as he’s ever been told – but he works with it. He’s both quick to love and then fiercely protective of his loved ones (he’s polishing the metaphorical shotgun on the metaphorical porch before Roy and Lilina are even born, which makes me laugh every time). His recklessness is, I would venture, in some part calculated. If he can throw himself into the line of fire to prevent someone else from being hurt, he’ll do it. As far as he sees it, that’s what he’s there for.


Gentle but firm. I remember him always getting a lot of flack about the former (oh, god forbid, a gentle man with emotions in the hero role, we don’t need any of those), and pretty much no recognition of the latter, but Eliwood can be pretty severe when necessary. He calls Hector on his bullshit, he doesn’t accept sass from his enemies, and though he hates killing so much that he literally makes himself sick over it, he keeps doing it. Gentleness does not immediately equal some weakness of character or wishy-washy quality. When there’s a line that needs to be drawn, Eliwood draws it, clearly and without hesitation. 

Pure-hearted. Obviously all three of the golden trio are good people, and Eliwood arguably is no better or more meritorious than Hector and Lyn. But they have bitternesses and have already encountered a lot of awful things about the world that helped them to develop a healthy distrust of humankind, and – perhaps because of Eliwood’s sheltered upbringing – he just doesn’t get it. Even though he goes through a lot, he seriously can’t wrap his head around the horrible things that people are capable of doing, and seems continuously surprised by it. In my opinion it’s a flaw in his leadership as much as it is a mark of his kindness. He’s naive and doesn’t learn lessons about people quickly.

Gallant. He’s a Prince Charming type and he can be pretty forward! I think he’s aware of it, too. He’s cute and good-mannered and has a lot of both practical and noble skills (swordfighting, horse-riding) and did well in his studies. He’s humble but not bashful, and he’s not opposed to a little bit of limelight if he saves the day.   

BTS: A Hip-Hop/Musical Analysis and General Musical Critique on the Korean Pop Music Scene

I’m a on-air radio personality on a radio station in California, and I felt that this is something I wanted to say and write about. 

I think BTS is a totally different entity from some of the music that mainstream Korea is putting out and this is my analysis on the topic. I have been thinking about this for a while and I really wanted to get my opinion out there. If you’re interested in a long read on the analysis of Western music’s influence on Eastern pop, then please enjoy my opinionated piece.

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hey... your post about seventeen made me laugh and i've been wanting to get to know them for the past few days. could you give me information on each member? if you want to i mean !! aa

i’ll just talk about the members here lol if u want anything else related to seventeen u can message me again


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Tony’s Assistant

Author’s Note: shoutout to my boo @buckyslightsaber for requesting this gem. I had so much fun writing this one!! We need more Tony Stark love in this world. I got inspiration for writing this when Tony first met Natasha in the second Iron Man while he’s boxing.

Originally posted by missdowneyjrblog

Ever since the day that Tony Stark hired you to be his assistant, nothing but pure joy and happiness happened into your life. You loved every bit of it.

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how to survive waiting in line at concerts: a guide

so i’ve had a lot of people ask me what to do while you wait in line at shows so i made a big ol post about it! all this applies no matter if you get there an hour early or six hours early or 12+ hours early. this is leaning more towards a longer wait tho so use your discretion. also this is such a long post so its under a cut! thank you to anyone who gave their suggestions!!! 

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please tell me you've got more headcanons and stuff on pix and arrow, i'm in love with them!!

Time to brainstorm this thing
Note: Keith is half Galra in this AU
The post is very long btw, I decided to take out the Read More thing bc it won’t show the whole thing in my phone lmao

  • Sleeping habits
    • Pix sleeps like a baby. No sound. At. All. 
      • (Maybe some tiny snores and/or squeaks but that’s it)
    • Arrow sleeps as if he’s snorting instead of snoring
    • RIP Pix’s ears when he sleeps with his brother “Help me”
    • When one of them gets a night terror, they immediately reach out for each other, even in their sleep.
  • They both cuddle, with their tails entwined (Clinging almost)
    • Their tails/hands unconciously entwine with each other, w/o them realizing (most of the time, it’s just the tails)
    • So if they’re walking away to do something real quick, their butts always seem to find the floor. Makes them turn dark indigo every time lmao such weebs
  • Their tails function similarly to some animals, such as dogs (wagging), cats (curling/swaying/puffing out when startled or pissed, etc), possums (hanging/clinging onto something), and others (I’ll leave that to your imagination lol) 
    • The tails also act like a human hand (pointing, poking, etc)
  • Arrow is the one who looks like who can kill you, but is actually a softie (he was a shy and gentle cub back then and still is up to this day….)
  • Pix looks like a cinnamon roll (which he is tbh) but can actually kill you
  • Either one will stand up for the other when hurt (Mostly the paladins though tbh)
    • Case 1
      • * Person A laughs/insults Pix*
        • Arrow: wHAT DID U SAY U QUIZNAK
      • OR
      • * Person A laughs/insults Arrow*
        • Pix: Oh the hakuna mATATA IS OUT THE WINDOW COME HERE YOU SHIT (Lance and Pidge get a lecture with Shiro later lmaoo)
    • Case 2
      • Twins: *laughs as they bond with the team*
      • Person B: oh my y r there galras here
      • Person C: What trash—
        • Keith: sAY THAT AGAIN I DARE U
        • Pidge: fITE ME
        • Hunk: wHAT DID U SAY
        • Shiro: *just narrows eyes and lets his hand glow* (he isn’t one to shout weird things unlike his kids…..maybe)
  • When Coran tests out their coordination in those exercises that he made the paladins do in Episode 2, Pix and Arrow just FLOORS him at how they understand each other, from the maze to the handcuffing thing at the dinner table.
    • Lance: I zapped like a thousand times in that maze because of Keith!!! How are you not getting zapped, not even once????
    • Pix (in the maze) and Arrow (giving instructions): Lol
  • When the two sit next to each other, the team always find them leaning on one another, and/or scratching one other’s ears or head
    • They feed each others’ mouth when they have popcorn or something during a movie
  • Panic attacks set in the moment the two are separate (different rooms, barriers that keep them a few feet away, etc) 
    • They’re fine w/o holding each other but only if they’re side by side
  • Arrow is the most logical between the two, but in fact, he likes what Pix comes up with:
    • “Arrow lets do the thing”
    • “Aight”
    • *few moments after thing*
    • 9 out of 10, Arrow would actually proceed in doing Pix’s plan
      • the 1 is where Arrow is having the mix feelings of “I don’t wanna” and “but it sounds cool and I wanna try it out” 
      • Example >> Pix wanted them to dress in drag for undercover missions
      • “R u serious” “Do I look like I’m joking”
      • *comes out wearing said clothing*
      • “…I still hate this.”
  • Lance and Pix are partners in crime in pranks and stuff
    • They always seem to target Keith
      • “wHO puT PINK DyE IN mY SHAMPOO—”
    • But they include the others as well, but not as bad as the things that they do to Keithy lmao
  • The paladins realise something when they watch the twins make their meals: the two cooks meals for each other and always seem to get of what the other is craving
      • “Bro I made you ______ and ______.” 
      • “Yasss”
    • This also applies to small tasks, such as fixing each others’ clothes
  • Pix and Arrow are both suckers for pets/scratches
    • Pix will purr so loud and just…lean onto you….
      • He’ll accept them any time, any day
      • Pix is like those dogs that would just nudge your hand if you stop scratching/petting
    • Arrow is like Pix, but puts a tsundere front lmao (weak spots are his neck and ears, and probably his horn thingie on his head)
      • The moment you scratch him, he’ll just…..drop dead on the floor, purring so loudly while mumbling “i hate this” under his breath (his limbs always seem to turn into jelly every time)
      • “I don’t like pets okay?? What’s the big deeeeeeeaahhh—*drops*
      • Lance: *stops scratching ear and leans down* 
      • Lance: Y u always lying
  • The twins ask the paladins about their likes/dislikes/comfort zones/etc and they just…takes them into heart. They don’t like forcing things onto the gang if it’s something that they don’t like. (The team’s love for them expands a ten fold every time.)
  • Before the team found Pix and Arrow, the two had no clue on what a proper meal looks like, so Hunk makes them a meal as the two recover from the cyro pods
      • “What’s this?”
      • “I figured that you guys are hungry, so I might as well make you two some food! A full meal this time.”
      • But when the twins take their first bite, they squeak and try to suppress their joy in having a nice meal (tears included) and it just makes Hunk clutch his chest like oh my god???? When was the last time they ate a full meal??
      • Hunk then goes to the team, who are waiting by the lounge, and just yells gUYS WE HAVE TO MAKE A FEAST, LIKE RIGHT NOW………………..Which then results in having a little party for the twins (they love it and just softly cries about it)
  • Also, due to the twins’ stay in the planet where the paladins found them, they know some exotic food recipes that they managed to create so that they can survive emphasis on managed to create and surprisingly, it’s not that bad for humans.
    • this makes Hunk their cooking buddy every time it’s time to eat
    • “You used ____ to make ____ ??? Woah….”
    • “We can like, show you a few recipes, if you want?”
  • Shiro is like, really wary of them at first, since his experience with Galras aren’t exactly pleasant (but not to the point of trauma, because his PTSD is more on the time when he was experimented on and stuff like that)
    • But when he finds the twins in the observation deck, he kind of breaks a little when he sees how the two look, both distraught and exhausted. Shiro relates to them on a level that he has to comfort them
      • “Does this make me your dad”
      • “Shiro you’re kind of younger than us but whatever lmao”
  • Pidge can also confide in them when they miss their dad and brother
    • “You miss your family too, huh?” (This also includes Lance)
    • The four (twins, Pidge and Lance) mostly just lean on each other in the observation room, or maybe lounging area, every time they want comfort (Pidge always brings their laptop but whatever)
    • Pix is the one who comforts you with reassuring words, hugs/touches and etc, while Arrow is more on the silent comfort where he just leans on you/lets his tail curl around your wrist or somewhere idk and just listens to you rant about shit until you feel exhausted but better than before.
      • Both are good with hugs/touches tbh
      • The team loves it every time their tails curl around their legs/wrist every time one of them feels upset
  • Sparring with Keith and Shiro though
    • Keith is absolutely fLOORED (literally) at how good the twins are. But Pix and Arrow are on the same level as Shiro so it’s a tie between the three. 
    • “D-Damn…you guys are good.” “Y-You too, Shiro, wow…”
  • The twins are like big brothers to everyone; they give moral support when necessary (the ones who come to them for advice and stuff, or just hanging around them, are mostly Keith, Lance, Pidge and, maybe, Shiro)
    • Lance: *drapes himself over the twins’ laps while the two are sitting on the couch, relaxing*
    • Arrow: *moves his fingers through Lance’s hair*
    • Pix: Lemme guess……..Keit—
    • Lance: I don’t wanna talk about that mullet right now just keep on doing that thing with your hand pls
  • Princess Allura and Coran are extremely wary of the twins, due to their past experience before their 10k year sleep and the twins’ galran heritage and stuff like that. The only time they change their minds is when the team was under attack.
    • Allura was cornered and outnumbered, but before the drones’/soldiers’ shots can even reach her skin, the twins jumped in and took the blow with their shields that form into one HUGE shield when attached to one another.
      • Allura: “I-I…”
      • Pix: “You alright, Princess??” Arrow: “Are you hurt??”
        • And of what makes Allura double take and rethink her actions for the past few days, is the genuine concern from the twins.
        • She tells Coran all about it after the team returns back into the Castle.
        • Coran absorbs every word by heart and strides over to the twins, who visibly tensed up, as if they were expecting another rude comment or something, but made a sound when Coran enveloped them with a hug. Pix in his left arm, and Arrow in the other.
          • Twins: OvO !!!!
          • Coran: Thank you for saving Allura. I—We, thought wrongly of you. I apologise for our past actions and behaviour.
          • Allura: We truly are. *joins into the hug*
          • Twins: *slowly embraces Coran and Allura back, still looking confused but happy as hell*
          • Paladins: *soft crying/sniffles*
  • Bonus: Treats Keith like a little brother (but not as fatherly as Shiro ofc, no one can surpass the space dad)
    • Keith @ someone: Think that you’re so tough?? Huh?? I can probably take down your 9 foot ass and chop down your legs—
    • Twins: We apologize for our baby brother
    • Keith: I am nOT A BABy
    • Twins: Hush now

This is what I thought up so far!! Hope it fills u in on what the twins’ personalities are!! :D

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Hello! I'm a big fan of your blog, I really love your writing (actually, I read something every night before sleep, it's one of my favorite moments of the day) and I really wanted to ask you a scenario, I hope you can do it. How would be if Candy was a dancer? Like ballet, jazz, hip-hop or another gender. I would really like to read how guys discovered that. Thanks for your attention and I'm sorry for my bad English (Brazilian girl here). Love your blog, love u! Bye!

Hello! Sorry this took so long and thank you for your patience. And thank you for being a fan!!! I love the idea of Candy dabbling in Ballet, and maybe with a mix of hip-hop energy. Like in the movie “Save the Last Dance.”

Originally posted by holtzmcinn

Originally posted by stressbacke

Let’s begin!


He went with his mother and Amber to a ballet they had tickets for, much to his annoyance. But it was a chance the three of them could spend time together. His father had to work, so he was roped into coming so the ticket didn’t go to waste. And Candy was busy that night, so he couldn’t get out of this. Once the curtain was up, the dancers pulled off spectacular and dramatic moves with such grace that Nathaniel was actually enjoying the performance. And then , one dancer caught his eye. They looked familiar. After he was able to get a better look at their face, he realized it was Candy. He was stunned. His mother and Amber didn’t seem to recognize her. He said nothing to them but paid closer attention to Candy as she danced. He would have to buy her some flowers after this was over.


Candy had approached him, with quite a bit of hesitation and nervousness, asking if he was busy one night. He didn’t have any plans in particular, and wondered what she had in mind. She confessed to him that she has taken ballet lessons for the past few years and was performing tonight. She was wondering if he’d like to come. Ballet wasn’t really his thing, as he found it a bit boring. He started to mock the idea of ballet at first but stopped. Castiel saw her face after he said something and became aware that this was important to her. He apologized and he assured her he could spare one night for her to watch her perform.


It was rather straight forward, yet a bit of a surprise. He and Candy were out enjoying dinner one night with Rosa and Leigh again, when she spoke up. She had tickets for a ballet performance that was showing next weekend and asked them all if they wanted to go. They all happily agreed, Rosa taking the three tickets Candy handed over so they wouldn’t lose them. When Lysander inquired how she came by the tickets, Candy announced that she would be in ballet itself and all performers were given so many tickets to pass out to family and friends. He was taken aback. She never mentioned being a dancer of any kind. Rosa and Leigh looked just as surprised, but now they were all excited to see her perform. Lysander especially.


He was out for his afternoon run one day and passed through town. Racing passed shops, boutiques, and businesses. As he he stopped to take a break and sip from his water bottle, he glanced up and saw some girls his age in a window, all of them in a leotards and ballet shoes practicing positions. He quickly realized this was a dance studio. And that’s when he saw something that he wasn’t expecting. Candy was in the middle of the group in line. Then she came forward towards the instructor and he watched as she performed a routine, flawlessly in his opinion. He snapped out of his gawking stupor and ran off so he wouldn’t be seen watching through the glass. But he would definitely have to ask her about this later.


He had stayed late after school one day, hiding out in an empty room playing a new game he had. He did feel a bit guilty for not taking the time to walk Candy home, or at least to the park. It wasn’t like he was ignoring her…he just lost track of time while playing. Armin wondered if she had already left. As he walked down the hall and out of the school, he didn’t see anyone else around. Then, he heard some music playing in the gym. He opened one of the doors and peered inside to see what was going on. To his shock and amazement, Candy was balancing on her tip toes and twirling around the gym, practicing ballet moves. Armin quietly snuck in and took a seat on the sidelines to watch. When she was finished, he clapped and Candy was startled. But when she saw that it was Armin, she blushed and gave an awkward bow.

Bungou Stray Dogs: Another Story

<< Prelude.

Whew, I finally finished! This chapter was a ride, let me tell you guys, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It’s later than when I intended, but without further ado, I give you chapter 1 of Gaiden!

On that topic:

Enter Ayatsuji’s babysitter Assistant, Tsujimura! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

   [ Chapter 1: The old church within the mountains. ]

“The culprit is inside here.”

Within the quiet church, no voice sounded out. People stood alongside each other. Listening carefully to the words, everyone forgot to breathe.

An aged, old church. Barely used, the walls held cracked plaster and the head of the alter had accumulated dust.

11 people stood together in the room.

With expressions colored with exhaustion and possibly even anxiety, they soon disappeared as they watched. A strange and outrageous murder case, they came to pay their parting gifts.

They gazed at a person within the room, holding not even sorrow, every look floating to that person.

“The culprit’s focus of choice was on one person, which lead to the death of 68 children via poison inserted into their breakfast.”

One person, with no fluctuation of emotion in his voice, stood tall in the middle of the church’s room. He wore sunglasses and a newsboy cap.

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Let it In

Following the events of Let it Out, Riley gets some advice, has a lot of conversations, and gets her relationships with everyone back on track. 

Notes: Once again, special thanks go out to @sand1128, who is amazing! And thanks to everyone who has read, liked, reblogged and everything in between. The response to this fic has been completely overwhelming and I love all of you!

Riley wakes up slowly to sunlight streaming across her form. She’s cuddled up against her Aunt Morgan on a couch that she vaguely remembers moving to in the midst of her crying jag. Her eyes feel dry and puffy and a little painful. She knows from past experience that when she gets up and looks at herself in the mirror, her face is going to be a blotchy, swollen, tear-stained mess. Fitting, considering how she feels.




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