do u have any idea how hard it is not to use the tell me our story quote


Previously on Hannibal: Hannibal killed everyone.

This week on Hannibal: Did he????

Season 3, Episode 2: “Primavera”

“Hey remember the finale of season 2 with all the betrayal and clutch-gutting and pain and blood? ALLOW US TO REMIND YOU OF EVERY DETAIL.” - The Hannibal Show

Oh thanks guys. This is just, this is just that whoooole sequence again. A Bold Move. I was expecting maybe a different take on it, like new camera angles à la when Will revisits that “Rôti” scene in his drug-induced Appalling Rememberings Session in season 2, but it seemed exactly samesies? All I got from my close reading was: rraaahhrrgaaaffrrshhkkaaah.

Hannibal: “Fate and circumstance have returned us to this moment.” META.

But eventually this new thing happens:

A raven-feathered stag dies on a kitchen floor while riverwater & blood pools and rushes toward you — 10pm Thursdays on NBC

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GMWWriters Tweet #13

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  • How many episodes are in June? Just 2 (Tot and Rules) or more…“We’ll do the first 5, and then we are going to try and do 3 a month except for big holiday months. We’re hoping for less gaps.” (x)
  • Is there gonna be a new theme song for season 2 instead of Take on the World? “We like our theme song. New clips for season 2 titles and if there is a season 3, we have a good idea…” (x
  • New World: I heard [Maya & Farkle] get married!! Any small details u can expand upon w/out spoiling much of it & leaving the rest to surprise us? “The ring cost 78 thousand dollars.” (x)
    • “A kiss on the hand can be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s all very clever when you watch it happen.“ (x)
    • Mind giving us a line or a stage direction from their wedding? “Farkle gets on one knee and opens the box…” (x
    • How does Maya react though? “Oh, quite a few ways.” (x
    • Is it a dream or fantasy or a play? “Happens. Real. Mrs. Farkle Minkus.” (x
    • Can you give me details? “Well, they kind of get married because of Riley and Lucas.” (x
    • Can you give me a really cute Rucas line? “That’s your health book…” (x)
    • Give me one Corpanga line “Doy is a guest in our house and if he wants to be called Doy why can’t you just call him Doy??” (x)
  • Secret of Life:  Can you give me a quote Lucas says to Riley in the Secret of Life? “The angry one?” (x)
  • Pluto: Does Topanga get mad at Cory in Pluto because Lauren is brought up? Give me more details about that please. “A lot is dug up.” (xDo they argue or nah? “No arguments. Just strong memories.” (x)
    • Please tell us something about Girl Meets Pluto “Will you just be out there for me?” (x
    • Does Girl Meets Pluto have anything to do with space? “yes. The space between Maya and Shawn.” (x
    • Tell us a line Feeny says to the girls “Is he your father you poor poor girl?” (x
  • Mr. Squirrels: Describe it in one word. “Hysterical.” (x)

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