do u have a n y i d e a

an awesome thing people keep forgetting


  • M I C H A E L   B U Y S   J E R E M Y  A   S T A R   O F   D A V I D   N E C K L A C E 
  • “wait, jeremy, you’re telling me i get to crush a glass at our wedding!? do you realize how BADASS that sounds?” “MICHAEL PLEASE- wait, wedding?????

10 mile run today i watched the Ochako vs. Bakugou ep (subbed then dubbed) then Midoriya vs. Todoroki (subbed then dubbed) and i am dead and murdered conclusions are as follows:

  • i love anime physics because if any of this were real i think all of Ochako’s hair woulda been singed off. 
  • like damn japan i admire your insistence that fire attacks are just Big Amorphous Bludgeoning Weapons
  • Bakugou’s…surprised and peeved “she’s not dead” slays me like look i know thats your “thing” but you cant expect her to be fucking dead. scratch that you cant be surprised when shes not.
  • Everyone, up 18 stories high in the high-rise bleachers, watching massive amounts of shrapnel rise into the air until an entire torn up car garage is floating in the sky, “hmmm…..Uraraka really has no plan…she should attempt something but shes not……shame….pity….”
  • i want a gag reel where all the pro heroes in the stands just. continually get smacked by the shit the contestants throw off the stage. people bludgeoned by falling rocks. an entire section frozen over in ice. like that spongebob Frycook Games episode.
  • Kirishima for best 1-A Boy. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu for best 1-B boy. Combine for the ultimate Best Boy.
  • the phonecall scene. im not crying youre crying,. shut up
  • Izuku, stepping up on stage, doing yoga stretches and drinking Gatorade, “anyway time for a friendly and sportsmanlike game of Let’s Massively Fuck Up My Body”
  • Kissanime has started doing this “im not a robot” feature where it shows you five images, describes two, and you gotta click on those two. Anyway one of the descriptions was boy, injured and the image was fanart of Deku bloody and fucked up like i cannot make this shit up
  • Izuku: has 8 broken fingers and a broken arm. Todoroki: is cold. It’s anyone’s game.


  • Izuku punched him AT LEAST twice and that’s a real damn satisfying thing
  • For real I love that the point of Deku’s whole screaming fit is that he’s offended Todoroki wont beat him up harder. That’s on par with Bakugou being offended that Todoroki declared war on Izuku and not him. 
  • Todoroki offends a lotta people
  • IT’S *Y O U R* POWER”     E  N D   M  E
  • I love when the UA teachers have to play a rousing game of “fuck do we have to intervene before Izuku literally murders himself”
  • Todoroki’s fire side going the fuck up is just???? damn????? DAMN??? THIS FUCKING OP ANIME CHILD WHOMST I LOVE???
  • RIP in pieces Mama Midoriya who no doubt died of 14 simultaneous heart attacks when that final collision went down
  • The dust settles. Izuku wavers, then collapses, out of bounds. Endeavor lets out a whoot of victory. “That’s my boy!” he shouts. Slowly, Todoroki raises his arm in triumph. Wait a minute. Not in triumph. No look at his hand. He’s got his middle finger up. That’s what he’s raising. Damn all the way to the sky. Fuck You Dad he declares, like a true champion. Endeavor smiles but he’s dead inside.

i had to make this 2 parts (maybe 3 we will see) cause i was almost at 5 k and you and eunwoo still havent met so like, it had to be 2 parts

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  • So its finals season, you are dying because of AP testing/revisions/big mean tests that give you too  much stress
  • Should you be studying cause these tests that have a huge impact on your grade? yes
  • But will you? I mean technically yes,,,
  • It still counts as studying if you are looking at studyblrs right??? totally
  • You end up finding a blog that posts study tips and weekly updates of their bullet journal
  • Tbh they look like they have their life together bc sometimes you see some moodboards of their desk and like healthy smoothies with like,, kale, and spinach
  • Their url is @morningwakeupcall Wow even their url makes it     seem like they have their life together
  •  You follow their blog because it’s pretty and you like pretty things, so you close tumblr because it’s 11pm you really should start studying
  •  Your life doesn’t really change after that, sometimes instead of jungkook’s abs on your dash now you see a  pretty bullet journal 
  •  One day you’re scrolling through tumblr and you see a picture of bts at the bbms in @mornginwakeupcall ‘s bullet journal 
  •  You’re dying on the inside because!!! One of your favorite groups!! Is in that journal!!! that someone who has their life together!!!  
  • O h  m y
  •  You reblog the post and add a bunch of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keyboard smashes in the tags 
  •  You feel very happy and kinda like a proud mom that this guy likes bts too 
  • You decide you’re gonna send them an ask (on anon of course you feel hella awkward showing them who you are,, what if they think you are a weird stalker online no thank you you’re not about that life) 
  • Before you send them the ask     you wait like 6 minutes so they maybe won’t think that the kpop blog that     just reblogged thier kpop themed bullet journal sent them an ask, like this     is some 007 james bond shit right here you gotta take some precautions 
  •  After the 6 minutes have passed     you double checked that you pressed anon, and send the ask
  •  You’re sitting there on your phone refreshing his dash smh why are you so invested in this just to see his response- oH SNAP HE ANSWERED

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Chocolate cake - Yoo Kihyun

A / N : I’ve only ever found a handful of Kihyun smuts soooo I thought to myself why not write one, I hope you guys like it and if you do please let me know because I have an idea for another one in mind 🖤 or I could make a part two for this either way let me know.

S Y N O P S I S :
You and Kihyun grew closer together after your boyfriend cheated on you, but you never entirely considered him your friend.

G E N R E / W A R N I N G S : Smut + Fluff + slightly dom Kihyun

W O R D   C O U N T :

P A I R I N G : Kihyun x Reader

It was normal wasn’t it? Feeling this anxious after seeing your ex?

You thought as you sat on the toilet fidgeting with the sleeves of your sweater. There was a soft knock on the door and silence on your end.

“Y/N?” you heard the voice call out from the other side after you never responded, the doorknob moving in a failed attempt to open the door since it was locked from the inside.

You stood up and quickly pulled your hair out of your face flushing the toilet pretending you were just doing your business before opening the door.

“Geez can’t I have 3 seconds to do my business?” you said trying to brush off the past 5 minutes you’d been locked up in the small room and letting out a forced chuckle.

Kihyun gave you the look slightly pursing his lips. He knew all too well to see right through you.

It was evident seeing HIM who shall not be named still affected you.

“Y/N” he said with an ‘I know why you were really in there’ undertone.  

“What?” you said playing dumb still pretending there was nothing going on.

“I’m not dumb”

“I never said you were”

“Just admit you were in there because Ge-” he said as you quickly jumped to press your finger against his lips.

“You shut up alright” you barked out which was enough confirmation for Kihyun to know he was right all along.

“Fine yes! I’m still not over him and I’m fuming over the fact one of you idiots invited us to the same place and he’s here with blonde Barbie girl” you said out in frustration “and I’m just…” you said looking down at the floor before feeling Kihyun’s hands right under your jaw cupping your face and forcing you to look at him.

“You’re cute when you’re angry” he teased and you pushed his arms off as you snorted.

You’d met Kihyun a few years ago in your art class, you’d always pick fights with him in the middle of the class over stupid things which was how his friend Gerald aka your ex noticed you. He’d then join in with you and mock Kihyun as well or nag him for picking fights with the pretty girl.

After he cheated on you, you somehow found yourself growing closer to Kihyun, after all he was the one who found you a crying mess sitting right outside of his apartment building in the rain.


“Y/N?” he asked holding an umbrella kneeling down trying to get a better look at the stranger crying outside of his friend’s apartment complex.

You shot your head up ready to start yelling at your cheating boyfriend but instead met eyes with the pink haired boy before you.

“Ki-kihyun?” you half snorted trying to wipe your nose with your damp sweater.

“What are you doing out here… like…. this?” he asked getting a hold of your arm and helping you up.

“I….” You said as he stared at you trying to find an answer, his eyes filled with concern. 

The words couldn’t even leave your mouth, still overthinking the last few minutes, how you walked into his apartment only to find the one person you thought you loved in bed with his super model “friend”.

You simply broke down into tears again before two arms wrapped around you and you were pulled into an embrace, no questions, no words, you both just stood there for a while, it was nice just not being alone, even if Kihyun was the last person you’d expect to be there to comfort you. A few seconds later you slightly pulled away and Kihyun loosened his grip around you.

There was a long pause between the both of you, most likely because neither knew what to say next.

“There’s a coffee shop down the street from my apartment, whenever I feel like shit I go there and order the biggest piece of chocolate cake I can get” he said and you let a soft laugh smiling at the floor.

“That’s all I can offer to you right now” he said and you nodded.

“Come on” he said dragging you by the arm under his umbrella on the sidewalk.

The both of you walked for what seemed like 5 blocks in the pouring rain, he dragged you by his side and soon enough the both of you were running in the rain laughing at nothing trying to get to the coffee shop as soon as possible to avoid even getting any wetter, which was nearly useless since the both of you were halfway drenched even with the umbrella over your heads.

Once you got to the shop Kihyun had previously mentioned he held the door open so you could walk inside, as you walked towards the counter you spotted the long fridge with pastries inside being exhibited in doilies and glass trays.  

Kihyun was looking up at the menu as you spotted the round three-layer chocolate cake inside the fridge, that should be the cake he was talking about. The large slices were already precut and you could only wonder if the skinny boy before you could even finish it by himself when he’d been there before.

You heard him order but didn’t look away from the cake still debating whether if you should get it or not, even though you weren’t much of a sweet tooth at this point you felt like bawling your eyes out and eating an entire tub of ice cream and boy, that cake didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. Or so your inner voice with no self control told you.

“Are you going to order anything?” You heard Kihyun ask snapping you out of your thought trance,you turned to look at him before slowly pointing at the cake before you. As you walked up to him right in front of the cashier you took out your walled and pulled out some of the crumpled up dollar bills inside.  

You heard the cashier say the total and as you extended your hand with cash she was already swiping a card on the register. You took a few seconds to register what had happened and you slightly turned to look at Kihyun with the cash in your hand motioning him to take it.

“It’s fine, I offered to bring you here, it would be rude if I let you pay” he said before making his way over to a table. You blinked twice not being used to this sort of treatment and followed him to your table.

The barista soon enough came out of the kitchen and placed the plate with the huge chocolate slice in front of you two as well as the coffee pot and two mugs on a small round plate for each.

Kihyun didn’t hesitate before picking up the fork and digging into the huge slice. You on the other hand ended up picking up the fork from your side of the table and poking around the cake, neither of you said a word since Kihyun was too busy eating and you were just picking around your side of the plate thinking about everything.

“You want to talk about it?” he finally said breaking the silence between you two. You shook your head and he got the hint and continued eating.

“it’s just” you said dropping the fork and letting out a sigh, his eyes moving away from the plate to you once more. “That fucking idiot” you said finally letting out what you’d been holding in for the past hour. “I was always there, I.. I… how dare he lie to my face and cheat on me!” you finally started venting out the sadness turning into anger in a matter of seconds. “Even after I walked in on him he says ‘I can explain’” You said out in frustration and he raised his brows, what Kihyun had thought was only a dumb argument turned out to be more than that. You looked up to find Kihyun that was at a loss for words, again.

“I’m sorry this must be terribly awkward for you” You said propping your elbow on the table and resting your hand on your palm.

“No it’s.. fine” he said and you both were quiet again.

“What were you doing there anyway” you asked trying to change the subject, after all he was friends with your now ex. 

“I was actually there to deliver this to him” he said pulling out a yellow package from his coat, you nodded and looked down again at the table. Why were you even venting out to his friend? Especially the one you’d always bicker with. After neither Sabrina, Bree or Krista picked up it seemed the best option since you didn’t really want to be alone.

“Well you know you’d feel better if you actually dug into the cake” he said “when my ex girlfriend cheated on me I spent most of my evenings here, trust me I’m an expert” he said and you looked up to see him giving you a soft smile.

Well at least he understood what it was like.

You took the fork once more this time actually digging into the cake itself. You weren’t sure after a few minutes if you were the one who ate the most of it but in all honesty you stopped caring as you binge ate the cake trying to bury your feelings in it.

You and Kihyun ended up talking about just random things and it was sort of comforting to just be able to talk about nothing without being bombarded with questions or having your friends get angry and plan out how they’d kill your boyfriend for what he did.

After a few hours the rain stopped and the both of you left the coffee shop, even though Kihyun’s apartment was just across the street he offered to walk you back to your place since it was already late.

Once you reached your apartment door you took your keychain from your purse and fumbled with the keys trying to find the correct key that opened your door.

“Thanks for… whatever that was” you said as you opened the door. 

“It’s no problem” he said sticking his hands inside the pockets on his coat. You hesitated before you pulled him in for a hug, he was sort of taken aback by your action and took a few seconds to hug you back, you squeezed a bit tighter before pulling away but he kept his hands on your sides, your arms were still hanging from his shoulders on each side and you just stared into his dark chocolate eyes. His face being only inches away from yours you could feel his hot breath.

“I…. I should get going it’s late” he said letting go of you and you did the same nodding.

“Yeah” you said softly.

“Night” he said before turning around.

“Night” you said back as he disappeared into the hallway.

The next morning you woke up remembering everything about the previous night in a flash, you pulled your pillow up to your face and let out a groan.

“Why am I still here” you said patting your bed trying to find your phone.

12 missed calls from Gerald.


You scrolled down your notifications to find messages from your friends, you didn’t really feel like explaining to them anything anymore or even talking to anyone, you just wanted to ignore the entire situation and slowly rot in your room. Scrolling down you saw a notification you really didn’t expect to see there.

Yoo Kihyun: did the cake help at all? I usually get a guilt trip the next morning

You let out a soft laugh opening the message

Y/N: Could use like 20 more slices right now

Kihyun didn’t seem to ask many questions, and whenever no one talked it didn’t feel awkward, as weeks passed you both grew closer finding yourselves at that same coffee shop just complaining about your lives sharing a slice of cake, occasionally switching up the flavor but usually it was the three layer chocolate one, there was still the constant bickering you two were used to but now you hung out intentionally. Because of Kihyun, Changkyun and Wonho you knew Gerald had been going around with girls, he tried begging a few days but eventually stopped. You never heard from him again after that week, personally at least.

You’d sometimes hear some of the boys talk about him, curiosity would get the best of you and you’d go straight to Kihyun to ask him what they were talking about, always being able to drag out every bit of information you could out of him, and as much as you tried to pretend you were over it or that you didn’t care you failed every time. So Kihyun knew that even though it had been 8 months, you still weren’t over it. So standing outside of the bathroom in Jooheon’s apartment trying to lie your way out of it, especially with Kihyun was useless.

“Why don’t you just give him a piece of his own cake” he said as you still pulled at your sleeves out of nervousness.

“What do you mean give him a piece of his own cake?”  

“Well that, he’s always here with new girls you do the same” he said and you rolled your eyes.

“Yes wow thanks never thought of that” you said sarcastically

“Y/N you can literally ask Hyungwon and he’ll play along”  

“We don’t even talk that much let alone pretend we’ve got something going on” You said walking past Kihyun and into the living room. When you walked back into the room Jooheon and Hyungwon quickly looked in your direction as you stood there.

Don’t look to your left don’t look to your left.

You thought before turning your head and meeting eyes with your ex boyfriend. 

“Hey Y/N it’s been a while” he said as you forced a smile trying to ignore the blonde on his lap.

“Yeah” you said as you were about to make your way over to Hyungwon’s side of the couch to do what Kihyun had told you.

“You all must be starving I’m so sorry” Kihyun said walking in stopping right beside you.

“Sorry I took so long” he said giving you a smile and snaking his hand around your waist before pulling you against him and giving you a peck on the lips.  

Surprised by his sudden action you found yourself looking at everyone and exchanging looks with Hyungwon, he was giving you a confused look too until he figured out what Kihyun was doing and they smirked at each other.

“So, we are leaving right?” Jooheon said clearing his throat.

“Yeah yeah, Tiffany suggested we go to that Japanese restaurant they just opened up near my apartment” he said.

Tiffany, you mocked inside of your head eyeing down the blonde.

“Yeah sounds good, who’s driving?” Kihyun said still gripping your waist.

“I am” Hyungwon said standing up and walking over to the slim table next to the entrance taking the car keys. Stiff in Kihyun’s touch you moved with him and followed after everyone as they exited Jooheon’s apartment.

“Can you at least act more natural” he said hanging his arm over your shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing?” you half whispered.

“What you weren’t going to do” he said and as annoyed as you wanted to be at him you lowkey knew you’d wanted to do this to Gerald ever since you heard about him going out with multiple girls and you stayed at home doing nothing.

Plus what was so wrong, after all it was just a show.


Kihyun was just his normal self all night, even though he was acting extra clingy around you and giving you pet names, which honestly should have made you cringe but you didn’t mind. Honestly it wasn’t all different from when you went out with the boys except Gerald started gradually getting pissed about Kihyun being all over you. 

At first it was as if he didn’t care nor mind Kihyun and you, but his cool facade soon started fading as he was making his jealousy evident by the second, Tiffany didn’t seem to pick up on her date’s behavior, shocker she wasn’t that bright, Jooheon was just sitting there wishing the earth would swallow him fidgeting with his fork that you kept thinking he was about to bend every 2 seconds and Hyungwon was enjoying and juicing every bit of drama that was slowly escalating.

“I need to go to the restroom” you said sliding off the booth as the waitress took away the check. You went into the restroom and simply washed your hands running them through your hair instead of blow drying them when you were done.

You were getting what you wanted, he was jealous, yet why didn’t you feel at peace? You stood there looking at yourself in the mirror still feeling that bittersweetness in you trying to figure out what it was. 

It wasn’t about Gerald anymore. You hated the fact that deep down it was about Kihyun, the way he’d been acting only frustrated you because it was just… pretend. He was your friend and that was that, and all the thoughts slash feelings you’d been trying to bury up for months after the two of you started growing closer to each other just hit you like a bus and you were dreading it.

You opened the door only to be greeted by a tall towering figure.

“Can we talk?” Gerald said and you stood there speechless. “We never really talked about things“ he complemented.

You opened your mouth but no words came out. Your mind soon going into overdrive about what you should say.

“What’s going on?” Kihyun said walking into the short hallway where the door to the kitchen and restrooms was.

“Nothing” Gerald said eyeing you and then Kihyun.

“Well, we’re leaving” he said pulling at your arm. You looked up at a severely annoyed Gerald and finally spoke up.

“Yeah I… we were done here anyway” you said before taking Kihyun’s arm and walking back into the restaurant itself.

“You mind if we walk back to my apartment?” you said as he took your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, you both knew Gerald was trailing right behind you.

“Not at all” he said before catching up to Hyungwon whom was standing in the lobby impatiently waiting for everyone.

“We’ll walk back” Kihyun said and the bored Hyungwon sitting there next to Tiffany nodded and shooed Kihyun away. When you walked out of the restaurant Kihyun didn’t let go of your hand even though the both of you didn’t need to keep pretending.

You were quiet the entire walk back but as usual, it didn’t feel out of place or awkward. Once inside your building he let go of your hand so you could fetch your keys and open your door.

“Yeah well… thanks for… you know” you said holding your door with one hand and leaning against the frame.

“Anytime” he said as you let go of the door and stepped out again to give him a hug before he left. As you pulled away slowly both of your arms lingered there for a few seconds. His dark chocolate eyes staring right at you and once more you had him only inches away from you, it was always like this, you knew he’d say something along the lines of ‘I gotta go’ and let go of you after a few seconds.

The seconds started feeling longer as they passed by and Kihyun didn’t budge, you hesitated on whether or not you should be the one who completely pulled away this time but didn’t move either. Kihyun leaned in slightly and stopped right when his lips brushed against yours, both of your warm breaths mixing in you could smell the cologne on him and you were sure he could smell your coconut mist as well.  

Since you didn’t pull away or move he took this as a signal to fully press his lips against yours tightening his grip around you as you did the same with your arms around his neck. His soft rosy lips on yours was something you’d thought about for months now but never really acted upon the thoughts, never in a million years did you think it would actually happen you were just friends. Or so you tried to tell yourself every time you ended up thinking about Kihyun in any other way. He tilted his head to the side getting better access to your lips and kept one hand on your lower back as the other one slid up your side.

You brought your hands up to his hair and ran your fingers through his recently dyed dark brown almost black hair. The slight worry of someone passing by and catching a glimpse of the both of you making out in front of your apartment door only fed your excitement. Kihyun brought his hand up to your neck and his soft passionate kisses were starting to get more eager.

Whatever self control you had in you went out the window as you stumbled backwards pulling him into your apartment, you knew what would happen once that door closed. He closed the door behind him still kissing you, his kisses now filled with lust and his hands touching and feeling everywhere they could now that you were alone.

He pressed you up against the door and slid his tongue into your mouth running his hands down your thighs to lift you off the ground, you wrapped your legs around him supporting yourself between him and the door. Your hands almost knowingly tugged at his jacket and fumbled with the fabric trying to get it off of him, keeping you pressed against the door he took one of his hands from under your thigh and started taking off his jacket before doing the same with his other arm throwing it on the floor next to where you were.

He bit down and tugged on your swollen lip and you let out a soft moan, Kihyun then pressed you harder against the door and you could feel the hardness in his pants against your thigh.

You felt his free hand slide under your shirt as he pressed his lips down your jawline and spread kisses all the way down to your neck before sucking on the bare skin right above your collarbone.

“You know” he breathed out letting your thigh go and you brought your legs down to stand again. “Every single time you talked about that idiot” he half whispered kissing on your neck again. Your head rolled back exposing the fair skin he would most likely mark within seconds.

“it just made me boil on the inside” he said intertwining his fingers on the hair on your nape and slightly pulling at it which made you gasp softly. “and the fact that you still cared about him” he said sliding his fingers into your pants. “even when he didn’t appreciate you” he said grazing his fingertips over your wet core. Your heavy breath grew along with the desperation to just feel him all over you. You squirmed under his touch before he pulled his hand out and you tried to hold yourself up.

“Kihyun” you moaned out softly as whatever sanity you had in you left.

“What’s wrong babe?” He teased brushing his lips against your neck.

“Please” you begged in a breathy voice wanting to feel his fingers back on you.

“Please what?” he said sliding his leg between yours pressing against your wetness, the friction giving you some sort of relief. You opened your eyes to meet Kihyun’s again.

“Take me, now” you said and he smashed his lips harshly against yours pulling you closer to him and moving away from the entrance to what you assumed would be your bedroom. Once inside your room you were still all over eachother, you slammed the door closing it before attacking his lips once more and both of your hands roaming eachother pulling at whatever clothing was left desperately trying to get rid of it. Your hand found its way down to his pants and you ran it along his bulge pressing your palm against it. He let out a moan which you didn’t anticipate and the sounds coming from him had you smiling against his lips.

The back of Kihyun’s knee hit the edge of your bed and he pulled you down with him onto the bed. You straddled him and kissed all over his neck biting down and sucking on some parts giving Kihyun exactly what he’d given you just a few moments ago. You started grinding your hips down against his and he brought his hands up to your shirt to finally pull it off your body. He shut his eyes and rolled his head back letting out a moan, feeling some sort of relief from you grinding onto him. You slowed your pace teasing him and soon enough his eyes sprung open and he let out a groan in frustration.  

He grabbed your wrists and pushed you off him flipping you over so he was on top of you now.  

“Don’t try me” he warned pinning your hands above of your head before he trailed his hands down your arms and torso running them over your breasts which were still covered by your bra. His hands wandered over them and you arched your back so he could get your bra completely off you, he slid his hand under you unclasping the back and pulling it off you before guiding his mouth down to one of your nipples and his hand to the other one, slightly stroking with his hand and sucking on the other one, your hands somehow kept finding their way to his now messy hair, he nipped at your hard nub and you gasped at the feeling pulling harder at his hair. You felt him smile against your skin before he pulled away and started fumbling with the button of your jeans, successfully pulling them off a few seconds later along with your panties leaving you completely bare under him.

“Who knew I could make you this wet” he cockily remarked running his finger down your slit teasing you. It had been months, almost a year since you’d been with someone, the last person being your ex and Kihyun slowly finding every button of yours and pushing you all over the edge had you going crazy. You hated that he was making you needy.

You wanted him, you needed him.

“What should I do about you?” he said pressing his fingers against your clit watching you squirm under him because of the sudden contact. He started working his fingers in circular motions giving your core the burning attention it needed, you let out a breathy moan before rolling your head back against the pillows arching your back and closing your eyes grasping the sheets underneath you.

You felt two fingers slide into you before his warm tongue replaced his fingers on your clit, his free hand on your thigh spreading your legs wider as he used his other hand to pump his fingers in and out of you.

Alternating between tugging at the sheets on your mattress and his hair you started to feel your climax build up in your stomach, moaning out Kihyun’s name and a series of curses as you rocked your hips against him trying to increase the pleasure you knew you were right on the edge and about to come, you were feeling everything building up inside you as Kihyun worked his tongue all over you and just like that the sensation went away abrubtly.  

Your eyes sprung open as you tried to figure out the reason for the sudden stop and you met eyes with Kihyun, who gave you a smirk.

“I told you not to try me” he said hovering over you and you let out a groan.

“You dick” you said pushing him off you annoyed by his action, he was now on his back propping himself up with his elbows and you were quick to move to his belt and start to take it off as well as undoing his pants.

He let out a soft laugh and didn’t stop grinning watching you fumble with his remaining clothes.

Oh he’ll see.

You finally managed to take off his pants leaving him in his underwear, you placed your hand over his groin running your fingers over his still clothed member. His breath grew heavier at the contact but it wasn’t until you applied pressure and stroked harder that he actually let out a moan.  

“Y/N” he panted out as you ran your hands on his abdomen all the way down and hooked your fingers on the waistband on his underwear pulling it down. His hard member now exposed to you, you took it in your hand and wrapped your fingers around it slowly rubbing your thumb over the tip and he threw his head back breathing out heavily trying to hold in his moans. After a few seconds of rubbing around the precome on his tip you actually started moving your hand up and down his shaft. Still with his head rolled back you could see his chest rising and falling quickly. You lowered yourself still pumping your hand gradually increasing your speed as you brought yourself up to his member. Your hand slowed down and stopped at the base of his length as you took him in your mouth. Kihyun bucked his hips at the feeling pushing his member deeper into your mouth, it was only a matter of seconds before he collapsed onto the matress letting out a moan as you bobbed your head up and down. He brought his hands up to your hair carefully intertwining his fingers on your locks and pushing them out of the way. You knew you’d hit a spot when he’d tug lightly at your hair, the sweet echoing of his moaning indicating when it was time for you to increase your speed or suck a little harder, his fingers pulling at your hair and his nails digging into your scalp also letting you know you were working him just the right way.

Just as you were pushing him over the edge and had him under you a moaning mess saying out your name bucking his hips each time harder onto you, you gave him one last painfully slow suck before removing yourself from him and he shot up in frustration.

“You shouldn’t try me either” you mocked and he got up taking you by the shoulders and pinning you down on the bed. You gasped at his sudden outburst and the once cute, sweet and loving Kihyun you knew was buried deep down the lust filled man in front of you who you wanted to go feral on you.

“I’ll teach you a lesson” he said harshly pressing his lips onto you once more before climbed out of the bed picking up his pants from the floor and you assumed he was looking for a condom. Once he found the small package he ripped it open and placed it on himself before climbing on top of you to continue where he’d left off.

As you were anxiously waiting to see if he said something he didn’t even give you time to anticipate what was going to happen before he completely thrusted his length into you. You let out a cry in pleasure as he started pumping into you. You had your arms around his back and soon dug your nails on the skin which would most likely leave red marks all over.

“Kihyun” you said out loud and he started to slow his pace again.

“What is it princess?” he said running his hand down your thigh which you had just wrapped around his waist.

“Please” you were starting to beg, which was something you’d never admit to doing. Kihyun loving every second of being now the one in control of you came down to give you small kisses all over your neck still pumping in and out of you but not at the pace you wanted him to.

“Faster” you managed to breathe out as your frustration and need for more was becoming unbearable by the second.

“Faster what?” he said detaching his lips from your neck and looking you whom seemed to be having trouble keeping your eyes open.

“Just fuck me harder” you finally spat out.

“I don’t know if I should” he continued teasing.

“Please” you managed to breathe out as he thrusted harder into you and you finally moaned out louder feeling some sort of relief that you were getting exactly what you were waiting for. He whined over you at the feeling of your insides clenching against him.

He started going at a faster pace once again smashing his lips against yours, sloppy kisses and muffled moans was all you were getting from Kihyun. That same sensation in your stomach started coming back indicating you were close to your own high.

His thrust started becoming sloppier so you assumed he was close as well, it only took him a few more thrusts before you finally reached your climax choking out his name trying to hold yourself together as he didn’t stop. One, two, three more thrusts was all it took for him after having you shaking underneath him and wrapping around him thanks to your own orgasm.

He finally reached his own high letting out a louder moan that came out a few pitches higher than his last ones. He sunk his head right next to yours above your shoulder trying to gain composure and you brought your hands up to the back of his neck and ran your fingers through his now dark dyed locks that were once pink months ago. When he could finally regain some composure, he brought his head up to look at you before pressing a soft kiss on your forehead and throwing himself beside you.

You rolled over to your side to see him on your bed with his eyes closed trying to regain his breath, his hair falling softly on his forehead that had a few sweat drops dripping. He turned his head and slowly opened his eyes meeting yours, he ran his fingers through your somewhat tangled messy hair pushing it out of the way. You pulled yourself closer to him wrapping your arm around him and resting your head on his chest.

He still kept his hand in your hair petting and running his fingers softly through it as you closed your eyes and waited to slowly doze off in his arms.

Who knew it’d be this nice.

W A T C H. Y O U R. C H I L D R E N.

Listen. If you’re gonna bring your tiny ass child and let them run free everywhere DONT BE MAD WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS Some kid, maybe three or four was running around. Of course, parent nowhere to be seen. Going through stuff messing everything up. I’m serious. EVERYTHING. The THREE of us in the area could barely fix things fast enough to keep up. So you know we’re all mad as hell cause we have other stuff to do but hey. Whatever. Our manager said the kid “hadnt done anything wrong yet” so we couldnt kick the family out. I say something like “isnt that dangerous though?” But I’m waved off. Fine. Whatever. We’re fixing the little Tasmanian devil’s path of destruction when we hear a loud crash. Kid is nowhere to be seen. We rush over and lo and behold the kid somehow has buried himself under a pile of gallon juices. We dig the kid out and NOW the parent appears. He starts chewing US out for NOT WATCHING HIS KID. Amazing. The kid has a flesh wound on his arm but is otherwise unscathed, a truly amazing feat honestly. His father is screaming at the top of his lungs at us and the manager comes over, almost fires us all on the spot, all because of this damn demon child from the omen. Moral of the story? If you can’t control your kid don’t bring them into public places. The price you should pay for being unable to have your kid under control is social exile if you ask me. At LEAST keep an eye on your little bundle of joy if you know how they are. Come on.

Alphabet Q&A
  • A: Ambition?
  • B: Best quality?
  • C: (favourite) Colour?
  • D: Describe yourself.
  • E: Easiest subject?
  • F: (best) Friend?
  • G: Greatest achievement?
  • H: Habit?
  • I: Interest?
  • J: Joke?
  • K: (first) Kiss?
  • L: Last name?
  • M: (favourite) Month?
  • N: Next thing you have to do?
  • O: Oldest family member?
  • P: Person you love?
  • Q: Quirks?
  • R: Realest dream?
  • S: Song you love singing?
  • T: Tea or coffee?
  • U: Underwear colour?
  • V: (greatest) Victory?
  • W: Worst month?
  • X: (ever had an) X-Ray?
  • Y: (best) Year?
  • Z: Zodiac sign?
iron man vol. 3 tonyru: a summary
  • rumiko: [exists]
  • tony: ooohhhhh m...yy.... gdooo.... acan you do agai.nnn for resT OF M..Y LIFE...
  • ---
  • journalist: [starts talking shit about tony--]
  • rumiko: W H A T D O Y O U T H I N K Y O U A R E D O I N G
  • ---
  • tony: [gets his nose broken trying to defend rumiko]
  • ---
  • rumiko: [riding a motorcycle]
  • tony: my god she's such a mess she's such a ball of energy she has her heart on her sleeve she has no chill she
  • ---
  • tony: do not fall in love tony do not fall in love do not
  • rumiko: hey lover
  • tony: fuck
  • ---
  • rumiko: [actual canonical embodiment of the "(ANGRY) BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" fanfic trope]
  • ---
  • rumiko: do not pick up that phone
  • tony: [picks up the phone]
  • rumiko: we're getting a divorce
  • ---
  • tony: [strikes up conversations with homeless people in the street during dates]
  • rumiko: [angry] I A M S O F U C K I N G I N L O V E W I T H H I M T H I S I S E X H A U S T I N G
  • ---
  • rumiko: [impolitely physically drags tony away from annoying people]
  • rumiko: [runs and tackle hugs tony]
  • rumiko: [jumps into tony's arms and kisses him mid-sentence]
  • rumiko: [tries to flick tony's nose while he's driving]
  • rumiko: [runs to tony and plays with his hair]
  • tony: For That Brief Moment I Was Happy
City Lights

Pairing: Y O O N G I x R E A D E R

Genre: F L U F F & A N G S T

Word Count: 7.033

Summary: Min Yoongi is the one man in your life who you love unconditionally, despite having ended your relationship a month prior. It’s not until you spot him at a nightclub do you realize that maybe it wasn’t a great idea to go out after all.

Rating: PG-13

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Dreams and bargains
( darkiplier )
Dreams and bargains

Anonymous: A small, shy woman with bubblegum blue hair and eyes to match materialises into darks dimension somewhat confused. Fixed on her feet afraid to look up she stutters “u-um dark? I’m n-not sure how I e-ended up h-here, I see y-you in my dreams a-and I w-wondered why? D-do you want something from m-me?”

“Is that so? Do you have something of value that I want?

Look at me. … Don’t be shy. It’s only me. (low chuckle) I’ve seen many people in your world. If you sought me out and found me here, perhaps it may be best if you were to jog my memory, if you can. What exactly have you witnessed in your dreams, dear?”

Music Spells

So I was thinking about all the different ways music could be used in spell writing.. and coming up with meaningful correspondences is fun but what if it was something more formulaic? Like something along the lines of sigil making.

A spell could be as simple as a motif. It doesn’t have to be a full piece with complicated details. It could be just a few notes you would hum to yourself because they have meaning to you and they resonate a certain energy with you.

One idea I have is corresponding pitches to the letters of the alphabet.
There are 12 pitches in an octave, so the letters would be divided into 12 groups. For example,
(0) A, M, Y
(1) B, N, Z
(2) C, O
(3) D, P
(4) E, Q
(5) F, R
(6) G, S
(7) H, T
(8) I, U
(9) J, V
(10/t) K, W
(11/e) L, X
or if you would like to stick to a specific scale (let’s use an arbitrary major scale for this example),
(Do) A, H, O, V
(Re) B, I, P, W
(Mi) C, J, Q, X
(Fa) D, K, R, Y
(Sol) E, L, S, Z
(La) F, M, T
(Ti) G, N, U
For these examples I grouped the letters by having the letters follow the notes alphabetically, and then repeat notes when they ran out. But there are many other ways you could group them, for example, you could divide the alphabet by 12 pitches, and have the first 3 letters be pitch 0, the next 3 pitch 1, etc.

So for the actual spell!
This would be similar to sigils in the sense that you can write a sentence, respresenting your intent, and then using the formula, turn those into pitches!

For example, the phrase “I am safe” would be “8 0 0 6 0 5 4” using the first method, or “Re Do La Sol Do La Sol” using the second.
One you have the pitches you can be creative, by adding rhythms (maybe build phrases based on word or sentence lengths?), harmonies, articulation (maybe accents on capital letters?), etc.

I hope this gives peoples some ideas!

(Also if it’s just for small motifs like this, I am willing to do spell requests! And I can have them played or sung in whatever instrument you like!)


     w i t   b e y o n d   m e a s u r e 
                                                                                      ravenclaw!rose granger-weasley

SVT College AU  -  Soonyoung

Originally posted by minghaon

a/n: sweet baby he’s feeling better awwwww i love me kid 


-look at him go 

-my baby boy

-my star


-he studies natural science

-so it’s like a bundle of things



-the sky



-the actual reason as to why we exist on this planet only to please people who have a higher status than us and to just get validation from people knowing that one day we all die and have no idea of how time or space will control the next billion years


-yeah with science 

-comes overnight study sessions with his class

-he’s very social in class

-he likes his class a lot

-a whole bunch 

-he wears glasses sometimes but he doesn’t need them he just wants to wear them to feel smarter

-one time they were checking on what temperatures melt certain things

-he was trying to put the bunsen burner away 

-and the tube slipped out

-fire everywhere

-K W O N   F I R E 

-that’s his nickname from the teacher because of that accident

-this actually happened in my class in year 7 lmao 

-so yeah his class is dangerous but fun 

-this lil bundle of sunshine bunks with two other bundles of sunshine

-media kid hansol and zoology student chan 

-soonyoung became a big brother to them immediately

-he’s so protective over them

-he will fight people for them

-not really 

-he might kick them in the nuts and then run 

-that always works 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

-in fact he’s protective over everyone he meets

-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiincluding you

-you’re the friend that everyone likes

-little media major you

-you’re in hansol’s class for media

-and like how soonyoung became big brothers to chan and hansol

-hansol became a brother to you

-and like every brother

-he introduced you to soonyoung

-and as if by magic 

-you two


-fell for each other


-he thought you were beautiful and amazing and really funny 

-and you thought he was super cool and crazy cute and funny too !!!!!!

-you two started to hang out more and more and more even when you weren’t with hansol

-you and soonyoung would just get to know each other better

-and fall for each other even more

-one time you two were out without hansol and chan 

-and of course

-spy chan came out to play 

-so the first place he saw you was on the street 

-he thought he saw you holding hands with soonyoung


-you just held onto his sleeve because it was busy on the road

-even though secretly you wanted to hold his hand and he wanted to hold yours

-the next place he saw you in was the milkshake shop

-and he thought you two were sharing

-nopity nope nope

-you two had different drinks

-soonyoung kept on stealing yours


-another place he saw you in?

-a clothing shop

-soonyoung saw a dress that would look really pretty on you and he thought you could wear it to a fancy event and he could match with you and stuff

-you really weren’t a dress person so you politely declined the dress even though you admitted it was pretty 

-somehow from this chan made up this….sort of story that you two were going on a date and soonyoung would buy you that dress to wear on a date 




-you and soonyoung got ice cream and soonyoung managed to get ice cream on his cheek and his chin

-a t   2 0    y e a r s    o l d     h o w     t h e     f u c k    d o    y o u    g e t    i c e    c r e a m    o n    y o u r    c h e e k

-and you go to wipe it off

-and being the literal child he is

-he asks you to have an intense staring competition with you and leans in close to you 

-but somehow chan saw this as….

-you going in for a kiss…

-even though you kind of wanted to and he wanted to do the same thing………the staring competition was a grrREAT decoy 

-as soon as chan got back to the dorm he told hansol all this information

-”…are you sure this is what you saw??”

-”1000%!! they’re definitely going out–”

-”who’s going out?”

-s HIT


-”wait…me and y/n? chan? you think we’re going out…like dating?”


-”why do you think that??”

-”i saw you two today! you guys looked lovey dovey and stuff! she was holding your hand and you guys shared a drink and you two even kissed!!”

-”wait were you spying on us?!”

-f a c e    c r a c k    o f     t h e    c e n t u r y    f r o m    l e e    c h a n


-after chan explained himself

-soonyoung had to explain himself

-”wait……so the hand holding??”

-”she just grabbed onto my sleeve because there were a lot of people”

-”and the dress?”

-”i thought it would look really nice on her”

-”what about the ice cream place??”

-”we had a staring competition !!”

-”and the milkshake parlour??”



-”……….her milkshake tasted really nice so i wanted to try some”

-but halfway through explaining

-he kind of saw where chan was coming from


-he knew his feelings for you were there 

-loud and proud

-he just was so caught up in hanging out with you….

-that he didn’t actually try to have a relationship with you

-it was almost like you guys were already in one 


-chan didn’t really get in trouble because he was young

-soon that’s not a viable excuse but go off i guess

-but he really did need to talk to you about this relationship thing

-so yeah

-he invited you over one day whilst the boys were out 

-you were both lying on his bed

-and he just…..kind of placed his arm around you………………………..

-your face:  ( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾

-your heart and mind: ヽ༼◉ل͜◉༽ノ


-you just went with it because friends do that……..right?

-r i g h t ?

-”hey let’s say weird things you go first”

-oh boy 

-”alright……is there a reason why?”

-”no….just wanna find out something interesting today…”

-oh boy 

-”ok…..a pig in australia stole 18 beers from a campsite got drunk and then tried to fight a cow”

-”you’re serious?”

-”yeah im pretty sure that’s what it said….on the internet….your turn”

-”a male honeybee’s dick is destroyed after sex”


-”i know…your turn….”

-he then suddenly sat up and looked down to you with these…..almost…..loving eyes

-”turtles can breathe through their but–”

-”chan thinks that we’re dating..”

-”wait….rewind pause and play what”

-”….chan thinks that we’re dating…..he saw us while we were out and stuff and thought that we’re–”

-”what’s so weird about that?”

-”well for starters he was kind of following us–”

-”it’s cute that he think’s we’re dating….it’s….not a bad thing….right?”

-”i-it’s not….it’s just…..”


-”i kind of thought that you liked hansol”

-w h a t    t h e     fu ck     is    go i n g    o n    


-you and hansol???


-”no? hansol is a really good friend to me and that’s it….”

-”then….what about me?”

-”you’re…different to what hansol is to me….”

-you mumbled to him sitting up in the process

-he blinked shifting towards you 

-”h-how different”

-you kind of just…..found yourself gravitating to him…..

-like…..dude you look really good……lemme just…

-you didn’t answer his question- instead you just leaned in slowly

-he did the same

-fireworks? hell yeah

-lips grazing against each other

-closed eyes

-beating hearts

-you two…..kissed…………………

-nan desu ka


-you just…..went in and did it

-”that kind of different…”

-”so you like me in this way?”


-”good thing cause i do too”





-”should we kiss again?”


-you both have love in your eyes for each other and it’s actually so cute

-you two just…kept going at it until hansol and chan came back

-b i g     m i s t a k e 

-”can you believe their relationship started because of me?”

-”you followed the round while they were out”

-”i practically started their relationship for them”

-”y o u    s t a l k e d    t h em”

-”and you still don’t have a girl either!”

-”neither do you!”

-”shit you’re right”

Fun Asks For Fun Green Day Fans

G) If you could get music lessons from a Green Day member, who would it be and why?  

R) Do you have any Green Day memorabilia?

EE) If you could arrange a special date with Green Day, what activities would you include?  Where would you take them?

N) Quick, Tré Cool is stealing a limousine across the street, what do you do?

D) What common misconception about Green Day or about the fandom are you tired of hearing?

A) Mike Dirnt wants to post another IG picture of a random part of his body, what is your advice? (and remember we’re all trying to be adults here ;))

Y) Pick your poison: Orange mocha frappuccino, chocolate milk (biatch!) or the Cheech?

r) Jason Freese lost his favorite hat, what should he wear next on his head?

U) What totally inappropriate gift would you get Billie Joe? (And remember that Tré set the bar pretty high by giving Bilks a penis-shaped mug)

L) Jeff Matika finally folded and he’s willing to dress up for ‘King For a Day’. What costume would you pick for him?

e) If you could have GD play one song for you in private, which one would you choose?

S) Jason White is willing to teach you a sick guitar solo; which one do you pick?

SVT Flower Boy Cafe  -  Jeonghan

Originally posted by jeonghney-archive

summary; suddenly your saturday afternoon turned beautiful thanks to a  mr yoon jeonghan 

genre; fluffy as fuck…..or a baby bird whatever one you want to choose

a/n; hello! i’m not feeling that well but i’m producing shit by the truck load thank you for requesting anon!! also i love jeonghan a lot wow 


-ahhhhh saturday 

-nice weather

-and a nice day to….

-be dragged to a flower boy cafe by your friend because she loves webtoons and the concept of flower boys like ouran 


-yeah you weren’t into them though 

-they’re just a bunch of really good looking dudes in flower crowns who are payed to act cute and flirt with you

-so being dragged to one wasn’t exactly that you wanted to do on a nice day,,,,

-but your friend said that if you go with her……..she’ll pay for your drinks and the thing you eventually eat

-holy shit sign me up

-at the time it sounded great

-then you realised that there wasnt a change of plans and you were still going to the cafe


-so there you were

-realising that you were being conned (kind of)

-you and your friend were just about to head in 

-when the dude at the door asked if she had made a reservation

-your friend then replied with a 

-”yes we do!! it’s y/f/l/n and y/l/n”

-”alright come on in”

-w a i t     a      f u c k i n g       s e c o n d 

-you what now 


-”how long have you planned this for….?”

-”since they announced the flower boy edition of the cafe…”

-”which was……?”


-”oh my gosh im being conned”

-so this other dude showed you to your seats and the whole place…..actually looked pretty sweet

-like it wasn’t too girly and stuff but the flowers and the ribbon was nice

-”so why do we need reservations for this place….?”

-”it’s pretty popular for a couple reasons….people want to take photos for instagram–”

-”stop and hold that thought…”

-you interrupted

-you….saw him



-blonde hair

-cute glasses 

-awesome outfit and flower crown

-he looked….so beautiful….

-”i guess it’s popular because of the good looking guys too….oh you ready to order?”


-order? bitch you were too busy looking at that other person to look at the menu

-what the fuck he was so good looking though

-you accidentally……stared at him for too long

-he noticed 

-fuck you snapped out and all you could see was…..his sweet sweet smile

-you jolted with your cheeks matching the colour of the flowers on the table

-you then saw him approaching slowly

-you decided to take this as a game of hide and seek 

-as you decided to hide your face into your menu 

-”hey welcome to the cafe i’m jeonghan and i’ll be your waiter today.”

-wow such a silky smooth voice

-that name……was so pretty

-like him!!! 


-rolls of the tongue doesn’t it?

-you hid in the menu even more

-that gave you time to scan the menu and actually figure out what you want to order

-so with a deep breath

-you look up from your menu and regain your confidence and smile to him just like


-and he’s just there like

-jeonghan on the outside: (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

-jeonghan on the inside: (• ω •) a m    i    a b o u t    t o    r i s k    m y    j o b j u s t    t o    g e t    h e r    p h o n e    n u m b e r    b e c a u s e    i     t h i n k    s h e s     a b s o l u t e ly    a d o r a b l e     y o u     f u c k i n     b e t      i       a m 

-wow he really thinks your cute 

-”you two ready to order?”

-”ah yeah i’ll take the caramel latte and the strawberry shortcake….y/n what are you gonna get?”

-”i-i’ll have the bear…….latte and the rila-pancakes?”

-”good choices”

-you then realised…..this place is quite empty 

-there were only a couple of groups of girls seated

-and a load waiting outside…

-you shook it off though 

-you could see your order right there on the counter

-and who should bring it over

-than the guy who served you


-”one caramel latte and strawberry shortcake for a gorgeous smile”

-he said putting your friends order down onto the table

-he then turned to you 

-”and one bear latte and rila-pancakes for a bear-y beautiful girl”


-oh that was smooth but really bad at the same time

-you were kind of a sucker for puns……

-but wait he called you a beautiful girl… sweet

-like the latte and the pancakes! 

-your friend’s order was really cute too!!

you both had little foam bears that jiggled when you wiggled the cup! 

-and the pancakes were in the shape of that really cute bear! rilakkuma! 

-the shortcake had a small strawberry with cream and it looked so nice !!


-knock knock whos th

-it’s jeonghan again!!

-”how are you two finding the deserts?”

-”they’re really nice right y/n?”

-”y-yeah! they’re really good. the drinks are really cute too!”

-”i made them with you in mind that’s why they’re so sweet and cute”

-you on the outside: (ノ≧ڡ≦) 

-you on the inside: (●‿●✿) i want death and i want it now this is too cute for real words…..HE is too cute for real words help me 

-wow he really was good with his words!! 

-your cheeks were getting more vibrant with every word he said

-he was so cute wow

-you couldn’t stop repeating that in your mind

-he kept on coming round every 5 or so minutes after visiting other tables

-but stayed the longest when he was with you and your friend

-everytime the puns got better and better and by the third pun you were in tears because they were so bad and so good at the same time

-he also did aegyo too 

-you had the same smile on when he did it but inside you were cringing like  bOIIIIIIIII


-you couldn’t take it it was sweeter than your drink and pancakes


-he even came over with a polaroid camera and took a photo with you wow he was so cute


-at the end when you were getting your bill and stuff 

-you found that there were little sweets and candies with it!!!



-you had this one burning question that you had to ask your friend though….

-”hey…..would it be too much to ask for jeonghan’s number??”

-”a little…a lot of these boys have to keep business and pleasure separated….besides i’ve seen so many people in cafes like this crash and burn because they tried to get phone numbers but they couldn’t…”


-you didn’t exactly want him to risk his job…..yeah he’s nice but you didn’t want him to lose his job because you may or may not now fancy him 

-yeah you weren’t going to risk it

-hey! don’t give up hope!

-maybe you’ll see him in the streets or even at college! hopefully

-you two said goodbye to the staff and jeonghan 

-but before you two left……..something amazing happened

-jeonghan ran outside to grab you for a second

-”sweetie you forgot your picture….be sure to see me again soon ok?”

-”will do jeonghan”

-you said cooly even though you were dying on the inside

-you then saw him blow you a kiss resulting in you catching that said kiss and putting it on your cheek

-walking along the street your friend had asked you what you forgot

-and you showed her the polaroid

-she smiled but noticed there was writing on the back

-you read over it and your face became red like a cute little tomato 


-”what does it say??”

-well………………………………………………….what did it say???

-”hey cutie ! i don’t know you very well but that can change! message me sometime ok?”

-and left his number

-next thing you know you have his number in your phone

-and his name in your phone 

-flower cutie ❀

-maybe this flower boy cafe experience wasn’t so bad……?

-“wow it was only a matter of time………..”

-”it wasn’t time……just luck…”

-”well this good luck streak you have……i’m using it diligently”

-”don’t you fuckin–”

-”we’re going to another one next week”


In continuation to yesterday’s masterpost, The Basics of Note-taking, I’ve decided to write about how to efficiently revise your notes. 

This is very applicable to anyone looking to use their notes as a studying tool for the coming school year. In this masterpost I will write about how to reteach yourself and check for understanding of your notes using these revising tips.

·       S U M M A R I Z E

Much of the tips I will be talking about are taken from the Cornell Note system that I mentioned in yesterday’s article. Apart from the two column formatting, there is also a given space specifically for summarizing the notes taken. I personally make sure I leave a little space for later when the time comes for me to study. Summarizing your notes is a great way to really figure out what you’ve written about because you are forced to truly comprehend the subject in order to condense into 2-3 sentences.

·       Q U E S T I O N S

This is when you’ll need to utilize your margin space TO THE MAX. Reread your notes and ask yourself if you really understand what you’ve written. If you don’t then write a simple question next to the area you are confused about. I usually stem a little arrow into the margin area.

·       P O C

If you’re unfamiliar with this acronym, it stands for Point of Confusion. This can be used in coordination with the previous bullet point about questioning what you’ve written. Look through your notes and identify your points of confusion. Where is it exactly in your notes that you get lost or need more clarification on? Once you’ve figured out your points of confusion, insert that question in the margin and later work your way through solving your P.O.C.

·       S E C T I O N I N G  Y O U R  N O T E S

Another way to check for comprehension is by blocking or sectioning off your notes. When doing this you end up asking yourself, what best matches with what? It’s sort of like having four main titles and deciding what bullet points go under which title. You give yourself a better understanding by working through each piece of information and identifying it with any given name. This also helps for memorization purposes!

·       S I D E  N O T E S

Many studyblrs will tell you that rewriting your notes is the best way to study and get that information drilled into your head. However, the reality is that not all of us have the time to rewrite EVERYTHING ever given to us. Thankfully there is a slight shortcut to this that has a very similar effect. Instead of rewriting your notes completely, look through your textbook, power point presentation, or whatever material you used to write the notes the first time around and pretend as if you are rewriting them. If you have certain pieces of information already written down, perfect! But if there’s something that caught your attention this time that didn’t before, go ahead and add it into the margin! Many times teachers will have you write notes before you begin learning about that chapter. You won’t exactly know what’s important at the beginning of each unit but by the end of it, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in your textbook and what to add into your notes.

That’s it! Once again I’m aware this masterpost has been written numerous times by various studyblrs before which is exactly why I really tried to make sure I added information you probably haven’t read/heard before. These are all tips I’ve learned and developed throughout the years. I sincerely hope this helped you!

If you have any requests please let me know and I will incorporate it into my BTS series schedule that you can view here.

I’m an open book! Message me or send in a question even if it’s not related to the studyblr community!

-much love, studyessie  ♡

 p.s. I’m aware it’s 12:01 am when I’m posting this so sorry I didn’t post it sooner I was just really busy today! :(