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changes in heathers 101

in case u wanted to feel horribly depressed (then realise that it’s just a high school production and it Doesn’t Really Matter) here’s a link to a google doc I made with all most of the changes to the script in heathers 101.

also despite how shit it sounds, i’m still heathers 101-positive: I recognise that it’s a crappy high school version that is nowhere near as good as the original, yet I still see that it is a high school version. for high schools. written to be pg-13. yikes. chill u guys.

WOWO ppl think walking out on mike pence is disrespectful MIND YOU this is the guy who has absolutely no respect for anyone but white upper class christian straight af citizens this guy is trying to send me and my community to fucking conversion therapy this guy stands beside a man who is the DEFINITION of disrespectful yet walking out on him trying to make a speech about god knows what on the biggest day of ur life is disrespectful????? like damn it must be nice to be a trump supporter. to be THAT PRIVLEDGED that u don’t have to fear for your rights at all. to be THAT IGNORANT to think that they are doing anything good for this country. i fucking hate both those men and every single person who voted to put them there. just had to rant I hate getting into it at all but this rly grinds my gears. when my rights are at stake because of the disrespect this man has for my community, yet god forbid people get up and walk out on him in an orderly fashion because they disagree with what he’s saying

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Effie, I'm actually following you on twitter and I wonder what are you guys talking about? It has something to do with Namjoon being blamed again?

ooh nice ! you’re one of my 3 followers hahaha (also btw if you want me to follow u back – or anyone else who might follow me – just message me im v relaxed on twt we can talk n have a gay old time jus us gals haha)

for the current mess that is completely made up lol… basically bts was walking in the airport and a girl came around a corner to look at them (or honestly she could have just been rounding the corner to throw something away bc there was a trash can there) and hobie’s bodyguard literally THREW her ass. he was not gentle at all.

so hobie was next to the guard and joon was behind him and … for some reason … ppl are pissed with joon … for not helping her … just joon and no one else … I literally don’t understand it lmao ppl get mad at him for no damn reason

first of all, there’s no proof that he didn’t help her. the camera stays on hobie, so you don’t see joon for a good 10 sec or so. ppl mentioned that he could have helped her and resumed walking, or saw that the other security ppl had gone to assist her (they would do that at least for the fact that she could sue or something for bodily harm). but he was in front of everyone and he couldn’t hold them up… saesang fans are insane and there’s a reason they walk fast and have a bunch of body guards. so like idk ppl are always mad at him hahaha honestly they’re always gonna be unreasonable that’s just how army operates :/

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you keep saying nobody wants to kiss or date you but all your followers want to do both? 🤔

thats cus u guys haven’t met me in person and had a chance to hate me yet lmao

I super hate my boss he’s a douchebag who wears too much axe I thought I got away from this archetype of guy in 6th grade please go away and let me do my job plz I’m already suffering and working for 4 hours straight w no breaks that ur supposed to give us and stop cussing me out u wanna have a career here and yet u can’t treat ppl with basic respect like get fucked stop taking advantage of my kindness and think that u can manipulate the way I do my job I JUST HHHHH

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Personally from the start Ive always known that Aaron and Aph would get together. In MCD he was the new character that saved Aph and is very mysterious but only opens up to Aph. PT1

So I automatically knew it wasnt going to be Larmau or garmau, it was going to be Aarmau thats cannon. In PDH it was the kid that she hated but was her friend forever, not even knowing. So that was just obvious In Mystreet it was her old friend from highschool that never makes any moves on her. Its SO obvious yet not obvious at all. The guy that she gets along with SO WELL. She’s always with him making all of the others jelly af. I hope I make sense 

i hope u dont mind me posting, and if u do let me know and ill take it down its no problem!

tbh i dont think most people would’ have minded aarmau that much if it had been abit more,,,,,human ish??? its too perfect both of them,,, “i get in trouble cause im too nice for my own good” sweetie thats not the only human flaw you can have,,,,

but in mcd if i remember correctly he kinda of almost sliced her throat off at one point? idk just in mystreet aarmau flows better, whilst on mcd it was like a last minute add thing even the shippers themselves were a bit ???wuh???? about it

mystreet however pulling shit like practically deleting laurance, making him n other male characters become some creepy dudebro niceguys who r constantly trying to “impress” aphmau when they arent even like that in canon, and making aaron pretty much take laurance’s spot is just,,, very poor decisions in my opinion


excuse my shitty edit i dindt have time to do one properly ):

HEY GUYS!!! as you can see in the horrible edit right there, it’s my birthday today but it doesnt matter u know why? CUZ TODAYS QUEEN BS BIRTHDAY TOO SO WHO CARES BOUT ME ANYWAYS no but all jokes aside i decide to do a follow forever i just….. i just wanted to thank all of u guys for all the sweet mssg, for everything honestly, i met so many beautiful and kind people here and im so happy for that omg i hate yall so much :)))….. i’ve had this blog for about seven (maybe???) months now and i didnt even reached my goal yet but i really wanted to do this so yeah oh and i didn’t do any bolds/italicized just because but i love u all so much!! {PLS LET ME KNOW IF I FORGOT SOMEONE}

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I love you all with all my ♥!

really nervous posting this, but decided to do it because I’m proud of myself. 

I Need U is the first song I’ve played in 8 years. and I’m a bit emotional because when I played as a kid, I actually hated it. it’s so sappy but the truth is that BTS made me want to become a musician again, and I’ll always be grateful to them for inspiring me to play once more- this time, with joy. 

(this is only the middle section because… I haven’t gotten the pre-chorus and the bridge parts down yet haha. but overall I’m about 75% of the way there!)

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Alright its kind of hard for me to say this but I just wanted to let it out to one of you bc now I'm starting to accept it. I was an anti, and i was one for a while. I wasn't like a big acc or anything and I generally kept away from larries and kind of ignored them, but a week or so ago I decided to look into things a little, bc i realized Ive been trying to make excuses for all the weird inconsistentencies I keep seeing, and I read a whole bunch of stuff I've seen antis dismiss and +

+ ignore and I just started realizing things I haven’t before and thinking about everything I’ve seen in the past 9 months and way back too, all the things I ignored about harry and Louis, etc. And the rental house thing just cemented what I already started suspecting about this whole thing, and ive been seeing the antis I would associate with just try and make up reasons for what wrere seeing and they just don’t make sense anymore. Everything u guys have said is adding up for me, and +

+ so I’m here and I want to apologise for how much you all have been bullied and made fun of all this time. I think you all may be right about it all and I can’t believe I didn’t see it until now. You don’t deserve the hate you get. I’m not sure yet where I stand, like if I’m going to be a larrie but I do know that if/ when they come out or everything is exposed, I will be one of the ones who has their full support. Thanks for reading this ik it was kind of long :)


anon thank you very much for taking the time to write this out. i really do appreciate your apology because i know it can’t have been easy to send this.

i’m so glad that you’re allowing yourself to really question things and look into the inconsistencies. even if you do decide that you don’t think larry is real (or aren’t ready to commit to any opinion), just the fact that you’ve allowed yourself to question the official narrative and come to your own conclusions is so wonderful and i’m proud of you for doing that.

there’s a definite herd mentality in different segments of this fandom (especially when it comes to the side that accepts the official narrative) so i’m sure it wasn’t easy to allow yourself to break away from that. 

if you ever have any specific questions about anything or just want to talk some more about anything really, my inbox is always open (on or off anon, whatever you’re more comfortable with).

you’re absolutely welcome to join us if you decide to, and if not that’s awesome too the main thing is that you said you would be there to support louis and harry when they come out which is really all that matters! 

i’m a huge advocate of people thinking for themselves and coming to their own conclusions and it sounds like you’re already doing that so thank you again for taking the time to send this and good luck to you!

i rlly lov imagining tsuk & yama playin video games and having these sporadic bouts of genuine rage @ it ??

  • like it’s the afternoon and they’re both just kind of sitting on the bed peacefully playing until yama’s 3DS makes a sad lil noise signalling a game over and he just……… loses it
  • full on livid grumbles of “i’ve had to play this shit level 5 times already & i can’t make it over to the goddamn boss and this guy won’t stop fucking dying holy shit…….. who thought…… who the ever loving FUCK made this shit game? i fucking hate th- i fucking… oh my god tsukki i swear if fucking lazward dies again i’m quitting”
  • and tsuk just scoots over to him and pats him while yama keeps mumbling angrily abt “needing support conversations” & how “lazward n odin haven’t talked once to each other yet bc they keep dyin babe”
  • and tsuk nods in understanding and says “it’s alright… do u need me to do the level for u?”
  • and yama just sniffles a lil and lets out a small upset “yea” & hands the console over to tsuk who generously takes over while yama goes to get water and calm down omg
  • (….. he gets the level done on his first try much 2 the frustration of yama)
  • and now tsukki is p much the same but w like competition kind of games ?? like mario kart, playin pkmn w friends, just any game where ur either the winner or loser
  • he won’t stress out over any other type of game,, just this
  • like yama can vouch for this tsuk is super lowkey competitive………. he will act like he doesn’t care but trust me….. he Does
  • he has the absolute worst rage on mario kart…. like he is constantly swearing @ every character tht has the audacity to pass him
  • “fuck u toad i never want to see another fucking mushroom ever again bc of you”
  • “mario grab a fucking plunger & stick it up ur ass”
  • “who the fuck even are you wario…… ur just a shit wannabe & u’ll never be mario go fuck urself”
  • and a lot more LMAO
  • yama is like right next to him as he plays honest to god cackling @ everything his boyfriend is sayin omg,, sometimes yama will give him a peck on the cheek n say “u tell thm babe” & tsuk will actually calm down from tht and if u look u’ll see his ears turning super pink while he grumbles a lil more quietly ;0 what a Nerd honestly
  • robert lopez: ok idina here's your song for frozen 2. what was it you said again? not to make it "too good?"
  • idina menzel: ya bobby....we don't want another let it go on our hands do we...
  • robert lopez: *chuckles weakly* well...
  • idina menzel: yeah i don't anyway. so what's this one called?
  • robert lopez: "elsa, beware of the city." :)
  • idina menzel: nice... *takes sheet music, starts singing* i wanna be a part of b.a....blizzarded arendelle, big apple....bob, this isn't what I asked for. this is fucking genius. can you give it to anna or something?
  • robert lopez: um
  • idina menzel: *flipping through music* wait a second, it's actually just the first quarter of the song that's good. what if we cut it down to--
  • robert lopez: for the love of god not another 75% joke
  • idina menzel: i felt like the post was suffering...but you're right... that didn't make it any better.
  • robert lopez: why aren't the old memes working anymore idina
  • john travolta: do u guys need me to step in :D
  • idina menzel: i don't think it's that bad yet john