do u guys even remember me

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Derpfire, it is I, moonboy who has come down from the moon to tell you something very important: U R A QT DAMMIT. And you know what night- I mean Jack says right? If the moon tells you something BELIEVE IT.

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This boy and I had sex so I obviously started to like him a lot but then I found out he was talking to other girls back at his home, was in love with his ex and was just using me for sex...but then I'm the one who tried to fix things and wanted to work things out but he wouldn't even talk to me and now he thinks I'm obsessed with him and I'm not I'm just super fucked up bc of the situation and idk what to do

just stop talking to him or hes gonna keep calling u crazy and obsessed, thats what guys do. im sorry you got caught up with a fuckboy i truly am. not much else you can do now but always remember this lesson

The only thing I remember from my ENTIRE 11th grade experience, was being handed a fucking packet with 150+ chem problems asking us to ballance equations. AND I DISTINCTLY remember my fucking fat piece of shit teacher telling us NOT 2 WAIT UNTIL THE SAY B4 OR U WILL B CONFUSED I PROMISE U BLAHBLAHBLAH. My little brother comes into my room at 11pm and asks me to do something for him, and I say yea why not. This mofo hands me the SAME fucking packet that I DIDNT EVEN DO WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO….. and I can’t believe I sat my ass down for 2 hours to actually do all of it


[Text] Dead serious! [/sent]
[Text] Maybe it’s a good thing you cant remember. [/sent]
[Text] I promise. But I gotta say, watching you guys throw spoons around was hilarious. [/sent]
[Text] Even your dad was getting a kick out of it. [/sent]

[ text; trill ]: what.
[ text; trill ]: what do you mean my dad.
[ text; trill ]: OH MY GOD.

okay so I have very high blood sugar aka the D word according to the hospital and I have to check my blood sugar four times a day and give myself insulin twice a day and honestly it’s really freaking me out like I can’t ever even remember to take my pill like god I didn’t cry until a few minutes ago because I just really don’t want this like I can’t believe it
I watched a vid of this guy with the same thing and I was like oh thank god I don’t have that and I do now!! and it’s just the worst to think about
does anyone on here have type one diabetes also lmao
everyone’s telling me all these things I need to do like u have to eat this at this time and u can’t eat after this time and I’m just like what!!!

Do u guys remember that time i was gonna leave for another city and prob leave tumblr altogether? I stumbled with the blog u guys made for me and all the things u guys did and I’m so so thankful, because even though i was an idiot and couldn’t even stay there, you guys have no idea how you saved me back then. I was sure i had reached my limit and that I was ready to die. It’s been really long since the last time i felt as depressed as that and i think all of you have a hand in it. Thank you so much for being fresh air when i feel like I’m choking. Even though i stayed in the same place, i do feel like my life changed after that. I still cant believe I managed to work, I can’t believe I’m still productive and mostly happy after wanting to die so badly. I’m not gonna let myself forget so easily all the effort you guys put on it, and I’m gonna look at it very often. I love u guys much thank u for being my friends!!

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Wonder what those two andalites would think of the animorphs raising/adopting a baby andalite? You know, mertil and gallafrass (I do not remember their names for the life of me) What if it turned out said baby andalite was morph allergic too?

U got mertil right, other guy was like garlonuxif or something.

I think they would just pray for this babies soul.

And oooh the baby would be all, I am a freak who cannot be awesome and morph like u and they would be like: HOW





They’d bend over backwards for bb like they never even thougt of for ax because save this precious bundle

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As someone who is almost done with high school, you shouldn't care. You know what you did or didn't do. You know who you are and aren't. Your real friends will stand by your side and believe you. I'm sure this will pass, lovely. Like she said, you won't even remember this in 5 years! I think you should hold strong and don't let depression be your new best friend. Be happy ❤️ don't worry and treat yourself today! Feel better! ❤️

thank you so much, it really means a lot to me, love u guys xoxo

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you and Aimie are honestly so cute together and I remember when you were asking us all for advice about her and stuff and you were just about ready to talk to her about it and EE I was so excited that it worked out well ps you're a cutie patootie and I obviously want you and Aimie to be a couple bc you're happy which makes me happy but I have a lil crush on u

aw aw aw thank you so so much aims and i are so so happy together and its so amazing to have so much support from you guys and ily all so so much. i remember that too. you guys kept asking about my crush and i kept giving little descriptions and ahh memories. im so happy it worked out too. but thank you for having a crush on me,, i guess?? idk but thats so so cute and ily but im so happy that even though you do you support aimie and i

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OK so I'm dating this guy and it's almost 2 months and I know he loves me more than anything and same goes for him but now I need him so badly it's not even funny like whenever we're not talking I feel sad and empty and idk it's kinda scaring me bc I've always been a HELLA independent girl and idk it's just so new

i totally know how this can be !! u can still be an independent chick and have a man :) try to find something to do to keep yourself occupied when you guys dont talk and remember that its ok to not always be in contact! if you are feelin sad just remember how much you guys love each other and go do something positive xx


When you see something that everyone wants and it ends up on your table covered in sweat kissing you everywhere. You don’t think about how many others had this happen. Or what this being is up to. You just feel like u have water that forever flows. And u forget about what may be hideing.
Remember all girls say the cute ones are gay. I forgot about that 1…

I met a guy named Mike. My friends left me with a bit of hope. And they also reminded me that I usually Fuck up… so with this guy I’m actually just not rushing. Even tho he’s really cute. And smokes… and skates. Even if he didn’t do these things I’d probably still be tempted to say hello