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remember when alec a gay character got to say “you’re confusing me” to another man he was attracted to… and remember how magnus a bisexual  character then got to explain to him (and the audience) what attraction/love is supposed to feel like? can you believe shadowhunters gave us a scene that was so explicitly for lgbt viewers… a scene meant to guide us, to understand us… to accept us… 


Me: chill. remember to breathe.


161112 JIKOOK at 3rd Muster fanmeeting

You’re crying but I don’t have to worry anymore…. Cuz the person who u need the most - the person who puts you in his heart and loves everything you hate about yourself, who loves u more than anything else and remembers all your habits. He’s the one who noticed everything you do and constantly shows u his fondness, gets upset/disappointed easily when seeing u with another guys, who always laughs at your jokes and finds you beautiful, even abandons his half-done things just to come and tug you in when seeing you fall asleep…. - he’s PARK JIMIN, always there staying by your side, never leaves you no matter how hard things get. He makes me have a feeling that your life, your future will go the way you want it to, no regrets at all tbh~

more than the air that I breathe

pairing: victuuri
words: 4102

so itโ€™s valentineโ€™s day ayyyy~~~hope you all find some love on this beautiful winter day, and by love I mean good fics and art obviously duh lmao hereโ€™s a small thing from me to you all, pls enjoy!

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There was no such thing as predestined soulmates, a perfect match of ideals and identities, but there were moments, flashes of feelings, small like a trail of a shooting star across the dark night sky, when Victor imagined there could be.


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//Ok so as people may have noticed (idk if u still remember i exist since ive been so inactive lmao_(:3 」∠)_ I’ve been quite inactive and i apologize!!!
So ive been feeling super unwell today, like dizziness and headache… I was motivated to draw but i hope tomorrow I’ll feel better…. And all in all ive been feeling like my art is shit basically:-) :-) :-) So ive been quiet, im so sorry guys(;;;´ `;;;;; )💦
I’ll try to do better soon!!! Ilu guys!!!💕💕

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(au anon) also storytime i was outside the club and i remember a guy talking to me that he had a norwegian exchange student and they were hanging out and suddenly the norwegian student was like ' do u wanna smoke weed' with a heavy norwegian accent and the guy said he was so shook and said 'i cant believe norway is filled with weed' and i was like 'even,,,,,,,,, henrik,,, dis u,,,,' and i wanted to ask who it was but i was to out of it damn what a meme

i tried to find a reaction picture that accurately summed up how i feel about this but i was laughing too hard, oh my g o d

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I think I might be in love with my boy bestfriend and I have no idea what to do. I've told people countless times that me and him would never end up going out, and that I just wanted a friendship with a guy that didn't turn into a relationship or where they didn't end up liking me. One of my close friends has feelings for them, and I was the one trying to get them together! And even if I told him how I felt, and he felt the same way, I feel like that would make me look bad..

it would make u look bad, u have to remember the girl code and if ur friend already claimed him and likes him, u cant get w him regardless or you’ll end up being a bad friend in her eyes. you can try talking to her abt it though if u really really like this guy but yeah )):

MISSION. you know what i don’t get ? WHY PEOPLE PLAY BUCKY AS THIS SUPER HAPPY CHARACTER IN RP AND FICS EVEN AFTER ALL THE STUFF HE’S BEEN THROUGH. J E S U S. the guy was tortured and abused for god knows how many years - he was brainwashed, forced to do things he didn’t want to, have his damn m e mory messed about with and people think that’s okay ?? AND THEN CIVIL WAR. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THAT. HE WAS TRYING HIS GOD DAMN HARDEST TO STAY OUT OF THAT MESS. he just wanted a normal life, you can bloody see it !! he’s created his own little world in that damn apartment, trying to piece together everything he can remember even after everything that’s happened. imagine if you were him !! that ptsd; depression, anxiety, nightmares, panic attacks and god knows what else. and the way the team acts around him as well ?? it’s just so off to me. 

AND THEN PUTTING HIM BACK INTO BLOODY CRYO ?!?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GOING TO DO ?! that’s only going to prolong the issues !! it’s not going to help his mental health or his stability, it’s only going to make it even longer for him because some stupid people don’t know what to do with him !! there’s so many options !! tony’s wack memory machine, doctors, therapist, just god. he needs proper help !! 

sorry i’m just mad right now. can you tell ??

Like even when i sit down and look at my relationship it still sounds made up. A cute respectful boy whos significantly older than me and lives 20 minutes away, is supportive of my crazy gender and transition, patient with my mental illnesses, into being dominated, willing to try ageplay and then actually turns out to like it, worships me and supports everything i do, loves me and thinks im hot. @-@

u guys i remember when he was just a crush i barely knew and was blogging about here…. i remember when i was just stoked at hooking up and too scared to think of it as more and now look at me guys…. im rlly in love and he loves me back. How did it happen

so i told myself ,why not sharing a lil trick with u guys?

sometimes its hard to remember that the people surrounding u are human beings like you. its hard to see that ur friends and family can feel love for u and want to help u ,or even remember that they may have their own problems and thats maybe why they act a little different

so ,a thing i do is remembering a few things from them that human beings usually do ,or things they like

like ,for example ,im starting to fear my aunt less ,bc i see her get just as nervous with me as with her kids. she laughs when her little girl tells a silly thing. she makes the effort to make me understand things,as a schizophrenic person ,explaining things calmly and stating that some things are jokes when her humour is way more explosive. she even peed in front of me while we were in the same bathroom and chatting just like my ma would do!

one of my best friends “"bullies”“ me and a friend in our project ,but his project is going way worse than ours. he likes cosplay and ive seen him eat pizza, and he falls asleep in the middle of the class

in the end ,thinking about little details about the people that are important to me in life makes me very happy and a little closer to them

@telltaleheartwrites YOU are precious and I love you!! Jimin’s such a pure child, he must be protected!!!!at!!!!all!!!!costs!!!!

@wonderseverythingabove *sobs* why my art is so lame AAAAAHHHHH. I don’t even have a style and I pretend to know what I am doing but seriously I have no clue lol. I honestly don’t know why u guys like it but thank u so much. This really keeps me going. I’m glad my inexistent self esteem makes u feel a little better! But please don’t let your low self esteem stopping u from posting ur art. At some point u gotta stop worrying and caring too much because always remember that ppl will see ur art in a total different way from yours!!

so somehow that guy has my number (i probably gave it to him when school started i don’t remember) and he texted me about the paper due tonight

tuesday we were supposed to have the rough draft and he didn’t even write it

and he’s been texting me asking how he’s supposed to do it and i’m like. bro. if u can’t write a goddamn MLA paper with no sources even tho we had multiple opportunities to get help from the professor… i’m not gonna fuckin help u. especially bc ur a racist shitlord, mr. “BLM shouldn’t be taken seriously”. i hope u fuckin fail that paper. rest in hell.


“Are you single, volleyball player man?”

OK BUT DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER THIS? Was there even a slight chance that I would not turn this into a haikyuu headcanon?? Ennoshita is a closet 1D fan and Ennoshita loves Niall. He’s tryna stay hidden but Harry ain’t having that. Literally why am I allowed on the internet.

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Oh my god ya’ll. Ok i had never ever in my wildest dreams thought i’d get over 100 followers on this ask blog. I can’t even- H o w - Thank you guys so so so much! You have no idea how much it means to me ;u; thank you ❤ Because this blog now has so many followers, why don’t we do a special type of ask dedicated the person behind the screen ey? So from today until next saturday, you have a chance to ask the admin anything you want! Remember this means that you gotta separate your questions. Want to ask admin something, remember to write ‘to admin’ before writing anything! That way they can separate the questions that are for Uraraka and for them!~ Again, millions and millions of thanks ❤

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Who ft characters are voting for (remember guys this is all a joke pls dont yell at me)
  • Natsu: Whoever Lucy votes for.
  • Levy: Bernie Sanders.
  • Gajeel: Himself, as a practical joke.
  • Lucy: Hillary at first, but after Levy spent a WHOLE DAY EXPLAINING WHY NOT TO VOTE FOR HER, Lucy's thinking Bernie.
  • Happy: sftu he's a cat.
  • Zeref: Probably O'Malley. not even the villain would vote for a republican how do u feel.
  • Erza: Hillary Clinton.
  • Jellal: Hillary Clinton as well.
  • Juvia: She flip-flops between Clinton and Sanders all the time.
  • Gray: Bernie Sanders.
  • Wendy: she's not old enough to vote but she put #FeeltheBern posters all around her room.
  • Charle: she's a CAT u guys
  • thorin: so do you dare me to hug our hobbit?
  • the company: uhh no -- ?
  • thorin: haha u guys seriously ur gonna regret this
  • the company: we didnt say anything???
  • thorin: theres no stopping me you know *moves close to bilbo*
  • thorin: hahaha seriously guys u gotta stop with this "dare" business
  • the company: but we arent even- we didnt even dare you to hug our hobbit
  • thorin: im gonna do it, remember that it's ur fault, u told me to haha
  • the company: ...
  • thorin: *hugs bilbo tightly on the carrock* :)

hi everyone i’m kaitlen i’ve been absent from using this thing in a more “personal” way in recent months / the past year really, bc i don’t own a computer to bloop down my thoughts but like i’m thinking about coming back onto your dash with my poems maybe hook u guys up with my ebook i’m working on idk tho i’m really shy