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nonsims but i got my period and im dying and idk what to do to make my cramps go away. have any tips or ideas? thank you!! have a good day

oKAY i was about to go to bed but i gotta help a home girl out. i know what you mean - i have horrible period + ovulation cramps / back pain etc so here are my tips that worked for me personally:

  • heat packs !! like the rice heat packs where you microwave em and then + place it wherever. the heat helps soothe the pain sm for me 
  • exercise!! okAY i know what u thinking - “but christy, im in so much pain, exercising is like ajkshfd” yEs !! but for me personally it helps a lot cause it gets my blood flowing (+ im pretty sure there’s some scientifical explanation maybe idk) & if i do exercise before my period, it helps soothe the pain so much more - sometimes i dont have any cramps for that matter !!
  • avoid cold stuff. (this isn’t really a quick way to remedy cramps but more so to avoid it) idk this is prob an asian thing(?) but my mom always told me to avoid drinking / eating cold stuff during my period cause it messes up w/ the body (again im not 100% sure but it works for me)
  • shit !!!! okAY yeah tmi af (im getting real w/ yall … this is what yall get for me replying at 5 in the morning) but it helps sooth the pain for me !! idk what it does but it helps !!
  • stay hydrated !!! water is the key 2 life ok

if y’all have any more tips for this fellow nonny, help a girl out !!!

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Can you tell us what the boys do for Christmas? Like, I remember seeing some Christmas art of them last year, but I was never sure if it was because of a promotion of if there was a special little Christmas drama or something

this is probably the short story ur thinking of!!

the mukamis celebrate christmas, but only ‘cause it’s an old family position, so they dont really celebrate ~the original meaning~ behind christmas djhgdfhgfsh and the sakamakis were gonna have a dinner party too, but idk if they did it cuz they were celebrating christmas or what. it seems unlikely, cuz they didnt know what halloween was at all…well, im sure yui told em about it.

the tsukinamis dont do anything, but they always seem like they wanna participate in human events lol…….I hope they get to do something christmasy this year. I know u want to, guys!!!


so begins the war

six of memes
  • introducing ‘what the wylan van heck’ and ‘kuwei yul-no’
  • kaz brekker, suffering single father of 6 children
  • wylan: did you know dihydrogen monoxide has infiltrated our water systems?
  • matthias, very seriously: we must inform the authorities at once
  • 'ketterdaMN IT’
  • it’s rap battle night in the crow club but half the people turned up for slam poetry
  • nina, swirling juice in a wine glass: 'ah yes, the bourgeoisie’.
  • kaz: wylan is annoying
  • someone: yeah he sure is
  • kaz, cane swinging: what the fUCK DID U JUST SAY
  • jesper: my love…go on,,,without me,,i am fallen…this is the end
  • wylan: jes, it’s just a papercut chill
  • jesper, gasping: how could you be so cruel??? on my deATHBED
  • kaz: i think i’m sick. whenever i look at inej my heart beats faster and i sweat and my stomach feels weird.
  • nina: kaz, those are called feelings
  • kaz:
  • kaz: well is there a cure or what
  • wylan: hey kuwei what did u get for question 5
  • kuwei: the fleeting nature of life…the changeability of the tide…the great mistress, time, who beholds the lives of all
  • wylan:
  • wylan: it was a maths quiz
  • matthias: the wildlife here is so strange. why is that penguin in a tree? 
  • nina: matthias, that’s a squirrel.
  • matthias: see you in hell
  • nina: uh are u asking me on a date because i accept
  • kaz: ok kaz u can do this. ur smooth. ur cool.
  • inej: hey kaz
  • kaz: you have a face
  • kaz: nailed it
  • someone: this person is being mean to me
  • inej: stab them
  • jesper: wears lime green and yellow pants
  • nina, tearing up: please god just let me die 
  • someone: hey inej can I have some advice
  • inej: a knife
  • someone: better advice
  • inej: two knives
  • dregs: *do something illegal*
  • matthias: but that’s illegal
  • dregs:
  • dregs: matthias
  • matthias: kaz i have feelings for you
  • kaz: um
  • matthias: feelings of hate

if we don’t see matt carry shiro bridal style in season 4 than what’s the point 

part 2

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I'm sick and tired of people portraying Min Yoongi as lazy and uncaring, when he is one of the most hardworking, loving people I know. he can memorize choreos and lyrics, he can dance VERY well, he's an AMAZING rapper, hE LOVES HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND HE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR THEM. JUST BECAUSE HE IS NOT A FUCKING SOCIAL BUTTERFLY DOES NOT MEAN HE HATES EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING

Avengers Facts:

  • everyone always makes a point to reiterate that Natasha could be wearing a full on ball gown and heels and not have a shred of tactical equipment or weaponry on her and still chase after and expertly assassinate u, but no one ever forgets that Clint has done the exact same thing to the tee. The teal made his eyes pop.
  • Tony is allowed to call Natasha, “Natashalie”.
  • Steve is wayyy smarter than people give him credit for and would totally fuck with people (read: tony) when they think he doesnt understand tech stuff, prank others using that tech knowledge, blame it on another avenger, and then get away with it and watch the chaos unfold like a soap opera.
  • Bruce has been caught reclining in the living room with tea while knitting and saying into a phone, “What do you mean she didn’t go for it? honestly, pepper, if u don’t start a lawsuit, i will.” No one has any idea to this day what they were talking about but they still tease him about it relentlessly.
  • Thor does something similar to the Steve thing where he’ll pretend he doesn’t know something so when someone tries to explain it, he makes them go into EXCRUCIATING detail about it no matter how awkward the subject is for like hours, mostly as a test to see how long his act can hold up. It’s been getting better with time.
  • Natasha Romanoff loves matchmaking but she’s not that smooth or completely sauve with her own love life when it really matters.
  • James “Rhodey” Rhodes is the absolute BEST FRIEND in the whole ENTIRE goddamn WORLD forEVER. everyone should aspire to be a Rhodey.
  • Bucky Barnes is a fantastic friend, but also an absolute SHITHEAD and will MERCILESSLY prank u or embarrass u in front of ur date or write on ur face while ur sleeping. the worst part is, unless u know him or ur Steve, u would never expect it.
  • Pepper Potts is the most capable, trustworthy woman in the world but when she’s drunk off her ass, she giggles a lot, embarrasses her friends (read: Tony) with hilarious stories about them, and voluntarily breaks into song if whatever ur saying is also a famous lyric.
  • Sam Wilson is fair, understanding, and supportive but if u eat his leftovers and leave the foil or takeaway box in the fridge afterward, all bets are off and u need to flee the country immediately.
  • For three weeks someone keeps anonymously sending emails and texts and tacking notes in places they’ll see with really dumb bird puns to both Sam and Clint. Immediately everyone assumes it was Tony. Who else could it possibly be?
  • It was not Tony. It was Steve.
  • Rhodey is always called when Tony has a Stupid And Potentially Dangerous Idea because everyone assumes he’ll talk him out of it. This is a mistake. Most of the time, he does, but sometimes you’ll catch Rhodey saying “it’s gonna WHAT? Hold on, I’ll be over in five do not start without me”
  • Steve once walked out of his room at 3am and when he was halfway to the living room and heard an intense screamo/electric pop music mashup playing, a thunderous crash that lasted for fifteen seconds, Clint groaning, Tony shrieking, and Thor laughing a touch too maniacally, he turned right back around in what he later describes as a tactical retreat.
  • Rhodey and Tony have a secret handshake they made up at MIT. when people find out, they assume they’ll be embarrassed or deny it. Not only are they wrong, they will be subjected to a demonstration of it and if they’re REALLY lucky, they’ll get to see the full version. I’m not saying it includes light shows and projectiles, but that is exactly what I’m saying.
  • Everyone helps out with team dinners at least once, but Bruce is always a constant. be careful not to piss him off though. he’ll get u back in such a way that if u confront him about it he’ll turn it on u until u start to believe u imagined the copious amounts of crushed ghost pepper in ur chicken.
  • The Avengers can sit through Titanic, The Notebook, and Up without crying, but they don’t stand a chance against Marley & Me. Thor and Clint will be openly sobbing, Steve will be curled in on himself with his face in his hands, Bruce will need to leave the room, Tony will have tears streaming down his face as he babbles about why no one should ever get a dog ever forever and why they’re getting one first thing in the morning, and Natasha will be clearing her throat and wiping at her eyes as subtly as possible.

god sharky why cant you just, kiss normally FOR ONCE in your life


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This is Cody Christian. From what I know, he hasn’t done anything BAD that he deserves the shit he is getting. 

So just let him live his life, he’s young, he makes some mistakes, we all do. That doesn’t mean that we should torture ppl for them. 

And I’m not sorry for this long as post, this isn’t even a part of how much I appreciate and Love him💖


“The deadly thing in my job is to attach too much meaning to everything. You have to have a sense of humour about yourself…I’m definitely trying to figure this all out as I go along, how to craft a career. As things get bigger, I have days of depression, sitting in the house and wondering ‘What are you doing? Is it even relevant?’

Happy 34th Birthday, Adam Driver! [November 19th, 1983]

a pawn to you

pairing: percy x annabeth (sorta annabeth centric)

rating: teen audiences

genre: angst


“Looks like you’re the one who’s going to have to go on a wild goose chase for the lost demigod now, huh?”

—immortals are petty. the shallows inspired; i thought, huh, this would be a bad situation for annabeth chase, the daughter of athena, to get caught in. finished up fic from almost a year ago.

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highlights from b.a.p on asc
  • junhong talking happily and confidently, and looking beautifully radiant
  • yongguk smiling every time junhong spoke
  • youngjae’s erm shorts
  • daehyun’s now soft brown??? grey? hair, soft clothes, soft everything, beautiful skin, lovely face, bless his heart
  • himchan enacting the dancing child gif he sent to jongup
  • yongguk doing the old guy “might as well just die” pose every time a member brought shame to the family
  • daehyun singing rewind
  • junhong saying he’s in his final stages of his mixtape and that it’ll be done soon!
  • the only reason jongup doesn’t wear contact lenses and lives with poor eyesight is because he is lazy and literally doesn’t give a shit
  • daehyun not even needing the microphone to be heard yet still being made to do aegyo twice, much to youngjae’s glee. and it was actually cute what hte hekc i eant a reufbd
  • youngjae saying his movements get bigger when he’s excited so he tends to hit whoever’s near him. daehyun complaining that it’s often him who gets hit, but when told to just hit youngjae back, youngjae saying “that’s mean” lmao
  • why do u guys make yongguk do aegyo every time the poor guy bless
  • junhong showing no (0) shame at filming insta live videos in the bath, whilst everyone else is screaming at him to chill
  • daehyun: “I don’t put anything in my mouth. I just put things i like in my mouth”
  • b.a.p being introduced as a senior group mmmm ye
  • yongguk’s smooth ass spanish intro???? holy shit
  • jongup accidentally introducing himself in korean then getting all fluSterEd
  • himchan calls jongup if he doesn’t reply within five minutes hdhddh which knowing jongup is probably every time himchan messages him
  • junhong’s freestyle dance!!!! [amos diggory voice] that’s my boyyyyy
  • yongguk admitting he became bang yongpin as a penalty for losing at bowling
  • everyone just so happy and smiley and tog e th e r man ot6 :’)))
  • daejae being especially giggly, yongguk grinning bashfully, junhong serving looks
  • wow i love b.a.p

You know how Marinette always stammers/falls/doesn’t know what to do in general around Adrien? And how Adrien acts none the like since he’s oblivious to both Marinette’s crush on him, AND to his own crush on Marinette? What if Adrien starts acting just like how Marinette acts around him once he figures things out and starts blabbering all kinds of nonesense in front of her while Nino’s like “dude, what is it with you and Marinette lately?”. Just imagine Adrien trying to ask Marinette out like “U-Uhhh- would you like to get some pizz-paws with me sometime? I-I mean paw-zza-! Paws!” and Marinette, having no idea what she’s even agreeing to shaking her head up and down like crazy while Alya just turns to Adrien and says “she’d love to” with a smug smile on her face. Imagine Plagg whisper-snickering “…Pawzza” to himself for the rest of the day, losing his shit everytime while Adrien can’t even think of a comeback, because really. Imagine the possibilities.

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So,uh,net neutrality is dead. What’s your opinion on that?

Lmao I think u guys still got a chance to appeal it on the congress for what I heard.

Either way

Congratulations, you played yourselves lmao.

Maybe it’s time for muricans to get off their high horse and accept the fact that your country is crumbling apart and do something about it.

And honestly, considering y'all had to chose between clinton and trump in the first place… I’m not surprised at all that net neutrality got this far.

Good luck.

And I mean it… good luck