do u get the reference though

there were a lot of references in the new video, did you catch them all? let’s take a look.

1. nils sjoberg

remember that time she wrote a song with calvin harris but used a different name? this is that name, on one of the gravestones. after releasing that she had actually written the summer hit “this is what you came for,” calvin harris, among others, threw a fit on twitter - even though it had been agreed that if calvin and taylor broke up, she could express that she had written the song.

2. the out of the woods dress

this blue dress probably looks familiar! it’s the same one she wore in the out of the woods music video, the last music video of the 1989 era. this poses the same frantic question, are we out of the woods yet? as this grave-digging taylor suggests, not yet.

3. here lies 2014 met gala taylor

at first glance, it just looks like the taylor from before laying there, but after pausing it and going back, one realizes that isn’t zombie taylor, rather 2014 met gala taylor. 2014 would have been the start of the 1989 era, and the out of the woods video was the end of it, thus: by the end of 1989 era, she was ready to “bury” it.

4. the dollar bill

if you look just next to taylor’s shoulder, you can see a good ole george washington. one single dollar bill. is this a reference to taylor’s sexual assault trial recently, and the one dollar she won then? most likely, because if you go to other shots of her in the tub that aren’t directly above her, the dollar bill isn’t there, meaning it was edited in later, which would explain how it got there so late in the game. it stands for the simple victories everyone else gets to celebrate, while she does the same things and gets flack for it.

5. et tu brute

a famous line from shakespeare’s julius caeser, “et tu, brute” means “and you, brute?” right as marcus brutus lands the fatal blow in julius caeser’s, his once-friend’s back. this is a metaphor for all the people that taylor thought she could trust, before they turned around and trashed her name.

6. the tea

probably pretty simple to grasp - the tea is hot. alternatively, she, the snake in the video, gets to serve the tea this time around, or, she gets to lay down her side of the story.

7. car crash + paparazzi

did you see what happened here, at face value? taylor was in an expensive vehicle that got in a head-on crash, but everyone just stood back and took pictures, instead of rushing over to help. is this a reference to all the times that everyone stood back, took pictures, and laughed at her when she was beaten down? yes.

8. the grammy

the grammy blends in with the gold of the car and her outfit, so it’s pretty easy to miss, but there it is, in her hand, even though the car crashed. perhaps the future is being predicted?

9. the birdcage + leg tattoo

look closely at taylor’s leg, and you can see what looks to be a snake tattooed there. not to mention, here she is entertaining in a birdcage, which is guarded. she’s trying to have fun in this prison, biting her tongue, being the girl everyone wants, but she longs to be let free.

10. robbing a bank/stream co., blind for love

besides getting major harley quinn vibes, what else do we notice here? taylor swift robbing a vault, which says “stream company.” remember that time that taylor wrote an open letter to apple music and called her money hungry, even though she was taking her music off to benefit poorer artists? yes, we do. this is what she’s referencing here. also, her shirt says “blind for love” which makes sense, because she frequently refers to herself as a hopeless romantic, someone who opens theirselves up for love, even if it means getting hurt.

11. the squad

without explaining anything else, this scene can be described as a crowd of blank faced people, staring at taylor swift, who stands upon a stage looking menacing, and impressing one message upon the crowd: u, squad. it’s reminiscent of all the times people said taylor swift was over, because her friends, fans, or sales were fake or temporary. this is like a visual representation of the comments people made about taylor forcing people to do things for her to create the image she desired.

12. fake friends

and here we have the mannequins of the girls from the prior scene, chopped up. this one is pretty straight forward, these “friends” that taylor thought she had sometimes turned out to be more fickle and “fake” than she thought. also, can we talk about how taylor’s red boots are reminiscent of kinky boots? because yes.

13. the dancers, i heart ts

before taylor enters the room, the dancers are goofing around, but the second she comes in, the jump to attention, and rip off their jackets to reveal shirts that say “i heart ts.” it’s a throwback to when tom hiddleston wore a shirt with the same message on the fourth of july in 2016, and everyone said that she had forced him to wear it. it’s the same thing as before with the squad - the world decided that she had forced all these people to love her, not that they actually did.

14. the fight for glory

every time you pause this video, you come across a different taylor. squirrel pajamas wanegbt taylor, 2015 bbma’s taylor, 2014 acm’s taylor, wanegbt red tour taylor, 2016 new years rockin’ eve taylor, sparkly guitar fearless tour taylor, bleachella taylor, ballerina shake it off taylor, 2016 vma’s taylor… the list goes on and on. here, you can see them all fighting and clawing, trying to stand on top. it reminds me of “i don’t like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me,” and the parallels between long live and new romantics in that line alone. all those times, she thought she’d made it to a point in her career where she could be respected as much as other artists in her tier, only to harshly realize she was going to get her name ran through the mud for doing the same thing as everyone else. the fight for glory is steep, and unfair.

15. junior jewels

looks familiar right? not quite! it is the same theme of the shirt, but look closely at the signatures - they’re signatures of actual people this time around. names like ed, selena, este, lena, blake, and ryan, among others, can be seen on her shirt, representing the true friends that stuck with her through her reputation being bashed.

16. “SHUT UP!”

here, all the different versions of taylor are repeating things that the media or other celebrities had said about her, until finally 2009 vma’s taylor repeated the same thing that 2017 taylor said in an instagram post - “i’d very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” the entire time, you can hear camera shutters going off and people chatting, presumably the rest of the world watching as she got torn apart. when vma’s taylor makes this final statement, all the other taylor’s, as well as what sounds to be an entire off-screen crowd, yell “SHUT UP” before the screen goes black. this is a powerful image, and it’s supposed to be. all the times she suffered, and people told her that she was overreacting, faking it, or doing it for publicity. if you feel remorse for seeing young taylor getting yelled at, or sorrow for the taylors falling when she said “because she’s dead,” you’re doing it right. 

nothing in this video was an accident.

if you’re angry at taylor for this video exposing things you said about her, or you’re repeating any of the words the versions of herself said at the end, you’re proving her point. her reputation was destroyed because people made a sport of making fun of her. and now, as taylor said, there will be no explanation, just reputation. 

komoii  asked:

Do you think (if it isn't too much trouble) you could give me a couple of art tips? I really love the way you draw and it would be really nice if I could get pointers from an artist I like. Don't feel you have to though! :)


-don’t shade with black!! blease!!

-if you’re just doodling i recommend doodling rly rly fast!! especially when it comes to full bodies or dynamic poses!

-try practicing thinner lines in lineart! idk why but it helped me??

-remember to take breaks to stretch!! your back will thank u!

-use reference pictures! NOT the drawings of someone else bc everybody makes mistakes in their art and its best if you use an actual picture as a ref!

-dont trace! that way you won’t learn anything :o (unless you’re lazy like me, i usually just trace like backgrounds from pictures sometimes or some furniture but usually its best to try and draw it by yourself!)

-dont go too crazy on luminosity and overlays and such if you use sai! sometimes less is more (unless you really  know what you’re doing)

-although luminosities and overlays may help setting the tone of the drawing!! i recommend finding some inspo on tumblr and it’s fanarts! there are also plenty tutorials on how to color!

-shade with a darker colder color from the base color and light up the drawing with a warmer lighter color!

-it’s just my opinion but i think that sometimes a more cleaned up sketch is much better than really stiff lineart! although i’m not saying you should stop practicing it tho >:O

-it’s ok to take breaks from drawing but make sure they’re not too long! i’m not saying you should full on paint 3000x3000 paintings but at least doodle a little!

-make sure your colors dont blend in together! i had this issue with coloring where sometimes the skin had the same as the background or the hair for example lmao

-when you are doing lineart, have your sketch layer set really low so you can see what you’re actually doing

-make sure your drawing fills out the whole canvas! don’t be afraid to crop your drawings unless you have backgrounds!

-don’t give up! it’s not a race! and have fun!

-remember that progress doesn’t happen overnight and be patient >:0

this is what i’ve learned over the years at least :O

dakota-in-the-morning  asked:

Hey girl, big fan <3 I was just wondering what you would call the types of haircuts Veruca and Glam have had, I'm interested in maybe getting my hair styled like that but it's a pretty ballsy step for me to take. Do they have a name? Do you have models/pictures/references of those type of haircuts because I'd need one to show a hairstylist :) thanks, keep up the AMAZING work!

aww thank you so  much  ^ u ^ <3  it’s basically a really long deathhawk that’s not spiked up  with V/Bettie Page bangs. I don’t think it has a name though, it’s just a frankenstein of different haircuts put together haha or a safer looking Yolandi. Here are some  girls with hair like Veruca’s ^ u ^! murderotic​‘s old hairstyle in the gif  is basically it (she’s like a real life Ruca * 0 *)
 If you do get  your haircut I’d love to see ^  0 ~ goodluck!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've seen you and some other people mention in more than one occasion a phantom costume ball in las vegas. What was that abbout like how was a phantom costume ball planned?

That was purely a phan initiative, planned across states and seas, and pretty much just seeing how it turned out. And it turned out GREAT.

The costume ball was for anyone who wanted to join and had a costume, and was centered around the foyer of The Phantom Theatre at the Venetian (which they were OK with). It also included seeing the show in costume, taking heaps of silly photos in costume, and a dinner afterwards. It was loadsof fun, and various members of cast and crew also joined or at least came out to chat.

I have probably 200 photos from that night alone, here’s some:

(I went as Aminta, if anyone were in doubt)

Though most special to me is actually meeting all these awesome people. I had only chatted with many online prior to this, and I absolutely loved getting to talk do them, laugh with them, do stuff with them, Phantom nerd with them. There’s so many references from this event that still makes me giggle. MAGIC MIST LADY. Sitting-on-netting-skirt-for-two-hours-pain (enchantedseastudio and me). All the emergency sewing and last minute agony. Ahahaha. Love u folks. <3

anonymous asked:

RFA reacting to mc who looks like a very handsome guy, but is biologically female?

Hello nonnie! I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean transgender..Just a female who looks like a handsome male *as you said*! But, just in case, if you did mean transgender, then please let me know and I’ll come and tweak these headcanons for you! 

Apologies for any typos or sentences that are a little jumbled! It’s very late here so my brain is feeling a little slow and sleepy! 


  • Yoosung makes it way more awkward than it needs to be
  • *Looks at the boobs* *looks at the face* *boobs* *face*
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing.”
  • what, nothing, I swear, it’s fine, NOTHING AWKWARD HERE
  • It really isn’t a big deal at all, but Yoosung is really surprised that a female could look that much like a male 
  • But it’s not a bad thing because his mind is just:
  • oh my god you look like some sort of gorgeous elven prince and oh my god are you real can you marry me???
  • He likes both females and males and so this is not at all a problem for him *He will of course use the pronouns that you want* *Also don’t take that to be canon information, it’s just my personal headcanon that Yoosung likes both males and females! I can elaborate in a separate post on my personal sexuality headcanons if someone would like!*
  • It’s not like “I don’t like guys so this is weird for me”
  • No this is very fine
  • This is extremely fine, he has the best of both worlds okay


  • “Wow, Jagiya~ You’re just like me!~” 
  • “Zen are you implying that you’re a girl”
  • “Huh? No! I’m saying that we’re both amazingly handsome~” (I can only think of @myetie ‘s Halloween comic strip where Zen’s in the mirror room like “These are some scary good looks” like I love Zen to death but o h m y g o d a c c u r a t e)
  • Zen describes you as having ‘actor-worthy looks’ for looking like a male but actually being a female. Not to mention, a very good looking male. 
  • You assume that’s a compliment because Zen always has good intentions???
  • If you don’t go by male pronouns though, Zen will probably get really pissed when paparazzi refers to you as one or talks about your masculine features like they’re a bad thing?
  • You try to calm him down like “Zen, you can’t really blame them for thinking-”
  • And you try, you really do but Zen is:
  • *It’s only because he loves you though, cut him some slack*


  • Jaehee can’t actually believe it, but even if you didn’t look like a male, she’s sure she still would have found you to surpass even Zen in looks.
  • And that’s a big thing for her because z e n is z e n
  • However, other than that, it..really isn’t too big of a deal for her..?
  • It doesn’t change the way she acts around you and you two kind of just go about your relationship normally?
  • She just really
  • Really
  • likes to sit quietly and admire you sometimes 
  • But that would happen even if you looked more like a female!
  • *I understand Jaehee’s is rather short for this one but I truly don’t think that this would be that big of a deal to her! Like Jumin, she just loves you for who you are and thinks your looks are wonderful in general, not because they resemble the opposite gender!*


  • “’re very stunning”
  • He doesn’t even mention the fact that you have male facial characteristics
  • Because like..he doesn’t feel the need to? 
  • He just thinks you’re insanely beautiful and that he is one lucky man, good god
  • You bring it up to him and his response is:
  • “It doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I just think you’re gorgeous. Is that alright?” 
  • He usually corrects the media when they refer to you as a male though *If you don’t use male pronouns*
  • “Mr. Han!! What do you have to say about you and this man-”
  • “This man is actually my wife. No further comment.” 
  • He always asks if anyone gives you a hard time about it
  • “One of the security guards actually s-”
  • F i r e d


  • Okay but cosplay
  • He really thinks it’s cool that if you guys were to dress up as characters and you wanted to dress up as a male, you could pull it off really well??
  • He envies this because even though he can pull of a
  • VERY good female,
  • In his opinion, it doesn’t even come close to what you could do
  • He also finds entertainment out of the confusion that will be on some people’s faces when they’re not exactly sure about your gender?
  • They don’t ever come at you and say rude things, but Seven can just read their expressions 
  • And he can just tell that they’re trying to figure it out like a conspiracy theorist tries to figure out the history of the Illuminati 
  • Sometimes he’ll tell people that you’re a guy just to mess with them
  • “Oh no no, he’s a guy!”
  • *w i n k w i n k*
  • ‘…..what the hell was the wink for…?’ 

anonymous asked:

So may I ask what your secret is with drawing wings? Do u have a good reference like looking at renaissance art?? All ur poses are so magnificent and I just want to draw angels so badly! You're such a big inspiration and I love how u incorporate saint legends! Thanks!

The secret, if that’s the appropriate word, is just value and a knowledge of wing anatomy, basic at the least. A google search for wing anatomy would suffice, and you can get all kinds of examples! 

There are many ways to paint wings, whether it’s realistic or more fantastical, but the main thing is to be able to know how to control the value so it turns out the way you want it to. I do use references occasionally, but they’re photos of bird wings, not Renaissance art. I do love the Renaissance though!! And haha, I get how you feel, I love drawing angels too <3 I’m so happy I’m an inspiration! Thank you for your message!

anonymous asked:

AAAaaaAAAaa I just found your artblog today but I'm already inlove with it ;;; Um can I ask, how many years have you been drawing and do you have any tips in drawing? I really love your artstyle and I want grow my art style just like yours. I'm a noob artist so.... *cries a river*

Aaaaaaaaaa! Thank you! I’m not used to hearing compliments about my art like that! 

I guess I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to pick up a crayon? That’s what my parents keep on saying ^^U Though I didn’t really start getting into drawing anime until I was 10 and discovered the nightmare that is shipping. 

As for tips, I don’t consider myself an expert enough to give really advanced ones. But I do think these few tips are important for everyone to keep in mind:

(1) IT’S OKAY TO USE REFERENCES: There’s a really terrible mindset some who aren’t artists have and that’s: a real artist doesn’t use references and just draws straight from the brain. That’s BS. Some of the best artists I’ve seen use references and then some. If you’re confused about a pose or need help deciding a background, go ahead and look that stuff up. Get as many sources as you need, study them, LEARN FROM THEM. The line is only drawn when you just straight up trace other people’s art. Not only don’t you learn much, but it’s a slap in the face of the artist. Don’t copy, STUDY. 

(2) LEARN THE BASICS: If you really want to get good at drawing, it’s important to start at Art 101. Learn things like basic anatomy structure, proportions, and especially lighting and shading. It’s annoying, yes, but it really helps in the long run. However, imo if you just want to draw as a hobby and don’t plan on going professional then it’s okay if you choose not to go further than the basics. So if you just want to draw anime and don’t care much for actually pursuing an art career, then I see nothing wrong with just wanting to stick with anime. Pretty much- don’t stress that you can’t master realism, art should be fun 

(3) MOTION AND FLUIDITY:  Something I personally always try to do is ensure my drawings don’t look too static. Something about the character is always in motion, whether it be the hands, the eyes, or even the hair. I personally love expressive hair.  This is important to me because I think even the smallest movements says a lot about the character. I do this with the legs and arms too- don’t use straight lines or lumpy ovals. Use curves and swooping lines. 

That’s as much as I’m confident enough to give. I’m still learning, like a lot of fellow artists (^~^)U But I hope what I typed out was clear! I wish I could have provided example images as well, but I don’t have much time to make those. 

Again- thank you so much for the kind words anon!!!

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Human!Aida/Ophelia Falling in Love with You

@gay-cacti asked:  hey babe it’s ur fave aida stan could you do some cute fluffy (*cough*andmaybesomensfw*cough*) headcannons for human!aida falling in love with you? thx b ❤️💙❤️💙❤️

I’m only doing this because I wuv you, you filthy Aida stan.

AU: Where Ophelia joins the team and is redeemed, also is not obsessed over Fitz because she got you ;)


Warning: NSFW in some parts. I shall also be referring to her as Ophelia instead of Aida if I keep getting more requests for her. >.> (im looking at u bae)

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anonymous asked:

(yo rose istg I've seen you on alot of blogs it's just the first time I've called ya out friendo! XD you'll never find me thooooo I only use my lil ghosty on heeerrrreee) YOOOO JELLYBEAN WHAT IT U P im just here to leave this Lil thought, watching over the Jim's as if they were your own kids so much your now referred to as "mother Jim" by them. The moment anyone else says that though? Welp here comes Jim and Jim and oh look Jim! That's their name for you only. No one else. ~👻

Cuuuute. Someone else calls you that and it’s just immediately a show down. “No no, there’s a misunderstanding. You do not get to call them that.”

“Only we may call them that.”

“Guys its fine.”

“No! We may only have the right for that name!”

kiss me through the phone

summary: farkle is on a study abroad tip in london for a semester and riley really misses him, please enjoy! This is obviously mature content so viewer discretion is advised, but they are both around 19 at this point!

rating: m

author’s note: ive been doing a lot of chaptered writing recently and i’ve been wanting to get back to my roots of one shots for a lil and an anon that referred to me as ‘the riarkle smut girl’ inspired me! this is also the filthiest thing i have ever written and i feel kinda weird about it bc i am a Loser Virgin (not that being a virgin makes you a loser but u know what i mean) and i feel as thought i have no business writing this but here i am, writing it

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dominiquefourie  asked:

How do you come up with your drawings? Is it all from your mind or do you use some images/photos as a basis? I really struggle to draw from my mind but feel like a fraud when I use photos and other images:/ do u struggle with this too? Thankyou x

A good question! They are almost always from my own mind, I do go through photos that I have saved on my phone for inspiration though when I get into an art slump but I’m pretty bad for not using reference (which is important, please do it)

I have a very visual imagination though, so I do get very vivid images in my head while reading or whatever, sometimes I’ll think of something out of the blue, at which point I do this:

Yes, I understand that they don’t look like anything and are just scribbles but I see what they are and  they are all just testers to see if the image in my head can be easily translated (btw those are all ideas for potential speedpaints that I asked for ideas from you all). Best example I can think of is that one drawing I did of Rhysand a while back that you all seemed to like?

Sketchbook version:

Final version:

You see?

anonymous asked:

if u get a tat what do u plan on getting ?

Great question! Maybe something to reference my every shade of blue EP, because that was a big turning point for myself (+ my love) and my music career. Also I’d love to get something that ties Finland and California together.. they’re similar shapes so maybe some cool line work with that. Idk hahaha Hope draws ideas for me all the time though and I love them all.

anonymous asked:

Referring to the anon, I don't think He's playing 1d fans to get support? I mean I have a few 1d mutuals & they love niall but they aren't streaming his songs, they only buy/stream their fav songs. They might still go to his concert though. So theory that he's saying something just to appease 1d fans for his solo career to be successful is absurb. I'm sure he knows they won't be coming back for a few years. I think H would release 2nd album before his big arenas & Lilo would surely go on tour.

yeah, they’ve all got a LOT of work to do before they could even contemplate having a reunion! i don’t think this is the case for niall, but having seen the way zayn didn’t really pull any punches when it came to his feelings on the band and the way some fans reacted to that, you could imagine the rest of the guys would know better than to air their grievances with the band in a way that suggested it was more bad than it was good, which i think was the difference in definition between zayn and louis and liam, who have both spoken about how hard it was to be in the band at times. again, i don’t think that’s the case for niall (who i think really, genuinely just is that ride or die loyal), but when fans get concerned about being played, i think that meta-awareness is what’s at the root of it. and for niall, in particular, who’s hardly said a word about the band in any negative sense at all, i don’t really think that’s the case. when he says he’d drop everything for a 1d reunion, i’m inclined to believe him! i just don’t think - and none of the fellas seem to think - that that’s in the cards for anytime soon. 

ryougay  asked:

Hi! I own myself few Buddyfight cards with your illustration, I kinda thought they were by you hence the style but I wasn't 100% sure about your illustrator name. I'm really curious though, how is the illustrating cards like? I bet you guys get references for characters/monsters and such but how about other details? Do you get strict specifications about how cards' illustration should look like (what happens in card, what are their poses, etc.) or are you free to do stuff yourself?

Hello~! I’m happy to hear there are players who have my cards U///U) thanks for dropping a message.

Regarding the process of drawing the cards, it goes like this:

1.) I get a request from the hiring company with some documentations regarding work outlines (dimensions, rules, etc), a doc with the card’s specifications (what type of card it is, the name, some basic descriptions), and then a separate file explaining the illustration’s specifications. They’re quite strict so the only creative freedom I have is composition and style. It’ll say things like “draw in this pose, do this, have this expression, etc…”. Since they like to send a lot of Impact and Magic work my way, I get basic references. Sometimes they’re clean, anime official ones, but other times they’re just scribbles by other artists. Of course…the most important requirement is style matching.

2.) I decide if I want to work on it or not, and then do a formal acceptance or rejection. ‘Cause often times, the person requesting the work isn’t an artist, and writes me something almost impossible to compose for a card.

3.) If I accept, it becomes a written contract, I’m obligated to finish by the deadline. The time allowance is usual 1 month. Extensions can be requested in advanced. (I usually finish in two weeks…it doesn’t really take that long to draw, just the correspondence time eats up the schedule).

4.) I work some initial sketch drafts and send them to the editor. The editor replies to me with either an OK, or notes with amendments. I work on the amendments and then send them back to the editor, and the process continues until I get the OK, and this goes on until the final stages (draft>50% progress check>final image check>acceptance).

5.) Typically they won’t ask me to change anything after they’ve OKed the previous stages. Once I get the confirmation of acceptance for the final work, I’m done, I send in my invoice, and I get paid about a month later. The cards are then released roughly 3-4 months after.


and I want to do like a mini not-so-secret secret santa, so reply to this/ drop me an ask with SOMEONE U WANT TO GIVE A GIFT TO + a character they’d like and I’ll doodle it as a gift for your friend!! I’LL PICK A FEW to do depending on how many I get; both Ocs and fanart are ok, but please include a link to references if it’s an oc!! I’ll leave this open until the end of december 🙆


notice: these commissions are still open but i am planning on re hauling this sometime soon! hopefully to include gba fe style portraits and with newer examples!

its summer and i dont have a job right now. and i feel like im good enough to open commissions so let’s get this party started.

my email is, email me any references, preferences, or anything else you want. this is all that’s available right now! i don’t think there needs to be much more, though. 

interactions between characters are good too! don’t feel discouraged since i didnt put any up as an example. i’ll update you on progress/ask you if it’s lookin good via email. 

i will scan and clean up traditional copic drawings. these are the drawings i use for my stickers! 

you have free reign to do whatever u want with it like go wild. 

once again, my email is currently i’m only gonna accept payment through paypal. MY EMAIL FOR THAT IS (you guessed it)

(if you want more references my art blog is over here!)

Part 7 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

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How’s the shoulder?

I don’t have a shoulder any more.

Oh no! What happened?

It up and left me! It ran off with the baseball bat!

At least you hit the ball that time.

Is the bat supposed to make it further than the ball though?

It depends which version of baseball you are playing. I think you were training to kill your opponents.

The only way to win in my book.

I was actually going to call you to see how you were doing, but I thought it was getting a bit late.

So u decided to wake me up by making my phone buzz?

Crap. I did wake you.

No, I have been staring at the ceiling for an hour. Can’t sleep. Anyway, the shoulders fine.

I wasn’t actually referring to your shoulder. You seemed very quiet when you dropped me off earlier. I was kinda worried.

You worry a lot.

I know.

You will have massive frown lines when you’re 30.

It’s too late, I’m 32.

I kinda hate your beautiful face right now.

Lol thanks. You think I’m beautiful?

In that obvious I-wanna-hit-u-with-a-baseball-bat kind of way, yes.

It’s a burden you would know nothing about.

Shut the fuck up lol

So you didn’t answer my question.

U didn’t really ask one.

Is everything okay with you?

I’m fine. It’s fine.

You know if you ever want to talk about it?

I know. U should go to sleep. I don’t want to be the reason why your face turns into a mess.

Lol k. Sleep well, Gail.

Night night.


I was kidnapped.

I know.

Can’t sleep.

Wait, u do?



I was there that day and I recently put two and two together.

Where were u?

At the morgue with the coroner when they brought Detective Barber in. Your friend Traci arrived shortly after that.

Oh. Traci never mentioned.

I’m sure she doesn’t even remember.

Was she there long? With Jerry?

About an hour.

What was she doing?

Just sitting with him. Saying goodbye.

Gail? Are you okay? Today must have brought up a lot of stuff for you, with Christian and everything? I’m so sorry.



I’m gonna call you now.