do u ever just forget how much u actuall y love reno


    basically, i’ve had this blog for about 9 months now ?  which is pretty good for me  ( considering most of my blogs have only lasted a month or so )  and though i have already made a couple of these things in the past, my activity / what i’ve written / who i’ve spoken & written with, etc  ——  has all continued to change and grow, with a few important exceptions. since having started out here,  i’ve mustered the courage to reach out to people who i admired greatly, & even had people telling me that i inspired THEM somehow. it’s no surprise to anyone at this point that i adore cloud, and the  ffvii  compilation as a whole  ( namely the original game, but i digress )  and that even if i make new blogs, i always gravitate back here;  be it for my love of my boy, the fondness for the people i’ve met, or my instinctive preference for anything final fantasy. this is basically just an excuse to ramble about  some  of the people i’ve grown to admire even more, & list some of the many people who inspire me. i won’t get many people in respectively, if only because i’ve got ??  way more followers than i feel i could ever deserve. but i wanted to say that really, wholeheartedly   even if i’m not good at conveying it, i appreciate EVERYONE who’s taken the time to follow & stick around. 

gross rambling ensues beneath the read more.

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