do u even know what day it is u trash

Thanks @dirntmike for tagging me, u lil cutie xo

Rules: list ten songs you’re currently into and tag ten people to do the same

(None of mine are in order ok, I don’t have fvrite children)

((Also a few of them are Linkin I’m sorry, I’m still melting down over what happened ))

1. The Messenger- Linkin Park

2. Up The Cuts- Against Me!

3. Pulling Teeth- Green Day

4. Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park

5. Yellow Love- Citizen

6. Pure Morning- Placebo

7. One More Light- Linkin Park

8. Heavy- Linkin Park

9. Praying- Kesha

10. Harsh Realms- Laura Jane Grace 

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seven thousand people. 

why do that many people follow me? are you guys okay??


animalfry ur fuckin ugly and a LOSER but i still manage to literally love you more than anything. thank u sm for everything you’ve done and lol you’ve literally seen me sob my eyes out and u still didn’t judge me and u literally know aLL my secrets and u STILL don’t judge me so thank u for that i guess. also thank u for supporting me through every stupid idea i have and thx 4 being so supportive w my love for troye even if u don’t share my passions

digging-troyler k i love you a LOT and i also love how much ur family loves me it’s actually pretty gr8 considering i’m LAME but yeah i’m only friends w you for ur food and money k cool have fun in vegas without me bye loser. just kidding i adore u so much i’m even wearing the sweater u got me it’s RLY warm and soft so thank u sm ok bye don’t get TOO trashed tonight

just-travis listen………… u know those people that are like “yeah! we talk for like, 10 hours every day!1!1” when they only talk for 3 or 4? yeah, we’re not those people. we ACTUALLY talk for TEN HOURS STRAIGHT every day. what do we even TALK about for that long oh my god but ya i love u sssssssm thank u for sticking w me even when i get annoying or emotional over boys or annoying AND emotional over boys. ya thx sm

trovesivan ok willow we don’t talk all the time but ur literally so cute and nice and uGH i actually adore you so much and ur way too cool for me. we rly need to actually have a conversation one day and learn each other’s favorite colors and songs and everything ok i love you sm

troyelikesboys zoe……… i love you so much. ur so funny and cool and pRETTY and NICE and i can’t even believe we’re friends because lol you’re perfect and i’m LAME but i actually love you a lot a lot a lot okay frick

itmetroye k listen marykate you’re so cool and pretty and uGH i am so jealous of u for those very reasons and i’m not sure whether ur coming to vidcon or not but either way you need to come to california soon k cool thx sm

troylerslayvan5ever emily ugh i love you SO MUCH and i am sO PROUD OF YOU FOR EVERYTHING OKAY you basically know how much i love you but seriously, i love you so much. thank you for always always being there for me and i love u loser

kurtcobainvevo courtney k you’re literally WAY too cool for me like i still don’t understand why you talk to me but seriously you’re gonna grow up to do such amazing things and i love everything you stand for and i love hearing your opinions on things and your life is literally so cool and you’re so cool and wow bye

and lastly… i’m gonna cry lol

troyesivan listen………………………………………………….. troye. okay. alright i’m a little nervous because there is a chance you may see this this time. alright so, i love you. to say you have changed my entire life and my entire personality and my entire outlook on life is such an understatement. to say you make me happy is an understatement. basically, i don’t know how to tell you anything. ok but lol listen at the LA meetup you told me some r e a l  ly unexpected things that actually left me speechless and awkward so i never got to tell you things. thank you for everything you’ve done. for me, for this fandom, for the WORLD okay. thank you, thank you, thank you. i really hope you’re happy and that you’re doing okay because you deserve the absolute world. you deserve the whole thing and i hATE that my awkwardness has constantly stopped us from actually having a conversation every time i meet you but next time will be different okay. i don’t want this to be too long so i’ll just stop here but troye, we love you.

ok!!!!!!! now the part i have been dREADING BYE ((not in order of importance or anything ok))

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OK I’M LITERALLY EXHAUSTED i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone i promise it isn’t personal i’m just stupid