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Super old BnHa fanart I drew last summer. I decided to clean some up because I caught up with the manga today. It’s one of my favorite series!

Small doodle I made whilst listening to the TAZ Finale!

Kind of maybe part of a vague fairy tale AU I have going on, but I mostly wanted to mess around with tonality and PS brushes and stuff. So here. 


i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must

Could Roses Bloom IV

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Time is perhaps one of the biggest enigmas existing in the world.

For how does on define the coming and going of existence? Why is there such a need to take the state of simply being and define it as a comprehensible concept? How is it possible that we have taken something that is limitless and have restrained it to boundaries of words such as decades, years, minutes?

Yet more curiously is perhaps the fact that emotions impact time.

Not time in its pure essence – where an hour is sixty minutes and a minute is sixty seconds – but in the way how one experiences time.

For how can it be that sometimes a year is too short, feels like just a blink of an eye while some moments seem to last an eternity?

In Jim’s life, there are many moments that have since past that he wishes had lasted longer.

Being young, unburdened and free, running down the fields with the grass tickling his toes, Daisy at his heels with the wind rustling through his hair and laughter falling freely from his lips.

Christmas when he was eleven, sitting at grandma Kirk’s feet with Sam and completely enraptured by the photos and stories she shared about their dad, his mother watching them fondly yet with sadness in her eyes.

Leonard dragging him down to humid but beautiful Georgia for a week on a well-deserved break during their second year at the Academy, having bourbon on the patio while Mamma McCoy bakes cobblers in the kitchen and Joanna runs amok in the garden.

They are good memories, treasured moments that Jim wishes could’ve lasted a lifetime.

Yet instead what seems to last a lifetime are the moments which he wishes he could just forget about. Those moments that make him want to take the concept that is time itself and turn it back.

Twelve years old and clinging to Sam’s arm watching as grandma Kirk’s casket is lowered down into a grave on the family grounds, the sun bright and the sky clear in an almost mocking gesture.

Arising from being dead only to learn he’s lost the only father figure he’s ever had, remembering kind words, honest advice and how he’s never said “dad” and that now he never will either.

An “I love you” spilling from his lips, tilting what feels like his entire universe on its axis.

Yet time can not be reversed, memories not be forgotten and emotions can not be unfelt.

He will swallow, ignore the ticking of the clock that dictates time and move on.

Or at least, he tries.

Yet fate will not let him.

For one day over lunch Leonard asks: “Do you ever wish you hadn’t said it?” His eyes down on his plate and eyebrows drawn together into a frown.

Jim’s heart clenches and somewhere in the back of his mind, part of him weeps. “I can’t turn back time, Bones.”

Hesitant, guarded, careful, Leonard looks up. “What if you could?” His voice is a mere whisper yet it’s all Jim hears despite the bustle of the canteen around them.

“Do you wish I hadn’t said it?” Jim asks, his voice shaking and the words like I do not making it past his lips.

“I don’t know.” Leonard says, confused.

Jim looks at him, then.

At the war waging just behind Leonard’s eyes. At the half-smile half-frown that is both fond and affectionate yet fearful and hesitant at the same time.

He thinks of rivers of rain running through muddy sand, of little specks of green and of hope.

And Jim thinks that perhaps, he doesn’t want to turn back time after all.

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sansa x theon, sansa x brienne and jonsa rising to throw all previous creepy old man sansa ships into the dirt was truly a godly moment

Only in kpop do you see teenage girls with professional-ass cameras doing a better job publicizing a group than its own company or the press.

based on this prompt and snowballed from there… AU where radiant garden is a college town and the local nightclub is pretty much the place to be. isa gets the receptionist/coat check side job there, lea ends up with the title “the flurry of dancing flames” there… marluxia (not pictured) dances there also and has a bit of a rivalry with him? dilan and aeleus are bouncers LOL.  apprenticenort and terra are twin brothers, aqua grew up with them and may or may not be dating terra (no one’s sure, not even them)… apprenticenort is working like, on his master’s thesis…??? braig is the bartender and he is trying entirely too hard to get into xehanort’s pants. also not pictured is dj demyx. this is entirely too self indulgent

you’re playing with fire again, buddy. 

I just awknfwabgor my funny posts get lots of notes but the ones I take time and mind to it get nothing

     anyways, we’re going to talk for a second about when peter unmasks himself to the world. i’m going to draw heavily from the civil war storyline in 616 but i do want to keep the main civil war storyline mcu based? so the concept of how i’m handling it is this; the sokovia accords are the first move towards mutant registration. it doesn’t count for all vigilantes, the avengers being the focus of this set of guidelines laid out for this incredibly iconic & controversial group of hero’s. this is when the initial split between the avengers happens? i’m not sure what happens over the time in between point a & point b yet. i’d actually like to have some discussions about it because essentially what i’m doing in mixing canon & pulling from what i want is essential me rebuilding my own interpretation of the marvel universe. i think that would be strongest with outside opinions & if anyone ever does have one to offer, feel free to shoot me an IM or an ask or an anon or anything, really. 

anyways, what i’m thinking happens is going to be a lot of small incidents that lead up to the nitros incident that trigger the events of civil war in 616. by then, peter is an unofficial member of the avengers; he works incredibly close with the team & the only reason he’s not officially considered one is because of the regulations of the sokovia accords. peter is a very independent hero; his moral compass is very strong. though the idea of being on a team is very tempting, the regulations put in motion are enough to keep him from giving into said temptation. spiderman is supposed to be an ‘everyman’ kind of hero. he works for the little guy. hell, out of costume he is the little guy!

so i’m going to talk about what drives him to side with tony stark on the subject of mutant registration. i think the nitros incident is very shocking to him, personally. he knows that he could have just as easily caused tragedy as a child, that he would have had tony not stepped in for him on the ferry in new york. he would have killed a lot of people that day if not for the intervention of someone who knew what they were doing. he’s almost been that incident, that nudge towards devastation… & he is hardly the most powerful metahuman out there. does his preference to tony play a part in him taking sides the registration act? i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again; peter does grow out of his idolization of tony stark. this does not invalidate the parental relationship i believe they build, but i don’t think we can blame this decision on that relationship they have. i don’t think we can say that it was made without tony’s influence at all, but in the end it was a very personal decision for peter.

anyways, we know this is an incredibly big thing to do. spiderman’s identity has been guarded for years & upon revealing his identity, he reveals not only that he is peter parker but also that he has been doing this since he was a literal child. he has been saving lives, putting his own on the line since before he graduated high school. it’s incredible that he has been dong that but it also opens a lot of people’s eyes. peter had kept his identity a secret a few years short of half of his life & it definitely poses this question: how long can someone keep it up? the secret? peter could have probably kept on going, peter could have probably kept on going. yet his face was plastered on every single news station in the country. an iconic mask discarded in favor of an extremely controversial act.