do those things and you will do fine

You’re allowed to be excited about the little things. You’re allowed to be goofy. You’re allowed to be dorky about your favorite tv show, to make blanket forts, to enjoy cheesy movies, even just to sleep with stuffed animals. You’re allowed to do any of the things that make life a little more bearable. It’s fine, ok?

Hey everyone! ♡

Since I have more of a large following here on tumblr I just want to give you a small message.

Please be kind and respectful to people in the fandoms, whatever fandom you’re in, please be kind.

I know there are things you may not agree with, things that you don’t like, and that’s totally fine, you can avoid those things, you are not obliged to interact with those things, and you’re free to block/blacklist tags and or people that make you feel uncomfortable, you’re free to create your own happy space.

However, this doesn’t mean that you get a free pass to harass other people or to send rude messages and triggering content , so please, don’t do it. 

Please do not promote a hateful behavior.

megnevemore  asked:

Hey copperbadge. I did not pay enough attention to the directions on the post for the fundraiser so I exited out of the donation page before being forwarded to your ask box. No idea how this works so here's to hoping it all ends up going to the same place. Could you please write a fic about Cap Steve & Clint being bros? I feel like there's not enough of those two being awesome together in the world. Thanks in advance! - Meg

You did fine! Thanks for coming to the askbox, the forwarding-to-it was really just a fun thing I set up that I didn’t know Paypal could do before now :D 

“If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right,” Steve said, looking up at the outfield facade of Yankees Stadium. 

“Is there a wrong way to do a baseball game?” Clint asked, following his gaze.

“Bucky and I always had a plan,” Steve told him. “You get popcorn and nuts before the game. Third inning, before everyone gets hungry in the fourth inning, that’s when you get yourself a Coke. You get hungry round about the sixth inning, that way, so you get your hot dog before the seventh-inning stretch, and then on your way out you get candyfloss for the train home.” 

“I see you’ve got it all figured out,” Clint said. “How much did that run you in 1930?” 

“About thirty-five cents each,” Steve said. “Don’t worry, I calculated for inflation, I brought forty bucks. But here’s the important part about going to a ball game.” 

“What’s that?” Clint asked.

“Sneakin’ in,” Steve said. 

“But we bought tickets,” Clint said.

“Still the best part,” Steve replied, and started to climb the outer facade of the stadium. “Come on, Clint! We used to just hop the fence, now we’re goin’ up and over!”

Clint grinned. “I do love urban climbing,” he said, and rubbed his hands together. “Up and over and onwards to overpriced popcorn!”


Hello hello! 

I’m going to pick up translating this comic for those that really want to look into Angel of Slaughter. I work a lot and I do other things with life so some pages may take some more time to get finished, but I will do my best!

Please note: I am translating this from KOREAN. I cannot read Japanese, so it will depend entirely on the Korean translation time for me to bring it to you in English, but there is plenty so we should be fine for a good while. 

Just before you begin to read old messages, you will regret it and know it’s a bad thing to do. It will burn your heart, but you think you’ll be fine and can handle it. When you finally have courage to do it, it makes you re-live that exact moment of each text, having each thought, emotion and feeling, when the conversation was taking place. It’s a burst of fresh air; happiness and hope, you begin to forget it’s the past and think what you’re reading is the current.

Then it hits you.

Those messages are just bittersweet memories. They’re moments in your life, when you were at your happiest. You haven’t felt that happy since and you want to feel it again. You want that person to be exactly how they were. You want everything between you and them to be how it was. But you realise it can never be the same.

You keep those messages just to feel like you’re loved and wanted, from that person, one last time; even if it’s for a split second.

They will forever be memories.

—  old messages - s.b

anonymous asked:

hey.. I've been wanting to make a webcomic for a VERY long time now, and I just have one problem. I dont think i believe in my own abilities to draw well enough so I dont know if I want to put myself out there, so I thought I'd ask YOU because i really like your art. How do I do it? (It's fine if you don't answer, I don't wanna waste anymore of your time.)


Well, thank you first up, I like my art too!

The thing is, I’m sure you’ve noticed, as you grow and draw new things and improve, your style might change, the way you shade, everything. Eventually those first few pages or pictures you’ve drawn don’t look as awesome as your current stuff- and that’s OK! I’ve seen that happen with loads of comics I’ve followed, it doesn’t make the old stuff bad, but it is amazing to see everything change so much.

Zombie Hunters, Looking for group, Not a Villain and Questionable content are all amazing webcomics that gradually change style, and the way they tell the story :D

Here, this is one of my first comics on tumblr. (ok why does Sans look the exact same as I draw him now??? lol)

The thing is, if you don’t start, you won’t be able to find out if you can do it. I’ve had a habit of starting comics and never finishing them because I would get stuck or bored with them. But eventually I finished one, and although no one cared for it, I was incredibly proud of myself, it felt so good to finish it!

The second comic I’ve ever finished was “Don’t Come Back” here on tumblr.

So it’s mostly about starting, and getting through it, I tend to find the Point A to B parts the hardest. “How do I get this character over here??” So planning out EVERY small detail is important, even if you’re not sure you’ll use it in your story, it might help!

Anyway! I’d recommend grabbing some tutorials about comics, BOOKMARK THEM, and reread them sometimes! I revert to laziness or I sometimes forget how to panel my comics or pose the characters (This is mostly noticeable in the drunken comics) so even I reread tutorials frequently to refresh my memory :D.

This is my personal favourite tutorial

and my friend skyriazeth reblogs some great tutorials about all sorts of things!

I posted about this a few months ago but..

Old comic:

Recent comic:

Damn Papyrus, you’re so pretty~

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, I hope you can start your webcomic! They are incredibly fun to do :D

the sad things he has to do for the sake of this shitshow. if you stop for a moment and think about it, how he could feel like, what goes on in his mind during those moments, my heart aches. I am glad there aren’t many pap walks with the fake baby like at the beginning anymore but still, I just want him free and happy. If he has to stage a pap walk outside a restaurant with his friends is fine, it’s part of the game but the rest….. that shouldn’t be part of any game. Free him please. 

I feel the TVD writers. Bamon was just becoming too strong of a thing. Everyone was craving it, like the Teen Wolf shippers when Sterek was becoming a high demand, they gave Bonnie a love interest like they did for Stiles and Derek.

They gave Bonnie a love interest in hopes that Bamon shippers would somehow jump off the ship and swim over to Bonenzo.

And I mean, fine, if they wanted to do that, do it, but with no development?

There’s a sudden three year time jump and BOOM, Bonenzo’s a thing?

And those stupid fucking flashbacks they gave us do not count as development.

It’s nothing, that’s what it is.

Like okay, I’ll give them this. Bonenzo, from certain angles, with good lighting, on good days, very rarely looks somewhat cute.

But this.

Will never look as beautiful as this


Or this

But you know, I really do see what you guys were going for TVD writers. You guys failed though. 

halfblood joonie
  • guess what my school computer has a blue screen lol what is this i dont understand what’s going on
  • not gonna lie i would rather be updating my nct blog because those are written scenarios and i prefer writing that way because i feel like it actually shows my ability but i owe it to you guys to get something out there
  • my mark lee thing can wait yikes :((
  • anyway demigod joonie was the most requested?? and i was like
  • anyway i was gonna do like birth order but here we are now, doing namjoon
  • which is fine because i love namjoon
  • okay so if you guys couldn’t guess
  • namjoon is the son of athena
  • how could he not be??
  • the stereotype was always like blond hair and gray eyes but nah fam me and namjoon both don’t fit that stereotype and we are athena kids
  • but in this au namjoon is gonna have that off blond hair like there was that one photoshoot and there is a specific image in mind but it’s like sandy blond and it’s always messy because he constantly runs his hands through his hair when he’s thinking so always a mess but a nice mess because cutie
  • and he wears the big wire rimmed glasses that aren’t perfectly circular but almost like a bowl shape kind of thing?? like rounded at the bottom but then straight at the top or only a little bent is this making sense i bet it isn’t lol
  • he’s that kid that always wears the camp half blood tee with skinny jeans and some obscure accessory like idk a scarf or hat
  • and the aphrodite kids sit there and constantly roast him for his fashion sense but jin always scolds them and says that namjoon is a pure cutie bean who must be protected…
  • okay but backstory time because hell yah i love backstories
  • namjoon’s dad was a professor at a local college and he was a genius so it was no suprise that athena was attracted to him
  • unlike jin’s situation, athena and namjoon dad’s romance was a fleeting thing, and it only lasted but a few months
  • both of them were too proud and too headstrong to admit actual feelings or that they needed each other
  • but i personally believe that you don’t just have one true love, you love a lot of people in your life and it’s okay to love and be loved more than once and the mentality that you should save love for the true one actually pisses me off not gonna lie to you
  • and like they were in love and maybe it wasn’t the strongest love and maybe it wasn’t the truest love but it was still love regardless
  • athena kids are thought of like that’s how the athena kids happen i remember because percy was like do you have a belly button??
  • so athena was like you’re different than all my previous lovers and i think our child should be different too and that explains why namjoon naturally has black hair and brown eyes, not the usual blond and gray thing going on
  • when athena and his dad split up, things were kinda not amazing
  • his dad didn’t want to think about the relationship and about athena and so he just kind of chose to selectively forget about it
  • and so he doesn’t tell namjoon that he is a half blood
  • he tells namjoon that his mom and him were a college thing and that she didn’t want to deal with a child because she needed to finish her schooling whereas namjoon’s father was graduating
  • namjoon never felt a bitterness towards his birth mom but he always had the want to meet her one day and just have a conversation with her and have some sort of relationship with her…
  • his dad got married when namjoon was fairly young, in the third grade, and his stepmom and dad had three kids so namjoon has a bunch of half siblings
  • he really loves his family though, like he was extremely close to them especially his brother who’s the middle child out of the three half siblings
  • namjoon never felt out of place with them but there was always that longing to meet his mother that never went away
  • and guess what namjoon gets that chance
  • by age ten namjoon has already attracted numerous monsters, despite his dad’s efforts to mask his scent by marrying someone else and spraying febreeze in the house every two seconds
  • namjoon is already an extremely gifted and powerful demigod, already exhibiting powers that mimic something like telekinesis, and monsters have started to take notice
  • but namjoon, our clumsy bean child namjoon, always has a way of avoiding any harm
  • it’s because athena has her eye on him constantly and she’s always doing her best to make sure he’s safe
  • so like one day for instance, he’s walking home from the school bus and this monster comes at him and athena was posing as mom waiting for her kid or something and as soon as namjoon looked away she pulverized that monster into dust
  • but she seriously underestimates her child
  • because at age eleven namjoon is like boy genius and he notices the same lady always around and he’s like yikes creeper alert maybe??
  • so one day instead of you know, telling his dad, he confronts her down at the dollar store where he’s going to by his siblings some candy with his allowance money
  • idk the dollar store is within walking distance from my dads so this makes a lot of sense to me like this a very valid and relevant point in my mind okay so um like
  • anyway she senses another monster attack so she’s posing as a cashier and namjoon just kinda heads over to her counter and slams his five dollar bill on the table and he’s like
  • “we have the same eyes i think”
  • “also i see you around all the time”
  • and he just blinks up at her with big inquisitive eyes and she’s like oh sh-
  • and she’s like well i cannot just tell this kid that i’m his mom but i can at least get him to safety right??
  • and she’s like i gotta talk about this demigod thing but
  • suddenly a horde of monsters appear from the aisles and athena is like there is no time and so she uses her goddess powers to transport them to the boundaries of camp half blood
  • and she’s like look i know you’re probably scared and confused and worried but you need to go past this boundary here and you’ll find help i promise, but i need to get going, i’m not allowed to be this attached to you-
  • and she ushers namjoon past the border but then she’s gone and namjoon is like what the duck is this about
  • he doesn’t know if he should run back out and chase after her or if he should move forward and explore but maybe he should cry? always a valid option??
  • he just stands there dumbly and he feels like maybe he will cry because he doesn’t understand what’s going on but he wants to be home with his dad, not standing in the middle of god(s) only know where
  • but alas his saving grace arrives
  • it’s you
  • you’re the saving grace
  • you’re also a younger demigod and you’re in the hermes cabin currently because you haven’t been claimed and you’re just kind of wandering around camp because you still are a little !! about this whole demigod thing and you need some time to adjust
  • but you see namjoon standing there and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you run over and stare at him for a few seconds and you then grab his hand and you’re like we gotta find chiron
  • “you mean the centaur from greek mythology”
  • and you smile and nod excitedly “well duh, you are at camp half blood”
  • “what now”
  • “that place where all the kids if the greek gods and goddesses chill to escape the monsters in the mortal world? seriously how did you get here if you don’t know what this is”
  • so namjoon tells you his story and you’re holding his hand because small kids and you’re like oh i see i see okay i got it
  • and then you take him to see chiron and you’re like hello this is a new camper his name is joonie
  • and namjoon is like actually- but chiron is so busy welcoming him and all that he never really gets to say his official name (is that the right word probably not lol) isn’t joonie but whatever
  • anyway you stay by namjoon’s side while he gets the explanation of the whole demigod thing
  • and you’re the one who takes him to the hermes cabin and you’re like yes you can have your bed under my bed because we are basically best friends now!! and ofc namjoon agrees
  • he’s the kid who sits up really fast and bangs his head on the bunk above him
  • i actually fell off the top bunk once but that is another story
  • you and namjoon become bros and all the older demigods think it’s so adorable how you two always waddle around camp together and challenge everyone to duels and riddles and the likes
  • but then namjoon gets claimed
  • oh yes namjoon gets claimed one day when you two are sparring and it’s been a while now since he’s arrived at camp and you know what being claimed means
  • it means that namjoon isn’t gonna be your bunk mate anymore and it means that he’ll be at a new cabin with new siblings and he’ll probably end up forgetting about you or something
  • and your small brain is not about to let that happen no siree so you fail to mention the glowing emblem above namjoon’s head
  • you think that it would like go away eventually but it’s been thirty minutes now since it first appeared so um yikes a daisy it probably won’t go away anytime soon but you are not about to lose namjoon
  • while you’re sitting there debating what to do, one of the athena kids (is it annabeth chase, my queen, my hero, my everything)
  • no another athena kid comes over and they’re like duDE UM!!
  • and you’re like b i t c h do you wanna throw down
  • and namjoon is like wait what’s going on what’s happening am i dying or something
  • and the athena kid is like no, well yes, we are all technically dying, but i mean you’re our new sibling
  • “our”
  • “the athena cabin, i’m sorry”
  • and namjoon’s eyes light up and he’s so excited and you’re like who am i to take this happiness from him
  • you don’t walk with him to meet up with chiron or anything, you go sulk in the hermes cabin tbh and kick his bunk and then whine when it hurts your foot
  • but guess what guys
  • guess what
  • guess who comes back later
  • you right
  • it’s namjoon
  • he waves to you and you’re like !!
  • “i missed you already, you wanna keep sparing. i already got my new bunk set up and all. it’s not as fun around here without you”
  • and then you run into his arms but he is not expecting that and he tries to catch you but that doesn’t really go so hot and he ends up toppling backwards with you crashing down on top of him
  • based on true events in case you’re wondering
  • you knew from that day on that you and najoon were inseparable
  • fast forward many years so you are out of the awkward small child phase which isn’t awkward really because it isn’t middle school yet
  • you got claimed by your godly parent so neither you or namjoon are in the hermes cabin anymore!!
  • but you still are thick as thieves get it lol because hermes cabin-
  • okay anyway
  • i dont wanna be generic with all of these so guess what
  • in media res my dudes, on media res
  • behold you and namjoon are on a quest and guess who else is there it;s hoseok and yoongi and you guys are having a blast because yoongi nearly managed to become the captive bride of the god of the west wind
  • hoseok kidnapped a dog and he keeps the thing in his shirt when you guys are setting up camp for the night so he won’t be cold
  • namjoon almost became a gang lord down in southern new york
  • you had to fight off rampant cereal gods when the others were going to take a group bathroom break
  • you and namjoon are sharing a sleeping back
  • wait what
  • hoseok somehow managed to burn his and yoongi was like you can’t sleep with me you freak, im still mad you love that dog more than me anyhow and hoseok was all excuse me are you trash talking our child
  • they were so busy bickering and whining and namjoon, the designated squad leader, was not having it, and so he’s like hoseok here just take mine okay
  • and then you were like but joonie what about you
  • and hoseok was all like share
  • namjoon looked to yoongi hopelessly and yoongi just flipped him off
  • “excuse me, how;s jungkook gonna feel when he knows you’re trying to win me over”
  • and you kinda “well i mean i guess we can share”
  • and hoseok is like “wow what are the odds you’re the only person with the huge two person sleeping bag haha #crazy”
  • yes he said the word hashtag
  • but namjoon is all stamerry and blushy and it’s so funny because the super composed, super calculating, super strategic son of athena is at a loss for words and it’s
  • #crazy
  • and yoongi is like wow i guess hoseok will take the first watch then
  • and hoseok is like wow that’s so sweet of you for volunteering-
  • yoongi smirks and curls up in his sleeping bag and yawns and slips off into dreamland and hoseok is pouting but he starts patrol duty with his puppy safely poking his head out the top of his shirt
  • and namjoon kinda gives you this look and you shrug “it’s not any different than that time we had to share a bunk when connor and broke the one and they needed extra room you know?”
  • except it is very different because namjoon is in l o v e with you and he doesn’t want to share a sleeping bag because he might do something weird like try to hold your hand or sleep talk about you and that would not be a good time
  • but he curls up in the sleeping bag and he motions for you to join and you’re like okay chill nice not like i like namjoon or anything haha
  • you snuggle up beside him and you’re like are two person sleeping bags even a real thing
  • they are confirmed
  • you guys refuse to speak and you can hear hoseok giggling and that makes things more awkward tbh but it’s okay because he’s warm
  • and so your put your feet on his legs and even through the socks he can feel your cold feet and now the two of you are laughing
  • but then yoongi sits up and threatens to murder you both in cold blood
  • so you end up zipping it and going to bed
  • hoseok wakes namjoon up an hour or two later because switch shift and he’s sleepy
  • namjoon groggily wakes up and he goes to sit up but??
  • is that your head on his chest??
  • why yes it is??
  • hoseok starts to squeal and namjoon glares but hoseok is
  • you know that spongebob meme with squidward and crabby patties
  • that’s hoseok @ namjoon
  • “you like them don’t you namjoon”
  • and namjoon was like hoe i thought that was obvious please
  • and hoseok was like um idk if they know dude
  • and najoon just groans and stands up and waves hoseok off and goes to stand guard
  • he doesn’t like the whole crush thing because his entire life as a child of athena you know, he’s used to approaching everything as a problem that has a solution
  • something that he can work through and tackle if he takes the right steps
  • everything is a process and with the smart logical choices, he can accomplish anything
  • but this is different because suddenly his head isn’t in charge and no matter how hard he tries to examine the situation logically, you can’t think like that, not when you’re in love with someone all rules go out the window and namjoon is like wth is this i am not a fan can this not be a thing
  • he overanalyzes every single scenario and one second he’s determined that you must be in love with him but one second later, he thinks you must hate him or something and that the two of you will never work out and it’s such a vicious cycle
  • he just wishes he would have some answers-
  • and then this voice pops up in his head and it’s very familiar and namjoon is like i know who this is but also at the same time i have no idea whatsoever
  • and then it hits him- the mysterious lady from his childhood, the one who got him to camp and he’s ! because he had totally forgotten about her till now
  • and the voice is like “you really forgot about your own mother”
  • and namjoon is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because mom since when was that a thing
  • but it makes sense and suddenly everything starts to click and namjoon is like wow your local son of athena couldn’t figure that one out, amazing
  • but she’s like look kid im sorry that i havent been around, things are complicated, dont be mad
  • and namjoon is like im not dont sweat it
  • athena just tsks like thats because you never let your emotions lead
  • “but it’s okay to let them take over sometimes you know”
  • you know what she’s implying and the conversation doesn’t last much after that
  • and namjoon is like right i should maybe confess maybe ill do that when i get back home or something—
  • but suddenly he’s taken aback because there’s this clanking and rattling and all of th sudden there are these skeletons rising from the earth and namjoon is like just my luck
  • he draws his sword and starts yelling for the rest of you to wake up and hoseok is first up and he’s racing to get yoongi awake and meanwhile namjoon is battling off these monsters
  • he uses those telekinesis powers i mentioned to hurl boulders and other projectiles at them while using his long sword to fend off others but they keep multiplying
  • hoseok comes in with his double daggers and he’s slicing and diving and jabbing
  • and yoongi has his scythe and he’s totally wrecking these monsters and smashing them to dust
  • you’re nowhere to be found though and namjoon turns his head for a split second and that’s his mistake
  • he doesn’t feel the arrow pierce his shoulder, not initially, but he feels the searing pain as yoongi yanks it from his flesh later
  • he stumbles and trips forward and he’s clutching his shoulder and hoseok is shrieking and yoongi is cursing
  • namjoon feels like he’s slipping from reality and he doesn’t know what’s happening save that the world is spinning before his eyes
  • but then your cry snaps him back from his daze and he watches you stumble towards him
  • yoongi and hoseok fight off the rest of the monsters as you kneel beside namjoon, cradling his head in your lip
  • namjoon is too shocked to cry but then he sees the tears streaming down your face and he suddenly feels overwhelmed
  • yoongi and hoseok run over when the coast is clear and yoongi is the one who pulls the arrow out because hoseok is shaking too badly to do so
  • “i thought i heard something and so i woke up and went to check it out, but clearly i wasnt right and now you’re going to die because of me namjoon, oh gods, you can’t die!!”
  • and youre sobbing and hoseok is like you need to calm down so i can treat this thing and namjoon is slipping from consciousness and you’re holding his hands tightly between your own
  • yoongi is praying hard while hoseok does his best to clot the blood flow and go through his bag in search of ambrosia and nectar
  • namjoon’s eyes close and his lips part and you’re crying harder now because this it, this is the last time you’re going to see namjoon
  • “i love you, i love you more than life itself namjoon, and im not going to let you die, do you hear me!?”
  • hoseok pulls out the thermos of nectar and he hands it to you
  • for those who dont know, nectar is like the healing thing for demigods and it’s not guaranteed life saver, it works hella good
  • anyway, you hold the thermos to namjoon’s lips and do your best to make sure he drinks some of it
  • hoseok assures you that namjoon is gonna make it, upon further examination, the wound isn’t deep and it missed any vital nerves or organs
  • still you can’t help but cry
  • you hold namjoon in your arms the entire night and none of you guys sleep because you’re so scared??
  • namjoon does wake up, and he’s fine… he’s just sore the next morning
  • he first asks about you though if you’re okay and then he looks up and finds you staring down at him and he’s o h
  • you smile down at him “i swear to god, dont you ever pull that on me again”
  • “i wasnt trying to die”
  • omg wth my namjoon ones are always the longest, namjoon, yoongi and jungkook
  • anyway you mouth “i know” and then stroke the hair from his eyes
  • hoseok and yoongi watch on but they don;t interfere and they dont get nosy, they jsut let you guys have your moment
  • it’s like a mutual understanding after that
  • like the scare makes you realize that yes, you love namjoon, more than a friend
  • and yes, namjoon loves you too, more than anything in the world
  • and hoseok and yoongi realize that they’re third and fourth wheeling on the quest and it’s awkward
  • because once namjoon starts feeling better, it’s like a switch was turned on and now he’s trying to impress you with the psychology of attraction and holding hands and love and it’s a hot mess
  • and he’s vowing to protect you and you’re like honey i gotta protect you…
  • yoongi and hoseok regret their life choices
  • but they think it’s cute and when you guys all return home safely (with the dog in tow), everyone starts handing over drachmas and dollars because their was a camp wide bet on if you guys would get together on your quest

i think its so annoying how physical people are… Yes that person is attractive but why do u like them ? just because they are attractive to you?.. You dont care about how their mind works? What they love?
Their interests.. dreams.. passions
do they even have those things?…
i dont get a lot of people man.. dont be blinded by a person’s personality just because they fine smh

                        Hey. HEY. LOOK HERE.

Has stress been eating you up? Have a rough week? A rough day? Anxiety/whatever kicking your ass? Tired? Fed up? Is your mind getting the best of you? Take a moment to breathe. Pause, take a moment to recollect yourself. Breathe. Deep breath in, then out – slowly. Okay. 

So you’re having a rough time. You’re at that point where you wanna break, cry, other things that might be a little extreme – let me start by saying breaking down and crying is okay to do. We all do it every now and then, some of us do it more than others. That’s fine. You’re human. Your reactions are absolutely valid when you feel like you got a lot going on. If crying hysterically will relieve some of those pent up emotions, then gosh darn it, cry hysterically. Drink some cold water after, though. And put cucumber slices on your eyes. Just because self-love is important and the cucumbers feel good on your eyes ( imho aka protip ) – plus it reduces the puffiness but I digress.

I advise doing some of these things – mostly because I find that it helps me a little if not a lot. And I think some of you should be reminded to do some of these things just for the sake of your well being. Starting off with: did you take your medicine? If not, go take it. Now.

If you went off your rocker and cried for a bit, welcome back, beautiful. Hope you’re feeling a little better there, I know it helps me sometimes. Feels good sometimes to cry, really, lets be real. Sometimes you need that dramatic crying scene to get your shit straight. Ok, next.

Sometimes your surroundings affects your mood. Cleanliness is important. For your mental state and just to show that you can be / are a neat person. Dust your room, vaccuum the carpet. Dust the furnitue, make your bed, put away that chair with clothes piled on it. Geez.

Also, I advise putting some sort of scent thing in the room – like, the spray – or some fragrance dispenser, whatever you call those things – or just spray your favorite body spray who cares. Whatever scent you like, fam. Just lightly spray though, you’ll get a headache if you overdo it lmao. Trust me.

Most importantly, eat. Take a hot shower / bubblebath if you haven’t yet, get out of the room. Don’t keep yourself cooped up for too long. Walk around the house, stretch in your room, spoil yourself with some junk food for all I care. Live just a little, don’t sit too long with you mind able to wonder for too long.

If there’s something on your mind, something bothering you, I highly encourage you to vent it out to someone. Talk to a family member. Laugh a little. Watch some cute ass / funny ass cat or dog videos. I promise you – you can’t go wrong with ridiculous animals. Speaking of, if you have one, pet them a little. Spend some time with them. Animals can be pretty theraputic – even if they can’t talk. They know when something’s up, though.

Take it all one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You don’t need to go so fast with things. Please, though, if something’s bothering you / you wanted to mention something to a friend that’s been on your mind for a while, don’t hesitate to talk to them. Don’t hesitate to talk to your friends, period. They’re there for you, I’m sure. Even me, hey, hi, howdy.

I hope you’re doing better, now.
You’re accomplishing things little by little. I mean, hey, you woke up today. That’s an accomplishment. Some of you went to work. Nice, babe. Get that $$$. You’re all doing wonderfully. Tomorrow’s a new day. Remember to take care of yourselves.

I believe in you, you’re gonna be just fine. You’re human & you’re valid.
Tell someone you love ‘em. You’re amazing. Kick ass.

If you’re a crossdresser, that’s fine. You do you.
If you’re a sissy, that’s fine too.

But I do NOT want pictures of myself reblogged to those blogs. I am NOT either of those things. Trans women get a bad reputation as is, and we get confused with both crossdressers and sissies, and that hurts us. I wish it wasn’t so, but it does.

Trans women are not crossdressers. Trans women are not sissies. Trans women are women, regardless of the stage of transitioning.
We are not “Trannies”, but transgender women. It’s an adjective, not a noun.

06/12/16 || ONE WEEK BEFORE MY EXAM and I’m strangely calm (even though it looks like I’m shouting at you at the start of this post lol). So yeah my first exam is in a week time and I’m doing fine, I’ve finished all my notes this morning and I’ve finished my schemes, that are being super useful. I’ve also revised everything and I feel like I can now remember most of the things. I finished all my books and tomorrow I have to revise the notes on those, which scares me a little because they’re harder to remember. But so far so good, being home and having time to have some proper sleep is doing me good.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am part of a Facebook group and someone put your art there. They said it was from your blog here but I wanted to let you know. I don't know if they asked permission, and I've seen a lot of posts recently about reposting so I wasn't sure what to do

First of all…

/hugs/ Thank you! <333 The first thing to always do is inform the artist, and you did just that! ^u^v

Secondly, I am honestly not very strict on permissions as long as there is credit. People want to share my art? Feel free, but please please, let people know I made it/where it can be found (ie, midnightuglystepsister@tumblr). So, the repost on that Facebook group is fine because of the credit.

 The only ones I absolutely don’t want shared are commissions, since those are created and paid for by someone else. But to absolutely prevent that, I now slap giant, ugly watermarks on commissions when I share them (people that paid for it get the clean copy ofc). 

And if you want to use my art as icons/banners/etc, and there’s no space for credit, then yes, I would like permission. :)

Again, thanks for coming to me, sweet anon! 

Honestly, sometimes I read posts about honoring and worshipping deities through praise and offerings and while I think those who do those things are fine and their path is totally the right path for them, but this always gets me thinking that I must be a damn rude witch. I, like, light a candle and say “Hey, dude, friend, pal, please take this flame and a little bit of my dinner and help me out with this sitch.” And if it works out, I say a quick thank you, but it’s not something I would qualify as ‘praise.’ I’m not quite a worshipper, I’m someone who needs their help for something. 

Sometimes I feel like I must not be doing this whole paganism thing correctly, but tbh I’m also thinking that maybe I’m more like a v casual worshipper. Y’know, someone who says ‘hey pal, haven’t talked to you in a while, wanna help me with this?’ instead of “Praise be unto you, o lord of trickery.”

Favorite costumes of season ten: Buffy

Long gone are days of Buffy getting mistaken for Dawn’s mother or looking like a guerilla commander - nowadays Buffy opts for a casual, comfy and youthful look that’s also usually battle-ready, think leggins and tops 90% of the time, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because most of the time she looks great and hey, the scythe is one hell of an accessory! So anyway, those are some of my favorite Buffy’s outfits of season ten.

Leggins, leather boots, yellow blouse and a utility belt with stakes and whatnot. What else do you need?

Leggins and denim shorts - simple and sexy! I love the boots!

Tank top, denim, tactical boots. Big Sarah Connor vibes.

Buff buff wearing a buff! Sorry. Fine workout clothes - just looking at it makes me want to do cardio!

Leggins, of course, but paired with a lovely jacket and fancy sandals. Pretty!

I love this costume. Leggins, blouse, boots - yes, again, practical and fighty yet striking and stylish nonetheless!

The Scheming Lightsabre

Ok, so here’s why the Skywalker lightsabre calls to Rey.

That there lightsabre know its history. It’s a Skywalker lightsabre and it’s going to go and find its way back to the Skywalkers.

Loyalty – family – ownership. That lightsabre owns those Skywalkers. Right.

So! This was what was supposed to happen:

But wait – what do you mean she went into politics. She’s not a Jedi. Damn.

Back to the box – sulks.

Fine – There are two more I’ll just have to…

Takes one look at Rey and says – Kenobi.  

YES. I have found my ride home.

Wait, What? What do you mean the other Skywalkers have gone off and made themselves new lightsabres?


I’ll just have to make me a new Skywalker.

Now, how to …. (smirk) this should get things started.

Damn, that is one smug lightsabre.

Moral of the story – beware of scheming, Skywalker obsessed lightsabres. 

(Yeah, alright - I got bored and decided to make up something silly - again.)

anonymous asked:

this might be a silly thing to send but i was having a bad episode and started thinking about how if something happened to my leo it would be all my fault and i was a bad owner. i know it's my anxiety and other stuff because she is fine, she's starting to have an appetite but she had a bad shed and she's been off food and ugh. im meticulous about her husbandry and do lots of research but i still get anxious something will happen to her and ill be responsible .

here’s a secret: this could’ve been an ask from myself. You’re not alone in thinking these things.

I have severe anxiety (it’s my primary disability) and obsessive compulsive disorder.  And, unfortunately, those feelings of ‘what if I do something wrong?’ will never go away.  So here’s how I deal with these feelings:

1.  Routines can be helpful.  

2. Records.  It’s ok if one of my geckos skips eating TODAY because they ate YESTERDAY, for example. I find photo records particularly helpful.  ngl, i originally started posting pictures of my critters so I could easily compare them.

3.  Reminding myself that these animals evolved to survive.  They’re not going to keel over because of a small mistake.

4.  Reminding myself that they are animals.  There’s an unfortunate tendency to consider reptiles as ‘sort of’ animals.  Like… we fully recognize that they ARE animals, but at the same time we treat them as almost mechanical: proper husbandry goes in, live animals come out.  While technically accurate, this fails to take living processes into account. 

Sometimes animals just have bad days, like humans.  It’s important to recognize this happens to reptiles too. 

5.  Researching.  I try to stay very aware of current studies on my species.  Again, there’s a tendency for this hobby to stagnate and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to my reptiles.

6.  You WILL make a mistake.  It WILL impact your reptile.  I’m sorry.  I wish there was a way to avoid this, but it’s pretty inevitable.  Forgiving yourself is valuable.  Look back at number 3: they WILL survive. Forgive yourself and move on because self-flagellating won’t help your gecko.

7. Forgive yourself and do better. 

5 Tips on Making Friends

I think that people don’t realize how much they hurt other people by not including them. One of my best friends just told me that he feels like there is something terribly wrong with him that no one will share and thats why all his friends and him grow apart. He is one of the best people I know and to have him feeling this way breaks my heart. I don’t understand why many young people can’t see that little things they do have such great impact on people. So I thought I’d share some ways to NOT do this to people.

1. Don’t post pictures of large gatherings of friends online. In fact, don’t even post selfies with one friend if you can help it. Those other people you know will feel hurt and left out, even if they say they’re fine. How would you feel if you were always picked second?

2. Try to get to know everyone. Yes, everyone. There is at least one person out there who feels like an outsider who wants in more than anything. Talk to them. You know who they are, they aren’t hard to spot. They will be the one who is sitting alone, or not speaking up in conversations. Include them. It will mean the world to them, I promise.

3. Use people’s names. Everyone likes hearing their name in a sentence where it wasn’t necessary. It’s just a little reassurance that you even know it, and it makes people feel happy to hear their name because they’ll feel more like friends and more part of the conversation. Don’t do it too much, but do it.

4. Take selfies with everyone. I don’t know about you but it always feels good to have someone I’m acquainted with but not complete friends with ask to take a selfie with me. It’s like they’re saying that they want to document your face with their face. It’s nice.

5. Don’t just use small talk. Now that you’ve made the effort to make contact with everyone, you don’t want the conversation to just flicker out. The easiest way to create actual conversation is to ask for stories rather than just questions that only need one word answers. Try to aim for the unexpected and don’t just repeat questions the other person has asked. Keep it interesting. Ask about things that you already know you both like and then ask about things you might have in common. Questions like “How’d you get into that?” and “Why?” can help extend short answers and questions like “What did you do today?” and “Whats the best and worst thing that happened today?” may help avoid the common “How are you?” and “Hows your day been?" 

I also enjoy asking "What was the good, bad, and ugly of your day?” because it makes the person think and creates a good five minute conversation and can often lead to others.

Now that you have learned to include others, do it. You may just find that you should have included them a long time ago. It’s hard to join tight webs of friends (for example theatre departments, sports teams, or classrooms of people who already know each other) so don’t let anyone be an outsider. Everyone needs a friend. You can also use these tips and use them to become closer to people so that you won’t be the lonely one. Good luck.

anonymous asked:

what do you normally eat in a day? or were there resources you used to help you get started with no gluten/carbs/sugar? i know that my skin is being affected horribly by my diet but actually cutting out those things is really hard, how did you do it?

it really took me understanding carbs because before i was just like oh its bread duh everything else is fine lmao but nah like all sugars are carbs so that means stuff like fruit has to go too. after that i just tried to stay under 25 grams of carbs a day. when i shop i get a lot of meats, veggies (green is good), cheese and nuts. I have a dank ass salad every day (i always always put tomatoes, cilantro, cheese, cucumbers, sliced almonds, measured out dressing, hummus and like a meat) so those are very enjoyable. I still have coffee in the mornings, i just use Swerve (an artificial sweetener that doesn’t have an aftertaste) and I use cream low in carbs. and uhhh dinner is still pretty normal for me i just eat cauliflower instead of starches. you’d be soooo fucking surprised how good cauliflower is and how many things you can make with it (rice, mashed potatoes etc literally look it up its insane) also if any of the carbs are in fiber i count those as free carbs cause ur body wont absorb it the same (or something). but no it takes a little self control and just the desire to change. dont get it twisted like i’ve been a carb heavy bitch my whole life like hello theres not a night i didn’t have some bad shit so like this was suuuuuch a big change for me and i was only gonna do it like a month and it’s been 3 and im chillin (lookin good’t btw) so honestly.. the no carb thing isn’t that bad i only bitch when im stoned and it’s like 1 am and I can’t uber eats some krispy kreme to my house.