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Please tag this as needed, he turned out pretty gnarly! But this is how I pictured him as I was reading. I wanted to do some scenes from the fic but I ran out of time this morning. I really want to thank you for your writing though. It’s really inspiring!


*softly* : “my god. he’s beautiful.”

(for folks who don’t know, this is from my fic “Don’t forget. Don’t forget her.”

go read it if you don’t mind, if only for context.)

“Even now, all possible feelings do not yet exist, there are still those that lie beyond our capacity and our imagination. From time to time, when a piece of music no one has ever written or a painting no one has ever painted, or something else impossible to predict, fathom or yet describe takes place, a new feeling enters the world. And then, for the millionth time in the history of feeling, the heart surges and absorbs the impact.”
― Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

Langst Mini Fic #8: Ocean

…I saw that it was “mermay” and my mind gave this to me

It was an old tale passed from generations to generations. But just because it was old it doesn’t mean that it was untrue. Just like history, it was a memory from the past to serve as a guide or warning for the present or future.

And Lance wondered, did their kind was already classified as just part of the fiction or were there some people out there who genuinely still believed in them? And he didn’t mean those little kids who wanted to see their fantasy dreams to turn into reality, or those ones who were wishing for adventures and that was the reason why they were actively searching.

No, Lance meant was those people who still believe that they do exist and that they have lives too and emotions just like ordinary human beings.

Maybe there weren’t anymore. They had been forgotten and just became a part of fairy tales. But it still didn’t change the fact that they were still out there. Some may be weak for they rely on the amount of their believers while some just simply continue their lives in isolation and then there were those like Lance’s family who fit themselves inside the humans’ society. It was difficult to hide their true nature but never impossible.

It was indeed an old tale and when Lance found himself in a castle far away from home…he desperately wished that the stories passed down were just a myth. But he could never really lie to himself for deep down he knew all of it was true.

“Earth’s water is enchanted itself. This is the reason why we can live in it peacefully and protect us from humans that might harm us. It gave us the power to control our changing appearance and chance to walk on land. But everything has it cost. Only earth’s water can return us to our original appearance.”


Lance never had gone a full day without reverting back to his merman form. Even in Garrison, for small amount of times, he let his tail just enjoyed the feeling of the water even if it was from a simple shower. Now that he was stuck in space and fighting against an empire that lived for ten thousand years? He would be lying to himself if he would say that it will just take months to finish it.

That was, if Lance had enough time to see the end of the war he suddenly participated in.

He tried the showers inside the castle, he could not force the change. The brief encounter with the Altean pool was not helpful either. Even a planet specifically for the merfolk didn’t helped him in gaining back his original form! His time was running down.

Lance was dying and he knew it.

It might be a slow process but it was happening. It felt like each day he was walking on the desert with needles under his feet. He missed the feeling of the salty waters of the ocean against his skin. He missed his tail that had different shades of blue as it went further down from his hip. He missed his friends in the ocean as well as his family. He missed the days that he would just simply swim along and against the current or exploring the sunken ships.

Lance was dying and he knew it but he never said a thing to his teammates.

He knew it was a stupid decision. What was stopping him from telling the truth to his friends? To his second family? Lance has a lot of things in his mind that would always stop him in telling them the truth.

One, even though they saw a lot of things there was this voice on the back of his mind that tells him that no one would believe him. It was common for humans to deny what they considered as not real in their eyes. His friends were too logical and the Alteans didn’t really know anything about the earth’s merfolks. It would be hard to convince Allura and Coran that their kinds were real on earth if he would be contradicted by four other people. At least that was the scenario that his mind came up with.

Two, Lance didn’t want to be a burden. This was a universal fact. His family knew this, his ocean friends knew this, Hunk knew this, and Lance was pretty sure that Pidge knew this also. He might be annoying but he never wanted to be a burden. He wanted to be the opposite of it. He wanted to be remembered as someone who contributed something and if he needed to fight a war to be useful and protect those who were important to him at the same time then so be it.

Third, saying the truth and assuming that they would believe could have two endings. One, they will go back on earth and this might lead the Galra in their home planet which means that they would drag the lives of humans in a war they were not aware of. Or two, going back to earth might mean that the other merfolks will not let him out of the ocean anymore, and that’s a possible thing to happen considering the overprotectiveness that runs through their veins. Either of the two choices was not really something that Lance wanted to happen.

So he just remained in silence about the issue where his life was literally at stake.

Lance was very aware that he was dying. The dryness of his skin was proof of this and no amount of his daily routine could hide it. No matter how much moisturizer he applied the fact that his skin was drying due to being exposed outside of earth’s water for too long was there. Being outside in space was similar to consuming daily poison for Lance. When he decided to be a pilot he thought he would never be far away from home for too long. How wrong he was for thinking such naïve things.

He was dying and he was still pushing himself to fight.

At least he was fighting until the day that Pidge was reunited with her brother. Lance was really happy for her, for all of them. There was hope for the future, there was hope for everyone.

But Lance silently accepted that this hope was not for him to touch.

The last things he remembered was falling asleep in his room and then screaming the next. From who was the answer that Lance really didn’t know.

“Hunk, do you believe in mermaids?”


“Aren’t mermaids just a myth?”


“No they are not, silly!” Lance laughed and Hunk, who was trying to finish his assignment inside their room, stared at his friend with amusement. Lance knew that Hunk still didn’t believe him but has enough respect to let him continue, “They are out there, groups of merfolks out there. Who knows, you might already met one, my good friend!”

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re: your post on Christians being killed and the 'bias' against reporting it: it's not an anti-Christian bias, it's a bias against black and brown people, specifically in non-western countries. there are so many mass-killings that we never hear about because they're in countries that are predominantly non-white. it's not because they're Christian, it's because they're not white. when the church in Charleston had a mass shooting that received plenty of coverage.

I agree with you, anon. You’re absolutely right. I think that, however “progressive” the news media (or even Hollywood) claim to be, they have in the past and still often minimize stories involving black and brown people. That isn’t to undermine the great strides that have been made today or the great people who have made news or have had Hollywood success in the past, but the bias can still be there, even if you don’t notice it at first.

But that brings me to my next point. While you think it’s one bias and not the other, I wholeheartedly believe that an anti-Christian and an anti-black and brown people bias, specifically in non-western countries as well, coexist

I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of Christian voices out there still or that we haven’t been louder in older days of America. But what I am saying is that in much of mainstream media, there is a very strong but often hard to notice anti-Christian bias. And in the case with Christians being repeatedly put to death in certain Middle Eastern countries, it’s a combination of anti-Christian and anti-black and brown people from non-western countries.

You’re absolutely right; there are hundreds of mass-killings that happen all the time in non-western countries that aren’t given the time of day in Western news. Not even in a low-key article. But you’re not understanding the difference that separates this tragedy from the others, even by just a little.

This specific event is being done repeatedly and has gone on for years now. You wanna know when I first start hearing about Christians being beheaded, crucified, or shot in groups at a time, specifically for their faith, often by the same group of people? I think it was at least 3-5 years ago. And every time I looked to mainstream news media to tell me more about it, I heard about suicide bombers in the Middle East (another specific event that’s been happening for years now) and nothing more.

So what else could it be? It has to be a brown and black, non-Western people bias, but there has to be an anti-Christian bias here as well. Tragedies like suicide bombings are mentioned because they’re relevant to the terrorism threat and fear we have in the West right now. Tragedies like mass shootings, whether they are in churches or in schools, are mentioned because they’re also relevant to the fear and violence we have in America right now. Some events, even if they theoretically wanted to, cannot be ignored by the news media. 

Christians in the Middle East who are repeatedly being killed are not mentioned in the news media because of a bias against Christian, non-Western, black and brown people.

I don’t think you can sing about love or about breakups in such a sort of full way at 20. To pose a question: ‘What are these voices outside love’s open door that make us throw off our contentment and beg for something more?’ It’s the most incredible fucking question of the universe. I don’t think I can do that. Even when I try really hard to not see things in very simple ways, those confines do still exist because I’m just so new to living. I’m excited to get older and get better and be able to do it like they can do it
—  Lorde

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People need to consider that skin color isnt the only indicator of being white or a person of color. Eye shape, lips, nose, facial structure, and other physical feature are indicative of being a person of color. For example, although full lips are being bought by white women now, they are most naturally apparent in brown and black people regardless of shade.

Phyisical features at the end of the day can mean absolutely nothing because there are a pleathora of white passing people of color who are no less of color than someone who is very visably a person of color. I by no mean am saying that there aren’t some features that are recognized as more commonly, if not almost exclusively apparent to certain groups, it’s still important to remember those who do pass do exist. At the end of the day, it’s heritage that stands. Our features are can be a more visible way to show off that heritage.


Strangers ~ Chapter Seven

Not requested

Genre: Angst

Member: Byun Baekhyun & Zhang Yixing

Summary: (of this series) For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Summary: (of this chapter) Alright. *Sighs* Don’t worry, this isn’t the last part. There is lots of shit going down. There’s emotional you. An emotional Yixing. And oh boy…the emotional wreck, Baekhyun.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five} {Chapter six} {Chapter eight} {Chapter nine} {Chapter ten} {Chapter eleven} {Epilogue}

“I’m sorry. Really. I don’t know what to do with Baekhyun and now I don’t know what to do with this scandal that I’ve added to my problem with Baekhyun that I haven’t even fixed. And now I have another problem because you seem so unhappy even though you act the complete opposite. So now I’ve got three major problems that I have to deal with but-”

He cuts you off.

But not by his words.

He cuts you off with his lips.

He’s kissing you. Yixing, is kissing you.


You don’t know but he keeps going. He keeps going as he pushes you against the wall and brings his hands to your cheeks. His soft, warm hands are caressing you as he kisses you. He brings it to the next level as he slips his tongue inside your mouth, french kissing you. His kiss is urgent as he kisses you harder and pushes you harder into the wall as well. As he’s kissing you, you feel his love for you pour out into the kiss as he gets rougher. His soft lips start teasing you over and over as you get pulled deeper into his charms.


Stop it.

Stop kissing him, this is cheating.

But are you even Baekhyun’s girlfriend anymore?

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     The Wendigo or “Windigo” is a mythical creature that resides in the United States and Canada and is part of a traditional belief system in these areas. The name roughly means “The evil spirit that devours mankind” and usually translates to the word “Cannibal” in many tribes. This of course gives credence to the term “Wendigo Psychosis” which is a syndrome causing a craving for human flesh and is a term heavily tied to the creature.

     There are many different descriptions of the creature and many beliefs as well as to what it is exactly. Many describe the Wendigo as a monster, a gaunt twisted being who’s insatiable greed and hatred has led them astray. They are commonly associated with greed, racism, gluttony and are seen as evil, malevolent beings wandering around constantly looking for new victims.

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“What is the weirdest or funniest thing that’s happened to you guys on set?” ()

As much as I didn’t want it to be true I kinda had a feeling yandere really was one of the types bc of Kaoru’s dialogue in his last two episodes (especially his last one) :/

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aussimmer said Hi! Answer this question with five things that make you happy, and then send it to the last 10 people in your notes! Have a great day/night! :)

I had to search that name because I didn’t know who you were referring to >_< Hello to her too!

  • Perfume but only if it smells good.
  • Chokers and sunglasses. (Idk why but I’ve had a thing with them lately and it reflects with my female sims)
  • Home decorating.
  • A good night’s sleep. Do those still exist?
  • Finding girl gamers on Youtube who play Mass Effect (Seriously, it makes me better to know I’m not the only one who goes through emotions when I play that game)
Quick Fix II

Quick Fix II
[DΞΔN racing AU│Late night dates]

│ Quick Fix │

It was a little past 2am when Dean made his way inside of AOMG’s auto garage. It didn’t take him long to find you in the middle of the garage. You were working under the hood of the car, loudly singing along to the song blasting through your headphones; Occasionally coming up to grab a new tool.

Your tank top, and arms were covered in grease and oil and he still thought you were breathless. You’d wipe away the sweat on your brow, only to replace it with oil.

He called your name a few times but it fell on deaf ears, leaving him no choice but to come up behind you and tap you on the shoulder.

“Ahh!” you screamed and jumped, turning around quickly and wielding a hammer. “Dammit Dean!” you placed your hand over your heart and removed your headphone.

“I brought you food”

“How’d you get in here?”

“Door was open”

“You’re trespassing.”

He shrugged before walking over to the bench area. “You wanna eat or not?”

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Okay from what I can tell, people give the Girl Meets World Josh/Maya ship so much shit. Three years apart, fourteen year old and seventeen year old. Yes, that gap is dangerous and inappropriate at that age. However, from what I can tell in the episodes I’ve watched (my parents watch it more than I do), the thing people seem to ignore is that Josh legitimately acknowledges that it exists??? And that it’s inappropriate? ?? He likes Maya a lot as a person and finds her personality attractive but he acknowledges that it can’t happen. But he’s willing to back up, be her friend, and wait and see if in three, four years those feelings still exist and if they do, THEN he can pursue them. That’s why this ship actually kind of impresses me. Whether or not I ship it doesn’t matter, what matters is that Disney has presented a perfectly good example of how to go about this type of relationship. if you have more information or things I didn’t pick up on, let me know.

  • Me: *sees Ragnarok rumors all over dash*
  • Me: *sticks head in sand like an ostrich*
  • Me: Rumors? What rumors? Boy, it sure is a shame we haven't heard anything about Thor 3 yet. Ah well, that way it'll be a surprise.
Preference {3} You're a Family of...

This was a request to do a preference where you are married and have a kid/kids. I hope you enjoy it, Lovelies! Requests are still open!

- Chrissy

Master List

Part 2

Harry: Three.

“Mummy?” your little girl entered the living room, teddy bear in hand.

                It was late in the evening, and you were in the middle of watching The Vow. You had put your three-year-old to bed about an hour ago, and when you left the room, she was so far in dreamland you thought there was nothing that could wake her up.

                “What is it, Baby?” you asked, getting up from your armchair to go pick her up into your arms.

                She rubbed her left eye with the back of her tiny fist, “Daddy.”

                You frowned, “Daddy’s not here, Sweetie. You know that.”

                “I want Daddy,” she whimpered, burying her face into your shoulder.

                You rubbed the back of her head, “I know, Baby. I know. I want Daddy, too, but he has to work.”

                Harry, your husband of five years, had left for tour a few days ago. This was nothing new for your little girl, but she hadn’t really noticed his absence until she had begun to talk. She was getting older now, and she finally understood what it meant to miss someone specifically. Sure, she cried when she was alone, but she would stop crying for anyone. Now, her tears were only for her father.

                “Daddy…” she sobbed into your shoulder, clutching her teddy bear in one hand while the other gripped your pink nightie’s strap.

                You let out a sigh, rubbing her back and trying to calm her down, “Shh…It’s okay, Darling. We’ll see Daddy in a few weeks. There’s no need to cry.”

                “I want Daddy now,” she cried.

                That was when you remembered the first few months of your relationship with Harry. You remembered them being extremely difficult for you, considering he left for tour two months after you had become official. The hate and rumors circled, and Harry had seemed to anticipate that. Before he left, he had told you that you could Skype him whenever you needed to, that his computer would always be on and beside him. Even if it was two o'clock in the morning where he was, you shouldn’t hesitate to call if you needed him.

                As your relationship matured, you found that Skyping during times convenient for both of you was enough, and you couldn’t remember the last time you had called him on Skype to find him answering without a shirt on and his hair in a knotted mess.

                You hadn’t needed him so desperately since those first few months, and you didn’t really need to bother him now, considering it was probably five in the morning where he was. Judging by the sobbing girl in your arms, though, his daughter needed him.

                You could only pray that he still kept his laptop on and near.

                With your little girl in your arms, you walked into the kitchen, turning on the light as you did. You pulled out the chair in front of the desk and sat in it, leaning forward to turn on the desktop.

                Immediately after you had logged on, you opened Skype and called Harry.

                You didn’t tell your daughter that she could be seeing her father in a few minutes, knowing that she would cry even more if it turned out Harry didn’t pick up, but your smart little girl knew something was going on. Her tears had now stopped, and she watched her mummy do whatever she was doing.

                “Come on, Harry. Pick up,” you whispered, watching the screen in anticipation.

                Suddenly, his face filled the screen, “…Hello?”

                You grinned at the man you loved, touched that he still kept his promise from all those years ago.

                “Daddy!” your girl shouted, her face lighting up.

                “It’s my two favorite girls!” he whispered, throwing his hands up. “And they’re calling me at…” he narrowed his eyes at the computer screen, “five-twenty-three in the morning!”

                You rolled your eyes at his sarcasm, “Your daughter wanted to see her Daddy. She misses him terribly.”

                “Aww…I miss you, too, Sweetheart,” he smiled, his eyes meeting his daughter’s green gaze.

                And you talked until the morning light had made its way into Harry’s hotel room, revealing his tired face to you. At some point, your daughter had fallen asleep with her arms around your neck and her teddy still in her fist.

                “She’s so beautiful,” Harry whispered, “just like her mummy.”

                Despite how often he had called you beautiful, he still made you blush like a school girl, “What are you talking about? She looks more like you.”

                “She has your face and hair,” he pointed out with a yawn.

                “I suppose you’re right…” you yawned, too.

                “So is she the only one who misses me and wants to see me?”

                You rolled your eyes, “No. I miss you, too, and I’m so happy you still keep your laptop on.”

                “Of course I do. A promise is a promise, and now I have two girls that may need me.”

                “I love you so much, Harry Styles.”

                He grinned at your heartfelt statement, “And I love you so much more, Y/N Styles.”

Liam: Four.

                “…8….9…10!” your little boy shouted from the foyer. “Ready or not, here I come!”

                “He’s off,” Liam whispered against your ear, “and odds are, he’s going to look for his sister first.”

                You narrowed your eyes at your husband as he pushed you up against the window. When your son had started counting, Liam had held you in his arms and carried you up into your bedroom. There, he hid both of you behind the curtains, claiming that it was the perfect hiding spot, but you knew what he was up to.

                “What’s wrong, Babe?” he asked, pressing kisses on your neck. “Why are you being so cold?”

                “Liam,” you hissed trying to push him off of you, “we’re playing hide and seek with our children. We can’t fool around like this.”

                “Why not?” Liam asked, blowing into your ear. “It’s not like I’m going to take you right here, right now against the window…Even though I know you’d like that…”

                You blushed, “Liam…stop…”

                He continued to nibble on your earlobe while his hands ran up and down your sides, riding up your shirt.

                “Liam, we have children, now. We can’t just…” you trailed off as a moan escaped your lips.

                Liam nuzzled your neck, “Okay…I’ll stop, for now…but once the kids are in bed…” he nipped your neck, reveling in the sound of your gasp, “we’re coming back to this window…”

                You nodded, bringing his head down to yours to peck his lips.

                “Ew!” your son’s voice interrupted your moment.

                “Found you!” your little girl said, popping out from behind her elder brother.

                “No,” your boy turned around to face her, “I found them!”

                “Nuh-uh! I did!” your daughter insisted, stomping her tiny foot.

                “You both found us,” you smiled, leaning down to kiss both their cheeks.

                “Mum…” your son growled, wiping the kiss from his face, “you’ll give me cooties.”

                “Cooties?” Liam asked, looking at you. “Do those still exist?”

                “They do!” your little boy insisted. “And she just gave them to me!”

                “Your mum doesn’t have cooties, S/N,” Liam said, wrapping an arm around you. “If she did…I would’ve been died a long time ago.”

                “Eww!” your son exclaimed, sticking his tongue out. “Why do you always have to be so ewwy, Dad?”

                Liam threw his head back in laughter, “Ewwy? You’ll understand someday.”

                Liam messed up his son’s hair before going to pick up his daughter, “Come on. Let’s go watch some Tele while your mum makes lunch.”

                “Then can we play tag?” your son asked.

                “Sure! After we rest a bit, though,” Liam said, looking over his shoulder. “We don’t want you getting hurt.”

                Your son nodded before turning to look up at you.

                “Come on,” you held out your hand.

                His small hand reached for yours, letting you hold it, “Mum?”


                “You don’t have cooties.”

                “Oh?” you raised your eyebrows. “What changed your mind?”

                “Dad isn’t dead, and he kisses you all the time.”

                You chuckled, “You’re right about that.”

                After you made sure all three of your babies, including Liam, were in front of the Tele, enjoying one of the kids’ favorite shows, you went into the kitchen and began preparing lunch.

                You took out lettuce, tomato, and turkey for yourself and Liam, and for your kids, you had a jar of peanut butter and a jar of homemade strawberry jam.

                You were in the middle of preparing Liam’s sandwich when you felt arms around your waist and a chin on your shoulder.

                “What are they doing?” you asked with a giggle as he nuzzled your neck.


                “Now?” you looked over your shoulder at him.

                He nodded, “Hide and Seek must’ve tired them both out.”

                You put down the knife you were holding and walked out of Liam’s arms, towards the archway where you could peek into the family room. Sure enough, both kids were fast asleep.

                Liam joined you, wrapping you in his embrace as he kissed the top of your head.

                “Thank you,” he whispered.

                “For what?” you smiled, looking up at him.

                “For marrying me and giving me two beautiful children,” he replied, kissing your cheek.

                “Liam,” you turned around in his arms, resting your hands against his chest. , “you don’t have to thank me."       

                You pecked his lips, "You’ve done the exact same for me. We wouldn’t be here like this if it weren’t for you, too.”

                His lips lifted into a lopsided grin, “You’re perfect, you know that? I’m so lucky.”

                You blushed, “I’m the lucky one.”

                He brushed his lips against yours, “Can we try for another one…tonight?”

                Your eyes widened at his statement, “You want another one?”

                He nodded, grinning, “Just picture it, Love. A brother for S/N to look after or a sister for D/N to play with. Wouldn’t it be nice?”

                “I guess so,” you replied, glancing over at the two forms on the couch. “But won’t one of them feel left out?”

                “Then we’ll have two more. A boy and a girl.”

                “I swear you’ll be the death of me, Liam James Payne.”

Louis: Four.

                “Daddy! Daddy!”

                “Mummy! Mummy!”

                “Wake up!”

                You groaned, opening your eyes to see Louis’ face. While you were trying to do what your two little girls were asking of you, Louis was doing everything in his power to stay asleep, including squeezing his eyes shut.

                “Louis…” you murmured.


                “Mummy! Daddy! It’s Saturday, and you promised we’d go on a picnic!” D/1/N shouted, jumping up and down on the bed.

                “Go take your daughters on a picnic…” you trailed off, flipping over to your other side.

                “Before nine o'clock, they’re your daughters.”

                “Mummy, please wake up,” your other daughter said by your face.

                You let out a sigh, opening your eyes, “Morning, Sweetie. Take your sister with you and go wash up. Mummy will be there in a moment.”

                “Okay, Mummy!” D/2/N exclaimed before going over to Louis’ side of the bed. “Come on, D/1/N.”

                The bed became still after that, and the only noise you could hear were the sounds of little feet hitting the carpet.

                Then, the comforter moved, and you felt two arms wrap around your waist.

                “Morning, Love,” Louis whispered into your ear before rolling you onto your back so he could kiss you properly.

                “So you decided to get up and help me?” you chuckled against his lips.

                “I was going to help you from the start,” he murmured with a grin.

                You brought his lips down to yours for one more kiss, “We should get up now.”

                “I know, but…” he brushed his lips against yours once again, “I kind of don’t want to…” he pressed multiple kisses to your lips.

                “Louis!” you finally shouted in between kisses. “I have to help the girls.”

                “I’ll do that, Love,” he sighed. “You get breakfast ready.”

                “Are you sure?” you asked, watching him get out of bed.

                “Of course,” he replied with a smile, pulling on his pajama pants. “I have a great sense of fashion, especially girls’ fashion.”

                “You’re just going to put them into those two polka-dot sundresses we got them for their birthday,” you smirked at him, “like you always do when you dress the girls because you know they match their white flats.”

                “You know me so well,” Louis chuckled, leaning over the bed to kiss your cheek.

                “Mummy! Can you help me?”

                “Daddy’s coming, Love!” Louis rushed out of the room.

                Five minutes later, you were downstairs, getting out three different cereals, four bowls, and the milk. You also had to start packing up the food for the picnic.

                Saturdays were considered family days since the girls were born. Both you and Louis decided that when you had kids that you would raise them as your own. This meant that the only time you would leave your children with a babysitter was when you were going out for dinner or away for a couple of days. You did not want a nanny to raise your children.

                When Louis was on tour, you spent the whole Saturday with him on Skype as long as he was free. The girls especially enjoyed Saturdays while Louis was away because they missed their father dearly, and sometimes one of their uncles would join the call.

                “Mummy!” D/1/N ran into the kitchen, dressed in exactly what you predicted.

                “Yes, Baby?” you turned away from filling the basket.

                “Can you please do my hair? Daddy does it wrong,” she held up her brush and red ribbons.

                You chuckled, leaning down to brush through her shoulder-length locks. When you were done, you separated her hair to form twin tails and tied them with the ribbons.

                “There you go, Sweetie,” you said, standing up. “Now go put your brush back and tell your sister and Daddy that breakfast is on the table.”

                “Okay, Mummy.”

                You had finished packing the picnic basket by the time all three of them had come down. Now, you all sat around the table, enjoying your cereal.

                The girls finished before you two did and rushed off to the family room. A minute later, you heard the Tele on.

                “They can’t sit still for one second,” Louis sighed, shaking his head as he scooped up another spoonful.

                “Remind you of someone?” you grinned at him before putting your spoon in your mouth.

                “Shut up,” he said, despite his wide smile.

                “They’re just like you; though, I think D/2/N is a little more subdued.”

                Louis nodded, “She gets that from you.”

                “But they look more like you than me,” you pointed out. “And I’m happy they do.”

                “Why’s that?”

                “Because then I have a piece of you with me, even when you’re gone,” you whispered with a soft smile.

                Louis stared at you for a moment before leaning in to kiss you on the lips, “What did I do to deserve you?”

                You hummed, “I don’t know, but I must have done something right to end up with you…”

                He kissed you again, “If you keep talking like that, I might have to send the girls to their rooms for the day while we work on child number three."   

Niall: Four.


                “Yes!” you heard Niall yell from the next room. “You see that, S/N? That’s how it’s done!”

                You shook your head as you finished making tea for yourself and your husband. You listened, as you prepared each cup, to Niall explaining some part of the game to your two-year old.

                A smile made its way onto your lips as you turned and walked into the living room with two cups of steaming hot tea in hand.

                “There she is!” Niall exclaimed, coming up to you and taking his cup. “Here’s your mummy, S/N. She’s our good luck charm,” he kissed your cheek. “Thanks, Princess.”


                You looked at your two-year old, sitting on the couch, “Yes, Sweetie?”


                Niall nearly went through the ceiling with joy, “That’s right, S/N. Goal! We got a goal!”

                He put his cup down on the coffee table and went over to your son.

                You laughed, watching Niall lift S/N into the air and swing him around.

                “Be careful with him, Niall. He’s still a baby.”

                “Don’t worry, Princess,” he said to you as he brought his son back down into the safety of his arms. “I got this little one. He isn’t going anywhere.”

                You smiled at the two of them, wondering if these two people could really be your own family. It almost seemed too good to be true, and you were hoping, with the news you had for Niall, that your little piece of heaven would become even more of a blissful place.


                “Yes, Princess?” he turned to face you, S/N still in his arms.

                “During halftime, do you mind if we talk?” you asked, sitting on the couch.

                “Of course I don’t mind,” he replied before going to sit next to you. “What do you want to talk about?”

                “Um…I’ll just tell you about it later,” you shrugged, taking a sip of your tea. “Watch your game. We’ll talk about it soon.”

                “Alright…” he looked at you for a minute before turning back to the Tele.

                While S/N and Niall were watching the game, you were watching them. They made up your world, and you couldn’t get enough of either one of them. They were so alike with both of their blue eyes glued to the Tele screen, not missing a single moment.

                And what a game it was! The two teams were tied when halftime started, making Niall a tad bit anxious for the second half. Your son, however, somewhere during the first half, had fallen asleep on Niall’s chest.

                “Come here,” Niall said, looking over at you.  

                You did as he requested, snuggling up against his side.

                “Now, what did you want to talk about?” he asked, kissing your temple.

                “Well…you know how I’ve been feeling sick the past few days?”

                He nodded, “Yeah. You went to the doctor yesterday, and you told me that he had said you were fine…”

                His face expressed his worry as the words left his mouth. You hadn’t meant to hide anything from him, but telling him while his family was over and your son was having one of his fussier days was not ideal. You had wanted to sit him down and tell him privately before you both decided to make the information public.

                You took his hand, “I’m not dying, Niall. You can relax.”

                His face softened some, but he was still wary, “But you’re not fine…?”

                “I’m more than fine, Niall,” you chuckled. “Believe me. I’m not leaving you anytime soon.”

                “Good,” he whispered. “I don’t think I could handle that.”

                “You’re so sweet,” you grinned, kissing his cheek.

                He leaned over and pecked your lips, “Not as sweet as you. You’ve given me so much. Love, a wife, a son, happiness. I owe my life to you…”

                “And I owe mine to you,” you smiled. “Oh, Niall. I’m so happy, and I really want you to be, too.”

                “I am happy,” he grinned. “I’m the happiest man alive. I have the perfect life.”

                “Well, do you think that there’s enough room in this perfect life for a new addition?” you asked, biting your lip as you looked at your intertwined fingers.

                Niall was silent for a moment, processing what you had just said before answering, “Are you…Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

                “That depends, Hun,” you looked up. “What do you think I’m saying?”

                “That you’re…” he glanced at your stomach, a lopsided grin on his face, “you’re pregnant?”

                You nodded, “Are you ready to be a father of two?”

                “Am I ready?” Niall chuckled. “I’ve been ready since I met you!”

                “Shh…Niall. You’ll wake up S/N.”

                “Oops…” he looked at the sleeping two-year old on his chest, “Sorry, little guy, but Daddy’s excited. You’re going to be an older brother!”

                You kissed Niall’s cheek, “Do you know you’re the best father ever?”

                “Just the best father?” he asked, arching a brow at you.

                You rolled your eyes, “Best husband, too.”

                He chuckled against your lips before giving you a chaste kiss, “You’re the best wife and mummy.”

Zayn: Three.

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear S/N. Happy Birthday to you!”

                “Blow out your candles and make a wish, Sweetie!” you exclaimed, putting your hand on your son’s back.

                The boy hesitated for a moment, looking to you and then his father before leaning down to blow out the three candles.

                Everyone in the room clapped.

                “Good job, S/N,” Zayn messed up his son’s hair while you took the candles out of the cake.

                “He’s got a good set of lungs in him,” Niall remarked from where he was leaning on the table.

                “Of course he does,” Louis grinned. “He has Zayn Malik as his father, after all.”

                “He has a good voice, too,” you said while cutting the first piece of the cake and handing it to your son.

                “Really? Should we make him the sixth member of One Direction?” Liam asked.

                “I don’t know…” Zayn chuckled, watching his son basically inhale the chocolate cake. “He’ll break a lot of girl’s hearts.”

                “Just like his father,” you smirked, kissing Zayn’s cheek.

                “Very funny, Y/N,” Zayn’s eyes followed you as you walked around the table, handing Niall and Louis a slice of cake.

                “Thanks, Y/N.”

                “No problem. I hope you like it,” you went back to the cake, cutting slices for Harry, Liam, and Zayn.

                “Mmmm,” Niall’s eyes widened. “It’s delicious!”

                You handed slices to Zayn’s sisters and mother, “Thanks, Niall.”

                “You made this?” Harry pointed his fork at his plate.

                “Yes, I did,” you replied, proud of your handiwork.

                “It’s amazing!” Louis shouted.

                “It is very good, Y/N,” your mother-in-law nodded. “You should give me the recipe sometime.”

                “I will. I’m just glad everyone likes it.”

                “Mummy makes the best food!” S/N exclaimed, cake and frosting all around his smile.

                Everyone in the room laughed while you leaned down to wipe off his face.

                Once everyone had enjoyed a piece of cake, you all gathered in the living room to watch S/N open his gifts. While everyone was in there, you began to clear the table and wash the dishes.

                You were in the middle of washing one desert dish when your son ran in, shouting, “Mummy! Mummy! Guess what Uncle Harry got me!”

                You leaned down, putting your hands on your thighs, “What? Tell me.”

                “He got me a new truck!” he held up the shiny toy for you to see.

                “Oh, wow! That’s beautiful, S/N! Did you thank Uncle Harry for the gift?”

                “Yup! I gave him a hug and everything!” your son said, his deep brown eyes twinkling in the kitchen lights.

                You smiled at him, giving him a kiss on the cheek before standing up, “Go ahead, now. I’m sure they’re all waiting for you to open your second gift.”

                “Oh!” his eyes widened before he turned and ran passed his father.

                “Careful,” Zayn said after him before turning to look back at you. “Hey, Beautiful.”

                “Hey, Honey,” you wrapped your arms around his neck while he pulled you up against him.

                He brushed his lips against yours, “I’m so happy. I feel like today’s my birthday.”

                You grinned at his words, “Really? And why are you so happy, Mr. Malik?”

                “Well, Mrs. Malik, I’m surrounded by friends and family,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours, “and I have been blessed with a perfect son by my very own angel.”

                His flattery still made your cheeks turn pink even after six years of marriage.

                He brought his head down to your shoulder, kissing your neck, “Why am I so damn lucky, Y/N? Sometimes it scares me, how amazing my life is.”

                “Why does it scare you?” you furrowed your brows while you traced your fingers through his hair.

                “I’m afraid it’s too good to be true,” he looks up at you. “That I’m going to wake up one morning, in my bed, back at my parents place and find you two gone. Like it never happened.”

                “Zayn,” you cupped his face. “That would never happen. Our family is real. This is real. Nothing is going to change that.”

                He smiled at your words, “How do you always know exactly what to say?”

                “Well, I am your wife,” you giggled, kissing his nose.

                “And what an amazing wife you are,” he murmured, leaning down to nibble on your ear.

                He continued down your neck, nipping and pressing kisses to your skin.

                “Zayn…” you hissed, “we have guests…”

                “So…?” he breathed against your neck before trailing kisses back up to your cheek.

                “So? Someone could–”

                You were cut off by his lips crashing into yours, and you just let yourself melt into his arms. Your hands slid into his hair, playing with the tiny curls he had let grow at the bottom. His lips continued to attack yours, leaving you both gasping for air once he broke the kiss.

                “I’m going to need you,” he whispered, kissing your jaw. “I’m going to need you naked and waiting for me. I’ll put S/N to bed, and then I’ll come and put you to bed.”


What was the divergeance?


Is this still a darker Discord or does this one also have within him the potential to reform?

As for potential to reform? SPOILERS. Why would I solve the whole blog that easily just because the show made it easy peasey bubblegumdrops and bunnies?

How did his absence affect this universe’s versions of events?

If we’re assuming that this all takes place in a timeline resembling canon that just diverged somewhere, does that mean that Tirek and maybe even other future FiM villains are also running around out there right now?

Possibly, but why spoil it?

If this is a darker Discord and this universe is actually different, not just the canon timeline gone wrong, then do those villains and other future aspects of canon still exist at all?

What does he even have to do with those villains?! Discord didn’t make them, Discord wasn’t the reason they showed up, they still exist. Seriously how does altering ONE villain suddenly make all the others not exist? He’s not the god of villains. Why is this even a question?

How did Twilight lose her wings?

Why did she never mention the princess thing for however many months or possibly even years we spent with her in her own blog?

It’s a little thing called ‘shame’.

If the Tree of Harmony isn’t actually what created the Elements, then why do they perfectly fit it? Did the Tree or the Elements come first? If it was the Elements, then who created the Tree? Why? What for? And if it was the Tree that came first, then how do the Elements factor into the equation?

Spoilers, spoilers, SPOILERS.

What about those flashbacks in Princess Twilight Sparkle? Were they the same here? But they can’t have been, because the Nightmare Moon one contradicts the Master’s backstory.

Kay lemme esplain you a thing.

holy alternate universes batman!

Seriously. Put. More. Trust. In. The. Writers.