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Dogs For Dan and Phil!

What’s going on? What is Dogs for Dan and Phil?

It’s a blog dedicated to all the good boys and girls of the phandom! All you have to do is submit (or tag) a picture of your pup + any info you want to share about them, and they’ll go into my (hopefully) large gallery of Good Pups!

What is the goal of this blog?
To make you smile! My goal is to create a happy, positive safe place where everyone in the phandom (or even dnp themselves!) can come whenever they feel sad, frustrated, or just want a little extra happiness in their life.

Cool! How Do I Help?

1.Submit/tag pictures of your dog!
That’s what this blog is about, after all. And without those pictures this blog will flop!

2. Reblog this! Tweet it! Instagram it! I don’t care! Just let people know this is a thing that exists.

(Not crucial, but I have zero editing skills, so if anyone would like to help with icons/headers in the future, that would be great too!)

Stop Assuming Sheith is Problematic

Canon confirmed Shiro is a teen just like Keith.

Canon confirmed Shiro is a teen just like Keith.

Canon confirmed Shiro is a teen just like Keith.

Seriously, there cannot be a discourse over a “fact” that doesn’t actually exist. The assumption that Shiro is somehow 20+ is one that the fandom has convinced itself of - but it’s just that: an assumption. The producers of the show have stated that Shiro is in the same age group as the rest of the team, or a teenager. That means at most he is 19, which is very likely not 5 years older than Keith, where it then would be as problematic as this fandom seems to think.

It’s fine if the ship doesn’t suit your taste, or doesn’t have enough evidence for you, or just isn’t aesthetically appealing. Whatever.

I am not saying that a huge age difference between these characters would not be problematic. It certainly would be. The people that ship Sheith under the impression that there might be such an age difference might be considered problematic, but I don’t ship shame personally.

Regardless, I am saying that that issue does not actually apply to this ship.

Plus, why would the main producer of the show and Shiro’s VA show clear support for a ship if it is presumably a pedo one? Think.

TL;DR? Get your head out of your ass and get your facts together before you attack/throw shade at people and a ship for something that isn’t actually true.

Seriously guys, don’t bandwagon just because a few people are misinformed. Be better. Don’t cause non-existent discourse over something w/o evidence first.

At the very least, keep your discontent out of the tag.

[Edit] For those of us that ship Sheith - hell, even those of you that don’t or prefer Klance - please spread this like wild fire. This information will have to spread if we are going to clear this up. We all have to do our part.

Thank you.
– Aiden

Clean Transparency: A Tutorial


Another note: I don’t recommend editing fanart to be transparent without permission of the artist. It’s on the same level as editing fanart in other ways: you’re changing the fanartist’s intentions in their art, which is rude and generally insulting to the artist. So if you’re going to use this tutorial, please keep that in mind! 

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