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i’ll spend forever thinking about how taylor asks her friends, “how’s your heart?” as that’s such a genuine, wonderful and empathic question to ask anyone you cherish, and it’s truly a shining testament to her loving, kind disposition. those words weaved together may seem quite simple, but they have the power to make someone feel like their wellbeing is treasured. that’s the kind of love and appreciation we all deserve.

Shower Sex

You get home from the gym late, and hop right into the shower without bothering to figure out where your boyfriend is. You merely assume he’s editing a new video and decide not to bother him until you’re out of the shower and no longer smell like sweat from your work out.

While you’re in the shower you think about how long it’s been since you and Dan really spent time together, or were intimate. He’s been so busy with the radio show, various youtube events, and making videos, and you’ve been busy with work and everything, that the two of you just haven’t been able to see each other much other than in passing and at night, when you’re both too exhausted to do anything other than give each other a quick kiss goodnight. You miss him, his touch, and you briefly wonder if you’ll be able to rectify you’re lack of intimacy tonight. But then you remember the video he’s been working on, and you don’t want him to end up uploading late because of you.

You’re so lost in thought that you don’t even hear the bathroom door open, so when the shower curtain is peeled back it nearly scares you to death. “What the fuck?!” you screech as you jump.

Dan laughs as he steps into the shower with you, “Relax, babe, it’s just me.”

You take a deep breath, calming yourself, “You scared me to death!”

He chuckles again, “I can see that.”

You roll your eyes but smile, “You’re the worst.”

He smirks, “Nah, I think you kind of like me,” he says with a wink that, though you don’t want to admit it, kind of turns you on.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be working on a video?” you ask, continuing to wash your hair despite his presence.

“I’m taking a break,” he says, grabbing a lufa and loading it up with body wash. “I feel like we haven’t really seen each other in ages.” He gestures for you to turn around and he begins to wash your back for you, slowly and gently massaging you.

“I know,” you murmur. “I wish just thinking about that.” You turn around face him, reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck and bring his lips to yours. You press your body against his and can feel that he’s already hard. “Geez two minutes in the shower with me and you’re already hot and bothered?” you tease.

“What? You’re naked! And wet! How am I supposed to react?” he pouts.

You laugh before hopping up onto the ledge in your shower, “Just come here,” you say, holding your arms out for him.

He enters them gladly, immediately latching his mouth onto yours and reaching down between your legs with one hand. He swirls his thumb around your clit while your tongues dance together, and your breath catches. This seems to encourage him, and he rubs more quickly and moves the tip of his length into your entrance. You curl your toes and arch your back, grinding your hips closer to Dan and taking in more of his length. Now it’s his turn to gasp, and he begins to pump in and out of you, his thumb still dancing over the sensitive nerve endings of your clit in time with his rhythm.

You tangle your hands in his hair as you lean down to suck on his neck, which you know is his most sensitive area. His hand pauses and he sucks his breath in as you begin to suck and bite the soft skin of his neck, and you can tell it’s hard for him to focus when you’re sending his body into a frenzy of pleasure. However, he’s determined to get you off and won’t lay off to focus on himself until he’s achieved that to his satisfaction, so he pushes through and re-focuses on moving his thumb over your clit.

“Oh god,” you groan, feeling your orgasm beginning to grow from your center. “Don’t stop, Dan- I’m  com—oh my god!” you moan and your body clenches up as you’re racked with orgasm. You clench your fists his Dan’s sopping hair and squeeze your eyes shut, relishing the pleasure that’s coursing through your body.

When you open your eyes, you see that Dan is smirking at you, “You’re never more beautiful than when you’re coming,” he says, wiping a strand of hair from your face.

You blush and smile back, “But now it’s your turn.” He doesn’t miss a beat, but continues to thrust in and out of you, increasing his rhythm over time until he finally explodes inside of you.

You lean into each other, breathing heavily and letting the hot water pour down on you. “We need to do this more often,” Dan says breathlessly.

You give him a swift kiss on the lips, “Agreed.”