do this for me please i know im just 14 but i wanna help and we really need your help

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Advice for a scared lil 14 y/o bean going into high school :0 pls

aw ok lil bean let’s see so

- everyone is in the same boat and scared because being a freshman can be a big change but it’s fun!!
- if you’re scared you won’t make friends, join clubs/sports teams/etc because there is plenty of forced interaction with other people and finding friends is quick nd easy
- if u don’t wanna join anything (which u should if u wanna go to college bc they want extracurriculars), talk to the people around you in your classes
- stay organized!!!!!! pls getting a hang of these skills are going to make high school so much easier. try color coordinating classes and keep the same color notebooks/folders/binders next to each other in your locker so you know you have the right stuff for the right class
- make friends with your teachers trust me having them on your side can be incredibly useful
- don’t procrastinate. oh my god. there wasn’t a single night this year when i wasn’t done with homework before midnight ok procrasinating is bad don’t make urself suffer
- relationships can be fun, but they don’t come before your schoolwork
- check your school email and grades as often as you can. i and everyone i’m friends with checks daily
- go to your guidance counselor if you need anything, that’s what they’re there for
- get your required volunteer hours done as soon as possible
- it’s ok if you don’t know what you wanna do yet or where you wanna go to college (if you want to go at all)
- quizlet is so so so so so good. if you make your own flash cards on there and give the link to other classmates to help them study, that’s another way to make friends too
- if your school has uniform, adhere to the rules that are set. too many uniform violations will most likely result in detentions
- if your school doesn’t have uniform, still adhere to the dress code (ik it’s misogynist and encourages seeing minors as sexual beings because apparently shoulders are sexy or something??? whatever. but still do it bc rebelling won’t change the rules it will just get you in trouble)
- if you don’t want to drink, smoke, or party, don’t. i doubt anyone will judge you for not going to a party and if they do, they’re not worth your time
- sex ed in most schools in most places sucks. google is your best friend, especially if your school teaches abstinence only and therefore refuses to answer any questions that don’t relate to abstinence (for example, i go to a catholic school in the southern united states, so the only sex ed we get is our theology teacher telling us “rules for relationships” - 1) never go anywhere alone with someone 2) keep all kisses above the shoulders 3) keep both feet planted firmly on the ground ..yikes ik)
- if you’re planning on doing ap/ib courses as a junior/senior see what that entails and try to make a decision as soon as possible so you’re not stressing about it sophomore year
- having school spirit makes things extra fun tbh
- it’s ok to be friends with people outside of your grade
- when you’re just figuring out where all your classes are, stay to the side and out of the way but don’t be afraid to ask someone
- don’t let the whole “freshmeat” thing get to you. everyone goes through being a freshman and schools all across the united states have a zero-tolerance bullying policy, so if someone is being an asshole to you, tell a teacher or faculty member

if anyone else has any advice for this lil bean, please reply/reblog and add on! and to everyone in the class of 2020, good luck‒you’ll do great

edit: some additions to this list from tumblr users partiallystar and gravity-falling-for-fob! thank you :D

- DON’T DATE JUNIORS OR SENIORS ESPECIALLY…. ik it can seem cool or whatever but anyone in those grades who seems interested in u esp. with sexual undertones will not result in a healthy relationship and u rly dont wanna get in a bad place
- keep your most important/tidiest notes or w/e at the end of the year! esp in maths and science or foreign language it can be really helpful to have past reference sheets bc those courses tend to build and rely on past skills thru all 4 years!
- do your best to either overcome anxiety about asking questions or talk to a friend who might be willing to ask them for you; it sucks failing or doing badly bc ur too nervous to get the help you need. this is also where being friendly with teachers helps bc they’re more likely to be easier to communicate with and more likely to help you or even give extensions/passes on late/missing work if they know ur a good egg!
- savor every moment! im close to graduating and feel like highschool has gone by so fast that i wish i had enjoyed it more

Spanish Tutor [Luke Hemmings]

“Y/N and Luke Hemmings. Please see me after class.” Senora says. Your heart beats fast. What could she want? You were a pretty good student in a Spanish. You weren’t sure if you were Senora’s favorite student but  that didn’t matter. What made you even more nervous was the sound of Luke Hemmings name. So nervous that your hands began to shake. You looked at your Spanish teacher. She smiled warmly at you. You offered her a small smile back but it fell. You knew very well what Luke thought of you. It happened just 2 years ago when you were a new student.

“Hello.” A voice said. You turn around and see a girl. She smiles warmly at you and offers to show you around the school which you gladly excepted. After a couple rooms, she told you shed had to go to the restroom to make a quick pit stop. You nodded in response and tapped your foot in an irregular rhythm to a tune of song you liked, waiting for her to return.

“Are you the new girl? A voice asks behind you. You turn around and see a boy way taller than you with a blonde fringe. You nod meekly, your words burning in your throat. His chapped pink lips curve slightly.

"I hope you dont get trampled.” He says coldly. You frown. He laughs.

“Best of luck to you.” He spits before turning away. 

“Y/N.. please translate the next paragraph.” Senora asks sweetly, snapping you back into reality. You sigh and translate the paragraph perfectly with your accent you somehow muster through you nervous body. She smiles at you and continues to talk but you blare her out. Your eyes trail to Luke who (coincidentally) sat 3 seats away from you. His hair lost the fringe a year ago and was now in a small quiff. His eyes were sea blue and his height was never ending. But he hated everyone in this school. From day one. If looks could kill, hed have half the school dead. All he cared of was his band and his grades. Well not much of his grades but to the point of passing unlike some guys here. But that didnt stop girls from fawning over him and his band. Ever day you had to trudge to school, hearing things like “Id so suck Luke’s dick just for tickets to his show” and “Omg Megan!! The tickets arent even expensive and im pretty sure youd give him a bj, nonetheless." You shudder and pull on your collared uniform, waiting for the class to end. When the bell rang, you were a nervous wreck. Getting called by the teacher was seriously the scariest thing yet. But you tamed your shaking body and bit your lip. Shuffling your things together you walked to the teachers desk.

"You wanted to see me, Senora.” You say. You hear the soft clanks from Luke’s shoes and within seconds, he stands next to you. He raised his hand to rub his neck and brushed past your arm. You blushed at the warm contact but fixed your attention to the teacher. 

“I know the both of you have heard of the Spanish Program.” Of course you have heard of the Spanish Program. Its a fancy name but really means you need help in the subject and have to come everyday to the library to receive it. But that scared you. You passed all subjects. Cue the rambling.

“Senora. I dont need help. Ive passed all subjects and I cant have this on my reputation. Ill lose college credits, you must under-” She silences you.

“Y/N, I want you to tutor Luke every day after school. He seems to be slacking.” She says, concerned. Luke rolls his eyes and lets out an exaggerated sigh. 

“Do I have-” Luke was cut off.

“Yes you do. I want progress, Mr. Hemmings.” She says shortly. He sighs and nods.

“You may have the library or your home. Have a nice day.” She says. You scurry out of the room. Sure, it may look like your a nerd but you really weren’t. Outside of school, you had a mind of your own. A crazed mind that is. Since Spanish was your last class, you walk quickly (run) to your locker to get away from the awkwardness with Luke. You shove your books in your bag and slam your locker only to see Luke lying beside your neighbors locker. You shake a little before letting out a breathy gasp. Luke let out a chuckle. You could have sworn it was at the most.

“Do you wanna go to my house? Tutor me there?” He asks, casually. You raise an eyebrow. He talks like its been years. You fix your backpack strap and shrug.

“Sure.” You mumble.

“Did I do something?” He asks softly.

“Your acting like we’ve been talking forever. Its okay. We can get this over with and ill be out of your life within a snap.” You blurt, quickly regretting it. You didnt want to be out of Luke’s life. Not necessarily. You actually have attended one of his concerts and you had grown a small liking towards him. Other girls would kill to be you. His lips curve making you feel smaller than a lint ball. 

“Ill see you at 6. Your place.” You mumble before walking away.

“WAIT, Y/N!!!” You hear him yell your name. You turn around and wait for him to catch up.

“I never said I didn’t want you in my life.” He says, softly. Your furrow your eyebrows in confusion before realizing something. He must be giving you pity. You don’t need pity. He didn’t know the real you and he didn’t need too either.

“I don’t need you condolence. Ill see you later.” You sigh, leaving him standing there in the hallway. You race home and lock the door before walking in. You consult with your mother about the whole program and she was ecstatic about you helping others. You quickly took a shower and changed from your school uniform and into a baggy Nirvana shirt and black leggings. You tie your hair into a ponytail and check the time. Luke had given you the address to his house and it seemed like it would take only 5 minutes to reach. You pedaled on your bike with your book bag on your back to his house and reached in no time. You quickly tightened your ponytail and brushed off the dust of your leggings and made your way to the door. A lady opened it with a bright smile before frowning.

“Are you another girl of Luke’s?” She asks. You shake your head, confused.

“I’m his Spanish tutor.” You say. Her lips curve and she beams.

“Upstairs, 2nd room to your left. Oh i’m his mother. Liz.” She says. You nod your head and smile.

“Y/N.” You say before heading upstairs. You softly knock on the door and waited. You were about to to turn around, afraid it may have been the wrong door till Luke opens it. He wore a simple Mayday Parade shirt with black skinny jeans. You were surprised at his taste but walked in anyway.

“Hey..” He says softly. You offer him a smile.

“Hi.” You say before pulling out your books.

“So we can start with Chapter 14 Section A paragraph 3.” You say. He nods and takes out his book.

“I like your shirt.” He says, his eyes trailing down your body. You blush bright red and look down at your book.

“Lets work on your translation skills, ill read sentence by sentence and ask you to repeat them so you can fluctuate your accent. Then we can work on translating.” You say. He nods and begins to read. You roll your eyes and interrupt him. 

“Luke, your on the wrong chapter.” You say. He leafs through some more making your roll your eyes again. You get up and walk beside. You lean down, your arm brushing his chest as you try to find the correct page. You feel his stare at you but you ignore him. You flip the book to the cover before realizing that Senora had accidentally given him a different book. Your frown lightly.

“You can share with me.” You say. He nods and scoots over. You go over the translation and he seems to ace it.

“Okay. Sentence structure. I’m going to pick a word from this bank in Spanish and you make a sentence out of it.” You say. He nods and leans back in his chair, his tongue flicking his lip piercing making your heart thump faster and your hands begin to sweat. You immediately look down and trace your finger along the book.

“Extrano (weird)” You say. He laughs and quickly forms a sentence from the back of his mind. You go through a couple words at random.

“Okay, I think this will be the last word for our lesson today. Then I can go home.” You sigh, tiredly. He nods slowly.

“Bonita (pretty)” You say. He looks at you deeply.

“Y/N es muy bonita.” He whispers, leaning in. His warm breath hit your face. You close your eyes for a minute, your heart racing. You open your eyes to see Luke’s and shake your head.

“You know what that means right?” You ask.

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have said it.” He retorts. You frown.

“Thats not true.” You say.

“I never said it was false either.” He says. You stand up, your heart racing for the billionth time. He had just given you a compliment. And he wasn’t joking. Or you think he was. He mustve been joking. It was just a sentence. A part of this lame tutoring program. Dammit! Why did studies have to interfere with your emotions. You retrieve your bag but it fell shortly from your reach.

“I have to go.” You whisper. He stands up.

“Wait, Y/N. I need to tell you something.” He says. Your lips curve.

“What?” You ask. He takes long strides towards you, backing against the wall. He pushes your lose strands back. You feel his breath hitting your face. 

“Im sorry. 2 years ago.” He whispers. Your eyes bulge. He remembered?

“You remember?” You squeak.

“Well how could I forget? Your always on my mind.” He says. Your lips quiver and your heart races again. Before you could say another word, he presses against you. His lips mold into yours. You flutter your eyes closed and kiss back, your hands wound in his hair. You feel his rip ring move making you giggle. 

“What?” He asks. 

“Stop that.” You groan.

“Stop what..?” He asks, innocently. You roll your eyes.

“Your rolling your lip ring. Its driving me insane.” You say. He raises an eyebrow.

“Are you telling me I drive you insane?” He asks. Your eyes widen.

“W-What? No!!!” You exclaim. He laughs and presses his lips to your cheek.

“Your cute when you stutter. Your cute when you do anything, really.” He mumbles, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. You smile before wringing out of his grip. You throw your bag on your shoulder.

“You only know half of what I really am.” You say. He pouts.

“When do I get to see the other half?” He asks. You smirk.

“I don’t know.” You say and fix your posture.

“Ill see you tomorrow.” You say winking, leaving him wanting to see you more than anything.


Had this idea while talking on the phone. It wasnt requested. Hope you liked it!! :)