do they live in the same bubble

Concern Meme
  1. ‘I’ve not seen you eat a vegetable in a week. How about I make you a proper dinner?’
  2. 'That does not look like a flesh wound, dude.’
  3. 'Do you actually ever leave your office and sleep?’
  4. 'Sleeping on your desk totally doesn’t count.’
  5. 'I’ve seen healthier looking corpses. You should head to bed.’
  6. 'Keep hydrated! I’m concerned about you in that heat!’
  7. 'Have you practised any self-care today?’
  8. 'Do you want me to run a warm bath for you? We can use your favourite bubble bar.’
  9. 'I’ll hold your hair. Just take deep breaths.’
  10. 'I know there was a story about a girl who lived on nothing but pizza, but I really don’t think you’ll manage to do the same!’
  11. 'You look terrible. I mean, you look beautiful as ever, but also super sick.’
  12. 'Please go and rest? I’m so worried about you!’
  13. 'You need to sit for a while. Please? You’re always on your feet.’
  14. 'All this stress isn’t good for you.’
  15. 'Would you like a back-rub?’
  16. 'C'mon, look at me! Don’t close your eyes, okay?’
  17. 'Wake up! Come on, please! Come back to me!’
  18. 'You’re having a nightmare! It’s not real, I’m here!’
  19. 'What do you normally do to help your anxiety? We can do that.’
  20. 'Would you like me to sit with you while you go through this?’
  21. 'Are you okay for me to touch you? You can nod or shake your head.’
  22. 'Breathe, that’s it. Nice and steady.’
  23. 'I’m right here, I promise. I’m not going anywhere.’
  24. 'You can cry if you need to, it’s alright. No one would think badly of you.’
  25. 'Do you want a hug?’
  26. 'I’ll stay right with you until you fall asleep.’
  27. 'You went really dizzy there for a second. Can you hear me now?’
  28. 'I’ve got you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Just stay with me, please…’
  29. 'Where does it hurt? Can you show me?’
  30. 'I have a first aid kit, I can fix you up.' 

(May 2016)

a cluster of thoughts

rowanblanchard Tbt to simpler times 💔😢 But for real:

Your country elects a racist/rapist as president. Your eyes are so puffy from crying all night it actually hurts to keep them open. You wake up November 9th, 2016, imagining this is how people felt September 12, 2001. You are tired and sad but aware you live in a bubble of white privileged/ a bubble that is Los Angeles. You spend the entire day feeling like you could vomit, you try to get school done but doing history just makes you sadder. You are sort-of freaking out because you are a teenager so the world already sort-of feels as thought it was ending, and then this? You wake up Thursday feeling angry and wanting to fight back. You go to a protest, the first in your life, holding signes with other people your age, in the same boat you are. You march. Tears brim when you chant “My Body- My Choice”, which is followed by a “Her body- Her Choice.” You know there must be some resolve and healing in wearing your labels even harder. You know there must be power in just having survived this world with these labels. You read whatever you have on your shelf. You breathe, you cry, you rise. You breathe/You cry/You rise/You breath/You cry/You rise.

I would like to keep this blog positive and a sanctuary among the chaos, but I might need a bit of time to heal. I am…incredibly shaken up right now, in tears and fearing for my future. I am not okay. 

I will probably be optimistic tomorrow. Perhaps even in a few hours, depending on how quickly I can push this out of my mind. I am not sure if I will be able to answer messages right now with the same pep and cheer I usually do, but tomorrow is another day. In due time, I will be okay.

My only comfort right now is that I live in California, where we are essentially cut off from the rest of the country and free to live in our own bubble. I only hope Trump cannot reach us with his hateful rhetoric. However, I also hope the rest of the country is not affected by this vile man. I hope he accomplishes nothing during his presidency and that anyone who voted for him realizes they made a mistake.

This will be my one and only post on this, since I do not want to dwell on the issue or stress anyone out. I might even delete this as soon as I post it. I don’t know right now, I’m just really upset, and disappointed, and scared. But hopefully we (not just Americans, but all folks across the globe that this will affect) can come together and get through this. I love each and every single one of you, and will pray for all of us tonight. May whichever God you believe in guide you through these troubling times. And if you are not religious, I will send positive vibes your way and hope for you to be kept safe as well. 


★ ★  hi! my name is alder, i’m between jobs and i love to do web design so i’m opening up theme, general web design, & icon commissions ! ★ ★ 

i mostly do work similar to tumblr pages & i am not comfortable doing a full-blown Website as such, but anything like a blog layout, a custom page design, a forum skin– i can hook you up. if you’re not sure, ask!

                    ★  basic can-do / price breakdown  ★

  • themes - around $20 and up. same for jcink/invisionfree skins or similar major page-level work.
  • custom pages - around $10 and up (depending on complexity)
    • this includes: about pages; link & tag pages; character/kin/etc pages; more creative things! see my codes tag for a few i did for general use.
  • icons - $5-10 for 10-ish icons (depending on complexity)
    • comics, anime, live action television, photoshoots, etc.
    • i do not draw these but i CAN photoshop out text bubbles, change colors to a fair extent, add background patterns, etc.
  • mix covers, image banners, text edits, etc - $10-ish
    • similar to icons, i can heavily edit one image, mash together a bunch of images, add a lot of textures, etc. see my nicer 8tracks covers or some of the graphic resources above.

(these prices are a little wiggly because this is a general guideline– all prices are clearly quoted and agreed on after the ideas & work are discussed and decided. :>)

generally: if you have an idea or something you want or need, ask me about it! i can quote you a price and/or help you nail down what you have in mind. either way there’s no pressure.

                       ★ ★ ★  signal boosts are appreciated!   ★ ★ ★

CONTACT INFO & any updates can be found below:

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it’s so frustrating seeing lots of people crop up start doing the same thing you’ve been doing for years, yet claim they’re all *original*, *copyrighted*, *trademarked*, *do not steal*, *magical good vibes*

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yoonmin sfw 1, 4, 11, 15

who cooks?

it’s roughly the same because they do it together, jimin might cook a little more often but yoongi’s better at it.

living space has a leak! who fixes it?

yoongi!! he’s the one who does all the diy and odd-jobs.

baths or showers? together or separate? any bubbles or bubble fights?

they usually shower separately but when they have the luxury of being together for a night, they like to take bubble baths, (yoongi loves his bath bombs and foam etc and even when they’re playing around giving each other foam beards/hairstyles, jimin’s always teasing him about it) and they shower together the morning after.

vacation ideas: who decides them? where would they go, if anywhere?

they decide together when they’re laying in bed and playing with each other’s fingers, it starts as a spontaneous ‘we should go to xx together’ and then the other wholeheartedly agrees and they start to plan the trip right then and there. wherever they go together, it’d be a hot country.

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My experience/thoughts associated with the signs
  • Just some observations and experience with my friends in the zodiac from a fellow Virgo. Don't take this too personally.
  • Aries: Extremely fucking bubbly, Vodka is their go-to alcoholic drink, tends to like aggressive music, almost childlike. Doesn't like being left alone, and when people ignore them, they go off to do their own thing until they get called back over or something. I hardly ever find them alone because they draw a lively crowd. I admire their abundant energy.
  • Taurus: Totally chill, but at the same time ruthlessly savage. An overall comfortable person to be around. Absolutely hilarious, like Aries, they usually draw a lively crowd. They have a slight dual personality that knows when to be serious and intelligent, or just straight up loud and playful. Can be quite materialistic and has an expensive taste.
  • Gemini: <i>Extremely talkative.</i> Knows shit that you never even heard of. Goes from one topic to another in about 0.00002 seconds. Can generally be dirty minded. Can talk with you for hours about things. One of those people that acts stupid but can legit murder you with words and intelligence. They really can't keep their mouths shut. Teases until you end up getting pissed at them.
  • Cancer: Oh my gooooooddd I absolutely love Cancers, they're so damn adorable. Very comforting to be around and the kind of people who'd be there for you legitimately whenever. But they definitely have the capability to murder me in 30 different ways and that's is absolutely horrifying. Honestly some of my favorite people, they're that good kind of different from the other signs.
  • Leo: Actually looks like their life is together as a first impression. Has sporadic thoughts and says the randomest things. Usually makes no sense when they're talking to you because their minds are going 1000 miles per second and flies from topic to topic. A lot of nervous energy but has a subtle confidence. REALLY great listeners. Out of the zodiacs, they're probably 3rd likely to murder me.
  • Other Virgos: All my other Virgo friends are very sports/gym oriented. Either have their lives together or they look like they do, but they are complete wrecks either way. Depending on when and where you catch them, they can be talkative and know how to hold a conversation, or awkward as hell and make uncomfortable small talk. They do give pretty good advice and have gorgeous smiles. Definitely the kind of people who could fail all of their classes but pass the state exams(I am one of those people).
  • Libra: Yooooo these people are amazing. Probably some of the most loyal friends I've ever had. They're just charming and an absolute bubbly person and just emanate positivity. They are indecisive about some things, but they are great at helping you win problems by weighing he pros and cons. They really do try to consider all other options before giving advice. Dresses and high heels, all day everyday; I swear. These people know how to have some awesome debates.
  • Scorpio: Takes 1st place on most likely to kill me. In fact, they're probably plotting my demise this very moment. I can't help but stare at them when they stare at me because the intensity of their stare is just- w h o a. VERY loyal people, and the keepers of all things secretive. Totally driven when they set their minds to it. Somewhat problematic because of that intensity of feelings and extreme overthinking. Overall amazing friends to have.
  • Sagittarius: EITHER TALL AS HELL OR SHORT AS HELL. I probably shouldn't say anything about he ones on the shorter side or they'll definitely jump to the top of the list of the signs who want to kill me. These people are pretty amazing to be around. Probably some of the most laid back people I have ever met. Like a Taurus, they're laid back as fuck, but savage as hell. Likes to make jokes about the weirdest shit, or about topics that really shouldn't be joked about, but still manage to make it hilarious. Amazing conversation holders; you can literally talk about things like aliens and metaphysics with them. I really like talking with these people(if you haven't noticed.)
  • Capricorn: Oh god, probably more hardheaded than Taurus and Aries. They have a very aggressive, very dry sense of humor. A first impression of a Capricorn is definitely their stand-offish attitude. Despite all of that, they are pretty chill and very grounded. Very VERY driven people and know how to get shit done. Another person who is a good listener and gives straight up and honest advice. Honestly doesn't give a fuck about who you are or what you do, if you fuck up with them or their friends, they're on ya ass in the blink of an eye. Total mommabear.
  • Aquarius: Talks about things no one normally talks about. Extremely spontaneous thoughts and topic changes in conversation. Can also hold a really good debate about things. Totally open minded and likes to look into things with you. Someone who definitely loves talking about conspiracy theories with you. Probably in the mafia. One of those people who go into detail when describing how they would kill someone. Unexpectedly aggressive. Can be present one moment, and become lost in their head and detached the next. Definitely in the mafia.
  • Pisces: AGGRESSION!¡!!¡¡!!!! Typically kind and likes to be the attention holder of the group. So damn hyper oh my god. In terms of energy, they're pretty much like Aries. Easily hurt lil cinnamon rolls though. I always have protective instinct with these people because of how delicate their tempers and feelings are. Tbh they're probably also people who'd want to kill me.
it’s bad, maybe, that i think about that film
first, how happy he looks
under all that water made thunder
by light. to cross the lungs and hope
beyond hope to live—what kind of bare-bone
talent is that. the shape of a laugh against
the horizon, flickering and blasphemous,
you know how this goes, same story
every time. impossibility: the boy’s eyes open.
his hand doesn’t break a thing. from his mouth
a bubble, two bubbles. and so
he becomes a man. for once it doesn’t matter.
what a sunken breath—in, in, in.

meditative state in the hotel pool | christina im

(plucked from the @nosebleedclub rose garden)

I want to meet you. Yes, you who’s reading this right now. I wanna hear your life story. I want to see how you live. I want to know everything about you. Tell me your deepest thoughts. Don’t be scared of sharing what makes you happy and what scares you, or what you’re good at and what makes you insecure. I’ll listen. Because there’s nothing like getting to know someone. I love the whole process of it. It makes me feel alive. It makes life worth living. It’s a proof that I did the right choice not giving in when I was gasping for air while life itself tried to suffocate me. I know there’s so much going on outside my little bubble and I’m dying to see it. If you’d let me in, I’d love to come inside. Because you enrich my life. And I hope I can do the same for you.

and to further address this, but we can indeed recognize that girl groups are often oversexualized and abused by their companies, fans, and the like…whilst acknowledging and constructively criticizing their racism,
colorism, etc. at the same time.

girl groups’ struggles do NOT exempt them from the harm their cultural appropriation, questionable statements, and hurtful actions cause.

girl groups do not exist in a bubble. they live in the same world that we all live in. and it’s time that we take off the rose colored glasses when it comes to them and stan them realistically and responsibly.


One of the things that really makes me come alive and excites me is witnessing bold creativity. I’d like to think I’m an appreciator and a dabbler in a lot of forms of creativity. I paint. My dad was a painter, but I at least dabble. The same goes for acting, witnessing performances—especially performances where I’ll say to myself, “How did they do that?” And I’m an avid reader. I find the stories of the charities I work with tremendously inspiring. Also, they’re a great source of perspective, especially when you live in something of a bubble like I do. – Joseph Morgan

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Sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble of my own but when things like this happen (i.e. the negativity towards Sehun) I'm kinda glad that I do. Like I do see the occasional negativity towards him but in general I'm pretty negativity free (it's probably cause I'm extremely picky with who I follow as well).

Honestly same, though. Like I know I made a whole post about it, but I actually luckily don’t see too too much of it myself compared to some people, but definitely enough for me to feel really strongly about it. I always get so upset seeing even a hint of it, though, that I have to block and blacklist anyone who participates in that behaviour almost immediately askdjf I’m also pretty far away from that end of Tumblr or fandom in general so in that way I’m lucky. But I just know that the little I see is just surface level to the sheer amount of people that do like to be so hateful, and it’s an awful thought ;; 

And it’s not just the extreme end of the hate, but even just the casual belittling of Sehun that some people get up to makes me really sad? Like you’ll see articles on places like NB, KPKF, PC and such and someone somehow always manages to bring Sehun down, even in articles that aren’t really related to him or the subject of being ‘talentless’ at all. But literally no one ever comes to his defense, while they defend all of the other idols being accused of talentlessness, or try to show people that he isn’t useless or talentless or a jerk at all, and I think that says a lot about the prevailing idea people who aren’t fans or casual fans have of him? So seeing his own so-called ‘stans’ basically acting like antis and perpetuating those same low ideas of him and basically saying to others that, “If I, as a fan, don’t think Sehun is that great, then you don’t really have to either, because he clearly isn’t based on how I treat him,” and it’s just not fair at all :(

UGH ANYWAYS I need to stop talking so much about this!! I’m glad you don’t see too much of it, though, because from personal experience witnessing even only a little, it’s really exhausting :(

My Rock

im in terrornuckel hell. based off this (x)

(pissttt send me prompts)

Brian pried open his eyes and stared forward at the bright white ceiling above him, adjusting to the sudden morning light flooding through the window. Brian stared at the ceiling as if trying to find some sort of imperfection on it, though there was none. It was the same white ceiling of his apartment that he woke up to everyday, but something was different today. And he knew that it had something to do with the American man who had just arrived at his home the night before.

Brian dragged himself out of bed, feeling oddly bubbly and excited. He never felt this awake in the mornings. But today wasn’t any normal morning. It was the first morning of him and his boyfriend living under the same roof. Sure, it wasn’t a momentous occasion, but Brian was still planning on treasuring the entire day.

Brain walked into the kitchen and his heart swelled upon seeing the love of his life. Brock was trying to figure out how to work Brian’s coffee machine before noticing the Irishman. He turned and smiled, opening his arms and accepting the tight hug Brian immediately wrapped him up in. Brian hugged as if his life depended on it, like if he were to let go for even a second Brock would suddenly disappear. Part of him still couldn’t believe that Brock was really here in his arms.

Brian sighed contently. “I love you, Moo moo.. You’re my everything, my universe, my rock..” He trailed off. He knew he was being cheesy, but he knew Brock loved it.

“My Dwayne, my Johnson.”

Brian will admit that it took him a minute to understand. Although the second he saw the wide, goofy smile on Brock’s face, he understood. Every ounce of love and excitement in Brian’s body melted off as he removed himself from Brock.

“…I hate you so much, Brock. I was trying to be romantic.”

Loud laughter filled the kitchen and Brian couldn’t help but smile. Brock was a giant dork, but at least he was Brian’s giant dork.

“Here, look at this photo. It’s so cute. My kid pretended he was gardening yesterday.”

I think I might institute a new rule for when I’m dealing with parents.

If you want to show me a photo of your kid, first think: would it be weird if you showed me a photo of your adult siblings or one of your co-workers doing the same thing? (And if it would be… please don’t.)

“Here, look. That’s my brother in the bath. Isn’t he sweet with his plastic boat? He lives in Surrey - he’s in marketing. Good job there’s all those bubbles! Tee hee!”

“Do you want to see my photos of Alan from Accounts? Look, here he is in a bobble hat! … and that’s him in the bobble hat again… and from a different angle! Isn’t he great? Why aren’t you looking?”

“Oh my God, look - look what my friend just posted on Facebook! It’s her husband pretending to drive a van. Oh my God. I can’t even. Look, there’s a six minute video. Let’s watch it together.”

I have been debating whether or not to post this, but some things have happened recently that makes me think I should.
I don’t want to put a damper on all the wonderful flailing, but this is a personal issue and it won’t get out of my head.

I also thought about putting a cut in the post. But I’m not going to. This needs to take up space on your dash. I’m posting this for myself, and for any of my non-straight friends who feel the same way I do about this.

I try my absolute hardest to stay out of the fandom drama. I would much rather stay in my own happy little bubble, but sometimes that is impossible.
This is one of those times.
Normally my mindset for ships is ‘live and let live’.  But there’s been a paraphrase tossed around by both $qers as well as a portion of the CS fandom (definitely not all, most of you are amazingly accepting and I thank you for that) that pretty much equates to:
“If you’re a lesbian or lgbtq+, you must ship $Q!”
No. I don’t. Let me tell you why.
The thing about equality is if it is true, it is equal to its counterparts. This means it would need to be a healthy relationship. One that is given as much thought and care as that of Snowing or CS. $Q is the complete opposite of that. In season one, Regina tried her best to get Emma out of town, whether that was shaming her, framing her, or flat out trying to kill her. She also ended up poisoning her adoptive son and Emma’s biological son in the process of trying to rid her life of Emma. Since then, a fragile friendship has grown, but it is just that: fragile. Regina still constantly puts Emma down and blames Emma for most of her problems, which –guess what- she usually brought upon herself. There is also the point that, by marriage, Regina is Emma’s step-grandmother. I’m not going to get into that part of it, because that sentence honestly should be enough.
That is not a healthy relationship, and I can’t tell you how much it angers me to be pressured by people about why I do not ship this, (though I should mention, if you ship $q and keep to yourself, not harassing anyone, go for it! That’s your choice and I respect that, this is all just my personal opinion.) simply because I am a lesbian. Guess what? I DON’T EVEN SHIP RUBYSLIPPERS. I’m sorry but this was a horribly played out ship and sloppy storytelling and I refuse to sit back and accept it because “hey at least we got representation!” No. This is not accurate or equal representation.  The thing that should have happened was Red Warrior. They baited us for months with those two, only to throw it all away and shove this random ‘true love’ in our faces in the span of one episode? And we’re supposed to be happy with that? No I don’t think so.
But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is to ask for respect.
Do not judge me because I am a lesbian with a straight ship.
I ship CS because they love each other. Not because they’re straight or gay or anything else. They love each other and it’s healthy. I’m actually going to be writing a femslash au soon but guess what? It will still be Emma and Killian because Killian is Emma’s true love.
I have lots of straight ships.
I have lots of gay ships.
I have lots of loving and healthy ships.

So please. Do not assume to tell me what I should ship because of my sexuality. 

It’s disrespectful and mean, and I’m very tired.

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I was tagged to do the Pokémon look-a-like by @mapcus! Here are mine! Bellossom and Snivy!

Bellossom are awesome, and bubbly and I absolutely LIVE for the Hawaii kawaii flower filter. The Oddish line has always been one of my favorites as well. Snivy does the same half smile I do, has brown eyes and is a green snake which fits my Slytherin life style perfectly.

I want to tag @butt-berry @duckiedrew @kiimchii @heartgemsona @jiggaylypuff @irvinator @reticentrhino and anyone else who wants to do this! It was actually really fun!

Religious people make me feel so awkward when I don’t know them. I have a very “live and let live” policy but the other day I was with a Christian family at dinner and they hold hands and say grace, which I always do out of a sense of respect.

But during grace my mind kept wandering thinking about what these people’s opinions were on same gender relationships and marriage equality. I could be holding hands with someone who things i am a disgusting sinner who doesn’t deserve equal rights and I wouldn’t know.

It’s like how many I have met who say things like “love the sinner, hate the sin” about me. That doesn’t help, you’re still calling me a sinner for existing and saying you love me “despite” that is not comforting, it’s just demeaning.

Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 2

(First part can be found here!)

“We have this under control.”

“You really like to say that, Agent,” Tony said. He scraped a hand over his face, exhaustion tugging hard at the edges of his consciousness. He leaned against the counter, wondering if it would be undignified to drink directly from the coffee pot. It wasn’t that he cared over much about his dignity, it was more that he knew that Phil would never, ever let him live it down.

He could wait.

“I do, yes,” Phil said, unruffled.

“I’d find it more comforting if I actually believed it,” Tony pointed out. He gave the coffee pot a look. It bubbled along at exactly the same speed. He wished he could program a healthy sense of fear into something. Anything. Everything should be intimidated by his very presence. Or at least the bots should be. He’d given up on cultivating it in people.

“This may shock you, Stark, but my primary purpose here is not to comfort you.”

“Well, it should be somewhere on the list,” Tony said. “You have a lot of purposes, I know, I pay attention, and more than that, I’m rich and important, you should spend some of your time humoring me.”

“I humor you on a daily basis by not clubbing you over the head with the grip of my sidearm,” Phil said. “That’s about all the ‘humoring’ I can manage.” He didn’t look up from his tablet, his fingers working steadily through the files. “How much of the building was affected?

“More than I’d like, less than feared. And I really think I deserve more than a lack of physical violence,” Tony said, enlarging the schematic he was working on with an expansive gesture across the face of his tablet. “That seems like a very low threshold you’ve set for our relationship. I think you can do better.”

“It’s harder than you might think.” Coulson fished his phone out of his pocket, checking it with hooded eyes. “There’s a support group.”

“It’s nice that you’re trying to make friends, I’m very pleased that I can facilitate this.”

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