do they have tumblrs



Not my idea. I made the gif from this vid :D

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I originally stopped talking to my first ever daddy because I found out he was a fake. But whenever he messages me, I fall right into my headspace and do whatever he says. I feel so helpless, how can I stop?

Its simple really…. 

And if you want to give me the whole “I’m too nice to do that” thing.. then keep wallowing in your abuse and being taken advantage of. Because its the same as saying “I’m too nice to stop myself from being punched in the face”. Thats lunacy. 

You are too nice to block him.. and hes too much of a bag of absolute garbage to stop abusing you.

*sidenote: no, outside of tumblr and youtube i do not have facebook, snapchat, etc. so please do not ask.. I received some terrific help in this post. I would never root for the penguins. Let’s be serious. LOL

hey everyone! i reached a personal milestone for my blog not too long ago and i figured i would give my thanks by doing my first follow forever!! i have been on and off with tumblr but this time i can finally say i feel content with the results of this blog and i look forward to the future with it and all of you!! thank you for every one of you who follows me. i’m not entirely exciting or outrageously funny nor am i very active, but i still manage to keep your follows so thank you!!

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Do you have any thought on this scene? ohmyamysantiago*tumblr*com/post/159947411609 it's nothing huge and they're just sitting next to each other on the bus but it's just so. Soft.


(gif cred to @amanitacaplan )

I DO HAVE SOME THOUGHTS but they are quite lengthy so!! reader’s digest version: i absolutely ADORE this scene because it is one of the very first examples we’re given of exactly how close jake and amy actually are. like we have amy calling jake out on his crappy behavior and not holding back on letting him know that even though she ~gets it~ it’s still not cool, and then we have jake immediately lightening the mood by taking a gentle jab at her choice of words. it’s one of the best examples of how familiar they are with each other; it gives you the idea that they’ve had exchanges like this a hundred times before. amy doesn’t try to sugar coat it and preserve jake’s ego and jake doesn’t try to play it off like it’s nothing. it’s comfortable and easy banter, it’s the stuff overnight stakeout fics are made of. and ur right the look on jake’s face is like the soft heart-eyes look filtered through like 15 layers of “i’m uncomfortable with emotions” and it’s honestly! quality

anyways yes i. love this scene. also shoutout to @ohmyamysantiago :)

@pahndah yeah honestly I think a lot of people in the fma fandom especially just block everyone who has a different opinion than them, and on like .. idk what seems to be weird issues. Like I’ve known people to block everyone who doesn’t ship their OTP and even 03 fans blocking everyone who likes brotherhood. I mean do what you have to do to make Tumblr a place you enjoy being but it’s always bizarre to realize you’ve been blocked by someone you’ve never heard of

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Not a request but do you know where to find official interviews of bungou stray dogs characters? Cuz I read in your headcanons that it was stated in the official interview that Akutagawa wants his s/o to “have to walk the same dark path” and I really want to know stuff like these about the characters so it'll be a great help if you know where to find the information!

I would check @akutagawaprize and their tags since 98% of my official BSD content comes from that blog or originated from that blog. They’ve always got the newest information and translations. You could do a search on tumblr to because I have 1300 likes stemming back from when my main blog was a marvel blog and I don’t remember if I even saved them much less backtrack through those likes for ten years.

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How do you have time to have a job, bake, exercise, and go on tumblr?

Hahhahaha well I have almost no social life so that helps!! Also I meant to tell you I’ve recently switched to weight instead of volume for baking and I’m never going back

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How do you feel about making friends on Tumblr? Do you have any really good friends from here?

Yeah, I’ve been friends with 1 for over a year now