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This will be the first storyboard I have shown from my storyboarding class!

For this assignment we had to pick a show a create a scene in these storyboard formats (we called them keyboards because they are not exactly storyboards but the frames that will be handed to the animator in a studio!)

So I chose Over The Garden Wall and created the events that lead to Beatrice’s bird state!

I would like to thank my good friend Sarah ( @jadebots ) for creating the curse the blue bird puts on Beatrice!<3

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so something you guys probably haven’t heard about is that there have been a lot of Americans, possibly legal Americans and possibly immigrants who are not legally in America, walking across the Canadian border and trying to hide here

the American/Canadian border is far too long to be policed everywhere and so some people make it over, though from what I’ve heard it’s extremely difficult to be an undocumented person living in Canada because of the way our social security works and so I have no idea what these people end up doing or plan to do

anyway so I want you guys, especially those of you who thought voting was stupid and didn’t bother, to know that you have effectively made your problems our problems

you have people coming in from Mexico but we have people coming in from the UNITED STATES, the self-proclaimed freest country in the world

and now we’re put in a bad position because of course we have a moral obligation to let them in, right? but they’re also jumping the queue of the thousands of people who are already in line to get here legally so we’re as equally morally obligated to send them back.  send them back TO THE UNITED STATES.  what are we supposed to do?  you don’t know.  we don’t know.  we look bad no matter what we do.  Canada’s a big place but we don’t have the resources and infrastructure of America.

Your policies and your decisions do not solely affect you.  People are coming to Canada from the United States to seek asylum.  That should not be happening.

I’ve been thinking about liminal spaces a bit tonight. And truck/rest stops are often considered to be liminal spaces. Having family a few states over, I’m no stranger to family road trips and, by extension rest stops. There is one thing about them that I’ve thought about for years

People work there.

There are people who are not just passing through, but show up day after day, clock in, work for hours, and then go home. Where do they live? What are they like? Are these liminal spaces no longer liminal for them? Its a set destination for them now.

What sort of weird shit do they see every day that they just sigh and return to mopping the floor? The unusual that is just another day on the job. That weird otherworldiness at 3am but whatever I’m on a break. 

Perhaps they are immune to the effects of the passing spirits mixing with the mundane, cause how can you be in a liminal space if its your job? Maybe they are special caretakers that keeps the spirits moving on their way, giving directions to things no one else is supposed to see.

Either way they aren’t paid enough to deal with this shit.

Hey, just a word of warning to all my followers, please remember that it is a Class E Felony to wish harm or death upon the President of the United States . Yes, even on social media. People have gotten deported over this in the past.

I wholeheartedly support #notmypresident but unfortunately, this law would still apply. Be careful with those assassination jokes, which do qualify as a federal offense now. Stay informed and make informed decisions.

With the controversy over President Trump’s immigration ban, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are arguing over whether undocumented immigrants have constitutional rights. Tomi Lahren tweeted the other day that the “hard left” lives in “a lala land where illegals have constitutional rights.” Glenn Beck has gone a little bit more extreme, saying that undocumented immigrants “do not have legal rights.” And the same point is all over Twitter.

It sounds like it makes sense. Why would the Constitution protect people who aren’t even part of the country or respecting its laws? That’d be wacky, like trusting the people to govern themselves or guaranteeing the right to say whatever you want! The problem, as you probably guessed from the sarcasm, is that undocumented immigrants do have constitutional rights. Lots of them! And this isn’t a controversial opinion, or something “the hard left” invented recently. The Supreme Court of the United States has made this point over and over again in cases like Yick Wo v. Hopkins, Wong Wing v. U.S., Plyer v. Doe and most recently in Zadvydas v. Davis. In Wong Wing, Justice Field even wrote this in his decision:

The term “person,” used in the Fifth Amendment, is broad enough to include any and every human being within the jurisdiction of the republic … This has been decided so often that the point does not require argument. [Emphasis mine]

That was in 1896. This argument was boring people 130 freaking years ago.

The Most Quoted B.S. Myth Inside The Right’s Media Bubble

Help a gay trans girl who got outed to her parents

(Emergency, Share if You Can, Please) 

My sister (who was the only person irl who I came out to) recently told her boyfriend that I am gay and trans, and now he is hinting to my parents (who have both threatened my life over minor things).

I live in North Carolina, so this is a real problem and I will face physical and emotional abuse if they figure things out. I might not ever be able to get out of this state if they do.

I’m looking for donations and putting together plans to get out of here and land on my feet. Any amount would be super helpful and if you can’t donate, please pass this around?

My paypal is

I also take writing commissions if you want to get something in return, and a couple friends (@excusemethatsnotcanon and @yashkonu) will be helping me with any commissions I receive.


On 25th March the three Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be commemorating March Deportation, during which over 100 000 people across the three nations were violently ripped from their homes and sent to Siberia in cattle cars. This is a national tragedy and extremely sad day in all three countries.

Out of respect for the victims of deportations, please do not:

  • Try to teach Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians about their countries histories or how the deportations happened as most Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians have relatives who’ve told them first-hand experience of the events;
  • Make comments that implicate that the deportations were harder on the cartoon personification of the Baltic States than they were on actual people living in the Baltic countries;
  • Make fun of the events in any way or comment in such ways as “oh, I was having a good day”, should one see discussions about the events;
  • Create fanart or fanfictions of the events, nor roleplay the events in any sitting

Thank you

Solidarity with women who have chosen to stop shaving but still cover their bodies. Shame over our natural state is instilled in us from puberty, even earlier in fact, and it takes time to overcome it. Years worth of conditioning cannot be undone overnight. Simply making the decision to throw away your razors is a huge one. Take it one step at a time. You’re doing great.

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Right now in Brazil, in the state of Espírito Santo(ES), absolute chaos is taking place. Have you ever seen “The Purge”??? Its the same thing except not just for 12 hours anymore.

No one knows exactly how this came to be. There are claims that the military police from ES (which have the lowest pay out of any state) is on strike. However, that is impossible because the constitution prohibits that. So what really is going on??? Why arent the military police acting?? No one knows. Apparently  The governor is in another state undergoing surgery, and the vice-governor is doing absolutely nothing.(I dont live in ES so please feel free to add on to this post) But whats worse is that BRAZILIAN MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING ANY OF IT. ALL MAJOR TV NETWORKS AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAVE COMPLETELY IGNORED THIS SITUATION. 

The state is in absolute chaos: crime is happening non stop. In the last 2 days over 62 people have been murdered. Schools and establishments have all been closed. Sacking, looting, robberies are happening all over. Criminals are taking over the streets. 

What can you do to help? 

Spread this information. Reblog this post. Even if this isnt the kind of content you usually reblog, please do. See the following hashtags and retweet them, use them, bring attention to this issue. Its doesnt matter where you are, please help. Our media wont listen to our voices, unless those from outside bring it to attention. Read about this issue (ill put links of articles in english too). Please, pray for Espirito Santo and Brazil. 



# PrayforEspiritoSanto

Articles about this:

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If you have any other articles or links, please add to the post!

UPDATE: The military force has been sent in!

UPDATE: The civil police is now on strike.

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Yesterday my parents told me to lie about where I work to any relative that asks, I work at a cafe chain, because they felt that it was a shame to have a college degree, but work at a cafe. I wanted to cry on the spot because that hurts and I wish they'd understand that life doesn't always work like that and making me feel ashamed of my job is only going to make me hate going to work more

I wouldn’t lie about it at all. Announce it proudly, state that you have a student loan to pay for and bills to pay so laying around doing nothing until a better job falls into your lap isn’t going to keep you alive. Your parents need to prioritize. The perfect job doesn’t happen overnight. And waiting for it to is ridiculously stupid while unemployed. You have a job, you are on your own, and you are paying your bills. If that’s failure then what the fuck does success have over it? A fucking title? Big deal. Bigger paycheck? That’s nice, but you can’t just wait for it while making nothing. Don’t let them bully you into lying. Don’t let anyone bully you into thinking you’re not worth anything. Stand up to them and say and know that you’re surviving and you’re a responsible adult regardless of how much you make or what your job is. Besides, how the fuck would they get their stupid vanilla latte without someone like you when they’re probably “too busy” to do it themselves? Fuck them. Retail and fast food is hard work and under appreciated. The world would stop if even one specialty stopped. Everywhere that sells fast food? Chaos, suddenly soccer moms have to cook for a change. Coffee shops? Oh shit, that meeting is today and I haven’t had caffeine!  Grocery stores? Well, have fun fucking starving assholes. EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS NEEDED NO MATTER WHAT THEIR JOB IS! You are ALL important and provide a service that is needed no matter what some dick dentist, lawyer, or ceo thinks! They’d be lost without customer service employees because those that judge are more than likely incapable of handling anything that is not convenient and done FOR them! -Abby

I have been a babysitter in a Christian community for over ten years now. Before I say what I’m about to, just know that I love all the families I babysit for and have nothing against Christianity. I actually have my BA in Religion, so I totally understand the pitfalls and high points. 

Over the years, I have seen some pretty terrible things that parents tell their children to protect them from the outside world. I get that parents should do that, but when you start hurting your child’s emotional state because you think your religion says that these things are wrong, something needs to be said. 

There’s this little girl who loves to draw and talk about horses. As an artist, I would always teach her to draw horses when I came by and that would be our thing. With the new Pokemon Go game becoming so popular, I didn’t think anything of it when she asked to see my horse Pokemon. Her mother ripped my phone from that little girl’s hands so fast I thought I was about to have a broken phone. She told me that her daughter cannot play that game because it has monsters and monsters are Satanic. 

Another family who have four kids, three girls and a boy, are a little more relaxed than the previous family. However, I noticed that the oldest girl acts very different, like she’s uncomfortable when I say her name. She told me that she wants to be called Edward, so I started calling her by the name she wanted. She likes to play as Ken, the Prince, the Dad. Her younger siblings started calling her Edward too and she became so happy and relaxed. When the parents came home, everyone was told to stop calling her that. 

This last family, also has four kiddos who greet me with smiling faces and big hugs every time. The problem is that this family is much like the first. They tell their kids certain things are demonic, and these kids are ages 4-10. I’ve been gasped at for things like saying I do yoga, drawing a peace sign, or letting the four year old boy play barbies with us. 

I see first hand what this kind of brainwashing does to children. Yes, brainwashing. Kids don’t have a sense of gender until you teach it. They don’t have a sense of “evil” or “demons” until you teach it. That first girl refuses to draw horses now, afraid that she will get in trouble if she gives it a fire mane and tail. Edward is going to hide how she really feels from her parents which will eventually tear that bond. And the last four kids will be confused as they grow up and see that these things are not demonic and have nothing to do with right or wrong. 

This isn’t fair and I can’t do anything about it.

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having an illness is so weird because even little things make you question how your body/mind works.

does everyone yawn like that?

does everyone get nervous over that?

is this normal? or just normal for me? is this normal for everyone or just everyone w my illness? or not normal at all and i should call a doctor?

wait no one does that? so it is me????

wait thats something healthy people do too??? so it isnt just me????

its like a constant state of paranoia and confusion and no answer is statisfying so you just sit there and ?????

You Don’t Have To Do This

Anon: Could you do a Voltron where Keith’s all sick and emotional because his fevers really high, and Lance irritated because he got the job of taking care of him. Keith ends up blabbing in his feverish state telling him that he doesn’t have to take care of him if he doesn’t want to and that he’ll be fine on his own, that it’s not the first time. Basically giving away that he hasn’t ever really had anyone to take care of him and Lance feels guilty for being a jerk about it fussing over him.

A/N: What’s that? Two fics in one day? It’s a miracle I get anything done at college.

“You don’t have to do this…”

Lance stopped and frowned. He was in the middle of dabbing Keith’s forehead with a cold cloth, careful not to let any of the icy water drip down the Red Paladin’s cheeks. This was exactly why he didn’t want to be assigned this job. Keith was already stubborn as hell when he was feeling okay, but this?

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Trini’s Last Name is not ‘Kwan’

Hey folks, I’m flailing over the Trimberly tag and all, but I remembered someone made a post of this before and wanted to share their message, in paraphrase: 

Trini the Yellow Power Ranger of the new 2017 movie does not have the surname ‘Kwan’.  As stated by Becky G, her actress, here on her Twitter account:

This is the original (Edit: First known on TV) Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan) from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993), Thuy Trang (may she rest in peace):

I do resent (read: very) the fact we keep getting whitewashed Asian works put into live action (@hollywood wOW), but it’s very clear they’re separate characters.  (Edit: I know Power Rangers originated from Super Sentai, but Power Rangers have no fixed race nor ethnicity.  They can be represented by whoever.  I understand Becky G and disagree with the Twitter user that compared the casting to Emma Stone in Aloha.  Becky G is a Latina.  Thuy Trang was Vietnamese.  I just want Becky G’s Trini known separately from Thuy Trang’s Trini, but still retain them as the first Yellow Ranger in the long pilot premiere and the first Yellow Ranger in the movie reboot.  They are separate characters.)

TL;DR in your fanfics/fanarts/fanposts, please don’t confuse Becky G’s character to be Thuy Trang’s character and don’t give her the last name ‘Kwan’!

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I very much approve of the teenage inquisitor tag! Companions reacting to teenage inquisitor having some serious trouble getting over some very traumatizing things they experienced in the fade in Adamant, please!

Cassandra: She notices that they’ve been acting off since their journey into the Fade, and she worries for their mental state. Eventually, she will pull them aside, sit them down, and ask them how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, and will either ask if (or tell them, depending on their behavior) that they need help. “No one should ever have to do what you did, especially not someone as young as you.” she says quietly. “We are here for you, and we’re going to work through this with you.”

Blackwall: He notices their change in behavior and knows they’re traumatized. He’s not really sure how to go about it, other than “I’m here to listen if you need it.” The Herald expresses guilt over the one who sacrificed themselves for their escape, and he does his best to reassure them that it’s not their fault. “I know this is painful, but sometimes things happen that are outside our control. It doesn’t make it any less painful.” He sighs. “I would know.”

Iron Bull: He sees what’s going on very quickly. He also knows how to go about it, and notices every tic and behavioral change, if any. Like the others, he offers to listen, and if they need it, a shoulder (well, chest, more like) to cry on. Vivienne hires a therapist, which he’ll pass pertinent information onto if needed. He’s looking out for them.

Sera: She’s having trouble getting over what happened in Adamant, too, especially if she went into the Fade as well. She swats at the Herald when they come to check on her, and when she starts telling them “never again,” she stops as she sees they’re clearly distraught, as much as she is. She stops short and asks how they are, and the two commiserate on the Fade.

Varric: (If Hawke Didn’t Die) He tries to get them to talk to him, walk with him, anything– he believes talking it out will help. He’ll also bluntly tell them that he can tell they’re having trouble recuperating, and that he’s there to help. (If Hawke Dies) He wants to comfort the Herald. He really does. He knows they’re in pain, too, but the grief is choking him too much. He gently pushes them away as he goes to write letters, and asks one of the companions closest to the Herald to talk to them.

Cole: He feels it. It’s a sick, looming, darkness creeping over their soul, mocking and taunting them with failure and death and loss– and to his dismay, it’s not a pain he can just get rid of with ease. “They aren’t mad at you,” he reassures, “and you didn’t fail. Sometimes people have to die. You’re hurting. You hurt so much, but I don’t know how to help. How can I heal this hurt?”

Solas: He’s actually quite exhilarated by the whole trip, and after finishing up several stacks of parchment with notes, he seeks out the Inquisitor, intending to chat them up about what he’s discovered. He stops halfway through the first sentence at their dead-eyed expression, and he frowns. “Oh. My apologies, I should have known that you would be affected like this, going through the realm of a powerful fear demon. Would you like to discuss your thoughts, da’len?”

Dorian: He’s quick to check on them and ask if they’re okay. He already knows the answer is no, but he wants to establish that he’s there for them. The Inquisitor is trying not to cry, but eventually they’re in his arms, sobbing freely. Dorian strokes their back, trying to gently shush and soothe them as best he can. He checks on them repeatedly every day for the next few weeks– no one should ever have to go through the realm of a fear demon, especially not someone their age. The poor thing…

Vivienne: She figures out they’re struggling with coping after trying to ask them about their experience in the Fade. Suddenly, she’s gentle with them, trying not to exacerbate their stress more than it already is. Depending on how long or how hard they’re having a time of recovering, she may actually have Josephine hire a therapist to come work with them– untreated post traumatic stress can be debilitating, and she wants to ensure they have the best care possible.

Josephine: She frets over the Herald, frequently checking on them and trying to talk to them; she can’t imagine the horror the poor kid had to go through. The ambassador quickly agrees to Vivienne’s request and sits down with the Inquisitor, telling them what’s going to happen, and worries incessantly for them. Her heart feels heavy with pity.

Leliana: She’s cool about it, briefly asking if they’re alright and then not pressing further. She does, however, have a few agents keep a closer eye on the Herald, to ensure they’re safe and attended to properly. She also asks for updates from some of the others on how they’re feeling and recovering.

Cullen: He knows what it’s like to be through a traumatic experience, and he relates and understands their pain perhaps the best out of all of the inner circle. He offers to listen, and the Inquisitor finds talking to him the most reassuring, because they know he really understands what it’s like. 

Someone please take me to the alternate universe where the character of Anakin Skywalker is actually valued and not just viewed as ‘that part people fast-forward through to get to Darth Vader’. 

I’ve fallen in love

(A/N): I haven’t written for Loki in ages! 

Request:Loki x reader where you’re Natasha’s little sister and when Loki is sent to Earth to be watched over by the Avengers you and him end up falling in love with each other and you hid from everyone please

Warnings: none

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     “(Y/N), no,” Nat stated as she folded her arms over her chest, glaring at you menacingly. “It’s not a good idea, he took down our entire team, you have no chance-” 

    “Well forgive me for doing my job Nat,” You sigh as you turn to her, sighing exasperatedly. “I was assigned Loki and nothing you do or say is going to change that. It’s only for a 2 or 3 months at most plus I’ve handled stuff worse than him,” 

    “Remember what he did to Barton?” She asks, her voice low and dark, a tone that would intimidate anyone, anyone but you. You’d grown up listening to that voice, that dark tone that was intimidating to all but to you it was just Nat. 

    “I know Nat but he had the tesseract back then, now he’s just-” 

   “Now he’s just the god of mischief (Y/N), this should be a walk in the park for you,” You smile a bit, assembling the last of your shield uniform before turning on your heel, giving Nat a quick little smirk. 

    “It will be,” 

    The god of mischief sat before you, shackled and chained like some animal. Despite the mask over his mouth you most definitely could see he was smirking, you could see it in those devious eyes of his. 

     “Be careful (Y/N),” Fury whispers to you in passing, handing you a simple remote with all the controls to his elaborate cage. You give him a small smile and nod, quickly putting your hard facade back on to face Loki. 

    “Let’s get one thing clear,” You state, mocking Nat’s rather intimidating tone. “I’m not here to mess around, I’ve got a job to do and that’s all, I will go anything and everything to complete this job do you understand?” Loki’s eyes squint at you, no doubt an amused little smile upon his face before he nods, slowly and almost thoughtfully. 

    With a shaky sigh you press a button that releases the hold of every chain that contains Loki as you attempt to hold your intimidating facade. It wasn’t easy though when the god suddenly rose to his full height, much taller than you would have expected. 

    “So,” He drawls, that ever present smirk upon his face. “Where to first? Some jail, asylum, perhaps one of Shields secret bases?” You merely put on a smirk of your own, giving him a coy little smile. 

    “Oh no, I’ve got something better,” 

    “I have to live with you?” Loki looked about your apartment disgustedly, wrinkling his nose up at the puppy that was jumping up his legs, begging for attention. 

    “I figure it’s a better punishment than all those places,” You merely shrug, taking a sip of water from a mug. “Plus, this way I can keep an eye on you until shield decides what to do with you,” 

    “I am not some pawn for you to pass about your world-” 

    “You stepped into our boundaries Loki,” You set your glass down, staring at him menacingly. “You became our pawn the minute you thought of taking over earth,” To this he smiles, almost like a reflex. 

    “This pawn doesn’t want to play,” He muttered, his voice dark and evil, holding a more sadistic tone than you thought possible. Although his words have tremors of fear sparking up and down your spine you ignore it, instead puffing out your chest a little bit and standing taller, giving you a more confident stance. 

    “Too bad buddy, you’re already in the game,” 

    Living with Loki was…as expected, hard, infuriating, and most nights it ended with you locking yourself in your bedroom to cry pure tears of frustration. He was beyond annoying, constantly pestering you, annoying the living shit out of you, and only the gods knew that he was a need attention seeking monster. He was constantly doing shit to get your attention, perhaps a little threat here, maybe an almost escape incident there, suddenly appearing in your room at the most ungodly times. And all together it was just infuriating. 

    You had hoped that the two of you could get along, after all it didn’t hurt to have faith, but as the weeks ticked by, dwindling down until just one month had passed in his 2-3 month sentence. It was a bit horrible to say but you couldn’t wait until the god awful god had to take his leave. But you had stuck it out, given him a chance, you’d been kind to him, gave him a roof over his head and food in his stomach and yet it still wasn’t enough to appease him. 

    This week had been particularly bad, he’d been more than obnoxious, always getting into something, whether that be your closet, knocking over a picture on the wall, or simply throwing an insult or two your way. You’d been able to tolerate it all week but today was your breaking point. 

    You’d had an awful day at work, a mission went awry, you were pretty bruised up, and when you got back you had to deal with piles upon piles of paperwork so yeah, you were a little stressed when you walked through your apartment door. 

    “There’s my favorite human,” Loki sneers from his perch atop the couch, giving you a greasy smile as he flicks the TV off. 

    “Not today Loki, please,” You beg softly, throwing your bag onto your couch in exasperation. 

    “But I’m bored,” He whines, putting on a mock pout. “Play with me,” 

    “I don’t want to,” You grumble as you walk into your hallway, grabbing a towel before attempting to enter your bathroom, however, before you could Loki appeared before you, that damn smirk upon his face. 

     “Someone in a bad mood?”

    “Yes, now get out of my way so I can shower, please,” 

    “Oh, I like it when you beg,” He taunts, an evil little twinkle in his eye. “Do it again,” You grit your teeth as you attempt to not rip his throat out, instead gripping your towel a bit tighter. 

    “Get out of my way Loki,” 

    “And If I don’t?” For some reason that was your breaking point, those few words, that damn smirk, the fact that you couldn’t even try to shower without him pestering you. 

    Everything over the last few weeks builds up, creating a flurry of emotion behind your eyes and before you know it you’re crying, full blown out crying.  You pathetically wipe at your eyes, trying not to sob as you officially give up. You were done with your job, with Loki, with life in general. Without another word to Loki you turn on your heel and march to your room, locking the door behind you. With a defeated sob you collapse on your bed, sobbing into your pillows. 

    The world seemed quiet around you for only a few moments, the only sound being your quiet sobs. God, you just wanted to have one good day once, was that so much to ask? You sob a bit louder, your entire body heaving with the effort when suddenly there came a timid knock at your door. You couldn’t even cry in peace with Loki around. 

    “Go away,” You yell at him, burying your face into your pillow afterwards. 

    “(Y/N) one way or another I’m coming in there, you can either get up and let me in properly or I shall simply do it myself,” You grumble something as you realize just how screwed you are here, there was no hiding from Loki at this point, he was either coming in, or you were letting him in. With another defeated sob you unlock the door, collapsing back onto your bed. Not even a moment later the door swings open and Loki hesitantly creeps in. 

    “What do you want?” You ask bitterly, attempting to glare at him angrily. 

    “I’ve never seen you cry before,’ he states softly, cocking his head to one side to give you what you believed to be a sympathetic gesture. 

    “Well,” You sniffle, wiping away at your tears. “I wasn’t really expecting you to see me crying and-” As you go to wipe away at your freely falling tears one of Loki’s surprisingly gentle hands grip your wrist, pulling it away from your face. Instead, with his gentle and warm hands, he wipes the tears away for you. 

    “Do you care to explain why you are crying?” His tone is much softer now, a tone you’d never think you’d hear coming from Loki himself. 

    “Why are you being so kind all of a sudden?” Your tone has lost it’s bitterness, instead replaced by that hopelessness you were feeling. 

   “Well,” Loki gives you a form of a smile. “I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I can’t stand to see you upset, especially at my own hands, I just wish to amend my wrongs. Now, do you wish to tell me why you are crying?” He asks once again, his eyes swimming with some form of emotion. 

   As you stare up into his face you can’t help but realize just how beautiful he looks right now, a concerned expression on his face, his eyes swimming with worry, his face much softer than you’d ever seen it and as you do stare up at his face you can’t help when the words just start spilling from your mouth. 

    “I’ve had a rough day at work,” You admit, “And I’m tired all the time and-” You stop, realizing your next words were about him. 

    “And you are tired of me?” He asks, his tone holding some kind of edge to it. 

    “It doesn’t help when you’re constantly pestering me-” 

    “(Y/N), I am so sorry,” The god stares at you earnestly, his words soft and smooth. “I never wished to make you feel this way-”

   “Really? Then what were your intentions?” Loki looks into your eyes, almost biting his lip in thought as he does. Then he sighs softly, closing his eyes for only a moment before opening them once again. 

    “I did not know how to handle my situation when I realized that I had fallen for a mortal, much less a mortal who had ‘imprisoned me’,” He admits quietly, those beautiful blue eyes filled with what could only be shame. “I only realize when it’s too late that I should have gone about this differently,” 

    “Who says it’s too late?” The words fly from your mouth with no filter, thoroughly shocking you and Loki. 

    “Well, you cannot possibly mean-” 

   “Perhaps I could find it in my heart to forgive you,” You give him a soft smile, one that made your eyes crinkle with the utmost joy. Loki smiles at you, not the crude and rude one he usually sports but an actual, authentic smile. 

   “I would greatly appreciate it,” The two of you smile at each other for only a moment more, just staring at each other with these half sad half adoring smiles before one of you reacts. 

   “May I-” You stare at his lips, those beautiful lips that you had to admit you’d been dying to kiss. 

   “Be my guest,” He whispers, staring at your lips with just as much hunger as you were his. Without a moment to spare you lean forward, capturing his lips within your own. It wasn’t the slowest, most kindest kiss you’d ever had but you loved it more than words could describe. 

    The feeling of his hands tangled in your hair, his lips pressing against your earnestly, the warmth of his chest pressed against your own made the moment all too perfect. But eventually the moment had to end, you did have to breath after all. Your lips part and you’re left gasping, your forehead gently pressed against his own as you do so. 

   “We mustn’t tell a soul about this,” Loki murmurs, breathing just slightly heavier than usual. You nod your head, smiling softly as you still attempt to regain your breath. 


The Gold Dress

Originally posted by ohskyefelicity

We found out yesterday from an old interview with Emily Bett Rickards that Oliver actually bought Felicity the gold dress Felicity wore in the Dodger episode. This is a little fic, Pretty Woman style, on how that came to be. It’s from Felicity’s point of view. On AO3 if you prefer.

“So we are all set for tonight right? I’ll get the jewelry piece and make sure it’s delivered to the auction and you and Digg will meet me there.” Oliver looked down at Felicity who sat in her chair in front of the computers.

“Right, except I’ll monitor things from here. You and Digg will be onsite.” Felicity turned back to her computers.

“No, I want you there.” Oliver stated firmly. “We need to track if the Dodger takes the bait and it would be better if you were on site.”

“I can do my job just fine from here.” She looked back at him over her shoulder. “You will have comms, it will be fine.”

“Felicity what aren’t you telling me? Why don’t you want to go?” He looked at her with such concern.

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Under The Table ~Freaky February~ (E.M)

Prompt: Hey, I was wondering if you could do a Naughty November Elijah Mikaelson imagine where the reader gives him a blowjob during dinner and he retaliates by taking her back home and making her his little slave for the night, collar, leash, v rough. Ty

Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Word Count: 600

Warning: none

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