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Dick Move

A/N: So this is based on an idea that I have had for a while. It didn’t turn out quite like I had pictured in my head? But oh well.

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Y/N sat on the couch and watched as her best friend carried her snack and drink into the living room. They were alone in the manor. Alfred had gone late night grocery shopping and the boys were out on patrol so they had the living room and it’s ridiculous entertainment system all to themselves.

“What do you want to watch, Y/N?” Dick’s girlfriend asked as she put her stuff down.

“Just turn on like a show or something. I don’t really have anything that I am dying to watch right now.” Y/N answered. She checked her phone for messages while Dick’s girlfriend turned something on. She put her phone down and picked up her snack and nibbled on it. Silence fell between the two as they got sucked into the show Dick’s girlfriend had turned on.

“Hey, can I talk to you about something?” Dick’s girlfriend asked hesitantly.

Y/N put down her food and turned to her. “That sounds serious.”

Dick’s girlfriend laughed and shook her head. “It isn’t anything like super duper important, more of just something that I have to talk to somebody about.”

Y/N nodded and stole a piece of Dick’s girlfriend’s snack. “Shoot.” She said as she put the junk food in her mouth.

“So, I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way, but I’ve been feeling really down lately with how absent Dick has been. Like I know he works day and night, but when we are together, it feels like his mind is elsewhere. I am not wanting him to drop everything to be with me, that would be fucking ridiculous, but I want it to feel like he is choosing me, you know?” Dick’s girlfriend looked at Y/N. Y/N nodded and motioned for her to continue. “I don’t know how much longer I can go like one can only spend so long in a rut and I have to get out, but I cannot break up with him.”

“Sounds like you need to just talk to him.” Y/N said. She reached out and took her friend’s hand. “I am more than willing to listen to you complain, but I can’t change anything, that’s on you two.”

Dick’s girlfriend sighed before running her hands through her hair. “I know. I just- I don’t know how to bring it up, you know? Like don’t get me wrong, I love him, but he isn’t the best with confrontation. He’ll probably feel really guilty about it or some shit and I don’t want to upset him.”

“Dude, just talk to him.” Y/N groaned. “Like I swear to God, it isn’t going to be as bad as you think.”

“You’re right,” Dick’s girlfriend sighed. “ I should be able to talk to him without it blowing up. I love Dick-”

“Yeah, you sure do. And you are pretty fond of your boyfriend as well.” Y/N said as she put her empty bowl on the coffee table. Dick’s girlfriend shot her an irritated glare. “What? You stepped right into that one. You cannot expect me to not make that joke.”

“You better run.” Dick’s girlfriend said as she got up. Y/N’s eyes widened and she jumped up. She ran out of the room with Dick’s girlfriend hot on her heels.

Y/N laughed as she slid around a corner and kept running. She laughed again as she heard Dick’s girlfriend almost lose her footing. She was almost to the kitchen when a strong pair of arms picked her up and swung her around. Y/N screamed in surprise before turning to see her very amused boyfriend, still in uniform. “Hey, sweetie, how are you?” Y/N panted. She leaned over and clutched her chest, trying to catch her breath.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jason asked her. He had not expected to find his girlfriend running full speed down the hallway this late at night.

Y/N laughed breathlessly. “I am running from Dick’s girlfriend.”

“What about my girlfriend?” Nightwing appeared next to them.

“She is chasing me. Or was. She might have wiped out or decided it wasn’t worth it.” Y/N said as she peered down the hallway.

“What exactly did you do to make her chase you?” Dick asked, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down at her.

Y/N pursed her lips and sighed. “I don’t have to answer that.” She said as she turned to walk away. Jason smirked and pulled her back.

“Oh, no. Come one. What did you do?” Jason laughed as Y/N squirmed in his arms.

“If I told you, I would have to kill you.” Y/N teased.

At that moment, Dick’s girlfriend stalked around the corner. She had an irritated look on her face, but that melted away when she saw her boyfriend standing there. She walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, babe.” Dick greeted as he took off his mask. “Y/N said that you were chasing her.”

Her smile faded as she looked at Y/N, who had ducked behind Jason. “Yep.” Dick’s girlfriend said shortly.

“Why? What did she do to get you all riled up?” Dick asked quietly. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms soothingly.

“We were talking about something semi-serious and she made a dick joke.” She pouted.

“In my defense, you set yourself up for failure.” Y/N said as she peeped from around Jason’s side. Dick’s girlfriend glared at her and Y/N quickly took off running again with Dick’s girlfriend close behind. Jason and Dick stood there as they could hear Y/N laughing at Dick’s girlfriend’s threats as they ran through the manor.

“So what do you think will happen if she catches her?” Dick asked quietly.

“Dude, my girlfriend could whoop your girlfriend’s ass any day of the week. Even I get a little bit scared of her when she is mad.” Jason said.

Dick exchanged a look with Jason before they took off running to prevent the fight that might very well be brewing.


LadyD 500 Followers Giveaway!

Thanks everyone who decided they wanted to follow my crazy blog. Because It warms my heart so, I decided to do a giveaway. Something I do that I enjoy is make chapter banners for my fanfiction. So why not make one for five of my followers!?

Rules etc.

  • The giveaway will end on April 15
  • I will figure out that number/name randomizer thingy, or whatever, to draw 5 winners
  • You don’t have to be a writer to win one
  • You do have to be a follower
  • You do have to be a real person with a blog who is part of the Bioware fandom (preferably ME and DA OCs pls), and not a giveaway blog (whatever that is) or a bot
  • I will do up to two people in the image, ie OC and OC, OC and LI something like that - we can discuss if it will be possible
  • Your OC does not have to fall into the strict options we get in CC

So here’s the thing, if you end up being one of the 5 winners, we will have a chat. You will tell me about your OC and what you want for your banner/picture. I make these in photoshop to look like Illustrations. You can send me face claims (If CC never worked for you, you who just don’t have a CC version of your OC) or screenshots of your OC. Does your OC have like massively curly hair? Do they have a special tattoo that’s unique to just them? We can work with that. Abner has a unique tattoo, a septum piercing, and dreaded hair - but she still gets banners ;)

Thats it! That’s the thing! Like and reblog as much as you want to (without being a prick) and good luck!

Hey guys! So my husband and I are having a few problems with our car that we don’t really have the cash to pay for. Our windshield wipers basically came off and we have a temporary fix for it (zip tie) but I dunno if it will stay for long. Both of our headlights are out, and we also have a shaky steering wheel that has a bigger problem: it’s something that would be about a $1500 fix, which we do not have the money to pay for with $500+ in student loans every month + everything else haha

If you would be able to help out, my PayPal is here: I am doing this in secret so then I can withdraw the money and give it to my husband so he can go get the car fixed and hopefully alleviate some stress on the poor dude.

Even if you just help with $1, I will want to write something for you. I am most comfortable with writing Fairy Tail, but I have written for RWBY as well. Please send me a message here if you sent me anything and I will do my best to write something for you ❤

Thank you so much! <3

I strongly believe in making the best use of all the functionality available.

If you find something or someone on this website is ruining your favorite thing - blacklist or block them, I say. Unless you have the desire and time to civilly talk it out instead. Your call.

Me, I don’t have time to do parenting someone else neglected to do.

If I am your annoying stranger or something I post is unpleasant/boring to you - feel free to blacklist that or block me, I usually tag everything I post. It’s only fair. Blacklisting and blocking is a very convenient filter, make the best of it.

As for anon blocking, it’s a very useful little thing. I hardly ever had to use it, but I feel some people don’t even know it’s there. Here it is:

Hii everyone! Today we reached 2k followers (and today is also my birthday! OMG thank you so much to every single one of you, we’ve never thought that we could reach so many followers so quickly. We decided to do some blog rates so we can get to know you better.

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For anyone wondering who the lady is that the psychotic* bullshit account is targeting, it's Jennifer Allen, Sam's publicist. She's been tagged on IG so she may be on IG if anyone wants to warn her. (*No, I'm not sorry for calling them that because no matter what anyone says, these women are mentally ill. Cruelty. Lack of boundaries and empathy. Lack of self-awareness. Narcissism. Inability to face or accept reality. ALL hallmarks of mental disorders and all traits ES have shown).

While I’m not qualified to diagnose if someone is psychotic, I do agree that something is not quite right with the person or persons behind the bs account. What that “not quite right” is is anyone’s guess, and the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter why this person or persons harass everyone associated with Sam in some capacity. It’s simply wrong, and it needs to stop before the harassment goes too far and people are adversely affected by it.

PSA: Let others be happy, even if you’re not. Hurting someone else will not make you happy, it’s just more hurt for you. That’s no way to live a productive and positive life.

Alice 🐇

@sassyeggs74 replied:

For me it was also the Bran assassin plot, which was sort of underwhelming.

Well, yeah, considering it really felt dropped for a while, after all the frantic stuff about it in AGOT. Though it is brought up at the end of ACOK when Cat accuses Jaime, whose response reiterates that it couldn’t have been Tyrion, because he lost the bet at the tourney, and it was Robert who won the dagger from Littlefinger. And the Joffrey thing is part of a general theme in ASOS of characterizing him as trying desperately to prove himself to Robert and failing at it because of his sociopathy. (Stannis’s story about the kittens is another one, where Joff was probably trying to show his dad what a great hunter he was, just like him, and instead got hit so hard he lost teeth; and there’s also his “a strong king acts boldly”, which is how LF probably sold him on killing Ned, because that’s what a strong king like Robert would do.)

But unfortunately, yes, what GRRM mostly did with the assassin plot (until the last half of ASOS, when Joff says he’s no stranger to Valyrian steel and Tyrion has an intuitive leap) was set up who couldn’t have been the one to send the catspaw, not set up who actually was.

@sassyeggs74 replied:

Yes, that’s it! I couldn’t really put into words what my problem was but yeah, that’s it. And I think maybe at that point in the story it no longer seemed important WHO did it, so looping back and explaining it felt a little off but maybe that’s just me.

No, you’re right, especially after Catelyn’s death, the Red Wedding and all, it feels almost pointless? Like, she was the one who really cared who tried to kill Bran, but at the time she died, she thought Bran was dead, so who did it matter to anymore? Nobody really except Tyrion, and by the time the mystery was solved he had a much bigger and far more immediate murder accusation to worry about. Though I suppose the parallels there are important. And maybe, idk, it’ll mean something to Stoneheart, if Jaime tells her, though I doubt she’s rational enough for it to matter.

Nevertheless, the Bran’s assassin mystery was important for GRRM to resolve, along with the other big mystery of the series up until that point, who killed Jon Arryn (and why). Probably the reason is because GRRM thought he was going to do a five-year-gap after ASOS, and after five years those mysteries really wouldn’t be relevant to the characters anymore. And the resolution of those mysteries also signifies the end of the first act: the Stark-Lannister war is over, here’s why it got started, now we move on to the next act. Though hopefully there will eventually be repercussions on the one who used those mysteries to cause chaos and advance himself…

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Ok so the fic I was supposed to finish yesterday is now in the marination stage, so due to being outed by @gurguliare as a closet fan of ‘mob psycho 100 tumblr posts as tagged by gogol when i have no idea what is happening in the actual source material’ she got me to do another osmosis post:

-Alternate Title: “Punch Him In The Brain With Your Brain”

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10 facts about me

10 facts about me - tagged by @saltyauntsuga - beware of oversharing

1, i am originally from vietnam, i have been studying art stuff since sept 2012 - 4 years of traditional painting and now doing illustration in the czech republic - before you ask what will i do in the future for a living, i will answer - be a hermit and hope my older brother can send me food support once in a while

2, i speak vietnamese, english and czech, not as fluently as i would like to but i try to. czech is very hard, when i need to write something formal i need help from friends, and i don’t really have anyone to talk to in vietnamese it gets rusty

3, i love cats and all fluffy animals in general, i also love namjoon the most in this entire world

4, i have tutored a boy in english through some agency - forabout  8 months? it’s some kind of a volunteer stuff so no money. the families (clients) are financially weak so it’s a way to help them

5, i have been living away from parents since i was 10 - i visit home once a year in summer - i lived with kinda weird (abusive) uncle and aunt for like 4-5 years and then i have been kind of living with my older brother since 15 and from 17 i lived in dorms, but then i met a great family that half-adopted me in and it’s been great, better than the years i was with the uncle lol only if he wasn’t my mom’s brother i’d decked him when i see him when i was older and realized what he did was shitty

6, i like matcha, a lot. and i love vietnamese black coffee, i generally don’t like coffee with milk or cream.  i don’t really like chocolate, i love spicy food.

7, i don’t drink alcohol or smoke, i can stand neither of them, i get in contact with any kind of smoke i’ll cough my lungs out. yesterday my friends coaxed me into drinking something and i was like yeah let me order a margarita and after that 1 drink my head was throbbing and got dizzy like mad. so yeah, no alcohol please. i get super red from just a small beer.

8, i don’t enjoy a lot of music - mostly it’s just hollywood undead, vocaloid and some k-pop for me. i also can’t fully enjoy stuff after just 1 time of watching it, i can’t process everything so mostly the first time i watch sometime it’s purely about the visual. like if it’s pretty and appealing visually or not. shallow, i know.

9, i have a best friend and we have been talking and stuff for 8-9 years now, i never met him though. i am waiting if we can meet on the 10th year of friendship lmao. 

10, my memory is like, bad, so i forget A LOT of stuff, pardon me for that. please never hesitate to remind me stuff from time to time, thank you.

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Nickname: Nia                                                                                                     Zodiac Sign: pisces                                                                                               Height: 5′2                                                                                                             Last thing you googled: “Grey’s Anatomy season 7 ep 10″ im obsessed           Favourite music artist: Hayley Kiyoko                                                                   Songs stuck in my head: Kill V. Maim                                                                   Last movie you watched: The Jungle Book                                                         What are you wearing right now: white shirt with black pj bottoms                     What do you post: gay stuff?                                                                                Why did you choose your url: Alexandra’s my middle name and my first name starts with an ‘S’                                                                                                   Do you have any other blogs?: nope                                                                   What did your last relationship teach you?: that I didnt like boys                         Religious or Spiritual: Neither?                                                                             Favourite colour?: Purple!!!                                                                                 Average hours of sleep: 6-8                                                                                 Lucky number: 2                                                                                                   Favourite character?: too many?? ill just say Lexa, Octavia and Alex atm          How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1                                                           Dream job: something in law              


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Name: Kseniya (or Xenia, seen both variants).
Nicknames: Crys. Do not ask, long story.
Zodiac sign: Aqarius.

Height: 1,7 m
Orientation: does it really matter? Tend to think about myself as about straight 
Nationality: Russian
Favorite fruit: dunno. I like oranges. 
Favorite season: winter. Summer is close second, tho, but hot weather kills me.
Favorite book: Silmarillion and HoME by J.R.R.Tolkien, 
Favorite flower: duuno. Really. Don’t really have a preference here.
Favorite scent: love a lot. Let’s pick something weird. I love how subway smells. 
Favorite color: let’s pic green for today. Green is good.
Favorite animal: sneks and lizards are awesome. But other critter also good.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: two tea, please!
Average sleep hours: from 5 to 9, but average is hardy representative in my case.
Cat or dog person: both. Both is good ©
Favorite fictional character: oh, c’mon. Too many. Far too many.
Number of blankets you sleep with: none or one.
Dream trip: I have a real lot of place in Russia where I want to set a feet, so. It is. A looooong trip around Motherland. 
Blog created: 2013, but not used util recent
Number of followers: 201, love you all :3

Tagging: anyone who wants to do it. Tagging and encouraging.

I truly feel bad for people who spend so much time hating on a character/ship, enough to go to their tag, post anti stuff, and even write anti fanfics (yes, I’ve seen it multiple times, and it’s not pretty). Because, I mean, I love Karamel so much and coming on Tumblr, looking at their posts, commenting on the relationship, and writing fanfictions take about 2 hours of my day and I have to sacrifice a lot of my time for that (and a lot of other things I can do). And like I have a really busy schedule with school and APs and SATs and sports and homeworks and all that stuff; I don’t have any time other than those 2 hours to spend on fandom things. I can’t imagine any other shipper being in a much different situation, even if they’re not as busy as I am. It’s sad that haters spend so much time hating on something when they could spend it on something that they love and supporting it. It’s just sad. 

Hey, just a reminder that y’all are allowed to draw anything you want for me anytime you’d like!!! 

I don’t care if it’s one of my OCs, if it’s a crackship I’ve said I liked before, if it’s my favorite character, or if it’s fanart of an AU I made, I can guarantee you I always love it! Even if it’s something I’ve recently said I don’t like anymore, I’ll still like it!!!! I’m never ungrateful of gifts!!!!!!! 

Please, if you have anything you want to make for me as a gift, go ahead and do it! You don’t have to ask for my permission, because I will always say yes!!! 

You have no idea how happy I really get when I go into my username tag or my inbox and see that somebody’s made a gift for me!!!!!!

If you ever make a gift for me and post it on Tumblr, please either tag me in it or send it to me through Tumblr’s IM system!!! It’s a guaranteed way that I will see it!!!!!

not-moose-one-shots  asked:

That plus size reader one shot got me. Gah, I needed something like that. Thank you for writing that. And thank you for being freaking amazing! Also, I was wondering if your Forever Tag list was open because I'd love to be added. If not, totally cool. Love ya!!

Thank you for reading it! And for the super sweet message! I do have a forever tag list and there are 5 spots left. One of them is now yours! 

Get Into My Car

ABC tag

thank you @yoonmin-smile for tagging me <3

a. - age: 17 im practically prepubescent 

b. - biggest fear: centipedes, get those wriggly fuckers away from me

c. - current time: 14:38

d. - drink you last had: lemonade

e. - everyday starts with: scrambling for my phone because my alarm tone is something from hell

f. - favorite song: currently? I’m rlly liking Monsta X - Beautiful and I’m listening to Good Boy - GD x Taeyang a lot again 

g. - ghosts, are they real?: prolly not but who am I to say

h. - hometown: London, England 

i. - in love with: the way jungkook says “I liked it”

j. - jealous of:  people who have seen bts live

k. - killed someone: yes im secretly a murderer, whoops you got me!

l. - last time you cried: when i got my yoongi photocard so… wednesday?

m. - middle name: leanne

n. - number of siblings: an older brother and a younger sister

o. - one wish: im a predictable bitch okay i wanna see bts live

p. - person i last called/texted: my guardian i think

q. - question you’re always asked: “whats so funny?” (spoiler: it’s probably this)

r. - reason to smile: what could it possibly be? bangtan? :^0 shock AND surprise! (see #reason to live or #smiley)

s.- song you last sang: Very Nice - Seventeen

t. - time you woke up: 5:00 am (i woke up fully dressed, on top of my covers, with a full face of makeup and the light still on… i have no idea when i fell asleep)

u. - underwear color: black + pink

v. - vacation destination: I’d love to go back to the US, maybe NY

w. - worst habit: my life is one bad habit tbh idk what im doing

x. - x-rays you’ve had: my spine and my mouth

y. - your favorite food: cheese… im lactose intolerant but watch me eat cheesy garlic bread, followed by a margherita with cheese stuffed crust and a cheesecake (thats literally my pizza express order why do i crave death)

z. - zodiac: virgo

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I got over 300 and I just wanted to say thanks real quick. I’ve been a little exhausted this past week and I know I usually post more, but sometimes you gotta give yourself a break. I’m hoping to draw more tomorrow, I still have a Negan idea on my mind I really wanna do. Also I’ve been trying to draw Damon Albarn since July and I just never like the finished product, so I’m gonna keep trying with that until I get it perfect haha. And of course I gotta do something with Gorillaz and the new video. It’s really just about getting the time right now. But thanks for following and reblogging and all that. Your tags on my work make my life and I read all of them! I never thought I’d reach 300 (I’ve never had this many followers, even on my main account lmao) So thanks! 

I was tagged by @andrewjsten (Thank you!!!)

1. What is a book you finished in one sitting?
The Fault in Our Stars. I was bored one day over the summer.

2. Were you always into reading or did something spark your reading interest?
I have always been reading. If it wasn’t nailed down, I read it.

3. Are there any songs that you relate to a certain book?
Not really? I more have songs to certain pairings or characters than overall books.

4. In which season do you get the most reading done?
Probably Winter? I always get the reading bug around New Year’s.

5. Which book character do you relate to most?
Hermione from Harry Potter.

6. Do you have any reading goals for 2017? If so, what are your goals?
I want to finish the books on my to read shelf. There are like 30 and some of them I’ve been working on since my first year of college.

7. Are there any books that you feel like you need to read or else you’ll miss out on things at booklr?
Not reeeeeally? I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on the R*ven Cycle, but I don’t really want to read that so…

8. What is the most books that you’ve read in a week/month/year?
I have no idea. My most prolific reading time was definitely my junior year of high school though.

9. Is there one character everyone else absolutely loved but you despised?
In any book? Uh…I never understood people’s love for Book!Jace in TMI.

10. Are there any books that remind you of a certain place?
Not that comes to mind

11. How many books do you own?

Dude. You can’t expect me to count. 

I tag @radioactivewombats @lexduncan @reader-rabbit 

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Have you considered doing analysis on more recent material from D&D, like 5e? I'd be very interested to see your take on the stuff in Volo's Guide to Monsters.

Alright I know this is a question from like six months ago at this point but it’s something I wanna bring up, is that like, I’ll get to stuff that isn’t AD&D in a nebulous “eventually” kind of way. Like, due to college and other life shit going on (which is the reason posts on this blog can be so, *ahem*, sporadic) a lot of my non-AD&D books are several hundred miles away, so it wouldn’t happen until at least I get those back. Like, there’s a bunch of 3.5 stuff I really wanna cover, at some point in time, including/especially the Player’s Handbook, where half-orcs are literally the only player race that gets a net -2 to their stat spread, whereas everyone else is at a net 0. Like 3.5 at least seemed to know a little more about what it was doing in terms of realizing that maybe not every single orc is irredeemably evil, from birth, but the farther we get away from it the more the cracks show, as with AD&D. Like, there’s a whole splatbook in 3.5 about playing monstrous humanoids, which was in many regards a step in the right direction, and in many others, not, because in most respects the rules for playing monsters sucked because of empty “monster” levels that were supposedly to balance the “hideous” power of playing, say, a bugbear, or a minotaur.

In fact I’d have to work out how to make it work in my formatting, and not make it take literal days to read, but I’d like at some point to make articles about some AD&D splatbooks, too. Maybe be like an overview with the excerpts being the “best hits”, so to speak? I dunno. Maybe break them up into groups, or chapters. I still need to consider it. The Book of Humanoids, from AD&D, at least, has a roughly similar entry style compared to the Monstrous Manual, so that at least should be pretty easy to get that ball rolling.

And say what you will about 4th edition, I thought the removal of negative racial stats was a good idea, because it made certain races more optimal for this role or that, while not making them totally unusable in any other role, just merely sub-optimal. Though honestly I will admit the very heavy combat focus of 4E kind of makes analyzing its fluff a little bit of a losing proposition, in my opinion? Like I remember looking through some 4E Monster Manuals and being like “??? This is just stat blocks”, with maybe a token paragraph, or somesuch.
Though I liked how they provided player stats for a handful of monsters in the back of every monster manual, if you wanted to be a bullywug, or a gnoll, or what-have-you.

Now, 5th Edition, from everything that I have seen, read, and just within the last couple of weeks personally experienced, is really, really good.
…Like I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to analyze a lot of the fluff, I don’t have many 5E books, but as a game it’s really tightly designed and has a whole lot to offer in terms of like, player customization and choice, and making every class feel like they’re doing something useful within their role, and not having as bad a time power balancing the wizards versus everyone else as compared to 3.5, especially, and without having to resort to the “everyone has kinda-sorta magic” solution of 4E. It feels like it’s simplified without being dumbed down? And I just, like it a lot, already, and I haven’t even done much in it. Like, the classes, the archetypes, I think it’s really cool. And they do have playable minotaurs, even, thanks to a PDF off the Wizards of the Coast website.
…They’re Dragonlance minotaurs, but flavor can be mucked around with, when you’re a DM. It’s liberating that way. 
As for Volo’s, I haven’t read it myself, but I have a friend who has, and he’s told me I’ll especially want to take a good long look at its take on kobolds, which, I’ve heard, suuuuuuuuuucks.
Like, they get a whole mechanic based on groveling like sniveling cowards?? A racial mechanic?? So any/all kobold PCs could do this??
I mean, minotaurs always having a melee weapon available on account of the horns, that makes sense, because unless they’ve been cut the hell off, every minotaur’s going to have horns to headbutt people with, right? I mean, in theory a minotaur could be born naturally hornless, like polled cattle in real life, but I digress; the whole point about a racial ability is that it should be something universal, that anybody of the species has the capacity to do, usually based on an integral physical trait, like the dragonborn and their breath weapons, or the half-orcs and their ability to go down swinging because of their adrenaline, or whatever it is. But groveling and cowardice?? For shame, Volo. That’s some anti-kobold libel. You’d better hire a top-notch barrister, Volo, because whatever international organization for kobold civil rights exists in your setting is going to be breathing down your throat any minute now.
Of course, if it’s Forgotten Realms, like a lot of 5e fluff seems to be almost implicitly, then he might get off scott free, but, er…

Uh, but yeah, stuff that ain’t AD&D is coming, eventually.
I suppose it’s that AD&D stuff is almost like, low-hanging fruit? Like it talks so matter-of-factly and cut-and-dry with no room for nuance about a lot of these races that of course they don’t stand up to even the barest of scrutiny. :P
…Although come to think of it, I could at some point do a little analysis of the 5E playable minotaur, like I did with the 5E aarakocra, and see how I like their fluff.
Which I suppose would just devolve into a review of the Dragonlance setting’s interpretation of the minotaur, since that’s what the 5E minotaur explicitly is? But…?
Centaur article should be along pretty quick, by the way. ^^
I totally wasn’t inspired to do it because Orisa came out in Overwatch, or anything.