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you know, you really don’t have to be good at math to do it and enjoy it, you can fuck around with whatever you want in math, just for fun like. you know how people will draw hecking stick figures just because they enjoy art, regardless of if they can do more than simple stick figures they still enjoy doing their stick figure art. 

i feel that way about math lmao, I’m not particularly GOOD at it, but it’s something I enjoy and I’m gonna keep doing it because it’s fun for me. i don’t care if i ask ridiculous questions, or if it takes me a while to get shit, I’m still going to do it because thats whats fun about math for me.

it’s been said before but like, you shouldn’t let whether or not you’re good at something stop you from doing it if you enjoy it. and remember … it takes practice to get good at something, so as your enjoyment increases so too does your skill in whatever it is you’re doing.

and you know you don’t have to be the greatest, you don’t even have to be average, all that matters is that you’re doing what you enjoy. and talent/skill shouldn’t stop you from that. just keep having a good time.


I feel and look horrible but Snapchat makes me look somewhat okay

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It's kind of sad to say, but it took the Discourse™ to get me interested in the aro/ace and LGBT+ communities. Exclusionists are wrong, but if their arguments about the community being shitty are true, I want to help change that. Do you have any suggestions where to start?

Yes actually! 

Find something you think the community is missing. If you think it’s in person events, do those. If you think it’s posting positive reminders or posting things in the tags is disrupt hateful speech, do that. I originally started because I wanted to help younger me. That’s also a really good method. Every path is different and some paths might not be a good fit for you. I volunteered for a hotline but it was just too much in the moment and with chronic illness I didn’t feel like I could be accessible on demand. So where you start might not be the same as where you end. If you do it for a while, it’s also okay to change what or how you do things. (that’s a tip for a few year from now) 

Here’s a video from Jeffrey Marsh called How to be you: Finding your focus in activism.

random tips 4 young/beginner/any artists

- either have an art sideblog (linked on your main) or have an art tag (also linked on your main). makes it a lot easier for people to view your art.

- draw backgrounds, hands, and the other eye, even if you don’t want too or think it looks bad.

- try drawing different poses! the more you practice now the better you will be at it in the future. don’t be afraid to look at references either.

- don’t copy references exactly onto your drawing! try to do something more like this: say you’re drawing someone holding a sword, look at a bunch of pictures of hands holding swords and try to loosely copy a couple of them until you get the hang of it, then go back to your drawing. this way you actually learn how to draw it, not just how to copy it.

- try to draw different body types

- shade without using the blur tool as often as u can

- see if the program you use has ‘blendable’ or ‘watercolour’ brushes and mess around with those. 

- do original art! make up oc’s! etc. etc.

- if you see something cool that another artist did in their drawing don’t b scared to ask them how they did it

- respond to other peoples art how you want people to respond to yours

- don’t constantly compare urself to others 

- learn to compliment others art/talent without putting down your own


Hey everyone! Since money is tight, and I’m going to uni next year, I’ve decided to open up comissions!

Here’s some key info:

  • My art is traditional, so I will mail everything out (and yes, I will ship internationaly) but the prices above do not include shipping; I will calculate and add that to the cost of the comission when it’s done
  • I always work from a photo reference, so please, when you request something, have a reference image available to send me
  • I mostly deal with real-life portraits, and I will not draw anything NSFW
  • All payments to go through Paypal, and GBP (£) only
  • My tumblr’s art tags have more examples of my work!

Send me a message if you’re interested and please boost! ily <3

kidwithoutadream replied to your post: im so upset abt the new safe mode update!! some of…

they updated it to where anyone under 18 cannot turn off safe mode. with this new update, any posts with any lgbt identities pretty much, gore, and other things get blocked. :( even if something mentions it without being the thing, it gets blocked because its by words instead of actual people doing their jobs (which fucking sucks a lot)

this is sadness. Just when I think I got around the whole if you have an outgoing link in your post it won’t show up in the tags thing something new arises. I can see gore bein a thing but lgbt? < n >

i figured while i was still online i’d do this too sklfdh i understand if everyone is annoyed with me by now…. anyways i was tagged by @daegupan !!! thank u angel 

if i were a month: february

if i were a day: tuesday

if i were a planet: neptune or something idk

if i were a god/goddess: ishtar, the original bad bih,

if i were a sea animal: probably a walrus

if i were a piece of furniture: a poorly constructed ikea coffee table that’s hanging precariously by one (1) screw

if i were a gemstone: opal

if i were a flower: peony or lilac

if i were a weather: thunderstorm

if i were a colour: soft pink

if i were an emotion: anxiety :-)

if i were a fruit: mango

if i were an element: my friend always told me i had earthbender hands so

if i were a place: a cute little café carefully hidden inside an old city

if i were a taste: incredibly bitter

if i were a scent: vanilla & jasmine

if i were a body part: pinkie finger .

if i were a pair of shoes: those white flat-bottom sneakers that nurses wear

i’m gonna tag uhhhhhhhh @pinku-moon @92-yeol @jaehyu @arohha @el-perrito-super-gorditoo @hongzeok @velvetgfs @goddessofbaekhyun @sowon @shyseungkwan and anyone who just wants to do it!!! it was fun i’m just a stick in the mud

                      Psa ;;

Starlings, my beautiful and wonderful divinities, no matter how ‘busy’ I seem to be; please don’t ever hesitate to send me an ask or ask for a starter or even write me a random one and tag me! Seriously, I know I’ve been working a lot lately but that isn’t the norm for me. Okay well yes, I do work a lot, but I normally have time afterwards to write a lot more than I have been recently! And here in a few days, that will return when the boss man comes back full swing! And even if I do seem busy either way, please don’t hesitate. I will be so so happy if you don’t and just send me something or tag me in something! I promise I’m not going to bite and even if I can’t respond right then, I will like the post to let you know I’ve seen it and have drafted it!

I am always down to write with you beauties okay? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Hi there, friend! I just wanted to stop by and say that I really love your work! You have so much dedication to your art and it really shows! I love whenever I can go into the tag and see something new you've posted. Honestly your art has inspired me to want to draw more, which I don't do very often. And I feel okay when it doesn't always come out perfect, it just makes me happy. And I wanted to thank you for that as well. Keep up the awesome work! I can't wait to see what you do in the future!

Hi! Ahh, so many hugs to you, thank you!!! And goodness YES, please keep drawing. If it makes you happy, that is the best thing. That’s always my first goal. :D Second goal: Always keep trying! That’s how we develop our skills and styles. I only recently figured out some things myself, so being artistic really is sort of an unending journey.

Art is such a subjective creature, so I will say this: Does it make you happy? THEN IT IS PERFECT! So all of y’all KEEP MAKING ART. It is wonderful stuff.


Here it is!

I have had multiple people point out how most of my tags are something along the lines of “what is he doing” or “why is he like this?” So to celebrate 200 followers I thought I’d explain why that is. Basically….Mika’s just a weird person…I don’t think I’m shocking anyone with that statement. So here is my favourite absolutely bizarre moments of Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr!

Obviously this is all in good fun, I love the man. If you have a moment I missed let me know, who knows, I might make a sequel!

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but it must have something to do with henrik holm and no other skam cast flooding the tl right? he's the only one still on the skam tag otherwise the tag is dead.

My Fanders Sides tag but late

Ha ha whoops I’m late to the train

So I’ve wanted to do this tag for a while now, and I finally got around to it.

I was never tagged but oh well

This tag was created by the wonderful @pansexualroman and I have admired other’s sides, so now it’s my turn like two months too late whoops

Sorry for doing this so awkwardly late I’m actually stupid but here they are~


-soft gay™
-constantly tired
-loves thunderstorms they make her happy
-embodies my anxiety, pessimism, self-doubt, fears and stress
-always stressed or worried about something
-grumbles constantly, reluctant to do stuff with the others
-freaks out around strangers
-tries to be intimidating (and succeeds if you don’t know her) but when you get to know her, the most cuddly and adorable child you’ve ever seen, 10/10 would cuddle again - review by cameron
-just needs a hug

always in a black jumper, usually wears shorts, barefoot where possible
usually on her phone, listening to sad songs, wrapped up in a blanket in a room where the air conditioner is on its lowest setting
usually has her hair out, except when she’s pissed off
when she puts her hair up, you fucking run

-the one that embodies my musical side, writing and anything to do with the arts
-the loud gay™
-no seriously this is my gay
-they’re my self-confidence
-houses my passion for everything
-the reason I become obsessed with shit
-constantly singing or dancing. always
-the most romantic fucking little twat-
-has a swearing problem
-enjoys blasting songs from musicals and singing to them bc sINCERELY ME IS PERFECT AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWI-

always wanting to wear flower crowns but never does
wears their hair down bc that’s the most comfortable but it’s usually wrapped up in a beanie
wears merch, whether from a youtuber, band or tv show
never wears girly shit or a bra bc they hate it when people call them a girl
they like sweatpants but they’re usually wearing leggings

-my intelligence
-my passion for learning
-also has a passion for girls *cough* cody *cough*
-loves researching, always eager to learn
-knows everything, recalls stupid random facts in times of need
-in saying that, cannot remember anything for the life of her
-stupid little things like catch-up lessons and something someone said to you two seconds ago are forgotten bc of her honestly
-likes rain, it helps her focus, fave season is autumn tho bc trees and plants and wildlife are really interesting, did you know-
-feelings do not compute
-one of the reasons why I have no idea how to comfort my friends
-despite everything, she’s super cool
-and super pretty - review by cody
-the chill friend
-constantly drinking coffee and is always tired
-likes classical music, but also enjoys musicals

she wears round glasses (bc she bLIND) and has her hair up in a messy top bun, it always looks like it’s been up for a couple of days and strands are sticking out
usually wears jeans and an oversized sweater bc the soft fabric helps her think straight
she’s the palest bc the only time she goes outside is if she wants an example of something, which is probably only like three days a week
still has freckles tho (is the most prone to acne bc research stresses her out sometimes but it’s not too bad)

-she/her/they/them (doesn’t mind)
-extremely happy and bubbly p much all the time
-but when she’s angry, she’s anGRY (angry kisses are a thing she does)
-my friendly side
-also the side that makes me get really excited over shit like baby otters
-obsessed with kittens and wants all the cats in the world bC ALL CATS ARE PERFECT AND WONDERFUL AND-
-accepting, warm, the one that loves hugs
-affectionate af
-loves the sun, favourite season is spring
-always listening
-doesn’t like talking about her own feelings
-she always bottles up her anger, sadness and jealousy and it comes out in scary bursts sometimes, everyone loves her all the same
-always there to give out hugs to those in need
-loves dad jokes
-holy shit do they love dad jokes
-pours her heart into everything
-tries to protect everyone
-a giant nerd™

wears a plaid button up t-shirt, usually wearing her reading glasses bc they like them so much
her hair is usually out except when she’s exercising, baking or reading
they wear shorts all the time, she and laura are the only two that shave (nova doesn’t shave her legs, and Cameron just lets it growwww)
she’ll wear caps if they’re available
has the most freckles bc she loves the sun

relationships with each other:

Nova and Cameron:
They always argue over stupid things, with Nova wanting to not do stuff and Cameron wanting to try eVERYTHING
Their arguments are super heated but always end up resolved if Laura comes to help
But they really enjoy each other’s company, Cameron likes to cheer Nova up by dramatically performing their favourite songs to her
Nova sometimes sings to Cameron to cheer them up when their ego takes a hit, Nova lowkey is the best singer of them all
Lots of cuddling during movie nights

Nova and Laura
They like to discuss things a lot, Laura helps Nova see things without a pessimistic lens and Nova also helps point out all possible ways something could turn out bad bc sometimes, even Laura misses something important
Other than that, they don’t interact much, perhaps the odd book recommendation

Nova and Cody:
Cody always finds herself calming Nova down
Nova sometimes gets annoyed that Cody is so positive all the time, she doesn’t understand it
Cody’s always the one to drag Nova along to something, whether it be a picnic or a sports game
Nova is incredibly grateful to have Cody ground her, but she’d never admit it

Cameron and Laura:
They work really well together to come up with ideas, Cameron puts in different ideas for stories while Laura does the research to make sure it is factually correct
If Cameron comes to Laura for yet another idea for a story, they’ll write it together
Usually Cameron does the initial draft, then Laura tries to add in more interesting words and make sure words aren’t repeated constantly
They’re the reason I do so well in English

Cameron and Cody:
They don’t get along all that well, because Cameron always wants to do dangerous things and Cody just wants to protect everyone she can
They do get along when discussing LGBTQIA+ issues though, bc that’s something that relates them to one another
That’s about it though, they don’t really talk much

Cody and Laura:
They’re THAT gay couple
Cody helps Laura learn about feelings and stuff, while Laura helps make sure Cody doesn’t believe in stupid things that definitely aren’t correct
Because of Cody, Laura has a passion about psychology, and is the reason I want to be a psychiatrist or psychologist. Them working so well together is a reason why I’m enthusiastic about school and learning, and that I’m able to function well around adults.
They’re constantly supporting each other, kisses are always exchanged between them
When baking, Cody’s always telling Laura the instructions don’t have to be followed exactly as they’re written
Which makes no fucking sense to Laura but ‘okay, you’re the chef’
Cody’s always telling Laura to watch her language
They rarely fight, but when they do, it’s INTENSE and always ends in tears


Uhh that was it? I hope I did that right lmao

In all honesty I don’t know who hasn’t done it yet? But I’m supposed to tag as many people as Sides I created so I hope you guys haven’t done it yet so I don’t look like even more of a fool:

@momfriendlogan, @make-it-more-gay, @fearinghope, @ace-anxiety-sanders

I feel silly for only doing this now but??? It’s still a good tag??

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as someone who already identified as a-spec and now more recently as bisexual, im totally shocked at how hard it is to find innocent bi positive blogs as compared to the number of active ace positive blogs. the worst part is all the nsfw fetish content when i search for anything bi related :( do you have any advice, like tags to follow or other recommended bi blogs? it's really saddening that we can't just have bi pride without being so oversexualized, especially as a minor.

I’m really sorry to hear that, usually when I browse bisexuality tags I try to make sure I’m searching for something like “bi positivity” or “bi pride”, something that’s clearly about supporting bi people and not fetishizing us. Other than that, there are options to turn on safe search in your account settings, but I’m not sure of that option, because it seems to filter out either too much or too little.

Other than that, I’m a huge fan of @bisexualreminders, @bipositive@bisexualityislegit, and @gettin-bi-bi-bi right now!

 CANON   DIALOGUE  STARTER  CALL   !      its  no  secret  i’ve  been  away  from  this  blog  for  awhile  but  i’m  back  and  better  and  officially  ready  to  work  on  things  .  in  honor  of  this  ,  i’ve  decided  to  kick  things  off  with  a  few  starters  made  from  game  dialogue  .

 so  —–  like  this  post  and  you  can  expect  something  in  your  tag  within  the  next  few  days  .  (   warning   :   these  will  more  than  likely  be  on  the  shorter  side  and  will  be  capped  at  a  mere  handful  as  i  have  plenty  of  drafts  and  memes  i  need  to  do  .   )


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An occupation - Engineer

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A color - Eggplant 

A food - Eggs

A place - Edmonton 

Something you shout - ???????????

A movie title - E.T. The Extra Terrestrial 

Something you drink - Eggnog

An animal - Eagle

A type of car - Edo Competition i had to look this up

Title of a song - Egao no Mahou by MAGIC PARTY

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Shutting down/new blog!

More information under the cut to avoid clutter.

tl;dr I’m making a fresh start with the tag, and thusly, this blog is shutting down! My new blog is still fr-lutielle, please feel free to follow me there if you’d like. (Also hello to everyone who’s never heard of me, I do Certified Dragon Content and also there’s some shitposting, come on by and jump on board.)

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