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Hi there!! I don't know if you've already been asked this, if you have I'm sorry and you can delete this ask XD but do you have like a link or a tag or something to other people's work using your prompts? It's just because I've seen so many nice prompts and I want to see if people have written on them but I don't know if there's any easy way to find them :( If you don't have anything like that then that's fine!! :)

That is a cool idea. 

I do not currently have anything, but I’m happy to make a tag for it and provide a link, if people want to tag their work that way. I know I normally just say tag me at the-modern-typewriter if you want me to read it. I know some things come up on that tag, but it’s not comprehensive as a lot of people post on AO3 or ffnet or various other sites. 

Other people just reblog and add on, if you check the notes of a post.

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Dude, I love your Quirkless Izuku stuff, but it also makes me said because from Izuku's point of view Todoroki is just another person who is telling him he can't be a hero.

(If you’re wondering what this is talking about, I’ve been writing ficlets and I have kinda a series ongoing by request. Part one is here, part two is here.)

Aa that is so very very true and actually a huge part of the reason I chose to do Shouto’s perspective.

Most of the time in quirkless!Izuku or nonOFAquirk!Izuku fics it’s from Izuku’s POV and we get to see his struggles, his thought process, his determination, and that’s good. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when I started brainstorming for how I wanted to do the first Quirkless!Izuku ficlet I couldn’t help but think that we know Izuku already. We know that he won’t give up, that he will save people or die trying because that is who he is, and we know that everyone will tell him that he cant and that his resolve will be tested. He will slowly earn people’s respect while being quirkless just like he did with All Might in canon, assuming you follow the canon timeline.

With this Quirkless!Izuku au I wanted to show that respect being earned from the other side. Shouto, who comes off as cold and unfeeling and yet is anything but, is protective of this reckless boy who he sees as defenseless and as things move forward he will learn to trust in Izuku’s ability to think his way out of a situation a little more. 

For Izuku… well, he’s been told he’s useless all his life so this does nothing to his resolve, no matter how pretty this stranger is. If/when I do more Quirkless!Izuku au we may be seeing Izuku start to change Shouto’s mind a little bit and prove himself. Everyone tells Izuku he can’t, Shouto is just another pretty face with a lot of power who doesn’t believe in Izuku and that’s fine. It’s normal and Izuku refuses to let that get him down. It’s what happens between him and Shouto during the rest of the sports festival that changes things for Izuku. He might even start to catch… feelings. >.>

In case you can’t see that, it says 18 Nov 2016 which means my fic, “Connection,” is 1 year old today!

It’s been a year since I started publishing “Voltron: Legendary Defender” fanfic! And I couldn’t have done it without my friends Knightwraith, Miss L, @tybunnythehellmoose, @explodingcrenelation, @materassassino, @yliseryn, @smolsarcasticraspberry, @breezycheezyart, @thesoulsikeep, @almighty-hail, and everyone else who’s helped me with beta-reading, editing, encouragement, and ideas!

Some of these friends aren’t really into the VLD fandom (or have since left it), but y’all helped so much, I wanted to thank you all. And I, of course, wanted to thank all my readers!! :D I write because I can’t help it, but the kudos & comments and the reblogs & tags keep me going!

I would’ve liked to do something more for my 1 year anniversary, but friends, I am SWAMPED. I have a Shallura Secret Santa fic to write and I want to try to get a fic/ficlet-a-day done for Shallura Holiday Month, and that’s on top of the upcoming holiday season.

So, as paltry as it is, all I can give you is my eternal thanks for all the help and support, my wish that you’ll keep supporting me for yet another year of my silliness, and a reminder that I am always willing to answer questions and I don’t bite at all!

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People need to understand something. The #1 reason why Bruce and Diana can not work out is because they do not fit into each other's worlds. Bruce is NOT leaving Gotham permanently for anybody. Anybody who is in a relationship with him long-term would have to move or already be in Gotham. And Diana is NOT moving to Gotham. She never goes to Gotham to visit Bruce and they don't even really associate with each other unless it's with a mission for the JL. They share the mission, but that's it.

Continuation: And don’t get me wrong, they are friends and used in the cartoon they flirted a little, it was mostly Diana trying to open Bruce up but he wouldn’t budge. Just because you flirt with somebody, doesn’t mean that person is good for you for the long run. I am so unbothered by this because at the end of the day, there is only really one woman who can put up with Bruce and all his gloominess & brillance & still LOVE him with him still LOVING her & that’s Selina Kyle. Their costumes are even similar.

So please excuse me for this super long rant and just let me get it out, LOL! Plus once the Batman solo movie comes out, you can BEST believe that Wonder Woman won’t be the love interest, neither would Batman be the love interest in WW2. Patty is NOT having that. So please as my girl Selina would say, “who cares?”

Yep! I feel like that is the main reason why in a lot of those obscure comics they did have a thing in, they never really stayed together. It’s tough to write a romance between two characters who are the protagonists of their own comics and are based in different cities. Not to mention, their ambitions may be similar but their ways of getting there are not.

Another thing is, a lot of the shippers ship them because “She’s the light to his darkness,” or “Bruce needs someone to brighten up his life,” and shit. What about what Diana wants? What Diana needs? I love Bruce, but Diana deserves someone who will be there for her all the way. Bruce’s main and top priority will always be Gotham, which is why his relationships never really last. Don’t get me wrong, I love the BatCat we’re getting, but Selina, and even we, know that she’s enjoying this as much as it lasts. We never know what’s going to happen because Bruce in relationships never really end well.

I don’t really care what happens in the DCEU to be honest because let’s face it, their only great movie is WW. Also, I don’t like Affleck as Bruce (Jon Hamm is my Bruce Wayne fite me) and wouldn’t want his Bats to be with whoever they cast as Selina. My main problem with this is the shippers using the excuse, “BUT THEY’VE BEEN DONE SO MANY TIMES IN THE COMICS!!” because it’s really just untrue. I am all for people shipping whatever they want to, but I just don’t like people spreading complete and utter BS. Plus, ever since BatCat got engaged in Rebirth, they’ve been slandering Selina so much that I just got so fucking tired. Usually I don’t post those types of things, but when I do, that means I’ve just reached my limit and won’t just keep staring at it by the sidelines.

But that’s just my opinion. Idk.

My name is 💙sara💙

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-what images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpaper?

My desktop is the loser club doing something stupid, cell is eleven🌼

-have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

never have never will my dude

-what was your last text message?

‘I need a nap 😂’

-What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Doing something I love surrounded by people I love💜

-if you could be anywhere else right now where would you be?

In New York City on top of the empire state building

-what was your coolest halloween costume?

Lol um probably my skeleton costume from last year

-what is your favourite 90’s show?

Full House 10/10

-who was your last kiss?

Idk, I think it was my best friend?

-have you ever been stood up?

Can’t say I have😜

-favourite ice cream flavor?

cookie dough, rainbow sherbet, or classic chocolate. Yummy

-have you ever been to Las Vegas?

Lol I wish

-favourite pair of shoes?

My old Converse have a special place in my heart😊

-what is your favourite flavor?

Anything fruity 🍎🍓🍉

-what is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

Let my fears get the best of me too many times

-what loser?

my lovely boi 🌸🌼Richie🌼🌸

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Prompts Have Been Sent!!!

Hey there, dear friends! I, @raptor-moon, have just gone through and messaged everybody their prompts and who prompted them. Please check your messages!!! (Please don’t tell tumblr I look fishy! D:)

We are aiming to have everything done and shared by December 21! Please link or tag both your prompter and @moana-party when you’re done. If the muse is really pushing hard and you finish way early, cool! Please do post and share whenever you’re ready, and maybe share again on or closer to December 21st. Once everything is done, I’ll gather all of your wonderful creations up into a beautiful masterpost so that we can all enjoy each others’ creativity!

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If something went wrong when I messaged you, or if you know you entered and you didn’t get a message, please let me know ASAP! I will sort out what happened and get it fixed!

Okay, so I know I said I was gonna wait until I got 413 followers to do another big fic giveaway thing because that’s the homestuck number, but….

hey, I’m gonna do another big fic giveaway thing, so if you’re interested in that come hit me up ;)

(if you want any examples of my  work before you request anything, my fic tag is yo it’s a fic and I wrote it  That should be up to date on all of my work so far and have links to stuff I’ve written on ao3.  There will be more information under the cut if you’re interested)

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Hey, if I remember right it was you that posted something about a tiny desk sized thing that helps with seasonal depression/vitamin D deficiency I think? Do you still have the link to whatever that was? I'm coming across a few people who may be able to make use of one and I can't find anything D:

Yes, it’s a light box that simulates sunlight! It’s very good for seasonal depressive disorder. Mine is I think a Sphere Technologies brand one, it’s about $60 on amazon and worth every penny. If you look up the tag #seasonal affective disorder on my blog you’ll probably find it? (I’d link but I’m on mobile.) Good luck!

Hello Lorna x Marcos family!!! I know this is very late but I wanted to do something to celebrate this beautiful and scientific phenomenon ship. So this holiday season I hope to do an Eclaris Secret Santa!

How this works: 

  • Fill out this form
  • This form will close on December 2nd. After that I will give you your giftee
  • All gifts are due by January 2nd (but you can give them out anytime before)
  • Sending your giftee sweet messages on anon isn’t required but hugely encouraged.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns at all, contact me @elektramurdockk 
  • Tag your work #eclarissecretsanta
  • Please reblog to spread the word

I hope you join me this holiday season to celebrate a fantastic ship and fandom!

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Small PSA about tags!

Just something I’ve noticed, and felt other RP blogs should know for organization purposes:

If you put a tag with a / or a -, it’s not gonna show up on your blog’s browser mode.

This is because tumblr URLs work strangely. it recognizes / as a separate page (so you have /pagename or /tagged/tagname/chrono), 

and - is a space (like how the url displays some of the content of the post, but with a whole lotta dashes), but it won’t recognize them in tags themselves.

So if you want to tag a URL with a dash, it’s better to use spaces instead, and just avoid slashes entirely.

So if you primarily use your desktop for tumblr, and want people to be able to find stuff, I highly recommend you don’t use tags with those symbols.

just saw someone on Facebook post a picture of their child who had just baked something yummy and her mom posted a caption with the tag “#wifeyskills.”

your child is TEN. stop doing this. stop telling girls that when they do something typically feminine (i.e. baking, cooking, cleaning, laundry) that they have “wife skills” or will “make a good wife one day.”

congratulate her on her amazing cooking or baking skills, or her talent and creativity, or her brilliance. stop telling young girls that they’re going to make good wives one day. we do not exist to please men.

Warrior Cats Characters That Have Vanished

So, this has been something I’ve wondered about for a while, and I couldn’t find any other compiled list, so I decided to make one myself. ThunderClan wasn’t included though since they’re Protagonist Clan™ and so I didn’t think quite as many cats would disappear (I may do them eventually though).

Please note what I count as vanished is showing up in at least the allegiances at least once and then not showing up in the allegiances and books later on, without being mentioned as dying/in StarClan.

Also, I used the wiki for all of this, and there’s probably some mistakes since that’s just how I am. If you find anything, or see that I missed someone, feel free to let me know and I’ll correct it!


  • Stumpytail
  • Dawncloud
  • Brightflower
  • Ashfur
  • Wetfoot
  • Brownpaw
  • Jaggedtooth
  • Smokefoot
  • Talonpaw
  • Nightwing
  • Owlclaw
  • Ivytail
  • Snaketail
  • Whitewater
  • Ferretclaw
  • Marshkit


  • Morningflower
  • Crowfur
  • Tawnyfur
  • Robinwing
  • Weaselfur
  • Thistlepaw
  • Oatwhisker
  • Gorsetail
  • Dewspots
  • Willowclaw
  • Whiskernose


  • Silverpaw
  • Greenflower
  • Swallowtail
  • Splashpaw
  • Stonestream
  • Beechfur
  • Tumblekit
  • Pouncetail
  • Graymist
  • Otterheart
  • Pinefur
  • Rainstorm
  • Copperpaw
  • Nettlepaw
  • Mossyfoot
  • Rushtail

rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

The amazing @jewishraypalmer tagged me to do this so it’s procrastination time and weather is keeping me from seeing Justice League.

1. nicknames: kate, dr. skitzy, pain causer. There’s probably others you guys have thought for me after angst or I do something ridiculous.
2. gender: female
3. star sign: TAURUS
4. height: 5′8″
5. time: 1:37
6. birthday: May 20
7. favorite bands: Fall Out Boy and The Script
8. favorite solo artists: uhhhhh Adele is all I can think of right now. TBH I pay more attention to songs rather than the artists behind them.
9. song stuck in my head: Home by Zayde Wolf (it’s such a good feelsy song look it up)
10. last movie i watched: THE DECOY BRIDE! And I need to finish my Snowlily AU of that today for @jewishraypalmer
11. last show i watched: ….Stranger Things for another AU.
12. when did i create my blog: January 2015.
13.  what do i post: Honestly whatever I’m obsessed with atm. Right now it’s Legends of Tomorrow and Stranger Things and DC stuff, plus fics and boards .
14. last thing i googled: ‘positive psychology interventions study’
15. do i have any other blogs: Nope.
16. do i get asks: Yeah, they come in. I’m just really bad at remembering to answer because life gets annoying.
17. why i chose my url: *cue cringe attack* So when I first started this blog I loved Agents of SHIELD and Once Upon a Time. When I reviewed fics and later wrote them, I smushed the agent with one of my favorite characters and slapped on my favorite ship to make a username for my account. So I just ended up transfering that name to this blog.
18. following: 1,103
19. followers: 1,852 (and I love all of you)
(No 20 question found)
21. average hours of sleep: Hahahaha that’s funny. Probably six on weekdays.
22. lucky number: I just always say 7 because I don’t feel like I have a consistent one.
23. instruments: Trombone, but I haven’t played in forever.
24. what am i wearing: Jeans, t-shirt, old jean jacket with buttons all over.
(Where is 25???)
26. dream job: teacher
27. dream trip: Scotland or South Korea
28. favorite food: Blueberries
29. nationality: American
30. favorite song right now: I honestly have way too many. Way way way too many. But I guess Legend by the Score since that gave me a load of feels for one of the fics i’m writing.

Tagging @chillin-like-villains, @pretzel-log1c, @coldflashwave-baby, @somebodyhelpthenotdeadfreds, @shesthemuscle, @shy-nerd, @trashgaryen, @ardentlinguist, @occxmy, @ithemetahumancrusader, @jimmyfission, and anyone else who really wants to do this.

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  1. Yoongi (BTS) (it’s lowkey all of them but ya know)
  2. Yoojung (Weki meki)
  3. Jennie (Blackpink)
  4. Taeyong (NCT)
  5. Minho (Shinee)
  6. Joy (Red Velvet)
  7. Seungyeon (Pristin)
  8. DO (exo)
  9. Sejeong (Gugudan)
  10. Hani (exid)

(take in mind that this list is like not very accurate because i usually have like a lotttttt of favorites in groups and I just wrote down whoever came in my mind)


Lol Yoon I guess…on the cheek or something


I think Yoojung ??




Yoongi is the mister of comedy I’m sorry 


Sejeong!!! THe LLOve Of MY LifE


lol have you ever hear me sing?? 


Taeyong,,, I haven’t stop thinking about the cherry bomb thing in the apple shop




YOONGIIIIIIII (like sorry but if it’s him and someone i’ll always choose him)


ahhhahhhahhhhhh Yoojung….but Jennie is also super cute ahhh


I’d chill out with all of them, all my biases vacation

And I’m gonna tag……EVERYONEEEE (especially: @frozenaprincess )

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name: Ace

zodiac: Sagittarius

sexual orientation: aroace

favourite color:  red, maybe gray

favourite book: ok for now

favourite artist/bands: uhhhh mystery skulls

last movie I watched: Jigsaw

hogwarts house: Slytherin

random fact: I can use chopsticks 

when did you create your blog? fuck dude, sometime around the holiday season

do you have any other blogs?: yeah, I think I like 5 others

what made you decide to get a Tumblr?: I was bored in my grandma’s basement and  wanted something to do

do you get asks on a daily basis?: I get some askes on one of my sideblogs, but rarely on this one

why did you choose your url?: idk it was just something I used for all my accounts at the time


magnus bane greeting asmodei in buzzfeed unsolved style (1/?) for @lukemagnus

bonus, alec being scared of his sibling-in-law just like ryan bergara:


Hey guys! Just put together a masterpost to make everything easier to find. I will keep this updated as I post new work!

First lineup 

Postcard selfie

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