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Im 23 and Ive barely had a proper job in my life and interviews scare me to my core and I havent studied anything that I want to make a career out of. Im inexperienced which makes people not want to hire me. What do I do? I feel so worthless. I know I have potential but Idk how to show it and im abit of introvert too. *sigh* I hate myself. Sorry I just wanted to vent.

First of all, stop it with the “I hate myself” business. There is never anything good that comes from uttering those words. Even if you are feeling down and defeated, you are the only person in the world who can pick yourself back up to make things better. It’s very hard to find a way through the external negative forces if you are putting your energy towards dragging yourself down. The only thing in life we have true control over is ourselves. If you give up on yourself… what’s left?

Story time with Noona. Hopefully you will find something helpful here.

So when I graduated from university, I was immature, inexperienced, had no clue how the world worked, had a degree in a social science that no one was going to hire me for, and had only had a few part time jobs doing the bare minimum. I didn’t have a clue what to do or how to function in the world.

Rather than go looking for a regular person job (because I had no clue how to find work), I joined a year long volunteer program. I don’t know where you are from, but in the US there are all kinds of these programs. I filled out an application, they interviewed me over the phone and then about a month later, I was on my way to a town about 900 miles away, with a small loan from my parents to pay my first month rent. I desperately had to find a place to live and ended up renting a bedroom in this dumpy house that looked like it was about to fall down but at least it had other girls around my age living there. I got paid a small stipend that was barely enough to live off of (seriously - I had to choose between eating and paying my heating bill at times). I had to take the bus everywhere because a car was out of the question with no money. And this town had terrible public transport so everything took forever.

I was placed with a non-profit that needed someone to do a variety of things. And because I had a degree, could write a grammatically correct sentence, and they didn’t know what else to do with me… I found myself working on all kinds of promotional projects. They had me put together social events and a neighborhood basketball tournament (I don’t know shit about basketball or sports in general). They handed me grant applications to fill out and I was constantly screwing them up and having to rewrite them because apparently writing government grant applications has all kinds of ridiculous requirements. I was sent out to welfare offices and half way houses to do public speaking events when I mostly had no clue how to present myself. They had me doing press releases and they even put me in charge of organizing a joint press conference with our charity, the chief of police and the mayor. I had never done a press conference I my life, was not educated to do one and was scared shitless that I would humiliate myself and the fucking MAYOR of a city!

When my year of service was over, I had developed the skills to work as a grant writer/fundraiser; or work in public relations or communications. I had connections with people in multiple government offices as well as a variety of of other non-profits, educational institutions and public service organizations. I was now prepared to be a grown up (well, kinda. At least more prepared than I was before).

And you know what I did next? Sold almost everything I owned for enough money to buy me a one way ticket to the other side of the country where I crashed on a college friend’s sofa for a week while I found another dumpy house to rent a bedroom in and a crappy low skill job that would pay me enough money to keep a roof over my head while I spent the next year looking for a grown up job.

While I did that volunteer job, I developed skills, but I learned that I don’t like grant writing and I haaaate working in PR. So was it a waste? No.

What I really learned is that I can throw myself into awkward situations where I don’t have a clue what I’m doing and still manage to come out alright. And there have been plenty more times when I was terrified that I was screwing up. And sometimes whenI really did make a mess of things. But if you keep going and are resourceful, you can make it through.

So It was much easier to go to a new city and search for a different career path. It took a while, but I eventually found something I enjoyed and was good at. (After getting fired from another job in between). I made a ton of mistakes along the way. But with every mistake, I learned something new. And I also became less afraid about my future because time and again I realized that I could survive the setbacks that I faced.

Now I’m a professional person who has a well paying job and a real career path. It has nothing to do with what I studied in school and everything to do with all the times I failed and picked myself back up again. Resilience and resourcefulness are my only real talents - and I had no idea that I had it in me or that those would be the keys to success when I was in my early 20’s. And I still make mistakes and don’t know what I’m doing half the time, but I know it’s okay and that’s just how life is.

Trust me, if I could figure out how to survive in the world - you can too.

Eddie: Wait, so you’ve been inside me all day long?

Venom: Yes.

Eddie: So you saw me eat that Hot Pocket I found in the garbage?

Venom: Yes.

Eddie: Any thoughts on that?

Venom: No.

Eddie: Oh, man. I like you.

please help if you can

if you follow me you may know that my dad got deported about a month ago and it’s been a struggle to survive without him especially because he was our main and only source of income

my mom got a job but she barely makes enough to pay the house off let alone be able to pay all our other bills. we’re behind on a number of bills and we don’t know how we’re going to be able to pay them off.

my brother and i had to put off attending college and we’ve had to apply for food stamps and any government assistance programs we can just to survive and even that’s not enough so im reluctantly asking for help again

if you can’t commission or donate, please please help us by reblogging this post and my commission post literally anything would be appreciated

i hate having to make a post like this but we don;t know what else to do and we don’t have anyone to turn to


Barbecuing yourself to avoid me seems like a bit much.

This ep was born in the pre-season, when it was just the three of us in the room. Downey and Berg working hard, and me working even harder at ignoring the bottle of Black Bush in the corner of the writers’ room. We were deep in what we called “The Madoff Variations”. In particular, the story of Madoff’s wife innocently trying to mail $1 million in jewelry – as one does – caught our attention. I mean, the guy had Feds up the wazoo, where was he hiding these assets?

And we have to admit, we were totally entranced by the Madoff story. Not for the normal reasons – the scale of the Ponzi scheme was magnificent, yes, but it was more because we’d spent a year immersing ourselves in arcane cons and crimes. We were throwing out stories, or doing weird twists on them, that other heist shows used as their episode-long A plot, because we knew them so well and were convinced other people would also see right through such classic tropes. But a ten year Ponzi scheme – as I’ve said before, that’s the fiscal equivalent of telling people you’re going to fly to the moon in the refrigerator box and having no one blink an eye.

That led us to “booty in the apartment” (it’s amazing how often we cross over with pirate – or at least privateer - terminology) and that crossed over with a pitch of Berg’s, “steal a private school.” The whole thing really clicked for me when I first heard “This kid has the world’s greatest thieves as his Fairy Godparents” in the room. That was it for me, that moment. Everything else was filler.

Originally, the first act was comprised of multiple, foiled attempts to get the villain and the FBI out of the apartment. For budgetary and scheduling reasons those went away, and we wound up with one of the most sedate first acts we’ve ever had. Good Lord, how we agonized over spending so much time in the briefing scene in this ep. Ironically, this episode arrived just as we were collating feedback off the ‘net and found, stunningly, you people love the briefing scenes. For we writers, it was always X pages of pipe we tried to make as entertaining as possible and move past to get into the plot. For the audience, watching competent people banter and plan was a big part of the appeal. “Competence porn” as we started calling it.

—  John Rogers, on writing The Fairy Godparents Job.

Broke: In an era of almost inevitable climate change, not going vegan is completely a personal moral failure.

Woke: We live in an era where not consuming animal products at all may not be feasible for many reasons- economic, geographic, medical, or personal. There is a lot an individual can do to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but in the end it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the widespread damage the livestock industry does- and while ethical consumption under late capitalism is a pipe dream at best, it’s important to at least know where your food is coming from, and still do what you can to reduce your carbon footprint, even if it’s just eating a bit less meat every week. It is not a moral failure to not live a vegan lifestyle, but it is a moral failure to completely turn a blind eye to the damage the industry has had on our entire planet.

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Can you rec me some writing i’m dEsperAte!!!!!

I can indeeeed 

this is writing I’ve loved at the moment or will just love forever, you know


thirty minutes and a lemon curd by @permanentcross  (aka the best thing i’ve ever read on tumblr)

il ritorno by @majorharry !!!

harry is y/n’s criminology instructor by @jawllines

dancing in the dark by @imethiminthemorning (i love this one so much)

whatever you like by @imethiminthemorning

y/n hasn’t been with anyone and harry doesn’t really understand it by @jawllines

one night and toothbrush by @trulymadlysydney (and family matters)

famous y/n tag and something about a feeling by @oh-styles

little horny, s’all and anything by @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy

move by @canistay-haz

shakespeare series by @makehaddyproud

all the love by @stylishmuser


sorry if these are all smut lmao but enjoy!! anything by any of these people (and more!) are amazing x


Man, I thought I was the killjoy archaeologist in this town.

Seriously, though, compliance archaeology is a whole different ballgame from academic archaeology. It’s often very quick and dirty, recovering as much data as possible as quickly as possible. No one worries about “contaminating” the site. There are animals and people wandering all over this particular site at all hours of the day and night, because it is in a rural residential neighborhood, full of chickens, feral cats (Flake’s parents and siblings), dogs, squirrels, etc. 

The area we are working in at the moment was part of a fenced yard that multiple dogs were living in. They moved the fence just so that we could work there. There is dog shit everywhere. We have found buried chew-bones at up to 20 cm. The site is plenty “contaminated” already. One highly supervised kitten isn’t going to make a difference.

The finished units are covered with plywood, so the kitten can’t get into them. The in-progress units have people actively working on them, so the kitten can’t get into them without anyone noticing. The greatest concerns regarding having a kitten onsite are for her safety, and for maintaining productivity when there’s such a cute little floof around.

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can u recommend any fanfiction that’s about reylo wedding or reylo having babies?

hoo boy, so I’m not the best person to answer this question as I tend to drastically avoid pregnancy fics but I’ve read sOME so here are my recommendations. If I’ve read it even with the pregnancy/kid storyline that means it was just SO captivating for me personally that it overrode it.

The Moon, the Sun, and the Star Inbetween - this one is just the cream of the crop to me, SO good and such a great balance between Kylo Ren’s struggle, the struggle between light/dark, and how having a child together affects it.

In My Bloodstream - admittedly it has been awhile since I’ve read this, but I remember when the one-shot came out VERY early on I was DEVASTATED and then to see it continue into a beautiful multi chapter was amazing. Although I wouldn’t really count it as a pregnancy fic…

The Proof of it All - AAAAAAAAAAANGST, also incomplete, but god DAMN it was early angst and beautiful and I want to cradle it

Redemption and Ruin - its a behemoth and worth reading

The Force Arranges a Marriage  by @terapid is one that sticks in my mind when you ask about wedding, but it’s very nsfw lol

so those are my suggestions, but @reylofic has a much better list for pregnancy fic here. and for arrange marriage fics here.