do they have a shipping name

stan the man and mike fall in love and become an iconic power couple, sorry i don’t make the rules:

-they initially bond over their mutual fear of disappointing their fathers (or grandfather) and once the bond is made, it’s unbreakable

-stan will often come over and the two boys will just lie on the grass behind the barn and make up stories to take their minds off of whatever’s going on thats upsetting one or the other  

-their first kiss is when they’re on the grass and stan is rambling off a story about an animal ghost town living among them, mocking their human ways, when mike put his hand in stan’s hair and leaned in

-stan was frozen for about five seconds and mike was just about to pull away when he felt a hand on his face and insistent lips on his own

-they become inseparable after that, and it doesn’t take too long for the rest of the losers to find out

-richie is the first to find out. he will go to his grave insisting that “his gaydar is the high quality shit” but really he saw them holding hands at one of the losers club movie nights

-eddie is next because “guys you have to let me tell eddie! he’s gonna be so psyched that we’re not the only couple in the group! please please plea-” 

-they tell the rest of the club and no one is particularly surprised. everyones happy they’re happy

-they are definitely the Old Married Couple, everyone comes to them for advice

-stan brings out the snark in an otherwise quiet mike and mike brings out the soft in an otherwise rigid stan. the losers club is shook when they see how soft stan is around mike 

-they’re just totally in love and fully respect and understand each other?? 

yonafuyu  asked:

Hey, could you please do analysis of friendship between Park Jimin and Kang Seulgi. I heard they were friends. If you hate the idea then you can ignore this ask. Haha Anyways love your blog. Take care

Heey thank you loads and sure! I don’t mind it at all, thanks for sending this ‘cause it was interesting to read her chart so I could answer you. 

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you made me start shipping bakugou, kaminari and Kirishima (i forgot their ship name). They're sucha good ship and your drawings for them are amazing!!!!!!!

Oh man thank you!!! I’m super happy I could make you like them!!!!!! They got amazing dynamics, don’t they? :D

Anon said: Your ocs are always so cool and cute i love them??!? Do u have more information about them?

THANK YOU!! And yesssss I do, actually! And I’ve also talked about them a while ago already!!! If you’re looking for more info specifically about Josh and Chris I blabbered about them here!!! <3<3

Anon said: I love your art ! And I love your Bakugo, but, have you ever thought of a undercut Bakugo ??

I sure have!!!! Tho I guess I do draw him more often with a side shave haha

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(baker anon laughing behind a giant pile of leftover cakes) thanks for celebrating with me, guys. :) (and thanks to admin for letting me do this magic anon - and everyone who participated)

((Ya welcome baker!))

Ann: *covered in frosting* I’m so dead when Makoto and I get back home…

Makoto: *picking strawberries out of her hair* Oh, you have no idea.

Futaba: *eating a cupcake, stands up from under the table* Can’t catch Alibaba *glasses gleam, moves to help Yusuke*

Yusuke: *trying to get frosting out of his hair* This was certainly eventful…

Haru: *giggles, brushes cake and pie out off her jacket, helps Yusuke* It was fun!

Akira: *glasses are gone, covered head to toe in cake and other sweets*

Ryuji: *shakes his head like a dog, sending fruit and nuts flying* I’m all sticky…

Akira: *smirks* What was that, Ryuji?

Ryuji: It ain’t like that, ya perv!

Closing Asks

Well, here I am, telling you why I’m closing asks.
Basically, I’ve been recently getting anons and non-anons leave Jelly ships stuff in my ask box. its come to the point that its annoying and I’m really tired of it. I’m not naming names because I do still respect others but that doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed with them. Also, have you ever thought about how Jelly might have felt about all this? she already has to deal with some anons hating on her friends. If you guys really care you will stop this randomness of endless fighting. Now, this is not gonna last forever, it will probably last for a week or two. but if you guys really want to ask me… MESSAGE ME!

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Zay! :D


Full Name: Zachary Arin Hunter
Gender and Sexuality: Male / Pansexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: is he human? is he a super?? is he dragonkind??? even i dont know yet
Birthplace and Birthdate: heck if i know / i forgot my boys birthday im a shit father
Guilty Pleasures: i would say country music but he doesn’t feel too bad about that asjdhf
Phobias: thunder storms
What They Would Be Famous For: do i have to mention his face like his father?
What They Would Get Arrested For: bar fight
OC You Ship Them With: many but canonly Shadzy’s Grace
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Kile
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: action/comedy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: big sports guy is nothing but an idiot who bullies everyone
Talents and/or Powers: he dances good??
Why Someone Might Love Them: face?????
Why Someone Might Hate Them: tbh his accent is hard to understand and he knows he’s pretty so he’s a bit egotistical 
How They Change: he’s always Zay 
Why You Love Them: He’s my son my child my baby boy a father will always love his boy


This tubular dude is for sale for 300$ plus shipping ( though I will entertain a trade ) they come with a fully refurbished head, the old paws, a brand new tail, art, and a collar! The head fits snugly on a 23-24 inch head. Which it will feel a little weird putting on the head for the first time because there’s supportive foam padding on the back of the head near the neck but once you figure out that it’s there to support your neck you’ll slide easily into the head. The character has no name or gender yet so that’s up to the buyer, though I would suggest Black berry as a name since the character it was prior was Cherry and they have twin designs, but that’s just my dumb suggestion. Also I will do free repairs as long as you pay shipping. Please give this dude a loving home, it makes me sad seeing them in a box


Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other


pride month never ends!!! gravity falls is gay!!! i love being alive!!!