do they have a ship name lol

ADHD isn’t really like being in constant hyper drive and gotta go FAST™ its more like i have no filters and I say and do things that I instantly regret but also a lot of…. what was I talking about again oh…um I like the word “jolappy” and it will not get it out of my head…jolappy jolappy jolappy…it sounds like lapis ship name lol…why do we abbreviate shipping names its weird

So the Hot Topic rant saga has finished.

I’ve been stressing out and checking the tracking all the time so I can catch when the package was out for delivery. Went out for groceries yesterday and what’s sitting at the door when I get home? Yep. My Hot Topic order. 

The address on it was still missing the unit number for my house so how did it get to me? did I do all that worrying for no reason? turns out the only reason it actually got to the door is because I have so much stuff delivered already. Between online shopping and supplies for my business stuff I get A LOT delivered. I’m friends with pretty much every shipping company delivery person lol. Since this package was being delivered by Canada Post and I’ve had packages dropped off almost everyday for the past two weeks the delivery guy knew my name. So he didn’t even need to know the unit number. He’s even dropped off neighbours packages at my door before because he just saw the main address number and assumed it was for me again lol

so thank hell that I order so much and every postal person knows my address because otherwise I probably would not have gotten it and would then have had to deal with getting a refund from hot topic. I knew my online overspending would come in handy one day.

ok i already have so much i need to draw already but i was recently Struck With Inspiration and i need to share it so like:

a short miniseries of comics following the life of a certain Team Skull grunt who is just not having any luck in the romance department (bc he is Gay but he doesnt realize that). And in this story all the grunts refer to each other as Pink or Blue if they don’t know each other’s names. So this poor grunt’s friends are all like “Don’t worry bro! Someday a Pink will see just how cool you are! Don’t give up!!” But he just isn’t really feelin it after awhile and he’s like “dude… what if i don’t want a Pink?? What if I want a Blue??” And his bros are like “o shit well thats cool lets find you a Blue” but still… nothing…

So poor guy’s like?? Maybe i was confused?? Fuck?? Should I go back to Pink??? But I really really want a Blue…

And then one day when he’s not in his Team Skull gear and he’s chillin on some sort of low level undercover work…

He meets Ilima.

And he’s like HOLY SHIT I FOUND MY PINK!! AND HE’S A GUY!! I FOUND HIM!! and he’s super shy about it and he even wants to drop out of Team Skull to impress Ilima and his bros are like “whoa… you’re really serious about this guy??” and he’s just like “ummm yeah?? He’s super sweet and nice and so chill and he talked to me about his favourite flowers yesterday and I could feel my heart beating in my throat and I thought I was gonna pass out??”

So his bros (The Real MVPs) help make up excuses as to why he can’t be in Team Skull anymore and he continues hanging out with Ilima as a regular functioning member of society and tries really hard to not let Ilima know he was once a grunt…and it sincerely goes fantastic for a while until one day he totally Fucks Up and says That One Line and is halfway into that stupidass squat they do and he’s just like… fuck… FUCK…. HE KNOWS NOW

And Ilima’s totally like “Oh lol I knew the whole time” and he’s just!!!! #SHOOK!!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW

And Ilima just kinda smiles and tugs on his hair and says, “Electric blue hair and eyeliner?? You’re adorable but your disguises suck ass, dude” and it takes him a while to get over that shock but when he does he definitely asks Ilima out and Ilima says yes and they open a bakery together or some shit and basically adopt and reform the rest of the Team Skull grunts and live happily ever after.

First of all, I’m so sorry for answering this late. I’ve been sick and without any will to do anything apart from being miserable ;u;. Second, thank you so much for your sweet words, I don’t usually receive them and I’m actually very thankful.

Clyde and Kenny, oh dear. These are two of the characters I can actually ship with almost everyone (But I do have main ships for both), they’re just so likable and idk.. And here anon, hope you enjoy this <3 

I’d like to address something in this fucked up FNDM.

Honestly what do people have against Sun and Jaune? It’s literally just them that people have so many problems with for some reason??? “Sun is a stalker and abusive!!!” How? For caring about his friend and crush and trying to see if she’s okay? Do you just not want him around Blake because of your little Bumblebee ship? Guess what? It’s just a fucking ship. So excuse him for trying to see what was wrong with Blake and trying to get her back to her team. Excuse him for being the only faunus that she has something in common with and can confide in. And even if they do end up together so what? Yeah I’m a Black Sun shipper, but I was also a Arkos shipper and you don’t see me bitching about that. Speaking of Arkos, let’s get to Jaune and Pyrrha.
Yes. She died. Everyone was angry, including me. Yes, Jaune took her crown and smelted it into his own armor. Know why? Because they were fucking friends! Yes, Jaune may not have noticed her crush on him until it was too late, but she also didn’t tell him about it either so honestly that was her fault. And it’s not like he just said “Well she’s dead let me take her stuff and make it into some bitchin’ armor!” No, he clearly felt remorse for her. HE OBVIOUSLY CARES ABOUT HER AND WANTS TO KEEP HER AROUND WITH HIM! ALSO! KNOW WHY HE GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME? JAUNE IS A FREAKING MAIN CHARACTER! THAT’S WHY! He was literally one of THE first characters to be shown in the first episode! Yes, the show may be named RWBY, but clearly if Jaune has so much screen time then HE WOULD BE IMPORTANT FOR SOME REASON?!????????!??????? We’re only 4 volumes in the series. Shit’s clearly gonna go down and obviously Jaune is an important part of it. One thing I WILL agree on with you guys though.. Jaune did need to stop going after Weiss after countless rejections, but you guys have to know, it’s just for comical relief. Ya know… “Haha” “funny” or did you turn into some humorless sack of boring flour? Yes, Jaune is a flawed character, but he’s not a bad guy so don’t make him out to be one. Sun isn’t a bad guy either. He really cares for Blake and we all just need to get the ships out of our head and focus more on the stories and platonic relationships.

FYI: I really don’t like Bumbleby as a ship.. I just don’t. I see them as more of sisters, but if they do end up together, then hurray! Good for them! Hurray for lesbian ships! I also ship Sea Monkey, so there’s possibly still hope for Sun. In the RWBY team, I’m honestly more of a Monochrome/Checkmate shipper. Also… Don’t even get me started on a White Rose rant…. God I hope that doesn’t become a thing… I really hope it doesn’t… I hate White Rose.. (but as I said before I will be happy for them and the LGBT)


:D Oooo nonny, i’ve never done a maya and jack one before :3 How’d I do? :3

Thank you! I hope you like it! <3

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