do they have a ship name idk

If there’s a reason I’m by her side


Me and @gayradwhitedad were talking n we ended up getting on the topic of domestic n married boyf riends n i made a daughter for them CUZ THEY WOULD MAKE GOOD DADS OK AY

shes a quiet kid who is the only responsible one of the three of them BUT MICHAEL AND JEREMY LOVE HER A LOT


Listen, these two fucking destroyed me, now they’re a tree and I’m sobbing.

in case you were wondering… i have better taste in men than i do in women.

i wasn’t planning to draw these two then uh, i did, so here is a boring contribution to the boy lovin’ vidal effort

Okay, so I’m planning to do a little comic series (stupid at it sounds, shipping one, really short, only few parts) named “The thing about me”, with Black Hat and Dr Flug. The main topic is them going on a date (maybe it will be a consequence of some sort of a game? Also really stupid.) when BH will have a chance to know even more about Dr Flug… And maybe even about himself… Okay, ya know I will not tell anything else.
The only thing I need to know is if anybody would like to read/see this shit. Cause idk if there’s even a reason to try.
Anyway thanks for reading and byee

526. The teachers at Hogwarts enjoyed placing bets on which students would get together. Professor McGonagall was the reigning champ on betting which students would get together. The pots on these bets used to get huge (Ron & Hermione's had a few hundred galleon payout). There were only three times she lost for pots she'd bet on. When Bill married Fleur (she’d guessed Tonks), when Tonks married Remus, and when Neville married Hannah (she’d guessed Luna).

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AU where Sarenrae is Pike's beloved aunt with The Raven Queen being Sarenrae's awkward goth girlfriend and when Vax finds RQ he tells Pike how worried he is but she's like "Oh Auntie Raven? She's awesome don't worry."

I feel like this makes a great sitcom premise?

Right after college, Pike moves to Vasselheim to help her Aunt Sarenrae get her business up and running. There, she meets RQ, her aunt’s quiet, awkward goth girlfriend, and after a few weird encounters they hit it off, and even though Pike misses her college friends, she feels like part of the family.

Cut to a few months later when Vax tells her he’s got a new job in town and hey, could he maybe crash on her couch for a weekend? Well, a weekend turns into a week, into a month, into moving in. And with him come Vex, of course, who moves in across the hall, and Percy starts a grad program in the area in the fall while Keyleth does this environmentalist internship outside the city, and Scanlan’s band comes through town with Grog in tow, and suddenly it’s like they’re re-living their college days.

Only, there’s a problem, because Vax is dead-terrified of his new boss. It’s a running joke, really, how he’s her new number one man and she scares the crap out of him. Won’t even mention her name, and is sort of fuzzy on the details of what he does. Which Pike, of course, passes along to her aunts when she visits for tea, and RQ raves about her newest hire, who’s charming and sweet and tends to act first and think later but he’s young and she can’t fault him for that. She thinks he’s got a really bright future ahead of him.

And there’s all this gossip and hearsay and neither side knows they’re so closely related. I’m talking Shakespearian-level missed opportunities here.

It all comes to a head the night of the grand opening of Sarenrae’s new venture, when the woman of the hour shows up with her girlfriend on her arm, and––

It’s Vax’s boss.

Chaos ensues.