do they even count as a couple

How Destiel becomes canon

Cas: Dean, we need to talk.

Dean: Uh, sure, Cas. What’s up?

Cas: I’ve done some research online and I also asked Sam for some advice, but I’m still a bit unsure on how to do this. I was wondering, if possibly, you would like to attend a romantic dinner with me?

Dean: Do you mean a date?

Cas: Yes. A “date.”

Dean: You know we’ve been going out for years, right? You don’t have to ask anymore.

Cas: Um…no we haven’t.

Dean: Yes, we have.

Cas: I’m pretty sure I would have remembered if we were a couple, Dean.

Dean: No, man, we’re definitely together. 

Cas: No, we’re not.

Dean: So I haven’t brought anyone home since 2012 for nothing?

Cas: We haven’t even had any intimate contact.

Dean: I thought you just weren’t into that! Besides, doesn’t that eye thing count?

Cas: What eye thing?

Dean: That eye thing!

RIDE (Bucky Barnes x Reader One Shot)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,023

Warnings: SMUT & unprotected sex 

A/N: Hey Everyone! I wrote this a couple of nights ago and just now got around to editing it. The title really has nothing to do with the actual one shot, it’s just the title of a song by Ciara which I was listening to while writing this lol 


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It had been a late night for you, meetings going past the scheduled time making you even later for others and paperwork that kept piling up. All of which resulted in you not being able to get home until it was already two on a Sunday morning. You pealed off your black pencil skirt, the red bottoms you’d bought with your first big check from the firm and your favorite pinstripped collared shirt, haphazardly throwing them into the corner of your bedroom. You were exhausted, having three major cases in one week that you needed to prepare for had your nerves out of wack. You had to win all of them because of the fact that you could be making partner only if all of them panned out in your favor.

Light snores coming from the bed remind you that Bucky had in fact returned from his mission overseas. Not wanting to disturb the super soldier, you quickly stripped yourself of your bra and panties and head into your bathroom. You take a quick shower wanting nothing more than to fall into your bed and go to sleep.

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Always (Peter Parker x Reader)


A/N: I am still currently taking requests guys! I’m gonna be doing the ones I have the most inspiration for, I have a couple in the works right now! Love you guys! 

Requested: No! 

Warnings: Cheating, Cursing, Fluff! 

Word Count: 3K 

‘BFF ♥’

‘He’s here. All over some cheerleader.’

Just one simple text made you jump out of bed and strip out of your pajamas–throwing on a sweater, leggings, and converse. You didn’t even say goodbye to your mother as you stormed out of your apartment. You felt your legs burning as you nearly sprinted to the other side of town not even thinking about taking the train.  

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LOLLIPOP || request

anonymous said: GIRL!!! imma need you to write something about jungkook teasing a girl with a popsickle and making her suck it (bc idk he might have seen her w one a few moments before) then getting it off of her mouth and slowly making her get down on her knees and put the popsickle right new to his crotch AND U KNOW WHAT TO WRITE AFTER THAT!!! PEACE!!! Keep this message even if you wont use this idea it okeeee (i just pictured taehyung doing it im so gone bye!!!!!!!

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word count: 1.9k
genre: smut [oral]

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Rowaelin doctor au

@warriorlorcan Happy holidays from your secret santa!

Description: Rowan is a doctor living in New York and Aelin is a retired assassin. They meet after she is attacked in Central Park and wheeled into his OR…(you guys can’t even imagine the pleasure i got from writing the words “Dr. Whitethorn”…)

Word count: 2,054

Rowan cast an appraising look over the woman on the gurney. Golden hair, turquoise eyes with golden rimmed pupils and shit.

That was a lot of blood. It couldn’t have been all hers, otherwise she’d have left the scene in a body bag.

“What happened?” he demanded.

“She was attacked by seven men half an hour ago. Central Park west,” one of the EMTs said. “A couple heard her screams and called 911.”

“What was she doing in Central Park after midnight?” Rowan said, and swore under his breath.

“I think the real question is how she managed to fell five of them before she was taken down,” another EMT said.

“Don’t tell me we have five more bodies coming in–

“No, Dr. Whitethorn. We don’t. She killed them,” the EMT said.

Rowan nodded, but didn’t respond. He didn’t really care that the woman had killed five men. He was more concerned about the knife protruding from her thigh and the blood soaking through her shirt. He carefully split her shirt open and glanced over the wounds. There were three deep lacerations in her stomach. He took a look at the knife in her thigh. There was no telling how far it went in- he didn’t know the length of the blade. But he wasn’t going to take any chances.

“We need to get her to the OR. Now,” he said firmly. “And get me the head of General Surgery, Dr. Havilliard.”
He turned to survey the team of interns waiting eagerly behind him. “Fenrys, Gavriel, you’re scrubbing in.”

He watched them scurry off behind the gurney. He sighed and rubbed his eyes–it’d been a long night, and he had a feeling this wouldn’t be an easy surgery.

“Rowan,” he heard Dr. Havilliard’s voice say beside him. He turned to face his friend. Dorian was looking as handsome as ever, but drawn and tired. He was the youngest head of General Surgery in all of New York City, and he worked hard. Sometimes too hard.

“It won’t be an easy one, Dorian,” Rowan murmured.

“I saw her on her way to the OR,” Dorian said, “we better get going.”

Rowan and Dorian ran to OR and silently began washing up. They scrubbed their hands and forearms, and donned masks, hair caps, and blue scrubs.

“Dor–I,” Rowan started to say.

Dorian gave him an inquisitive look.

“She’s just so young,” Rowan said after a moment. “She looked so…fragile on the gurney.”

“She’s no younger than I am,” Dorian said, flipping through the hastily prepared chart. Through the window, Rowan saw that the interns and residents prepping the room for surgery.

“Her name is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. She has no parents. No siblings either from the looks of it. Just one cousin, Aedion,” Dorian continued.

“Then we better make sure Aedion sees his cousin again.”

Rowan pressed the button to open the door to the operating room and stepped inside. The interns and residents were gathered around the seemingly lifeless body on the operating table. Rowan and Dorian gave one another grim looks and began.

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Proposal - Bruce Wayne

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Request: Hiya!! Can i request Bruce Wayne proposing to the reader? Thank you so very much!! - anon


Word Count: 758 

Your Name: Submit What is this?

Click Click Click Click, you heard the sound of your heels tapping the hardwood floor as you maneuvered through the grocery store looking for some, well, groceries. Usually Alfred would be getting them, but the man does so much, you just decided to do it. Even though Alfred insisted that he would go because it’s your and Bruce’s anniversary, you still went.

You heard the chitter chatter of the people, you tried not to listen in on their conversations but you would just listen to a couple of sentences and then continue searching the aisle for what you were looking for.

“Barb, did I ever tell you what happened to Carol?”

“No, what happened.”

“I heard that her husband cheated on her and they’re gonna file a divorce”

“Oh no, Carol and John were perfect”

“Ugh, i know”

You stopped listening right there, it was too sad for you. You couldn’t imagine Bruce cheating on you. Although he wasn’t your husband, he was your boyfriend, for 7 years today. You loved him dearly, you couldn’t bare him suddenly leaving you, just the thought gave you shivers.

You continued roaming the aisle in hoped of finding bread pudding, or at least the mixing for it. You had once made it for all the boys and they had fallen in love with it, so you decided to make it once again, just because. Once you had finally found the mixing, you made your way to the check out. You had around 20+ items so you couldn’t go to the 10 items or less aisle, so you just went to the regular one. It took awhile but you finally got all your things checked out and you made your way to your car to go home to Bruce.

Once you had made your way back to the mansion, you took out all the bags and fiddled with the keys to the front door, remembering that Alfred always left it open you just walked in. But as soon as you walked in you saw flower petals leading outside. Being the curious person you were you decided to go and check it out. You dropped the bags gently on the floor and followed the path. Once you had went outside to the patio you saw bright lights hung up everywhere and a huge collage of the picture you and Bruce took over the years.  

You spun in circles trying to take it all in but you noticed Bruce standing there in a full tuxedo. “Hey, you look handsome.” you complimented as you reached him. “Hello gorgeous, follow me,” he said as he took your hand and directed you to a small table for two. He pulled out a chair for you and then sat in the one across from you. “If you had told me about this i would have dressed more properly,” you said as you started nibbling on the breadsticks, “Well, you look beautiful anyways, you always do.” you blushed a deep red once he said those words. “Thank you,” you replied as Alfred brought out the main course. Once he had left you asked, “So whats all this for?” Bruce looked at you while taking a sip of his whine, “well, um now that you asked, i’ve been meaning to tell you something”  you nodded as a sign for him to continue. He stood up and took your hand once again and brought you to the center of the collage, he started to kneel down on one knee and took out a ring from his jacket pocket. “I have loved you for 7 years now, and I can’t go another day as you being just my girlfriend, I want you to be more, I want you to be my wife, I want to love you forever, I want to wake up next to you, knowing that you’re my wife. So, Y/F/N Will You Marry Me?” At this point you had your free hand covering your mouth and tears coming out of your eyes, “Yes, yes I will” you stuttered out, nodding your head. Bruce slipped the ring on your ring finger and got up, he held you in his arms, kissing you passionately. “YESSSS!!!!” you heard behind you. All the boys, including Alfred, had been secretly watching you behind the bush, but that secret ended when Dick yelled out. Jason slapped him upside the head, murmuring “idiot” as they all went inside. You looked at Bruce smiling as he held you in his arms, smiling back at you.

Betrayal // Draco x Reader (Part Two)

Feel free to send requests: HERE

(a/n: a lotttt of people asked for a part two to this and i was super glad because i love writing this so much!! i’ll probably do a couple more parts if people want it just because i kinda wanna cover different parts of hbp in it.)

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex (not graphic at all) 

Word count: 2.4k

Part One

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Co Workers (Part One)

Chapter Summary: You’re a slightly inexperienced actress who landed a role on your favorite tv show: Supernatural. You pack up your life and go to Vancouver, leaving behind your boyfriend Andrew. 

A/N: This is sort of a prologue/set up for the story. Part two will be out soon! Also, if you would like to be tagged, let me know!

Warnings: None for now

Pairings: Andrew x Reader, Misha x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 1.5k

Originally posted by superwhoolockk

You had moved out to Los Angeles with your boyfriend Andrew a couple of months ago to live with him while he went to college there. You weren’t in school, so you decided to give acting a go. You did a couple plays in high school, so you thought why not. You were currently in a weekly acting class, and you had even got a role in a couple of commercials. It wasn’t much, but you got paid a little bit to do it and it was fun.

One afternoon, while sitting at a Starbucks, the casting director from one of the commercials gave you a call. You thought maybe she was going to ask you do another commercial. Instead, she told you about how this producer from a tv show had reached out to her. Apparently, this producer said that they were going to be bringing a new character onto the show, and you had the look that they envisioned. You tried to tell the woman from the commercial that you really weren’t ready for something like that, that you had only been at this for a few weeks. She assured you that most beginners don’t even get commercials as quickly as you had; and with that she gave you the information to contact this producer.

It took you a couple of hours to work up the courage to call this producer. You actually had stayed at Starbucks just nervously playing with your phone and ordering enough coffee to keep you awake for three days. When you finally called him, you were relieved to find out that he was very eager to talk to you. He asked you if you’d be able to swing buy their LA office tomorrow for an audition. He sounded excited when you told him that’d you’d be there.

You were practically shaking from how nervous you were about the audition. This is ridiculous, you thought. You didn’t even know what the name of the show was, sure you probably could’ve googled the producer, but what if you went in there knowing what you were getting into, and they got mad because you already knew or something silly like that? As you were waiting you couldn’t shake the thought that this could potentially be a really big deal for you.

The audition came and went, the people that were at the office were really nice, they knew how much experience you had with acting -or lack thereof-. Somehow, you ended up nailing it, and before you knew it you were signing the papers to get this show on the road. As you were looking at the papers, you noticed they didn’t have the name of the show. Only the location of where it was filmed.

“Wait,” You said, “What show is this? These papers say it films in Vancouver? Like the Vancouver in Canada?”

“Yes,” the woman helping you out with paper work began, “It does film in Canada, have you heard of Supernatural?”

You practically fell out of your seat. Supernatural. Your favorite tv show.

“Supernatural? like, Sam and Dean Winchester Supernatural?”

“That’s the one, is there a problem miss Y/N?” She raised and eyebrow at you.

“No no, I just uhhh, I just..” You were searching for the right words.

“You’re a fan of the show?” She finished your broken sentence.

“Yeah, uh, that’s not a problem is it?”

“Not at all miss Y/N, you’re not the first fan to have a guest role on the show.” She reassured you. “Alright, so you’ll leave Friday morning. Welcome to the Supernatural family miss Y/N.”

She  handed you your plane ticket and your first script, then stood to shake your hand. You said your goodbyes and that was it. You only had one thing left to do.

You hadn’t seen Andrew since the day before yesterday. Sometimes with him being in class all day and then having to work, you went a day or two without seeing each other. Not to mention, you figured you wouldn’t get the role; and if you did, you figured the show was probably filmed right there in California, not Canada.

Andrew was great. You two had been together for five years, since your senior year of highschool. He was a little bit of a nerd, but you loved that about him. It was a huge reason why you were sure you wanted to marry him some day. Not to mention, he was your first everything. Your first boyfriend, your first kiss, and he was the guy you has lost your virginity to. In the past five years you two had gone through everything together, you were going to miss him.

At first Andrew thought you were joking. He knew that Supernatural was your favorite show, so he was convinced that it was just a prank; but then you showed him you plane ticket, and you flashed him the script that they gave you. You had to make sure he didn’t see any of it though, that was kind of like rule number one of being on a tv show.

“So, how long will you be gone?” He asked, there was a certain sadness in his voice. You two hadn’t really been apart for more than a few days at a time during the course of your relationship.

“Four weeks, they have me on for three episodes. But there’s a chance they’ll bring me back in the future if the fans like me.” You couldn’t help how excited you were, you would have fans! Even though you didn’t know how this would affect you and Andrew, something felt right about this decision.

You and Andrew decided to do the long distance thing, it was only a month after all.

Friday morning rolled around before you knew it you were in Vancouver, on your way to the hotel. When you got to the hotel you were glad that this trip was all expenses paid, because there was no way you could afford this otherwise. You were checked in, in no time. You didn’t start shooting until Monday, but you had to go to the set to get some more paper work done.

Sitting in the producer’s office almost felt like sitting in a principal’s office. You felt like you were in trouble even though he was thrilled to meet you. He told you about how he stumbled across your commercial, and when you two really got into talking about your character you started to see why he was so eager to cast you. You brought up that you didn’t have much experience but he assured you that everyone on set would be more than helpful. “Every actor starts somewhere.” he said. You would remember that. Your meeting was interrupted by a knock on the door, and you turned around to see Misha standing there.

“Hey, you gotta get out here man, Ruth got Jared good.” He was laughing as he was talking.

“Misha, I’m glad you stopped in, this is Y/N. She’s going to be playing Blair.”

“Well, hello there Y/N,” He held his hand out to shake yours. “Why don’t you come out and see what goes on here, besides acting?”

You looked to the producer and he nodded a motioned for you to go. Just seconds later you were walking with Misha Collins. Misha Collins. And he was bringing you out to see what Ruth Connell did to Jared Padalecki. You’re head was quite obviously spinning.

“So, you’re a fan of the show I take it.” Misha said

“I- uh..well, sure, I guess.” Stupid stupid stupid you thought. Why did you always freeze up like that.

“It’s okay, I can assure you that you’re not the first fan to be on the show, at least you’re not screaming. You know Kathryn Newton? She screamed.” You laughed at his response. Still trying not to talk if you didn’t have to. You could not make an idiot of yourself in front of these people that you had looked up to for so long. Even though now they were your co workers. For a few weeks anyway.

For the rest of the afternoon you just hung around on set, asked for advice on some things, like how to “fake fight” or what certain words meant. Misha even showed you how to lock up your social media accounts so that all your info would be safe when you started gaining followers.

You were so ready to get started on this show. By the end of the day you were worn out. You just wanted to get back you your hotel, read your script and go to bed. You were still in shock when you got back. Your dream job -that you didn’t even know was your dream job- literally just fell into your lap. You also didn’t want to jinx things by saying something, but you were pretty sure that they’d have you back after your three episodes.

You went to sleep so that you could start getting good and rested for Monday, you were going to just relax and read your script all weekend. This was the best thing to ever happen to you.


[ Molliarty AU ] — James Moriarty was dead. The signed off report was now proof of that. With Dr Molly Hooper pulling the right strings and being the one woman he count on helping pull off his plan, there hadn’t been even the slightest hitch in putting the whole thing into action. London was a thing of the past, for now, and slipping into hiding was the next step into disappearing. As for the so-called couple: their silly love affair and hide-and-seek game behind everyones back, was now over. Their time was up. But the months went past and simply keeping basic tabs on his favourite pathologist wasn’t enough anymore. It was a dangerous move, coming back. But then again.. people do get so sentimental about their pets, don’t they?

Couple of asshole pre-teens came in (you know those ones that smoke and ride around on scooters/bikes because they’re “cool”) to my workplace - fast food, think of buckets of chicken. To start off one of them rode their bike into the store, to turn around and ride down our stairs (I was serving someone and couldn’t do anything) and no more than 10 minutes later one comes and pays for a nearly $15 mean in only 20, 10, and 5 cent pieces. I counted for 10 minutes. He didn’t even have the right amount of change. (It was only off by 5 cents but if he’s going to make me do all of that then I’m not vouching for him). Not to mention he also walked off after just duping all of this loose change onto my bench.

I also told the girl packing orders not to start his until I’ve counted all of his money and put it in my register, which it didn’t even fit into properly. I had to get two money bags because I already had too many coins, taking up even more time.

He also came back while I was still counting to see what was “taking so fucking long”. Told him straight up that we aren’t allowed to pack orders that haven’t been paid for (not necessarily true, but I wasn’t going to let him take it before I finished counting).

He had a fit saying all of the money is in front of me, like okay, thanks Einstein??? Just because money is there doesn’t mean it’s been counted, I’m not an automatic money reader you goddamn jerkoff.

And by the end of it I had a huge-ass line going out the door…

Unarmed (Part 3 - Bucky’s POV)

Summary: Bucky deals with the aftermath of that horrific mission.

Word Count: 7,698

Warnings: Language, blood, violence, ANGST (it does end in fluff, though)

A/N: So a couple of days ago, a lovely anon came to my inbox asking if I’d ever considered writing Part 3 of my Unarmed series from Bucky’s perspective. I hadn’t, but once I had the idea to do it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It ended up being about three times longer than I thought it would, but it is what it is. So anon, if you’re reading this, thanks for the idea - even though this was the hardest thing I’ve ever written. Also, I love you.

Originally posted by james-boobcanan-barnes

It was overwhelming. He had never felt anything like it before, not in this concentrated dose. It made his heart feel as if it were lodged somewhere in his throat and his pulse quicken. He stared at the girl below him, her eyes wide, desperate, and pleading. Like so many eyes he’d seen before, just before they lost their shine. Her fingers tingled against his cheek, and something broke. Suddenly, he recognized the dying girl on the table. Bucky staggered back, eyes wide with horror. The feeling she pulsed through the room, the love that Bucky felt coursing through him, faded as her eyes slid shut.

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Warm Sheets

Written for @roxy-davenport Challenge

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,944

Warnings: Smut

Prompt: “why are you naked in my bed?”

It’s too quiet in the bunker. You’re all alone with nothing but a stack of books and a cup of your favorite hot chocolate. And there’s nothing worse than being alone in a place that’s too big for even three people to live in for two days straight. Sam and Dean are on a case a couple towns over and so far they’ve only contacted you to ask about something to do with the length of a vampire’s fangs.

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What Are You So Afraid Of?

Welcome to 2017. During this year, boys are going to kiss boys, girls are going to kiss girls, and homosexual couples all over the world are going to fall in love. And where does your opinion become relevant in any of these situations? Nowhere. Stop being so afraid of love. If someone is happy leave it at that. 

Welcome to 2017. During this year, a police officer will arrest or maybe even shoot someone of color. Do not assume that the police are targeting you because of your color. Because you, no matter what race, are important. You are loved. DO NOT TREAT SOMEONE LIKE THEY ARE LESS IMPORTANT THAN YOU BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR. That is not going to make you feel better about yourself. 

Welcome to 2017. During this year, many women will be raped. Some of these women will not find justice. Some of these women will never find hope or safety again. During sex, if the man or women DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE SEX, then it is rape. Women are not “asking for it” by their clothing. The number of drinks a women has had does not correspond to her level of consent. If she is intoxicated or incoherent, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER. Women are not here for male entertainment and pleasure. If you think feminism is unnecessary, please think again. 

Welcome to 2017. During this year, many people are going to say offensive things. Children will be bullied. Teenagers will commit suicide. Adults will lose jobs. Many bad things will happen. 

Welcome to 2017. During this year, babies will be born. Children will play happily with their parents on Sunday afternoons. Teenagers will fall hopelessly in love. Adults will watch their children grow up and fall asleep with the person they love every night. Many good things will happen.

So, as of now, I am sending you all of the love and happiness that one year can hold. Make every moment count. Be nice to everyone. They deserve kindness. YOU deserve kindness. 

Welcome to 2017. Make it count.


I really don’t know how people are upset about the fact that the CGs didn’t bust the humans out of the Zoo or try to take the Famethysts with them when they left Pink Diamond’s Space Station.

1- They were doing everything possible to avoid being noticed by the Diamonds. After all, even if you counted the Famethysts, that still means they would only have a faction of a couple dozen against… how many? We don’t know what kind of military force the Diamonds could bring to bear, but it’s safe to say more than what the CGs have to work with now. If they could free all the Rose Quartzes and cure the corrupted gems bubbled in the Temple, they MIGHT stand a chance, but as it stands now, they’re simply outnumbered.

Because of that, the CGs have to think strategically, not emotionally. They were able to gain some valuable intel on this misadventure, including that Blue Diamond doesn’t even recognize our Ruby and Sapphire as the pair that fused “illegally” all those centuries ago when they’re standing right in front of her AND that the Diamonds don’t know about the Cluster’s deactivation. No matter how accidental gaining this information was, it would still be foolish to waste it before it can be used by alerting the Diamonds to the idea that the CGs are more of a threat than Homeworld believes.

2- The Zoo humans have never even seen Earth.


Regardless of whether the physical structure of their brains is still equal to Earth humans’, given five millennia of selective breeding as directed by the Homeworld gems running the Zoo, these people are the most recent in hundreds of generations that haven’t needed to exert their intellectual capacities in any major way. Apart from the fact that stealing all of the humans out of the Zoo would most definitely get the Diamonds attention, it would be incalculably cruel to those people to suddenly tear them away from their idyllic home and try to acclimate them to an alien world.

Put another way: humans evolved from sea creatures. But if we tried to live in the water now, we’d drown.

3- The Diamonds don’t know about Steven.

If you think Greg only stepped out of those hedges in Korea out of a parental instinct to keep his son from a potentially dangerous situation, you’re only half right. Greg Universe is a lot of things, but stupid ain’t one of them. He knows a Pearl when he sees one and there was no missing that these were Homeworlders. So he purposely kept them away from Steven because not even the CGs fully understand what Steven is, and the CGs won’t decide to dissect him to try and find out. The Diamonds would probably order it done on principle.

It is only logical that the CGs would act from the same instinct to keep Steven’s true nature hidden from Homeworld and the Diamonds as long as possible. Trying to evacuate the entire Zoo and take all the Famesthysts as well would probably have led to a serious confrontation, in which Steven would probably have needed to use his powers. The minute he does, they have a much bigger issue on their hands.

4- They didn’t have room… and the flight to the station scared the daylights out of Steven. The humans bred and raised in the Zoo would probably have died from fright during the trip back. How exactly were they supposed to get everyone to Earth even if they wanted to try for it?

who do you love - simon x reader

a/n: valentine’s special :)

also bare with this one, simon doesn’t come into it until a bit later on, i got a bit too carried away with context lol

no warnings ; word count: 2238


Ah, the fourteenth of February, the day couples rejoiced for. People spent thousands in an attempt to craft the perfect Valentine experience for their significant other. This was some people’s favourite holiday, if you could even call it that. Y/N, however, despised it. Why wouldn’t she? Each and every past Valentine’s had been spent alone, no boyfriend, no girlfriend, no chocolates, no flowers, no nothing. It wasn’t as though she thought receiving a bunch of roses meant she was appreciated by someone but it would have been nice to not have to spend the day feeling especially lonely. In her opinion, Valentine’s was a fad; it was just a glorified shitshow of love and hearts so companies could make more profit off of swooning couples. She didn’t buy into it. She felt pity for the doting lovers who did, you didn’t need a day to tell someone you loved them. You could buy them a teddy bear or a shiny new ring or an expensive watch any other day of the year, why was today so special?

She kept telling herself this as she tried not to glare at the couple opposite her on the tube. There were shopping bags at their feet, taking up most of Y/N’s leg room. They were practically one body with the way they were embraced, it made her sick. She spent the next few stops averting her eyes, trying to distract herself, just not looking at them. Usually, Y/N would have plugged in her earphones and lost herself to the sounds of Travis Scott and Drake but alas her phone had decided to bail out on her and was tucked away safely in her bag with zero charge. Soon enough, the tube approached her stop and she couldn’t get off quick enough.

Welcoming the cool rush of evening air, she made her way through the streets of London. JJ had offered to pick her up from the station but she knew it was just a fifteen-minute walk to their house so she had kindly declined. She was glad for the time to gather her thoughts. Parties, or any kind of social event, didn’t really entice her. They were a lot of work, a lot of empty conversations and forced smiles. It was, again, JJ who had convinced her tonight would be different and she had agreed to attend, perhaps she had just been in the wrong company. Admittedly, Sidemen parties always were something else. She hadn’t been to many but those boys knew how to throw a good one, they were all natural born entertainers as were their friends.

As Y/N approached the house, the thought she was underdressed crossed her mind. After all, she was just in a skirt, tights and old band t-shirt (one of her signature looks), her shoes were nothing special either; dark purple ankle boots. After a moment of doubt, she decided she didn’t care - it was just a Valentines party, it wasn’t a special occasion. Knocking on the door, she looked down at herself, wondering if her outfit even matched.

“Y/N! Finally.” Harry, who had managed to make it from Guernsey, beamed at her after opening the door.

“Hey, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Y/N replied, stepping inside.

“I was beginning to think the same, you’re pretty late.”

Y/N shrugged. “Fashionably so.”

Harry gave a soft laugh, “Come on through, I’m sure everyone wants to say hi.”

They both went into the dimly lit living room where the heart of the party was. Freezy was acting DJ for the night, taking his place behind a table in the corner and managing the music. There were gaggles of people Y/N hadn’t met before, friends of the boys she assumed, and then there were more familiar faces like Josh and Freya who called her over to them. “I haven’t seen you ages, Y/N, how are you?” Freya pulled her into a tight hug.

“Good, yeah, just been a bit busy.” Y/N replied, letting go.

She stayed and chatted with them for a while, the conversation was surprisingly easy despite her not seeing either of them in a good few weeks. After they had caught up, she realised her phone was still completely dead in her bag and she figured she might need it for the journey back. “Josh is it alright if I use your charger or something, my phone copped out on me.”

“Yeah, course, use the one upstairs though I wouldn’t recommend leaving anything down here.”

Y/N made her way up the winding staircase to Josh’s room, she had been there plenty enough times to know her way around. She knew his room would be a safe enough place to leave her phone for an hour or two so she decided to drop her bag off too. Upstairs was much quieter than downstairs which she preferred. The air was cooler and her cheeks didn’t feel as hot as they did down there. The music was muffled and the voiced suppressed by the walls and ceilings. She wandered around for a while, convinced no one except Josh knew she was up there. Her route deviated and she found herself on one of the upper floors; Simon’s level.

His bedroom door was ajar and she peered into it from a distance. The bed covers had been thrown aside as they often were left, she’d always been the one to make the bed. She walked closer and rested a hand on the wooden frame, there were trainers scattered on the floor and empty cardboard boxes piled high in a corner, a shirt had been hastily hung on a hanger on one of the wardrobe handles. Before she became too caught up in her thoughts, she moved away from his room and looked back down at the stairs. Her hands gripped onto the banister slightly, taking in the moment stillness. Her temporary peace was shattered by a sudden eruption of cheers from downstairs. She let out a small sigh and proceeded to join the rest of the party again.

Walking through the people, she spotted more friendly faces like Tobi, Sarah, Cal and even Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee but she didn’t really know where she was going. She stood with Sarah for a while, who insisted they do at least three shots together, and were soon accompanied by Cal and Ethan and his girlfriend Emily. Y/N bore being the fifth wheel for a few moments more, getting through a glass of vodka lemonade, before drifting over to Joe, Caspar and Oli. She’d never really spoke to them properly and decided to introduce herself.

“Yeah, some of the guys mentioned you before.” Sugg remarked, after greeting her with a tipsy kiss on the cheek.

“Really? Like who?” She asked, curious.

“Um, I guess JJ obviously and probably Josh and Simon.” Joe slurred, Caspar nodded reinforcing it.

“Well, you guys need no introduction. I already know exactly who you lot are.” Y/N smiled, confused as to why those three would ever bring her up in a conversation with any of them.

“It’s lovely to meet you in person.” Oli smiled back.

Downing the remainder of what was left in her cup, she turned away from them. The living room walls were starting to close in on her so she made her way to the kitchen with the intention of getting another drink. The lights were brighter and harsher here, her eyes blinked furiously adjusting to it. Half stumbling half walking over to the kitchen island, she poured herself another drink.

“Y/N!” A loud shout startled her, making her spin around.

“Jesus Christ, JJ.” She exasperated, gripping onto her drink. “Don’t fucking do that.”

The grinning face of KSI beamed down at her, eyes sparkling. “Where have you been all night?”

“I was late, okay, I was gonna text you but my phone died.”

He shook his head at her, unsurprised. “It’s been too long man,” Suddenly, he pulled her into a warm embrace, lifting her up from the floor slightly. She hugged him back, smiling at his affection. “I missed you.” He said, after releasing her.

“Yeah, I missed you too but…you know.” Her voice trailed off, he knew.

“Anyway forget that, you’re here now so wanna see who can do the most shots in a minute?”


She lined up the throw perfectly, pulled her arm back and threw the ball. It landed cleanly in the plastic cup. Cheers and shouts replaced the earlier tense silence, Y/N held her arms up in the air triumphantly. “Suck it, Olatunji.” She remarked, earning a few laughs. He looked at her from across the table, annoyance evident in his eyes. After the crowd had died down and scattered off to their own doings, she walked over to him and slung her arm around his neck. “Better luck next time bro.” She patted his shoulder, mockingly.

“She destroyed you, man.” The all too familiar sounding voice belonging to none other than Simon Minter caught her attention. “Hey Y/N.”

Letting go of JJ, she returned his greeting. “Hi Simon.”

“Haven’t seen you in a while, how have you been?” He asked smoothly.

Y/N had always been weary of Simon, she didn’t see him with the same rose-tinted glasses everyone else did. She knew he had a certain way with women, she didn’t like him for the most part. She’d always been civil but kept her distance…that was up until last year. “Alright I guess, what about you?” He was good looking, even more so now he was leaning so closely over her that she could smell his cologne, she saw that but she didn’t see the fascination. She could easily give into him then and there, that was all that he wanted anyway, but she knew better than that.

“I’ll catch you guys in a bit, yeah?” JJ glanced at Y/N, his hand giving a light squeeze of her arm before he left to join Cal at the DJ decks. She really wished he hadn’t of done that.

Simon disregarded Y/N’s previous question. “I don’t get this whole Valentine’s thing.” He stood next to her, leaning against the table she and JJ had just been playing on.

“Yeah well, that makes two of us.” She sipped her drink.

“You don’t have a date tonight?” He asked somewhat surprised.

Rolling her eyes, she looked up at him. “Thanks for rubbing it in.”

The corner of his mouth tugged up into a smirk. “I’m sorry…”

“No you’re not.”

“When did you turn into a-” He stopped himself, conscious of his words.

“When did I turn into a bitch?” Y/N finished off his sentence.

“I wasn’t gonna say that,”

“Don’t lie to me, Minter.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He muttered wickedly.

A few moments of silence passed before Y/N said “I could you ask you the same thing. Why don’t you have a date tonight?”

“Dunno, I guess I haven’t really found anyone.” He replied sheepishly.

Y/N sneered, unconvinced. “What do you mean found anyone? You’re practically drowning in girls.”

“Now you know that’s not true-”

“Don’t bullshit me Simon, everyone can see it. You can say as much as you want how ‘lonely’ you are on camera but you’re not fooling anyone off camera, certainly not me. I’m not one of your dumb girls.” Her sudden outburst surprised herself but she didn’t let her face show it.

The male stared at her, soft wrinkles forming on his forehead from the concerned expression he wore. “Y/N…I don’t know what to say.”

“That would make a first.”

He sighed, no longer in the mood for her wit. “Look, I get why you don’t like me. I’m difficult, stubborn, arrogant and all of that but I don’t mean to be.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow. “I never said I don’t like you.”

That caught Simon off guard. “Well, I just assumed after everything that happened last month you-”

“We weren’t even together, alright? That was more me feeling sorry for myself than it was me hating you. I’ve never not liked you, you’re a handful is all. I didn’t expect to see you with someone else but it shouldn’t have effected it me like it did, I just thought we could have figured it all out.”

“We still could.” He offered, smiling weakly.

“Could what?” Y/N asked, softening her tone.

“Figure it out. Figure us out.”


“Y/N.” His eyes met hers.

“Don’t do this, tonight isn’t the time.” She took another sip of her drink, thankful for the amount of vodka in it.

“Tonight’s exactly the night. It’s literally Valentine’s.” He turned sideways to face her, the tip of his trainers touched her boots.

“I thought you didn’t buy into all that.” Her body language opened up slightly as she leaned against the table.

“I don’t but I guess it would just be nice if we had dates, right?”

“You’re dreadful.” She said with both implication and tenderness in her voice.

“You put up with me though, don’t you Y/N?” He smiled a crooked smile, gaining some of his previous confidence back.

She sighed. “I do.” Her eyes dropped away from his but he held her chin delicately and tugged her face back to meet his. His touch sent a shiver shooting down her spine. “You’re right,” She whispered, barely audible over the music. “It would be nice to have a date.” Her hand settled around the curve of his neck as she reached his to join her lips with his.

“I miss you." 
"I miss you too and since we are seas apart, I do this everytime I miss you.”
“Tell me, what do you do, how do you overcome missing me?”
“I lay down on my bed, close my eyes and breathe, slowly open them, feels like you are here by my side, smiling I look up to the night, to the sky, to the stars, counting them and wishing for more of you. And that’s it, that’s it.” A long sigh.
“Silly, this makes me miss you even more.”

Love beyond boundaries, lands and water.

—  BINI //long distance concepts

For My Own

Title: For My Own

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,092

Warnings: fluff!

A/N: I had this one for a while, but it was actually requested by @dreamingofwinchesters to do something like this for the Christmas Drabble list! Which is HERE! So I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

You grabbed your hot chocolate off of the coffee table, taking a small sip.  It was Christmas Eve and you had just gotten home from a hunt with the Winchesters.  You told them that you wanted a Christmas tree, no excuses.  They even let you get a few strands of lights and a couple boxes of ornaments.  You smiled at the tree, taking another drink of your hot cocoa, then setting your mug down.

“Wow it’s almost perfect,” Dean chimed in.  “Hey is there any pie left in the kitchen?”

You turned around, smiling at the older Winchester.  “Thanks, and yes, one last piece for you.  If you don’t hurry, Sam might get to it first,” you joked.

“If he wants to live, he won’t,” Dean said playfully.

“Hey, I’m gonna go for a walk, okay,” you said grabbing your coat and hat off the table.

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Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 19

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 4.3k

A/N: I already apologize plenty of times because it took time to write this chapter, and I’m doing it once again: I’m sorry. I had a crazy busy last couple weeks and I really wanted it to be a quality chapter (which I’m not even sure I achieved in the end) but here you go anyway. It’s not the end. It’s the longest part so far with 4.3K words.


 Part 18 <<< >>> Part 20

           Chris wanted to ask her again if she meant what she told her brother, but the next day everything seemed to move in fast motion from the moment Mara woke up to that when they arrived at the apartment. Not one second of privacy presented itself and Chris was resigned to not get an answer anytime soon since he highly doubted William would leave Mara out of his sight until she was fully recovered.

“I feel great!” She assured them both when they gave her a suspicious look upon hearing her tell the nurse her headache was gone.

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