do they call it thunder thighs because of the little lightning bolt stretch marks

Thunderstorms: Overwatch x Reader pt.1

Basement started flooding this morning, thunder woke me up and I’ve been writing this for three hours. I wanted headcanon format but it went into drabbles on me, couldn’t get everyone in so I’ll revisit this later. Too lazy for a read more so, here! My contribution to the fandom.

It’s five o’clock in the morning when you’re startled awake by the first peel of thunder, the rain tapping incessantly against the rooftops, the rain bleeding in and flooding the basement. The sky is smoky black, flashes of lightning frighten the sky sheer white, and you cannot fall asleep. Depending on who you are as a person, either you leave your room and find someone to cuddle with or someone finds you first.

• Boy, you should be sleeping
• You get up because the noise keeps waking you up and Lucio’s just antsy
• He keeps pacing around Watchtower with buckets, you guys really should’ve spent more time on repairs
• So you start helping him out in your tiny little nightgown until Lucio has the decency to lend you a pair of his pants
• He doesn’t mind the storm a lot but his room’s flooding a bit, so after making the necessary adjustments, the two of you stay in your room.
• Lucio’s tucked himself right beside you, his dreads strewn about the pillow and he’s opened the window so you can both watch the lightning.
• You both wake up in each others arms, later that day; he apologizes for bailing out on your stories about other storms but you were just so warm.

• That first crack of thunder scared you shitless and you walk out hoping someone’s already up and look – Reinhardt
• He’s sitting up against the window watching the action in a woolly blanket with a giant mug of something warm.
• “Ah, my friend, come! Look!”
• He is just like a child, marvelling at the bright streaks across the sky.
• He pulls you into his lap and tells you a story about a man he once fought claiming to be Thor.
• The mug is full of hot chocolate and of course you get one too in a mug that fits your size.
• Reinhardt tells you stories until the rain lets up and by then you are so tired and so completely unafraid, that you don’t even care that everyone walks into the room later that morning to see the two of you passed out on the floor.
• Does Reinhardt do bear hugs? What a silly question.

• You don’t know why Reaper let you inside his room but you’re taking this chance while it is open.
• Something about the loud booming makes Reaper uncomfortable and he nests his head against your chest while you comb your fingers through his hair.
• He’s a tad grumpy about being disturbed so early but the truth is that he’s been awake for a while too.
• Don’t you dare tell anyone else about this or else
• Because it is too damn early you start playing I Spy to pass the time but nearly everything is black. Yes, Reaper knows this but it is a trial to figure out which article of black he is talking about.
• If that doesn’t work, he’s tracing over the scars in your skin or any stretch marks as if they are untrodden pathways. Everything about you is suddenly new and unexplored, and this is simply reconnaissance for later. Don’t know when later is, but you’re patient.
• You end up back in your room later that morning, alone, but for some strange reason, you’re wearing his shirt. It smells like him, like Gabriel, and you don’t return it.
• He comes looking for it later though.

Soldier 76
• He’s awake too, the loud noise triggers something bad in him and you find him working out.
• He’s already made breakfast for himself and its terrible so you convince him to weather the storm with you.
• You brave the weather to grab groceries and supplies, in your pajamas with one of the Soldier’s coats on.
• He thinks its awfully cute, even when you’re both up to your knees in water.
• After that ordeal, he makes you take a hot shower so you don’t get cold and there are communal showers in the Watchtower and opps, his mask is off. Hi, Jack.
• You say you won’t tell anyone but you want answers, he begrudgingly agrees and the two of you go to your room. You’re up against the headboard with Jack between your legs, his head rested on one of your thighs. From your open window, you both watch the storm clear up and the sky get bluer. He tells you everything and you fall asleep.
• You wake up alone but he’s tucked you in, Athena calls you down for a proper breakfast.
• You come downstairs in the Soldier’s coat just to spite him.

• She’s prepping the infirmary, you don’t understand why because no one’s dumb enough to be outside
• You actually end up startling her, your room’s nearby so you saw the lights and got anxious.
• Mercy is tired af
• She’s doesn’t say why she’s up but you manage to drag her into the living space and get coffee going.
• She insists nothing is wrong but you are so not having it, the two of you take over the couch and you’ve got her caged against your chest.
• (she never does tell you why she was up in the first place)
• You tell her stories. Anything, to get her mind off of what’s bothering her. The two of you do not end asleep because hey, you are a riot and her sides hurt from laughing so hard.
• You may have kissed her at one point, you’re too jittery from the coffee to ask and Mercy’s probably coy enough to dodge the question completely.
• (though she doesn’t tell you what woke her up, she promises to tell you again some other time. Meaning there will be another time.)

• He’s not even bothered. Thunder? Pah, what a light weight.
• You come into his room because its closest and are surprised at how loud Junkrat’s snores are.
• Roadhog doesn’t say anything as you climb into his bed, and for the rest of the storm, you two are playfully throwing stuff at Junkrat to see if it wakes him up.
• Roadhog is super cuddly, but if anyone else finds out about this you are so dead. You know that, right?
• His mask is off too, you try sneaking peaks but he’s pushed himself behind you, placating you with kisses on your neck.
• Braids your hair when you’re not looking, says you have to take them out before you leave the room.
• When you do leave, everyone else is waking up. Tracer thinks your braids are cute, thinks you should teach her how to braid D.Va’s hair.
• Roadhog is slightly jealous of the attention but then again, everyone’s wondering how those marks got on your neck…

• Yep, he’s awake alright. Scared a stray lightning bolt will damage the tower so he’s running checks.
• Athena woke you up because she’s concerned for his health, irregular sleep patterns do not a healthy gorilla make.
• You follow him around the tower, tell him he needs to sleep, even bribe him with peanut butter but to no avail. Only when the tower’s been checked, like, two dozen times does he oblige you.
• As neither of you are hungry, you both make breakfast for everyone else who is awake.
• The storm cuts in and out and Winston’s a little skittish about it but fascinated too, you know?
• Did you know, lightning strikes in sand create pillars of glass called “petrified lightning”? It’s very cool and you should check it out.
• Winston falls asleep in his office later in the day, and no one is surprised. You somehow manage to get him onto the bed (McCree might’ve helped with that), and end up falling asleep in his chair. Don’t know how that blanket got on you though…

• She sleeps right through it.
• The only thing about the storm that wake her up is you because the ceiling of your room is leaking.
• Zarya is not cuddly in the morning so she decides to tire herself out again by working out. With you watching.
• Does the storm even happen? You’re not sure because all you hear is her breathing and the clanking of the weights.
• She’s grinning, keeps saying you should join her but you say you’re a noodle, very fragile.
• She doesn’t believe you for a second but accepts the excuse, you do spot her a few times on the more challenging exercises as the storm clears up.
• She takes a short shower, crawls into bed and pulls you in with her. You just kind of stare at each other for a while until you trace the scar on her face.
• Zarya purrs
• She isn’t ashamed of the scar and regales you with the tale of how she acquired it, her accent thickening and rolling smoothly off her tongue.
• Your arms are around each other, you fall in and out of sleep as she sings in a low, dark voice Russian lullabies you never would’ve heard otherwise.
• You stay in bed for a while, Zarya has a routine for the morning but appreciates the change. You sleep in her room from now on, noodle.

• It’s his snores that help wake you up to the storm and you can’t believe he’s sleeping through it. What is this madness?
• You try waking him up first because you so desperately want to sleep and his noise is not helping. Neither is Roadhog who might be laughing at you the entire time.
• You tickle him, poke him, nearly smother him with a pillow, whisper in his ear, yell at him, and nearly set his hair on fire.
• Junkrat snores on, you sit on the edge of the bed glaring him down as if the intensity of your stare will wake him. Opposite happens.
• His arms curl around your waist and won’t let go, you relent and crawl him into bed next to him for comfort’s sake.
• And then you see it. His eyelids moving gently, a sliver of bright orange iris. The bastard’s been awake the whole time.
• You’re about to unleash one hell of a tongue lashing but Junkrat burrows into your chest.
• “Not now, sweetie, I’m just getting sleepy now. Had a hard time without you.”
• You will scold him later, you promise, but you’re tired.
• Roadhog leaves the two of you alone after noon comes and goes, neither of you eager to leave your current position.

• She’s in your room when the storm hits, cleaning her rifle.
• At first you think you’re dreaming because why would she be here, and she calming explains she heard from her “sources” that you aren’t fond of storms. So, here she is.
• She says you can sleep easy, but she’ll be gone the moment you fall asleep or the storm ends.
• You try falling asleep but can’t because you don’t want her to leave, and it would be childish to suggest she stay.
• She gets fed up with your tossing and turning pretty quick and finishes with her gun to sit on the bed with you.
• You both watch the lightning outside and you lean on her shoulder because she’s the one who sat down with you.
• She mutters something in French you don’t catch and you’re struck by how cold she is. Hoping she doesn’t leave, you run and make tea, surprised as ever as she sits calmly on your bed.
• You wrap her up in blankets and put the cup in her hands, and after a while or so, you pull her in between your legs.
• She’s blushing; it returns the colour to her cheeks and its adorable. She disagrees, naturally.
• You’re so busy looking after her that the storm passes unnoticed until the two of you are lying down together in a fort made of blankets and pillows.
• Someone remarks later that you’ve got bug bites on your shoulder, but you know better.

• Initially, you just needed to use the bathroom but you see the telltale green lights of Genji’s body disappear around the corner towards the mediation room. Call you curious.
• Knowing full well that he totally knows you’re following him, you follow him inside and linger in the doorway as he prepares to mediate.
• Only he doesn’t.
• He sits in the middle of the room and gestures for you to enter; meditation has never been your thing, too still and too quiet. You fidget a lot.
• You don’t even try mimicking his posture, sprawling out against the padded floors and watching him.
• The two of you don’t say much, the thunder and lightning provide ample entertainment until the curiosity gets the better of you.
• You ask him why he’s awake.
• He says it was raining the night Hanzo killed him. The dragons of his clan were supposedly deities of the wind, of the storm – his soul is unsettled in this kind of weather.
• You don’t know how to respond initially, the words failing you. Genji assures you he will be fine, and asks you return to you room.
• Oh sure, Shimada. Bite me.
• You camp out outside the mediation room and corner Genji as he leaves. Not saying anything, you pull him into your room.
• You push him onto the bed and tuck yourself against his side, winding an arm around his and squeezing his hand.
• Genji’s warm, surprisingly so, and you don’t grab anymore blankets. The thunder isn’t as prominent but the rain is still coming down in sheets. Genji twitches occasionally at the lightning.
• You don’t fall asleep, the two of you train later in the morning until Zenyatta notices the sluggishness in your movements. Mercy says Genji needs to recharge for a bit, something about his internal systems malfunctioning. You follow him into the infirmary and lie in the bed next to him, always within arms reach.
• Come the following day, there’s a package outside your door – a collection of various teas, cute phone charms, and a long silk scarf decorated with pink glittering dragons slithering across a green pattern.

• McCree and you wake up at the same time and run into each other in the hallways. Both unable to sleep, you convene in the living room and try watching TV to get sleepy. Reception is terrible, but McCree has an idea.
• Western movie marathon, my friends. Hours of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.
• You say it’s a terrible idea, you don’t like country music so you probably won’t like Western’s. McCree scoffs.
• The volume’s turned low so you don’t get much of the story and the fight scenes are super cheesy – you count how many times a punch is thrown and never actually contacts with anything.
• The standoff scene in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly makes you laugh at how long it actually goes on for and how awkward the silence is.
• McCree laughs with you, an arm curling around your waist as he pushes your head against his shoulder.
• He smells like smoke, he really ought to shower, and you tell him so. He laughs again and looks outside, as if daring you both to go out. You consider it, briefly, but you’re too comfortable.
• You fall asleep against McCree, he only falls asleep once the credits roll, his hat tipping forward over his eyes.
• You’re mortified in the morning when everyone finds the two of you curled up on the couch, somehow you’re both lying down and McCree’s got his head on your stomach.

• Storms are a pilot’s nightmare, and Pharah crawls into bed with your because she can’t sleep.
• Always the big spoon, she buries her face into the back of your neck trying to focus on the sound of your breathing. The thunder makes her jump out of her skin.
• You tell the thunder to shut the fuck up, and she laughs. You roll onto your back, sling an arm around her, and keep telling the lightning to fuck off or else.
• Pharah falls asleep long before you do, but you keep telling mouthing off at the storm in case she wakes up. The noise lets up for a while and you fall asleep too, only for a crash to startle the both of you awake.
• The two of you move to Pharah’s room where she’s a little more comfortable and this time, you’re the big spoon. Pharah clutches a teddy bear to her chest as you mirror her former position, the scent of jasmine coming off her skin.
• The storm lets up eventually, and all you can hear is the rain and her breathing. Her room is dark and the shadows are welcoming, old photos stare at the two of you captured in time.
• You tell Fareeha you love her, it just comes out.
• She responds in Arabic, turning around and wrapping her arms around you.
• You don’t really know what she just said, but she’s smiling against your skin.

• Tracer saw the storm coming, she’s already hanging out in your room. You’ve got music playing and she’s trying to dance while you’re curled up in bed.
• Winston comes in to check on her chronal accelerator before bed, she hops in beside you with a giggle.
• “Just like a sleepover, right?”
• Gosh, but her accent is adorable.
• You stay asleep for a while, jolted awake by the first crack of thunder and the fact Tracer is gone.
• Apart of you goes into panic mode, thinking the lightning triggered a malfunction or something but Tracer’s just on the end of the bed. Staring.
• You call out to her but she doesn’t hear. You crawl beside her and take her hands in yours, she won’t look at you.
• “Thought…thought I heard a gunshot. Sorry for waking you, love.” She laughs, trying to lighten to mood.
• It’s been a while since Mondatta’s death, a while since the bullet passed right through her into him. You didn’t think it still bothered her, you feel terrible.
• Tracer keeps saying everything’s fine but when you wrap your arms around her, she lets it all go.
• “Some hero I am, right? Crying about this.”
• You tell her it’s alright for her to cry, alright for her to feel bad because you are not going anywhere. You are staying with her, no questions asked. She doesn’t have to explain anything to you right now, she can cry, because you’re here. You aren’t going anywhere.
• You once felt really small compared to Tracer, she’d done so much for so many people and you were a recent recruit. What could you do? But Tracer, so young and hopeful for a bright future, made you want to strive for something better. Why settle for something that won’t make you happy? If she can do it, so can you!
• …She’s crying harder but they’re good tears.
• You two camp out on the edge of the bed hugging each other until storm ends. Tracer needs a shower afterwards and you’re hungry so you join the breakfast making crew until the bae shows up.
• She kisses you full on the lips in front of everyone, you aren’t even fazed. She will be in a minute though once you get your bearings.

• He’s been awake for a while. He and the storm started ruminating together in the early morning, you were an unforeseen consequence.
• Hanzo went down for a drink, found you leaning against the counter staring down a kettle on the stove. You didn’t notice him until he had the decency to turn the burner on.
• You’re nursing an old wound you stoutly refuse to talk about, it’s what woke you up, a dull throbbing against your back. Hanzo knows of the wound, doesn’t know who inflicted it or why. You ask him why he’s awake; he doesn’t give a straight answer.
• You’d been meaning to ask about archery lessons, you’re a good shot with a rifle but want to expand your knowledge to other long-range weaponry. You don’t think he’d be up for it but the dragon surprises you.
• After the water boils, you ready your chamomile and follow him to the shooting range. He doesn’t let you touch Storm Bow but there are extra bows about – lesser quality but good enough for training.
• The storm lights up the room in quick flashes, Hanzo’s face is pained but he tries not showing it. You suspect it’s caught him off guard or something, the sheer volume of noise and rain pounding into the building.
• Your first shot misses completely, you blame the pain throbbing along your back.
• Second shot pierces the right palm of the dummy.
• Third spears its head.
• Hanzo’s vaguely impressed and then he sees the outline of the mark against your black; black and wilted skin showing through your white T-shirt.
• Old magic, you claim, a gift from your family to prove you had come of age. You pull up your shirt with a grunt and roll your shoulders. A black rose, apparently, it didn’t take to you. It grew and sunk beneath your skin, slowly rotting the flesh away. Old magic, you say, is what saved you. A gift from your sister.
• Hanzo asks what happened to her.
• “Her life for mine. Scar’s a permanent reminder, it always acts up in cooler weather.”
• “Older sister?”
• “No, younger. I was going to take over the family business. I couldn’t afterward, so…here I am.”
• Fourth shot stabs the heart of the dummy. Sixth and seventh impale both lungs. A ring from eighth to eleventh cuts into the stomach.
• Hanzo does not say what woke him but you can guess the following week when he and Genji meet in the halls, a vulnerable silence between them.
• You both practice into the early morning, get drunk on his sake, and need extra help getting to your rooms. You wake up sprawled against his chest, tracing his dragon tattoo as his hand roves the bandages around your back. The silence between you is strong and amiable, you wouldn’t mind doing this again.