do they all just hang out with the old co stars in their off time

Promise Of Tomorrow

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x reader (ish)

Warnings: Very dirty thoughts, Drunken confessions, Language, Shameless objectification of Jensen Ackles (and I am not even a little bit sorry!)    

Word count: 1400ish (not a drabble! Dammit Jensen!)

A/N: I blame @blacktithe7 for this! When you send her gifs of Jensen you get comments like: “He went from damn he’s good looking to OH MY GOD TAKE ME NOW!” and “Now I picture Jensen’s lips on my most sensitive spots before riding him like a pogo stick!”

I took both as prompts to do a drabble, but Kari can’t drabble so welcome to this little one shot ;) Oh and I made (she begged) Erin beta this too :D

Also Kari can’t remember so this one shot is 3 months old but never before posted so enjoy y’all.



You groaned. You had no idea why you had agreed to come to this party in the first place. Well, Misha and you had stayed close friends after your recurring role as an angel on Supernatural, back when it was still in it’s fourth season.

You had had a thing for the green eyed actor that played Dean Winchester back then too. You just never had the courage to tell him that. Years had passed, and the moment you had walked through the front door you knew that hadn’t changed. Your eyes landed on him standing in the corner of the room chatting with his co-star and tv brother, Jared Padalecki. Your heart practically jumped into your throat when you saw him. He hadn’t aged a day, but he had gotten all the more sexy. His freckles still enhanced his perfect facial features. His shoulders were still broad and his bowed legs perfect for you to fit in between. Not that you ever had, but a girl could dream right.

You shook your head, annoyed with yourself for letting these thoughts re-enter your mind. He was way out of your league, there was no way he would ever look twice at someone like you. Daydreaming of him was only going to end one way. In heartbreak. Yours.    

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so i’ve been making monthly fic recs for a full year now! that’s so insane to think about honestly. thanks for all the support! my first monthly fic rec was for april 2016 and it had 10 fics on it. now they have upwards of almost 30 fics. that’s character development. anyway…

here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of march. I recommend that you read these great fics in april, if you haven’t already. 

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Perfect Storm (80k)*

What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding.

Harry and Louis choose the latter.

2. The Night Sky is Changing Overhead (124k)**

Harry is a tattoo artist, Louis is a drama professor, and they meet during an argument at a café.

3. All I Wish Not to Remember (71k)**

What happens when all you had, all you loved, all you held dear is viciously ripped away from you? When your inner core, once filled with love and hope and light, blackens to raw, dark hatred?

What happens when your soul is hopelessly consumed and no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you attempt to shake yourself out, to rid your tormented mind of the opaque feelings that plague you, all you can see, all you can feel, all you can want is…


A modern adaption of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. A tragic tale of timeless undying love, merciless revenge, and selfless sacrifice.

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  • as much as seungkwan is a prince, who is charitable and loving to his people - he’s also a world renowned singer and entertainer
  • ever since he was young, the royal family had invested in tutors from around the world to cultivate his obvious talent 
  • and as much as some people might have thought it was “unfit” for a prince of a country to also be a celebrity,,,,,,,more people in the country supported him
  • because after winning a competition for singing, that landed him on international TV, people started to flock to the country
  • not only to be tourists, but to see seungkwan
  • who admittedly, was first sheepish about fame, but soon grew to be extremely good in front of cameras
  • like not only was he an amazing singer, with singles that climbed the charts, but he was funny and charming 
  • (and handsome beyond belief, even more so in person)
  • so it was no surprise he was gaining fans,,,,,and even if he was royalty,,,,he still signed t-shirts and posed for photos and made constant grateful gestures towards those who said they liked him
  • and ,,,,, singing has always made him the most happy
  • from singing in front of the entire country to singing in his shower in the morning
  • his parents were happy his career was bringing money to the country, but seungkwan was happy too - that he could meet other singers, people he looked up to 
  • and could share his voice with the world
  • every time he’d be traveling, he’d also be writing. ideas for lyrics and small poetry
  • when he was supposed to be taking part in meetings with other royals, they always asked for him to show off a piece of his song and he’d act blushy, but would sing it with ease if they really asked
  • one royal who had met seungkwan at a conference described him as always cheerful, but with a voice that could make you feel so many different things
  • honestly, one of his own bodyguards on the lowkey asked seungkwan for his signature so he could give it to his daughter and seungkwan not only gave it, but also told the bodyguard that his daughter could come see him perform for free if she wished
  • seungkwan had never seen a grown, ripped man jump for joy before that day hehe
  • and you’ve been friends with seungkwan since your mother was one of his singing tutors 
  • she didn’t have anyone to take care of you sometimes, so she was allowed to bring you to lessons as long as you stayed quiet 
  • of course being the same age as seungkwan,,,,he was quick to befriend you and when your mom wasn’t looking you two would make faces at each other or whisper jokes into each others ears
  • do kid stuff, that otherwise seungkwan wasn’t really allowed to do
  • and as you two got older it got more and more apparent that seungkwan,,,,,was lonely inside the palace
  • so even when you were old enough to stay at home by yourself, you insisted on coming along with your mother
  • just so you could be seungkwan’s company, that you could see he really really needed
  • at some point, you became allowed to visit seungkwan without your mother. you would walk around the giant gardens, visit the stables, play in the tennis courts, and sit with seungkwan in his huge bedroom - listening to him practice his vocals
  • you two were the definition of best friends,,,,,, until seungkwan got famous
  • he was always famous as the prince, but after winning that award he became famous as a celebrity
  • he had no time to idle around with you, and he didn’t even need lessons from your mother anymore
  • seungkwan tried, multiple times to invite you over, but last-second you’d receive word from a servant or seungkwan’s staff that he was busy - he couldn’t see you
  • which was why, when you got a note - in seungkwan’s unique handwriting - to meet him at the village bridge that night, you were ecstatic 
  • of course you had village friends, family members, and other people to hang out with but seungkwan had always been your best friend
  • he made you laugh the loudest, smile the widest, and in general he made your heart warm with his antics and welcoming personality
  • you wondered sometimes when you saw him on TV, doing interviews and singing, that sure he made people laugh and people adored him - but did anyone know him like you did
  • the afternoons in his room, listening to him fumble with lyrics, chuckle it off, then try again
  • you two would eat treats from the palace kitchen on the balcony, hidden from seungkwan’s parents and do impressions of royal guards or higher ups
  • seungkwan asking you what it was like to go to actual school, to have actual friends
  • your mother once told you that you shouldn’t fall in love with him,,,,which you had made a face at because ew,,,,we’re just best friends!!! but looking back on it,,,,maybe,,,maybe she was right
  • waiting on the bridge,,,you couldn’t deny the beating of your heart or the way the same mundane stars in the sky made you actually smile
  • and when seungkwan appeared, looking over his shoulder it took a lot out of you not to run over and hug him
  • “how have you been?”
  • he asked,,,,up close you could see his face was slimmer than before. he’d lost weight again.
  • “alright, you? i saw your performance from england on TV last night. is it tiring?”
  • seungkwan gives a small chuckle “nothing is tiring for me, you know i can handle anything.”
  • “you’ve always been the best”
  • seungkwan’s smile falters, and the usual sparkle in his eyes seems to have dulled
  • “i need to tell you something.”
  • you lean against the rail of the bridge,,,it’s fall and so you’re wrapped in a long sleeved sweater,,,,you notice that seungkwan is wearing only a button down shirt 
  • “ok, but aren’t you co-”
  • “im getting married.”
  • your breath hitches in your throat and you stare at him in silence as you try to process the last word of his sentence
  • married? aren’t you too young?
  • his eyes flick away from yours and he does a small shuffle
  • “i mean, im not getting married TOMORROW, but it’s going to happen in a year - maybe two. it’s to another famous singer, it was arranged by our parents.”
  • the explanation doesn’t stop the buzzing in your brain,,,,,married,,,,,,seungkwan,,,,,,married?? 
  • sensing your stare, seungkwan grabs the rails and goes “it’s such a nice night, you can see all the stars! that one, the little one looks like woozi, do you remember him he’s one of the sons of -”
  • “do you like them?”
  • seungkwan stops talking and looks over at you again
  • “woozi?”
  • “no, the person you’re m,,,marrying”
  • seungkwan makes a face, but doesn’t say no. instead he goes “i never thought about marriage till now. if it’s good for my country than-”
  • “i understand.”
  • seungkwan looks at you like he doesn’t know what you mean, but you only smile back
  • “i hope you guys grow to really like one and other. im glad you told me, ill be cheering for you.”
  • with that, you push off the railing and motion to the road you need to take home. seungkwan doesn’t move from his spot, but he seems to want to say something
  • you’re not sure you want to hear it so you say goodbye, that it’s late and he’ll probably get in trouble with the guards. seungkwans nods and you wave before walking away
  • you don’t hear him call out your name, softly under his breath
  • a couple of months pass and you get a package in the mail
  • half expecting it to be wedding invitations, you don’t touch it for a good week. till finally you decide it’s now or never
  • to your surprise, it’s no invited, it’s a stack of photos wrapped in pretty ribbon
  • you carefully take them out, one by one and see the photo of you and seungkwan
  • so young, happy, running through the gardens
  • another one is just you, you have seungkwan’s crown on your head that is way too big and you’re laughing
  • the other is of seungkwan, he’s wearing the same crown, lopsided from it’s size, laughing too
  • at the end of the pile is a letter;
  • thought you might want to see these, are you free to see me some time?
  • the signature is seungkwan’s and you place it back in the box. you’re not sure if you want to answer it or not
  • part of you knows that seungkwan has no choice in the matter of his marriage, when do royals ever do, but part of you is angry that he didn’t even,,,,
  • he didn’t even try to tell you that he might have feelings for you,,,
  • but the again you don’t even know if he does, you shouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t, but it still hurts
  • you sit at your desk,,,,looking at the paper and write ‘i want to see you too. tell me when.’
  • you get a reply, along with a card that tells you there will be a dinner hosted by the royals
  • your mother is even invited, along with other tutors of seungkwan and prior staff
  • on the evening of, you see seungkwan standing beside a gorgeous young girl at the top of the stairs
  • they’re laughing and her auburn curls frame her naturally pretty face
  • you make eye contact and quickly, you cast your gaze down
  • “at least there’s free caviar” you try to uplift yourself, but as soon as you manage to get to the display of delicacies at the other end of the room, someone grabs you
  • turning around you see the girl who was standing beside seungkwan
  • with an accent, she tells you to come with her and you don’t even manage to stutter out a reply till she’s pulled you out of the crowded room and into the desolate hallway
  • is she going to tell me to keep away from seungkwan? is this my last night? am i royally and utterly fuc-
  • “seungkwan loves you.”
  • you pause and go “e-excuse me?”
  • with a smile the girl lets you go and repeats herself, “seungkwan loves you.”
  • “no he do-”
  • a gloved finger comes up to hush you
  • “you have seen him on tv, yes? the smiling, the laughing, he told me he can only be like that because he thinks of the one person who makes him happy. it’s you. without you, he’s just - what is the word -”
  • “im a mess”
  • turning around you see seungkwan in the hallway
  • the girl nods, touching your arm gently again before disappearing to leave you two alone
  • “your fiance just told me you love me, so im not sure what is happening,,,,”
  • seungkwan walks closer and you can see in the dim light, the sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t there the last time you two met
  • looking refined, in a full suit with the country’s coat of arms pinned to his lapel, his crown - the same one in the photos fits perfectly, and the smile 
  • the smile that makes your heart do flips,,,,, is just for you, ,,, 
  • “she wasn’t supposed to confess for me, but i guess she took my spotlight”
  • he jokes, taking your hand
  • the music starts playing from the other room and seungkwan motions if you’d like to dance
  • “i would like to talk actually.”
  • “we can do both.”
  • with his hand on your waist, you and seungkwan turn through the empty hall
  • you look at him,,,swallowing your nervousness
  • “how can you love me if you’re going to marry her?”
  • “because my heart decided it, it was like ‘no seungkwan - you are going to be madly and forever in love with your best friend. not take backs’.”
  • you roll your eyes, but you can’t help the smile on your face
  • “but what about ,,, the marriage?”
  • “well first, tell me - do you love me too?”
  • he twirls you around and you stumble, but his hand catches you in time
  • “i,,,of course i do.”
  • seungkwan leans in, kissing your forehead and you’re sure there must be fireworks going off in your heart
  • “then we’ll make it work. watch.”
  • seungkwan takes your hand firmly in his, you follow clumsily as he walks back into the ballroom
  • without a word, he leads you up the staircase
  • in the crowd, you see the girl giving you a thumbs up, the shock on your mothers face, and the worry on the queen and kings
  • “excuse me, can i have your attention?”
  • seungkwan calls out when you two get to the top
  • the entire packed room turns, silent 
  • “a lot of the people here tonight mean the world to me. but someone means the universe, the world, space, beyond that - and it’s them,,,”
  • seungkwan steps to the side and everyones eyes focus on you
  • “i love them, and i want everyone to know now. in the future, if im going to marry anyone - it’s them.”
  • the crowd is quiet, but then breaks out into cheers. someone shouts out that young love is beautiful
  • your mother smirks to herself knowingly, and you’re pretty sure the queen has fainted
  • but seungkwan’s hand is warm on your cheek as he lean in to press his lips to yours
  • this time, the cheers of the people are the fireworks
  • and you can’t believe it, but your kissing your best fried - the prince
  • when he pulls back seungkwan whispers “that should take care of the arrange marriage, aren’t i genius?”
  • you giggle, telling him to stop being so funny but at the same time he’s right 
  • the next morning the entire country is bustling with news of seungkwan’s love confession 
  • ,,,,,,and his ex-fiance is apparently happy to be back in her own country,,,,with her own real love 
  • you almost die when you see a photo of you and him on the front page of the newspaper and your mother just points to it like
  • “i told you so”
stars, hide your fires

*me, coming out of the woodwork that is writer’s block* here have some ‘bellamy gets a make over and a happy ending’ fic

wc: 4 680
rated e | read on ao3

Clarke manages to last a grand total of three days before cracking.

“Alright that’s enough,” she says, slamming her book down with more force than necessary.

Bellamy just looks up, startled at her outburst, and blinks owlishly. “What’s enough?” he asks.

“You’ll see,” she mutters, grabbing his book and tossing it in the corner with hers. She ignores his soft cry of outrage and yanks him up, pulling him behind her.

It’s not a surprise that he’s changed in the past six years– they’ve all changed, whether it be appearance wise or personality, and Clarke had been ready for it. She’s changed too, using her time on earth to face some very harsh truths and learn how to finally be honest with herself.

But while she braced herself to come face to face with the people she once knew, it was Bellamy’s changed that stuck with her the most.

Personality wise he was mostly the same, still good at giving rousing speeches and wielding a rifle like it was just an extension of his arm, but he’s simmered down a bit, stopped being so impulsive and hot headed.

That’s not what was bothering her though.

No, it was the physical changes.

More specifically, his hair and the pathetic excuse for a beard he grew.

Clarke has grown enough over the past few years to admit that one of her favourite Bellamy Blake features was his mass of rumpled curls, the eternal bed hair that graced the top of his head, just another one of those things that painted him as the past rebel king.

(And okay, yeah, it was kinda hot, especially when paired with the rakish grin that comes out to play when he wants to get things done his way.)

“Seriously?” he huffs when she shoulders open the door to the bathroom inside the bunker.

“I’m surprised you can still see with all that hair in your eyes,” she grumbles, letting the door fall shut behind them. “You need a haircut.”

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My Kind of Crazy

Summary: Jensen uses a song cover to reveal his feelings for his co-actress. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1515
Genre: Fluff. All of the Fluff. 
Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s 1K Followers Challenge! Yes, it’s late, my apologies, Taylor! If you’re not already following her, make sure you do that, you won’t regret it! My prompt was the gif at the top of fic, as well as My Kind of Crazy by Brantley Gilbert. Also, this is the first fluffy thing I’ve produced that I’ve been exceptionally proud of in a while so … yeah. Enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

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My TF2 Comic Series

This is a rough idea as to how I’d plan out a new on-going TF2 series if I were given the chance, based on what I know of established plot and my major assumptions about what some of the final developments are likely to be. When (if?) part 7 of the current TF2 comics storyline gets released, a lot of this may get rendered moot. I’m just spit-balling, anyway. It’s fun!

So! Here we go.

Picking back up in the spring of 1974. Everything is different yet also pretty much exactly the same.

Demo gets saddled with Merasmus, first as a roommate, then as a magical mentor. Merasmus knows he must eventually train a successor to carry his arcane knowledge into the future, and while this guy may be drunk half the time, he actually has a lot of potential. And besides, he did Merasmus a solid when he took him in. So Demo embarks on a wondrous-yet-annoying quest to unlock his magical potential and claim his alchemical heritage. Merasmus and Mrs. DeGroot get along like they’ve been friends their whole lives, of course. Demo’s home life becomes a wacky supernatural sitcom starring himself, Merasmus, his mum, and his three familiars Eyelander, Bombnomicon, and Mini Monoculous. (Those three have their own weird dynamic. None of them actually like each other very much.) And hey, magic powers!!!!

Zhanna and Soldier have the biggest, stupidest, most elaborate Hawaiian wedding ever because it’s the furthest thing from that frozen Siberian hellscape she could imagine. (Soldier grumbles a bit that it’s barely even America, but finally relents.) Literally everyone is invited, including any and all NPCs, old enemies, the ghost of Tom Jones, a clan of raccoons, and close family of the mercs. We get to meet Soldier’s weirdly normal family and catch up with Zhanna’s family. Soldier turns into a drama-bomb groomzilla while Zhanna is just overwhelmed with happiness. She falls into a coma from the mental shock and is roused out of it when magical intervention annoys her into returning to reality. Once married, they immediately begin furiously attempting to conceive a child. Like, more than they were before.

Heavy himself is adjusting to his new family situation and being a little overbearing (unintentionally.) His mother is happy to be taken care of, so he moves her to America and builds her a beautiful cottage not too far from where he lives. It has all the amenities, including a high-powered laser mounted on the roof. Zhanna is starting her own family, and he’s secretly giddy at the idea of being an uncle. Yana and Bronislava are both off on their own world-trotting adventures, but they don’t write him as often as he would like. He’s collecting the selfies they mail him from all the exotic locations they visit into a photo album, which he likes to flip through and feel that big brother combination of pride and worry.

Medic has to deal with his past, such as his parents. He’s finally gotten around to going through the box of keepsakes and documents left to him by his mother, where he makes some interesting discoveries, and his elderly father comes sniffing around, presumably to take advantage of his estranged son’s advances in rejuvenatory medicine. Meanwhile, occasional bids from Mephisto, Perdition Representative and current minority shareholder of his souls, to tempt him into trading for more favors are casually swatted away. (I mean, until he actually wants something he can’t accomplish himself.) Medic really shouldn’t underestimate a sufficiently pissed-off devil, though. They have ways.

Throughout every story, hints are occasionally dropped that Pyro is an alien. Some are subtle, some… less so. Someone important apparently takes notice when Pyro begins to be followed around by 70s-era X-Files style FBI agents. Balloonicorn delights in terrorizing them, but Pyro is looking forward to making real good friends! Ultimately, nothing is ever revealed one way or another about Pyro’s nature, so everyone just ends up kind of confused.

Saxton Hale has stepped down as the big boss of Mann Co (handed over to Miss Pauling, who will sometimes call for advice) but remains an investor. He and Mags are now a power couple, but he’s going through a mid-life crisis in which he’s seeking out and wrestling the most legendary, dangerous monsters in the world, which is getting dangerous even for him. Mags has her own complicated feelings about the rekindled relationship, including the baggage from her past marriages, brief as they were. Eventually Saxton must face the fact that the most challenging foe he must wrestle into submission is… HIS DUTY TO MANKIND (and Mags.) They return to Australia to help rebuild after the loss of all the world’s Australium and oppose Charles Darling’s growing post-apocalyptic Thunderdome-esque zoo-based empire.

Sniper has manned a disastrous submarine expedition to the sunken ruins of New Zealand (because he built it himself and refused to ask for help) and barely survived. He reluctantly asks his fellow mercs and Miss Pauling for help in a second expedition, recovering artifacts of his lost heritage in return for sharing it with Mann Co. He also gets roped into Mad Max-esque adventures with Saxton Hale and Mags. And of course, his birth parents are still at-large, which he doesn’t know how to deal with AT ALL.

Miss Pauling is juggling several explosives at once. First, she’s just getting the hang of being Mann Co. boss (including having people do things FOR HER, her assistants Bidwell and Reddy), dealing with the terrorist cult Rise & Shine that’s out to ruin the company, hiring new staff (Driver to help with the cult situation and a new merc liaison to fill her old role, Chicken Girl), forging her vision for the future of Mann Co., and deciding how to deal with the company’s inconvenient ward Olivia Mann. She has her fair share of frazzled moments and sudden urges to dump all her responsibilities and run far, far away, but she never does. That’s not who she is. Oh, and she gets a girlfriend, so that’s nice.

The new liaison Chicken Girl (as everyone insists on calling her after Scout recognizes her) doesn’t actually remember Scout and finds him very aggravating, but not enough to quit her new super-legit job, which she’s actually very good at, once she gets the hang of it. She just wishes they’d stop calling her Chicken Girl. Just “Chick” isn’t an acceptable substitute.

Engie is increasingly called on by Miss Pauling to consult on developing exciting new tech for Mann Co, which is especially important in a world without Australium to fuel effortless scientific discovery. The McMANN is his first such success, and he’s so excited and proud! He collaborated with Driver, the new blood, on its final design, but it was 95% his project. (He’s pretty sure that goes without saying.) Engie spends a lot of his time quietly tinkering away at ideas to make the McMANN even better, but he cooking up some other stuff that he knows Miss Pauling will be interested in. Even though some of it’s a little… weird.

Scout, Spy, and Scout’s ma are awkwardly trying to form a conventional family unit. This is extremely complicated because Scout is still convinced his father is Tom Jones and there are all those older brothers to deal with. The most successful moments happen when Scout’s ma tricks the two of them into spending time with her for a nice outing like a picnic at an outdoor concert, a baseball game, a demolition derby, etc. (Of course, there are shenanigans.) We also learn about the history behind Scout’s parentage.

The Mann brothers are all still hanging around as increasingly irrelevant ghosts, doing silly ghost stuff. Since they’re triplets, none of them can move on unless they all do, and it’s a constant source of arguments. Redmond & Blutarch just want to pull spooky pranks on people, but Gray takes as much time as he can to try to influence and even possess his daughter Olivia, which she eventually starts fighting.

I would include Driver in this new set-up, as previously mentioned. As the new recruit, she’d be the one to ask questions about stuff the audience might want answers to, which is a useful function in fiction where a bunch of crazy shit happens all the time. She’d have her own little character arcs, too, but I’ve gone on enough about all that.

And do keep an eye on that weird new cult that has it out for Mann Co. Rise & Shine? Yeah, I’ve mentioned them a few times. To the public, they seem so cute and harmless, with their chubby smiling mascot of a guru, talk show coverage, novelty songs, and funny comic book series. But we know better.

petty competition [ michael mell x reader ]

Summary : Michael Mell is a friend of yours, but you’ve never had much luck with friends of yours. Agreeing to meet Michael, you are nervous at first. You soon warm up and are delighted to find out that what he has planned for your hang out is sitting in his basement playing one of your favorite video games. A friendly competition eventually turns into two teens in a basement both in fits of giggles, and, despite your previous reserves, you end up having most amazing time.

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RFA ; cutesy dates with Mc

yayayaya first post ☆=(ゝω・)/ going on pretty dates with pretty fictional people <3 these are pretty long coz i obviously have no idea what im doing :>


  • You were cleaning up in your apartment when you get a text from Yoosung. 
  • Your phone ringtone scared the shit out of you
  • You thought someone was out to get you
  • You check the text, he was inviting you out to dinner since he aced his exam you helped him study for.
  • You get all excited, reply in an instant and get ready.
  • Another text came from him
  • Wear something fancy, we’ll eat somewhere expensive (:” 
  • wow ok
  • You search your closet for that really pretty cream cocktail dress you bought the other day, and start getting ready.
  • A knock on the door, right after you finish. It was your sweet boyfriend, wearing a black suit, which looked 100 on him.
  • You open the door and his eyes grow wide, his jaw drops. He had fallen in love with the most beautiful girl. He thought to himself Jesus, I am the luckiest man alive today. You smiled shyly, and he took you by the hand.
  • He opens the door for you, seeing you guys have arrived at this really fancy place. And you both order the same thing. You look around the area, but felt his eyes plant on you. You were basically melting from his stare. His eyes were sparkling. You look at him, and he looks away immediately, face flushing red.
  • He smiles at you. “I love you.” You tell him
  • His eyes grow big at your sudden statement. He looks down, quite embarrassed.
  • HOW
  • Yoosung pays for the bill and you guys leave.
  • He parks the car and walks you to your door. You unlock the lock on the door and open the entrance to your apartment. You invite him to stay the night, but he says no. You make a grumpy face, and he makes that you’re so fucking cute smile. He promises he’ll drop by tomorrow as he kisses you, the kind of kiss that makes your heart tingle.


  • she finally found time to spend with you, after week of leaving early and coming home late, you barely saw her anymore. You invite her out to watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, but when you two get there, it’s sold out. 
  • You try to hide how much that made you sad.
  • But baby is a psychic.
  • Jaehee stops you, cups your cheeks and tells you “Hey, its okay. Why don’t we just get some cake at that cafe you love so much”, looking straight into your eyes, your heart melts.
  • She intertwines her hands with yours as you walk down the street to a small cafe around the corner
  • She looks perfect
  • She is perfect.
  • You couldn’t stop staring at her.
  • It was nice to see her in something else other than a suit
  • Like seeing her in her underwear
  • oops
  • i am a demon
  • She holds the door for you as you guys enter. Standing in front of the menu, she asks you what you want. But before you could answer, she stops you. “I know what you want”. woah ok ok
  • You look for a table, and seats.
  • She approaches the table with a tray. On the tray was a plate of your favorite cake, (*insert favorite cake), and an iced coffee.
  • You fed her spoons of your cake while you sneakily took sips from her coffee.
  • You had a gr8 day
  • You were happy. You saw that smile again.
  • You held her hand as you two made your way back home.


  • You really missed spending time with Zen. He always came home either really late or really tired. You decide to surprise him. 
  • sooooo
  • You wait outside the studio for about 30 minutes. 
  • You were melting waiting for him.
  • And finally, all his co-workers were out. But Zen was nowhere to be found.
  • You really wanted some ice cream.
  • After about 200 years
  • 20 mins
  • He finally walks out the doors.
  • His hair was ties up in a bun.
  • Sexy bun sexy zen
  • You smile and wave at him. His eyes grow big after seeing you. 
  • o.o
  • was i not supposed to be here? you thought to yourself.
  • “MC? What are you doing here?” He asked.
  • prolly not
  • “I wanted to surprise you!” You say, rather exhausted from the standing  in the heat part of your day. 
  • “Why didn’t you go inside? You could’ve gotten a heatstroke at this temperature.” He says, worried. 
  • You shake your head, telling him you’re fine.
  • He read your mind. 
  • “Ice cream?” He smiled, asking you.
  • You smile at him. And he already knows that smile
  • You intertwine your fingers with his as you walk to your favorite ice cream parlor.
  • You had (insert your fav ice cream flavor*). Zen stared at you. 
  • angel he said to himself.
  • your ice cream was melting send hELP


  • You arrange this super cute date to the aquarium but Jumin suddenly had an urgent meeting he needed to go to. 
  • Trust me he felt super bad that he had to cancel.
  • He wanted to make it up to you. He wanted to make time for you. He waited until you had absolutely nothing planned. 
  • “MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I need you to come with me.”
  • “Where?”
  • “Meeting up with a friend.”
  • “Okay. Specific attire?”
  • “No.”
  • “Aight.”
  • You put on your favorite clothes, paired with your favorite shoes. 
  • Jumin looked like he was in a hurry.
  • Probably was.
  • Driver Kim drops us off at a big dome.
  • Looks abandoned 
  • Shit.
  • Hope its not haunted.
  • You held his hand tight as you walk inside. 
  • It was a really pretty old observatory. The ceiling was a galaxy painted with glow in the dark paint. It was beautiful.
  • Jumin was beautiful
  • In the middle of the dome, was a table for two. 
  • You look back at him, he had that cheeky smile. 
  • “Jumin?” You call out his attention. 
  • “Yes, kitten?”
  • “Did you plan this all by yourself?”
  • “Of course. Why?”
  • “Just curious.” 
  • Both of you were just standing, his arms wrapped around you, your head buried in his chest. There wasn’t any music. Just you, humming to your favorite slow-dance song.
  • Jumin was looking down at you. 
  • It was perfect.
  • He proposes
  • just kidding
  • You two had dinner, then watched the stars for the rest of the night.


  • It was movie night at your place with the rest of the RFA, but Seven asked them all to bail tonight so it would be just the two of you.
  • They all bailed.
  • You had everything ready.
  • Popcorn
  • Chips
  • Dip
  • Soda
  • And wine and cheese for Jumin.
  • It was getting late and no one was arriving.
  • You felt your heart hanging on a thread. 
  • Until the doorbell rang. 
  • It was Seven. 
  • “Hey!” You open the door, inviting him inside.
  • “Hiya” He says, giving you an unexpected peck on the cheek, making you turn a little pink.
  • “Are the others coming?” You ask
  • “I think they’re all busy.” He says, shrugging his shoulders.
  • You didn’t really want to watch a movie without them
  • Which you admitted to Seven.
  • “What do you want to do then?” He asks.
  • “I don’t know.” You say with a grumpy face.
  • “Aww. Its okay” He lightly kisses you.
  • Then
  • His face fills with
  • A smirk of lust
  • A grin of idea
  • “Do you wanna.. Build a snowman? maybe head to the diner?”
  • You smile, and agree.
  • You two hopped into his car and he drove to this diner near the pier. 
  • You two bought milkshakes and french fries.
  • “MC. I’ve fallen inlove with the most amazing person in the world.” Seven says, proceeding to drink his milkshake.
  • “Who may that be?” You ask.
  • “You.” He says.
  • You were already expecting that. Yet you still fell for it, making your face heat up.
  • It was a great night. Milkshakes. Fries. Boyfriend. All you ever need in long nights. 
  • He eventually got really tired and crashed at your place, sleeping on your bed, arms around you, your head on his chest and well

yaayy how was it :> pls give feedback i am a noob :3 

also send in requests :3 luh u

Meet the Ackles - Part Two

Aesthetic by the lovely @whatthecastiel  

Part One 

Pairing: Eventual Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Maybe language?

Words: 1.3k

Summary: Reader is an actress on the show Supernatural, and is attending a convention in Houston, when she misses her flight back home, and ends up stranded in Texas. Her Co-Star, Jensen Ackles, being the gentleman he is, offers to let her stay with him and his family in Dallas. Y/N and Jensen are barely work friends, let alone close enough spend a week together at Jensen’s childhood home. Seeing Jensen with his family might just change how the reader feels about her “just on screen” love interest.  

A/N: Here’s part two! Thanks once again to my Beta’s @pinknerdpanda and @highonpastries ! Link to part one is under the aesthetic! If you would like to be tagged in future parts, just shoot me an ask!

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The Other Side of the Ocean - Chapter 1

Read the prologue here.

He leans back into the seat, trying to stretch his long legs out in front of him. This, unfortunately, is nearly impossible to do. Airplanes are made for people who are five feet tall, and at just over six feet, Joe really has nowhere to put his legs.

He lets his head fall to the left. At least he has a window seat. Something to lean up against, and he can avoid worrying that he’ll fall asleep only to wake up and find that his head accidentally gravitated towards the stranger next to him. He hasn’t flown across the ocean that many times, but it’s been enough to know that middle seats are pure misery for a seven hour flight.

Closing his eyes, he allows his mind to wander. And rest. It’s been a crazy busy week for the movie – but an amazing one - and he hasn’t had even a moment to process it, really. Lights, cameras and more questions. But he enjoyed it and is grateful to have been invited to New York and to have had the entire opportunity to work on this film and help promote it.

Naively, he never realized that doing press for a movie essentially meant answering the same set of questions twenty-five times. After the third interview, his answers started to feel scripted. He longed for a question outside the norm, but then silently cursed himself for that desire when he actually got one, fearing that he’d rambled on too long, or stumbled over his words, or could’ve answered it better.

Don’t worry, Ang had told him, you’ll get more used to this with time. Joe asked him afterwards if he’d sounded like a fool, and the director-and-mentor-now-friend had been nothing but reassuring.

And then there were the photoshoots for all the various magazines and online outlets. He was accustomed to those cameras now, in fact, they almost felt comfortable. He had never been one to shy away from having his picture taken. He didn’t mind doing photoshoots for magazines, in fact, he found them kind of fun. That was in contrast, however, to the paparazzi situation. That was still new. That was still… odd. He didn’t hate it, but didn’t like it either. Maybe he just didn’t really understand the interest, or why people cared whether so-and-so was going to a particular restaurant on a Thursday night. He reserved the right to fully form an opinion about it later.

The plane reaches cruising altitude, and he hears the pilot mumble something on the overhead speakers. Six hours to go. He considers whether he’s going to be able to get any rest or not in such a cramped position. Maybe if I keep my eyes closed I’ll fall asleep, he thinks. Popping in his earbuds, he puts on some mellow music.

But his mind isn’t on the same page as his body; it’s not ready yet to turn off for the night.  He can’t get his mind off of her.

He can’t stop thinking about Taylor.

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Tony & Peter-centric Fic Recs

for your iron-dad and spider-son reading needs! 99% of these were posted after the release of homecoming so there may be spoilers.

(in alphabetical order, last updated 7.26.17)

5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud by grilledcheesing [NR, 3k, WIP]

… and one time he did not.

Post Spider-Man: Homecoming — Tony is just trying his damn hardest to keep this reckless kid from Queens safe, but it’s hard when Peter is, occasionally, ridiculous as all hell.

5 Times Tony Didn’t Need To Worry About Peter by grilledcheesing [T, 13.1k, complete]

… and one time he certainly did.

A Different Sky by iustuscadens [T, 5.4k, complete]

Peter Parker has never seen the stars. 

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Hard and Fast

Summary: Jared falls hard and fast for the reader who is auditioning for Supernatural. 

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,186

Requested by: @tiny-sam-is-my-jam

You’re anxiously tapping your foot in a waiting room but it’s not just any waiting room. No. It’s only the gateway to the biggest fucking audition of your life. No pressure or anything.

You’re about to audition for a role on Supernatural and the fact that it’s your favorite show makes this even more nerve racking. It’s a new character named Kendra who’s a librarian and she will be Sam’s new love interest.

And this isn’t a small arc, the role is expected to last for an entire season. That kind of exposure would be insane and also a dream come true. Today is your second callback and you’ve heard that the two leads with be present in the room. 

Jensen is directing the first episode of the season as usual and that’s when the character will make her debut. And Jared will be reading with the small group of girls that made the cut so far including yourself.

“Y/N L/N!”

Shit. Here we go.

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thelithiumtomywater  asked:

B 41/46 combo?

Bechloe - ‘star’/‘water’

It was the final week of May and the Bellas household was a hub of activity, with all members of the group studying hard for their finals. It was senior year. Their final few exams. Then it was graduation. Then ‘Worlds’.

All ten of the Barden Bellas had travelled to a team-building retreat ran by their old Captain, Aubrey. During that time they’d endured death defying team building trust exercises, had had to sleep in a large tent with all of them squished in, and had (fortunately) 'found their sound’.

Beca, however, had found something else. And in the ten days since returning from the retreat her mind had been absolutely and entirely transfixed on one person and one thing. That person was her friend and co-captain Chloe Beale. And that one thing was how she felt more for her than any normal friend would feel towards another friend. Particularly a friend of the same sex. Beca feared she may ACTUALLY be falling in love with the woman. She couldn’t be sure if that’s what she felt exactly, because she’d never been in love before, but something felt different.

And that’s why Beca found herself walking purposefully into the kitchen, approaching her fellow Bellas who were all tucking into their respective breakfasts. Well, all Bellas except Chloe, who had gone to the campus library early to study for her exam that afternoon.

“Guys I need your advice” she blurted, her mouth going dry as the Bellas all froze and looked at her curiously, “I…think I’m going to ask Chloe out on a date-” her sentence was cut off by a chorus of squeals and excitable shrieks and claps and whoops and “finally!”’s as the Bellas beamed at her. “I just wanted to know if you think she’d say yes? I don’t want to put myself out there if it’s just going to make things weird…”

“What?!” Stacie exclaimed, her mouth dropping open in surprise, “Beca you ARE joking right?”

Beca hesitated, “Um..?”

“Gurl, if you’d actually had your eyes open these past few years you’d see that NOBODY loves you more than Chloe.” Cynthia-Rose said, shaking her head with a chuckle before continuing to eat her cereal.

Beca swallowed loudly. She may not have seen how Chloe had apparently been looking at her over the years, but she HAD seen the way she’d looked at her during their final night of the retreat. Over the campfire. During the song they’d sung with The Bellas, then following on from that.

Chloe had looked at her in a way that nobody else had before, and Beca had felt her heart swell - actually swell - because she felt so much love radiating from the beautiful redhead towards her, and Beca had found herself feeling surprised that she had so desperately wanted to reciprocate that love. That she STILL so desperately wanted to reciprocate that love. She just had no idea how to do it.

“Right well…” Beca began, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She was rubbish at this. At revealing how she felt about things. People. “I want to do things properly. I want to tell her how I feel then ask her on a date. But I don’t to be shit. I don’t want to just send her a text-”

There was a gasp from the Bellas.

“I said I DON’T want to just send her a text!” Beca reiterated, rolling her eyes as most of the young women before her let out relieved sighs. “I want it to be memorable. Because…well you guys know Chloe…she loves things to be memorable!”

It was true. Chloe loved to make most activities the Bellas got up to together memorable. It was usually recorded heavily on Instagram. And it usually had its own hashtag.

“Cor Short-stack finally getting all mushy and romantic huh? You must REALLY like her” Fat Amy said with a wink.

“You know I don’t HAVE to ask her out” Beca said in an unimpressed tone and Fat Amy threw her hands up in surrender. Because it was no secret that Beca hated the Australian teasing her about Chloe. Always had.

“Don’t worry Beca, I’m sure however you do it, it’ll be memorable.” Emily said encouragingly, a giddy grin on her face, “It IS something she’s wanted for such a long time!”


A week later and Chloe Beale stepped out of the exam hall for the final time. She took a deep breath of fresh air as she stepped out onto the quad, the hot sun landing on her skin. She was free! No more exams, ever! The redhead pulled her phone out of her bag to send a WhatsApp to the Bellas to suggest they have a movie night to celebrate. To her delight, however, the girls had already been texting away in the group chat:

Ashley: Hey girls! Just a thought: anyone fancy letting off lanterns to celebrate the end of our final exams? I think Stacie’s last?

Stacie: Unless anyone’s is after Friday?

Jessica: I’ll check the calendar. hang on!

Jessica: Nope, Stace you’re the last.

Ashley: So shall we say Saturday night?

Stacie: I’m up for it!

Cynthia-Rose: Trust you to say that ;)

Cynthia-Rose: I’m also in bitches.

Stacie: Trust YOU to say that!

Aubrey: I’m still away at work :( :(

Stacie: :(

Beca: Not the worst idea in the world. Count me in.

Flo: And me!

Emily: And me!! Xxx

Lily: Yes.

Ashley: Chloe?

Flo: We should let the lanterns go but while we are sat in boats in the middle of the lake!

Chloe scrambled to begin texting feverishly, desperately wanting to bring herself into the conversation.

Chloe: LIKE TANGLED!!! Count me iiiiiin!!! X

'Tangled’ was her absolute favourite Disney movie (and she knew how controversial that statement was). The story, the music, the romance…

She couldn’t wait for Saturday!


The sun was beginning to set on the warm June Saturday and Chloe had gathered with her fellow Bellas to walk down to the lake near their house. At the front of the group was Ashley (and Jessica of course) who was carrying a stack of flat-packed lanterns in her right arm and a small bag of lighters in her left hand. The young women made their way to the small dock, and on the water either side of the wooden dock was a total of five row boats.

As Ashley had mostly organised this Bellas celebration she seemed to feel as though it were her responsibility to direct the women to their respective boats. So one at a time, Ashley would call out their name, and Jessica would lead them to the row boat that would be theirs. Chloe was first to be called out, and Jessica lead her to the row boat at the very end of the small wooden dock.

Chloe would never admit it out loud but she secretly hoped, as always, that she’d be paired up with Beca. But as she watched Fat Amy step confidently into one of the little row boats her heart sank. Because Beca had a far higher chance of being in a row boat with Amy - her roommate - than with Chloe - her co-captain. Mostly because Beca appeared to be the only one who was able to deal with Fat Amy’s eccentric nature.

It was no surprise that Stacie and Cynthia-Rose shared a row boat. Then Flo and Lily. But a big surprise was when Emily had been guided to Amy’s little row boat and stepped onto it. The only ones left were Beca and Jessica. And it was no question that Jessica would end up sharing a row boat with Ashley.

Chloe swallowed loudly, beaming at Beca as the petite brunette made what felt like a long slow walk to Chloe’s row boat. Chloe was her usual bubbly self as Beca stepped onto the little thing, but the brunette was quiet. And not the 'grumpy surly’ quiet she normally took on. No, Beca was acting…nervous!

As Ashley made her way down the dock to hand out the 'lantern packs’ Chloe took the opportunity to confess to Beca that’s she had never really rowed a boat before. But to her delight Beca simply picked up the oars and locked them into place, ready for when Ashley gave the signal that they could leave the dock.

A minute or so had passed and the Bellas were making their way to the centre of the lake - the safest location to set off lanterns - away from all trees that were scattered around the lake.

Chloe was impressed. She hadn’t put Beca down as a rower. What Chloe didn’t know was that for the past couple of weeks since deciding with the Bellas that this was how she was going to ask Chloe out, Beca had been taking rowing lessons from Flo (who claimed rowing on a lake was far easier than rowing at sea…) Beca wanted tonight to be perfect.

In the time that it took for all the Bellas to row the five boats to the centre of the lake, the sun had gone down and it was now dusk. The Stars had already begun appearing in parts of the sky. But none of the Bellas noticed, all were too busy trying to compile and light their lanterns.

Beca and Chloe were last; Chloe too giddy with excitement to listen to Ashley’s instructions, and Beca too frikkin nervous to get her fingers to work properly as they fumbled with the lighter.

Finally they were ready and with a countdown from ten the Bella’s readied their ten lanterns. Beca and Chloe were each holding their lanterns over their little row boat like everyone else. Chloe was looking at all of the Bellas and the lanterns around her, eagerly continuing with the countdown from five. Beca, however, was watching the way the flickering light from the flame in the lanterns danced across Chloe’s face, making her bright blue eyes look like they were sparkling even more than usual.


The Bellas all gently released their lanterns and watched in awe as they floated up and away from the row boats, their light dancing across the surface of the water. Beca couldn’t tear her eyes from the figure of the woman opposite her.

Chloe sat and looked up in awe and wonder, chatting away to Beca at how magical the lanterns looked against the darkening night sky. But Beca wasn’t really listening and instead found herself smiling softly in a trance. Because this was absolutely one of the things she loved most about Chloe. How she found the light and wonder and brilliance in even the most smallest of things - and had a way of describing it so perfectly.

“Oh and it’s such a clear night!” Chloe exclaimed in a hushed tone, her face wide in delight as she looked above them at the stars peppered across the sky, “I love looking at the stars” she whispered with a soft content smile on her face.

And that was it. Right at that moment. That was the moment Beca KNEW that she didn’t just have feelings for Chloe. She actually LOVED her. Loved absolutely everything about her. She loved her so damn much.

The Bellas (who had been surrounding their captains in their boats) had all given each other silent thumbs up, and began gently rowing away, as quietly as possible. This was the next phase of the plan. To leave Beca to it.

Chloe looked down from the sky and over her shoulder as she noticed the other boats leaving to return to the dock. She turned back to Beca who flinched and awkwardly turned quickly to look up at the sky, “Shouldn’t we be going back?” the redhead asked with a bemused grin, but Beca simply shrugged.

“Meh. We could stay out here a little longer. What with you loving looking at the stars so much.” Beca said and all Chloe replied with was a content “mmm” before resuming her focus on the stars above them. The light in the sky really HAD gone, and all that remained were the stars and a bright half-moon to provide some highlights.

Beca looked at Chloe once again. Her heart was hammering against her chest. This was it. This was that perfect moment she so desired. That she knew Chloe would want.

“I like you” she said quietly and Chloe looked from the sky down to Beca’s nervous expression.

“Aww, I like you too Becs!” The redhead said affectionately with a smile.

“No I don’t mean just as a friend…” Beca said quickly, and she could tell that Chloe’s smile had already begun to drop in confusion, “I like you…Like, like-like you…like…in a love sorta way…” Chloe’s mouth was slowly dropping open and Beca began to panic. Ugh WHY had she already used the word 'love’ to describe her feelings? “…like I want to go out with you…” okay so she hadn’t planned on asking her out before finding out how Chloe really felt but it was too late now, “I…I want us to be more than friends.”

Beca grimaced. She’d spoken too much. She’d said too much. She knew she had. She’d be lucky if Chloe didn’t push her over the side of the row boat. Chloe’s shocked expression remained and Beca felt as though she was slowly dying inside with every second that passed.

But then after a moment, a smile began to gradually creep across Chloe’s face as she bit her bottom lip. And Beca let out a sigh of relief. Because this wasn’t a terrible reaction so far.

Beca stiffened as she heard a loud squeak leave Chloe’s mouth, and the brunette was left stunned when her friend dove towards her and planted her mouth on hers. Chloe had her arms around Beca’s neck, and Beca had her arms around Chloe’s waist as they kissed for several moments.

Then suddenly a bunch of cheering, and whooping, and a wolf whistle, and clapping could be head from over at the small docking area of the lake. Beca and Chloe parted their lips and Chloe let out a giggle.

“They’ve been waiting for that for a long time” Beca admitted with a whisper as Chloe glazed the tip of her nose up and down Beca’s nose affectionately.

“They’re not the only ones.” Chloe whispered with a smile, and she closed the gap once again as Beca drew Chloe into a deeper kiss than before.

And in years to come, Chloe and Beca (and The Bellas) would retell the story of how Beca and Chloe had ‘got together’. And everyone agreed, not only was it a memorable story, it was also very romantic.

Just Friends - part 2

In the morning when I open my eyes, Jared’s arm and leg are flung across me, nearly suffocating me. I try to ease out of the bed but he tightens his grip around me, pulling me closer.  “You’re not going anywhere.” He mumbles, nuzzling his face against my shoulder.

I sigh and reach for his hand, intertwining my fingers with his.  “Are we really doing this?”

“Sleeping? Yes.  Shhh…” Jared mumbles.  “We’re not doing anything else, remember.  You made me promise last night.”

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I’ve been sick this past few days (it feels like weeks now) and so I have wanted little more than to cry about STAR WARS feelings by reading emotionally satisfying and/or heartbreaking fic and then maybe some porn to go along with it. Leaking faces and wanting to vomit are a lot more tolerable when they come with feelings and porn. \o/

To Argue is to Love by Zinga763, obi-wan & anakin, 1k
   Anakin is sick, Obi-Wan is confused.
In Want by updiddlyupup, obi-wan & anakin, 7k
   Desperate to avoid all the ways he isn’t settling in, Anakin goes on a quest.
Negotation by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, NSFW, modern au, serial killer au, 64.8k wip
   Over a year ago, Coruscant Police Detective Anakin Skywalker vanished without a trace while hunting the prolific serial killer known within the media as “The Negotiator”.
destination: nowhere by kasuchans, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, some (force) bondage, 4.6k
   The Outlander Club is known for two things: strong drinks and gambling. It’s really difficult to get home after indulging in either one of the two.
the kids aren’t all right by QueenWithABeeThrone, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, 33.1k
   “He dragged me up a hill so I wouldn’t burn to death,” says Anakin. “Obi-wan’s still in there, I know it. I’m going to save him.”
Broken by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, amnesia, dark content, 3.6k
   The Twins are unstoppable enforcers of the Emperor’s will, the sun and moon that hang in the black void of his rule. It is said they are not the same age and that under their hoods they do not look alike, but they fight as one entity, silent and terrible as an eclipse in a spring sky.
untitled by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, sith!obi-wan, 1.1k
   Like the steel blade he wields, Obi-Wan Kenobi has come far from his simple beginnings. Anakin Skywalker is one of the brightest suns in the Order of the Dawn.
late night under the stars + angsty fight by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, ~1k
   Did the first two in little vignettes as my writing warm-up for tonight…
In Color by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme, soulmark au, modern au, 15.4k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is six years old the first time he marks on his skin with intent.
Five Times Anakin Was Uncivilized and One Time Obi-Wan Didn’t Mind by Nisa, obi-wan/anakin, 2k
   It’s all in the title. :)
untitled by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme, human au, 1.3k
   The thing is, Obi-Wan doesn’t hate his roommates.
untitled by themikeymonster + ialreadyreadthatfanfic + likealeafonthewind + phosphorescent-naidheachd, obi-wan/anakin/padme, 2.5k
   TPM AU where Padme has a (completely obvious) teenage crush on Padawan Obi-Wan. Little Anakin is slightly upset before promptly deciding he’ll just have to marry them both once he’s old enough.
The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars by A_Delicate_Fury, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & luke & leia & han & cast, time travel, 9.4k wip
   “I don’t know how this happened. I don’t yet know why. But this is definitely Anakin’s fault.”
untitled by stonefreeak, cody & yoda & cast, supreme chancellor!obi-wan au, ~1k
   Anonymous asked: I’d love to see the trooper’s views in all this. Exasperation at Kenobi not taken enough consideration of his safety. Worries that he’s not sleeping, forgetting to eat? What did they see that made them go to Yoda for help?

full details + recs under the cut!

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10 COMMANDMENTS: STEVIE NICKS - Q Magazine, March 2017



I’m scared, that’s what I am. Before shows, some people – me, Mick [Fleetwood, [ drummer], we get panic attacks. I have always been terribly nervous before shows. So I am so rehearsed and ready that I could be dead and stand up there and still sing the right words and do the right thing. Cocaine almost killed me. It’s better to just not do it. Eventually you’ll have to stop so start saving your money for rehab now. 


Touring with Fleetwood Mac in the ’70s, cocaine was almost part of the daily routine. But when I talk about it now, I would never want the kids of today to think that I’m saying it was something good. Cos it really wasn’t something good. It almost destroyed my life. It almost killed me, and almost killed a lot of people I know. So if anybody thinks it’s safe now – it’s not. It’s better to just not do it. Because you will eventually have to stop, so start saving your money for rehab now. It’s so expensive. 


I’ve been listening to The Weeknd’s records. I play them one after the other when I’m in my bathroom getting ready to go out, or just hanging out with myself. He’s brilliant. And his voice – he could have come straight out of 1975 – he could have been like Stevie Winwood. He’s over-talented. But if I were to meet him, I would probably say: “You say over and over again words that I would prefer you didn’t say. I think they’re unnecessary. However, even though I think a lot of your songs are super-dirty, I still really like ’em! So I’ve given you a pass on that!” 


I saw Adele at the Grammys [Adele had to restart a performance of George Michael’s Fastlove], and that song was a very hard song to sing for George Michael. It’s all about the syllables. I have a song on my 24 Karat Gold album, Mabel Normand, that’s exactly the same. That’s the reason we’re not doing it onstage. Because if you take a breath, you get off the beat. You’re one word too late, you can never get back on, and you’re dead in the water. 


Onstage is the one time you can’t bemoan how you feel. Even if you have pneumonia, you have to say: “I’m leaving that in the dressing room and I’m walking out and I’m gonna be great. And when I come offstage, then I can burst into tears.” 


I love Game Of Thrones. [Author Author] George RR Martin is my age [68 ] and it blows my mind that he’s able to create this vast, interlinked world. As a songwriter I write little movies, but I can’t imagine writing even one small book. But then, probably, somebody like him would say, “I couldn’t imagine writing Landslide.” 


In the 24 Karat Gold show, I’m singing songs that are new old songs – the ones that should have gone on [Fleetwood Mac’s] Tusk and Tango In The Night, and on [solo albums] Bella Donna, The Wild Heart and Rock A Little. And they didn’t: not because they weren’t good enough, but because I didn’t like how they were done at the time. I didn’t like the producers’ concept, whether it was Lindsey [Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac bandmate] or Jimmy Iovine. So I pulled them. So the way the songs are recorded on 24 Karat Gold is exactly how they were done as demos. 


I give Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and [Jefferson Airplane singer] Grace Slick the three nods. From Grace I got her slinky-ness. Janis was just little with a big attitude and big hair and feathers, and a drop-dead amazing voice. And Jimi was completely and utterly humble. So from those three people I got slinky, attitude and humility – and that was my stage performance. 


Chrissie Hynde and I have been touring America together. She’s just fantastic. A lot of the people in her group say they haven’t seen her that happy in 30 years. And I love that so much. Because I never wanted Chrissie to feel like she was opening for me. I wanted her to feel that it was a complete and utter double bill. But because the tour was my idea, I got to go on last, basically.


I’ve always loved Tom Petty, from Refugee to Breakdown, all thosesongs. Tom’s an easy writer – very unlike Lindsey, more like myself. When Tom goes up there onstage, he might as well be in his studio or his living room with the stereo banging. 

Stevie Nicks plays BST Hyde Park on 9 July. Tickets are available now.

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Hello!!!!! Can you please rec me fics where they have a past together (relationship/best friends or even if they hated each other)

Update : I split this post between Ex to lovers , and Ex friends to lovers cause it was such a mess ;)

(You can find some other ex to lovers fics but Canon, here)

 - Bigger Than Life  : “Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz”His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture. Sure enough, there’s pap shots of Harry and Xander, walking hand in hand, looking drunk and cheerful and together.And that’s—that’s really not what Louis was expecting at all. (48k)

- No One Does It Better: : Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met. (53k)

- don’t tell the gods (we left a mess) : After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)

- Empty Skies : For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates. (137k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird : AU in which the boys still make music.  Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too.Don’t hum Bolero. (well I cheated because the ex part is so tiny but well)

- no pressure, no diamonds : A life of crime means there is no nine to five, no white picket fence and definitely no happily ever after. In a life where lying gets you everywhere and stealing things becomes a sport, there is no place for romantic endings. Louis knows this, and so does Harry. Problem is, they’re both wrong. orLouis is a thief, Harry a grifter. They are thrown together for a huge diamond heist in Paris, where their past soon catches up to them. (42k)

- Whirlwind : AU. Acclaimed actor, Hollywood heartthrob, and Oscar nominee, Harry Styles, seems to have the world at his feet, but seeks out an old friend when he needs a date for his big night. (21k)

UPDATE : (last update on April 4th 2017)

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drabble thing for my au

so jeremy has always always always been an extremely affectionate person
so when jerm and mike are about a year into their relationship, jeremy starts hanging with one of his co-stars for a musical. a lot. like a l o t. but michael doesn’t think twice about it cause ‘he does that with a lot of his co-stars. they’re all friends’

but then it starts to get,,, weird
so this co-star obviously likes jeremy and doesn’t like michael. jerm, non the wiser, doesn’t notice the obvious flirting and the basically DATES they go on. michael mentions it one night when they’re hanging out and jeremy is texting this guy, and i mean.. he pretty upset cause he’s letting this other guy woo him like.. that’s HIS boyfriend.
so michael pulls his possessive card and says jeremy really shouldn’t be seeing him as much as he is. this pisses jeremy off cause “who are you to tell me who i can and can’t hang out with?” and it escalates to them standing in the living room having a shouting match
michael is pacing and tugging at his hair while trying to explain himself and jeremy is red faced and standing tall, not ready to back down
until michael just… can’t. he just lets his body kinda curl up into it’s self, his shoulders drop, his back hunches slightly, and he just hangs his head as tears start to form in his eyes. he gives up. they’ve been fighting for hours, and knowing the boys they’ve both said something’s they wish they could take back. and he’s just tired. when jeremy says something alluding to not needing him/not needing someone to take care of him michael is full on silently sobbing at this point
jeremy realizes this and immediately tries to back track, his mean demeanor is dropped and he’s moving across the room to try to comfort his boyfriend
but michael won’t let him, he won’t even look at him. he just packs a small bag, grabs his laptop and bike keys, completely shutting jeremy out even as he tries to talk him out of leaving-or at least talk him out of driving the bike while crying
nothing works though, michael wants nothing to do with him right now. so with a slam of the door (that they later get a noise complaint about from the lady under them), he’s gone

michael would’ve crashed at brooke’s place, because besides rich-she’s the closest friend he has. plus jeremy wouldn’t think to come looking for him there.
chloe and brooke make him comfy on the couch and make him tell them what happened all while he’s just not looking up from the floor
chloe is ready to go kick the smaller boys ass, holding michael close to her as he sniffles (brooke has to hold her back from that. and instead calls christine to go check on jeremy)
flip scenes to the apartment, christine lets herself in, finding the place nearly spotless. not what she was expecting but okay! so she makes her way back to the bedroom, finding jeremy standing there, chewing on his thumb nail as he stares at the bed. he had been thinking, after he cleaned the entire apartment to try to calm down his anxiety attack of course. he had gotten so used to having michael there when he had these attacks, he barely remembered how to handle them on his own
hearing christine walk in made him freeze, before she just walked over and held him. that’s when he finally broke down. he finally cried. she let the both of them sink to the floor, and she let him cry for at least an hour

they don’t see each other for a week. that week turns into two weeks. which turns into a month. michael sneaks back in to get clothes and stuff during hours he knows jeremy is at work. except for the one time he’s not. he has to pop the door open using his body like always, except he apartment isn’t the usual dark it is when he comes by. the living room has a small light on.
jeremy is laying on the couch in sweats and one of michael’s big cardigans (bc he’s a fuckin hipster in this ok back to angst) and he’s passed out hard on the couch. he’s got one of the books michael bought years ago, a book full of hundreds of short stories and poems, it was worn beyond compare, pages ripped and weathered, marked with notes and doodles. it was laying open on his chest. michael loved that book. he read jeremy pages from it when he was sick/having a bad day. it was the only time jeremy read the book. it was special. shit.
so michael tip toes his way over, trying to be as quiet as possible, carefully closing the book and laying it on the coffee table. he goes to back up, but of course in his old as dirty apartment the floor underneath him moans, startling the poor sleeping boy
seeing michael causes his sleepy feature to suddenly become panicked. the look caused michael’s heart to drop, having missed seeing his eyes for a month.
jeremy, by instinct, just grabs at michael’s shirt, keeping him planted in place as he scrambled to his feet, his face becoming flushed
they don’t say anything for s while, just looking at each other, before michael squirms a little under the stare of his boyfriends-er-he hopes he’s still his boyfriend- blue eyes, jeremy thinking he’s going to leave and he’s quickly spitting out “no! don’t go, please, please don’t go again” his knuckles turning white with his hard he’s gripping the hem of michael’s sweater, hoping it would keep his feet planted on the floor.
michael shakes his head, moving a hand to the back of jeremy’s head, and pulls him into his chest. he’s cold, like he always was, no matter how many lays of clothes he was wearing. but it didn’t matter. he was there, with him.
they have a lot to talk about. it’s not easy for michael to earn his trust back. but jeremy eventually does, and they become stronger than ever, respecting each other boundaries to the max

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LOVED your fic recs! You mentioned that you had runner-ups, what are they? I'm curious because we have similar fic tastes and I've read most on your list.

Thanks mate! I’m glad you appreciated that and yes, I was originally going to post 15 fics, but I cut it down to 10 because I’m a lazy bastard. The following are honorable mentions to my treasure trove (or part two, view it anyway you want.)

  • Make a Wish by AcrobatElle
    • Rated: E
    • Noted Features: Wish Realm!AU, Canon Divergence (Season 6), Wish Realm Fix It, Older!Killian, Porn with Feelings
    • Author’s Description: Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds. 
    • Rose’s Review: If I were a bigger cunt than I already am, I would just download this fic and sent it to A&E and be like “See this? This is what you should have done you bloody fucking wankers instead of going for the laugh!” (I’m not bitter I promise.) This isn’t just amazingly crafted Captain Swan smut, it’s amazingly crafted Captain Swan smut that rips out your heart and makes you weep for Wish!Hook because he’s just so unhappy but so gracious and in love with Emma (all Killians are in love with all Emma’s, let’s just face it). He really could have been bitter but he’s just so accepting and encouraging of Emma and his main verse self that it makes you want to curl in a corner with a bottle of rosé and weep to “White Flag” by Dido. It doesn’t make you cry because it’s angsty, it makes you cry because they just fucking love each other so much and Wish!Hook kinda gets the raw deal because he has no Emma of his own. He arguably doesn’t really exist but you still feel bad because despite the fact he was unhappy that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good heart. Ugh. Just read it and have feels. 

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