do these candles have official names

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What could RT be thinking putting BMBLB there while they just put two songs earlier for Blake and monkey-boy? Also, making Blake blush at monkey-boy's antics and having him as a date in the school dance and all that winking-flirting shiz. And now they're trying to push through with BB? Are they doing it for the views and for milking out from fans? That's just not cool. Building up BS and teasing BB now...unless you could prove me wrong here...?

okay, this got long

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Rules For The Flat - Part Five
  1. Phil – buy popcorn kernels
  2. Buy your own popcorn kernels!
  3. Hang on… numbers
  4. Is this a rule? A flat rule?
  5. Dan?
  6. I just got back
  7. Turn down the TV I can hear it from down here you turnip
  8. They’ll be able to hear Graham Norton from Canada, Jesus

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