do these candles have official names

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What could RT be thinking putting BMBLB there while they just put two songs earlier for Blake and monkey-boy? Also, making Blake blush at monkey-boy's antics and having him as a date in the school dance and all that winking-flirting shiz. And now they're trying to push through with BB? Are they doing it for the views and for milking out from fans? That's just not cool. Building up BS and teasing BB now...unless you could prove me wrong here...?

okay, this got long

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💚🔮💸Lazy witch gets the job

Long overdue witch post yall:

So i was applying to jobs the week after i got back into town (recent grad, very limited job skills other than not letting a bunch of kids murder each other at a ren faire knife throw and skilful hot glueing)
So i went to the witchy store the day after two interviews, i cleaned my tiny 1’ square ikea shelf altar, laid down my green fabric i got from a donation bin, i wrote the name of the job i wanted most all over my resume, poured a shitton of mortons salt, honey, and sugar (my favorite tools cos i always have them for tea anyway) and a dash of my Louisiana Slap Dat seasoning on my 69 cent green candle, lit my newly witchified candle, and let my magic do its work. Three hours later i got my email, and i am now officially an employee of probably the best possible retail job i could have hoped for.

Luck and chance and shit were on my side, and i still have to learn a lot to do this job, but my point is that, me, the laziest spellcaster around, did my thing with limited space and materials that amount to maybe $3.
And it worked !!!!!
Magic is about intent and real life ass hauling (and hey, i really think my Christian mom praying for me does help with the good luck i’ve had even if im not on good terms with *traditional* religion im not gonna be ungrateful for some cosmic help when it comes from a good place)
But like…my point is that you dont have to have your deity/ies, your practice, or your methods 100% figured out to use magic. It is a practice and we all use it and treat it differently. You dont need a beautiful space, or fancy tools and ingredients, just useable ones that work for YOU.
And also, you do not have to be ashamed to help yourself! The most freeing thing about magic for me is that I get out of it what i put in without the *guilt and sin* factor. Its like stretching, or cooking. You dont have to be great or fancy, you just have to take care of yourself and learn and Practice.
Ive never said Blessed Be, so something more fitting: holler if you need something, ill be in the kitchen spillig salt, making a mess, and learning about my magic💚💜💙

Rules For The Flat - Part Five
  1. Phil – buy popcorn kernels
  2. Buy your own popcorn kernels!
  3. Hang on… numbers
  4. Is this a rule? A flat rule?
  5. Dan?
  6. I just got back
  7. Turn down the TV I can hear it from down here you turnip
  8. They’ll be able to hear Graham Norton from Canada, Jesus

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