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rizarora  asked:

Okay so I'm trying to do a zombie au and... idk if I should call them anything else or just stick with Zombie?

Hey there! Sticking with zombie is completely fine, but I’ve found that more prevalent or iconic series have used nicknames. Here are some examples:




Or, if you’re looking for a more literal or serious term:

•The Undead

•The Infected

•The Turned

There’s plenty of nicknames already out there, or if you want you could make one up. I’ve noticed there’s a pattern of taking either a verb or adjective and just adding “The _______” or “_______-ers” (i.e ‘Eaters’ or ‘The Rotten’) Hope this helps!

-Mod Jamie



@captainkandice - XDDD Oh god I hear ya~ XD If I do a midnight zombie run, I’ll probably STILL play it right after getting a bit of coffee in me cause half it won’t stick between sleep and probably GRIEF, ARE YOU AS READY TO CRY AS I AM!?


Shinya: -Growll ~ /Do I look like a zombie? )0))/

Shinoa: -Gaoww~
Shinya: -Growll?…~

Shinya: -Growll!..
Shinoa: -Gaowww!!!
Shinya: /They aren’t speaking like this! It must be like a../ -…Groowwwwlllll !
Shinoa: -Gurgurgur!
Shinya: -… /What is that?…/

Kureto: Grrrrrrrr…

It was drawn to Russian ask group of ons~
( ´・ω・`)_且~

What it's like to be an INTJ

- Constantly watching one (or more) person and tracking their movements so you know their pattern. Like a high school teacher; watching how they move around the room to determine if/when they will come to you, paying attention to who they call on, etc.

- Wanting to be touched, but wrenching away when a stranger barely touches you. Then feeling where they touched you and how it felt for hours. You want a hug from someone (they have to be really close to you) but not sure if you’re able to handle being touched again yet.

- Being lonely but being surrounded by dozens of people.

- Wondering why other people can’t have the same intellect level as you.

- Those moments where you have 0 common sense. All of it just goes out the window. (You’re never too sure when it’s going to come back.)

- Looking for the most efficient route in a scenario, and zig-zagging until you get there. Namely in a crowd of people.

- Having a deep, dark aesthetic. (People call you emo, but you’re not. Or maybe you are. Who knows.)

- Devoting all of your time to one sole thing, learning all you can about it, until you’re forced to move on.

- Hating jobs that force you to do mindless work for hours upon end. It’s better if you’re actually doing something, not being a zombie.