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If you haven’t seen @peanutbuttergamer‘s new “Super Mario 3D World Hacking” video… please do yourself a favour and go look it up. It is art.

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as a healthy person 

  • you don’t get to tell chronically ill people you wish you were ill because they can stay home and don’t havee to go places or do this and that
  • you don’t get to act like you know everything about someone’s illness, be it just because or because you know someonoe else with a similar illness, you don’t get to act like you know better than them, suggest they try yoga or drink more water or do this and that.
  • you don’t get to act like chronically ill people are not doing enough and if they wanted to, they could be healthy and it’s completely their fault they aren’t
  • you don’t get to argue with chronically ill people about being ableist, if someone chronically ill says you are being ableist, then what you need to do is listen to them and learn 
  • you don’t get to make someone’s illness the only topic of your conversation, you don’t get to act like it’s suddenly okay to keep pointing out the way their body looks or doesn’t look because they’re ill 
  • you don’t get to tell people ‘but you don’t look sick!’ or on the contrary ‘you look terrible, just do something with yourself!’, some illnesses are invisible and that doesn’t make them less an illness, some illnesses are visible due to acommodations etc. but it’s not up to you to decide whether a person is ill depending on their appearance
  • you don’t get to tell us ‘everyone gets tired sometimes!’ or ‘everyone feels a bit bad sometimes’ and dismiss our struggle like that. 
  • you don’t get to act like you know what it is like to be chronically ill or in chronic pain if you are not the one experiencing that 
  • you don’t get to act like chronically ill people owe you an explanation, have justify their limitations etc. 
  • you don’t get to act like people who are friends with chronically ill people are saints and are doing the world a huge favour by putting up with a chronically ill person and how brave they’re for that ,,, truly what the hell
  • you don’t get to guilt trip disabled people and yell at them because them being ill is difficult for you 
  • you can educate yourself and be respectful and supportive instead

as chronically ill people 

  • sometimes we just don’t have a choice, we get limited, we can’t do many things we wish we could do, we have to give up activities that we used to love, being limited by an illness is not a choice and it’s not fun and it’s not us being lazy 
  • we face sexist system in which women are often dismissed, told they are exaggerating when it comes to their pain, are told they’re just sensitive girls, our symptoms are dismissed and yet when i bring up sexism in healthcare many people don’t believe it actually exists
  • we are told ableism doesn’t actually exist 
  • we are the ones who determine what doing our best means 
  • we don’t want pity, we don’t need your pity, saying all we want is to be pitied is just plain wrong 
  • we face many difficulties every single day that become just normal or part of a routine
  • for some of us there is constant pain 
  • maybe we have better days, for some of us no days are good by your definition, it doesn’t mean that by wanting to do something fun we are suddenly healthy and all other things were made up and we are using the illness as an excuse
  • we are allowed to love things and want to experience things and have fun and we have feelings? and yet some people act that the only way you can be fully human is to be healthy   
  • we also face ableism in a form of healthy people who think they can somehow ‘save us’ or change us 
  • we really fucking rock and are incredible
Thomas Shelby x Female Reader

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Imagine being close with the Shelby family and Thomas cannot believe how perfect you are.

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I will not be doing this often as my blog is a Game Of Thrones one and that is how it will remain. However, I am obsessed with Peaky Blinders and will be posting 1 imagine for Thomas Shelby and very rarely may post an imagine for other shows. This means perhaps 1 every 15 imagines. I am only going to post it because it is already written but it shall not be a regular thing. If that makes any sense.

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Hey!! I'm looking for some more slasher loving blogs to follow, do you have any you'd recommend?

I got a couple! I don’t follow a whole lot rn so you’re gonna get all my lovely peeps!

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@jasonvoremeplease (u just have to. top tier slasher blog w/ the quality content)

@modsquid (beautiful art, some nsfw, lots of michael & jason love, the content you need in your life)

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@radikaldaze (if u want great art, good memes, and a great slasher blog, look no further than HERE)

@kaenellecart (this is the art that keeps my blood pumpin every day. slasher content? u got it. amazing art and content featuring the slashers u love? DOUBLE GOT IT)

@habitualhog (such a friendly op, another favourite, great content & literally limitless slasher love. esp leatherface & dbd)

@girs-art (part of the leatherface squad w/ the cutest art i have ever seen. slasher love all up here!)

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@lovethemurderer (live for their writing & requests jfc. you gotta)

@sorrowful–owl (another favourite! amazing art with the the cutest style! her leatherface is my favourite in the world & u would be doing yourself a favour by following!)

@monstergoreguts ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) best blog, best op, great content & one of the friendliest people ever. the art is LIFE)

@machinequeen84 (you would be doing yourself a favour by followin machinequeen just trust me. TOP TIER blog w/ the coolest OP ever  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

Locked Out

This prompt was requested from here

Enjoy this cute lil’ thing, which turned out way longer than expected. A little bit of a dominant Harry at the end… I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy!

32. I locked the keys in the car.

This was not how you had planned your day, at all. It had started of great; you had pretty much finished your Christmas shopping for the year and had done it before the crowds hit. But through the whole shopping trip you had a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you had forgotten something. And it became evident what that was when you were walking back to your car, searching through your handbag, all while trying to juggle the many shopping bags.

Your car keys.

You couldn’t seem to get your hands on them as your hand felt around every corner of the bag, all you could find feel were little bits of loose paper and crumbs that got stuck in your nails. When you got to the pavement you put your bags down to have proper search through but they simply were gone.

“Fuck” You uttered it under your breath, and had a quick search around the car hoping you had just dropped them getting out. But once again, you were left disappointed.

No, no, no. You couldn’t have…. Not again.

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Mudlove - A Sirius Black Imagine

HIIIIIIIII! I’m sooooo sorry it took me ages to write it. But here it is. I changed the scenario a bit just because I believed that the reader and Sirius would have been dating in their last year at Hogwarts and Sirius had already ran from his parents so… yeah. :)

Ps: I apologize in advance for any mistake, usually I tend to read it at least twice, but I’M GOING TO BED since I’m working 12 days in a row! ;)


You were nervous as hell. You looked at yourself in the mirror. From head to toes. You were so uncertain that the outfit you choose was right for tonight. You thought about going for that black dress first. It was discret and sober, maybe a little too much. You’d have to add some accessories, at least. You choose the pearl earring that you mother gave you when you started your scholarship at Hogwarts.
‘I’m looking like I’m going to attend a funeral’ you said out loud to yourself.
'Well, it’s almost that’ said a voice behind you.
You turned around and smiled, tucking into Sirius’ arms.
'Anyway, you look stunning, love’ he added, kissing the top of your head.
'I look so drab’ you replied, trying to figure out a way to appear less boring.
'Nevermind, Y/N, it’s just a worldly boring blowout. Luckily, they won’t even notice us.’
'You okay going there? I mean, your parents…’
Sirius stopped you by shaking is hands.
'Hey, we’re going there to celebrate your achievements! You are the one who got invited there. It’s not every students that finishes their scholarship with honours!’
You blushed.
'Come on, you nerd, it’s time to go.’
You laughed, taking Sirius’ hand.
You thought he looked awkward, dressed too much in his suit. What was even funnier was the fact that he decided you would have to go to the party on his motorbike. Pure Sirius. 

When you entered the reception hall, you were amazed. Everything looked stunning. From the giant copper chandeliers hanging in the void just above your head to the beautiful room surrounding you.
'They really put everything into it’ you said to Sirius, admiring the whole thing.
'Yeah’ he replied, looking uncomfortable.
Those prestigious receptions were not his thing. He only accompanied you because he loved you, but you knew that deep down, he felt like he was out of place.
'Why don’t we try to find professor McGonagall?’ you asked, trying to distract him.
You looked all around, walked among the strangers to find a familiar face. Most of them were talking with each other, with a strange look on their faces at the view of Sirius next to you. They probably knew he was the disowned son of the Blacks. You sighed. Some other were sipping on their glasses, speaking about their work. You overheard a conversation.
'Can’t believe a half-blood is going to graduate with honour this year… where the very essence of magic is going?’ said the little man.
'Don’t ask me’ replied a taller woman that you saw only from the back, dressed in a horrible emerald gown. 'The honouring student from our Hogwarts is a filthy mudblood! A mudblood, Robert!’

Your face became scarlet. You were glad Sirius had gone grab you a glass of champagne and that he didn’t heard. He would have caused a scene. You were not going to let two stupid people ruin your night. You had worked so hard during your years at Hogwarts. You were top of your class all the time and you never let yourself down.
'Professor McGonagall!’
You looked at the tiny woman, wearing a beautiful long-sleeved blue velvet dress. Even thought she wasn’t that young anymore, she looked simply stunning.
'Y/N, dear girl. How are you feeling?’
'Nervous’ you replied, putting back a lock of hair behind your ear.
'Don’t be’ smiled McGonagall. 'You deserve to be here, you made all of us really proud at Hogwarts.’
She looked at your boyfriend who had just joined you, and smirked.
'Looking rather good, Mr. Black.’
'And I can say the same about you, professor.’
She laughed lightly.
'May I present you to the other honoured students?’ asked McGonagall.
You nodded. You were exited to meet other hardworking people from all around the world.
You followed your old teacher, followed by Sirius.
'Mr. Finn, I’d like you to meet Y/N, our honoured student at Hogwarts.’
The young blonde boy smiled and shook your hand.
'Nice to meet you’ he said with an American accent.
'Mr. Finn is from Ilvermony’ added McGonagall.
'Nice to meet you too’ you replied.
'Ah! Miverna!’ said a voice from the back. You turned around and saw a tall man with a white distinguished moustache, kissing McGonagall’s hand. 'Is this your honoured student from this year?’ he asked with a french accent, looking at you.
'She is. This is Y/N Y/L/N.’
The man bended and kissed your hand as well.
'Very nice to meet you’ said the tall man. 'Minerva told me a lot about your exploits, especially the research you did in Potions with professor Slughorn. Extraordinaire!’ he said, smiling widely. 'You have a promising future, dear girl. A very promising one!’
'Thank you’ you replied, blushing again.

You tilted to your right, feeling Sirius hand grabbing you. He kissed your cheek.
'I’m so proud of you, love’ he whispered in your ear.
As he was finishing his sentence, he froze. You felt his body become stiff and for a moment you thought he had been petrified.
'Sirius?’ you asked, seeing the mortified look in his grey eyes.
You followed his gaze. In the back of the room, a pale woman was staring back at him with pure disdain on her face. Her grey hair were tied in a tight chignon and her thin lips were coloured with a vulgar scarlet shade, which made her look a lot older. Around her neck was a huge necklace, showing the Slytherins colour. It was so big it almost looked ridiculous around her neck. She was curved like it was to heavy for her frail body. It was inconspicuous but you could sense a familiarity in her face. She had silver eyes just like her son. And this proud expression, you had seen it a lot of your boyfriend on multiple occasions. You recognized the emerald dress that you saw earlier. 

'Sirius?’ you repeated.
His whole body was crisped. You tried to shake him.
'It’s her’ he said, almost spitting the last word.
'I should have known’ you said more to yourself.
'Why is that?’ he said, suddenly looking at you.
'Nothing’ you replied, waving your hand. 'Come on, let’s go away. Do not let her ruin our night, please.’
'Did she say something to you?’ he asked, not following you.
'No, she didn’t say something to me. I just overheard a conversation. It doesn’t matter. I heard it a thousand time.’
'She just said I was a mudblood, nothing new here, come on Sirius, let’s go.’
But your boyfriend didn’t listen to you. Instead, you saw him turn his back and walk straight to his mother. When she saw him heading into her direction, you could have almost believed that she smiled nastily.
'Sirius!’ you shouted, following him.
You stopped when you saw him standing at two inches of his mother’s face. He was taller than her and looked threatening.
'So I heard you called my girlfriend a mudblood?’ he shouted.
She pushed him back and laughed.
'Your girlfriend?’ she looked at you. 'Did you think dating a pureblood would make you less filthy, young girl?’
Sirius growled. 

'Apologize now’ said Sirius.
You saw him reaching for his wand slowly. Walburga looked at his hand moving into his pocket.
'Are you going to hex me, son?’ she asked, not scared at all. 'You should hex the little rat behind you instead, it would do the world a favour.’
You saw Sirius throwing his hand in the air but you ran to him.
'Come on, let’s go’ you said, feeling every eyes on you.
Sirius’ mother bended to say something in your ear. You felt her disdain even if you couldn’t see her expression.
'You don’t deserve to be here. You don’t deserve my son. You’re no good without him. Go away.’
Sirius pushed her from you.
'I swear, if you ever talk to her again-’
But you just started to run from the ceremony. You felt ashamed and felt tears at the edge of your eyes. You just wanted to leave the city and never come back again.
'Y/N’ shouted Sirius behind you. 'Y/N wait!’
You stopped, panting and turned around to face him.
'Was it worth it?’ you asked. 'You wanted to fight with her so bad that you had to do it to my detriment?’
'I’m sorry, love’ he said, frowning his eyebrows. 'I’m really sorry. She just… I saw her looking at you and whispering into this man’s ear and they laughed and I just… I snapped!’

'You could have ignored her! That’s okay, you know I’m used to these stares!’
Sirius’ expression changed. He looked sad.
'But I’m not. I can’t be used to people calling you names, Y/N. You deserve so much better. You’re surpassing everyone of them. You can’t let them call you names. I can’t let that happen.’
You shook your head.
'Listen. I’m going to defend you every damn time somebody wants to hurt you. I won’t let anybody be mean to you. Never.’
He squeezed you in his arms.
'Now, let’s get inside and celebrate the fact that you’re a badass witch, alright?’

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Okay but have you considered Grantaire who really really loves children and thinks he'd be a horrible father but in reality would be the greatest father like ever (he also referrers to children as 'small humans' a lot)

Oh I consider it a lot. Often. I cry when I do, too.

But Grantaire is so good with children? He’s legit the best big brother ever, taking care of his sister like it’s nobody’s business. And he’s always had a weakness for smol citizens, they’re just so fun and they have no verbal filter? Gavroche, especially. He’s so plucky and fun.

But when it comes to having kids himself? Naaaaah.

“I fucked up enough in this world as it is. I’m doing my kids a favour by not having them. No one deserve a good-for-nothing as a father.”

And everybody around him is??? Confused because he’s so good with children. And yes, he has issues, stuff he needs to work on, but he’s a good person. It breaks all of their hearts to see him like this, constantly self depreciating and refusing to see the good in himself.
And Shadows Will Fall Behind - leveragehunters (Monkeygreen) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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The world was full of things no one could have expected.

Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes never expected to fall from a train into decades of torture and killing.

HYDRA never expected their perfect Winter Soldier’s programming to shatter.

And Bucky, who’d once been the Winter Soldier, who was now an auxiliary to the Avengers, never expected to look down from a rooftop in New York City, where he was keeping watch over the world’s most ineffectual aspirant supervillains, and see a tiny ball of angry sunshine. Fierce and fearless, he loosed feelings in Bucky that he’d thought were gone forever.

Bucky was determined to see him again. The better thing would have been to introduce himself. Not to stealthily follow him as he leapt across the rooftops, strong and agile, feet touching down like he was doing gravity a favour.

The world may have been full of things no one could have expected, but Bucky probably shouldn’t have been surprised when his tiny ball of fierce, angry sunshine dumped him on his ass.

@brendaonao3, I don’t know if you even remember making that post about strong, skinny Steve, it’s been so long, but *points up*, look!  @merrkkat, here it is! I’ve linked your amazing art in the chapter the scene appears in, and thank you very much for letting me use it.


Zach: Can you stop with these questions?

Neha: I just want to know if she really framed you or not. You said she framed you but according to the documents you pleaded guilty and I was wondering how she could frame-

Zach: You just want to go back screwing that Philomel boy, don’t you, girl?

Neha: What? No, I-

Zach: Does it matter what I did in the past? It doesn’t matter. What matters is you’re my daughter and as your father I don’t want you to have anything to do with them. So what if I wasn’t framed-

Neha: You weren’t? It was the truth?

Zach: It doesn’t matter what the truth is. What is the truth is that she caused me to go to jail. I did nothing wrong. I just showed the world what an easy slut she was and she probably is still that way! I was doing the world a favour. Guess she didn’t want everyone to see how much of a slut she was so she reported it! I don’t want you associating with that slut or her kid. You won’t taint our family by-

Neha: How could you, dad? How could you do that and not see anything wrong with it. How could you lie to Daddy and I and tell us that you were framed when you did it? Don’t you feel guilty? Couldn’t you just tell us the truth and trust us to love you anyway? 

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My art is supposed to send love out into this world and to make others forget pain and fear for a little while. When you look at this, please do me a favour: SMILE. Even if you feel like the world comes crashing down on you: SMILE. Even if it’s just a second. You’ll see that it gives you a little positive boost. ❤️

This is Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 173: The first Barba of a Season 19 episode.

Hey dudes I wrote some angst

Sitting in the astronomy tower for hours on end probably isn’t the most productive use of one’s evenings, but it was a source of comfort and serenity after the wreck of the war. Something about the cool breeze of night was just so peaceful.

Hogwarts had been restored to its former glory, once more beautiful and pure. It was strange to think about how many innocent lives had been lost, how much blood had been spilled, and how the war had ruined so many lives. Someone you love could be alive one minute, gone the next, and you wouldn’t even get to say goodbye.

Draco had never felt the warmth of community and family the way others had, the feeling of love and protection that most people do. All he felt was anxiety and hatred. Family life was nothing more than Death Eater business, and Draco had to participate without objection. He had no other choice.

Of course he had considered suicide, why else would he spend so much time in the boys bathroom alone? Wondering if he should just end it, surely one less Malfoy to worry about would do the world a favour? He had even purposely left a trail of clues in sixth year, hoping that someone, anyone, would catch on and try to stop him- permanently. The closest he got to this was the duel with Potter. If only he could’ve bled out on the floor, why did they have to save him? Couldn’t they just let him die?

The Dark Mark had mostly faded, but the outline remained, a constant reminder of everything he had been forced to do. Why him? Was it selfish to wonder why he had been chosen? Innocent lives had been tainted and torn forever, and Draco was far from innocent, so why did he feel sad? It could have been so much worse.

Could you use the killing curse on yourself? Draco had wondered this for a while. He had never been able to successfully be able to cast one of the unforgivable curses on others, but could he try it on hisself? Someone who he knew wasn’t innocent? Someone who he knew he wanted dead? Or perhaps he could use ‘sectumsempra’ to sever an artery? Why couldn’t he do it? What was stopping him?


Harry hadn’t been the same since the end of the war, everyone had noticed it. The usual charisma and perpetual optimism had worn off, and everyone could see through the materialised happiness. They all knew he was hurting, but would never admit it because 'so many had had it worse’. It was a well known fact that Harry blamed himself for what happened, for the fates of those who died fighting for the boy who lived. His parents, Sirius, Fred, Remus, and many more, had all died trying to let him live. All the lives lost to save one. How was it fair?

That’s right, it wasn’t. Not to him, anyway.

Often Harry would find himself wandering the halls of Hogwarts, retracing the footsteps of his younger self, usually, remembering the innocence he had been forced to loose so young. Sometimes he would find himself visiting the spots where loved ones had died fighting. The wall blown down had been patched back up, but with a plaque for Fred. 'Brother, son, friend. Loved by so many, taken too soon. Fred brightened up the lives of those around him, and will be missed. Mischief Managed.’

The astronomy tower was shut off to the students of Hogwarts as it was in need of repair, which never came. None of the staff could bare it up there, something just felt… off. Malfoy was the last person Harry would expect to see up there.

The blonde seemed to be huddled over by the balcony… crying? Harry edged closer, cautious not to make a sound. He had to know what Malfoy was up to.

His wand was pointed directly into his left forearm, where Harry knew the mark would have been.
“Sectum- sect-sempra-”
It took a few seconds for Harry to notice what Malfoy was trying to do, but he soon realised.


Malfoy’s wand was shot from his hand, and over the balcony, before further harm could be done.

Malfoy spun around, eyes blazing with fury, and shoved Potter. Hard. “Potter! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

Despite being slightly winded, Harry managed to pull himself up. “I should ask, you the same, thing, Malfoy.” He spluttered between wheezes.

“If you had time to disarm me, surely you could tell me why? Or was Saint Potter just looking for an excuse to use his favourite spell again?” Malfoy attempted to push past Potter, but was pulled back.

“Call me crazy, but it looked to me like you were trying to slice off your arm.”

“Close, but-”

“Or you were using sectumsempra to try and cut away your dark mark?” Harry made an attempt to pull Draco’s arm, but was again, pushed away.

“You don’t need to pretend to be a hero around me, Potter. The attempt to try and help me is cute, really, but I don’t need your help, or anyone’s help.”

And with that, Malfoy left. Harry didn’t stop him this time.


'To whoever reads this, I would like to take this moment to apologise and explain myself.

To mother, I’m so sorry that you’re going to have to loose me, but I can’t live with myself knowing everything that I’ve put you through. Thank you for everything, you were the only person in my life who has shown me compassion.

To those who grieve lost loved ones, I truly am sorry. Sorry that you had to have them torn from you, sorry I didn’t do anything to help, sorry that all I was to you is another Death Eater. I wanted to change, to help, but I didn’t want my family to die.

And to Potter, because I know your prying eyes will find this letter, I want you to know that you’re the only person I’ve ever loved. I appreciate what you tried to do last night, but I’m beyond saving, the world is better off without me. I know you blame yourself for what happened, but you don’t need to. You were the hero, so chin up, smile, and know that you are loved, loved by so many, don’t ever forget that.


And with that, he jumped. Free at last. Away from the pain of life, finally able to board the train. He knew not what awaited him, but knew that anything was better than the world he lived in. Draco was finally at peace.

Harry found Draco’s note, next to his wand, in the astronomy tower. His hands were shaking as he read it, tears streaming down his face uncontrollably. He should’ve been there for Malfoy after the war, he could’ve helped him; instead, he had let him die. Malfoy loved him, and he let him down. He let him go.

Things I loved about Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Well, first let me just start by saying what could you not love about Koe no Katachi. I mean really if you haven’t watched the movie do it now like now! But just to list some on the top of the list:

1. That I read the manga first. Yes, I love that I discovered the manga years before the movie came because it just made the feels when watching it amplify. My feels were over nine thousand. If you have watched the movie I recommend you read it because there is so much more detail and angst and story that you missed. The movie is still amazing but it still just a summary.

2. Forgiveness. In a way, I found it very odd and almost laughable that the Nishimiya family, the ones that would have suffered the most were the ones who seemed to have forgiven him the easiest once they realised he was trying to change especially Shoko, who by the way has to be the most loving girl in the world. In the movie, I noticed that Yuzuru, Shoko’s little sister never once mentioned the bullying once she got to know Ishida and how he has changed. She decided to move on from the past and became good friends with Ishida she’s even secretly rooting for him and Shoko to get together (like we all aren’t). Rather than the friends that turned against him or his teacher (which he meets again in the manga) Ishida struggles to gain forgiveness from himself. He doesn’t believe he should be forgiven and hates himself to the point that he was willing to commit suicide, believing he was doing the world a favour. I loved how they portrayed the internal struggle he was having with himself.

3. He saved her and she saved him. I love that Ishida and Shoko both save each other. Whether it was preventing one’s suicide or being the starting point and guide to showing one how to live. They both had a great impact on one another and showed great care for each other regardless of their past (I think that’s where most of the tears came from).

4. It wasn’t just one person’s fault. After Ishida was used as a scapegoat I saw something in the movie that I think we all know but tend to always overlook, it’s never just one person’s fault. Nishimiya was bullied by more people than Ishida but they were only the start, The student like Kawaii who didn’t intervene and sometimes even laughed at the crude jokes, the teacher who ignored all signs and waited until things got too far to take action, the school which didn’t even take the proper accommodations or even attempting to reach out to the parents for an interpreter. You see that Shoko’s suffering was prolonged by everyone. They all had some part in the cause of her transfer. This is a repeated problem that we have in our society. In bullying and harassment, we either see people joining in or blending into the background. When it does reach the point that we can no longer ignore we try to shift the blame off to something or someone else. It was to me one of those hits of reality in the anime. I was super happy when Kawaii and Ueno finally owned up to their contribution to Shoko’s bullying in the past. (Kawaii’s is more seen in the manga).

There are still many great things about this anime that I can’t even put into words. This is a one of a kind movie that I would recommend to anybody because there is so much you could learn and relate to in those two hours. My words don’t even do it justice. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it or read the manga. I promise you won't regret it.

Dear United States,

We have understood that America comes first and that you don’t care about the environment because apparently it is not important for your citizens. We have also understood that you prefer spending your money in other affairs rather than in such a noble cause. Yet, there’s something that we don’t get. You give loads of money to “Israel” (which is not an American state) and bomb other countries across the world for the sake of  "democracy". Sorry. Do you care or don’t you care about the world?If you don’t care about climate change in the world, you shouldn’t care about democracy in the world, should you? So would you please do us one more favour? It will cost you no money, we promise you. Keep isolating yourself and bring your army back home too. Once you have done that, please don’t you ever come back.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

The rest of the world.


do yourself and the world a favour and listen to this

Reprogramming 2 (Remedy side story)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluff, mentions of smut, submissive behaviour, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

(I did some research after subspace and all that, but please don’t take my word for ANY of it!)

This takes place after chapter two of Remedy. (sorta)

Remedy (1) Remedy (2)

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I wanted to write a cute little neighbour AU for LawLicht

Licht swore to himself when he looked through the peephole and saw that it was his neighbour, Hyde. It would be an understatement to say that they didn’t get along. Ever since he first moved into the small apartment complex, every one of their interactions had ended in a fight. The man irritated him to no bounds because he insisted on laughing at the fact that he was an angel and pulling silly pranks on him.

“What do you want, Shit Rat?” He demanded as opened the door with a hard glare. Hyde didn’t seem bothered by his scowl so Licht went on. “You better have a good reason for knocking on my door. I’m practising for a concert and I don’t have time for your games.”

“I wanted to see that cute glare of yours.” He replied jokingly and tapped his nose. Licht’s brow twitched and he tried to slam the door close on his hand. He quickly caught the door before he could hurt him though. “Wait, I was just kidding, Lichtan! I do have a reason for coming over like this. Do you think I would come over and risk your violent attacks if I didn’t have to?”

“You do whatever you like. And don’t call me by your silly nicknames as if we’re close.” With a sigh, Licht opened the door for him again and leaned against the door frame. “Why are you here?”

“I know you’re practising for a concert but can you not play your piano for a while?” Licht stepped back and tried to close the door again. But Hyde expected that would be his answer and placed his foot in the doorway, stopping him. “Look, I know I’m not your favourite person in the world but can you do me a favour and put off playing until everyone’s asleep. Ash runs into the wall whenever he hears you play.”

“Ash?” Licht raised a brow at the unfamiliar name. He thought Hyde lived alone and that he was single because he never saw him bring anyone into his home. He didn’t understand why he felt a little jealous.

“My brother, Kuro, is away on a trip and he asked me to take care of his cat for the next week. That would be Ash. The cat’s pretty dumb and he runs into a wall whenever he hears your piano. He probably wanted to hear your song better and think he could break down the wall.” Hyde explained. “You can play your piano a little later or you can go somewhere else to practise, can’t you?”

“You have a cat? I want to see him!” His eyes widened with wonder and Hyde was surprised by Licht’s expression because he had never seen it before. Licht pushed him aside and rushed to Hyde’s apartment. He thought that he would only speak to Licht for a short time so he left the door unlocked and he was able to enter Hyde’s apartment easily.

His smile widened when he spotted the black cat scratching at the wall between their apartments. Licht didn’t waste any time running to the cat and tried to pick him up. He was a little shocked when the cat scurried away from him and went to Hyde. His brows furrowed when the cat let Hyde pick him up without any resistance. Why would a cat prefer a demon over an angel?

“Don’t pout, Angel Cakes. Ash’s pretty shy so it’ll take a while for him to trust you. He likes music so maybe you can win him over with your piano.” Hyde began to hum and the cat purred. His voice had a nice timber and Licht couldn’t blame the cat for being fooled by the demon. But that was all the more reason to take the cat away from him.

“Let me hold Mr. Cat. He’ll sense my angelic light and trust me immediately.” Licht moved to his side and held out his hands for the cat. Instead of giving him the cat, Hyde ruffled his hair playfully.

“You must really like cats but I already told you that this little guy is a shy one. You’re coming on a little strong and that’s making him nervous. It’ll take time for him to trust you.” Hyde could see the disappointment in his eyes. He nudged his chin up and gave him a smirk. His smile intrigued Licht even though he knew he should be wary of Hyde. “How about we make a deal?”

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