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do yourself and the world a favour and listen to this

One thing I love about the Disc is that, if we take magic as an example of a specialised field, their female practitioners are expected to do a whole lot of work as mundanely as possible and get less respect than they earn while heir male practitioners are expected to do almost nothing, hve a lot of self-indulgent parties and expect the world to fall at their feet for them doing it the favour of not fucking it up more than they do. That seems pretty damn accurate to me.

Guys this is one of my best friends.
Today is her 23rd birthday and y'all don’t really know how strong this girl is. She’s been through so much and although I’ve only known her for 5 years, I know she has been a warrior all her damn life.
I just needed to post her on tumblr because her beauty needs to be shared with the world ❤❤❤
Please reblog this beautiful woman and do your dashboard a favour.

Love you Kia ❤

The Earth has existed for billions of years and I am lucky enough to live during a time when humankind can watch David Tennant play the Doctor being possessed by Cassandra. I mean, there are no words that could ever describe how thankful I am for this

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I hate those middle age white guys who walk round with that stupid fucking disdainful double-chinned rosy expression on their face, like they are doing the entire world a favour by existing in it and you are only allowed to Be because they say so. Your cheap suit and prehistoric attitude is impressing nobody, my guy, so kindly take your lame alpha dog mentality and neuter it for all our sakes.


Please do yourself a favour and watch this