do the tumbleweed

Just do it! (Danisnotonfirexreader)

TITLE: Just do it!
AUTHOR: kiritoxsandwich-san
BETA: *tumbleweed*
GENRE: Soft romance, fluff
PAIRING: Danisnotonfire / Dan Howell x male/fem!reader
WARNINGS: Slight swearing
SUMMARY: Dan needs some romantic advice. That’s about it.
NOTES: Past tense, 2nd person. This is also posted on Wattpad and Quotev under the name ShinigamiLoveApples.

Sat back on the living room sofa, you leant back into the cushions and continued scanning your Tumblr dashboard; humming They see me rolling as you did so. You’d probably been sat there all day, and some of the night, considering how dark it had gotten outside, only standing up to use the bathroom or grab a new armful of snacks. But now wasn’t the time to be worrying about your health, there was all the time in the world to fall into an existential crisis now that it was the weekend.
You’d just gotten to re-blogging that hilariously cute Persian cat in a frog hat for about the millionth time, when Dan shuffled into the corner of your vision. Wearing his galaxy sweater and jogging bottoms; he stood there for a moment, shuffling his feet on the carpet, before leaving the room again.
Having grown used to his night owl-ish behaviour - and just odd behaviour in general - you didn’t question his actions until he returned to the doorway for a moment, looking as if he was going to say something, before vanishing back into the hallway again.
The fourth time he did it, you slammed the lid of your laptop shut and turned to face him, ever so slightly annoyed.
“Spit it out, Daniel.” You snapped, swinging your legs over the side of the sofa and placing the computer at your feet.
Without replying, he came fully into the room and sat himself down on the seat next to you, a good half foot away. Resting his hands in his lap, he stared down at them almost angrily, “I need to talk to you.” he mumbled. “It’s … ugh … kind of important.”
You lifted your legs back onto the sofa and crossed them underneath you, facing him. He was avoiding eye contact. “Fire away!”
He let out a soft sigh, “I need some advice.”
You nodded. You’d always hated having to give people advice, not considering yourself to be particularly good at it, and Dan knew that. So, if he had come to you it must have been important.
“Have you asked Phil?” You didn’t mean to have come across as rude, but couldn’t help to feel as if you had anyway. You quickly added, “Well … you know, he’s better at this sort of thing than me.”
“I talked to his earlier, he said to talk to you.” He grinned nervously, looking up but still not making eye contact. “So … here I am.”
You leant back slightly, “What’s bothering you?”
For a moment, you didn’t think he was actually going to reply. He just sat there for several long seconds, staring down at his intertwined fingers. “I … I like this person, I guess.” He shrugged, “I mean, I really, really like them but …”
“Come on, you’re going to be breaking the hearts of the whole Phandom here” You better do it confidently.“ You let out a light chuckle, nudging him with your foot. He returned the half laugh, glancing up briefly.
"But, you know how it is. I like them, but I don’t know if they like me.” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I’m too much of a pussy to tell them how I feel.”
“Oh, man. You know I’m not good with this sort of thing …” You frowned, rattling your skull for some at least slightly useful advice. “If you can’t tell them, you could show them somehow?”
Dan stopped twiddling his thumbs and looked up at you; clearly asked how he should go about such a thing.
“Kiss them.”
“Wha …” You were just as confused as him. Where had that come from? “Really?”
“Sure,” you decided to roll with the idea and hoped it went alright for him if he ever put it into action. “Just walk up to them without saying anything, smile.”
“Kiss them.”
“I don’t think-”
“Just do it!”
“Oh.” He looked a little startled by your sudden outburst but let a half smile grace his features. “Thanks, (y/n). You’re the best.”
“No problem-o, anytime.” Grinning, you reached for your laptop. "Now, I need to get back to Tumblr. Those kitten gifs are calling to me.“ You laughed, and Dan laughed too.
Just as you opened the lid to your laptop, he spoke up again. "One more thing,” he smiled sheepishly.
“Yes? What is it you require from the great Advice God now?”
He stared at you for a moment, tilting his head to the right as if trying to figure something out. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, Dan leant forward and pressed his lips against yours.