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stregafiore replied to your photoI hate almost everything about this and that…

I thought that rug was a moldy floor. Omg that dressing table!! <3 <3 Also, a dressing table is the one thing I wish to own before I die.

I think maybe if we just scream-chant “CLAIRE UNDERWOOD” into the night for the next 3-4 years, this situation will simply manifest before our eyes:

Inspired by @akira-of-the-twilight‘s winteriron shifter AU fic, Cat Nipped !!:

Taking that as a positive sign, Bucky fiddled with his armor, loosening it just a tad. Carefully he slid Tony under his chest armor and then tightened it so Tony fit snuggly inside. “What do you think?”

Tony swiveled his head then poked it out of the armor. He gophered his head back inside then meowed approvingly.

Alex Summers Sex Headcanons

time for some smut about a glorified glow stick!!

  • ok do i even have to mention this - alex loves hair tugging
    • he loves feeling you tug on it as he goes down on you
  • hip swivel kink
    • you saw him do it in front of everyone and you can’t help it - it’s super fucking sexy
      • “alex, do the swivel!!” “babe, i don’t understand why that’s sexy to you” “pleaseeeee?”
  • alex is totally a boob guy
    • doesn’t matter the size or the shape - alex loves them
    • he loves them in a non-sexual way too, he will literally just lay down and rest his head on your boobs
      • “alex, this is uncomfortable.” “but your boobs are so comfortable.” “but you are crushing them with your head, baby.”
  • alex loves when you leave scratches all over his back
    • mostly because of how flustered you get when other people see them on his back
    • not by him, by you - have you seen his jaw?? it would be a travesty if alex was not given jaw hickies
  • scott has walked in on you both so many times that if he does it, he isn’t even phased anymore
    • so has hank; sadly he still gets insanely flustered and embarrassed
  • alex loves when you ride him; mostly because he loves watching the way your boobs bounce as you move up and down on him
  • alex can….shoot the plasma out of his dick so it takes a lot of concentration for him to focus on cumming and not lasering you to death
    • his face clenches up super tight and his hands grip your sides, hard
    • you keep telling him to ask hank for some sort of laser proof condom, but he refuses
      • “I CAN LEARN (Y/N).” “just ask him for some laser proof condoms! Alex, im not going to have my cause of death being you lasering into me.” “that sounds sexy” “you are an asshole.”
  • i dont know if yall follow @kurtwxgners but an anon on her page brought up a great point - alex totally leaves hand prints all over your body
    • the plasma lasers he releases are hot meaning, in general, alex is hotter than the average human
    • when he eats you out, there are handprints practically burned into your thighs
      • it doesnt hurt but alex always freaks out afterwards and makes sure youre ok

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Are you implying you act out potential erotica scenes with ETD?

It’s nothing quite as sexy as it sounds but yes, he has been known to help me figure out the mechanics of something when my brain is “lets do this!” and the editing part of my brain goes “really tho, really

We also used to do it in the erotica house, but to a lesser extent. Things like muttering “10 inches is the literal length of my forearm, this is not going to work” or 

“Hey Janet, do you think a swivel chair could hold two adults doing XYZ”

“I dunno Sharron, probably not…“

Followed by a crash.

Cause sometimes google just doesn’t know it all.

Co Workers (Part Twenty-One)

A/N: Surprise!!!!! I know it’s not a big deal but since I didn’t get a part up on Sunday, and since I had already written this part, I decided to go ahead and post it!!! So here ya go!

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut oral (male recieving), language

Word Count: 2.2k


Originally posted by beyond-the-nights-world

“I’m gonna order some food-” you said as you stood up to get dressed, tossing Misha his boxers as you reached for the room service menu- “What?” you asked him, noticing the way that he was staring at you.

“Nothing, I just can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” You felt yourself blush, he always said the right things, and you loved it. And lucky for you, you got to hear him say those things for the rest of your life.

It was the middle of May now, and you were in the car with Misha, driving to your mom’s house from the airport. Your birthday was tomorrow and you were excited to be turning twenty-five. You were a little nervous though, you were unsure if your mom had told the rest of your family about you being pregnant. You knew that they must’ve known about the marriage, it had been all over the place.

There was lots of speculation that you and Misha were expecting seeing as you had only been together for a few months when you decided to get hitched. But you told a different story. You’d taken to facebook live the night after you’d gotten married, saying how after your little bit of time in rehab, you two realized you couldn’t be without each other. Both of you going on to say that you knew it was forever the moment you met; and people bought it. You had planned on announcing the pregnancy once you and Misha had found out the sex of the baby, which was at your next appointment in two weeks.

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The First Time He... | Optional Bias Scenario [Series]

Part 1 | Part 2

The First Time He…Showed Up

Summary: You’re working the late shift at the convenience store when he walks in - and you can’t help but make a fool of yourself.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,161

The fluorescent lights are anything but flattering. They cast an unhealthy pallor on your skin as you press your elbows onto the counter beside the register, eyes fixed on the window at the other end of the store. You all but beg in your mind for someone to come in off of the street and reprieve you momentarily from your boredom.

At this time of night, there isn’t a lot of foot traffic. You would almost prefer the early morning shift instead, when commuters stop in to buy coffee or ready-made meals and the line for the register reaches the door, but since you started your winter classes, this is the only shift that works with your schedule and you’re in desperate need of the extra money.

You sigh, drawing your eyes away from the window and instead turning them back to the notebook you’re supposed to be focusing on. The one upside of working at such odd, quiet hours is that you can study in relative peace, with few interruptions. Except, as the hours drag on from late night to early morning, your motivation to actually study decreases.

You contemplate getting another cup of crappy instant coffee for yourself when the digital chime indicating a new customer sends a shock of adrenaline through your body, all sleepiness forgotten.

The man’s hood is pulled fully over his head, casting a shadow across his face. He wears a mask that covers all but his eyes and keeps his head bowed as he skulks through the aisles toward the refrigerated drinks.

You can’t help but become a little uneasy at the sight. Your hand drifts toward the button located beneath the counter - just in case he decides to try something. You’ve never had something happen for as long as you’ve been working in the store, but you’ve heard about convenience store robberies on the news.

You watch in what you hope is a nonchalant manner, switching your gaze from the notebook to the man every few seconds, as he stares at the drinks for an exorbitantly long period. Your heart beats faster with every passing moment he spends just standing there, doing nothing. Then suddenly - he swivels and stalks up to the counter.

Your fingers are gripping the edge of the counter tightly by this point and your throat is dry, as if there are a million cotton balls shoved inside it. You swallow tightly as he comes to a stop. He says something, but the mask muffles his words. Shakily, you ask him to repeat himself - what if he’s asking you to empty the register? Would you do it? You don’t love your job enough to get assaulted protecting the register, but you also suspect you’ll get fired if you just hand the money over.

The man sighs, glances over his shoulder toward the door - is he making sure there’ll be no witnesses? - but instead of pulling out some weapon and threatening you, he pulls his mask down so you’ll hear him properly. Now you’re not staring wide-eyed at him because you’re scared he’s here to rob the store, but because you actually know who he is.

It would be hard not to know. His group’s faces are plastered on the calendar in the workroom courtesy of the girl who works the afternoon shift and you know for a fact that he’s her favourite member. You’re a fan yourself, so you almost miss his words for a second time because you’re a little starstruck.

“Did you stop carrying Cantata’s Premium Latte?”

You blink up at him for a moment and his brows furrow. He must be wondering if you still don’t understand him, or if you’re just a little slow. You feel your cheeks heat up as you force your gaze over his shoulder instead.

“We’ve got them in the heated section,” you say, gesturing toward the corner beside the register where the hot water heater also sits. “Since it’s colder out, most people want their coffee warm.”

He scrutinizes you for a moment longer before nodding once and shuffling over toward the coffee. It only takes him a second to find what he’s looking for - not long enough for you to get ahold of yourself by the time he returns to the counter. He slides the can toward you and you robotically go through the motions of cashing him out.

You’re handing him his change, trying to figure out if it would be creepy to ask for an autograph for your coworker, when he speaks again.

“You want me to sign something?”

Your fingers grow clumsy because of your surprise and you almost drop the coins all over the counter.

“No, I’m good,” you say, abandoning the idea. You just won’t tell your coworker that he stopped in the store in the first place. You know that he won’t believe you if you say you’re getting the autograph for a friend, so instead, “I’m not really a fan,” slips from your mouth.

You don’t know what possessed you to lie and you half-expect him to call you out on your bullshit, but he doesn’t.

“Oh.” He sounds a little surprised. “Any…any particular reason why?”

He must take your dismissal personally. A part of you wants to backtrack, but you don’t think you could withstand the embarrassment.

“What I’ve heard isn’t really my style, I guess.”

You shrug, avoiding his gaze, but from the corner of your eye you see him nod slowly, twisting his head a little as if he’s trying to wrap his mind around what you’ve said.

“Alright, well, see you around.”

He raises the can in farewell before leaving the store. As soon as the door shuts behind him and he disappears from your sight through the window, you collapse against the counter, replaying the interaction in your mind, lamenting the fact that you probably wasted your only chance meeting a member of your favourite group in person.

Even though he isn’t your bias, you could have still gotten his signature for your coworker. That would have earned you some brownie points - maybe she’d have even covered a shift or two of yours if you ever needed it.

You rest your forehead against the cool countertop and grumble to yourself about your stubborn nature which had gotten in your way. Next time - if there is a next time - you decide, you’ll tell him the truth, even if the thought makes you want the ground beneath you to swallow you whole.

You pull yourself off the counter and slam your notebook down in front of you, intent on erasing your embarrassment by focusing on your work instead, but one errant thought shoves its way into the forefront of your mind that you can’t ignore.

Even though you’d never given him much thought before, too focused on the other visual members of the group, you definitely can’t deny that up-close, in person, he’s ridiculously cute.

A/N: So this was originally just going to be one scenario, but the first part got kind of long so I’m making it into a short series! It’ll be all about “firsts” (if you couldn’t tell from the title) and there’s no set length or number of parts - so we’ll see how far I take this! As always - requests are open, who I write about is in my FAQ and I hope you liked the first part of this series even though nothing much happens :) - Fee x

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LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Imagine Claire's reaction when Jamie keeps bringing home strays. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Modern Glasgow AU

Claire shrugged out of her blue overcoat, hung it beside Jamie’s mac (raindrops still clinging to it from the earlier cloudburst), straightened a pair of William’s muddy boots and Julia’s battered clogs (tsking to herself that she had to remind them yet again to neatly line up their shoes in the cubby when they came back inside), and set her Mini’s keys in the dish on the sideboard. The metal clanked cheerily with Jamie’s own Range Rover keys.

She signed, rolled her shoulders in a vain attempt to shrug of the stiffness from a long day standing in the clinic’s walk-in ward, and smelled something delightful wafting from the Lallybroch kitchen.

Ah, Mrs. Crook was up to something tonight. She’d cooked a veritable feast the night before, and there had been plenty of leftovers. So why was she baking…lasagna?

Claire frowned. Something was up.

Just what that something was became immediately apparent as she padded down the hall and rounded the corner into the kitchen.

Small muddy pawprints dotted the cream-colored tile between the doorway and the space beside the oven, where her husband and five children stood in a circle, crouching over something.

“…doesna have a collar so I suppose we can keep him then?”

“He’s so small - I canna believe someone would just let him go like that!”

“Aye - if he hadna chased Adso up that tree I’d never ha’ seen him! He was hiding under the bushes -”

Claire cleared her throat. “What are you all doing?”

Six heads swiveled toward the doorway. Jamie’s face split into a smile, eyes creasing.

Oh no. She knew that look…

“Mama! Mama! Itsa wee dog! Da found him today!” Brianna exclaimed.

“Aye Da says we can keep him, as long as we take him to the vet and make sure he’s go’ his shots!” William practically vibrated from excitement.

Fergus hoisted Julia up on his hip as Faith stepped back.

To reveal a small, lean, bushy gray dog, blissfully destroying a cooked chicken.

Jamie crossed the room to gently kiss Claire’s brow in welcome. “He’s small, but his paws are big. So he’ll grow to become a proper guard dog, aye? We’re in need of one around here - the bairns all sorely miss Bran, and it’s been a while since Lallybroch has had a dog…”

Claire surveyed her small family from left to right - blue and brown eyes pleading silently.

She shook her head in amazement. “I can’t argue with any of you, it seems. What shall we call him?”

William cleared his throat. “I was thinking…Rollo.”

Julia craned her neck over Fergus’ shoulder to look at her big brother. “Wollo?”

William raised his chin a bit. “Aye - Murtagh and I were watching a documentary about Vikings the other day. Rollo was a mighty Viking king. A good dog should have a strong name, aye?”

“Yeah - Rollo!” Faith cheered. “And if we’re not too careful, he’ll get big enough from Mrs. Crook’s cooking that we’ll need to roll him out of the kitchen!”

Rollo Fraser chose that moment to look up at his new family, lick his chops, and urinate on the tile.

A Broadcast (Yoosung x MC)

You’re a radio personality simply doing a regular day when your fiance calls in for a special question.

Word Count: 733

Dinosaurs are dead and so I am I

 on the inside lmao :’)

Anyhow, I hope you’re enjoying and have a fantastic day! 

I’ll also be transferring some other fics onto my A03 today those including stories from Until Dawn and Danganronpa! If you’d like further information I’d be happy to provide but you’ll just as easily be able to see it on the website if you’d rather wait. :)


You cleared your throat as you prepared to broadcast, a small smile tugging at your lips as the familiar tune of the intro filled your ears. 

“Good evening everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are. I suppose if you’re stuck in traffic that may be difficult, but it’s better to be optimistic isn’t it?” 

You laughed. “But coming from me, it’s better to do as I say, not as I do.” 

You leaned back, your swivel chair creaking back slightly. “Anyways, I wanted to take in some calls to maybe hear how your days are going.” 

You allowed the calls to come in, the first coming from an oddly familiar number that left a warmth blooming in your chest. 

He had already known you from the radio, finding your voice to be a tender and comforting release from his stressful life. 

And just getting to know the other left the days only improving by the second, a happiness as bright as the sun entwining the two of you.

“Did I…call the wrong number…?” You sensed the humor in his voice, grinning.

“Well I don’t know, how often do you call a radio station?” 

“Oh! This must be famous MC?” He let out an exaggerated gasp, the delight clear in his words. “I can’t believe I’m even talking to you!” 

“Considering you talk to me every day I wouldn’t think of it as much of a surprise.” You hummed, listening to his groan on the other line. 

“You couldn’t keep the ruse going for a little bit?” 

“Sorry Yoosung, I just don’t think I can lie to my listeners.” You tipped closer to the mic, snickering softly. “Everyone, this is my fiance, Yoosung. I’m sure you already know him from my constant stories but here he is in reality. He’s real.” 

“Did they think I was some made up boyfriend?”

“Personally, I’d say you’re a bit too good to be true.” 

He sputtered into flustered noises as he tried to respond, trying to appear cool and collected. 

“You’re too smooth too.” You joked, tilting your head amusedly to the side.

“Y-Yeah well, I-I’m also pretty good at surprises!” 

You raised a curious brow. “What do you mean…?”

“Look outside.” 

You turned your head to the hall outside the broadcasting room to see Yoosung, his bright magenta eyes lit up more than a firework as he waved excitedly. 

“Oh my goodness! What’re you doing here?” 

“I wanted to do something special for a special occasion.” 

“What special occasion?” 

“You’ll see!” He beamed. “But you have to open the door first!” 

You nodded wearily, giving a skeptical look as you rose to your feet, preparing to open the door for him.

And what you saw astounded you.

Your eyes widened with a sort of knowing as you watched him get to his knees, a small box in his hand as he lowered the phone away.

He revealed a small delicate ring, the small gem shining your reflected face. 

His face grew to the shade of the strawberry, hardly able to muster the words. 

“U-Um…M-MC will you…will you marry me?” 

Your breath hitched in your throat as you erupted to him without hesitation, throwing him to the ground as you embraced him.

“Yes! Yes, of course, I will!” You yelped, peppering his face in kisses. “Oh my goodness!” 

“You will?”

“Yes! Yes!” You cheered, your heart only swelling as you noticed tears brimming at his eyes.

And as the calls came booming towards you two, congratulations galore filling the receiver, an endless happiness filled the two of you.

As well as an endless adoration.

For the world only seemed to smile back.

The Hand Thing


Summary:  Toothless has seen the “hand thing” calm down and train several different kinds of dragons, including himself. So, logically, shouldn’t it work on an angry Hiccup? One-shot. RTTE Time Zone. Read the version here

“TOOTHLESS!” Said dragon’s head shot up and out of the barrel it was previously in. “What do you think you’re doing?” Toothless swiveled his head around and made eye contact with his rider, who seemed very mad. Either that or he ate something spicy. Toothless cocked his head and crooned. What’s he mad about?

“Get your scaly tail over here, now!” Toothless rolled his eyes and trudged over to his rider, swishing his tail back and forth. His rider pointed down at an empty barrel on the floor. “What did you do?”

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Age is Just a Number

Member: Woozi
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 1,977

Woozi had always been an unwavering and stubborn force, reminding you of a wildfire, burning freely and without apologies, taking whatever he wished for. Whether that was when he was eight and you were ten and he wanted to win the fifth grade spelling bee (which he did), or when he was sixteen and you were eighteen and he wanted to date your friend (which he did). It was plainly simple to see that Jihoon just got what he wanted. As much as you hated how seemingly easy things fell into his lap, you yourself couldn’t seem to get away from his intoxicating smile and ink stained irises. Things that Jihoon wanted, he got, and it just so happened that what he wanted this time was you.

You should’ve known better; the hints were anything but subtle, making the air thick with tension as every moment spent alone with him passed. He would watch you, eyes pooling with desire and click his tongue whenever you would shy away. It’s not that you didn’t want him, in fact it was quite the opposite. Woozi had a sharp tongue that never dared to stay silent and an abiding impulse to get his hands on you. However you had always seen him as a little brother– you watched him cry when he skinned his knee and then patched him up after. There was just something about that gaze, about that smile, that made you forget what you had seen him as and made you watch him form into something new right in front of your ever dilated pupils. As his advances grew more frequent, your defense of looking at him with big doe eyes, teeth caught on your bottom lips biting back the words ‘I want you’ began to chip away. Until one day when that armor that was already cracking, your skin fell apart all together.

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love your blog! How would 707 react when figure that female mc was actually a secret agent that has been targeted by his agency. I'm ready for the angst ( i've replayed 707's route 5 time,so i think i am strong enough)

[ lol sorry i lost the angst and got into silly seven for some reason ]

“Haha! That’s really funny Vanderwood, but where’d you get a picture of my girlfriend? That’s kinda creepy for you to have, y’know.” Seven swiveled around in his chair to face his comrade who looked down on him with arms crossed. Vanderwood chose not to reply. Seven swiveled back towards his computer screen and read the target briefing. All the measurements were hers, height, weight, bust, the only issue was that his objective was to eliminate her. This was a joke, of course … right?

Vanderwood piped up, arms uncrossing. “I’m afraid that your squeeze-thing is working for the sister agency of our primary enemy. We fear she may be trying to collect information to sell out to them. I assume that it was decided that it should be handled by you since you’re already close enough to the target to meet the objective in less that a few hours.” 

Seven went rigid in his seat. This couldn’t be right? His love? His girlfriend? You were an agent? Thoughts flooded Seven’s head. Did you know the whole time? Was this entire relationship a setup that he foolishly fell for? He didn’t like to make himself out to be that easy. Either way, he wasn’t ready to let you go or his agency. He’d make it work. 

“Okay, Vanderwood, I’ll talk with my sweetheart tonight and see what we can do about this.” He swiveled one final time and returned to his work. Vanderwood heaved a sigh. 

“You have until tomorrow or someone else will do the job for you.” That final warning had Seven biting his lip.

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INFP: The lawnmower keeps dying when I engage the blade.

Me: *gets on, everything runs fine*

INFP: *gets on, mower dies*

Me: It’s because you weigh nothing. It’s tripping the safety switch.

INFP: But..

Me: How do you even depress the swivel computer chairs you sit in?

INFP: It’s difficult! Sometimes I gotta hop in ‘em.

Just keep dancing

He’s doing it again, feet stomping as he dances, lyrics pausing as he drinks his beer. Gray listens contently from the couch as Natsu half sings, half raps along to the music playing from their bedroom. He takes another long swig from his whiskey as Natsu recites another chorus and laughs, loud and contagious.

Affection swells deep in Gray’s chest. He loves that they can do this. Just do their own thing on opposite ends of their house and simply be happy that the other is nearby even if they don’t speak much that night. He knows exactly what Natsu is doing. He can picture swivel of his hips and the bob of his head, moving so beautifully that the music pales in comparison. Normally it’s enough but not tonight.

Gray gets glimpses of him as he makes trips to the bathroom, all bright eyes and brilliant smiles and it reminds him over and over why he feels so lucky, so fulfilled.

Gray scratches behind Happy’s ears and watches him sigh in his sleep before he begins to purr. Natsu and the exceed aren’t all that different.

Gray knocks back the rest of his drink and walks to their bedroom. He stares at the door for a moment, half closed; not quite shutting Natsu off from the world but separating him enough that Gray would feel as if he were intruding if Natsu didn’t own a piece of his soul.

Natsu slides his eyes shut and stops singing, just moves to the beat. Gray observes him, heart thundering in his chest at the small smile gracing his mate’s lips.

He pushes the door open and steps into the room. Natsu peaks at him out of the corner of his eye, smile growing when Gray falls into place behind him, always in sync, always belonging right there with him.

Gray wraps his arms around Natsu’s waist and starts swaying with him.


“Don’t mind me,” Gray whispers. “Just keep dancing and let me follow.”

Natsu weaves his fingers through Gray’s and does just that.

Imagine being a long time family friend with Jax & Opie and you’ve always had a thing for Juice ever since he prospect. .. part 2

Originally posted by trainwreckmovie

The morning after Bobby’s party, you felt like you were going to die. Literally the worst hangover that you’ve ever had, the light in your room was too bright, your stomach was doing somersaults and you thought you were going to barf every time you attempted to move. You felt like you were on your death bed, your cell rang and it felt like someone was banging on the inside of your head, you groaned and reached for it. Trying to look at the name that was flashing on the screen, squinting and trying to focus on the name was hard and hurt but you managed to glimpse at the name which read ‘ ope ‘. You answered the call and you groaned into the phone;

Ope laughed on the other end;

“ morning sunshine, how you feeling “ You winced in pain at the sound of his voice thumping through your ears and you said in a low grumble;

“ do you have to yell ope ? “ Opie laughed and asked you;

“ do you even remember last night ? “ You tried to concentrate, tried to think than you said;

“ ugh, i’m too sick to remember anything right now. but how the hell did i get home? “ Ope shook his head, and said;

“ Donna and i took your drunk ass home “ You felt like you were going to barf, as you made your way to the bathroom you told your brother before hanging up;

“ think i’m going to be sick, i’ll catch up with you later. .. “ You dropped your cell and buried your head into your toilet. You didn’t end the call so Ope heard you and he was laughing with a disgusted look on his face, he ended the call and said to Donna;

“ told you she’d regret it in the morning.” Donna smiled as she was picking up the plates that Ellie and Kenny had left behind before getting into the truck, Opie leaned and kissed Donna as she was about to walk over to the sink;

“ i’ll see you after i drop the kids off at school “ She smiled as he kissed her and she said in a sarcastic yet loving tone;

“ ohhh, i get to see you before the club has you for the entire day? “ He lightly nudged his wife, then wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the inside of her neck. They giggled and she said;

“ baby, your going to make the kids late for school “ Opie released his wife and walked out towards the kids, and taken them to school.

You on the other hand, the toilet was your best friend that morning. Laying on the cool bathroom floor, your body wrapped around the toilet bowl and yet you felt better laying there. You were sure you threw up everything you had in your body, you were empty. So you crawled towards the shower, and turned it on, you slowly stripped off your clothes and got into the shower. Just enjoying the water hitting you and washing away this hangover was glorious. By the time you got out, you felt better not yet a 100% but way better than you were this morning. You wrapped a towel around your waist and headed towards your kitchen.

You walked to your kitchen, and started to make some coffee. You turned around and freaked out to see Juice sitting on your couch.

“ Jesus Christ Juice ! What the hell are you doing here ?! “ Juice sat there waiting for you, and he stood up and said with a little giggle;

“ nice towel “ You grabbed it before it loosened anymore and asked again this time more calmly;

“ jerk, what are you doing here ? “ Juice walked over to the kitchen and sat down at the table, looking over at you and said;

“ well Ope came to the clubhouse this morning and said you were really sick, so i thought i’d come and check on you “ You were surprised that he would want to check up on you, you looked at him with your eyebrows slightly creased together and you said in a low voice;

“ you. wanted. to. check. up. on. me? “ Juice scoffed and said;

“ well yeah why not ? “ You didn’t know what to say, then you realized you were still in just a towel and you said in a stutter;

“ uhm uh, i should go put some clothes on. .. “ Juice looked down trying to hide his smile, and nodded in agreement. You slowly walked back towards your room, looking back you see Juice staring at you as you walked away. Juice got up trying to forget the sight of you, wet with nothing but a towel, your exposed back shining with droplets of water as you walked back to the room, his pants tightening still not getting that image out of his head. He grabbed two mugs for some coffee, and sat back at the table and waited for both you and the coffee.

Once you were dressed, you came out of the room to see Juice sitting at the table with a cup of coffee waiting for you. You smiled at the sight and he said;

“ black, two sugars right ? “ Your smile grew and you said as you said down across from him;

“ yes, thank you Juice “ He smiled cause he got your coffee right. You took a sip of it and it just hit the spot just right. After drinking your coffee you asked Juice;

“ so, how long were you waiting for me ? “ Juice looked up from his cup at you and said;

“ not long, but you do need to find a better place for your spare key Y/N “ You laughed and nodded your head in agreement. You asked Juice;

“  would you mind taking me to the clubhouse, i seem to have left my car there last night. “ You looked around, trying hard to remember last night it was quite fuzzy. Juice’s thoughts went wild, and he looked a bit annoyed but he nodded and you noticed. You looked at Juice, and said;

“ something wrong ? “ He shook his head and put his cup in the sink. You followed his lead, and put your cup in the sink, grabbed your purse and keys and followed Juice out to the van.
It was a quiet ride back to TM, but one you got into the lot and parked you said to Juice;

“ well that was awkward at all, but thanks for the coffee and the ride Juice.” He said almost under he’s breath;

“ sure no problem “ You got out of the van and headed towards the clubhouse. Once inside the guy’s greeted you, Jax said;

“ there she is ! “ Tig said;

“ wanna drink sweetheart “ You declined a drink at that moment and soon enough you found Opie;

“ Hey your alive ! “ He greeted you with a bear hug, and sat beside you at the bar. You asked Opie;

“ so what did i do last night ? “ Opie swiveled his seat towards you and put his elbow on the bar and hand on his face and said with an enormous smile;

“ well for starters, you were ridiculously drunk, and you were wrestling with sacks tongue “ Once you heard Opie say that you put your head down on the bar in embarrassment, and said;

“ oh my god, no i didn’t “ Opie laughed and lightly hit your back and said quietly;

“ dont worry Y/N, i don’t think anyone saw the two of you. They were all drunk and when i got there i told him not to say a word to anyone “ You looked at Opie, and gratefully hugged him and said;

“ really? oh thank you so much ope “ He hugged you back and he threatened you amusingly;

“ yeah yeah, dont let it happen again or i will let everyone find out “ You punched him in the shoulder.

After awhile you found yourself sharing a cigarette with Chibs outside at the picnic tables, he was telling you stories and you’ve always enjoyed them mostly of his stories in Belfast. The two of you were interrupted by Tig who was calling everyone in for church. Chib’s passed you the cigarette and said;

“ aye, finish up the story later lass “ You took the smoke and said;

“ yep sounds good. “ You smiled at Juice who was walking from the garage towards the clubhouse, wiping the grease off of his hands with the towel that he had in his back pocket, he matched your smile once he saw it. You sat there for awhile, and thought to yourself.

why don’t i just make a move already ? but what if hes not interested in me ? i’m nothing like those girls that he randomly hooks up with ? ‘

You sat there in your own thoughts until you noticed Gemma coming out of her office and heading towards you. She said as she approached you;

“ something the matter sweetheart ? “ You shook your head with a smile and said;

“ no just thinking about what my plans are for today. “ Before Gemma could say anything the guys came pouring out of the clubhouse, they were headed out for a daily run. Clay said to Gem;

“ be back later tonight baby “ Gemma agreed, pursed her lips and kissed Clay and said;

“ okay baby, be careful “ Clay nodded and as he was walking towards his bike, Gemma shouted to Tig;

“ You watch him “ Tig understood and responded;

“ yes ma’am “ Gemma also kissed and told Jax to be safe before he headed towards his bike. You seen Juice about to leave, he looked over at you and you mouthed to him; ‘ be safe ‘ 

He nodded and gave you a grin and you stood with Gemma, and the guys pulled out one by one and left the compound. You helped out Gemma that afternoon with some paperwork, you also did some work in the garage just to keep busy and keep your mind off of Juice. Just before you were about to leave TM you decided to take a chance, so you grabbed your cellphone and texted Juice.

hey, i need to talk to you. come to my house tonight . bring a bottle ‘

You swallowed your fear after you sent that text, told yourself it’s time to take a chance and go for it. You told Gemma that you were about to head home for the night, you were still feeling sick from Bobby’s party. She said to you while giving you a hug and a kiss on the cheek;

“ alright baby, get some rest. i’ll see you tomorrow “ You smiled and walked towards your car.

You got to your house, you were nervous for Juice to come over tonight because you were planning on telling him how you felt. So you decided to clean up your house, and wear an amazing outfit with this perfect black laced panty and bra to match just in case things went your way.
Soon it was 8pm, and you gotten a text from Juice saying;

okay, is everything okay? i’m at the clubhouse now. i’ll be there in 20 ‘

You felt like your heart was going to jump up your throat knowing that he was going to be there any minute, but you replied to him;

‘ everything’s good, just waiting on you ‘ 

You ran to the bathroom to look at yourself once more to make sure everything was good, you already had two beer to calm your nerves but you needed something stronger for how you were feeling. Your phone buzzed and it was Juice;

‘ okay, got the bottle ‘ 

He snapped a picture of himself and the bottle and sent it you, you couldn’t help but smile at it. Soon enough you heard Juice’s bike pull into your driveway, you were even more nervous now and kind of excited. Juice knocked on the door, and opened it and said as he walked in;

“ Y/N? it’s me Juice, i’m here. “ You got up from the couch and walked over to the Kitchen where Juice was closing the door. He turned and frozen in his tracks to see you, his eyes widened and looked over you and his mouth was ajar, you smiled at his expression and said in a low, almost seductively voice, you turned to show your body to him;

“ what? is something the matter? “ Juice was at a loss for words, he just shook his then eventually said after clearing his voice;

“ n. .no nothings the matter, you.. you just look amazing “ You smiled and walked towards him;

“ why thank you Juicey “ You grabbed the bottle, and walked over to the cabinets and pulled out two glasses, Juice looking at you still in a daze floated behind you and pulled off his gloves, placed them on the counter and said;

“ so, what did you want to talk about ? “ Juice was a little uneasy being here at your house alone and drinking, usually when the two of you drank together it be at the clubhouse or the guys would all be there. You poured some drinks and went and sat in the living room, Juice followed and you sat down on the couch. Juice stood by the couch, with his drink in his hand looking like he was going to freak out and dash for the door. You patted the space beside you on the couch and said;

“ why don’t you sit “ Juice sat down beside you, and took a drink and you said;

“ why are you so nervous Juicy “ Juice took another drink and said;

“ why you calling me Juicy? you’ve never called me that before? “ You can see he was going crazy and he was nervous which gave you a little bit more confidence that he was feeling the same way you did. You sat towards him and said; 

“ well maybe i like the way it sounds ? “ Juice nodded in approval and took another drink, sure enough he need a refill and he got up quickly and said in a shaky, uneasy voice;

“ uhm, i need a refill. be right back “ When he got to the kitchen, he took his time going to get the booze and he was telling himself;

okay, cool it Juice. She doesn’t think of you like that. She looks so hot though, and let’s face it you’ve been in her since you’ve met you. sure you think about her when your doing that, knock it off juice Ope and Jax will kill you if you sleep with Y/N ‘

You walked over to the kitchen to find Juice mumbling stuff to himself and you said;

“ you okay Juice ? “ You startled him and he said while looking at you like a deer caught in headlights;

“ uh yeh i am, just grabbing a drink “ He poured himself a drink and put the booze back in the fridge. You smiled and said as you watched him drink;

“ i like you .. Juice “ You just blurted out what you wanted to say to him for a long time. He almost choked on his drink and said;

“ what ? “ He looked at you, and you said while leaning against the counter;

“ i like you. i’ve liked you seen i first met you Juice. i’ve wanted to tell you for a long time, but i didn’t think that you’d be into me “ Juice didnt know what to say, so he polished off the rest of his drink and took a deep breath and said;

“ i like you too y/n. always have. .. i was just scared of getting rejected or opie and jax would kill “ You giggled and said;

“ you like me? “ Juice walked forward towards you and soon he was standing in front of you and said;

“ well yeah, dude your like extremely beautiful, your bad ass your not bad at games either and your my best friend “ You grabbed Juice and pulled him into you, your lips smashed together and it was electrifying. Juice’s hand found the back of your head and on the small of your back. You pulled him closer to your body, feeling his heartbeat quicken, feeling getting hard through his jeans, his hands moved to your hips and picked you up and placed you on the counter top. Your legs wrapped around his waist pulling him into you, his hands touched, grazed and caressed every curve of your body, soon they were under your shirt and soon enough it was lifted up and over your head. The two of you giggling when he got your shirt caught, you finally got it off and continued to make out.

Your hands slid and removed Juice’s kutte it slide to the floor, and he pull off his shirt, you admiring his chiseled rock hard body, you bit your lower lip and your lips rushed to his. Biting and suckling at his lower lip, Juice growling and picked you up from the counter, he had you in his arms and he walked towards your bedroom. He placed you on your bed, made you lay down and he stood there looking at you, he said;

“ take of your jeans “ You obeyed and slowly undid your button to your jeans and started to roll if off your hips but the moment Juice noticed your black laced underwear he took over. Once your jeans were off, Juice rubbed both his hands up and down your legs to your inner thighs, causing you to spread your legs for him. He started to kiss, and nip at your inner thighs making you gasp and lick your lips, he kissed and teased you through your underwear. Feeling him touch and kiss you through your panties was turning you on, you wanted to feel him now, you beg for Juice to touch you. He pulled your panties off with his teeth, and once they were off. He kissed and licked you making you moan his name, your hands clawing at the bed sheets, your back arched, your legs wanting to close but Juice holding onto them.
Juice looking up at you, loving the view reached up to squeeze your breasts and you pulled him up to and you rolled him over onto his back. He was surprised but was completely turned on by how you took control, you looked at him with such lust in your eyes, you kissed him from his lips, to his neck and slowly made it to his chest and stomach causing him to growl with pleasure, he wanted to sit up but you said;

“ no baby, lay there. my turn to take care of you “ Juice bit his lip and laid back down, you undid his jeans and pulled them off, the budge in his pants was quite impressive and you teased him a bit, holding it and rubbing it through his boxers. He was groaned and you pulled out his hard member, kissing and licking the tip making him want you more, you took his member and placed it in your mouth and started to suck slowly. You took more into your mouth soon enough you had his whole member in your mouth and you were driving Juice insane. Juice was grabbing a chuck of your hair and moving along with your rhythm, he moaned;

“ fuck, y/n “ He’s head was back and his eyes were closed, and he couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled you up and you straddled him. He grabbed his member and you hovered over him licking your lips and you lowered yourself onto him causing you both to gasp with such satisfaction. His hands gripped your hips, leaving little marks, you moved slowly up and down triggering Juice to move his hips along with yours, you moaned;

“ fuck, your so big babe “ Juice said through a grunt;

“ your so tight baby, shit “ Your pace quickened and Juice moaned and that pushed you over the edge, hearing him being so turned on by you was turning you on even more and you were coming close and Juice felt you tightening around him. Both you and Juice climaxed together, you rode out both your orgasms, you got off Juice and laid beside him on the bed. You rested your head on his chest, his arm was wrapped around your waist and rested on your stomach. You were tracing his chest tatttoos with your fingers, and listening to his heart beat when he broke the silence;

“ that. was. amazing. “ You smiled, and picked yourself up, resting on your elbow and looked at him. He looked at you with a matching smile and you kissed him. Once your lips parted you laid back down beside him. You cuddled, and eventually fell asleep in each others arms. .

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part 3 coming tomorrow…

Computer trouble. ( Kyungri smut )

Type: SMUT, you’ve been told lmao

Length: 2686 words

A/N: Kyungri is one of my biases so this fucked me up to write but i hope u guys like it!!!!

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“Fuck me.” You sighed at your computer for the 6th time, the screen frozen as your fingers twiddled nervously by it as your eyes zoomed all over the keyboard, your nose was almost close enough to the space bar before you heard a familiar voice enter your room.

“I’ll be glad too.” You heard Kyungri supply behind you, her sudden entrance causing you to leap out of your chair in alarm, turning around wildly to see her waltzing in in nothing but a sports tee and shorts, laundry in hand.

“Jeez.” You sighed, closing your eyes and rubbing them,
“You scared the shit out of me.” You mumbled, turning around again in your chair, the computer still stuck in the same position as before as you pouted directly towards it.

“Mm, what’s the matter baby?” She wondered aloud, dumping her laundry onto your shared bed in one giant heap, and then turning around to face you as you swiveled back to her.

“My computers broke.” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you leaned back, and let out a long sigh as you released some of the tension in your neck by popping your shoulders.

Oblivious to Kyungri’s approaching, you almost jumped out of your skin again when you felt her cold hands come down on your arms, your mouth closing as you felt them begin to trace patterns up and down, before you felt yourself settle in, the goosebumps raising lightly as her nails scratched your skin softly.

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she got that ancient, timeless kind of silhouette