do the sturridge


Fake TV show meme: “Kingsman: The Pendragon” (2016)

BBC Two announced the new spy series “Kingsman: The Pendragon” that shows another chapter of the infamous spy organization. “The Pendragon” focus on the recruitment, training and the first missions of the newest additions to the agency: Harry Hart (Galahad), the wild child with a rebellious heart. Munroe Morrison (Merlin), the silent mastermind with the sharp tongue. And Matthew Bennett (Percival), the lionhearted, hidden persuader. Long before Eggsy’s story began, there was another trio that wanted to save the world but failed to save the life of their dear friend Lancelot. Now they are thirsty for revenge.

Thanks to @mademoiselle-lani and @sasha-le-strang.


Liverpool FC → 2013/2014 [x]

“The people of Liverpool are fighters and I came here fighting from the beginning until the end … I may have left Liverpool but the city and the club will always be part of me.”


Hello friends I am back from hiatus and I decided to do my first follow forever, since I hit 1000 followers recently. A big thank you to Jessi for the gifs!! Here we go (if your url is bolded, hover over it)

I just want to thank all people mentioned for making my tumblr experience great, you all are the best!

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