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Genre: Smut

Rating: R18

Summary: A little bit of dominance from you and a little bit of dirty talk here and there, A little bit of brashness goes a long way with Kwon Soonyoung.

With a heated groan escaping his lips and his naked body in front of you, and the fragile sanity of love and lust taking over you, you enjoyed the sight of him in your hold. Your hand placed delicately on his shoulder, your legs spread out with your back on the head board. 

Soonyoung’s eyes were dark, mouth watering to get a taste of you. You guided him to your core as his head dipped down in your wetness. Soonyoung licked his lips, he looked like he was deprived of this luxury. He gave you a quick glance, before poking out his tongue to give a small lick. He always enjoyed seeing you indulge yourself in his mouth. He continued to give you conservative licks on your wetness, with your teeth shut together and your fingers tangling in his silk like hair, you were completely drowned with thoughts of him.

His hands kept your legs apart, his lips grazing over your sex and his hot breath made your insides tingle. The fire burning in the pit of your stomach intensified as you pushed his head further down, your toes curled and a loud moan made its way out of your lips. The feeling of his mouth eating you so intently was euphoric.

“That’s it..” You said breathing heavily, “You’re so good.”

You knew how he liked. You could see his ears turn red from your words, your finger twirling a strand of hair as you encouraged him to do more to his liking, “You’re making me wet..”

You felt a smirk grew on his lips against your searing heat. The wave of pleasure crashing down to your core. Beads of sweat rolling down your temples, your chest heavily going up and down. Engrossed with the sensation you continued to mew and moan. Exactly what Soonyoung wanted to hear, the confirmation of how good he makes you feel, the way you would call out his name and be rough with him. 

It wasn’t even that long before you could feel your peak gushing out of you. You screamed for him, pushing him further, making sure he tastes you well. You roughly pulled him away by his hair, with the rush of things you quickly cupped his sweat drenched face and gave him a long and hungry kiss. Your tongues dancing together, you could practically taste yourself. Soonyoung kissed you back with much fervor before slowly parting, with a string of silver filling the void between the two of you.

Your eyes were smitten with each other. His flushed face and thirsty lips were all you could see. The way your eyes would water and the way your lips would part, it turned him on. His hand slowly scoping your thighs, you could feel your heat ache from the fragile tension between the two of you.

You took it upon yourself as you made way to his lips, your body moving on top of him as you made sure you were positioned over him. With passionate kisses and stinging lips, his hands continued to touch you, groping your ass that made you squeal for a moment. The lust from the two of you overflowing, your wet core brushing over his hard member. It wasn’t even near inside of you but you could feel your sex throb.

You hovered over his ear, making sure to heave an extra breath to tease him. You gave a small peck on his earlobe before whispering, “I want you inside of me.” There was no time to be bashful, all you wanted was for the two of you reach nirvana at that moment. Soonyoung gave a low chuckle, the type that got you thirsty for more. You gave one last purr before you felt him filling you up all the way to the hilt.

His size was overwhelming, the way he felt inside of you was erotic. You didn’t waste any time, you wanted to feel all of him. With a small smirk adorning your lips, you started moving up and down, Soonyoung’s hands placed comfortably on your ass as you continued to ride him. Sounds of wet sex and breathy moans filled the room, you were just so hungry for him.

“Shit..” He groaned out, earning him a lick on his lips from you. With your steady pace, dipping back and forth, you could already feel your insides boil of ecstasy. The amount of pleasure you were feeling could only be describe as a flood. Drowning you into a euphoria you couldn’t control. 

With your eyes half lidded, you could see Soonyoung enjoying the view. Your sex and his meshing together. You felt his cock get bigger inside of you if that’s even possible. The amount of throbbing  you felt turned your knees weak. Soonyoung was aching already as you slowed down your pace. He took this as his chance to fuck you right up. 

His hips bucked continuously, you could feel from his actions how much restraint he’s been holding the whole time. You continued to moan out, enjoying every bit of his hardened member going in and out of you. Your hands gripping on his shoulders as you closed your eyes shut, your insides tightening and with a curse under your breath you felt everything turn white around you. You reached your climax, your head dizzy and your neck warm from it all, you felt his own juices inside of you.

You had a lazy smile on your face, and the feeling of comfort and closeness wrapped around you. Soonyoung gave you a kiss on the forehead, which you responded with a mischievous yet deep kiss on his lips.

“Seriously, what am I going to do with you?” He chuckled, amused by your brash yet endearing actions

“Question is… What am I  going to do with you?” You joked, as you let yourself melt on top of his cozy body.

A Cure - John Murphy Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of a vague disease, angst

Summary: You hid this secret for a while; you’re dying. This secret affects everything around you, including your relationship with your boyfriend, Johnathon Murphy.

Word Count 1443

“How long?”


“How long?”

“A few months. At most. I could try to prolong it, as much as I can, but… this disease, no one has been able to cure it before, and I have no means of trying to-“

“You don’t have to, Dr. Griffin. I’ll just…” You pursed your lips, trying to force back your tears.

The doctor sadly smiled at you. She placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. “Come to me every Monday, ok? I’ll treat you.”

“Thank you.” You exhaled shakily. You clenched your fists, willing yourself to look stronger than you actually were. “I better go.”

The moment you stepped outside the remains of the Ark, your boyfriend found you. He stood in front of you. “So? How’d it go?”

Your heart dropped right into your stomach. You had to tell him. You opened your mouth to respond, maybe to whisper that you were going to die in a few months. However, once you saw Murphy’s lips set in a straight line, his eyes full of despair, and the scars on his neck, you stopped. Were you really going make it worse for him?

You smiled a little, trying to fake it as much as you can. “Nothing big. Just some old disease, used to be common. Abby thinks that as long as I visit her once a week, I will be fine.”

Murphy sighed, his lips curling into a soft smile. “Good. Don’t want my girlfriend dying on me anytime soon.”

You smiled a little before clasping your hands together. “So, are we going to the shooting range or not?”

Your boyfriend rolled his eyes before taking your hand and walking you to the shooting range. “You need to work on your aim, anyway.”

You moved your intertwined hands so that his arm wrapped around your shoulder. Hearing his last snide remark, you elbowed him in the stomach. “Watch it, Murphy. I know your weak spots.” You laughed, pushing the fatal thoughts of your incurable disease into the back of your brain.

It followed you like a shadow throughout the entire camp. Whenever you thought everything was perfect, when you were stuck in a moment you wished would never pass… it ended. Pain split your head. Your stomach lurched. Your body lost its energy.

Your boyfriend was always there to try and comfort you. At first, it was obvious when you were in pain. You’d maybe lurch forward or scream. Once Murphy was at your side, you’d tell him it was the disease but nothing you couldn’t handle. Soon, you got used to the pain, living with constant reminders you will die. Instead of the screams or cowering, you’d clench your fists or tighten your jaw. Murphy still saw it, but you blamed it on the stress.

He knew you were lying. Murphy could see it. He didn’t know what you were lying about. Lots of things had happened around Camp Jaha. Clarke had left; Camp Jaha was in pieces after the Grounder’s abandonment, and nightmares of every horrid event that had passed plagued everyone’s nightmares. Your boyfriend knew something was wrong. Murphy just didn’t know what it was.

As time went on, Murphy and you grew more distant. Every time he pried into why you were “stressed,” you pushed him away. Since Murphy was too stubborn, all conversations with him turned into an interrogation, which caused you to push him away even further. Tensions rose, and one day, it snapped.

“Do you have to do that?”

You groaned. “What?”

“Tap your fingers constantly.”

You grit your teeth. It was a side effect of the medicine, the anxiousness. “Well, what do you want me to do about it? Cut my fingers off, huh? Would that make you happier?”

“What would make me happier is you stopping that annoying tapping. Honestly, it’s so fucking repetitive.”

“Really? I wonder how that feels.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Ha! You,” you pointed your finger at him and stood up, causing your chair to slam against the tent, “you repeatedly interrogate me every day as if I am some sort of criminal!”

“Criminal?” Murphy walked up to you, staring you down. “Y/n, you were sent here because you were a criminal!”

“Yeah! You were sent here, too.”

“Well, at least I tell you everything! What have you done, huh, Y/n? Mope around camp like some stranded puppy?!”

“I do more than you!”

“Like what?” He scoffed.

“Not snooping into other’s fucking business!”

“You’re my girlfriend, Y/n! My girlfriend! I need to know if something is bothering you!”

“Oh, and why is that, Johnathon?”

“I care about you! I need to know, ok? But, no matter how much I try, you never let me in! You are more stubborn than me!”

“At least I know when to give someone their own personal space!”

“And what good does that do?”

“It gets better results than your little messed-up plan! What do you expect me to do, John? To gush out all of my feelings and secrets lovingly?” You clasped your hands together mockingly. “Oh, John, I am so sorry about everything. Find it in the bottom of your heart to forgive me?” You rolled your eyes. “Well, that’s never gonna happen, ok?!”

“Then, what is happening between us? You don’t tell me anything! The last personal thing I heard from you were the nightmares of the last Grounder war. That was what? Three months ago? And look at us now. We’re nothing! And, it’s not because of me or my lack of effort, because I have tried, (Y/n). I have. It’s you who hasn’t done anything!”

“It’s not my fault that I’m going to die!”

Silence. Absolute and utter silence.          

Murphy was in utter shock. The rage he had before disappeared, and was replaced by fear and uncertainty. “What do you mean by that?”

You sat down again, tears spilling onto your cheeks. You avoided Murphy’s gaze.

Murphy walked closer to you. “(Y/n), you said the disease was cured.”

“I lied.”

“Your visits with Abby…”

“To get check-ups and medicine. The disease is incurable.” You stared at him through the tears. “I’m sorry. I meant-“

“How long?”


“How long?” he demanded.

You gulped and stared at the floor. “A month and a half.”

“At least?”

“At most.” You bit your lip and stared at the floor.

A resounding crash echoed throughout the tent. You jumped up from your seat and shouted, “Murphy! Stop!”

Your boyfriend had reached for the closest item he could grab and threw it against the floor as hard as he could.

“Murphy, please.” You wrapped your arms around his chest before he could reach anything else. You pressed yourself against his back. “Stop.”

Murphy shut his eyes tightly, preventing his own tears from spilling. His attempts were futile as the tears escaped. He shook his head and moved you so that he could hug you close. His hands grabbed your back, always moving and trying to make sure you were still with him.

Then, he did something you never thought could happen, or was even possible. He started to cry. Tears fell onto your shoulder as he tried to keep his cool. With you in his arms, he couldn’t find it within himself to be mad. Murphy pursed his lips. “It shouldn’t be you.” He rested his chin in the crook of your neck.

You closed your eyes and pulled him closer to you. “It shouldn’t be you, either.”

“I’m not the one dying.”

You stayed silent. Instead, you gently brushed your fingers through his hair. “I’ll be ok.” You sighed. “You’ll be ok, too.”

“We’re going to find a cure.”

“What?” you pulled away from him and grasped his shoulders. “Murphy, that’s crazy. There is no cure.”

“You say so, and Abby, but what if someone, some place has it all?” He grasped your hands. “Jaha, he… he mentioned a place called the City of Light. Sure, it might not exist, but everyone who can make it there… They could have a cure. We could catch up with them.”


“It’s a long-shot, I know. But, we need to cure you.” Murphy caressed your cheek. He pursed his lips. “I am not going to lose you to some stupid disease.”

You instinctively leaned into his touch. Seeing your boyfriend like this made your heart swell. He’d chase some myth just to try to cure you, just to keep you on the Ground. What did you do to deserve such love?

You grinned. “I guess we better pack then.”

Murphy smiled and pecked your lips. “I’m going to find a cure. I promise.”

Heyo everyone! I know, it’s been a while…. I am so sorry for the late post. This was supposed to be up a few hours ago, but my mom got mad at me, my dad got mad at me, and overall, I just got caught up in more drama than I expected. Hopefully, my writing is still good!

Anyway, i hope every single one of you has a great weekend. i will do my best to post another imagine over the weekend, but I can’t promise anything! I hope you can all bare with me. If you can’t that’s fine too. I completely understand! Have a magical weekend!

EDIT: GUUUYYSSS!!!!! I love Part 2 so much!!!!! You should read it! You know, if you want to…..

And now for something different…

Knitting!  I haven’t been knitting much lately, although knitting was my main crafty love for a couple of years.  I like to knit on planes and in airports, and so I brought this neglected project along with me.

It’s Alice Starmore’s Elephants Waistcoat pattern from the Children’s Collection, but re-worked as a throw pillow.  The pattern is for a double-sided pillow, but I stole an idea from someone on Ravelry and inserted 2 steeks into the pattern (a steek is a vertical strip of “filler” stitches used in stranded color knitting like this, which you then later cut along).  After I’m done, I’ll sew along the steeks, cut the pattern in 2, and then sew each “front” to a backing, probably some nice thick home dec weight fabric, to make the pillows.  

I’m planning to keep 1 pillow and give the other one to my aunt, but my Mom really took an interest in the pattern this weekend, so maybe I’ll give each of them a pillow.  :)  

I have been working on this silly pillow on and off for about 2 years now. It takes a lot of concentration to follow the color chart, so I don’t find that lace or colorwork is really well-suited for me to do in front of the TV or something, for example.  Now that I’m about 2/3 of the way done with the knitting, I’m more interested in finishing it, so I’m trying to bring it to work and get a row done here and there.

The funny thing is that one of the main reasons I wanted to learn to sew and get a sewing machine was to sew around steeks so I could do more Fair Isle (stranded) knitting like this.  I didn’t realize I’d get so addicted to quilting that it would eclipse my knitting!