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fiki week, day two - inspired by art:  pirate au

Dwalin had once asked him, bare-headed and rough-skinned, if he’d rather have stayed safe and dry at home, after all. Fili’s gaze had naturally sought Kili, and found his familiar frame pinned against a hazy dawn, his hair still damp from a stormy night on deck. He’d been smiling his secret smile, the young rogue, all pink lips and starlit eyes, his shoulders curled in Fili’s jacket against the morning chill. “No,” Fili had simply said. He couldn’t have longed for home if he wanted to. Home had set sail with him a long time ago, and it was standing right in front of him, mischievous and beautiful and more his than his very soul had ever been. ~by rillils

This trend of “cancelling” people when they say something you don’t like and then uncancelling them 5 minutes later when they say something you do like is ridiculous and exhausting.

People say both good and bad things??? Do both good and bad things????

One or two kinda shitty actions don’t make a whole person’s quality suddenly change.

But it seems like people are only willing to give their faves the benefit of the doubt, that they’re still basically good people, while everyone else is in constant fluctuation from okay to pure evil.

I think we could all benefit from just a tiny bit of “maybe they didn’t mean it that way” or “yeah that sucked but they’ve had other moments that were really good” in our lives.

i’d like to thank everyone i follow for not putting any of that dad game discourse on my dash

i’ve stayed almost completely ignorant of the entire situation and i would prefer to keep it that way.

every time someone remotely internet famous tries to do a Good Thing there’s always these shitty teens wriggling their hands together ready to pull receipts from ten years ago to make sure everyone knows that this Good Thing is actually Bad and that in fact, no Things are Good.

thank you for not exposing me to that. things like this are best ignored. predatory, performative outrage for attention is behavior that should not be encouraged.

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hey what happened in that ask? did the creators say something about supercorp at comiccon?

aren’t you in for a treat my friend, buckle up. Ahem.

Once upon a time, there was 7 people sitting on a couch being interviewed, 2 of those 7 people began singing a recap of supergirl season 2, half way through the song someone by the name Jeremy aka Winn starting singing ‘they’re only friends, they’re not going to get together’ aggressively about supercorp. Everyone around him started to laugh. The end.

It’s not the fact that he said they’re not going to get together, we all know that, but honestly a lot of people feel so alienated myself included it was a very shitty thing to do.

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wait what's the whole thing with supergirl what happened?

ooh boy, where to begin??

- Floriana is apparently leaving the show after all but we’ll get an ‘amazing, beautiful’ Sanvers story in her ‘remaining episodes’ - the producers made it seen as if she wanted out (although look at the sort of tweets she liked in May when her demotion was announced, it almost certainly seemed as if she’s been forced out). However, she’s been online since then, liking a bunch of tweets thanking her for her support of the community and also liked a tweet hinting at there’s more to this story that we don’t know. 

- Then you have Jeremy Jordan making a ‘joke’ about people who ship Supercorp, looking straight into the camera saying it’ll never happen, before ‘joking’ that he destroyed SC, to which Melissa then laughed at. He’s since apologized for doing so on Instagram but still….it was still a shitty thing to do.

It’s basically been one giant mess and I don’t think anyone is actually is talking about the actual plot of next season, because all this has overshadowed it. 

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There's this post out there reminding ppl that although connors abuse of Zoe was in no way justified, she DID do some p shitty things towards him too. Like she was a victim, but she had moments in the show where she copied her parents' actions w C (eg throwing him under the bus in ahap). I was wondering if Z was going to be confronted? She WAS a victim of abuse and C deserves the consequences he faces in QO, but I think it should be acknowledged that Z engaged in harmful behaviors towards C too

I kind of acknowledged that in chapter 4 of QO, when Zoe has her confrontation with Jared. She wasn’t great to Connor in the canon of the show, though certainly not to the extent described of his actions, but she did love him in the end and a lot of her attitude towards him I think was a result of frustration on her part. She couldn’t get anything positive out of him, so she turned to mirroring some of his negativity because it was all he responded to.
Again, QO chapter 4. She says that she understands why people consider Connor a freak and even understands their behavior - and in doing such effectively implies that she herself is guilty of it - but has come to the realization that it does him more harm than good. With that in mind, Zoe doesn’t have repercussions to face in the sense that Connor does (blatantly violent behaviors and all that) but she is trying to atone for her actions in working to rebuild her relationship with him.

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people who steal art and act all defensive when called out on it

If art isn’t yours then it’s not yours to post so you have to ask permissions and respect the artist’s wishes. You may think that you’re showing support but you’re stealing someone else’s hard work and thats a really shitty thing to do. People work really hard to make art and it’s their choice to post it but them posting it does not give you permission to take it
Also, when someone lets you know “hey this is so-and-so’s art, did they give you permission to use it?” You have to answer honestly and if the answer is no then you need to take down the post until you get proper permission from the artist. Also, finding art without a source is not an excuse to post it, it’s still not yours and you still don’t have permission to steal it so it’s stealing and it’s a really shitty thing to do. And when you do have permission to post with credit “cree to the artist” is not good enough, say the artist’s name and give all of their links so I hat you are giving full credit. “Creds to the artist” is like saying “hey I stole this from someone, I don’t even care to see who I stole it from” so don’t do it

(Send me stuff to rant about! Anything!)

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Wait what happened with Jeremy Jordan??

the supergirl cast had a comic con panel and he made a joke about supercorp (a wlw ship on the show) being “JUST FRIENDS” in a very aggressive way which was a shitty thing to do since most of the show’s fanbase is lgbt

then, he “apologized” for what he did without actually apologizing, claiming he’s not homophobic because he’s supported lgbt people in the past, and acting like a victim when people called him out on his homophobic joke

sooo tldr he’s a homophobic piece of shit

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Regina being cursed to be gay and sleeping with Lady Tremaine would indeed be genuinely awful, which is why I half expect it. These boys have serious consent issues in their writing, and I could see them finding that very titillating.

I do not.  I think there is a point where deciding that someone is going to do something shitty and creating that shitty thing in your head and that you are sure they’re going to do is … counter productiv.e

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