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I let out a huge sigh of nervousness as I straightened out my red dress. It was my first time making an appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden, and I was freaking out. 

In my short career as an actress, interviews have become my new norm. The overwhelming amount of uneasiness that would present itself before every press conference, convention, etc. has eased up incredibly. So why was I so anxious about this particular appearance?

Because the love of my life, also known as Harry freaking Styles, was going to be seated inches away from me on the same couch. 

As a long time fan of One Direction, this was like a dream come true. But that’s exactly all it was suppose to be. A dream. Now this dream is becoming a reality, except my hands are sweating like crazy and my heart feels like it’s being a thousand miles an hour. Please, God, let me make it out of this alive. 

“..Two-time Oscar nominee, the ever-so stunning, Y/N Y/L!”

I wiped any trace of nervousness off my face as I made my way onto the stage after stopping to greet some of the fans. The amount of support that was shown always left me in awe.

“It’s so good to see you!” James said as we embraced. 

“You too, thanks for having me!” I replied as we pulled away.

“…Here for his week-long residency, the devilishly handsome, Harry Styles!” 

He walked out in a floral suit with a grin on his face as he greeted fans before making his way to the stage. His rings glinted in the stage lights as he ran his hand through his soft-looking chocolate hair. He looks like a whole snack, AAAAAHHHHHH!

Play it cool, play it cool, I mentally chanted as he embraced me in a hug.

“Nice to meet you,” he said after pulling away. 

“You too,” I replied, and I could only hope that I wasn’t grinning too hard.

“So, Y/N, word has it that you were a huge fan of One Direction, is that true?” James asks as we get settled on the couch. 

“Depends, why’re you asking?” I ask cautiously, causing the audience to laugh. I see Harry smirk a little out of the corner of my eye. 

“No reason, no reason,” James says with a mischievous look in his eye. “But, now that you’ve asked..” he said as he turned his attention to the screen.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized in advance.

“Why are you apologizing, I haven’t even played the clip yet!”James laughed.

I shook my head before responding. “I just know that whatever’s about to play is going to be so painfully embarrassing, and possibly traumatic, to everyone here.”

“This is gonna be interesting,” Harry spoke up beside me, resulting in another round of laughter from the audience. 

The screen showed a 17-year-old me getting ready in the morning. My hair was wrapped in a bonnet and I wore a fuzzy blue bathrobe as I sang along to Over Again into my toothbrush, occasionally stopping to brush. 

“Oh my goodness,” I mumbled with an embarrassed smile as I remembered the video that my brother secretly took of me. I covered my face with my hands as 17-year-old me continued to sing horribly while making dramatic hand gestures.

“Is it over?” I asked sheepishly as I heard James and the audience laughing beside me. I looked over to see Harry with a finger on his lips in an attempt to hold back his laughter. My face would have been as red as a tomato if it weren’t for my melanin. Thank God.

“I, for one, thought that was quite adorable,” Harry said after the laughter died down. Again, thank God for my melanin. 



I turned around and was surprised to see Harry. The show had just ended and I had gotten changed out of my dress and into something casual.

“Hey, great performance out there! I love the album,” I said as he made his way towards me. I hope that didn’t sound too fangirl-y.

“Thank you, that means a lot to me,” he said genuinely. I smiled before fidgeting with the hair tie on my wrist out of nervousness. 

“Erm, I was wondering if you wanted to grab something to eat? If you want, of course.” 

“I-” I cut myself off and cleared my throat as I could literally feel myself about to shriek out a response. “I’d love too!” I smiled. “Let me just grab my phone.” 

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming before doing a mini-dance in the safety of my dressing room. I grabbed my phone and walked out to Harry, dressed down and still looking perfect as ever in a floral button up and black jeans. 

“Ready?” I nodded and we began heading out.

“Do you like burgers?” he asked. “I know a diner ‘bout a block away that makes the best burgers. Milkshakes are pretty nice, too.”

Love,” I responded with a smile. If I keep smiling like this, my face might fall off.

“Maybe on the way you can show me more of those dance moves from the video,” Harry said as he imitated my hand gestures. I shook my head, bringing my hand up to shield my embarrassment as I let out a laugh.

“Please don’t make me,” I begged.

“Alright, alright,” he chuckled. “Only ‘cause I like you.”

Did I forget to thank God for my melanin?

Dick Grayson’s Online Dating Profile

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Name: richard john grayson

Age: 23

Gender: male

Status: single

Occupation: police officer

Hair: black

Eyes: blue

Height: 5′11

Weight: 175 lbs.

Nicknames?: dick, dicky, dickhead, pretty much any puns about dicks tbh

Favourite Colour?: ahhh blue

Favourite Smell?: giorgio armani colognes, cotton candy, burning wood, vanilla

Favourite Food?: cereal for sure

Favourite Drink?: hmm…water? and capri suns, too

Do You Smoke?: no, never.

Do You Like Animals? of course! 

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?: i think it depends, but in a way, yeah

Do You Watch TV?: yeah, all the time

Have You Ever Been Arrested?: ha, no

Have You Ever Had Sex?: uh…..yeah…

Hair Colour Preference?: i kinda have this thing for redheads

Tall or Short S/O?: never really mattered to me

What’s Your Zodiac Sign?: scorpio

Favourite Dessert?: ice cream cake and pudding

Favourite Disney Movie?: bambi, hercules, tangled, all of them, honestly

Favourite Movie?: raiders of the lost ark! 

Favourite TV Show?: game of thrones

Favourite Candy?: twizzlers and skittles

Favourite Band?: the beatles

Guilty Pleasure Song?: do i have to say it? fine. the safety dance by men without hats.

Favourite TV Character?: tyrion lannister

Favourite City?: gotham has a special place in my heart

Favourite Insult?: cockmuppet cracks me up all the time

Favourite Dog Breed?: how could i choose?

What Traits Do You Look For In A Person?:

i think it’s mainly just kindness and optimism, honestly. adventurous, humorous, and compassion aren’t as important, but still great.

Do You Have Any Siblings?:

yeah! jason, tim, damian, steph, and cassie are all of my brothers and sisters. i can show you pictures if you want, i have them all in my wallet :)

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

i hope i’m married and live in a nice house, and captain of the police force. maybe a few pets. i’ve always wanted a hamster, or maybe a bunny?


listen on spotify

flaxx - huge and powerful sun
thomas dolby - she blinded me with science
(when she’s dancing next to me, blinding me with science, science)
village people - macho man (they dig my big thick mustache)
mother mother - infinitesimal (they say it started with a big bang)
urban cone - old school (everything that i do is to love you old school)
men without hats - the safety dance (and we can act like we come from out of this world, leave the real one far behind)
the pointer sisters - i’m so excited (look what you do to me, you got me burning up)  
joe esposito - you’re the best (fight ‘til you drop, never stop, can’t give up ‘til you reach the top)
kenny loggins - danger zone (always where i burn to be. the further on the edge, the hotter the intensity.)
cosmic gal - space fever
WALK THE MOON - work this body (show me what you got, work this body on the floor)
BABYMETAL - karate (心折られても
daft punk - digital love (there’s nothing wrong with just a little, little fun. we were dancing all night long.)
queen - don’t stop me now (i’m out of control, i am a sex machine ready to reload)
zapp & roger - heartbreaker (if you got to break somebody’s heart, you can break my heart anytime you like)
francis and the lights - friends (cause wherever you may roam, there’s a station playin’ rock and roll)
kesha - spaceship
(i don’t belong in these parts. there’s too much hate, there’s too much hurt for this heart.)
lights - portal (the loneliest thing in the shape of a fist that i wish i could bring in this bitter abyss is my petrified heart, still pounding)
adam young - interstellar space (the space between the stars)

A Few Fallout Headcanons

-Deacon thinks that license plates are some sort of code. 

-Danse thinks that the license plates were part of a fad schemed up by the Chinese to infiltrate the United States, and it worked. 

-One of Deacon’s favorite things to do is sing Safety Dance in front of Danse after Blind Betrayal.

-”We can Danse if we want to, we can leave our friends behind. Because if they don’t danse, and if they don’t danse, then they’re no friends of mine.”

-Danse isn’t sure whether he loves it or hates it. 

-There’s a reason why Day Tripper isn’t mixed with any of the other chems. When mixed, it creates an exothermic reaction. Hancock knows this and will spritz a drink with some jet when he sees some asshole try and slip something into a girl (or guy)’s drink at the Third Rail, if he hasn’t already stabbed them for it. 

-Takahashi is actually a very intellectual (and sassy) protectron, but because he has been broken for so long, he has no way of other communication, aside from the usual dialogue. 

-Nick can recognize Takahashi’s emotions by the speed of the gears whirring in Tak’s brain. 

-Nick is a pro at getting off handcuffs, mainly because every person who finds a pair tries to see if it works, and in the process, gets stuck. 

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What about the band and their S/O used to be a stripper?

2D: He’d probably ask a few questions at first, one of them being if you’d give him a private show. Considering the time he’s spent with Murdoc he’s spent a few nights in strip clubs so he has a rough idea of the scene. At the end of the day it was your decision and as long as you were happy he was happy 

Murdoc: He’ll probably ask you to show him some moves and you wouldn’t mind giving him a little show. He wouldn’t pry but he’d want to know why you did it, if you needed extra cash he offers to help you out. If anyone was giving you trouble about your past he’d rush to your defence

Noodle: At first she’d be intrigued and admires your confidence. She wouldn’t really care, sometimes you had to do what you had to do it was nothing personal. There would be situations where people would try and shame you for your choice but she was having none of it 

Russel: He knows that life sometimes throws certain situations at you so he’s in no way embarrassed or ashamed. He can ask a lot of questions about your past career but it’s mainly just about your safety. You still do pole dancing on occasion and he loves watching you move

Between the Two of Us II Jai/Fan

Don’t know about anyone else I’ve always wanted to read a story where Jai meets a fan at a event etc and actually is attracted to her, wants to see if she feels same way, have it written from his POV about meeting this fan etc

Ok, as many of you know, I’m traveling atm (You can find the dates on my FAQ page), so I can only quickly look at prompts before I write them down my hand, then type them up when I find Internet, and I missed that you wanted this in Jai’s POV, I would, however, love to continue this story in his POV, staring from his meeting, and ending a bit later ;) Just message me if you want it. Regardless, enjoy this story, I love feedback, and hope you like it!

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  • Steven: look at these old photos of the gems from when I was a baby!
  • Lapis Lazuli: what are these? *points to Pearl's leg warmers*
  • Pearl: *slams the photo album shut* Oh nothing! Those were just, uh, what was popular at the time! oh, humans and their ever-changing fashion trends! embarrassing, right?
  • Lapis Lazuli: I want them
  • Pearl: what?
  • Lapis Lazuli: do you still have them
  • Pearl: um
  • Lapis Lazuli 2 hours later: *doing the running man to Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance" wearing leg warmers and shutter shades*

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Okay so I was in the shower listening to Safety Dance by Men Without Hats (like you do) and just in all silly-ness dancing around the tiles, when my neighbor violently pounded on the wall and told me to shut up. Anyway now I'm sure to caterwaul some of my favs when I shower. I also now have a playlist called "Most Annoying Hits". So I was wondering if you knew any fic of Stiles annoying the crap out of his neighbor Derek? :D

“Annoy” as in fall in love with, yeah…

  • This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam (M, 38k) Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship. And it all begins with two white boards.
  • A Blossoming Romance by Trelkez (T, 10k) Stiles will just have to try harder next time. No one can ignore him forever.
  • Knot the Average Alpha by blacktofade (E, 20k) Stiles’ favourite porn star, Derek Hale, moves into his apartment block and there are inappropriate facial jokes, broken bones, and a staggering amount of threats in a tiny elevator.
  • pie x s^2 by rlnerdgirl (G, 3k) Former CIA spook Stiles Stilinski is weathering early retirement in the familiar rustic backdrop of the Sierra Nevadas. What he’s not expecting is for his lakeside neighbor to be renown Special Agent Derek Hale. The one in which Stiles’ dog likes to run away and wander around Derek’s property, and Stiles has to go fetch him… again.
  • untitled by howlnatural (Not Rated, 3k) “He’s fucking cute Der? Who is he?” “N’body,” Derek says, lips pressed against the upholstery. Laura pulls him upright by his hair to give him a suspicious look, and Cora just snorts. “You don’t even know, do you?” The hot guy from next door. Newest addition to the street. Lives alone, sunburns easily, only seems to wear plaid. He drinks water like he’s in a Diet Coke commercial and has no spacial awareness. When he laughs, he looks like he’s about to fall over. Derek wants to ruin him.
  • To Navigate Your Seas by alisvolitpropiss (E, 26k) Derek is a beach bum/surfer; Stiles is his new neighbor. Feels ensue.
  • Handsome Hobo by relenafanel and swingsetindecember (T, 9k) Derek should probably stop rummaging through garbage if he doesn’t want people to assume he’s homeless.
  • Fallen For You by mynuet (G, 2k) Stiles is not swooning when his hot next door neighbor comes to his rescue. He’s not! Maybe a little.
  • You Left Your Window Open and I Crawled Inside by Madalynn_Bohemia (E, 14k) In which Derek and Stiles are neighbors, and Stiles somehow gets the fantastic idea to hack Derek’s computer to allow him an all access pass to spy through his webcam. It’s not like he’ll see something he shouldn’t, right?
  • Talk To Me, Baby by SaraGeek16 (T, 2k) Derek delivers a basket to a neighbor he didn’t realize he had, Stiles speaks Polish, and Laura cackles in the background. Also, a drag queen.
  • Chasing the Sun by starfleet (T, 2k) Stiles has just gotten a new neighbor again. Obviously this means he has to whip out his old mixing bowl and start to charm the shit out of whoever they are. ‘They’ happen to be Derek.
  • Say Uncle by MsCee (T, 6k) Derek Hale does not babysit. He just doesn’t. That is, until he finds out that his cute new neighbor wants them to bond as single fathers while their daughters play. Not that Ellie is his daughter, but Stiles doesn’t need to know that, right?Or, wherein Derek does not bother correcting an assumption and probably even encourages it in the name of lurve, but it all works out because Stiles is not exactly being the poster boy of honesty either.
  • untitled by wearethecyclones (G, 1k) “When are you going to just talk to him? He lives in your building. It’ll take a really simple comment on the weather or “good morning” or “how’s it going?” or “happy Friday.” Just man up.” “I don’t see why I have to talk to him,” Derek answers, obstinate.
  • Home Is Where Your Couch Is by notmissmarple (T, 2k) ”I’m Stiles. Your neighbor right next door, like literally one window over, is my best friend, and when I’m stressed—which I am A LOT right now—he lets me crash and I’m really sorry I keep fucking up the windows but, jesus, now I’m embarrassed and I don’t even know why I said all that except thanks to your brilliant alarm clock I am now very, very awake and also I think my shirt is starting to chafe my nipples.”
  • untitled by matildajones (Not Rated, 1k) The first time Derek sees his new neighbour, Derek almost trips over the many boxes in the hallway, and there’s a scowl on his face when the man calls out across the corridor. “Sorry! Sorry!” he says, before grinning lopsidedly. “Hi, I’m Stiles. I’m, uh, new. Yeah, I’m new here. I’m moving in with my daughter! Her name is Amy.”
  • All You Ever Needed To Know About Knotting by KuriKuri (E, 5k) Derek had started reading the column by accident. Really, reading strangers’ questions about knotting and heat had never really appealed to him. However, at that point in time, he was a little desperate.And he was right: most of the questions submitted by anonymous readers didn’t appeal to him. The answers, though, did. (Or: In which Stiles writes an advice column about knotting and Derek is smitten. Also they’re neighbors.)
  • Listen To The Beat by amazingpages (M, 6k)  Of all the things Derek thought he’d have to deal with upon moving into his new apartment, a loudly masturbating neighbor wasn’t one of them.
  • intended recipient by bibliosexualll (T, 2k) In the short time since Derek Hale moved in next door, Stiles has learned some valuable life lessons. For example: Do not open mysterious packages left on your doorstep without first checking that they’re really addressed to you. There are some things in life that Stiles will never unsee, and a 10-inch glittery blue dildo with a knot at the base is one of them.
  • untitled by felicitysmock (Not Rated, 3k) “Your foot just interrupted my breakfast,” Derek smirks, “I’m pretty sure we’re past that, already.” “Hey! These are my good socks, man!” Stiles wiggles his toes back through the hole, curses when he notices a tear in said sock. “Dude, no! My only good pair of socks!” Derek snorts, jumps off the table, “Try not to fall through any more floorboards until I’m at least there to catch you.”“ My hero!” Stiles crows loudly as Derek heads for the pantry to get his toolbox.
  • Garden Variety by lissadiane (G, 11k) In which Stiles Stilinski attempts to finish his first draft of his new novel while being utterly distracted by the shenanigans happening next door - which generally involve his hot new neighbour engaging in physical labour. Whether it’s a hoe, a trowel, a hammer or a nail gun, watching Derek get dirty and sweaty is a thousand times more interesting than meeting a deadline.Stiles has a crush and a dog, Derek has baggage and a little girl, and together, they just might make it work.
  • the most handsome man in the world by mad-madam-m (Not Rated, 1k) “Hold the door!” someone yells, and oh God, Stiles knows that voice. He knows what’s going to happen, and he’s powerless to stop it.
    Sure enough, The Most Handsome Man in the World jogs into the elevator before the doors close. He straightens his tie and nods at Stiles. “Thanks for holding it.” 
adventures of lexa the friendly chip pt. 8
  • lexa: *plays the safety dance again*
  • clarke: lexa why??? why do you play that song so much??
  • lexa: it's my favorite song
  • clarke: why don't you play any other song??
  • lexa: it's also the only song i know
  • clarke: can you please stop? it's annoying
  • lexa: clarke, it is a sacred song that has been passed down for generations by my people
  • clarke: for fucks sake lexa it's just the safety dance
  • lexa: ♩♬ we can dance if we want to, we can leave our friends behind ♩♬
  • clarke: *screams*
  • lexa: :D

pretty sure sherlock listens to broadway soundtracks and dances around in his safety goggles doing chemistry when john’s out but one time john comes home early and catches sherlock doing the male part of the lovesong and grins wide before surprising him with a completely off key, squeaked, high-pitched rendition of the female lead’s part

17 of Glee’s Best Performances

In honor of Glee’s series finale, here’s a look back on some of the show’s best musical performances rated from jam to JAAAAMMMM! Hopefully you sprung for the lifetime warranty on that laptop because you are about to cry ALL over your keyboard!

17. Imagine: A deaf show choir signing John Lennon? This will melt even the coldest of hearts.

16. Thriller/Heads Will Roll: That awkward moment when McKinley High’s half time performance was better than the Super Bowls. Why didn’t they do more mash-ups on this show?

15. Safety Dance: The moment when Artie was not only able to walk but showed us he could really bust a move! Yes, it was only a dream sequence but it was a dream come true!

14. If I Die Young: I’ve seen this multiple times yet I still can’t watch it without crying!

13. Time Warp: This performance made me shiver with antici………….

12. Shake It Out: Oh, the harmonies! This was one of the rare moments when the shows rendition was actually better than the original song.

11. Somebody to love: One of the most classic Glee Club performances, this is how real High Schools do it!

10. No Scrubs: Can’t. Stop. Laughing. This was Lima, Ohio’s knock off Chippendale’s routine.

9. Stop In The Name of Love/Free Your Mind: The Mash-up Men strike again! Someone call One Direction and tell them that this is how a real boy band performs.

8. Girls Just Want to Have Fun: This was the moment that we all fell in love with Finn Hudson. R.I.P Cory Monteith.

7. Teenage Dream: Ah, the first time we met Blaine and The Warblers, his dreamy all male glee club.

6. Make You Feel My Love: Lea Michele’s first performance after Cory Monteith’s death was beautifully heartbreaking. This was such a hard one to watch.

5. It’s My Life/Confessions Pt. 2: What do you get when you mix Bon Jovi, Usher, and A LOT of Vitamin D? The coolest mash-up ever! I don’t care what Mr. Shue says the boys beat the girls!

4. I Wanna Sex You Up: The Acafella’s taught us why they’re called boy bands and not man bands. I still don’t understand how Mr. Shue didn’t get fired for this!

3. Like A Virgin: This performance was hot, hot, hot! The Parent’s Television Council is probably still upset about it!

2. Bohemian Rhapsody: JESSE ST. JAMES! Need I Say more?

And the song that started it all,

1. Don’t Stop Believing: Because this was the song that brought the New Directions together! Plus, they’ve performed this one multiple times so it must be good.

And that’s what you missed on….