do the russian twist

Pro Ana Bathroom Break Workout

Every time you go, do this inside the stall:
•15 squats
•30 standing Russian twists
•20 lateral side bends

If you have more time or there’s no one else in there, do:
•20 high knees
•20 butt kicks
•quick feet for 20 seconds
•15 plié squats

If you REALLY have time, add:
•1 minute wall sit
•30 jump-ropes

Getting one’s heart-rate up throughout the day at regular intervals helps speed metabolic processes, which aids in calorie burning all day long.

Stay strong:))

anonymous asked:

How do Loose belly fat?? What exercises and how many reps and stuff?😬😕

I always do 10 reps 3 times.. it starts with diet cut out the refined sugars the saturated fats eat greens and tree nuts and eat a well rounded diet. Exercise is next you can get started with a run and then do stomach workouts like situps planks russian twists

Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout

Circuit One: Squat

External image

Reps: 15

  • Begin with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and toes pointed slightly outward. Place your hands behind your head with elbows wide.
  • Keeping your weight in your heels, and sit back into your deep squat. Make sure your knees do not go beyond your toes.
  • Press through your heels to come to standing to engage your glutes. This completes one rep. 
  • Do 15 reps.
Circuit One: Seated Russian Twist
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Reps: 30, alternating sides

  • Sit on the ground with your knees bent and your heels about a foot and a half from your butt.
  • Lean slightly back without rounding your spine at all.
  • Place your hands behind your head with elbows wide. 
  • Pull your navel to your spine, and twist slowly to the right. The movement is not large and comes from the ribs rotating. This completes one rep. Inhale through your center and rotate to the left.
  • Do 30 rotations, alternating sides. 
Circuit One: Elbow Plank With Leg Lift
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Reps: 20, alternating legs

  • Start in an elbow plank.
  • Keeping your torso stable, lift your right foot off the ground. Lower your right leg. This completes one rep. 
  • Switch sides and lift the left leg up for a total of 20 reps.
Ciruit Two: Curtsy Squat
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Reps: 10, each side

  • Start from standing, and step your left leg behind you and to the right so your thighs cross, bending both knees as if you are curtsying.
  • Return to standing and repeat.
  • Perform 10 reps, then switch sides.
Ciruit Two: Triceps Dip
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Reps: 15

  • With your hands shoulder width apart on the floor behind you, straighten your elbows to lift your pelvis off the ground.
  • Keeping your pelvis high, inhale, and bend your elbows straight behind you. 
  • Exhale and straighten your arms, working the triceps. This completes one rep. Complete a total of 15 reps.
Circuit Two: Squat With Sidekick
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Reps: 20, alternating sides 

  • Start in a deep squat. Place your weight into your left foot as your twist to your right kicking your right leg. Your right knees should face forward not up.
  • Lower your leg and return to your deep squat. This completes one rep. Repeat on the other side for a total of 20 kicks.
Circuit Three: Pilates Roll-Down
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Reps: 10, slow and smooth 

  • Begin seated at the front edge of your mat, with knees bent and legs parallel. Reach your arms toward the ceiling to lengthen your spine.
  • Exhale and pull abs deeply toward spine, and begin to roll down the floor one vertebra at a time; the movement should be smooth and controlled. Once your head reaches the mat, reach your arms overhead so they are parallel to the floor. 
  • Exhale and begin to roll up, peeling your spine off the mat and coming all the way to sitting. Inhale your arms up toward the ceiling. This completes one rep.
Circuit Three: Leaning Lunge
External image

Reps: 12, each legs

  • Start standing at the front of your mat, and take a large step backward with your right foot, bending both knees and coming into a lunge.
  • Keeping your left knee bent, lean your torso forward and straighten your right knee. You should feel your left glute engaging.
  • Press through your left heel and bring your right foot forward to meet your left, and return to standing upright. This completes one rep.
  • Do 12 reps, then switch legs.
Circuit Three: Negative Push-Up
External image

Reps: 10

  • Start in a plank position.
  • Slowly lower your body to the mat, then squeeze your shoulder blades together, lifting your palms away from the floor.
  • Press your palms into the floor, and straighten your elbows, pushing yourself back into the plank. This completes one rep. Do 10 reps total.


If you’ve been following my crazy journey this week, then I think you and I both know it’s high time I remind myself how far I’ve come and the progress I’ve made so far.

In the left picture, I had already lost 20 lbs. I was in a state of disbelief and giddy happiness. I couldn’t believe I’d been able to do it. 20 lbs! I felt body positive and beautiful in that photo. Shocked at what I could accomplish.

Left is me 42 lbs down later. I’ve been struggling the past few months - not able to see my progress, feeling stuck. The scale not where I want it. Things have felt especially frustrating since the holiday season and I find I’ve been picking on myself way more than usual when I look in the mirror.

I’m especially hard on my poor tummy, who definitely doesn’t deserve it because she can hold a plank for 1:10 mins now, do 100 Russian twists, and can do 60 sit-ups all in succession. She can even crunch 85 lbs on the abdominal weight machine at the gym, which is 50 more than she could a year ago. She’s even been working on getting me into a headstand in yoga via tripod pose, which she couldn’t even do a year ago either!

So ya know what? Screw the discouraged feelings and worry! Because I’ve come a damn long way. And it’s only Jan 22nd for goodness’ sake. 

Wake up call, woman! You can do this.

You’ve already done so much already!