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lepetitselkie  asked:

My father has been getting on my ass about my cats. They're both clawed and despite many toys, 2 cat trees and 6 cardboard scratchers their claws tend to be rough on furniture and my skin. My father says I'm wasting money by putting soft paws nail caps on them & that they should be declawed. He even said that soft paws are damaging! Am I doing the right thing?

Hell yes you’re doing the right thing. Declawing is mutilation (because it’s literally amputating a joint on each toe) and cats are often in pain their entire lives. Soft paw nail caps are expensive and a pain and the cats might think they’re annoying, but they’re by far the better choice. Props to you for standing up to him about it. 


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Hestia sat at the corner of the room, watching everyone interact. She felt guilty, knowing that they were going behind Alastor’s back. As she watched the tension-free bodies of the Prewett twins, the quiet words and smiles exchanged by the Longbottoms at the other corner of the room, she finally felt that coming here—and not watching the windows of headquarters for the next thing to happen—was the right thing to do.

She cradled the joint Dorcas had given her earlier, rolling it around in one hand, flicking at a lighter with the other. Hestia felt rather than saw someone sit next to her on the couch. That’s my cue, she thought. Lighting up the joint, she brought it to her lips and breathed in, the familiar smell and taste a comfort in itself. “Hey,” she said, turning her head to say face the person who’d just arrived.