do the righ thing

As I promised, here’s a picture of my current bullet journal layout.

On the left side I have a weekly overview for major events and things I’ve planned ahead. There’s also a little tracker for how many liters of tea I drank each day.

In the middle I have a more detailed daily planning space with to-do’s and such. (You can see this week wasn’t very busy)

On the righ side is a weekly to-do for general things I should get done at some point during the week. In the bottom there’s a tracker for how many times I’ve been absent from each of my courses.

I also use this journal to archive all kinds of lists, such as ‘movies I want to watch’ and 'books I want to read’ etc etc

threeyearsoffaintregret  asked:

prompt- Nico being cornered by some homophobic kid and Will running in to save him and outing himself in the process and then them getting together and being all adorable idk I'm not good enough at writing to do it so pls do it for me :D

Here it is! Tell me what you think… Is this what you wanted? I hope you liked it,but if not that’s okay, criticism is fine, as long as justifiable =)

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