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It’s a gorgeous albeit unseasonally warm night here in Massachusetts, with soupy mists drifting across the quiet streets and the gentle sound of droplets pattering from leafless branches to the ground below. Several cats are watching me type– it’s possible they are more interested in their as-yet-unmaterialized dinner than in my editorializing.

I have precisely seven items of variable interest I’m doing a little gotta-go-potty dance to share, but I am still waiting on confirmation for one, and I want to do them all at once. So hang tight. Watch this space and my other spaces; I’m gonna talk as soon as I freakin’ can. Seriously. It’s all good news, at least if you like the stuff I do. 

First Time

Title: First Time

Paring: Castiel x Reader, Sam, and Dean

Word Count: 2,190 (not even remotely sorry)

Warning: some adorable fluffy awkward Castiel smut

Credit: A very funny conversation with @mysteriouslyme81 for the inspirtation

A/N: Enjoy! Read the other parts of the Awkward Boner Trifecta here: xxx

Hearing the familiar rumble of the impala as it pulled up you opened your motel room door to see Sam and Dean smiling at you. Well, Sam and Dean plus another guy in the backseat.

“Y/N” Sam said as he got out and came over for a hug.

“How’ve you boys been?”

“Oh ya know, the usual,” Dean said as he gave you a quick hug. “Y/N, this is Cas. Cas, this is Y/N.”

You held out your hand, “nice to meet you Cas.” He stared at you for a minute before shaking your hand with a little smile. Releasing your hand, he abruptly turned and headed to the trunk of the impala. “Um, did I do something?”

Both boys shook their heads. “Don’t worry about him, he’s actually an angel.”

You stared at Dean, “an angel? Seriously?”

“Well he was, but then he lost his grace, so now he’s human. And he wants to be a hunter,” Dean said with a smug smile.

“We’re keeping an eye on him,” Sam assured you.

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Magnetic Chapter 11: Waking Up

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Chapter Summary: Waking up in Dean’s arms, you hope things won’t be too awkward between the two of you.

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Feeling more refreshed than you had in years, you slowly woke up, letting yourself adjust to the fact that there was sun shining through the windows, and a warm body was still pressed tightly against your own. Stretching slightly, you felt a pair of arms tighten their hold on you, and that’s when it finally clicked in your brain that you weren’t alone on the bed. Opening your eyes, you found myself staring at the smooth and freckled expanse of Dean’s neck, the stubble coloring it lightly. He mumbled in his sleep, his arm loosening slightly from around your waist, where his hand was splayed on the bare skin your shirt exposed.

“And you’re still going to tell me nothing happened between the two of you.” Sam’s voice sounded from the other bed. Turning carefully in Dean’s arms, it took you a couple of seconds until you were facing Sam, who was sitting on the edge of his bed, a huge knowing smile on his face.

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Contains: Public wetting

Lillian (or Lilli for short) was a seventeen year old competitive dancer. She had been dancing for fifteen years, spent four years in pre-competitive dance and has spent seven years in competitive dance. The girl has at least sixty costumes, most tight and hard to get off.

Lilli was at a competition for the rest of the week, as she had multiple dances to pull off in those days. The first competition of the season was always the easiest but was always the most nerve racking. She had four dances that week, one group, one trio, one duet, and one solo.

Her group dance was a jazz dance that consisted of long, knee high dresses in a dark green with black lining. They wore black gloves, black tights and black jazz shoes. The dress was harder to take off than it looked. Her trio was a bit different. A free dance that had no shoes and a black and blue ceiquined body full body costume. The duet was a purple suit jacket, tie and black bodysuit for tap and the solo was a white bodysuit and pair of light blue leggings along with a ribbon tied around her neck. As much as she loved this costume to bits, it no longer was her favorite after this experience.

As a dancer, she was always busy. Her small bladder didn’t help either. She would warm up by performing sautés and stretching out her body. She constantly kept her body warm, dark a lot of juice type drinks and water to keep herself hydrated and refused to give herself breaks.

Lilli had just changed when a sudden shock ran through her body. She had to pee. Badly. Of course, her solo was in about three dances, so it’s not like she would have the time to completely strip. She walked up the stairs to the backstage area, tying the ribbon and doing a little “potty dance”. No one commented.

Lilli dreaded the moment she felt herself leak. Just a small drip, drip, drip. Not visible. Yet. As soon as she was about to finally say she had to use the restroom badly, they began announcing her. Great.

Lilli’s breath shook as she regained posture and walked out onto the stage. She placed her hands on her hips as the music began playing. The dance was the worst thing possible for someone with an already overflowing bladder. Acro. The flexibility and gymnastics tricks the dancers preformed.

Stretching her body into the splits, she could feel herself beginning to leak once again. ‘White bodysuit… light pants!’

Lilli kept repeating that over and over in her mind as she finished the dance, bolting off stage and running through the halls, attempting to find the restrooms. She ended up in a backstage area for the downstairs stage where they kept props and such.

Pain raced through her body as she began to squeeze her legs together and hold herself with her hands. Lilli let out shaky breaths as she looked around desperately, possibly fir something to pee in. No use. But what she did spot was a corner hidden amongst some costumes. A corner. Privacy. That’s all she wanted.

Lilli began climbing through the props and such as she felt more and more pee leak out of her as she stepped. The poor girl whimpered and let out tears as this had never happened to her before. Scared, Lilli knew the corner was to far back. She ended up crouching down on a prop that happened to be a chair. One of those hard plastic chairs.

She sat down and tapped her feet, planning to run out to a restroom as soon as the desperation stopped for a minute. Bad choice. Sitting down caused her to leak more, making her spring up and begin walking away from the room.

With every small step she took, pee would leak down through the bodysuit to her legs. She continued this until she noticed a dark blue line down her right thigh. She panicked, causing her to release more pee and thicken and drawn the line. Soon enough, there was a good sized patch on her thigh and croch area.

She continued walking until she was crying from the embarrassment, pain and fear as she reached the dressing rooms, hoping to be able to slip her team wear pants over the marks, to hide it. But that didn’t go as planned either.

As soon as she walked into the dressing room, her teammate grabbed her shoulders, scaring her and making her shout. The girl laughed before falling silent as the patterning of pee hitting the ground rang out and the sobs of Lilli could be heard.


==After Dean reveals his jealous side to you, claiming you as his, you decide to tease him.

+Dean x femReader | domDean

Warnings: smut smut smut smutty dirty smut ;)

“You should probably wake her up, Dean.” Sam had a concerned look on his face as he looked at you laying in the motel room bed. You had fallen asleep in Dean’s bed on accident, when you were doing research on your laptop the night before.

The boys had specifically gotten a motel room with a couch so that Sam could sleep there and give you one of the beds. Dean had claimed his bed the moment the three of you walked in, and being the stubborn girl that you are, you immediately plopped on his bed, smirk on your face, before flipping open your laptop to do research.

You can’t remember when you had dozed off, but you were having a really hot and heavy dream about Dean. You had liked him ever since the Winchesters decided to take you with them.

Well, they were kind of forced to, you didn’t give them an option. You wanted to get out of your boring town and when they questioned you about your job in those delicious FBI suits, you knew they weren’t really the Feds, judging from the questions they had asked.

Had you smelled sulfur? What government agent would think of that question? When you finally got them to fess up to what they were really doing in your ridiculously dormant town, you wanted in on it.

Hunting dangerous things alongside of these two good-looking men was a much better option than your job of dealing with shitty people on a daily basis. Yes, you wanted to help people from a very distant standpoint, and killing threats to humanity was just the way to do it. Plus, the training sessions with Dean were a nice perk…

“Hey, uh, (Y/n)?” Dean crept up to his bed, and looked back at Sam with a why do I have to do this look on his face. He turned to look at your writhing body again, and hesitantly placed his hand on your shoulder to shake you. “(Y/n). Hey,” he squeezed your shoulder tighter, hoping it will stir you awake.

You let out a soft moan, Dean’s deep voice and rough touch adding to your wet dream. When you finally realized you were waking up to reality, you opened your eyes to see Dean. You let out a heavy sigh and smiled softly. “Oh, hey you.”

“You okay, (Y/n)? You were moving around a lot and groaning. Were you having a nightmare?” Dean asked as he stepped away, concern clearly on his face.

You laughed a little at Dean’s innocence and blushed, surprised that your body reacted to the dream. “Well, not exactly Dean.” You tried to avoid eye contact with him. You sat up and scooted yourself against the headboard and plopped your head against it, looking at anywhere but Dean. Your body was still excited from the dream, and looking at Dean could make things awkward.

“So if it wasn’t a nightmare, what was it? You seemed really bothered.” Dean looked to his brother for answers. Sam shrugged, confused.

You cleared your throat and got off the bed to pour yourself some coffee. “I was bothered alright,” you mumbled as you stirred in the cream and sugar.

“Do you want to enlighten us as to how you were bothered, (Y/n)?” Dean walked over to you, trying to catch your eye contact. You stared diligently into your coffee cup as you drank it, forgetting that Dean‘s years of hunting made him have dog-like hearing. You tapped your fingers on the cup, feeling Dean staring at you to answer him. “Well?”

“It was nothing, Dean. It doesn’t matter.” You set the cup down harder than planned, and still avoiding to look at Dean you walked quickly to your bag and took it into the bathroom, shutting the door loudly.

“What’s gotten into her?” Sam asked, looking at the closed door.

“Hell if I know, Sam. I just asked a simple question,” Dean poured himself a cup of coffee and sat at the table, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Do you think this hunting thing is starting to get to her?” Sam asked, “I mean, she’s been on the road with us for two weeks, she could still be adjusting.”

“Maybe,” Dean sighed and drank his coffee, “But knowing her, it’s not the hunting. She made it clear that this is what she wanted. So I have no idea what the deal is.” He kept himself from looking at the bathroom door. He wanted to see her…

“I’m ready.” You stood in front of the table at the boys, bag slung over your shoulder and a jacket hooked in your arm. You still didn’t look at Dean, but you could see out of the corner of your eye that he had sat back in his chair and got a good look at you.

You had straightened your hair and put on some jeans and boots. And you were wearing a white tank top, with your pink bra straps teasingly showing under the stringy straps of the shirt. You weren’t sure, but you thought you could see Dean slowly lick his bottom lip as he examined you.

Sam saw his brother and cleared his throat, standing up. “We have a long drive ahead of us, we should probably get going.”

“Right, right,” Dean said, shaking himself away from his gaze. He stood up and downed the rest of his coffee, and gathered up his stuff. He patted his pocket making sure he had the keys. Sam was already out the door at this time.

“You got everything?” You said, standing by the door. You had finally looked at Dean, and you were watching him get his stuff together, taking advantage of being able to look at his ass when he picked up his bag.

Dean shrugged his jacket on and flapped it so that it sits straight, and pulled the keys out of his pocket and spun them on his finger. “Almost everything,” He grinned and walked toward the door.

“What do you mean, almost everything?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ladies first,” Dean opened the door and put his arm out to allow you ahead of him.

You stood in front of him and glared into his eyes. “What do you mean, almost everything?” You repeated yourself more sternly this time.

“C’mon (Y/n), we gotta go,” Dean said, a playful look in his eyes.

“Ah, we’re going to play that game now, huh? Because I didn’t tell you about my dream?” You scoffed and stormed out the door, pretty sure that Dean was smirking before he locked it.

Sam was waiting at the passenger door, and got in when Dean unlocked the Impala. You opened the back door and threw your bag into the seat before crawling in yourself. You sat back against the spring-filled leather seat and crossed your arms, looking out the window.

Dean got in and started the car, the engine roaring to life. You could feel the car backing up, and stayed focused on looking out the window, watching things move but not really seeing them. What the hell did Dean mean by that? And why would it bug him that you didn’t share the details of your dream with him?

What did it matter, it’s not like you two were together or anything. If he wants to play the avoid-all-details game and irritate you with it, then fine. You stayed quiet as Dean turned up the radio.

You must have dozed off, because you could hear Sam talk loudly to you. “Hey (Y/n), do you need anything while we’re here? Dean’s filling up the car.”

You rubbed your eyes and looked around. You guys were at a gas station, and you could use some more coffee. You groaned when you realized you had to pee, too. You hated using gas station bathrooms.

“Yeah, I should head in, thanks Sam.” You put your jacket on and went to open your door, but you saw that Dean was leaning against it while putting gas in the car.

You sighed, annoyed, and scooted to the other end of the seat to get out on the other side. You shut the door heavily, and this made Dean turn and look at you. “You know the rules of Baby, (Y/n),” He said. “Don’t slam the doors.”

You bit your tongue, raging inside. You glared at Dean over the roof of the car, and slapped the top of the car with your hand. “Maybe Baby likes it rough.” You smirked a little and then went into the gas station.

You looked around the store, well aware that the cashier was checking you out. He was cute, but not Dean Winchester cute. You smiled politely at him, anyway. You found the coffee area, and took note of it, but couldn’t find the bathroom so you had to go to the counter.

“Hi, sorry, do you have a restroom in here somewhere?” You asked Cashier Boy as calmly as you could, trying not to do a potty dance.

“Sure do, miss. It’s in the back of the store, to your right.” His smile was too friendly as he pointed you in the right direction. You glanced outside and saw that Dean was watching your every movement. You reached out and touched the cashier’s hand.

“Thank you,” You smiled sweetly and threw your hair over your shoulder to add to the flirtation as you walked to the bathroom. You saw it was tucked back into a hallway, so that explained why you couldn’t find it at first.

You went in and took care of business, then checked your hair and makeup as you washed your hands. You typically didn’t put too much makeup on, just enough to look presentable. But you did a damn good job with it this morning.

You dried off your hands and stepped out of the bathroom, only to bump into Dean’s chest. He quickly checked his surroundings then roughly pushed you against the wall, pinning your wrists down, his jaw clenched.

“What the hell are you doing, Dean?” You hissed at him and tried to wiggle your arms free from Dean’s death grip. His green eyes pierced into your (e/c) ones.

“Bigger question is, what the hell were you doing?” Dean growled, looking at all the features of your face.

“I was going pee, that’s why I was in the bathroom,” You said sarcastically and looked away from his glare.

“Not here, back there.” Dean said, annoyed. “With the kid at the register.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Dean,” You laughed a little bit, but Dean’s grip was tighter. “Stop it! You’re hurting me.” You scowled at him.

“You touched him, (Y/n),” Dean hissed, “Why did you touch him?”

“Why does it matter?” You tried to keep your voice low so that you two didn’t attract attention. “I asked him where the bathroom was and was thanking him.”

Dean pressed his body against yours and your breath hitched in your throat as his scent engulfed you. He smelled so good.

“I don’t want you touching anyone.” Dean grumbled into your ear.

“Why?” You scoffed softly, trying to keep your composure with Dean’s hunter frame against you. “It’s not like that guy was wanting to kill me.”

“No,” Dean put his hands on your hips now, “But he wanted to fuck you,”

“What?” You breathed out, loving the way Dean said that word.

“C’mon, I know you’re a smart girl so don’t play stupid,” Dean pressed himself harder against you, and you could feel his muscles flex as he was holding you against the wall.  

“But I still don’t know what that has to do with you being this way, Dean,” You whispered, squirming a little.

Dean stilled you by slipping his hands into your front pockets, lightly rubbing your thighs there. “You’re mine, (Y/n).” Dean said gruffly, and kissed your neck. “No one else can have you, but me,” He lightly bit your neck.

“No one else is allowed to touch you,” He looked into your eyes as his hand slipped up your shirt and rested on the small of your back, “And no else is allowed to kiss you,” Dean pulled you closer to him - as if that were even possible- and hungrily pressed his lips against you.

You moaned softly as you kissed him back, and put your arms around his neck. His tongue explored your mouth and you met it with yours. He then sucked your bottom lip between his teeth and gently tugged on it. “Mine.” He said between his teeth. “Got it?”

After he released your lip, you bit it and looked into his eyes. Your breathing was heavy from the arousal, so you just nodded your head.

“Can I hear it?” Dean smirked, “I want you to say it, baby.”

“I’m yours. All yours, Dean,” You breathed out, then quickly pulled him in to kiss him again.

“Awesome,” Dean grinned when you released him, relief clearly on his face, He hugged you and put his hands on your ass and rested his chin on your head. “I’ve been wanting to do that since I met you.”

“What, claim me in heated passion,” You tried to still your breathing, “Or grab my ass?” You smiled a little.

“Little bit of both, actually” Dean said after contemplating for a moment. He looked down at you and smiled softly,

“I do have to say,” you put your hand on the side of Dean’s face, feeling the scruff growing there, “You certainly are a jealous man.”

“Psh, me?” Dean shook his head in denial, “Nah. I’m not-I’m not..”

You ran your thumb along his bottom lip, as you bit yours. Dean looked at you, lust in his eyes. “Okay, yes, I am. Very much, when it comes to you.” He scooped you up into his arms and pressed you against the wall again, your legs wrapped around him. “I want to do so many things to you, (Y/n). I’m glad you’re mine now.”

“Did I ever have a choice?” You laughed, placing your hands on his chest

“Not really,” Dean gave you a crooked grin, “But I think it’s fair, since you insisted that you were coming with me and Sam.”

“Which is what we need to be doing,” you and Dean both stopped and looked over to see Sam, his arms crossed. “You two have been in here for 20 minutes. I was starting to think something bad happened.”

“Oh no, Sammy,” Dean grinned as he carefully set you down. “Only good things. Very, very good things.” He winked and took your hand.

The three of you emerged from the bathroom and walked toward the door. You saw Cashier Boy look at you and Dean, slightly confused. You smiled apologetically at him. Dean cleared his throat, and put his arm around you, pulling you close to him. He looked at the cashier and smirked, then raised his eyebrows suggestively. Cashier Boy looked away and walked off to go do something else.

“Really, Dean?” you mumbled under your breath, secretly liking Dean’s newfound possessiveness over you. You hoped it wasn’t going to be this extreme all the time, though.

The three of you resumed your previous positions in the car, this time Dean glancing into the rearview mirror at you more than he would usually do. You couldn’t help but smile at him, and could see the corners of his eyes wrinkle, knowing he was smiling back. Sam huffed out loudly and looked out his window in silence.

“Hey guys, this looks like something,” Sam said about an hour later, looking over his laptop. How he even got wifi service out on the road was a mystery that you would never understand.

“What is it?” Dean glanced over at his brother then kept his eyes on the road.

“There are claims in Sacramento about people who are pronounced dead, but are then seen again days later.” Sam looked back at you. “Any idea what that means (Y/n)?”

You wiggled a bit and propped a leg up on the seat. “Sounds like shapeshifters to me, Sammy.” You grinned when you used Dean’s nickname for him.

Sam was about to open his mouth to object to the nickname use, but caught Dean’s death glare on him. He sighed and nodded. “Yeah, it’s a high possibility.”

“Well, what the hell are we doing then?” you leaned forward and put your hands on the seat, right behind Dean, and leaned up by his ear.

“Are we gonna check this out?“ You could see Dean physically tense up as your breath grazed his ear, and this gave you an idea for later. A smirk formed on your lips.
“It’s the opposite direction from the bunker, but we are about a day’s drive from California,” Dean’s voice slightly broke and he clenched his jaw as he glared at you through the rear view mirror. “We can get there by tomorrow afternoon at the latest if we stop somewhere to sleep.”

“Sweet, so let’s go!” You grinned and plopped back into your seat, swinging both legs up and leaning against the door.
A couple more hours into the drive you glanced up from your book and see that Sam is turned toward his door, asleep. You placed the bookmark in and set your book on the floor of the Impala, and sat up to stretch, arching your back and flinging your hair behind you to let your neck breathe.

You could feel those green eyes watching you from the mirror. You met them with a deep, lusty gaze as you unbuttoned your jacket tantalizingly slow. You could see Dean’s eyes grow darker as he watched you.

After a quick glance at Sam, making sure he was still asleep, you continued to pull your tank top off, showing off the pink bra you were wearing. The car swerved slightly as Dean had to pull it back in between the lines. He watched you again, yelling at you with his eyes for teasing him.

You smirked at him as you felt yourself up, running your hands up your stomach and over your bra, then touching your shoulders gently and hooking a thumb underneath one of your bra straps. Dean was tense in his seat as he tried to keep the car on the road. You pulled the bra strap down your shoulder and let your fingers trail along your collarbone, not breaking eye contact with Dean through the rearview mirror.

“(Y/n),” Dean groaned lowly so he won’t wake up Sam. “You’re killing me here, baby.”

“Am I?” You ran your hand across your chest to the other bra strap, and pulled it down, your shoulders naked, and leaned up to Dean and kissed behind his ear. Dean breathed out and tried to keep his eyes on the road. You could see his hands tightly grip the steering wheel.

“Damn it, (Y/n),” Dean growled lowly when you played with the hair on the back of his neck. This was a hot spot for him, you learned. You kissed this spot on his neck and ran your tongue along his hair line before gently biting him there. Dean’s knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel tighter.

“What’s wrong Dean? You act like you’ve never been teased before,” You whispered into his ear and let your hand explore down his shirt to feel his muscular chest. One of his hands flew up to his chest to hold your wrist through his clothes.

“Baby…” Dean wanted to stop you, but you could feel his grip loosen from your wrist. You leaned over and kissed his jaw, then the side of his neck. Dean squirmed in his seat, trying to relieve the tension that has built up in his jeans. He squeezed his knee, hoping it would help. After another quick glance at Sam to make sure he was still sleeping, you leaned back far enough to reach and unhook your bra.

You could see Dean’s eyes locked on you through the mirror, and his breathing was getting hotter when he saw your bra shift on your chest from being unhooked.  You held the front of it to keep it covering your breasts. Dean shifted in his seat.

“I can stop, if you want me to,” You smiled sweetly, knowing damn well Dean is going to object.

“No.” Dean grunted out gruffly, pleading you with his eyes. “Keep going.”

“Fine,” You said softly and dropped your hands, letting the bra fall to the floor of the Impala. Dean scanned you greedily with those green eyes of his.

“If I wasn’t driving right now, I swear to God…” Dean growled as he looked at the road for a second and looked at you again.

“What would you want to do?” You said, leaning back into the seat and posing for Dean.

“I’ve only dreamt about seeing you like this (Y/n). And to see it now, in the most inconvenient way.” Dean sighed. “It’s not fair.”

“Ah that’s right, this is your first time.” You laughed quietly. “Well to make it fair, I haven’t seen you without clothes yet. Sort of.” You tried to keep yourself from smiling as you looked at Dean through the mirror again.

“That’s what your dream was about? Me?” Dean asked, surprised.

“Um, yeah. It was. And it was a damn good one, too.” You bit your lip as you remembered it. Sam started to stir and you quickly put your clothes back on, knowing he would be awake in a matter of moments. Dean groaned deeply in his throat, knowing the fun was over.

“We have to stop soon so I can sleep.” He said to you, his eyes still dark with lust.

“Yes, we do,” You said back to him. You knew Dean wouldn’t let anyone but himself drive the car when he could help it. He would let Sam drive sometimes, but this time he was going to refuse because he has more pressing issues to take care of.

“Where are we now?” Sam grunted out as he stretched from his nap. He looked over at Dean and saw he was flushed. “You okay?  Do you need a break?”

“Matter of fact I do, Sammy,” Dean said, glaring at you in the backseat.

“Do you want me to drive for a bit?” Sam asked with an eyebrow raised.

“No, no, I think we need to stop somewhere. I want to sleep in a bed.” Dean looked over at his brother and grinned, “It’s more comfortable.”

Sam sighed, knowing his brother was lying to him. “Fine Dean. And I have a feeling we will need two separate rooms.”

“You got it.” Dean chuckled.

Sam came out of the motel office and tossed Dean the keys to the separate room, and he walked to his shaking his head, mumbling something about Dean not being able to keep it in his pants. Sam stepped into his room and shut the door behind him, locking it.

“Why doesn’t he ever find anyone?” You asked after you watched Sam. “Poor guy seems so uptight.”

“He’s afraid to, to be honest.” Dean said gently. “Everyone he’s been with, well,” He shrugged. “They don’t get a happy ending.”

“Damn. I feel bad for him.” You said, sighing.

“Yeah, I do, too.” Dean took your hand and walked to the room, laughing when he saw it was at the opposite end of Sam’s. “He wants nothing to do with this, that’s obvious.”

As soon as you stepped over the threshold of the room, Dean had you pinned to the wall, kissing you.

“No coffee break?” You breathed out in between the kisses. “I didn’t get my coffee earlier thanks to you.”

“That can wait. I’m burning up, thanks to you. It kind of makes me want to punish you for what you did to me earlier.” He ripped your jacket open and yanked your tank top off. He took a good look at you before pressing himself against you again in more hungry kisses.

You reached under Dean’s jacket and button-up shirt and pulled them off his shoulders so that he was in his black tshirt. You rarely saw him just wearing a tshirt unless he was going to bed, and even then, he would still wear his jeans. Either he did that because he wanted to be prepared as a hunter, or because he didn’t want to be too exposed to you before, when you were just a companion to the boys.

“What made you want me, anyway?” You stopped kissing Dean and looked at him. “I mean, I’ve been with you guys for a couple weeks now, and during that time I was pretty convinced that you wanted nothing to do with me in that way.”

“I was trying to keep myself under control, that’s all,” Dean said, “It didn’t last too long when I saw you flirt with that guy at the counter.”

“Apparently… I didn’t think it would matter.” You said, looking away.
“Obviously it does matter,” Dean grabbed your chin and turned your head to look at him. “It means everything to me that you would ever want someone else. I didn’t realize it until that happened. I’m just lucky that you feel the same way.” He pressed his lips to yours.

“The past two weeks have been torture for me. The way you bite your lip when you are trying to think, the way you stick those pens in your mouth in between taking notes, the way you twirl your hair while doing research. I didn’t think I would be jealous of an inanimate object before that.” he chuckled.

“You noticed all of that? How did I not notice?” You said more to yourself than to Dean. “All those suggestive remarks that you make would really bug me. In a good way. Your smile, the way you rub the back of your neck when you get flustered, the way you grin and tease Sam. I love all of that about you.” You smiled.

“You were just being yourself,” Dean shrugged, “Your teasing, sexy, bold, self.” He pushed into you and kissed you hard on the lips, then pulled back. “And I don’t get flustered, I get horny.” He smirked and kissed you again, his hands exploring your chest and unhooking your bra. He slipped it off your shoulders and threw it somewhere across the room. “I like the bra better over there. Damn thing.” He grinned and kissed you again.

Your need to feel his warm skin on yours was overpowering and you pulled his shirt up over his head, getting a good look at his body. It killed you to see him standing there, jeans slung low on his hips, the V shape of his lower abdomen sneaking into the waistband of his jeans. You hooked your thumbs in the belt loop of his jeans and roughly pulled him against you again, finally feeling his strong, naked chest against you.  

Dean kicked off his boots before reaching down to your pants to pop open the button and yank them off. “I’m tired of waiting, (Y/n). I can’t take it.” He murmured in your ear and grabbed you through your panties, gently squeezing and palming you. You moaned softly and put your arms around his neck, and dug your face into his chest, feeling the movements of his hand on you.
Dean stopped suddenly and grabbed your knees to wrap them around him, and you could feel his erection pushing through his pants. He placed both hands on your ass and squeezed it as he walked over to the bed and tossed you onto it playfully.

“I think it’s time for punishment, after that little stunt you pulled in my car,” Dean smirked as he undid his belt and pulled it through the belt loops. He folded his belt over and snapped it a few times.

Your eyes grew big, wondering what he was planning to do with that belt. “Dean… that’s…”

“Oh don’t worry baby, I’m not going to hit you with this. I like it rough, not abusive.” Dean smiled reassuringly, and tossed the belt aside. “I just wanted to see how you would react.”

“Dick,” You said, laughing at him. You propped yourself up on your elbows to watch him take his pants off, and to your surprise, his boxers as well. He crawled over you as you got a good look at his fully naked, muscular body. He started to grind himself against the silk of your panties, and you moaned longingly.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Dean?” Your breathing was heavy as you felt the sensation of his length sliding against you.

“Nope, nothing at all, why? This too much?” Dean pushed harder into you, causing more friction, He grabbed one of your legs and pushed it over, opening you up, and he gripped it tight as he continued to slide himself against your panties. You could feel your insides melt from the delicious feeling Dean was giving you with his movements.

“You’re getting wet for me, aren’t you baby?” Dean panted, his muscles flexing, a sexy smirk forming on his lips.

You bit your lip as you watched him move on you, wanting him to kiss you, touch you, anything. You tried to reach up to grab the back of his neck but he caught your hand and pressed it into the bed. “Not yet, I want you squirming before I do anything else. Payback is a bitch.” He chuckled and licked his plush lips. Damn him.

It wasn’t long before you were gripping the sheets of the bed, writhing under him, pressing your hips up to meet his, and whimpering.

“Okay I get it,” You groaned out, arching your back to try to get as close to Dean as possible. “I’ve been punished, can you touch me now?”

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl, teasing me like that,” Dean leaned down and finally kissed you, a hand cupping your breast and squeezing gently. You moaned with relief to his touch. “But I think I’ve made my point.” He smiled into your neck and kissed it, trailing kisses down your body and finally to your panties. He looked up at you with those sparkling green eyes, his lips parted as he hovered over you.

You looked down, watching him, waiting to see what he was going to do next.

Dean buried his face in between your legs and licked you through your panties. He took your mound into his mouth and massaged it with his lips, making you squirm and moan loudly, entangling your fingers in his hair and gripping him, trying to get more friction from his mouth.

Dean gripped your hips tightly and stopped, hovering over the band of your panties. “You liked that, huh?” He breathed.

“Yes,” You squeaked out, panting, wanting him to do it again.

Dean put his head back down but instead of going back to the teasing, he bit the waistband and tugged your panties down over your legs, and finally off. He sat up with them in his mouth, and shook them like a dog would a chew toy, growling.

You couldn’t help but laugh at him, regardless of your aroused state. Dean smiled, your panties still in between his teeth. He grabbed them and tossed them away before leaping on top of you, his erection teasing your entrance, and he attacked your neck with kisses. Your body reacted to him immediately, and you pushed your hips against him, begging him to enter you.

“I really love the fact that you need me this much,” Dean’s eyes softly gazed into yours, his breathing heavy as he slowly entered you. You felt every inch of him and moaned out his name as he started to move in and out of you. You gripped his ass, pushing him to go deeper. “You’re so fucking delicious,” Dean growled into your ear and his thrusts got harder and faster. His words alone made you even more hot for him.

“Dean, that’s not fair,” you groaned back at him.

“Ah, you like dirty talk too, huh? Do you want me to pound you harder?” Dean grunted through his thrusts.

“Yes!” You gasped out, clawing at his back.

Dean flipped you over on your stomach and grabbed your hips to pull you to him. He pulled you up so that you were resting against his chest, and moved your hair to one side so he could devour your neck. One hand was gripped on your hip as he entered you again, and the other reached up for your breast, kneading and squeezing it greedily. You pressed your ass into his hips so he could penetrate you deeper, bouncing on your knees to meet his rhythm.

Dean pushed you forward so that you were on your elbows, and he gripped your hips tightly as he buried himself into you, thrusting hard and steady. You could feel your core tighten as he moved, and you reached down to touch yourself.

“Damn, you’re just full of surprises aren’t you?” Dean grunted through his teeth, gripping you even harder and you were sure you were going to bruise from it.

You continued to rub yourself, almost spilling over the edge, when Dean moved your hand away and replaced it with his. “Let me do it,” He murmured into your ear, as he repeated the same movements you were just doing. Seconds later you screamed out his name, pushing yourself back against him as hard as you could to ride out the orgasm thoroughly.

“Fuck,” Dean mumbled out as he slammed into you, reaching his peak as well, and grunted with a few more thrusts as he growled your name.

Dean carefully slipped out of you and laid on his back, pulling you to his chest and covered both of you with the blankets from the bed. You waited for your breathing to calm as you heard his heart pounding in his chest. Dean looked down at you, moving the messy hair out of your face. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” His voice was deep and gravelly as he played with your hair.

“Not at all, unless you count teasing me until I was aching,” You laughed. “Other than that, ‘damn‘, is all I can say.” You closed your eyes as Dean held you close, loving the warmth of him and feeling him surround you with a calm sense of safety in his arms. You drifted off to sleep.

“Damn is right,” Dean mumbled and kissed your head. He leaned over and turned off the light and fell asleep with you.

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Skater!Percy and nerdy!Annabeth. One with them being hopelessly in love and in an intense makeout scene. Thank you!

anon, i hope you know i got really happy when i read this prompt and i hope i do it justice!

here we go (this is kinda lengthy)

The library. Percy didn’t know how he ended up there, he just really had to pee and it was the closet place besides the scummy gas station that got robbed on the hour. But anyways, he entered the intimidating, old brick building that he hadn’t been in since he was seven and started wandering around, weaving through the aisles of books looking for the loo. When he couldn’t find it, he finally went to go ask information.

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Zelo: Misconception

(requested by lil4me)

You walked through the door and shuffled quietly to your seat. Keeping your head down, you prayed you wouldn’t be noticed.

“Hey shorty!” came a cheerful voice from the back of the room.

Ignore him, you reminded yourself.

“Is that a new bow in your hair?” you bite your lip, trying not to be happy he noticed. “It doesn’t suit you.” Well there goes that fantasy. You heard the guys around him whispering and laughing together. You suppressed a groan and rest your head in your arms.

Today was going to be another wonderful day with none other than Zelo. You were used to it. He bullied you often, but it was usually playful banter. It was nothing too seriously hurtful. Still, it was annoying and mood ruining for sure.

You hear a tap on your desk and look to the source. Zelo stood beside you grinning. You quickly put your head back down, avoiding eye contact. “Leave me alone.” You mumble.

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"Do you think you can hold it?” Starter with Viktor and Yuuri out some where in public and Yuuri getting desperate enough to where he's doing the stepping forward and backward potty dance thing and Viktor notices and has a hard time finding a place for Yuuri to go


Barcelona around Christmastime was, in a word, crowded.

Not that Yuuri didn’t expect there to be a lot of people around—he did, just… not to the degree of crowds that he and Viktor were currently shoving their way through. And, honestly, if he’d known about how bad the crowds were going to be beforehand, he probably would’ve used the bathroom at the hotel instead of pushing it aside because it wasn’t that bad and he could just find somewhere to go while they were out.

Unfortunately, as he was growing to realize from the throngs of people and the long lines for every store and Viktor’s absolute zest for spending as much money in as many places as possible, he would regret that split-second decision very soon. Like, right now, actually.

Yuuri’s hand gripped Viktor’s a bit tighter as he let out a barely audible whimper, and he took the smallest step backward and then forward where they stood. They hadn’t even been out for thirty minutes, but already his bladder felt worryingly full, and he knew that if he didn’t empty it soon, then—well. He wasn’t going to think about that right now.

He waited what felt like forever for Viktor to finish buying whatever completely useless trinket he’d probably forget about in a week that had caught his eye, then waited another stressful, desperate eternity for the crowd to move them far enough away so he could speak freely.

“Viktor, ah.” Yuuri’s voice was soft, his hand holding Viktor’s a tad anxiously. “Can we take a b-break?”

Despite his best efforts to remain still, desperation and the urge to fidget got the best of him, and he squirmed nervously in place, one step forward and one step back. Yuuri’s shy blush grew brighter, knowing he was giving his predicament away.

Viktor looked him up and down quickly, his face softening in understanding seeing the little back-and-forth potty dance he was doing. “Oh, Yuuri, of course.” He pursed his lips slightly, looking around at the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, pulling his fiancé aside slightly so he could breathe. “Do…you think you can hold it?”

Yuuri averted his gaze, embarrassed. “I-I’m not sure, um…” He let out a small whimper, his fidgeting increasing in speed. “Maybe for a little bit…?”

Blushing slightly, a coy smile on his lips, Viktor reached forward and tilted Yuuri’s chin forward to face him. “A little bit, huh…?”

“I-it isn’t like that…!” Yuuri sputtered, covering his face with one hand, flustered and embarrassed that he’d think of saying something suggestive right then. “I—r-really, we’re in public and I can't— r-right now, we— I don’t want—” he was having trouble articulating, he had to go so bad— “I— do you understand?”

“Right, right, of course. Sorry.” Viktor’s face softened more, all the playful, teasing edge slipping out of his tone and expression. “I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable. Let’s go find you a restroom.”

“Th-thank you.” Yuuri pushed aside anxious thoughts that he was ruining his time together with Viktor and just clung to his hand as they pushed back through the crowd, trying to hold back increasingly desperate whines.

The pressure in his bladder was starting to feel unbearable. His free hand twitched, wanting to hold himself back, but he resisted the urge—fidgeting desperately in public was embarrassing enough, he didn’t need to be holding himself too. In an effort to cope with the overwhelming desperation, he zoned out, removing himself from the situation and focusing only on the calming sensation of Viktor’s skin against his, the cool metal of his ring pressing lightly into his palm.

Viktor’s voice snapped him back to reality, and Yuuri couldn’t even focus on that for a second, instead noticing the odd wet sensation between his legs.

His face burned crimson. Had he been leaking that whole time he was zoned out?

Not seeing any visible stain, he shook himself, resolving to pay more attention to keeping his increasingly achingly full bladder under control. “S-sorry, what were you saying…?”

“I said—” He was surprised that Viktor’s voice was still gentle and patient; it must’ve been the third time he’d repeated himself— “it doesn’t seem like there are any bathrooms without a long line.”

Yuuri was quiet, processing, growing more anxious. “Okay…”

“There are a few things you could do,” he continued, and he still sounded so calm, so gentle. “You could just find somewhere to go besides a restroom—” Yuuri began violently shaking his head— “right, I didn’t think so.”

Viktor gave his fiancé’s hand a quick, understanding squeeze before continuing. “We could also try to make it back to the hotel, or see if we can find a shorter line, or you could just… wait it out?”

Yuuri fell silent again, not weighing his options so much as fighting off his desperation and trying to determine how much time he had left before his bladder gave out entirely.

“U—um.” His voice was a bit scratchy with disuse and anxiety, and he leaned closer to Viktor, seeking warmth, distraction, comfort, his hand gripping his fiancé’s still tighter, no doubt leaving a ring-shaped imprint somewhere on his fingers. “We can try to find a line… I think… I might be okay.” He sniffled lightly in the cold air. “Let’s just see how it goes…”

“Alright.” Viktor gives Yuuri’s hand another reassuring squeeze before gently pulling him along the way to the nearest, shortest line. “Whatever makes you comfy.”

No less than five minutes later, Yuuri was feeling very decidedly not comfy. The line had barely moved an inch, and he was becoming frantic—there was no way he wasn’t cutting off circulation in Viktor’s hand by now. His bladder felt almost painfully full, and he was barely holding himself together, anxiety quelled only by the fact that he hadn’t leaked any more.


He was silent, fidgeting constantly, not looking up, giving no indication he’d heard Viktor. Viktor’s worries multiplied, and he took a step closer to him. “Yuuri, how are you holding up?”

Jumping slightly, Yuuri’s eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to respond. The only sound that left, however, was a weak sort of squeaking sound that trailed into a whimper as he was hit by another wave of desperation. It was too much, too urgent for him to hold back, and he felt his underwear dampen in uncontrollable spurts. His mind whirled with panic— I can’t hold it, I can’t hold it, I’m going to piss myself, in front of everyone, I’m going to fucking piss myself…

“I— nnh. Th-this— I can’t. I can’t, Viktor, I-I—”

“Yuuri, look at me. It’s alright, you can do it—”

“N-no!” Yuuri’s voice came as a teary snap, harsher than he’d intended. “I-I can’t, the— everyone w-will, ugh— we’re i-in public and I can’t, it’s too much—”

To Yuuri’s overwhelming relief, Viktor seemed to see the worry in his expression and body language and somehow understand his anxious rambling to mean “I’m not going to make it please get me away from people”, and dragged him by the hand towards an alleyway that looked mostly secluded. As his fiancé quietly escorted him to privacy, safety, he furiously ignored the continuous spurts of warm urine that were escaping and starting to soak through his pants.

He was eventually pushed gently against a brick wall, Viktor cradling both of his hands, no one else in sight. “You can go, it’s okay.” Viktor interrupted himself to give a calming, caring kiss to the top of the shaking, squirming boy’s head. “No one can see you, you’re safe, let it out.”

Too desperate to think rationally, Yuuri wasted no time in doing just as he said. He gave a long, shaky, relieved sigh, just on the edge of a moan, the pink in his cheeks no longer from the cold as piss flowed freely down his legs, soaking his clothes and puddling on the street. It was less embarrassing, alone like this; he almost found the warmth streaming down his thighs pleasant, pleasurable. The furious blush on Viktor’s cheeks wasn’t helping his odd arousal, either. Yuuri shook it off, telling himself he’d talk about it with him later.

Yuuri shivered lightly as the stream trickled off, his bladder finally emptying, the last of the urine dripping from his wet legs and puddling on the ground. He gave a quiet sigh, managing to look back up at Viktor.

“Uh—” He let out a sudden, sheepish bark of a laugh, rubbing at the tears still on his cheeks. “S-sorry… If I’d known this would happen, I would’ve gone earlier… y-you shouldn’t have to—”

“No, darling, it’s fine.” Viktor gave his fiancé a gentle hug, rocking him slightly back and forth. “It’s not your fault, you couldn’t help it. See, here—” Seemingly inspired, he quickly unbuttoned his jacket and tied it smartly around Yuuri’s waist, uncaring of the designer label.

“Viktor…” Yuuri’s voice wobbled softly, a little emotionally overwhelmed. “You freaked out when Makkachin licked the lapel of that last week, how could you…”

“Because you’re more important to me than the money I spent this on.” He gently cupped Yuuri’s chin, tilting his gaze up for a kiss that was sheepishly and gladly accepted. “Don’t be silly, honey—you being happy is what I want to see more than anything.”

A/N: Luke is not a fan of your teasing and gets fed up. 

We all need to pay more attention to Luke in button ups and his nose. Inspired by my love, Nicole (@hemmocrat​). 

“Fucking finally,” Luke mutters, pulling into your driveway.

He all but drags you out the car, hands tight on your waist as he nudges you up the front porch. The urgency is written all over his face, and in the way he fumbles with his keys. Luke never really thought much of keeping all his keys on the same ring until now. Now he regrets them. For the life of him, he can’t seem to find the right key to your house, the jingly pieces of metal clumsy in his fingers. You’ve never seen him so eager and so anxious. He’s practically doing the adult equivalent of the potty dance, squirming uncomfortably in his black jeans like he’ll burst any moment.

Albeit, you didn’t exactly make it easy.  Poor Luke being teased nonstop for hours, starting with the dress you decided to wear to his parent’s anniversary dinner. It was your favorite little black dress, which left little to his imagination. As cruel as it sounds, watching how quickly Luke could unravel with just a mere glance at the dress is the very reason it’s your favorite. It also wasn’t easy for him on the car ride there, during dinner, or on the car ride back. Who could blame you though? Was it your fault if your dress just so happened to hike up your thigh a tad bit? Was it your fault you had a bad habit of biting your lip? Were you supposed to take the blame for your hand that sometimes wandered a little too far? After all, those things can be hard to control.

To put it simply, Luke has been staring at his dessert all night, but not allowed to taste.

After much fuss, he gets the door open at last, only to slam it shut the second you step over the threshold. His lips find yours without hesitation, too eager to care much about form or technique. Warm and rough and sloppy, noses bumping about like clumsy kids—clearly a kiss built with much anticipation. Like a windup toy wound beyond its limit unleashing it’s pent up energy. But his lips don’t stay on yours for long. They venture to your jaw, and drag along your neck. The slope of his nose pressing into your skin as he nibbles right by your ear.

Reaching for more of him, you slide your hands up the neat line of his button up, feeling each innocent little button on the path from hem to collar. Your fingers find the top one, undoing it to open just an inch more of his neck, then one more bottom down to free his chewable collarbone. But you stop there, too distracted by the work Luke’s doing with his tongue, and just trying to breathe through the small bites he’s leaving. You’re reveling in it all, even if Luke is fed up with your snail pace.

“Those buttons won’t undo themselves.”

You only smirk at him, tinkering with the button, but not actually doing anything productive. Playing with his buttons is pushing his figurative ones, and pushing those buttons is playing with his patience.

“Don’t you think you’ve teased enough, Princess?”  

Frustrated, Luke takes matters into his own hands, grabbing you from behind your thighs and wrapping your legs around his waist. He carries you to the nearest couch, all the while continuing to make the mark on your neck that much darker. Once in the living room, he tosses you on the sofa before climbing on top.

“You’re done teasing. But I’m just getting started.”

Okay well, I wrote this and then realized that there is a death, but it’s just a random character that doesn’t really matter. So, hope it still works. I’m assuming you’re the same person who asked thepriceismeg this question, so you’re officially an evil butthole. As for whoever sent me the song, gold star for you. 

Sorry if you cry, eh?.


“Hey, how long you got?”

Jane pulled the sleeves of her suit jacket and checked the watch on her wrist. She’d tried to avoid it as much as she could- why get so nervous about something that was going to happen anyways. She glanced at Barry Frost, who had asked her the question, and smiled like a proud sibling. The dark-skinned man had traded his shirt and khakis in for a suit and tie. He looked so dapper, like a debonair next to Jane, who looked like…Jane.

“Still got a like two years man, I’ve got some time to fuck shit up still” Jane whispered lovingly, fixing the tie on her partner. She brushed away dust that didn’t exist off the dark fabric of his shoulder. Barry Frost, Jane’s partner and best friend, was going to meet his soulmate today. He’d been waiting for this moment since he’d gotten his watch at age 13- the youngest age available. Then there were people like Jane who didn’t bother with one until she’d graduated high school. If she wanted to fall in love with someone, she’d do it after high school.

“Man, I don’t know Jane- I still think that I’m not ready. I mean, what if I change my mind or something, and completely ruin this plan? I still have 20 minutes, and we’ve been standing here in the park so long, that most people probably think we’re on the date. I don’t know Jane, I- I’m just so nervous.” Frost stammered, gripping the roses in fist so hard that the plastic around it started to crinkle. Jane just laughed and grabbed his shaking hands. She rubbed her thumb affectionately across his knuckles, feeling his muscles relax after a bit.

“You’re gonna be fine dude. She’s gonna love you, okay? Who couldn’t, you’re a great guy!” Jane started to tear up a bit, it was emotional when you’re best friend was about to meet their mate. Deep down, Jane was kind of envious, she wanted to meet her soulmate now- not a year later, but she’d never admit that out loud. Besides, if she met him, who could guarantee that she would even love him? How could- nevermind. Today was all about Frost and his happiness.

Jane sniffled a bit, willing the tears in her eyes not to spill, if anyone knew that she got this emotional over romance she’d never hear the end of it.

“I’m gonna go okay? Call me if anything doesn’t happen, I’ll be sitting at home with a beer and Jo.” the brunette hugged her best friend once more and smiled even brighter when his watch chirped, signalling that he had five more minutes.

He just nodded, not trusting his voice to properly convey anything right now. He turned around and exhaled all of the jumbled thoughts and emotions. He sat on a bench and watched Jane jog back down the path  towards her apartment. To distract himself, he wondered how she’d be acting when her watch went off. A warm hand touched his shoulder and he jerked his head up and stared. She had a nervous smile and big brown doe eyes, with a stellar pearly smile.

“Ha, I know this is awkward but, I’m here..and I think that I’m underdressed.” The woman said staring at her jeans and polo. “But, I just got off work at Boston Joe’s and I thought I wouldn’t make it! I assume you’re here because…” the woman trailed off and sat down next to Barry and clasped her hands nervously. He saw the slim watch on her wrist and laughed, they’d even picked the same color.

“I’m Detective Barry Frost, and I think that we’re soulmates…?”

“Netta, Netta Wilson. Hi Barry, wanna go get some coffee” She asked giggling like a small child. She thought that knowing that you were going to meet your soulmate would dull this feeling- the butterflies that everyone talked about. But, they were there, and boy they felt great.

“Sure, we can go to Starbucks though, I won’t tell your boss”



“Hey, Maura- what time is it?” Maura glanced at the silver band on her wrist. She couldn’t help but grimace at the large “20 years. five months, three days, and 40 minutes” that stared back at her. It was sad really, every other girl in her high school had their numbers always on display. Most of them sported numbers that indicated that they would be well on their way to meeting their domestic partner before the turn of the century. But poor Maura-the-Bora, was going to be single woman until she was nearly 40.

“Half past four” Maura gave Susie, her lab partner and best friend, a clear and concise answer. The dark-haired woman grimaced when she realized what she’d done, Maura hated to be reminded that she was going to wait so long to meet her soulmate. Susie’s watch, which she only put on at home, told her that she still had a few years to wait, which was great- she still needed to make it into college.

“Sorry Maura, I didn’t mean-” Susie started.

“No- I’m being immature. I should know better than to antagonize about an outcome that I cannot change. I should focus on my studies anyways. they’re more important than finding love.

Susie just frowned, she hated it when Maura talked like that. Maura was wonderful person, and no one but her seemed to care. Her parents were too busy gallivanting across Europe to realize that their daughter, needed them here. Maura Isles just didn’t realize just how wonderful of a human she was.

“Hey, wanna go to the cinema tonight? Edward Scissorhands is playing, and we all know how much you love Winona Ryder.” Susie teased Maura, remembering how hard her best friend had swooned over the girl in Heathers their sophomore year. Now Maura, being a senior, had been able to register for her fan club. It was adorable watching her get excited over having a member ID in the double digits.

“I don’t know Susie, this science lab is due this week and I’d rather not do horribly.” Maura bristled. She could tell that her friend was just being nice and trying to get out of her house.

“Whatever Captain Maura, you’ve never gotten below a 100%, I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Susie jumped down from the desk she was sitting on and started to gather her things. Besides, you just spent an entire study hall talking. Not getting Senioritis are we?” Susie lightly punched Maura’s sweater-covered arm.

“I hardly think that applies. Besides, it’s not even a medically recognized d-”

“Whatever Maura, it’s okay” The bell rang before either one of the girls could finish their conversation. Susie scooted out of the door, blending into the crowd. Maura just sauntered out of the door towards her locker. She put her school things away and took out her keys and purse. The sun glared down on the sullen girl, making her shadow taunt her from the sidewalk. She got into her car and just sat there for a moment, willing herself to not dwell on the fact she had to wait one-fifth of a century to find a single person on this planet to love her. Could she even wait that long? With a heavy heart and mind, Maura started her car and drove home.

When she got home, she set her purse and keys on the wooden pegs next to the door. Avoiding as much contact as she could, she tiptoed up the stairs hoping that neither the housekeeper or the gardener could hear her. Her door swung open and Maura flopped onto her bed. She took off her watch and sighed in relief when the numbers faded from the screen. The blonde rolled over and stared at her ceiling, playing the game she played every day when she got home from school.

I wonder if she’ll have curly hair

I wonder if she likes puppies

Maybe she’ll even like cuddling.

So long as she likes me I suppose I can’t be very disappointed.

Maura burst into tears, like she did every day. I just don’t want to be disappointed.


Jane could feel herself waking up and groaned, she felt like shit. It was to be expected actually, she had drank an entire bottle of Jager last night- if she remembered correctly. Her first thought was to call Frost and ask how she’s gotten home, but then she realized why she gotten so trashed last night:

It was Frost’s wedding night.

Jane smiled tightly as she rolled over to smother her hungover face into the pillow. Jane cried so many times last night that she felt like she’d been hit by a bus today. She surely looked like it too. Cavanaugh, after seeing how well they’d cleared out the bar, had given all of the Rizzoli’s the day off to recuperate.

Jo jumped on the bed and snuggled her little puppy butt right into Jane’s sternum. The laid like that for another hour, until the pup started to whimper and do her potty dance.

“Okay JoJoBean, I gotcha. Just a minute.” Jane muttered and rolled out of bed, hissing at the cold air around her. She quickly threw on a hoodie and a pair of running shorts. She slipped her feet into her sandals and twisted her hair into a bun with one hand- a skill that she’d perfected since the age of 12.

She grabbed Jo’s leash and clipped it to her collar. She cursed and went back into her bedroom for her phone and wallet. She might as well stop and get some coffee on their walk, so she could at least say that she ventured outside today. Finally, she opened the door and locked it behind her. Jo sprinted her furry white self down the stairs and out the door, nearly tripping Jane by wrapping the leash around the tall brunette.

The sun was bright, too bright for hungover Jane Rizzoli. She held up a hand to shield the offending light and walked slowly to Jo’s tree that she loved so much. While the little dog did her business, Jane thought about the wedding the night before. It had really given her a ray of hope for her romantic life. It was really hard to date someone knowing that they obviously weren’t going to last. Frost and Netta had truly been made for each other, in Jane’s opinions, and it was nice to see her partner so happy! Ever since she’d left him on the bench a two years ago, he’d been walking on sunshine.

It was refreshing for Jane to see a love like that after her parent’s had split. It was difficult to think that if only they’d had their watches, they wouldn’t have had to marry and find out that they just didn’t work. They could still get them now, but it was very probable that their soulmates had passed them while they’d been married. There was nothing worse than seeing someone’s watch read 00:00 for more than a second. It meant that their time for true love had passed, and they would either have to search the globe for love, or just admit that they would never meet their soulmate. Jane cursed the watches existence for ruining people’s lives like that, but she was also grateful for the heads up- it had saved her from many an unwanted suitor.

You still need to find your damn watch, Jane. It’s been exactly two years, and when you checked it last month, you only had 32 days left. How exciting.

Jane was apprehensive about the whole thing, honestly. So, she just lived her life as best as she could in hopes that she would be in the right place at the right time? It was just so…specific that Jane doubted it would even work. Besides, you’ll probably get some stupid jock who only likes sports illustrated and women’s volleyball. Well, at least you’d have that in common. Serves you right for being the damn closet so long you pussy. You’re doomed to marry a stupid, dense man.

Jane jumped a bit when Jo nipped at her leg, letting her know that she was cold. Jane huffed and turned around, coffee be damned. Maybe she’d clean her house and try to find her watch anyways, she hadn’t seen it since Frost’s bachelor party last week, and a new one was just too much money. They got more expensive every year after you turned 13, so getting one now at Jane’s age was just ridiculous.

She unlocked her door and unclipped Jo, who just ran up to the couch and pounced on one of the side pillows that her Ma had brought over weeks ago. She turned in a circle three times and settled down for her afternoon nap. Must have been a strenuous peeing session.

Jane just tossed a look around her apartment and picked a thing to do first: the dishes.

She ran the hot water for a minute before putting in the stopper. As the water filled up around the plates and bowls, Jane imagined what it would feel like to have two arms snake around her waist and a delicate chin set itself on her shoulders.

Would it feel nice to sway back and forth

Maybe they’ll smell nice, like vanilla

Perhaps they’d get married at Fenway

That is, if she found them.

Or if they found her.

Maura gave herself a once-over in the mirror and flatted non-existent wrinkles on her dress. She was nervous, and it was showing.

Today’s the day Maura, the day you’ve waited 25 years for.

Susie walked out of the crime lab and walked towards her old friend, smiling as she saw just how happy Maura seemed to be. The blonde had lead a life of solitude and sadness, never quite feeling as if she belonged. Susie had idly stood by while Maura had tried her damndest to appease her never-happy parents. They probably hadn’t spoken for at least three years, and Maura seemed to lose a bit of herself with each passing day.

Susie had already settled down with her boyfriend, Scott. They’d met just as the watch said they would. They had contemplated marriage multiple times, to the point where he’d proposed numerous times and Susie kept saying not yet. He thought that she was waiting for a promotion, or for a good date. What he didn’t realize is that Susie was not going to get married while Maura still remained alone. She couldn’t do that to her, it would break Maura. Susie and Bass, Maura’s tortoise, were the only people on this planet who ever listening to what she really said. To take that away would shatter Maura.

“Are you excited Maura? I’m so impatient- you’ll have to tell me everything tomorrow! I even told Scott to go hang with his bar friends because you and I, we’re having a friend day- no matter what happens!” Susie clapped her hand excitedly. She gathered up her things and ran up to Maura, looking directly into her hazel eyes and seeing the last glimmer of hope for the blonde.

“I’ll see you later, okay? Text me if anything goes awry” Maura nodded and smiled at the shorter woman, who was standing on her tiptoes trying to stare directly at Maura. She glanced at the silver band that Maura still wore, seeing the bright 48:35 on the screen, she still had the better part of an hour to prepare her house if Maura’s soulmate didn’t show.

When the door clicked shut after Susie had left for the day, Maura looked herself over in the mirror once more. Maura, you look fine. You know it’s not your dress that you have to worry about. Just speak in clear, quick sentences, and maybe you won’t scare this person off.  After today, you won’t be alone again- ever. You did it, you’ve overcome so much and here you are today: ready to meet your soulmate.

Maura grabbed her clutch off the steel table and walked towards the door leading out. She shut the lights off and stared back into the morgue- it would be so easy to just stay in here and wait for the watch to count down to zero. She could then stop worrying and just realize that maybe she just wasn’t cut out for happiness.

Her watch beeped at the half hour mark, prompting Maura to hurry and lock the door. She quickly left the morgue and got into the elevator. She pushed the buttons to take her to the base floor and tried to steady her breathing. If she hyperventilated now, she’d surely not make it. The familiar “ding!” rang out and Maura stepped out into the lobby. For some reason she felt that she wanted to walk through the park before settling in for the night, maybe that’s where her soulmate would be. The park was about 10 minutes away and she had…15 minutes to go. So, she walked out the door and onto the street.

“Shit! Fuckin shit!” Jane jumped around trying to put on pants. Had she shaved? Did she smell funny?

Jane had just finished the dishes and was working on getting the vacuum out of her closet when she’d spotted her watch on top of the towels. Of course, she had no idea how it had gotten there, but when Jane put it on and started it up, she saw that she’d only had 20 minutes to get to…wherever she was going. Which lead to Jane trying to shower and change into decent clothes that didn’t smell like black licorice from all the Jager that she’d sweated out while cleaning

Her watch beeped five minutes and then Jane felt it, she needed to go to the park where Frost had met Netta. If she ran, she could get there in three and pretend that she was waiting. So, she threw some pants and a t-shirt on, making sure to swipe a bit of perfume behind her ears, she was going to meet her soulmate, she could as least smell pretty for him.

She grabbed a water bottle and blazed out her front door so quickly that she nearly fell down two flights of stairs. Hmm, maybe her soulmate was a paramedic.

The park was only two block away, but Jane had to cross a busy street to get there. Once she finally crossed, she check. 1:34, whew. She still had time. There were tons of people here : There was a guy reading the paper on a bench, maybe it was him? There was a girl talking on her phone, yelling at someone. Yeah, you’re not that lucky Jane. She walked a bit further ahead and checked her watch 00:45, shit. Well, there was a dude in a prison vest, maybe she was doomed to marry someone she’d have to arrest later in love. That seems like more your style Jane, you’ve always known how to pick them.

Her watch beeped, saying she had thirty seconds. A figure blew past her, almost knocking her over in the process. After flipping him the bird, she realized that he seemed to be paying attention to his hip when running. He has to be packin heat- who else wears a gun in public.

Suddenly the guy turned around, making eye contact with Jane. She knew him from somewhere. She just didn’t know where. She went to turn around when she saw the man reach for his pocket. Knowing what was gonna happen in this crowded park, Jane took off at full speed- soulmate be damned. She didn’t want to have a mass shooting on her hands in a park .

“I don’t know Susie!” Maura squealed into her phone. She’d gotten herself too worked up and had needed to call her best friend to keep her calm. “I just don’t see anyone here who seems remotely interested in me. Oh shoot, I’ve only got 45 seconds left, I’ll call you back!” Maura mashed the buttons on the screen to hang up and threw the phone in her purse. She scanned the park again, feeling vulnerable. Someone in this park was her soulmate, and it bothered Maura terribly to not know who it was.

She stood up to stretch her legs and and jumped out of her skin when she heard a loud noise ring out. She turned her head towards the noise to see an older gentleman collapse onto the ground, gun in hand. Given the blood spatter on the cement, Maura ascertained that this man had just taken his own life. She went to go call 911 when she felt the mass panic of the people in the park start to creep in. Suddenly mass chaos broke out at families ran back to their cars, covering their children’s eyes. Men gasped at the sight and lost their lunches. The runners on the paths turned around and sprinted home, even if it meant going an extra five miles. People were pushing past Maura screaming so loudly that she couldn’t even think clearly. She was so close to finally being able to get into her purse, when someone ran right into her, knocking her back onto the bench, the person threw back a hurried “sorry!” and kept running towards the man.  As if on cue, Maura’s watch beeped, signalling that she had missed her soulmate in all of this bustle. She had missed the one opportunity to feel real happiness.

Jane saw the man lift the gun to his head, and took off as fast as she could. She dropped her wallet and looked back to make sure that it landed in the grass. She turned back around just in time to see him pull the trigger. She darted around people who had started to panic and advanced on the man. She jumped over garbage and discarded belongings from people who were just too eager to leave. She felt her ankle roll as she tipped forward, slamming into a woman who just just stood up. Jane threw her head back and yelled out a “sorry!” while limping towards the man.

She got on the phone to call in the scene, when her watch went off. Fuck, she’d probably ran right past her soulmate. Well, that’s just time number 584 that your job has won out over your life, Jane. Maybe you’re just meant be that lonely older detective that everyone shoots sad looks at when other people get married.  Well, at least you can still take people home for awhile, they just won’t ever make you happy.

She felt a tear slide down her cheek as she took in exactly what had happened. She had let herself get excited at the prospect, and this what happened. She dialed 911 and scanned the park, maybe she could catch a glimpse of the man who was supposed to make her happy. It could have been a woman Jane, but you’ll never know.

“This is Detective Jane Rizzoli-  badge number Victor-25 and I need to report a self inflicted GSW on an older man in Central Park. No, he’s dead. But, there’s mass panic going on. Okay.” Jane hung up, they said they’d be there in two minutes. So, that meant that it was okay to cry for a minute, right? No one would have to know, she’d tell Frost that she had lost her watch and that she’d find it someday. Too bad it would be too late.

Maura hovered over the body of her latest autopsy, trying her best not to break down. Not only did you miss your soulmate by mere seconds, you also witness this man shoot himself. What could drive a man to such lengths?

Maura cut off the man’s clothes and gasped when she realized that he was also wearing a watch. She was curious and peaked at the time, her heart breaking when she saw his numbers flashing, stuck at 00:00, just like hers. . He had probably been looking for his soulmate too. She heard a knock on the door and got the hand signal that someone was here to view the body. She brought the sheet up over the man and nodded her head at the tech, who opened the door. A red-haired woman walked slowly into the morgue, clutching a watch that matched the man on her table.

“I-I’m here to confirm his identity.” The woman muttered, looking sorrowfully down at the white face. Maura nodded and lifted the sheet back, her heart breaking to hear the sobs of the woman. A glance at the watch showed Maura that this woman’s had also stopped at 00:00.

“I’ve loved him for years, you know. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I just knew. I knew that even though our watches never matched and always said something new, that were were soulmates. Why, why would you do this Patrick?”  the woman burst into tears, grabbing onto Maura to keep her steady.

Maura patted the woman’s back affectionately, letting her cry out all of her pain. Once the woman’s sobs had subsided, and her breathing returned to normal she spoke to Maura:

“I’m sorry, my name is Hope Martin, and that man there- that’s Patrick Doyle Jr. I’ve loved him for years, but he loved his life of crime more. We even had a child together, but- well… she died too. Why does everyone have to die before I get to love them?” The woman started to cry again, this time Maura joined her. Why did everyone have to leave her, before anyone could love her?

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imagine kylo ren doing a potty dance because the line for the bathroom is WAY too long and he can't hold it

Imagine Kylo Ren finally getting to the bathroom and the only urinal left is between Hux and a huge storm trooper with a magnum dong and it’s the most relieving but also unnerving piss he’s ever taken