do the items you collect actually do something or am i just that dumb


You will find lots of articles on tumblr for newbie witches but I realized when I started practicing that a lot of things were missing and I was kind of ashamed to ask because I felt stupid.

This post is for people who have just started practicing or are planning to. If you have already been into witchcraft for years this could be a little reminder for you.

  • You don’t need to be wiccan. You don’t need deities in your craft. When I started I was a little puzzled: everyone was talking about prayers, faith and other religious things essential in the craft. It seemed everyone was wiccan! Or Pagan. But they were talking about things I didn’t believe in. They were questioning my religious beliefs and my will to practice witchcraft. Then I found out about the existence of secular witches i.e. witches who do not include religion in their craft. Religion is not essential in witchcraft. You can use your own power, you can ask mother earth to land you some. It’s perfectly fine.
  • Get info BEFORE you seriously practice. This is a point lots of people skip and underrate. When I discovered magic was real I was enthusiastic. I wanted to start as soon as possible and I was upset my exams didn’t allow me to. Now I’m glad I waited. While I was studying for my exams I read various articles, I followed witchy blogs on tumblr (windvexer and witchtips are great blogs for beginners. Look for their masterposts!) and I collected enough info to start practicing one month later but understanding what I was doing. I’m not saying you should wait months to start but just be sure to be aware of the basis and the possible dangers.
  • Trust your guts! There are witches who will tell you super rare and expensive items are required in your craft. They will often tell you to use things you can’t have. I’m not saying they’re wrong, they are probably suggesting what it’s right in their practice. But they are sometimes not newbiesfriendly blogs. My suggestions is: do what it feels right for you. (But if you want to use herbs and eat them do some serious research first!!!) For example, if someone tells you you should use rose quartz for tranquillity but you don’t have it/don’t want to use crystals in your craft/you don’t associate tranquility with quartz, etc. don’t do it. Use a substitute! Plus, don’t underestimate the power of visualization. It takes practice, I know, but if you can’t have an item, just imagine you have it! And remember: magic doesn’t come from candles, crystals or whatever. It is within you. They just enhance it but they’re not essential.
  • Magic is real but do not confuse it with real life. Before you get pissed and think what I said it’s crap let me explain it. Magic is part of your life and your life is real, duh, but do not get overwhelmed by magic. In few words: don’t forget living. Don’t think every single thing that happens in your life is magical! If you see a bunny in a pet shop it probably isn’t a sign meant to you. It’s just a bunny. There are indeed signs hidden in your normal life but don’t think that everything is. 
  • Magic just gives a little push. You can’t perform magic with a purpose and without acting in the real world in order to make it happen. You can’t create a sigil to have new friends if you have 0 social interactions. Don’t ask for the impossible: a spell won’t allow you to meet Obama, I’m sorry, unless you live in the White House.
  • Don’t be afraid to live magic and muggle lives at the same time. I swear the first time I performed magic and I created a shield I felt bad going to the bathroom. It seems dumb, I know, but beginning the practice can be scary the first time. Don’t be ashamed of what’s natural and don’t be scared to use subtle magic when in company. Magic is part of you!
  • You don’t need labels. I repeat: YOU DON’T NEED LABELS! When I started practicing I felt the need to say out loud what my interests were. The truth? I couldn’t say it yet. Everything fascinated me so I just told people I was eclectic. But I actually am not. Don’t feel in a rush when you get into the magical realm. Just do what you like and you will later understand what you prefer.
  • It is okay if you’re not into everything magical! You will see lots of witches who use herbs in their practice. Others use crystals. And every spell you find online requires either herbs or crystals. You will spontaneously think they are essential for every witch but they are actually not. Don’t feel ashamed. Say it out loud: “I don’t like herbs!/I don’t like crystals!/I don’t like sigils!”. You can only love tarots and you can still be a witch. You can dislike jars and you will still be a witch.
  • It is okay if you don’t want to be called “witch”. I understand that this word is often used to describe someone nasty, ugly or unpleasant. Or you could just simply not like the word for your own personal reasons. You can use other terms, more specific about your craft: diviner, spirit worker, fortune teller, etc. Or if you just want a synonym of the word witch: magic practitioner, sorcerer, wizard. There are many others. Find the word you feel comfortable with.
  • Males can be witches as well. Witch is not just a word for women. If you’re male and you want to practice magic and be called a witch, go for it!
  • You don’t need to be in a coven. If you don’t want to be part of a group you can learn on your own. And that’s fine.
  • Be careful of the words you use. You’re new in the craft and you start using words like gipsy, spirit guides, strega, etc. Be very mindful of the words you choose! They can be disrespectful, cultural appropriation or misuse of terms about a closed practice. Do your own research and remember to be always respectful. If you misuse a word and people let you know it’s wrong apologize, be polite and change your attitude. It’s easy. For more info I’d suggest to look here [cultural appropriation 1 2; gipsy as a slur wordwitch culture; stregheria 1 2 3; - I will add more links in the future about this topic]
  • Don’t let others define what’s right and what’s wrong. Some people say cursing is bad, blood magic is for evil witches, satanism is bad, etc. There is no “white magic” or “black magic”. Magic is neutral and it depends on you. You can curse and be the nicest person in the world. If you’re afraid of the three fold law I’d suggest to read this post and don’t let others influence you. It’s your choice. Not theirs.
  • Everyone can be a witch. When you discover magic is real and it’s not just in books you ask yourself “Can I be a witch?”. You may think you need someone in your family to “pass you the magical genes” or something like that. But what most of witches believe is that magic lies within each one of us. You can be more naturally talented but if you are not don’t be afraid. Speaking of books, remember that Hermione was born in a muggle family yet she was the greatest! If you don’t have natural talents you can still be a witch. Work hard and you will see great results!
  • Gender, sexual orientation, age, race, culture do not prevent you from being a witch. You can be transgender, asexual, African American, Chinese or whatever. You can still be a witch.

Did I forget something? Let me know in comments or reblogs and I will add it in the list!


Promptis Celeb AU Pt9

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[Ao3 link]

Noctis and Prompto go on a fancy date. They have two very different conversations with each other at the same time. 

It’s been a week, and Prompto’s properly nervous.

It’s dumb, and he shouldn’t be nervous. Noctis has been treating him to dates all along, after all. But this one seems different. It feels formal.

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anonymous asked:

I have to go to college soon, but I regret choosing to do so. I just graduated high school, and this summer has felt so free. I've been able to explore myself and my surroundings, and I've been happy. I was an IB and AP student so I got an average of 2-3 hrs of sleep/night, and I am dreading going back to school. I feel like my freedom and my love of learning is being taken away. I need $1600 in 2 days, but the loan hasn't been certified yet. I've already spent so much that I can't back out now.

“…I’m also the only person my age who doesn’t have a phone (I can’t afford the bill, so I bought my own iPod yrs ago and it’s like a phone but I need wifi and can’t make calls). My family has a home phone and my parents have those old flip phones mainly used for calling. When I was younger, there used to be payphones everywhere and I would always play with them until someone else needed to use them. Now that I need them, they’re not around. I’ll be 250 miles away from my family with no way to talk.”

I’m really sorry to hear that hon, that is a tough situation to be in and I honestly can’t imagine not being able to contact my family! Mind if I offer some advice, one college kid to another?

It probably feels hopeless right now, but there are lots of ways to remedy a lack of money as a college kid, especially since you’re an AP student. You might have to sit on that debt for a bit so you can afford necessities like a phone. I learned how to play the system pretty quick, and now I’m literally getting payed to go to school. To actually survive U.S. college, you gotta be creative, aggressive, hard working, and willing to play a little dirty~

  • apply for *more* scholarships - there are some wild ones out there you’ve probably never heard of. Not a quick fix, but you can use the money to repay your student loans
  • start applying for scholarships now, not later - you will thank yourself come next fall when you have them already done
  • check for assistance in your state - most states have these. My state has a program where they pay for the tuition of struggling students in whole if they maintain a 2.0 or higher and take 15 credit hours per semester. Yours might too
  • be poor - …or at least make it look like you’re poor (I’m not telling you what this one means, take a stab in the dark and get creative). Scam the bourgeoisie.  
  • keep an eye out for work-scholarship programs - some schools have programs where students work or volunteer part-time while in school for financial assistance. Peace Corps and Learn and Serve America offer these work scholarships as well
  • ask for help from your family or community - you can always set up a gofundme for people to donate to you! Promo it all over social media, make your story sound extra heart-wrenching 
  • find ways to budget and cut costs - don’t buy new books (rent used), buy generic items, walk instead of driving a car when possible, don’t go out to eat super often (unless he’s paying, if ya know what I mean), etc. Budget and always have a small amount of money in your savings account rather than your checking (but not too much, we’re trying to look poor here)
  • get a part time job - often college campuses will pay a bit higher than minimum wage, so if you can squeeze in a job this helps a lot. Fight for that student manager position. 
  • file your FAFSA on time - if you’re from a poor family, this one helps a lot, but if not hey they might still give ya something
  • go to your school’s aid office - sometimes they have like really obscure scholarships just laying around for kids to grab up. Check back in frequently, they might have something new for you
  • the pell grant is your best friend - see if you are eligible, it helps out a lot
  • sell your services/items - you can sell your notes or write papers for others for a little cash (morally shaky but hey, I don’t judge), tutor others in something you excel at, repair garments if you sew, do some freelance photography for frats and sororities, help others move into the dorms for cash, become an uber driver, run errands for others, pet/house sit, sell used goods on poshmark or ebay or etsy, and (not recommended, but I have done it) you can sell your plasma for between $20-$50 per donation
  • become a lab rat - the psych department at my school pays for students to participate in experiments, like $15/30 minute test (which is like 115 packages of ramen noodles in college kid speak, important numbers here fam pay attention)
  • buy used textbooks and resell them - just do a price mark up of like 400% and you’re golden. Profit off of the dumb students around campus who don’t look for good deals. 
  • make money off of your hair - if you have really nice hair, you may be able to sell it for a hefty sum (I’ve heard numbers from $100 up to $1,000 from others). Hair will grow back. 
  • write for your school newspaper - you can make a few bucks writing freelance articles if you’re into that
  • don’t be stupid - you’re at school to learn, not to fuck around. The whole “do not pass go, do not collect $200″ thing is real. Stay out of trouble or you could lose your scholarships or even get expelled. 

Well, that’s about all I’ve got. I wish you the best of luck at school, hon! College is a lot of fun once you get into the groove of things, just try to stay sane! ♥♥

Accidental Demon Part 2

As he stood there, he wasn’t sure what to do. It was obvious it was a mistake that she summoned him but what now. He could kill her. She squinted at him. It actually scarred him. He thought it was a glare only the most powerful witches have but then he reminded himself to calm. This was most certainly not a witches lair. She then brightened up, “Todd! It has been so long since I have seen you. I was just making you a blanket for Christmas and here you are…” She looked down and saw the demon standing on the blanket, “and now you are standing on my hard work?!” A demon he may be, but stupid he was not.  He quickly stepped off. “That’s better. I am glad that you are here though I wish you had told me you were coming. I would have made you something to eat.” She toddled over to him and embraced him. ‘This was a confusing situation and it just keeps getting worse,’ the demon thought. He could hear the other demons mock him now. The thoughts were stopped by her voice again, “You have gotten so big. I see your mother is still feeding you well. And still in all that black stuff. I was hoping so with all my hard work on the blanket.” That is when his attention turned back to the blank. ‘THERE IS MY SUMMONING SYMBOL!’ he screamed in his head. “I asked the librarian for an old creepy book with weird symbols and they gave me this book with all sorts of different shapes so i made my own from them.” ‘Now it all makes sense. She made this for her dumb goth grandson, somehow made my symbol, had a small accident and bleed onto my symbol, and here I am.’

 “I have truly missed you Todd.” She hugged the demon again tightly. He felt warmth. This was a confusing warmth. He has felt the licking flames of hell, he has been in Phoenix in the summer during their greatest heat wave. But this was somehow warmer than any heat he has ever felt combined. “I hope you are staying over, I hope you like your room, I’ve been gathering things I thought you’d like. My is it really that late,” She peered at the clock, “You’d best get yourself to bed, we will go out in the morning for some food.” She picked up the blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders gently shoving him towards the stairs. The demon simply nods. He now had orders and could not leave. “I would love your help around the house tomorrow, I haven’t been able to do things since you last visited. Sleep well Todd. I love you.” He went into the only room that smelled of male. He walked in and could tell it has been many years since Todd has been here. It did have posters of what humans call metal and pentagrams but there was a layer of dust, even though he could see grandma has cleaned regularly. The longer he looked in the room, he could see that she truly did miss this Todd. She had made other items for Todd over the years but it was obvious Todd has never came by to collect his gifts. 

The demon thinks about tomorrow. It was obvious the old crone was blinder than a bat but her neighbors wouldn’t be. He started going though Todd’s clothes. He found some baggy pants that was probably 5 times to big for a young Todd but luckily that worked for the demon just fine. He did not approve of all the chains though. They made too much noise, would never work to sneak up on prey. None of the shirts fit but he found a hooded jacket that must have looked almost akin to a dress on young Todd. He found that there was embroidered patches, shapes, and pentagrams. He could tell all were done by the crone, stitch by stitch, by hand, none of it was store bought. Store bought was always bland and had a flaw that was found through out every other patch but this, it almost glowed. The demon could fell the love and effort the grandmother put in with every stitch. She has bled tonight for this Todd. This infuriated the demon. ‘I will meet with this Todd soon and show him what hell really is. It is not as pretty as they paint in all these ridiculous posters.’ The grandmother called from down stairs, “Good night honey, sweet dreams.” The demon then turned to a bed, a beautifully made bed. He was use to seeing them ripped and stained in sin. He did not wish to soil the bed and ruin the crone’s hard work. He grabbed a pillow, set it on the floor. He then turned back to the bed and slightly moved the blankets as though it was slept in so there would be no questions later. He laid down and slept as ordered. He did not have those sweet dreams though. He had never had dreams, in the rare times he could actually sleep, it was just a black void. His last thought was confusion, why was he  scared for the first time in centuries of what was to come the next day.

Surrender: Part One

Summary: As a flight attendant, you’d traveled all over the world. You’d never thought you could meet someone who could take you somewhere you hadn’t already been. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader, Natasha, Steve, [more to be added]

Warnings: [all tags are eventual and not just for this part] smut, angst, fluff, violence, cursing, possible death, possible murder, crime, idfk… reader beware.

Word Count: 1.8K+ 

A/N: This is a new drab series I’m working on. The first part is WAYYY long but the next parts will be 500-1000 words. I’d LOVE to hear what you think. I had a lot of issues with tagging so you would like to track this series whitelist this #surrenderingbucky. Thank you to @sebbytrash, @bionic-buckyb, and @bovaria for looking this over for me! 

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“This is the final boarding call for American Airlines flight C275 to Seattle.” The speaker crackles as the annoyed desk agent throws the handset of her phone down onto the receiver.

The uneven clacking of your heels against the marble floor, your rolling suitcase, and the constant stream of curse words flowing through your brain create a beautifully stressful symphony, as you rush forward. You pause to kick off the broken pumps, sliding into your ‘comfy’ shoes which resembled fashion at a shuffleboard tournament, and whimpering as you approached the gate desk.

“Late, again.” The agent behind the counter furrows her brow. “Why haven’t they fired you yet?”

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Challenge~ Fairy Tail AU

Challenge: Write the most OOC Juvia you have ever written.

I have to say, I’m completely in love with this Juvia. And this whole idea. Yikes.

Breathe in, breathe out. That’s it Juvia, only three more months of this to go.

Who am I fucking kidding, school is hell. Breathing isn’t going to help, so might as well suck in a breath and get this over with.

Twisting open my locker, I sifted through the strewn about papers to retrieve my Government supplies. Government blows, the only person I know there is Erza and we sit really far away so the only thing we can do is share ‘are you fucking serious’ looks when Natsu decides it’s an excellent idea to break into song in the middle of class.

Right. Fuck me into a different dimension.

I might enjoy school more if I wasn’t as antisocial as I happened to be, but, life being life, I would rather gouge my eyes out with blunt forks than talk to the brainless generation that I happen to belong to.

Super, duper unfortunate for me, apparently, in this generation, I am considered ‘hot’. What does that even mean? Do I have a nice face? Is my lengthy, wavy blue hair somehow enticing to the opposing gender? Do my long, creamy legs tempt boys to jump me in the hall? Does my larger-than-average bust appeal to males?

Okay, so maybe I do get where they’re coming from. But, my ‘bitch face’, as Lucy so kindly nicknamed my 24/7 facial expression, tended to scare people off when they even came near me to ask for a pencil.


To some people though, I’m invisible. Good. I don’t want to be seen by any of these freaks anyways.

However, there is one soul who I wouldn’t mind getting even a little bit of positive attention from.

There is one secret I harbor from my estranged group of friends.

And that secret is Gray Fullbuster.

Now, if you ever met me in life you would think why the fuck would Juvia Lockser even think about an air-headed dumbass who’s only talent is whacking a stick at a puck aggressively until it flies into a plastic-based net for sport?

And the simple answer is, I have the world’s biggest fucking soft cottony crush on him.

…Okay, so maybe it’s not so simple after all.

Over the almost four years of fuck-me-over-sideways shit everyone calls ‘high school’, I have just slowly fallen under the spell of Gray Fullbuster. How you ask? Well…oh god, this is going to sound extremely creepy, but it really isn’t, I swear. I’ve sort of…watched him.

I don’t really remember the first time I saw him, but I do remember thinking well Jesus fucking jolly ranchers is he attractive, I mean wow he is straight out of a magazine hot.

And then I saw him go up to his idiot friends and think what a shame, that attractive being is simply a potato-salad-for-brains waste of oxygen.

But there was something about him, something I couldn’t put my finger on that I could only assume to be the mysterious element that girls find oh-so-lovely about their male specimens.

And it only got fucking better from there.

He was smart.

Like actually ‘woah you have the potential to win a Nobel Prize’ smart.

Un-fucking-fortunately he hid that amazing talent from his dumb fuck friends.

And you might ask why Juvia, where did you happen to get this particular bit of info? And I would respond with, buckle up motherfucker, because I have a story to learn you.

Freshman year, English. My teacher found out that I was the one who was mumbling all those delicious curse words under their breath during tests, and for punishment I had to sort and help grade end of the semester essays.

He was one fucking lazy ass teacher.

But anyways, in that treacherously boring time I was forced to serve, I happened to stumble across the essay on ice formations in the North Pole by none other than Gray Fullbuster.

Now I am a snake of a woman, so I read his little essay in hope for some entertainment from whatever unintelligent shit he happened to pull out of his ass.

But I was wrong.

Dead wrong, in fact.

His essay was so brilliant I remember rethinking my life decisions for forty-five minutes after words, and now I have this habit of using biodegradable items and recycling whenever possible.

So because of some hippy-ass essay that by simple chance I had snagged, I had developed a teensy infatuation with that raven-haired bastard.

And contrary to popular belief that crushes last for a month at the most, let myself be a shining example that crushes only grow to be much too fucking heavy to hold up and now I am pretty much drowning in admiration.

Fucking pathetic.

Everything that he does, from his adorable laugh to his sexy smirk makes me want to throw myself out of a fucking window and sob until I drown in my own tears.

So here I am, sitting in Government class and listening to the teacher (ha, not really) and waiting uber impatiently for me to get the hell out of high school and my ass into college, because the second I stop seeing Gray is the second the weight of this crush is yanked off of my shoulders and tossed into oblivion.

Only three more months.

My thoughts are thrown off track when Erza’s snort of laughter snags my attention, just in time to see Natsu face-down on the floor.

I laugh as well, seeing Natsu in pain brings me much joy.

Just kidding. I’m not that bitchy, jeez.

But I am laughing, because his idiocy is a source of entertainment and who am I to turn that shit down?

“Mr. Dragneel,  may I ask as to why you are upside-down?” Mr. Taylor inquires, less entertained than the rest of us.

Natsu pushes himself off of the ground with a squeak of protest from his desk as his weight returned.

“Yes you may, and that information is classified.” He said in that smart-ass voice that makes my want to smack him with a baseball bat.

“Alright, and as teacher of this class, I advise you not to disrupt the class again, or I might be forced to reveal your test results to the entire class.”

Instantly his face goes red and he shuts up. There is a collective “ooh, burn!”  and Mr. Taylor returns to his pointless lecturing.

The only thing keeping me awake during the remainder of class are the two fingers propped on my left temple, and the hurried buzz of whispers from behind me.

When I finally escape (albeit hurriedly) Erza barely catches up to me.

“Ugh, was it just me, or was that particularly unbearable?”

Out of everyone in my group of friends, Erza is probably the most like me. Which always leaves me asking how the hell did she ever get a boyfriend?

But, I always wave those thoughts away because I like Jellal a lot, partial to the fact he dislikes idiots almost as much as Erza and I do.

Which leaves Levy, Lucy, and Lisanna. The three L’s. They all find idiocy ‘adorable’, but, much like Erza and I, keep to ourselves.

Which I guess is why we all click.

“It wasn’t just you, I think Natsu was trying extra hard to be a dumbass today.” I answered flatly, turning a sharp corner into a flood of people with a laughing Erza by my side.

“I would pity Mr. Taylor, if he wasn’t such a hard-ass prick.” Erza said with a distasteful wrinkle of her nose.

“He needs to pull whatever the hell it was that died out of his ass,” I hadn’t even notice Jellal sidle up next to us in the commotion of the hallway.

“Knowing him, it was probably a ferret.” I said with a wry smirk, remembering the distant rumor of his affairs with Mrs. Connelly’s ferret, Webster.

“I almost forgot about that.” Erza said accusingly, I didn’t blame her, nobody wants to envision that.

“Almost,” Jellal chastised. Erza smiled affectionately, it was rare to get one of those out of her, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Jellal.

In fact, it was pretty rare to get anything out of her if you weren’t her friend. Erza was scary as all fuck, and had mastered the bitch face, while I was still intermediate.

“Well, I gotta get to Calc. See you guys in English?” Jellal asked rhetorically, waving us with one hand as he disappeared back into the crowd from which he came.

“Bye,” Erza said tardily, long after Jellal had left. I gave her a knowing smile and a thin blush painted her cheeks as she parted so that she could get to her Latin class.

I had Physics next. Tch, talk about a load of useless shit I never want to have to use again.

But…the class was interesting enough, I sat in the back corner of the room and had an almost perfect view of Gray’s face where he sat opposite to me.

He had this awful habit of running his hands through his hair.

I walked into the class, a lot more positive than an hour before, and saw Levy frantically waving me towards her and Lucy, who must’ve had something important to tell me.

Knowing them, I probably didn’t give even two shits about whatever tidbit of gossip they had managed to pick up, but I loved them so I would fake it.

“Oh my goodness, you’ll never guess what Lu-Lu heard Juju-bee!” Levy exclaimed, her bright blue hair shaking from all the bouncing that she was doing in her chair. I can’t say I’m all too fond of her nickname for me, but I was extremely fond of Levy herself (honestly, who wasn’t?) so I let it slide.

“What is it Lev? Did little Timmy fall down the well?” I teased. Her playful glare made me smile as I took my seat, and allowed myself a fleeting glance at Gray.

Ugh, he should not be allowed to wear black. He looked positively criminal.

“Actually, no. I heard that Mira and Laxus finally hooked up!” Lucy said, slamming her hands on her desk like this bit of gossip was god’s word.

My eyebrows immediately raised in surprise. Laxus was so many leagues below Mira, it was almost laughable. But then again, Mira is out of everyone’s league.

“Wow, that’s…that’s interesting.” I said, my interest barely peaking, but my weak lie was enough to fool both Lucy and Levy.

Levy and Lucy are easily the closest out of all of us, they’ve been friends for what seems like an eternity. Lucy is tall, and gorgeous. She has flowy blonde hair and warm brown eyes, and sassy attitude to boot.
Levy is short, and fucking adorable. Nobody can out-cute Levy, with her floofy blue hair and loving brown eyes she could charm a serial killer.

Lisanna is barely on time, her seat is next to Lucy and she smoothed her silvery hair down so that it wasn’t wild and free like Levy’s.

“I forgot my notebook, again.” Lisanna said with a sigh of relief. Honestly, Lisanna is so forgetful I frequently wonder how she hasn’t come to school naked yet.

“Again? Damn Lis, you need to just walk around with everything.” Lucy suggested.

“I don’t understand why you don’t just wear your backpack.” I said flatly. Lisanna gave me the ‘I’ve told you this before’ look and shook her head.

“Mira says it’ll ruin my outfit!” She wailed in anguish, plopping her stuff on her desk and resting her chin in the palm of her hand.

They started talking about the Mira and Laxus rumor, and I found myself losing interest extremely quickly.

And my mind instantly wandered back to Gray. Accompanied soon by my eyes.

His hair looked so soft. I swear, I would pay good money just to run my fingers through it. And the way his muscles twitched when he tapped his pen against his paper was extremely distracting.

Man, class has only been going for twelve seconds and already I’m out of breath.

Mr. Baker, a short and timid man, scurried into the classroom only to announce that he’d be back in a few minutes, leaving the class to blab as loud as it pleased.

As for me, I continued stealing glances at Gray, completely unbeknownst to him.

At least, I hope.

“Juv! What are you thinking so hard about?” Lisanna asked.

“Just what would have Mr. Baker in such a hurry is all,” I covered expertly, years of lying under pressure coming to support me.

“Hm. Maybe his cat died.” Lucy said blankly. Looks like her mind was elsewhere too.

“Uh oh, I know who you’re thinking about,” Levy sang tauntingly. This was new, usually Lucy having a new crush was always the topic at hand.

“Ohmygosh, who, who?!” Lisanna asked excitedly, leaning forward in her desk as Lucy blushed.

“It’s nothing.” She mumbled, but from that tone I knew that it definitely was not nothing.

“It’s Natsu~” Levy whispered, and I felt my mind go numb.

Lucy liked Natsu? That dumb as a bag of rocks pink haired punk?

“No it isn’t!” Lucy hissed, but Levy and Lisanna were already squealing. I wanted to grab Lucy and smack her extremely hard. What is wrong with her? Natsu? She could do a million times better!

But then again, a million times zero is zero.

I sighed in both confusion, and anguish. I knew that if Levy said it, then it must be true.

God this sucks. Do you know what I’m going to have to endure now? Hours upon hours of ‘oh my god~ Natsu looked soooo cute today!’

But then again, maybe Erza would be able to knock some sense into her…

Mr. Baker came bustling into the room, piles of paper in his scrawny arms as he nearly toppled over trying to set them on his desk. A chorus of giggles took the room by storm when he screamed at an extremely high pitch as he dropped what must’ve been an important paper.

As Mr. Baker introduced the lesson for the day, I found myself almost slipping into a Gray-induced coma. It’s like he’s trying to kill me, I mean, come on dude, stop running your fingers through your silky hair it’s making my chest hurt.

I groaned softly as I heard the words ‘open your textbook’. Open your textbook was the ultimate death sentence. You would know too, if you had to hear Mr. Baker’s voice. It was sort of high pitched, and it sort of made your ears want to commit suicide.

“And so, if we put the Doppler Effect…well, into effect,” Mr. Baker laughed at his own wannabe joke. His laugh is the grossest thing I have ever heard, sort of like a wheezing kitten that is dying of lung cancer.

It seemed that Gray was just as disgusted by his laugh, because he sort of recoiled, like he had been slapped by the sound of his laugh.

And that my dear fuckers, is when it happened.

Gray Fullbuster, for the first time in his fucking attractive life, turned around.


Thanks to my quick reflexes, I managed to flick my gaze back to Mr. Baker just in time so that Gray didn’t see me drooling over him.

But fuck. He’s looking at me. I can feel his gaze, it’s burning a searing hot hole in my head.

What the hell do I do? I’ve been on the opposing side of this situation more than humanly possible, but, I mean, fuck. He’s totally staring at me. Do I look back? Do I wave? Do I flip him off?

Oh god. I just want to throw myself out the window. I’m going to scream. Or maybe cry.

Suddenly one billion and a half metric fucktons were lifted off of my back as his eyes slowly drifted away from me and back to Mr. Baker.

Holy fucking skittles was that intense. Well, maybe just for me. He probably wasn’t even looking at me.


Oh hell.

He must’ve been looking at Lucy.

Of course he was looking at Lucy, she’s beautiful, oh god, I’m safe.

And maybe that wasn’t such a good thing.

The remaining time in class was pretty much me weighing my chances of survival if I were to run away, just fucking away from Magnolia, away from Gray, away from my friends and to just be alone for the rest of my life.

There was no doubt that I would starve to death, but at this point, anything was better than whatever the hell this is.

I walked out of class mechanically, my mind whirring with possibilities. I’m pretty sure Lucy tried to say something to me but I think I walked right past her, I don’t know I feel so numb right now somebody could stab me and I’d walk to third period with a knife in my gut.

I have Calc. with Erza next, thank god. Some Erza time ought to do me some good, we can make fun of Elfman and Cobra.

I just need to relax, just think of relaxing things, kittens, streams, red velvet cupcakes…

I let a long breath out, my mind soothed and my body much less rigid. I walked to my locker to get my Calc. things, while waving goodbye to Levy as she walked past me to her French class.

“Hey, you’re Juvia, right?”

I turned around to see who was addressing me, and I almost melted into a puddle.

That’s fucking right.

Ha, I just realized that I totally forgot to mention the fact that I’ve never said a fucking word to him in my life.

I instantly felt my walls go up, there was no reason he should be talking to me. I didn’t do anything different.

He smells so fucking good. I have no idea what the scent is, but good god I just want to bury my face in his chest and inhale for hours on end.

“What’s it to you?” I snapped, thanking every god that I had long hair that covered my very red ears.

Gray tilted his head in the slightest, his eyes evaluating every move I made.

“Well?” I asked, embarrassed that he would even look at me this long.

This wasn’t part of the fucking plan I was supposed to go to college and forget about him oh god I hope he says something before I explode…

“Hm, have we…met…before?” He asked. If anybody else had said that, it would’ve been awkward, but with Gray, it seemed completely natural.

Fuck him.

I scowled. “No, now beat it.”

He looked completely surprised by my harsh manner, and to be honest that would make two of us. I have no clue why I was being so bitchy to him, my only explanation was that I didn’t want to fall in love with him any harder than I already have.

“Would you quit staring at me like a creep?” I asked rudely. Now I knew for sure that I was blushing, my cheeks were heated and I just wanted to rip my face off so that he couldn’t see my blush.

And while your at it, could you possibly be a little bit less fucking attractive? Some of us are trying to breathe here.

“Wow, have you always been at this school?” He asked, as if he were bewildered by the fact that we had never crossed paths.

“Yeah, thanks for noticing.” I said sarcastically, my locker now open as I gathered my Calc. stuff.

“Seriously? I can’t believe I’ve never noticed you…” He trailed off as he seemed to be staring at my hair intensely.

“Yeah, bye.” I said in a clipped tone, twirling around and sauntering away.

Haha, great. Now he’ll never fucking talk to you again. Brilliant.

I’m probably the only girl to ever exist and actually not want to get to know her crush. I wanted nothing to do with my crush, I hope I never have to see him again.

God I’m a freak.

…He’s a thousand times more attractive up close.

I dropped my stuff on my desk violently and buried my face in my arms. Life sucks, Gray Fullbuster is an asshole.

I should make bumper stickers.

Erza bumped my shoulder testily, obviously sensing my sour mood.

“You alive Juvs?” She asked, placing her things down and sitting in her spot.

“Just barely,” I breathed out, resting my cheek in my hand. Erza knew not to pry any farther, so we spent the rest of class in comfortable silence, taking valuable notes that I would never need to use again in life and listening to a teacher who had probably lost all hope in humanity.

When the class did end, I dragged the six pounds of homework that we had been graced with behind my back. Erza looked about ready to knock some heads (Namely Elfman and Cobra, who asked nonstop stupid questions the entire class, like ‘why did humans invent math?’.

Normally I would’ve cheered her on, but right now I just needed to get to my next fucking class, avoid the fuck out of Gray, then go the fuck home.

The only problem in my otherwise perfect avoid Gray plan was that he was in my next class, which was an extra health course I took. I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up, and I already had a college scoped out and everything, this was just another notch on my belt.

In the health course, I just hung out with a sophomore named Wendy who wanted to be a doctor, and I had faith that she would be a doctor. That little chick could list off every artery from the heart to the fucking ankle.

She was a cute kid, and I enjoyed her company well enough, except for the fact that she was really timid and nervous, she was almost afraid to hang out with upperclassmen.

The millisecond I stepped into that godforsaken lecture hall, I felt Gray’s eyes latch onto me. Sucking in a breath like I was going for a swim and not expecting to come back up, I raced up to take my seat next to little Wendy.

Wendy greeted me politely. I almost hated hanging out with her, I was kind of afraid that I was poisoning her, with my awful swearing habit and my deep hate for pretty much everyone…

Fuck it.

“Hey Wendy,” I returned her greeting, a little more casually as I slammed my stuff onto the fold out desk rather boisterously.

Wendy jumped a bit from the sound, and I plopped down in my chair, prepping myself for an hour of info that I would actually pay attention to.

The lecture started off with the basic heart functions, and learning about bypasses and heart attacks and preventions. Basic stuff, but about halfway through the lecture I almost thought I heard someone whispering my name.

I whipped my head back, eyes narrowed as I searched for the culprit.

Of-fucking-course, Gray is looking at me with a puzzled expression, mouthing the words ‘you’re in this class?’.

I squinted my eyes and gave him one of those ‘wtf stop talking to me’ glares that I was so (not)famous for.

He didn’t seem fazed but I turned back around so that I could face the lecturer again, determined not to let Gray distract me again.

I almost succeeded, in fact there was only six minutes left of class when the lecture ended, but Gray was on a roll for pissing me off today, and right now was no exception.

“Juvia, you’re in this class?” He asked, he had walked up to me and Wendy right as we were packing up.

“Uh, no. I came here for the comfy chairs.” I said, smacking one of the comfy-as-rocks plastic chairs and fake smiled.

He smirked his stupid sexy smirk. “You’re sassy.” He commented with a raised eyebrow.

“And Wendy’s got blue hair. Any more excellent observations?” I said, gesturing to a nervous Wendy’s dark blue locks.

He actually laughed this time, a nice handsome laugh. I’d most definitely be lying if I said I disliked his laugh, in fact I’d be lying if I said I disliked anything about Gray.

Except for maybe the fact that he wouldn’t leave me alone.

The bell rung and I was  about to run away, but Gray caught my arm and I felt shivers crawl up my spine.

“Catch you later Juvia,” were his only words before he released me.

Yeah, only three months, my fucking ass.

It was going to be a hell of a lot longer than that, and as far as I can see, I’m completely, and utterly, screwed.

Coffee With Whipped Cream and Sprinkles {Pietro x Reader}

A/N: “Can I request a PietroxReader where Pietro meets reader for the first time and he’s totally smitten? And Wanda teases him about it until he confesses?”
This is for you, sweet anon! It was a lot of fun to write! It gets a little choppy at the end, because it’s hard for me to concentrate for long periods of time, but I hope you like it! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!

Word count: 4,373 (that was longer than I planned…)

Warnings: None (well, the occasional swear), fluffy bullshit.


Your name: submit What is this?

You’d been working with S.H.I.E.L.D for about two years now, located in one of their smaller branches in Northern Europe. You were set up far away from headquarters so nobody would bother you; so your work would stay a secret. In fact, you doubted most S.H.I.E.L.D members even knew you existed. You’d been told your job was supposed to be scientific; completing experiments, and testing out crucial formulas.

Bullshit. The only thing you did nowadays was report back to Fury about any HYDRA movements within the continent. You never got any real work any more. Hell, building a baking-soda volcano would be more exciting than what you were currently doing! At least if you were making that, you’d be doing something useful with your skills.

“Don’t you remember the things that I used to do?” you’d complained to Fury, at the end of one of your reports. “All the things I did that helped advance S.H.E.I.L.D? I’m a scientist, Nick. A scientist! Not a spy, not a reconnaissance master! I don’t do that sneaky stuff very well, and you know it! There are other people who are better suited to this position, people who would actually know what they’re doing.”

Fury had stared at you through the camera for a very, very long time, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth set in a thin frown.

You’d scowled right back at him, not intimidated in the slightest.

“Y/N, are you suggesting I fire you?”

You sighed loudly, your patience dwindling. “I’m suggesting that you stop offending me by keeping me here doing menial bullshit tasks, simply because you’d feel guilty if you let one of your prodigal friends go!”

“You’re walking on eggshells, Y/L/N. You can’t just demand things like this because you’re bored.” Fury replied sharply, though you could tell he wasn’t angry with you.

“I work for S.H.I.E.L.D, Nicholas Fury. Everyone walks on eggshells, because we’re trying to keep the bloody world at peace!” you shouted. You should practically feel the steam blowing out of your ears. “Look, I’ve got to go. I gave you my report already, so I need to get back to building paper airplanes and blowing spitballs at my coworkers.”

“Y/L/N, if you turn that camera off, I swear-” Click. Silence. Heavenly silence.

You leaned back in your office chair, groaning loudly as you massaged the bridge of your nose. You were so getting sacked for that. Sure, you hated what your job had become, but at least it paid well.

I’ll have to find another job, you thought. Not that it will be difficult, I’m a SHIELD agent after all. I could work wherever I wanted.

Your thoughts didn’t make you feel any better, though. If you pissed off Fury, the chances of you getting a job anywhere were next to none. Geez.

You stood up and stretched, then glanced over at your lab-mate, who was folding a paper airplane.

She looked up at you, over the tops of her glasses. “You’re in so much shit.”

Keep reading

set in canonverse, not really canon. dean has the MoC. feelings (so many feelings). mary’s there. dean has a great birthday. 3.7k (ao3)

On his 36th birthday, Dean wakes up to the smell of pancakes, bacon and coffee. The other side of the bed is cold, which means Cas has been up for a while, and hopefully he’s not the one making the bacon (it always come out too crispy). 

Dean yawns and pushes himself out of bed reluctantly. He squints at the clock without his glasses and can barely make out that it’s already 10:30. 

No wonder they already started breakfast without him.

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Weird Thoughts - part four

Mace. Lies. SFW. Previous parts can be found on my fanfic page.

VidCon with her two best friends is exactly as it should be; stressful party time with her two best friends.

Hannah is pretty glad that she has a quieter than normal summer planned. There is an ache in her bones which she associates with a really long term kind of tiredness, and recharging the batteries would probably be a good idea. Resting doesn’t come naturally to Hannah, but Sarah had insisted.

“Hannah… last summer was Camp Takota. The summer before that was your tour. The summer before that you had just finished getting settled in LA. Just… take a bit of time, after VidCon, huh? You can still do videos, just less of everything else.”

Hannah had been all ready to protest, but they’d died on her lips when Sarah had given her that look, and Hannah had remembered that compromise was the recipe to a successful everything.

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